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Originally posted by Devika.

Originally posted by gauranitai

i'm speechless!! i don't kno what 2 say!! it was sooo sensual and wow!! u got talent chick!! i loved it. eagerly awaiting the nex part.......
where is the blushing....?????? i am missing it ....Confused
 ye just joking, LOLLOL
 thanks dear... so finally somebody told me that I HAVE TALENT..... ye yippieeeeeeee.......

yes i was blushing so here's me bulshing Blushing Blushing Blushing!!! lmao.   i was transported to anoda world. an u kno u got talent!! no one can deny it!! i'm impatient, i want d next part.....

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Part 66

The morning looked so wet out there and  Radhika felt that coldness of it as she stood near that window, looking at the garden. Her heart was over flowing with happiness in that  moment.  Still,  somewhere inside the corner she is wide awake, she doesn't feel any tiredness at all even though she rarely closed her eyes last night.  Few water drops from the hair end   was falling onto the white towel she was holding.  Her lips were holding that natural smile as if she is seeing everything new in front of her, the enthusiasm in her eyes gave a glittering glow to her face. 


Momentarily her mind flashed back to Chandenpur, where the mist still covered the ground like a blanket, and under its nice feathery touch all the earthy lives open their eyes. "once again I left my home, this time for longer time, but I am happy to be near him, all I want is to see his face in front of my eyes, and to hear his voice near my ears, I want to be cuddled in his arms forever, and to feel his heart beating next to mine". She turned and looked back at the bed. He is still sleeping under that white quilt. She smiled and then looked around and found all those floral decorations that mom and Lechu made just for them. She saw the rose petals that moving away on the floor as the wind circled in.


Suddenly her eyes fell on the wall clock and then drying her hair one more time quickly , she applied little sindoor near her hair partition and  stepped down to the main hall. Her heart was beating faster,  She tried hard to act normal,  she saw Surender reading a newspaper sitting on the couch.


"goodmorning papa".

The sound of Radhika made him to look straight and passing a smile "goodmorning beta"

Radhika was walking towards the kitchen..


"Dev still sleeping" . Surender asked as he look back into that newspaper.

"ha" Radhika replied.

 As turning the page: interview time is around 2, right?

Radhika with a doubt: he didn't say anything to me.

Surrender: oh, ok, ha beta, it is around  at that time, we need to be ther atleast half an hour prior.  And this is the biggest huddle, once we get that done, then we can relax  and enjoy the rest of the days better.

Radhika stood near the couch listening to Surender.

"beta, are you going to make tea, then I need one too"

Radhika: ji papa. But then with a doubt:  is mom still sleeping.


Surender with a smile closed the newspaper and said: you know what, mom is not here.

 Radhika: ji?

Surender: around 2 AM   she got  a call from her junior, and they know she is on  vacation and busy all that, but they tried for a luck, in case if she is in town, some emergency situation , a complicated one it seems like. I don't know whether she heard it completely, she got up and within few minutes wake me up too, and I dropped her at the hospital. So far I did't get any call, so let see, what the news she is going to come up with".


Radhika nodded her head  acknowledging  his words and walked towards the kitchen. Suddenly her eyes fell on the small temple on the corner where Suchi used to light the diya and agarbathi.  She went near, and she smiled as she saw the little smiley roop of Kanha in front of her. She lighted the diya and soon the  smell of agarbathi started spreading around. She folded her hand and prayed to the Lord, for her mom to come back with a smile and a good news.  She smiled unknowingly when she prayed like that.


She  remembered the prayer she got used to do before  going to bed as her daadi told her to do.   As a little Radhika.........

Little Radhika: daadi
Daadi reading a book, pulled her glasses down and looked at her curiosly : kya hei beta?
Little Radhika: why do we need so many Gods.
Dadi with a smile: why? still They are not enough for us, so when you read the literature you will see more and more there.
Radhika: why we need so many? where they all are living?
Daadi keeping the book away, stroked on her head: they don't need much space,  Radhika. Just close your eyes and call them within your inner heart, They will come and reside inside you.
Radhika: really?
Daadi: um.
Radhika: how do I call them ?  whom I will  call, whom  will  I praise? Who is the best of All? I will pray to Him only.
Daadi with a smile: Radhika there is no one better than anyone. It is all how your heart takes in.
Radhika: Then whom I will call when i am in need.
Daadi:  Radhika, God is not there to call in need, the one who help whe you in need is the person next to you, may be God is residing in that person.
Radhika: so , I don't have to pray then?
Daadi: who said you don't have to . You need to.
Radhika: but how? to whom?
Daadi: Radhika,  There is only one GOd, one shakthi, we name Him many, and divide ourself on their names. But God Himslef  is beyond that beta.
Radhika sitting back curiously: but how  will I know and how do I pray then.
Daadi: you don't need to call anyone specifically, but yes, you can do onething, everynight, before going to bed, close your eyes for few minutes, and then  imagine as many people you can around you and praying for those who stand in front of your eyes,  then your back, and on both sides of yours .
Little Radhika: but what do I pray?
daadi with a smile :  pray for  peace , food, clothing and happiness  for all of them around you and to forgive you  for any mistake  you have done to any of them with your  look, with your  words, or your action. If you pray for them na, then the God will surely hear you, you don't have to ask for anything specific.
Little Radhika: sach mei
Daadi smiled , closing her eyes once, affirming her words, and then pulled on Radhika's shoulder and made her to lay on her lap. She went on with a story and little Radhika giggled listening to it and then went into her world of imagination.

