Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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Hi buddies,
 Thank you so much for the likes and support.
and to mohini, radhika5, indiangirl, sunita, chalhov, sahra, nysweetie, anu, diary25, suwin, vinianil, soniya, rad4dev, munchkin5, abhi, tilu, laxmis, sweetfamily,avina_radev48, radev-forever for ur valuable time to leave me that comment.
So as per the response I want to believe you loved my Radev small scene and then the first look on U.S.  and thank you for those who want to look at it from outside, the life in U.S, and to those who are shairng the experience along with me. My charactors may talk a lot, just like me a blabber, so tight that hold on my shoulder, if i am over talking. Ok. Ye, send the PM, don't say openly, I may cry.Confused so tell me searetly, and i won't tell anyoneWink.
So it is just a general look at it, you may see new place or things or name, but it is all my imaginative world with added spice into it. so it may represent true environment to totally made up one. so pardon me for that.
it starts with Radhika's interaction, she ,may be little silent as she is more of an observer at all this now, later she may open up to herself or to Dev depending on the situation, but more than talking, she will be watching everything, responding as the need arise, till she mingle with the environment well. so still she is stranger here OK.
few new faces came with last part, I thank you and welcome to my dreamworld, or maybe to my crazy world. you are here with a hyperactive blabber , so i may fly with my talk from one to totally different  with next sentence. Don't ever think that I am ignoring you or think that i didn't pay much attention to you. Because I am like this yaar, I just fly away with my thoughts,  So hopefully you will be able to tolerate me with the rest of the journey. You are actually giving a hope to continue, the problem is, when i don't see you with next update, it really hurts and i won't be able to tell that to you, so only i prefer it this way.  Hopefully I will come back to my normal human state once i come out from this crazy world of Avina, i hope i will be able to act normally then. So i can't wait to pen down the last part...
BTW, NiHa, you really surprised me dear, like lexmi said, i really got an index, what about the first 9 parts yaar. LOLLOLLOL  you don't know how hard I was trying to get into my world , holding my travellers tight all thru this 71 parts.  They were ready  to get down at any minute when they read about Granny's story telling and Dev's acting or their interaction, but i used my blabbering to keep them with me, still few are holding on with their most  gripping tolerence. Big smileBig smileBig smile so it is good to get you back here with me.  You know what, I am sending PM's to >50 people, sometimes i feel like : is my PM distubing their time?. and i check in between, to make sure they are OK. so once I send it, i keep my silence , with a hope that one day I will hear from them. sending one Pm  itself is good intrution of  their privacy yaar. how can I compell them to read it, but still I wish them to read and let me know ; when i hear it once in a while, its a feeling which words can't describe, and your response was one of that kind giving me a sweet feeling, the nectar of my passion and my love for AVINA and I thank you for that.  It is painful when you don't see the expected people here around, but then for me with these frequent updates, I can easily bore people. easiy (even though few of you reassuring me with that constant Pm or comments that I am not, but that is a fact too: atleast for few), and sometimes i also think what they will write all the time, poor them, I am forcing them one or the other way to respond to my updates.  So now a days restraning hard  myself from bothering  everyonetoo much and satisfying myself with that PM with updates.
So friends, don't ever  take it that way, no forcing, it is more of love and caring that I am getting from ur click of that like button and your words. So anything will do, or just  pm me a smiley face, I am more than happy to see it.
 SO i thank each one of your hand in this second attempt of mine, which nowhere based on CB, but more related to a fairy tale or a girls' feelings, her dreams. Once again my Radhika is not a abuse victim, she grown up with caring, love, and dreaming like any other girl( may be little over in that sense)... so  i thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support.
 Ok coming to next episode, oh dear. you need lot of patience, with me, see i talked a lot already, yes it a long one, i was unable to stop, finally i did, find a period to next part. may be you will feel little strange or wiered but yes, there are people just like them around me, or may be me myself.
meet you with next update soon.

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Part- 72

Radhika was  already awake and was recollecting the places that she visited the day before. She thought how can people make such beautiful creations with nature. More than anything the cleanliness and the people's behavior exclaimed her, she didn't see anyone misbehaving even when they waited for the transport or on the way or at any public places they visited, they all waited for their turns to come.


"what are you thinking so hard?" Dev's husky sleepy voice brought her back into reality.

Radhika snuggled into his arm. "aap uth gaye?"

