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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by imarti_rubi

awesome awesome awesome.....luved the entry of our naughty radhika..... only i can say for dev is "zara bach k rehna ".............. even i am confused with mystery of  prince but whatever it is princess is  only  our radhika right...
Thank you thank you thank you..
yes ofcourse you said right.. 'zara bach k rehna Dev babu'... he he.. because she is getting ready to drive him crazy...( i hope i can take you with my imagination).....
mystery... when you here my mystery part, you will Confused.. is that was it?...  i may Cry..
but I will try to bring some drama to get the feel... otherwise i better close this FF... but let see how that will come out.....Big smile

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by palak13

that was awesome jusy loved it 2 gd there first meeting was good wonder where radhika is hiding update soon and thanks 4 the pm
thanks dear.. ye, happy birthday....  Rahdika already disappered dear... Dev babu thooththe reh javoge apne Radha rani ko.................................  LOL
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 Dev saw anxious face of Suchi as he entered their house premises and then saw her walking towards him desperately..'


Suchi: " where did you go this early? What happened".. looking at his wet posture.


"Nothing Ma, I took sushma aunty's permission, didn't see you here around.." Dev replied as he tried to shake his jacket again to get the wetness to splash away...'


Suchi in a caring tone:  " I know Dev,..this is a new place for you.. that is why I felt little nervous and see what happened to you?"


"this.. all because of that girl"' suddenly he paused..


Suchi was brushing  his hair trying to dry it , she paused too.:  'Girl!'' ... she asked in doubt' she continued drying his hair in normal tone.. 'which girl?'.. 


Dev:  ' I don't know. She just fell from the tree and I tried to protect her, but then we rolled down to the river and I got wet'.. he said in a trance as if visualizing the scene in front of his eyes..


Sushi paused.. looked at his face' : 'Dev, what are you saying''.. she tried to rescript it.. " grl.. fell from tree.. and you both fell in the river!!!!!!'.." what are you saying.. doesn't make any sense to me''.. "Is she alright? Did she get hurt?".. Suchi waited for the answer..


"vo'... wh.. .. Mom".. Dev came back from his trance and said in wonderment " that's what I am also thinking'... I was standing under a huge tree, I kept my camera on the side.. and was really enjoying the beauty of nature'.... truly mom, the nature is so beautiful here ( with a hand gesture showing his amazement).. and then suddenly I don't know from where she fell onto me from that tree.. and all that happened  and I thought to help her out from the water, and was looking over in flowing water despeartely.. but then  I found her standing on the shore'... looking at me..'.. and then in a doubtful voice  " for a second, I thought she waited to make sure I am OK"'... " I still can't believe how all that happened?'


Suchi: that all Ok dev, but is she alright? Did she got hurt?


Dev imagining her running away..: "I don't think she got hurt.. "


Suchi in doubt: did you ask her?


Dev: no, I didn't get any chance to ask her.. but the way she ran away from there gives an impression that she is an expert..

Suchi: dev, what are you saying?

Dev: Nothing Mom.. no don't worry she is fine'.. Ok..

Suchi: Ok, then, come and change your dress' Granny was asking about you..and grandpa also waiting for you ,,..


Dev: hwom.. me!.. hum'.... so I am that important.. then why you people kept this as a secret for this long..


Suchi looked at him as they were walking in holding onto his upper arm.: may be because this was the best time to know about all these relationships.. who knows..


Dev: but why Mom?


Suchi: go change, may be your aunty can give you the reason'


Dev: Mom, why they all are talking so strange?


Suchi: what strange?

Dev: why she is calling me Prince? Even the granny was asking  about my eyes and my lips?...  why is it so? I feel so strange with everything here'...  suchi was walking along with him to inside, listening to him' ... dev continued.. "why me?".. why they are not showing the same with dad'... I mean they are acting normally with dad, except that old man we saw yesterday on the road' ...but'"


Suchi in a lower voice as they already entered inside: dev don't worry, I can imagine your response when you will come to know the reason for our return'.... It may sounds funny to you, but not for the people over here' Even I felt the same when I read the letter'.... But certain things people take more than real, they want to cherish some moments even if that sounds like fantasy'...  But if you can bring a smile on others face, what's wrong in it'.... then regarding your dad's silence of his past.. you will get an answer soon or later. I am not the one to tell about it..  You can talk with your dad on that' but not now.. Now , my prince go and change.. Ok and she pushed him into his room..


