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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 2:20am | IP Logged
Nice prt...liked the active daadaji n sushma to explore delhi ...

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update as always...keep it coming Clap

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ancie Senior Member

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
so radev is leaving.............yeshpal's revelation of his heart to dev is really touching...........plzz update soon chechi.........Wink

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Thank you friends
 and to anu, chalhov, suwin, diary25, vinianil, radev-forever, tilashini, sonia, 5armed, nabesa and sweetrubi for your time to post that comment for me.
 really appreciate all your  input as like button and comments. Thanks for showing that tolerence with me. Now I am also in a doubt  thinking where I am heading to. Maybe because i lost one of the usual great review, from one of the reader, who used to PM me everyday. Hope I will be able to get back that soon or later.
Hope I won't disappoint you with next update. Sorry in adavnce if I am wasting your time. But otherwise  next part is coming soon.
Take care

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woow di loved both the parts it was good suchi and others will miss when radev goes loved all the lovely moments between them update soon and thanks for the pm

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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The Delhi house was in its full energy as Varma family joined them too. Rahul was so excited this time as he got a chance to stay back one night in Delhi and going to airport the next day.  Final packing was done and Dev and Birju tried to estimate the weights with their best possible assumptions. Heena also visited and told Radhika about her plan to move to Australia soon with her parents with a happy note of ending her hostel life.

 Time flew by.

Dev and Birju  got all the luggage inside the car, secured it well. Radhika was all ready in a nice green churidar and was standing near Daadi leaning  onto her shoulder and was listening to the ladies talk. Lechu didn't disturb Radhika much with her missing talk , as she got the warning from Suchi early. 

Daadai: Suchi, you see, next year I will also fly with my Radhika , to see America.

Suchi: ha ha, let us all go together, that will be fun.

Rohini:  but I am not going to go, I am afraid of flying high, I love to watch it flying up in the sky, but to travel, its so scary for me. I can't even imagine.

Daadi: then how you will go?

Rohini: when they find a road to reach there na, that time, I will go by car.

They all laughed listening to Rohini's talk

Rohini: ha ha, you all laugh now, you see, I know Chameli and Birju will come with me when I go.

The talk went on.

Surender: ok,  let's start

Dev looked at Radhika and went near her. They both took blessings from Daadi, Rohini, Suchi,  Surender, Sushama, and Yeshpal. Mohan was busy outside with Birju making sure everything secured well. Folding her hands in front of the smiley Kanha, Radhika walked out silently.  All through the way she kept silent, listening to Rahul's excited talk on airplanes and America.

They reached airport and Radhika moved as guided by Dev. They did check in their baggage. 

Suchi holding Radhika's hand: remember what I told you, ok.

Radhika nodded her head in agreement.

Hearing this Daadai: what is that secret?

Suchi with a smile: nothing Maaji, I was just telling Radhika the other day that this time, I am sad that they are leaving, but some where I am feeling comfort too, Now I have somebody to depend on. Otherwise with Dev alone there, it was really hard to get hold of him, to know something from his mouth, I need to hold his tongue, to get it out. For everything his answer is fine, no problem, fine, no problem, or ha- ha- ha ' ha. That's it. Now at least I can ask my Radhika, what is going on there? These boys bhi na.  When he left first time, I was kept on calling him to know everything, but still no use, it was me who was talking talking talking, then after engagement, there was some improvement, he started making calls frequently, but still to get some information, it was hard. Now I feel so relived in that part, as Radhika is there with him and I can depend on her. So I was telling her to make the call right away, once they reach there and all.

Daadi just smiled: who knows, after reaching there, she also may change.

Suchi tapping on Radhika's chin: no , my Radhika won't change , I know her well by now.

Rohini coming excitedly: Suchi, I can't see any airplanes from here.

Suchi smiled: no Rohini, donn't worry, one day we two can go together to some place nearby.

Rohini: no baba, I only want to see it, that's all. I am afraid.

Suchi: don't worry, I will be there with you.

Surender: its time,  Radhika betaaa.

Radhika looked at surrender and then with a partial smile  and swollen eyes she looked at Suchi, Suchi slowly released her hand and then hugged her tight, giving her all the blessings with her wet eyes.  Radhika just accepted everything silently, she tried hard within not that to roll down this time, she hugged her mom, her daadi,  Sushma, chameli,  and Lechu and  then slowly walked near to her babuji, who was still trying to talk loud, with that proud smile, trying hard to cover his weeping heart.

Radhika went near her babuji.

Mohan with a smile: ready beta.

