Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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Originally posted by Devika.

Originally posted by radhika5

Hi Devika

RaDev interactions were the best so far---very cute and loving and loved the conversation and the explanations...I really liked the way Radhika was explaining her feelings about Chandenpur without Dev and her reason why she enjoyed her tour with him..and loved Dev's teasing and nakhares and then making up----

You are doing great with these light moments--needed to set the stage for the next phase'You are very effectively using the conversations to give a feel for the life in US....

when one is new, we meet people who take us under their wings and help us--stuff our husbands couldn't help us with; and in your FF--you have brought in Balaji and Rema and Padmaja...that part was well done, especially getting the gifts for Pranav and Rema  from Delhi'very touching moment

There are many parts in this FF, I feel, reflects my experiences too'I am sure there are others who feel the same'and the end--nice touch with Tulsi plant; that was how Dev became friends with Remadeedi...

But I miss Chandenpur------

thanks for liking  my rema deedi, balaji and padmaja...  u r right, it is always ladies who guide us to new things or may be better orientation...LOL  i never thought of that.--but so true......
 missing chandenpurConfused .. chandenpur was my visa to bring Radev hereLOL so from U.S. get ready to visit a new place (Wink a secret place...)...I wonder, which one---will it have snow? ..... then i want to see somebody telling me that they are missing U.S. LOL  ....someone then, might just wish to go back did you see, few are taking free trip  around U.S. and planning to stay back without paying rent. so let see, how long I can keep them here with me, covering the immigration army's eyes...... don't know when they will stop our vehicle and ask for ID?Confused.....when words can describe the journey, the mind's eye can visualize it and even live through the experience. That is the power of your FF..

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Loved - Dev and Radhika's conversaton  and Radhika's feelings when they both were seperated ...
LIked the   family meeting and Rema giving food  for Radhika  ..Among friends  this happens  oftenBig smile....
You  are  very good in bringing some situations through your FF  and most of us have experienced  such things  in  our  life  (gift from delhi  all that) coming to Tulasi  it  made the relation between Dev and Rema ....

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wonderful update with lovely talks of a couple , who r sharing their feelings & their efforts to get settle in new place along with few known people .

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Originally posted by radhika5



But I miss Chandenpur------

. get ready to visit a new place (Wink a secret place...)...I wonder, which one---will it have snow? .....Tongueits a secret.... he he.. snow? ummmmmmm... don't think so, i am  taking this out from the whole U.S , so can be london and all... but no, it will be a tiny place, a place where all can hide their feelings/may be that innerspace of everyone, and i may give a physical appearence to it.Wink....  then i want to see somebody telling me that they are missing U.S. LOL  ....someone then, might just wish to go back, ha true a trip for few days are good , but when it comes ,forever is difficult. did you see, few are taking free trip  around U.S. and planning to stay back without paying rent. so let see, how long I can keep them here with me, covering the immigration army's eyes...... don't know when they will stop our vehicle and ask for ID?Confused.....when words can describe the journey, the mind's eye can visualize it and even live through the experience. That is the power of your FF..
OMG... I wish to jump high with reading these words but  prefer to be silent by keeping my hand over my heart and bowing on front of you, and my eyes are wet .. and just one word THANKYOU..

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heu di very awesome part to gd and love the way u describe things like the pics u showed in the last part to gd update soon

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great update as always. thanks for the pics. continue soon........

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thank you AditiDwissenruchibabblyprakriimissourimichkhus1973udeshi91rad4devshalinikanagusugarandspicevinianilradhika5radha_bilaharisuwinDAIRY25laxmissonia122Indiangirl09radev_foreveranu17abhilasha_dreamgauranitaibvs7691nycsweetiechalhov,  for the like buttons. Missing few of my usual travelers here.
Thank you chalhov, suwin, nysweetie, anu,soniya, radhika5, indiangirl,vinianil, diary25,palak and Mohini for your time to give me a feedback. think everybody is getting busy with one or the other reason, or may be i am getting monotonous, will try hard to give you better updates dear, because i started it and need to reach my destination and without your support it will be hard and don't know waiting can bring more response, but  then, how long you want me to wait, let me know? I can.
so nothing new here to discuss this time, right. thanks for liking my rema deedi's family and Padamaja's family. yes the couple is getting the orientation now and they themselves trying to help each other. next one happened to be a long one with only Radev convo and lovely moment, hopefully you will like. so with your permission, next one coming soon.