Dev in his sleepy voice: that is not what I asked

Radhika trying to look at his half open sleepy eyes, with a smile: I was thinking about the places we visited yesterday and the people's behavior in general.

Dev tightening his hand on her upper arm: see I did fail na.

Radhika: what?

Dev: um, it is not morning yet, and you are still laying in my hold , but you are thinking about the places that we visited. with a tinge of sadness to his tone 

Radhika: that because I was simply.

Dev interrupted: no simply Radhika, that is the truth na. we just got married, and we hardly got  some time together back in India, and here, we spend just one day and you already started flying away with your thoughts.

Radhika moving her head up: so you think like that.

Dev: that's the truth na.

Radhika: no

Dev: prove it.

Radhika: what proof ?

Dev: that you were missing me over these place thoguhts.

Radhika thought for  a moment

Dev: see, now you need to think. That's what I said, I failed.

Radhika releasing herself from his arms, sat at the head end on the bed. She pulled the sheet to cover her legs and adjusted on  her gown to sit properly; which he insisted her to wear before bed.


Dev: ab kya huva.

Radhika: I was thinking..


Dev: what?

Radhika: nothing.

Dev: bethavona

Radhika: today are we going only to visit Rema deedi 's place, or  are we going somewhere else too.

Dev widening his eyes: Radhikaaa.

Radhika in a normal tone : kya?

Dev: you are still thinking about the places, I thought you will say something about me, and our love.

Radhika: what is there to say now? We got married na

Dev sat back: what?!!

Radhika: ha, see now you are mine and I am yours, let's talk about  today's plan.

Dev with a childish tone: today we are not going anywhere, I am feeling sleepy, so goodnight. Ok. Saying that he slide down and pulled on the sheet and covered his head with it.

Radhika: can we go to the Temple.

She looked at Dev with a teasy smile but didn't get any response.  She leaned over to his head,  she tried to pull on the sheet to see his face, but he held it tight. She smiled and feeling his ear she said: I was just joking.

She didn't get any response back.

Radhika moved closer to his ear and said: I think these places are looking beautiful because you are near me, because you are showing these to me, because you dreamed to show me these places, then trailing off her voice with a self thought ,because I am seeing your lonely time in these places.. ' saying that she lay on her back and continued her talk looking at the ceiling: yes, I love to see all these places, all those people who you  interacted alone, I miss all those moment with you, being away from you, but now I am trying to live in those moment,  I want you to feel my presence everywhere along with you, I know I may sound mad, but I am literally living in those separation time of ours now, where you were alone, I know it was painful for you as it was so painful for me , each minute that I spend without you. I tried to fill it with so many things, but the nature that I loved most, became so dull without your presence, 

 she continued.......the water which was flowing touching under my feet failed to give me the coolness, the flowers which used to show the smiley heads failed to attract my eyes any more, the birds whose chirpy sounds used to awaken me; felt like the music was unable to reach my ears, there was a vacuum that existed within me, without your presence near me all those days.

 Radhika continued in trance unaware of DEv's eyes looking at her....All those became colorful, voiceful, and filled my heart again when I heard about your return, when I heard you are coming to take me away with you. Everything became back into life for me. I may sound so mad, but I lived in those moment that.........

But then she was unable to continue as his lips locked hers, and his hands slide near her neck to her earlobe. She gasped in response, and her heart started beating faster. Her hand wrapped his neck and her fingers tightened on his short hair. Unknowingly her lips started moving along with his; with the small space that he left, she tried to fill in with hers. Time ticked by  and he slowly released her and  moving back slightly  he looked into her eyes. Unable to meet his eyes, she closed hers, thinking of how she reacted back this time which was new to her. All this time, she just gave up into his movements but this time. She was breathing heavy, and was easily able to hear those pounding of her heart.


"you always surprise me Radhika" his voice mumbled near her ear, as his fingers nibbled on her right earlobe, playing with her earrings.

She kept her silence, trying to come back to normalcy.

Dev keeping his head down with his lips near her left ear, continued to mumble: ha Radhika, you surprised me when I saw you first time,  you totally changed the image of a village girl inside me. Then raising his head above her cheek , looking at her face, he asked: when did you start loving me Radhika?

Radhika  cornered her eyes to look at him, surprisingly.

Dev : bethavona Radhika, when you really started loving me?

Radhika: patha nahi

Dev propping his head on his arm and looking curiously into her eyes: kyum?

