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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 3:29am | IP Logged

Love reading your update  DEvika...Finally Dev and Radhika reached In US....Radhika started exploring her house Tonguegot permission too  from Dev that she can make changes   at home as she wishes ....  Thats  nice...Yes Dev is a middle class man and  wish  that he has to live without depending anyone .... Radhika can understand him well.....So from here onwards starting their real life Smile

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 4:59am | IP Logged


i know it is sometime since I posted here.  I did enjoy reading your updates.
The latest update brought some nostalgic feelings for me.  My first visit to US was to LA.  I was travelling alone with my less than a year old daughter who cried her heart out unable to bear the ear-pain because of the cabin pressure which was also touched by you in your FF.  After getting out of the airport and the merging into the freeway was an awesome sight for me which was also written in your FF.
In one of your earlier updates you had mentioned about Sunnyvale, which is exactly where I had been to.    During my recent visit to the US a couple of months back I did go to the apartment complex where I stayed for a short time and it was memorable.
Just thought of sharing my personal experience here.Big smile
Hope you are enjoying the second season of CB2.  

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gauranitai Goldie

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 6:55am | IP Logged
gr8 update Devika!!! continue soon.........

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Hi buddies..
 How are you all?
 so yes, they are going to start their life together. and thanks for accepting my middle class Dev. Yes, his parents adjusted well with him too, by sleeping on that couch when they visited and Dev mentined to Radhika that because of the limited space. So Yes, they never complain to their kids, but adjust well with whatever the kids provide them with. But when it comes to kitchen, no mom's will keep their mouth shut. they kept on chanting till they get what they need,  ( not for big furniture, but for small plates, or vessels, or stariner or something like that which can make their life easy).
 and yes my Radev landed in SF international airport, not LA. my mistake. Wink so a small correction....Big smile
 then here I am building a city, called Bloomington (same like my chandenpur), for my easiness, so i have access to all stuff that i needed, and this city is near to Sunnyvale (remember the Temple where Dev met Rema deedi).  
Radha I was also in ur shoes few years back, coming with my 7 month old , all alone , in that flight, THE STRUGGLE . I WILL NEVER FORGET...... 
one more flight jorney is coming for Radhika, so there is more of that interaction comes, i think.
 edited few lines after posting ..sorry... 
 friends, unexpected call came, so after posting this, I will be back after completing  the call need, and when is that, have no clue...but will try to come back quick Ok.
 till then


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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 12:13pm | IP Logged

Part -70

 Dev served the food in two plates.

Radhika: where do we get the drinking water?

Dev with a smile: same from the kitchen tap.

Radhika: is that good?.

Dev: ha, and actually I have a filter somewhere , mom made me to buy it when she came. but who is going to use that and all. This itself  is good Radhika.  Saying that he went and turned the tap on in cold mode and after wasting little water , he filled one glass of cold water and gave to Radhika, she took a sip and tasted it.

Dev with a smile: how is it.

Rahdika : it's ok. Kind of Delhi water

Dev: better than that'

He came back  and joined for dinner.

Dev: you know I thought of having some rice, so only I got Chinese. From tomorrow, we will start our cooking. Ok.

Radhika smiled.

Dev: you really like here na?

Radhika: um.

Dev: you need to, Radhika, no other option. He laughed saying that out.

She munched on to the food just to satisfy his mind,  and he too , just for the sake of dinner munched on some. Radhika rinsed plate under the tap water.

Dev while keeping the rest of the food back in fridge: you know Radhika, this is my two day lunch.

Radhika: what?

Dev: ha, how many times I cook for myself, so this store is very nearby,  I go and pick a carry out, and it lasts for two days lunch or a lunch and dinner for a day.


Radhika smiled listening to him.

She dried the plate and kept that back in the cupboard.

Suddenly Radhika: somebody called , I didn't pick the phone.

Dev: it's Ok. There may be many.  He went and scrolled down the missed list and keeping it down 'it was Ramesh, will call him tomorrow, I am feeling so tired today'.


Rahdika: where do we keep all these?, looking at the suitcases.

Dev: oh, you didn't see the bedroom, right?. Come, he held her shoulder and guided her through the small hallway passing the main door and the bathroom door and then to the right, he guided her to the lighted  master bedroom. She saw a queen size bed, with a nice blue sheet.  She looked around and found few of her pictures around,  she smiled seeing them, but then she shivered slightly feeling his lips on her neck.

Dev, bringing his head down, near to her ear , in his soft voice : I was missing you badly, you refused to talk to me na lately. So I filled the house with all your pictures , so that where ever I look I can see you. 

Radhika: when did you click all these

Dev: that's a secret.

 She went near the picture where she was resting on the branch , and the  greenery was so clear and looking so fresh.