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Part 73

Radhika was carrying few grocery bags with her, while Dev carried the milk cartons.

Dev, as they were walking towards their home door: So you liked the outing today.

Radhika with an ear to ear smile: um.

Dev smiled back and opened the door, they walked in and arranged everything in place.

Dev changed to his casual Tee and a short and was sitting on the sofa, keeping his leg up on to its length,  was uploading the photos and getting creative with it. Radhika braiding her hair came near and joined him. Dev just glanced up once to look at her.


Dev: Radhika, I totally forgot, I thought to buy some casuals for you to wear at home. No need to wear this churidar all the time.

Radhika: I got used to it and I am comfortable in this ,so I am fine  Then with her curious eyes, what are you doing?


Dev: nothing specifically , was checking on all the photos.  Come sit here, he moved to the front , giving her space to slide near the head rest , near him.

Radhika adjusted to that little space and  holding onto his shoulder she peeked into that monitor. She found her photos he clicked while their outing. She listened to his chatting while arranging the photos and then finally he showed her the chandenpur photo collection that he has . Radhika got amazed to see all those nice moments, the meadow, the cattle, the river, the trees, ferns, she with kaveri and other kids, the kids showing the leaf prints on their arm. Their swing, Suchi and Rohini's shy smile while swinging, in each photo he tried to point out his Radhika and her facial expression. And even her in that pink saree. She felt so shy to see it.

Dev: Radhika, whenever I see this photo na, I laugh till my stomach hurts. I was just thinking all the girls know all these, and you only helped me to realize that there is so much to learn with all these daily stuff.

He closed the monitor and shifting himself more to the front, he lay back and rested his head on her lap. Radhika felt the tickling, but she tried to bring a smile on her lips.  He took her  right hand in his and brought that near to his chest and said:  Pranav is cute na
Radhika: so is Vikram

Dev: both are naughty too.

Radhika: Rema deedi told that she fed him early, so that she doesn't have to be behind with that. Padamaja Di, told that Vikram is well trained with eating matter, and he loves brownies it seems like. Then with a thought: what is brownie

Dev: will buy some tomorrow.

Radhika: what is it?

Dev: like cake

Radhika: oh.

Dev: it is fun to have kids na.

Radhika: hum, I love them too. You remember seeing the little one in Temple, I hope that baby felt fine later.

Dev: ok tell me, how many kids we  are going to have.

Radhika without taking a second to think : 8

Dev as a reflex sitting back on the sofa , looked at her with his dropped jaw

Radhika: kya huva?

Dev: 8!!!!!!

Radhika in a normal tone: ha, 8, why?

 Dev swaying back to her lap: no, it's ok. But still 8!, don't you think it is little too much

Radhika with all the happiness: no, that will be perfect. 4 boys and 4 girls

Dev: so that's also planned.

Radhika: hum

Dev: what if 5 boys and 3 girls

Radhika: then it will be 5 boys and 5 girls

Dev mumbled: then it is better to have 4 boys and 4 girls

Radhika: it will be more fun if they are twins too,

Dev: you mean one boy and one girl

Radhika: ha

Dev: good, but I never thought of a number, you not only thought about a number but the gender too, I think then we have to buy a big school bus to fit everyone in.

Radhika: ha a big van will do

Dev: why you need 8 Radhika?

Radhika: one boy  will stay with babuji when he grow  up, one boy will stay with dadaji and Sweety, and then one with papa and Suchi mom in delhi

Dev: then there is 5 more left

Radhika: oh, one boy will stay with us, and the girls can marry and go to any place they prefer to, but then they will have their sibling everywhere they go.

Dev: oh,  so you want to have our kids to be in every house.

Radhika in her innocent voice: ha

Dev: what if nobody wish to go back

Radhika: why? They need to

Dev: ok baba, now let's not think of their future, let's think of our present , ok.

Radhika: kya?