Radhika with a smile: do you know?

Dev: what?

Radhika: when you started loving me?

Dev with a thinking: ummmm. Maybe when I rescued you from the river.

Radhika: really!!!

Dev again with a thinking: I think so, or maybe before that when granny joined our hand,  or may be when I saw you first time, standing on that river side, all wet, covering your half face, and  I did see your  beautiful eyes, looking at me, but I didn't recognize that till my last visit.  And you?

Radhika: maybe me too, same like you in a normal tone

 Dev laying on his back , holding onto her hand: you know what, I never thought anyone will come this close to my heart, and especially you.

Radhika tightened her forehead: why?

Dev: simply, because you never behaved like a girl.

Radhika: oh really,  so what was your expectation of a girl

Dev: ummmm... not really, I never had any expectation.

Radhika: phir?

Dev: ha, maybe I had,  I loved it when I saw the blushing on your cheek, when you were near me; I loved it seeing you playing around me; I felt  being at the highest point, when you danced for me; I loved it when your eyes searched for me; I loved it when you sounded cared about me. Giving a kiss on her finger, he continued: I loved it when you acted angry with me. So maybe that was my imagination of a girl.


Radhika lifting her head up and coming closer to his face: so then how come you didn't see those girls, who were behind you with all these changes.

Dev: really, did I miss anyone. Few lines appeared over his forehead as it was a surprise news for him.

Radhika: what?

Dev: I never noticed anyone like that, then very curiously  so really there  was anyone was behind me who was cuter than you?

Radhika's face changed color and she took her hand out from his grip and grabbed a small pillow, and did hit him on his upper torso: you are very mean

Dev blocking on that pillow: tell me the truth Radhika, actually I didn't notice anyone, so only  showing all his white teeth out with an ear to ear smile.

Radhika started hitting him more and more: even if somebody comes on your way na, I will shoo them off..

Dev: really! , trying to take breaths with blocking the hits

Radhika throw the pillow to the side and lay on her back and then turned to the other side facing away from him.

Dev controlled his laugh and then taking few breaths, he looked at his Radhika , and found her laying facing her back towards him.

He pulled on her shoulder.

But she pulled it back strongly, he did again and then with really forceful, and found her wet eyes.

Dev: Radhika.

 She didn't say anything

Dev: kya huva, I was just joking. In fact I was feeling jealous.

Radhika looked at him surprisingly:

Dev: Ha Radhika, , I felt jealous , being not near you.

Radhika: kya?

Dev: kuch nahi, I thought somebody else is the hero who you may like.

Radhika: what? Who?

Dev bringing a childish face: what else I do, you only called me a villain, remember,

Radhika: when did I call you villain?

Dev: remember, because of me you had to leave chandenpur

Radhika as if recollecting it : ha, now because of you, I  had to leave whole India, to be near you, so I think you are really the villain. She cornered her eyes to look at him

Dev: Ok then take it that way, but now this vllain is really feeling villonish (me invented this word , if you never heard it before)

Radhika: what?

Dev : soon it will be bright outside.

Radhika: so

Dev: so

He just forced on her upper back and she landed on his chest. His arms wrapped around her and her face dig down his neck space'

 Dev with a smile:  ab samjhi.  Now give me another kiss, just the same way, you just gave me.
Radhika felt shy: no I won't
Dev: no you will
Radhika; no I won't
Dev: ok then, I know how to take it from you...... 
  her giggles filled his heart, his  strokes made her ticklish, she curved her body to the side, and his love made her to moan lightly in response to his moves...... 
Time ticked by

Radhika was drying her hair with a soft towel as Dev was sliding down his tee standing behind her. Taking the towel from her he started drying the length of it.

Dev: Radhika, how long it took for this hair to grow this long.

Radhika: why?

Dev: tell me na, I never seen anybody with such long hairs, it is really difficult to manage na

Radhika: nahi tho, I used to it. Ha , at home, mom or daadi used to massage my hair with special oil once in a week, while I read a book or something and then after sitting for hours, you don't know how relaxing it is, sometimes i sleep too, looking at the book. I used to rinse it with the shampoo that mom made.

Dev: what shampoo, we have shampoo here, you didn't see it, look on that rack.

Radhika with a smile: I never used this branded ones, in fact brought some from home, mom made it and dried it, and told to soak it before applying to my hair.

Dev: you really brought that also with you!.

Radhika: hum, you didn't see.