Radhika just nodded with a flat affect.

Mohan held her hand, but before he could hold her tight, she bend down and took his ashirwad, that broke his strength, and suddenly tears just rolled down his cheeks. But with a smile he hugged her tight and said: everything will be fine beta, call us when you get there ok, and also  take care of Dev and  do as he say. Ok.  Saying that she mobved near Surender, who hugged her looselya dn blessed her with a smile.

Surender: Beta, I had a selfish thought when I thought of you and Dev together, but now all I want to hear about is your happy life together , ok. Don't worry about any of us here. Call us whenever you get ime, Ok.
 Radhika nodded her head in agrement.
 Dev was hugging Yeshpal and looked at his eyes, conveying that he will take care of Radhika, affirming his words. Dev came near Mohan , took his blessings. Dev looked at everyone, and then slowly wrapped his left arm around Radhika's shoulder,  holding onto the backpack, he turned towards the check in area. They passed the security gate without any problem and turned once to look at the enthusiastic, weepy face of their family behind, and then  waving his arm up, walked in along with his Radhika.


Ladies started wiping off their tears, and the gents  tried to talk away something else.  Slowly they got into Lechu's and Rahul's talk, and then made their way out from the airport.


Radhika was looking around seeing the people walking, talking, shopping, and with that heavy heart, her eyes got fascinated by seeing the new space in front of her.

Dev: Radhika this way, our gate number is 26.
 He showed her how to find it on the ticket as they walked towards the gate.  She looked at each numbers as they passed it, and went  sat near their assigned gate, waiting for the call. Radhika saw the travelers,  few kids reading books, few playing some games, few elders with LT's, and few still talking on mobile. Soon she heard his sound too, talking to Surender saying they are waiting and telling Radhika is fine.  Soon the announcement came for them to proceed, and Dev walked on thru that tunnel along with Radhika.   They settled on their seat and Radhika got the chance to sit near that oval window.


Time ticked by. She fastened her seatbelt. Dev sat back taking a deep sigh, feeling a relief after all these hectic days that just passed. Radhika looked around , seeing how people were pushing their luggage to fit well inside those cabinets.

Dev resting his head back: Radhika.

She looked at him.

Dev: ready?

Radhika just smiled slightly.

He slowly took her hand in his and gave her the reassurance to bring that cheer smile on her face.

Dev: all this time, I travelled alone and last time when I was coming from there, my heart was pacing faster thinking , next time when I travel you will give me company, see now I am not alone, you are there with me. 

She tried to smile.

Dev: how fast the days gone, right? I can't even imagine, felt like I just came here yesterday.  I am glad at least I will get two days off, Monday back to work. Sorry Radhika, no honeymoon for us, but don't worry we will make it later, ok. I will show you all around U.S. one day.

Their talk got interrupted as they heard the captain's welcoming voice. Soon the instructions were shown to them and Radhika picked the magazine in front of her back seat pocket and started turning the pages. Dev just smiled seeing Radhika's follow up.  He just adjusted the vent above for better airing and cooling.


Dev gave her a gum to chew on as the plane started making it slow move. She looked out at the ground through that oval window. As it reached the runway, it took a pause, and then with grabbing all the energy in , it  started moving fast, faster to fastest. Radhika felt light as it took off its weight from the ground. She looked at the widening distance from the ground, the whole view of Delhi came into her vision, slowly the roads and the moving vehicles got tiny in her eyes and so did the buildings and her vision got blocked by the floating white bundles. She still felt that light feelings and Dev, reminded her to chew on that gum, and she did as he said, but her eyes  aimed our through the oval window. 


Suddenly a baby's cry from the front side, caught her attention. She looked at Dev in worry.

Dev:  that's usual due to pressure difference.

Radhika looked at that space in concern, time ticked by, slowly the baby's cry got narrowed and she looked back at Dev with some relief.

Dev: they will be fine Radhika.

As she looked back through the oval window, it was only white bundles that she could see.

Rahdika : where are we now?

Dev asked her to look at the front screen and guided her to understand it.  They started checking on it, and he found the links to movies and showed her the list. She was not at all feeling any interest, so they turned it back to main screen.  Dev realized her heavy feeling. So to cheer her up.

Dev: Radhika, you want to listen to music.

Radhika: it's ok

Dev: no, I will show you.

 He went to music list and started browsing it and then taking the earphone out, he made her to listen to it. But then she took that out too and gave it in his hand showing least interest in those .  The interruption for refreshment caught their attention and  Radhika barely munched on the foods they served. She wrapped her arms around his left upper arm for comfort, and then leaned her head towards his upper arm, giving the weight on his arm, she tried to close her eyes.  