Dev: after a year or two, we will have our first baby, a baby girl

Radhik: kyum? Havin't you seen the boys today, all are cute na

Dev: ha, and I liked those little girls too at the temple, they are cute too

Radhika: um, they too, so only I said, we will have 8

Dev: ok ok, stop that, let's not stop at 8 , let's think for 16, happy.

Radhika: vo tho mei

Dev sealed her lips with his pointing finger and she looked at him  with a childish face for stopping her from talk

Dev: bas, chup, and massage my hair

Radhika: kya?

Dev: please, karona. 

He closed his eyes to get the comfort of it. Radhika with little frustrated face, started massaging his head, and saw his small chirpy smile , enjoying it. She also felt liking it, and slowly she started massaging his head nicely.  Dev opened his eyes in that comfort to show his happy smile and looked at her face, but the duppatta came on its way, that he just pulled on it and throw that on the floor.

Radhika: what are you doing? If somebody comes

Dev: who will come here,, it is just you and me. Radhika, you need to realize it, here it is just you and me and nobody else, OK.

Radhika: but then also, anyone can come at anytime na.

Dev: that is back in our homeland. Here people comes after informing, nobody will come just like that ring the bell and stay  till evening, ok.  He  raised his head from her lap and nearing her ears, his lips moved and hearing his secret words she blushed as he lay back on her lap

Radhika beating his shoulder slightly: chi.    Aap bhi na

Dev raising his forehead: kyum, that is the truth

Radhika tried to look away to cover her blushing cheek

Dev  pulling on her hand: please, so continue . I love it. Saying that he closed his eyes.

Radhika continued with the massaging and just looked at his satisfied face. Her one arm was resting in his hand over his chest and her left hand was massaging his scalp nicely.  Time ticked by, slowly slowly she thought he is drifting into sleep, in that comfort. She made her massage movement light and tried to move her hand away, his soft voice pleaded

"please Radhika, it feels really good"

Radhika smiled and started massaging nicely. But then she felt little naughty. She brought her hand down to his face and pinched his nose tip and wiggled her fingers both sides few times.

Dev got jerked with that unexpected  pinch , that he raised his head from his comforting pose and tried to hold onto her hand: Radhika, chodona

Radhika: um, that is not fair, I am massaging your head and you are sleeping sound

Dev with little disappointment: I was not sleeping

Radhika: prove it

Dev: what?

Radhika: prove it

Dev: oh, so now you are giving me back

Radhika: nahi tho

Dev lay back on her lap and looked at her face: how comforting it was, and you spoiled it na. Now start again

Radhika: no, then you will close your eyes and sleep

Dev lifted his head up , raising to her face level: so you don't want me to close my eyes

Radhika didn't say anything, just looked into his eyes

Dev: you want me to just look at you

She didn't say anything, but took her eyes away as she felt little uncomfortable with that closeness this time

Dev: kya huva, bolthi bend hogai

He saw her blushing cheek, his finger touched her cheek and felt the burning radiation from her skin. Balancing on his sitting poster he leaned back to rest his elbow on sofa's hand rest and tried to look at her face.

Radhika  turned her face to other side

Dev's lip corner stretched slightly seeing her sudden uneasiness. He lifted his one arm up and held her chin and turned that towards him, and the force made her to look at him  and she met his loving gaze.

Radhika: uthiye, let me get the plates out, I am feeling hungry

Dev didn't move his body that was suspended over her lap and did not move his eyes either.

Radhika: uthiyena

Dev: you feel that hungry!

Radhika: um

Dev: but I am not feeling hungry at all

Radhika: I know, but I am feeling hungry

Dev's finger's moved up on her face and made small strokes.

Radhika looked at him helplessly and with a soft feeble voice she said: uthiyena

He didn't say anything, but his fingers just continued its small strokes from her cheek skin to back of her earlobe, looking deep into her eyes. She was feeling the shiver passing through her body.

His lips parted slightly to mumble out: kaun roka hei thujhe? Javona reading her eyes and her face keenly

 Radhika felt her mouth dry and she was unable to get the word out

Dev softly said again: javona stroking her behind her ear lobe. She turned her face, the cleavage showed up prominent and her side profile with that pinkish cheek came closer to his face. Slowly he moved away his hand from feeling her and then with a tease smile  slide down his hip more away from her and releasing his weight on his elbow, his upper body moved to the front, giving her space to move out.