Dev: "Mom, you too' calling me a prince"' " don't do that? I am Dev and call me that, ok.." he showed a kiddish face..


Suchi: Why, when you can call me Suchiiiiiii in your loudest voice, I can call you Prince''  right?


Dev got really irritated: Mom'


Suchi gave him a teasing smile: Yes..

Dev understood he is not going to win over this time: "mmm.. nothing.." he turned to  keep his camera safe..


Suchi smiled standing near the door and said:  Prince, don't waste time.. everyone is waiting for you'


Dev turned back to look at his mom: Mom'


Suchi: yes dear'


Dev: nothing'

Suchi: "don't get angry'.... just take some deep breath..ok.. everything will be alright". But then in a very serious tone " dev, don't worry, Sushma aunty will tell you everything.."


Dev walking towards his mom: " so you were knowing all these, and still you didn't tell me.. show me that letter, I can read that"..

Sushi: oops sorry, I left the letter back in our home".. "but you don't worry da, there is nothing to worry'.... all is well, ok.. now Come on, get ready fast.,  let me check with sushma, whether she need any help?"..

He looked at his mom as she walked away'.



After breakfast Dev was listening to his dad and Grandpa's talk in general about Chandenpur.  He saw people peeking from near the gate..  His grandpa noted too.. He called out for Sushma.. He showed eye gesture to Sushama '.... sushma aunty went and talked to them something and came back..


"Dev, granny was looking for you, come with me"'.... sushma called Dev inside.. he just followed her..


Dev: what they were doing up there?


"Oh, that, I think they came to know about you,. Somebody saw you yesterday while coming.. so they spread the message across".. Sushma replied in her normal tone..


" What is all this mystery, I am really getting impatient, can you please tell me"'.... Dev said in a pleading voice..


Sushma looking at his face: ' Yes dear, I will  explain everything to you'.... but before that, first you meet Granny..OK"..


Dev shared some unusual time with granny's talk..  His mind was flying to his aunty's words that she will tell him about the mystery'


"bro, that's a shame"'.... the voice of lechu brought him back from his thought.


Dev ; " what"


Lechu: mom told me that  some girl fooled you today.. how can let that happened to you.. You are my superhero.. and here..


Dev: No Lechu.. she didn't fool me..


Lechu: Then why mom told that she already got out from the water before you'


Dev: ha.. that's right.. but..

Lechu: But what? my bro should be fatsre than anyone.. hum..


Granny: can you tell me what  you are talking about'


Dev stood from the bed and quickly moved to lechu's side and held her hand: Nothing granny, she was just joking..


Granny tried to hold her hand behind her ears to hear properly: what?

Dev: Nothing Granny.. I need to see Sushma aunty, I will be back.. he said that in a loud voice..


Granny: ok ok'.... go.. but come back to me quick, my prince'


The last  word really annoyed him, but he pulled Lechu with him to get out from that room....'

Lechu: Bro, why she is calling you Prince?.. let me see your eyes.. why they are telling it is really sparkling'.... I didn't see any sparkle, or do they really sprling'.... why she is not calling me princess'


Dev: that's because here all are crazy' and driving me crazy too with that call..


Lechu in a doubtful voice: Bro. wait a second.. are you really a prince.. May be.. our dad didn't tell us.. what if he was trying to save us from some goons, so that you can be crowned as the next King without any problem..




Lechu went into her imagination already: no bro, just imagine.. may be our parents took some precaution early itself, so they brought us up in far away land.. now you are grown up and ready to face the challenge'.. and then'...'.


Dev by shaking her shoulder: Lechu, can you just stop it..  what are you saying.. delhi.. far away land? wait wait you watche dthat shrek movie , right.. far far away...


Lechu was not listening to him at all : don't you think it is nice mystery' ... wow!. I can't wait to share with my friends and your friends'... Bro.. think If you are a prince, then I am your sister, means I am the princess of this kingdom'...  how sweet'... oh, my I need to change to princess dress, where is my crown.. where is my helpers.. i need to change my bedroom to pink.. with soft fluffy curtains around...