Dev: not really, thank God, nobody caught us at the airport

Radhika with an innocent voice: caught for what?

Dev: nothing, anyway we got escaped this time na, next time I will be careful.

Radhika smiled taking the towel back from him. Seeing her smile, he wrapped his arms around her and resting his chin on her shoulder , looking at the mirror he said: ok, today let's go to temple first, and then to a store to buy some chocolates and toys for Pranav and  then go to Rema deedi's place, ok.

Radhika: but we have dress, sweet  for Pranav and Rema deedi.

Dev looked ta her surprisingly: what?

Rahdika: ha Suchi mom packed it , saying it is for Pranav; that she  brought a nice sherwani for Pranav and also a nice saree for Rema deedi and sweets for them too.

Dev  lifting his chin up: so mom, did all that.

Radhika: where you were when we packed all that.

Dev: I was near only, but I didn't hear mom saying anything.

Radhika giggled seeing his surprise look. Dev 's lips came near to her cheek and he tried to turn her towards him.

Radhika: not now, we are going to Temple right.

Dev: ha, but for you, I am the God, Ok

Radhika smiled and pushing on his chest she said:  ha you are, and we  are having good time togetherr na.

Dev with his passionate  tease voice: so you loved our bath?

Radhka with a blushing cheek: move away, so now it is time to thank the God for letting us to be together this soon.

Dev: He only separated us earlier , right?

Radhika: but now He brought us together forever na

Dev smiled: ha that's right

Radhika: ok then, let's get ready quick

Dev smiled.



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Dev parked the car near the Temple, it was slightly crowded with the weekend bhakth visits.

Dev: chale

Radhika with a smile followed him.  She was wearing a nice saffron color churidar with stone and bead work with a cream color bottom with saffron ankle border, and her duppatta was a mix of these two colors which was freely   laying over her chest, down from her neck lane towards the back. Her hair was clipped behind. Dev walked closer to her keeping his goggles back in his shirt's pocket, he was wearing a cream color short sleeve shirt with black jeans.


They entered the shoe room and placed the footwear in one empty slot and after washing hands, they climbed the stairs to the main Idol place.

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Radhika was seeing people around her, walking , talking, running behind kids, calling their name out loud, wearing sarees and churidars, for a moment she felt like she is back in India.

Dev brought the slip for archana , and handed the packet in Radhika's hand who was still looking around with a smile on her lips seeing it all. She was seeing her Dev, trying to tie that Rakhi in his wrist while Pranav running around, she saw few more pranav around her along with giggly sounds of girls. She saw girls with stylish hair , standing quiet near their mom's side, looking very innocent. She imagined herself back in chandenpur, she never behaved this well, never stayed so calm near her mom's side, she was running around along with Rahul or other kids and speaking loud to reach her instructions into their ears.   Even now also after seeing all these Indian colors around her, she felt like flying above, but the quietness and calm behavior of grown up girls surprised her.


But then a little one just brushed on her side and was started running towards the other end. Radhika holding onto her sliding duppatta, looked at that side with concern, saw the little girl in a nice shiny silk long blouse and skirt, running on that marbled floor, and two other little ones following her.  She smield ear to ear seeing their happiness, that attracted her more.

She jerked as she felt the hands on her shoulder and looked at Dev

Dev: kaha khoyi ho, chalo

Radhika smiled at him, showing the little girls  in that cute dress.

Dev smiled at them too and then guided her to the inner Idols' place.

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They bowed in front of the Lord and  offered their prayers and sat near a corner. Dev was telling her about his very few visits to Sunnyvale mandir along with the comment made by Balaji sir, when he met him first. Radhika's eyes were still wandering around seeing the little kids playfulness while listening to him.

Suddenly a couple came and sat near ,  leaving little space from them. Radhika looked at them as the voice of a tiny one caught her attention. She saw the mother taking the baby out from a small  child seat and trying to pacify him by making him to lay on her lap and with the milk bottle into his mouth. The baby's lips just tried to latch onto it very hard , but then twitching his lips wide , he cried out spitting out little drops out, His mother was trying hard to make him to swallow it but the baby's voice started attracting other little  ones around too. The mom was trying hard to show the baby to looks at these little brothers and sisters , saying how cute their dress is, listening to their giggles, but nothing  seems to be working. Finally she looked at her husband's face with her defeat.  He sat near and said something and soon they grabbed their stuff and walked away.