Radhika with  skip of her few beats, felt the relief and made sure the free space in front of her and got up on her feet quick. Suddenly he pulled on her wrist and she forced back into his lap and within fraction of seconds he wrapped her at her waist line and brought her more closer to him.

Radhika's hands just circled his neck behind, and rested on his upper shoulder, in a reflex for support.

She looked at him puzzled.

Dev: I am not feeling hungry, let's talk for some more time.

Radhika didn't say anything. Her heart was pounding faster and she was trying hard to listen to his words.

Dev: now only we got some time to relax back in our home, and you want to spoil that.

Radhika didn't say anything.

Dev's eyes lingered on her neck and the wide neck of her shaped sky blue color churidar added the fairness to her skin.

Dev: nice dress

Radhika's eyes involuntarily looked down at her body, she felt a current passing through her. They stitched it new for her to take to U.S. to wear at home comfortably, few simple ones.  Her breathing started  getting heavy feeling his close presence, she thought to self  'why I am feeling this uneasiness when he look at me so closely like this, and my inner mind want him to look at me like this, want him to feel my skin, but then why this uneasiness, why my heart should pound this loud, why my breathing should go this heavy, why my throat feels dry' she felt her body  feeling weaker too. She tightened her grip on his upper shoulder.

She tried to mumble out: chod'

But his warm breath aroused her senses that she just cling onto his neck closing the space between them. Her chest raised against his space as her head bend down to hide behind his shoulder. And her lips parted to say " I love you'

Dev with a little shock and a wide smile: tightened his  arms around her and then slowly it started making its circular moves up her spine. Awakening more of her senses with his magical hand movements.

Suddenly the phone bell started ringing. Radhika came back to reality

Radhika: phone

Dev: um

Radhika: phone

Dev: um

Radhika: please check it

Dev: um

Radhika realized the uninterested um from his throat, that she forced herself to move back from his grip and tried to get up from his lap

Dev tried to hold her back: no

Radhika: phone

Dev: please

Radhika: please

Without any interest he released her and watched her walking away. He tried to pick the phone, but then it stopped ringing

Dev: I told you

But then didn't get any response back, he turned to look at her, then placing the phone back went to the kitchen. Radhika was  heating the food in microwave, seeing Dev coming

Radhika; kaun tha

Dev: nobody

Radhika: phir

Dev: just to disturb us

Radhika smiled and the giggle softly came out .

Dev coming back  behind her tried to wrap his arms around her

Radhika slipping away: take the plate out and wash it, let's have dinner

Dev: what?

Radhika while taking the hot bowl out from the oven: ha, that's what both rema deedi and Padmaja deedi told me today

Dev: what?

Radhika: that, if Dev is helping with something, then let  him do it, don't say no or pamper him, because then later even if I want na, you may sit back in that sofa playing with your  stuff

Dev: what?

Radhika: its all girlish talk. You won't get it, get the plate out na

Dev mumbled something and took the plate out and arranged on the table

Radhika with a smile brought the food near.

Dev started eating without talking much as if he is trying to re-script her words.

Radhika  smiled inwardly , remembering the advice of both Rema and padmaja on how to behave with husband.


Dev noticing that hidden smile: thum has kyum rehe ho?

Radhika raised her eyes up to look at him and then: kaun mei, nahi tho

Dev: um, I  saw it

Radhika  tried to bow her head more down, but that smile was coming back

Radhika: very tasty food ,right

Dev: um

Radhika arranged the kitchen back as Dev was attending the call from Ramesh that he missed earlier. Radhika went to bedroom. Dev  looked for her around

Dev on the phone; she was right here, let me check , one second

Dev walked to the bedroom and found Radhika  hanging her dress inside the closet. .

Dev: Radhika, here , it is Ramesh

Radhika took the phone from him and started talking, Dev heard her mentioning the places they went and all.  Dev's eyes fell on the bed with her dress, and he understood she is arranging it for her convenience. His eyes just glanced into the open suitcase. By the time she finished talking , she handed the phone to him, while Dev gave her that blue night gown to wear.

Radhika looked into his eyes and he just shared a smile while walking out talking with his friend. He turned back once and found her trying to hang the dress in a hanger. He came back and signaled her that he gave her that to wear it for then.  He continued with his talk and walked out from the room.