Dev: Lechu, this is too much'... you got spoiled watching all that princess stories and reading all that fairy tales.. you are not a kid anymore.. you are in college..


Lechu: no bro, I am serious....'


Dev left her shoulder and said in frustration: Ok my princess, You go find your helpers to dock you with all new dress and ornaments.. let me find Sushma aunty'... ok..

Lechu gave a quick kiss on his cheek: ok bro'....sorry Prince of Chandenpur...... let me see where our Suchi is'..... She said that in a very dramatic way and went in search for her mom'


'everyone is driving me nuts here....'morning that girl and those giggly kids and now my mom and my sister'... Oh God, at least Dad is in his normal sense.. he peeked to the front to see his dad's face and saw him nodding his head with grandpa's talk.. he felt some relief'....  let me find sushma aunty".. he was about to take his steps..


"so you ready to know the mystery, come with me".. sushma aunty's voice jerked him.. he looked at her and followed her'... they went upstairs....'

she opened the door to common balcony'....she held his jae once, looking deep into his eyes she smiled..... she took her eyes off and went into trance unfolding the mystery behind their return...   her lips started moving'...  his ears were actively listening to her words.. sushma aunty's hair over her forehead was flying with the smooth wind' ... her eyes were lingering over the vining and climbing flowers'.... the floweres  were shaking their head along with the wind'... as if they are happy to see him  so near' ... they tried to fly high to touch him'... unknowingly he held one of the lavender color flower bunch as it bothered him to look at the lips of his aunty'... the flower felt shy and cued under his soft palm '.... and looked at others proudly with a winning smile.. while others still fought to feel his touch, flying high with the wind, looking jealously at the flower bunch in his hand....'
Part-6 Please don't forget the like button if you are moving forward.thanks
Thank you friends, I replied to your comment individualy, because I waited to know from you about your thought.. and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.. please don't forget the like button.. also you can see the link to next part with each updated post.. hope that will make it easy...  Now Dev knows about it because i need him to know about it to move to next part; so may be his reaction, or the msytery itself... in next part.. who knows; and ofcourse, our bubbly radhika coming in full force with next part FOR SURE...   soon...
Love you all and take care
devikaBig smile

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abhi.. regarding the family picture.. will do for sure.. age.
Dev' doing his final (semester) MBA.. dreaming of flying to U.S.. its mentioned on the first page.. so he may be around 23... he he
Rahdika comepleted her degree course and waiting for result .. so she is around  21..
I don't know all other serial people.. Know alek nath ( will be dev's grand pa)
 The granny will be from DDLJ..  Kajol's grandma... ( hope I will be able to get a picture.)
Surender Bhatt( what about Mr. Bachan himself).. why not, he can act in that role...
Suchithra Bhatt: Jaya bachan, not a second thought...
Lechu: is the same girl from DDLJ.. kajol's sister.. I just love her , may be more than Kajol in that movie.. (my mind set up is different, sometimes the side charactors overule the leads and I like them )..
 dev is Avinash sachdev.. no doubt... deep sigh...
what you think? let me know?
Radhika's dad  Mohan Varma: amreesh puri..
Rohini Varma: Rima (  Maine pyar kiya.. salman's mom).. i think her name ids that
Santa Varma: rita bhaduri... no doubt..
Radh's brother: .... all i could think is from amir's movie.. thare.. Darseel.. may be little taller version of him.. still in school though..
Radhika; Rubina dalaik..
Birju , I pulled to Radh's side..
tell me what you think... i can change, no problem.. fit them in big celluloid... ok.. on TV screen...
afterall its all imagination... think big and add the sweetness....muha...

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Devika...  lovely updates..  hmmm still keeping the mystery of prince with a sparkling eyes and rosy lips..  :)))
Just read the entry of Radhika...  loved it too..  she just ducked him in water and went the other side...  Well she is hiding behing the dupatta and keeping an eye on the new prince of Chandanpur with the her vanar sena..  lovely...
Let's see how prince charming comes for his real princess...

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lovely update...thx for the pm

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Interesting Devika....ClapClap. You have been reading too many murder mystery's nah???LOL
Leaving us hanging again about the prince mysteryConfused

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ahh ahh! midblowing so one more update for the mystery!! yay!! i wanna c more of Radz character! *sigh* loved ur last paragraph!! the description was marvelous!!

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