Dev knew it is hard for to talk or to divert her attention, so maybe this is good for her. He relaxed back. Put the ear phone in his ears and listening to the music he closed his eyes too.

Two drops of tears fallen from her eyes, but she wiped it off quickly without opening her eyes, and tightened her grip on his arms. Dev just  held her hand with his, reassuring her his presence.


The flight landed at the  SF international airport on time around 7 PM. Suddenly Radhika: we need to call home.

Dev: um

Radhika: now

Dev with a smile: let's get out from this, then we will do it, ok.

Radhika nodded her head. As their turn came, they also moved out.Radhika walked along with Dev, watching  other travelers who all are moving in higher speed inside that tunnel.

Radhika: can we make the call now?

Dev?: Let's finish the immigration formalities and all , ok.

Radhika nodded her head again. They stood on the long queue, and now  she understood where all were speeding up to.  Soon they came out from that section and went to collect their luggage.

Radhika: can we make the call now?

Dev: Radhika, look for the baggage ok.

Radhika: ji.

Dev picked them easily and arranged it on a cart and moved to one more screening area side and then came out  from the immigration section.

Dev rolling the cart: Radhika, let's go that way, and catch the taxi.

Radhika: can we call home.

Dev with a smile, took his cell out and  dialed the home number. Radhika looked at him with relief.

He heard his mom's voice: mom, we reached safely. I am giving to Radhika.

 Radhika: mom, ha, ha., it went fine.  Dev smiled as  he heard her talk from the beginning with the kid's cry to the landing at San Fransiscod , till the luggage collection.

Radhika: ha, mom, will call  from home  later. Ha. Ha. Ok mom.

Taking the phone from Radhika, he dialed Chandenpur number too and gave to Radhika: Radhika, I don't know how much charge left in this, talk to daadi and babuji too.

Meanwhile Dev walked slowly towards the exit. Radhika held his arm, and walked mainly concentrating on her talk.  And then gave to dev.

Dev: ho gaya

Radhika;: ha.

Dev: feeling better.

Radhika looked at him in question.

Dev: why you need to say  all these , Radhika.

Radhika: what?

Dev: about that baby cry and all.

Radhika:  no,  you know what mom told me, it is because of the pressure difference and she told me they suppose to'.. but Dev interrupted her

Dev: Radhikaaa'.

Radhika: ji.

Dev: let's go home.

Radhika: ji.

Dev: um.

 With a smile they came out from the building,  She saw the new atmosphere under its artificial lighting.  The air gushed onto her face, and she felt little cold. She  breathed the American air into her lungs standing in that open area. Her eyes scanned around the space randomly.

The taxi came and parked near them. Dev kept all the luggage in and sat back along with her. Radhika looked around seeing the new area. They passed through a tunnel and then entered the freeway. Dev looked at her face with a smile, and then held her hand. Radhika without knowing his eyes on her , was  seeing the new world in front of her. She saw how speedily the cars and the big long trucks moving on these fast tracks .

Radhika:  is there no traffic block here?

Dev with a smile : look at the lanes, how many are there, probably 6 and it all goes in one direction. There is space Radhika, also here people follow the rules. That's the magic.

She didn't get it completely, but still she loved that speed. She vaguely saw the green land under that dim light. She loved the ground , looking so clean and well maintanied, like in Delhi house.  Time passed by and they reached at the apartment entrance. Radhika stepped out curiously. Dev took the luggage out and paid off the bill for the taxi.


Radhika was looking at the apartment complex.

Dev: welcome to Bloomington.

Radhika smiled. Dev picked two big suitcases and rolled them ,  when Radhika held the back pack and one suitcase rolling down her way in.

Dev used the card to open the main door and they took the elevator to the  2nd floor.

Radhika walked behind him. They walked over the  prnited carpet on the floor. He stopped near  the door , with the  door number 210.

Dev with a smile : Ok, Radhika, so ready.

Radhika looked at him with a smile.

Dev  took the key out and then turned that  inside the keyhole and opened the door in front of her.

Dev gave the warning : with your right leg.

She smiled and then stepped in to their home, Dev pulled the  baggage in and closed the door behind.

 Dev holding onto her shoulder guided her in.

Dev: Radhika, I know you are really tired. Do one thing, mmm ...  you take a shower, by then I will go and get some milk and all. Ok

Radhika: where are you going?