Radhika saw the little  kids rallying the couple to outside, giggling behind trying to comfort the baby, the baby's wet eyes looked at the kids with a surprise face and with  silent throat as the moment on his dad's  upper chest gave him more comfort to look at them down.


Radhika: he will be ok na

Dev's  eyes following the  couple: um

Radhika: so cute na

Dev: um

Radhika's eyes still followed them.

Dev: chale

Radhika: um

But they walk out, she saw another little one, laying with his closed eyes, sucking onto that bottle comfortably and drifting into deep sleep.

She felt a relief seeing that and she held his upper arm for support as her eyes checked on the dressings of kids and the people around and their talk .

Dev: Radhika, we get nice food here, but today let's have it from Rema deedi's house Ok.
Radhika : um... with a faint tone as her eyes were scanning the surrounding in general



Raadhika picked the gift in her hand as they were walking towards Rema's house.

Radhika:  big house!. Looking at the house

Dev smiled and said: what you think, they are here for long, and I think they recently moved to here, before that they were living in  a townhome.

Radhika: townhome? Where is that?

Dev with a smile: that is own house only, but smaller than this. and you own only the house, the surrounding land won't count.

Radhika looked at him puzzled

Dev: don't worry about understanding that now, when we move on with  next step in our life , you will understand it. Ok

Radhika again smiled as Dev pressed on that door bell. Radhika looked around  and smiled at the nice garden of rose bushes and few other unfamiliar flowers.

The door opened in front of them and Balaji's voice reached along with that: Dev, come come. Radhika, come on.

Dev: hello sir in a normal smiley tone

Bakaji: come on buddy he just welcomed them inside very casually.

 Soon Pranav showed up holding onto his dad's  legs, looked at the strangers, but then a recognizable smile came on his lips as his eyes met Dev's face.

Dev: hi Pranav as he walked in with Radhika

Pranav with another smile ran  inside and then climbed onto the steps upstairs.

Radhika felt strange  seeing him running away like that, especially after seeing the gifts in her hand.

Balaji closing the door behind: he will be back soon, and might have felt little shy.

Balaji invited them to sit on the sofa. Radhika looked around

Balaji: Rema will be coming. Then looking at Dev: you know her na, from morning she was circling around that kitchen area. Then in a very secretly way I hope she made something tasty this time.

 Rahdika looked at Balaji's talk  strangely while Dev laughed light at his statement.


"what are you saying so secretly there" soon Rema's voice came into their space. Radhika looked up to see her face and slwoly raised from the sofa along with Dev, at the same time Balaji rolled his eyes towards Dev. He smiled again

Rema coming with  two glass of water in her hand for the guest, , wearing a nice cotton churidar with the duppatta tied to the side, as if she is coming from some a physically labored workplace: Hi Dev, now don't tell me any excuses for not calling me after coming here , ok.

Dev: vo mei

Rema: I told you na, not to find any reason she showed her unhappy face

Balaji: what is this Rema, see Radhika seeing you first time and you already started

Rema looking at Radhika smiled and asked her sit back, she came and sat near balaji.

"so this Radhika, um, Padmaja told me that she met you at restaurant' saying that her eyes measured Radhika from head to toe within a glance.

Rema looking at Dev: why you took  so long?. I thought we can sit and talk for sometime while cooking.

Dev: we went to Temple.

Balaji  clapping his hands once loudly : I told you na,  see this is only the beginning, now you will go frequenly

Rema: aap bhi na. there is nothing like that dev,  he is just joking

Radhika smiled seeing their interaction.

Rema: Radhika, why you are sitting so silent. Did you like the Temple?

Radhika  nodded her head in agreement with a smile on her face.

Suddenly as if remembering something, she extended her hand with the gift,

Rema looking at Dev: what is the need for all these Dev? You know us well na, why you need to behave so formally.

Radhika with a little chuckle: vo, mom send this for you , from delhi

Within fraction of second Rema grabbed the gift from Radhika's hand repeating : from Delhi!!!!

Balaji: see how her color changed when she heard Delhi.

Radhika smiled again. Rema's eyes looked into the gift , as if a little one without having any patience to see what is inside that wrap.

Dev: I think it is some sweets

Rema's eyes widened: sweets, from delhi!!!