Radhika: this look so lively

Dev: magic of technology. So you like our small bedroom

Radhika smiled shyly.

Dev: You don't know how badly I wished for you to join me here.  After coming here only I felt the need  for a companion Radhika. Ok now, let me show you the closet

Saying that he forced on her shoulder and  guided her to the attached small closet room which had rails on both sides for hanging dress,  and that again lead to another 3/4 bathroom.

Dev: there is one bathroom attached , but it has only a standing shower, I rarely use this as the other one is more spacious. And now it's your wish to arrange, re-arrange or anything ,  ok.

Radhika smiled again.

Dev: do you want to settle everything now. Ok let's at least bring it up here, that way the front room will look neat.

She smiled and about to walk to get it.

Dev: no, you stay here, let me go and get it., ok.

He went and brought the suitcase and  kept in that bedroom corner.

Dev: Radhika, let's change the sheet, as this was there for little longer time, now. Ok. Saying that he pulled one out from the top rack. You know what, I just used this two sheet and has four more sitting untouched inside that suitcase. Remember mom's and my fight last time.

She joined with him as he tried to change the bed sheet.

Dev: the rest of the exploring tomorrow. So this is a one bedroom apartment and there is not much to see Radhika. That's it.

She smiled again.

Dev: after coming here, I am seeing only this smile, when will you start talking?

She didn't say anything,  she felt little awkward to  get into that bedroom with him,  she felt like she left alone with him for the first time.

Dev: Radhika, let me turn off the lights , ok. Will be right back. Saying that he went to turn off all the lights. Her heart was pounding loud, an unknown shiver went through her body, with a weaker body she stood there, not knowing what to do next.

Dev came back , got surprised to see her still in same standing position

Dev: are you Ok Radhika, why you are standing like this.

She didn't say anything , but just looked at him. He went and turned the bed  lamp on and turned the main light off.  He held her and felt her lightness, without asking for her permission, he just swept her in his arms and laid her on to the bed. The comforter brought up to their hip level and he looked at her face.  He saw her uneasiness.

Dev with a smile pulled her towards him

Dev: you Ok

Radhika: um

Dev: then, why this cold look

Radhika: I don't know.

Dev: missing home.

Radhika didn't say anything.

Dev: The time is only 10, but you know what, it is the tiredness, you will surely feel fresh in the morning, you rarely slept in the plane too. So close your eyes and try to relax Ok.

She felt better listening to him.  His hand was stroking on her head down her hair. She wrapped her arms around his upper chest and closed her eyes. Before thinking twice she slipped into deep sleep, his hand kept on stroking on her head and  upper shoulder ; he turned the bed lamp off and slip into his sleep land too.


Meanwhile back in India : everybody got back into their routine life. Suchi back into her busy hospital schedules, Surender into his business world. Lechu in her study world and movie  craze. But this time she send email to  Radhika, addressing her as her bhabhi, asking how is she doing out there? what all did she see?

 Chandenpur also came back to its normal life with Mohan back into his usual field supervision, and village problem solving. Daadi spend few minutes in Radhika's room and then called out Chameli to help out to arrange it nicely, so that when her pothi comes next time, it should look the same. Rahul,  also send her mail asking about everything about the new world she is in.  


The sun was settling back there, but had enough time to rise up here in Radhika's place. But she slowly opened her eyes , and found herself sleeping in his embrace. She moved her hand on his chest once, that made him to move little bit. She got alert and was thinking what to do. She tried hard to get back into sleep as she saw the darkness around. But her sleep completely gave up on her.

 She controlled her breathing , so that exhaling air won't wake him up. But then she heard his heart beating near her ears. She remembered how she said to him that she is going to count on that , to see him in front of her.  A smile appeared as she listened to its rhythm.  The images of their meeting flashed in her mind.  But then the image of him climbing that ladder  and then his frustration seeing the whole family in front, brought that giggle out from her throat. Suddenly she got cautioned and covered her mouth slowly. She got alert and with a faster heart beat, waited for any response from him. But fortunately he didn't move. She felt some relief.


She wanted to look at his face, but then the thought of her move may awake him, made her to lay on same position. Time was ticking by. She felt his arms loosening on her shoulder slightly. She took a deep breath and when it almost got very loose, she slowly lifted up her face and moved to the side.


She lay on her back  with a relief, and looked at him to see his sleepy face. Dev was still in his deep sleep. She tried to look around in that darkness to see her photos around. He had all these photos with him, and I  didn't had even one. She thought,  ... slowly her vision is getting more clear, and she was able to make out the pics on the wall. She was thinking of the time, he clicked those, without her knowledge.