Dev: just nearby. Don't worry, ok. I will be right back.  Come I will show you the bathroom and all.

 He guided her to the bathroom, and showed her how to turn the knob and all, for warm water and for cold water.


Dev:  ok?

Radhika smiled.

Radhika went near the suitcase which was placed in the main living room, she kneel down to open it. But then he came and helped her to open it . Radhika quickly picked one churidar and he made sure she knows how to turn the lock on and open.

Dev: Ok Radhika, by the time you take a shower, I will be back , ok.

Radhika nodded her head.


Radhika: do I have to lock the main door, then

Dev: no, its fine, I will take the key with me. You be relax , ok.

Radhika: um

Dev went out locking the door behind , and Radhika got into the shower. She carefully turned the knob to adjust the water temp and as the water fell down her body, she felt some relief. She stood under that for some time with an empty mind. Time passed by. She came out wearing a fresh churidar , wrapping her hair in a big towel.  She heard the house phone bell ringing , she thought to pick it up first, but then she got confused.


She untied the towel and then slowly looked around.  She went to main living room, she saw the sofa. She remembered him saying papa sleeping on it when he chattered with her one time.  She saw the black color glass coffee table next to it. A small couch next to it also looked same like sofa.  She saw the  entertainment table with a flat TV in one corner.

     She saw the pictures on the wall. As Lechu mentioned she saw the family tree arranged at different level on the wall. Her hand was slowly rubbing on her wet hair,  she  moved to  the next wall, and saw the big smiley face of hers. She walked next to the dining room which is openly extended from living room. She saw the wall picture as Lechu mentioned , the rose flower that she drew. She smiled seeing it. The dining area had a small  wooden table with four chairs around. She  walked into the kitchen area next to the  dining.   she opened few of the cupboards to check inside to see what is there in it.

Then she heard the door opening and she  stood looking at there. Dev came in with few big brown bags in hand and then closing the door behind he locked it. And then picking it in his hand he walked to the kitchen.

He paused for a second seeing Radhika standing there.

Dev: you got out so quick!

Radhika: no, actually I think you took  time to get back.

Dev with a smile: ha, maybe, actually I got some Chinese , for dinner, its already late so.

He picked the milk carton out and kept  the groceries in fridge, and then went and placed the Chinese food on the dining table.

He went and opened one cupboard: Radhika , the plates are here, let me fresh up quick too. Ok

She just smiled

Dev: give me two minutes.

 She smiled again, he went to take bath while she took the plates out from the cupboard and then turning the tap , she let the water run through it and cleaned and looked around and found a towel, she dried the plate and arranged it on the table. She opened another cupboard and found glasses, but then got wondered where to  get the drinking water.  Then again she went on and exploring each cupboards. Time ticked by, she opened the fridge and checked what he just brought.


She got jerked as she felt the two arms slide through her waist line to the front, that forced her to close the distance between them. She turned in his arms and looked at his face unbelievably.

Seeing her surprise look,  Dev: um, kya huva?

Radhika didn't say anything..

Dev: I am not feeling hungry, but still let' s have something. Ok.

Radhika nodded her head.

Dev: why you are not saying anything? Don't you like this apartment.

Radhika just smiled.

Dev: Radhika.. bethadona

Radhika: it's cute.

Dev : ye hui na bath. Now you can modify it as you wish , ok.

Radhika: um.

Dev slowly held her wet hair with his right arm and then looked at the simple beauty who was standing in front of him, without any shingar.  He could still feel the coldness of her facial skin.  He placed a soft kiss on her cheek with his slightly parted lips.  She squeezed in his embrace.

Dev: I love you Radhika.

Radhika still stood without saying anything.

Dev releasing her slowly: You look so fresh, anyways,  let's have dinner , ok.

Radhika: um. You took shower so quickly.

Dev: what you think.  I took my time, but becuase you are exploring everything, you didn't notice the passing time. 
He picked the spoon from the cupboard and went and served the food in two plates.  
Post notes: I want you to understand that here my Dev is just a middle class man, he came to U.S. as a student ,and got lucky to get a job , so he is settling down within his limits, he is not depending on his wealthy dad or anybody to live on. So don' t expect any big mansion or anything for now for my hero to live in. Ok. 
Please leave a comment for me to know your view if possible, or else please do accept my request to comment for avina on their personal page.  
 Plz keep posting ur comments here:
    Rubina Dilaik
Avinash Sachdev:]

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Part 70

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Just great update.continue giving us such wonderful updates

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very nice update...thx for the pm

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