Within seconds the gift got opened and her eyes widened seeing a nice sherwani for Pranav: OMG! Look at this very  cute

 Placing that on Balaji's lap , her hand picked up the saree, she looked at Balaji's reaction with her corner  look and then just rubbed on it ,as she was unable to open that in front of the men, thinking of Balaji's comment.

Balaji: Radhika, now your deedi, will cook everyday nice meals for you, so don't worry, you  got in her good book.  Unwillingly she placed that saree to the side and then picked the sweets

Balai: Rema, that should be for me, you two got dress, I am the only one left out here, so  I am sure this one is for me, saying that he grabbed it form her hand

Rema: that is not fair, there is more than one, you need to share.

They heard a the door bell ringing Rema coming back to reality: that should be Padmaja, I called her too.

Balaji got up and went to open the door.

Rema placed everything back in order and got up,  Padmaja came in with a tray and  acknowledging their presence she went in directly towards the kitchen area.

Balaji: did you see now, this is her hospitality,. she invited you two, and then asked Padamaja to cook . see


Padmaja coming back: she didn' t ask me too, but I only volunteered to do it, it is just some sweets.

Balaji: see on time, there is sweets from Delhi, that Dev and Radhika brought

Rema: where is Dheeraj and Vikrom

Padmaja: they are coming. I think still playing around the new video thing.

Balaji: oh, I thought of looking into that, Dev come, lets look at it, I am also thinking of fitting one in our van  too, otherwise it is difficult to travel with Pranav, he easily get bored. Come Dev

Dev just followed Balaji  looking at Radhika ensuring he is around and went out, with Balaji.


Rema taking a deep breath: Padamaj a, you don't believe, Dev's mom send me a Saree too.  I was just waiting for him to disappear from my sight. Come will go inside and look at it.

Rema opened the saree and Radhika saw all the happiness on her face, it is more than the value of that saree, and she realized why Suchi selected that gift for her. Soon she noticed the little two eyes glancing at them from behind the curtain.  She looked at there and smiled.  He peeked out trying to get more attention from Radhika . Soon she saw one hot wheels on that wooden floor ready to take its forward move.

 Rema: Pranav,  come here

He hide back behind the curtain.

Padmaja went and grabbed him in her hand: did you see Vikrom, he is here too. Come I will show you.

Pranav with a happy smile , looked out to spot his friend.

Radhika looked back at  Rema

Rema: Sorry Rahdika, you may be feeling strange na. biting on the sweet that she just got. Its been two years I have been to India, missing a lot. We went last time when Pranav turned 1 and we celebrated his first birthday over there with all the family members. The gift you brought has the smell of my place, so I was unable to resist. Tell Suchi Di that I love all these  gitft, especially this sweet.

Radhika smiled listening to her.

"Yesterday  we were also telling  about your hair, this is natural , right"  Padamja voice came near  as she walked in.

Rema: ha  Padmaja, I also was looking at that. You are right,  beautiful na.  Mine also was longer but not this thick at all. Rema started picking on plates and vessels

Padmaja: um,  mine was not  this long or thick, but had enough length to braid well, but you know what , looking at Radhika: when I tried to look for a job, the first advice I got was to cut my hair short, so that I look more professional.  First I felt awkward hearing it, but you know what, now I love it so much better, Radhika's eyes lingered on that shoulder length short straight hair, she admired the look of it as Padmaja continued her talk: it is so easy to manage now, take a shower and within minutes it get dry easily and also just comb to both sides you are ready, no need to hunt for a nice clip or anything. Or if I want, I can surely fit  one in.

Rema arranging the plates on the table: ha, also Radhika, the water also is different na, so you may loose some hair, but who knows, yours look so healthy so.

Padmaja:  all depend on how you take it Radhika.  For me, it is helping me out well with my profession and the people I mingle with.  then with a thought You came in with dependent visa , right?

Radhika nodded her head.

Rema: me too came the same way, then few years of rest and then the process will change somehow these men will find you a working visa.

Radhika: Deedi, you work too

Rema: I was,  till  Pranav was 1yr old, our parents were here, but then when I send him to day care and all, he was getting frequent ear infection and all, so instead of calling child sick all the time, I changed my status to house wife.  When he will start going to school, I will also look for another job.

Padmaja: one way that is good for kids.

Rema looking at Radhika: but Vikrom, does really fine with day care routine. And then looking at Padmaja: may be these doctor's have some secret medicine that they are not sharing.