Radhika put the dress back on the bed with a smile and then started hanging the rest of the dress and she arranged the folded dresses on the top of the rack. She closed the suitcase back and moved that to a corner inside the closet. She raised her hand  up with some relief and her eyes fallen on that  shiny blue dress.  She picked that in her hand and remembered her friends comments.  Closing the closet door behind she went in to change.  She looked herself in that half washroom mirror. Adjusted that noodle strap well,  she felt shy seeing that deep wider neck. His choice was better, she thought for a second and then smiled self.  She pulled slightly down on its laced helm with an attempt to bring it more down her thighs to her knee.  She felt little uncomfortable but then turning the light off she walked to her bedroom, she thought to hide behind that comforter as quick as possible.

But then she heard his voice calling out for her from the front room.

Radhika to self  now what he needs

Dev: Radhika'

Radhika thought to self, why did I change so fast, I should have waited.

But then she heard his impatient call again: radhikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

"why the ka  needs to be that lengthy now' she doubted

Dev came near the bedroom door: radhikaaaaaaaaa, how many times I  need to call you

Radhika looked around for a sheet to cover herself ,

But then Dev: you want to see how to operate that dishwasher, right? come I will show you

 Suddenly Radhika: no you do, I will learn it later

Dev: no, there is no later, just do it yourself . that's how you learn it. From tomorrow I will be out at the office, and I don't want you to wait for me for everything. Come, saying that he tried to walk away.

Radhika felt a relief as she found his T shirt nearby on the bed. Quickly she grabbed that and slide that down her neck, she  took a deep sigh and pulled on its edges to bring it more down

Dev:  what are you doing there, will arrange it later, ok. Radhika, I am waiting

Radhika: ha, me coming. She took her steps towards him with little hesistance, and followed him with her soft feet

Dev getting near the dishwasher started telling her which one to turn on, as he felt her presence behind him

Radhika  kept on "um" jaap telling him that she is listening

Dev: ok now, you turn it on

Radhika: ji

Dev turning back looking at her face: what Ji, turn it on now

Radhika sliding to the front: ji

 Dev watched her fingers as it pressed on selecting the cycle and she was feeling his face near her shoulder looking at her fingers operating it.

Dev: now press that 'start' button Radhika

Radhika: ji

 They heard the feeble sound of a hose inside the machine

Dev: see that's it, so simple

Radhika: um , simple .. with a smile

Dev: next is washing machine, that is outside the door, it is common for this floor, near that elevator side. So let's check the laundry room ok.

Radhika: outside!!

Dev: ha, will show you quick

Radhika; I don't have any dress to wash now

Dev: but you can do it in day time if you wish to

Radhika: meine kaha na. I don't have any, or I will wait for you

Dev: see, here no waiting, ok. You should learn all these, and soon driving too

Radhika: driving

Dev: kyum? Yes, you need to learn that too.

Radhika: but not now ,  right?

Dev: what?

Radhika: no, you don't want me to learn  driving  now itself , right?

Dev: I said soon, not now. Now come with me, will show you the laundry room

Radhika; no

Dev: kyum?

Radhika: no, if you want , then you need to wait

Dev: wait

Radhika started pulling down his T shirt edges . he noted her uneasiness. He looked at her dress and found her in his Tee and then down her legs were naked.

Dev: why you are wearing my tee!

Radhika trying to normalize: because I felt like

Dev: what!?

Radhika tried to show a relaxing posture: ha, I felt like wearing one, any problem. After all this is my husband's, right?, so its mine

Dev checked her out from head to toe, her toes curled down to draw lines on the floor, and the anklet that he gave still hugging to her feet, otherwise it is his tee that was covering her leg little above her knee.

Radhika tried to act very cool

Radhika: ok, then, I am going to bed . saying that she tried to pass him

Dev with a smile pulled on her hand and forced her to come clsoer to him: what did you say

Radhika: I said, I am feeling sleepy, I need to go to bed

Dev: really,  did you say something about this tee

Radhika: nahi tho

Dev: I thought I heard something

Radhika: meine kuch nahi kaha  with an innocent childish face

Dev: oh really!