Suddenly she felt the weight over her chest as his  right arm went wrapping across her upper chest,  followed by his face came resting on her upper chest near her neck space.  Her heart missed few beats and she forgot to breath for a minute.  She laid back still as his breath was falling onto her neck.


She waited few seconds , but he rested well in that position. She tried to take slow breaths , not to wake him up. Her heart was pounding under his hand, to which she pleaded not to. She got very conscious with her breathing, that her lungs starved for a deep breath. Time was ticking by.


Finally her struggle gave up on her and  the deep breath expanded her lungs well and her heart  fluttered getting that oxygen filled fluid back in to fill the need.  She felt the tickling as his warm breath fanned near her neck rhythmically. She skipped few beats as she felt his soft lips near her neck. She felt the tightening of his arms around her upper body. The next moment his feet rubbed on hers softly.


Dev's husky voice mumbled near her ears: good morning Radhika.

Radhika with little force, in a normal tone: good morning.

Dev lifted his head up to see her face, and saw her wide awake eyes.

'had a good sleep?"

She just nodded her head.

Dev: good. Tell me why did you giggle?

Radhika with an innocent face: no I didn't

Dev: yes you did? I heard it.

Radhika confidently: may be in your dream

Dev: that's also fine with me, tell me why giggled in my dream then

Radhika: that I don't know, it is in your dream, so ask your dream girl only.

Dev: and you are my dream girl, so tell me, what was that made you to giggle

Radhika: I don't know

Dev: ok then, I will make you to say it out.

Radhika looked at him puzzled

Dev's hand slightly moved down and started tickling her flank area

Radhika: that tickles don't do that

Dev: ok , never mind, saying that he brought his hand up and pulled on her left cheek

Radhika: that hurts, don't do that

Dev: then what I will do, whatever I do, you are saying not to do it. Ok then.

With a flat affect he  moved away from her and lay  on his back.

Radhika felt bad. She looked up but he tried to close his eyes. She lifted her head up and moved closer to see his face clearly , but no use, he maintained his stability.

Radhika felt little naughty. She tickled him on his sides, but that didn't even move him little bit, she tried hard , and unable to hold back he laughed out and pushed her to bed on her back holding onto her hands, putting all his energy on his hands. She just fell back with a fearful face, as that was an unexpected move from him.

He looked at her face with a smiley one: kyum, dar gayi?

Radhika bringing a normal face: nahi tho.

Dev: nahi, thum dar gayi ho.

Radhika: meine kaha na NO

Dev: ok then, let me see.

Saying that he brought his face closer to hers, she looked into his eyes, it came more closer, he saw her  flickering lashes,   still his hands where holding hers and her hand was going weaker and finally it rested on to both sides along with his force on them, his upper body went clsoign the space between them  and his lips placed a small peck near her lips corner. And lifting his face slightly back he looked into her eyes

Dev with the mumbling husky voice: now agree with me, that you got scared.

Radhika's lips tried to part to deny it, but her eyes only conveyed her message,  he saw her breathing going heavy and her heart pounding harder. His face just dig near her neck calling her name : Radhikaaa.


She shivered under his weight little bit, and gulped as his lips touched her forehead, her eyes, and down to her lips. His hands loosened the grip on her hand and it just went wrapping around her neck behind and her arms just went sliding around his upper back. She felt his weight light as she tightened her  arms around him, he tried to mold into her arms. Time was ticking by, and she gave up completely in his love making as she took his energy into hers holding him tight, closer to her body. Time ticked by and he moved back slightly looking into her eyes and rested his weaker body on hers, taking deep slow breaths.  Radhika's heart tried to get back into normal rhythm , but her hands unknowingly  tried to stroke on his bare skin on the upper back.  Dev  felt happy,  feeling her strokes on his skin. He tried to relax more, but he heard her pounding heart beat.  He kissed on her neck again and lay on his back again moving away from her.

He looked at her sideways and  then pulled her closer to him, made her to rest on his chest and his hand went and stroked on her hair which she left open after taking a shower last night.  The horizon started blushing out slowly bringing the new energy and hope in the mind of every living thing on the earth.


Post note: ok, now the bright morning, in front of Radhika from next episode. Hopefully tomorrow. Got a big assignment (unexpectedly ) to do,  so depending on that will catch u up with next episode. Till then sayanora'..

 Love Devika''

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Part 71
Plz keep posting ur comments here for:
    Rubina Dilaik
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Lovely update Devika...DEv and Radhika love  eachother  without anybody's  disturbance...First morning  in   US  Radhika needs  instructions from DEv...

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liveforever Goldie

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Hey Devika Di, I am soo bad.. I start reading and then i become Busy again :(
But this time it is for real LOL This time I will keep in touch for sure!! I had a very Hectic Semester.. So I was busy mostly..
This part was awesome!! Loved it Clap

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