Padmaja: I wish I  had something like that. He get sick too, but you know we don't have any other option. Both working in same profession. My mom agreed to come next month, and I can't wait anymore, counting days. As she was biting on the delhi sweets

Rema:  Radhika you also take na

Radhika: no deedi I am fine.

"oh ho, so you are finishing everything"balaji's voice caught their attention

Padmaja: how can we do that. We were just tasting it.

Balaji looking at Dheeraj: see, just tasting, and then looking at the box" oh my God, look at them, this was full, now only few left, if you taste it this way, what about when you really eat?'

 Balaji looking at Rema: so you two are eating, did you give anything to Radhika

Rema:  see everything is ready, was waiting for you guys

Balaji: ha, now you can easily blame on us.,

Padmaja: why not, when you guys see some electronic product,  looks like a small kid who got fascinated by new toy and within minutes you people  will start dig on manufacturer, prize, best shop, use of it, and to its each and every parts.

Balaji: ok baba, no electronic talks, Radhika this is Dheeraj, Doctor by profession nad this is little Vikrom  who will be turning 4 soon. And then looking at Vikrom: and we are going to have big party , right raising his hand up for a high five

Vikrom tapped on his hand giving the cheer back

Dheeraj smiled at Radhika saying: oh ya, and welcome to U.S.

Rema coming near with the sweet box: yes, with  the sweet

Dheeraj took the whole box in his hand: thanks Dev and Radhika, for your happiness, saying that he gulped a big piece.

Balaji: share with me too yaar

Rema: ok now food is ready, let's all sit together.

 Radhika looked at Pranav and Vikrom as the time was passing by. She munched onto the food listening to more of her story, in between small talk of her own town and her home.

They all sat back in the front hall for sometime, Soon Radhika started playing with the hot wheels along with Pranav and Vikrom, they were getting into the company. Dev also moved  down to the floor, exploring the kids toys.

BalajI; ha, nice company, I think now you two fit better with them.

 They  shared the laugher and smile and jokes till evening.

Padmaja: so which store you are going to

Dev: just the near one. We were managing with the left overs, so need to purchase something to cook on from tomorrow.

Rema giving the packed food  bag in Radhika's hand: anyway you don't have to worry about tonight.

Dev: that is true.

They thanked both families. Radhika tapped on Pranav's and Vikrom's cheek with a smile and they gave  her high fives and walked along with Dev towards the car. Radhika saw the Tulsi plant in a big pot, that was grown upto a big mother plant now.

P.S: the Temple is a mixture of few, just made one for Dev and Radhika..
 Thanks friends, Did you comment on Avina's personal page today. or else here is the link, you can comment x 2.
 and also two articles need your great attention and need ur valuable time to comment , atleast  x 3, along with the  like button count from last part , i have >30 count, so  x 4 can be 120, so can i expect atleast 60 extra comments  by tomorrow or before my next update.
 ok here is the link for you
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Rendezvous with Avinash Sachdev! (new one, still need more comments.. only in 110's)

 so please do it for our AVINA... thank you all and  pne mpre humble request
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part 73

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 6:56pm | IP Logged
Devika interesting update starting with temple, friends in the life of Dev RadhikaSmile

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suwin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
Devika, lovely update Thumbs Up Clap thanks for the free trip to US with Radev LOL  update next ASAP

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
beautiful update...Smile

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
I love todays
Rad like little once na...soool......
waiting for next update di...I just love gr8 ff

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 8:29pm | IP Logged

Hi Devika

RaDev interactions were the best so far---very cute and loving and loved the conversation and the explanations...I really liked the way Radhika was explaining her feelings about Chandenpur without Dev and her reason why she enjoyed her tour with him..and loved Dev's teasing and nakhares and then making up----

You are doing great with these light moments--needed to set the stage for the next phase'You are very effectively using the conversations to give a feel for the life in US....

when one is new, we meet people who take us under their wings and help us--stuff our husbands couldn't help us with; and in your FF--you have brought in Balaji and Rema and Padmaja...that part was well done, especially getting the gifts for Pranav and Rema  from Delhi'very touching moment

There are many parts in this FF, I feel, reflects my experiences too'I am sure there are others who feel the same'and the end--nice touch with Tulsi plant; that was how Dev became friends with Remadeedi...

But I miss Chandenpur------

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sunbeam09 Goldie

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Great updateBig smile.....I like how u use images in ur FF....Can't wait for the next partTongue.......Thanks for the pm.....Take careSmile

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