 Radhika nodded her head innocently

Dev pulled on her hand and held it behind her back and moved closer to her , Moving his face through her left side profile he said: I need my tee

Radhika: ha, you are wearing one

Dev: no ,  , I need this

Radhika: no

Dev: yes

Radhika; no

Dev: ok, I know how to take it out

Radhika: no

Dev: yes

 She felt his hold releasing her, she tried to move but within seconds his arms  wrapped around her waist line and her back crushed onto his front body

Radhika: chodiyena

Dev: no, you were so smart all this time. Now what happened?

Radhika: you need your Tee,  right?

Rdev: ha, one minute,

Dev: no minute allowed, I need it now

Radhika taking a deep sigh: ok. Then leave your hand

Dev: I won't let you move from here, don't even try for that

Radhika: no I won't

Dev: um

Radhika felt his  releasing grip and she tried to move away, he grabbed her tight back

Radhika: if you hold me like this then how will I take it out

Dev: ok then

 He moved her to the counter place, he released  her and within seconds he caged her by holding onto both sides of the edges of the counter place , giving her enough space to move within

Radhika: why you need to do that

Dev's  face came closer to her ear :  otherwise you will fly away

Radhika facing towards the cupboards : no I won't

Dev: ok then give mine.

Radhika's fingers grabbed on the edge of the Tee and she wanted to lift it up, but then she has seen herself in that blue dress, that image skipped few beats

Dev: I am waiting Radhika

Radhika: oh ha.

Within seconds, she lifted the tee up and slide above her head and closing her eyes she tried to throw back, but then she found his arms releasing from one side. She quickly  turned and gave the tee in his hand and said:  here you go

Dev 's eyes widened seeing her image and before he could comprehend she moved away from his hold.

A wide smile appeared on his lips and his eyes smiled along with him and his feet moved quick following her steps, and  before she could crawl into that bed he grabbed her in his arms and  swiped her from the floor and lifted upto his chest level.  Her arms circled his neck quick  for support.

 Dev looked at her closed eyes with a winning smile

Radhika was unable to meet his eyes, so she preferred that darkness in her eyes.

Dev: kya kaha tha thumne, this is my husband's tee, um. Whatever Radhika, I loved it. So aaj se na, use my tee's Ok, there are so many.  He looked at her face: open your eyes , please

 Suddenly she hide her face in his neck space

Dev with a smile placed her onto the bed'' the surrounding went dark. The vision moved up to the flat ceiling to empty space to the  dark sky. There were  many stars spread out along with a smiley moon. But still the spot lights from  few casinos around, circled its high beam aiming at the sky to guide the traveler to its destination.

Time ticked by and the darkness gave path to the bright light. Radhika was moving in kitchen busy and Dev browsing on his laptop was about to get into the shower. Suddenly as if remembering Radhika


Dev  paused looking at her

Radhika: I  forgot to call home yesterday, can you please dial the number and give me.

Dev: you should start doing it

Radhika: but I am making this na

Dev: that's ok, when you become free trial the number ok

Radhika: but how?

Dev: easy, just dial 011-91 and the area code and the house number , you will get it.

Radhika: what, coming out drying her hands

Dev: 01191,and the house number

Radhika: ok

Dev: give me five minute, I will be right back after shower, ok

Radhika with a smile: ok

She speed up the breakfast prep, arranging that on the table , she ran towards the front room to grab the phone in her hand. She recollected the number and  repeated once that he said  and then with confidence she dialed 911-01'''''

ok friends, ready to know the consequences, wait till next update. But for now if your time permits, click that like button or let me know the dislike reason or like reason or just a smiley face. Missing my few nice readers badly, hope I will be able to hold onto you at least. Even if I am boring, let me know friends, if not then ignore my post and my request.
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Till then take care
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Author: ..yajnaseni..   Replies: 282   Views: 20186

..yajnaseni.. 282 20186 16 April 2012 at 4:46am by Smiley-786
New AvIna pics


Author: ..yajnaseni..   Replies: 12   Views: 4428

..yajnaseni.. 12 4428 08 December 2011 at 12:45pm by erlynda
Happy engagement annyversary AviNa..


Author: radev85   Replies: 13   Views: 2740

radev85 13 2740 06 December 2011 at 9:40am by lovv

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