She walked towards the kitchen. Thinking of her action, praying for the smile on my mom's face when she comes back, as I know the stress she is undergoing now.  I have seen it that day, when I put her in such situation. She melt away seeing the tears of kaki, and she tried her level best to bring back that smile on their face.  How many times I met her coming back  from hospital with that tired  weak body , but with a happy smile on her face. 

She started making the tea in trance, her mind was thinking  more about Suchi and the smile disappeared as she thought of the seriousness of the situation that prompted her to go.


"aaaaaa"  she cried loud, but then the hands covered her mouth quick..

She turned to face Dev, who was standing near her, with a warning face, not to make more sounds.

 He slowly slide his hand down her mouth: Radhika,  what is this?

Unknowingly her hand went up and started rubbing her cheek with her eyes all rolling  up staring at him.

Dev softly: kya huva?

Rahdika: it hurts, don't pull on my cheek like that.

Dev sitting back on that nearby counter top: Oh really. I was looking for you all around, and found here, but then lost in some thoughts, definitely its not me,  then with a tease smile : as I didn't see that shy smile on your lips or that shade change on your cheek. I was expecting blushed cheek, but this look pale, so to bring the color out, I did it.

Radhika: Oh really,   still rubbing onto her cheek.

Dev: what? At least give me a smile now.

Radhika :no

Dev: what?

Radhika:  The tea is getting ready, I need to take to papa.

Dev looked at her serious face and thought  um, not in good mood, she suppose to be shy and coy seeing me, but this looks  like she is not in a mood to give that smile.

He climbed down from the counter top and went behind and circled his arms around her waist and tried to rest his chin on her shoulder.

Radhika: move, na. That tickles.

Dev didn't say anything, but tightened his grip around her bringing her more closer.

Radhika: leave me now, Papa may come.

Dev didn't say anything, just held her the same way..

Radhika: see the tea is boiling, now move let me pour this.

Dev didn't move.  His nose tip rubbed onto her skin near the ear.

Radhika turned the knob into off mode and with a smile : chodiyena, it tickles.

Dev didn't move.

Radhika: please.

Dev,  straightening his  chin over her shoulder: then tell me, what you were thinking so seriously.

Radhika holding onto his arms: vo, I was thinking about mom.

Dev loosened her arms around her and turned her to face him, tightening his forehead: you were thinking about mom?!!!

Radhika: ha, mom, went to hospital in the middle of the night, so I was thinking about that.

Dev : oh really,  then don't think about it so hard,  she called right now, everything went fine, and it seems like mom's friend is going to drop her back.


Radhika with a ear to ear smile: really.

Dev: um.

Radhika: thank God.

Dev: why? Its me who gave you the news, so you should thank me.

Radhika: ok then thank you.

Dev: not that easy. You need to compensate.

Radhika: what  to compensate?

Dev:  for that pale cheek.

Radhika: what?

Dev:  Um, he brought his looping lips near to her cheek.

She pushed him back and then turned and said seriously: Papa is waiting for tea, don't know how long, and you are playing around here.


Dev stood there with  drooping jaw and watched her as she was pouring the tea into the cup, she turned taking  two cups of  tea in her hand and forwaded one to him. She looked at his shocked face, still looking at her without a blink.


Radhika in a normal tone: kya huva?

Dev didn't say anything.

Radhika: take this na, please

In a trance action, he took  the cup from her, and met her smiley face saying: let me give this to papa.


He watched her as she  walked away. "is this the same Radhika? When I met her last time here, she was opening cupboards after cupboards thinking about the breakfast, now she is not only minding me, but also talking very seriously 'papa is waiting for long and you are playing around' ok let me see, how long she will show  her bahu dharma. He sipped on to the tea as he walked to the front room.

She stopped near him as he walking passing the dining hall,  he made slow pause sipping onto that cup.  She smiled and with a happy tone: what are we going to  make for breakfast?. I am thinking when mom comes, I will keep everything ready. that 'll be nice na.

Dev smiled in seeing her spirit.

Seeing his smile: why are you smiling, tell me na, and let's make breakfast.

Dev  tried to walk  passing her towards the front.

The smile disappeared from her face: kya huva, tell me something na.

Dev paused again and turned to look at her face: Radhika, how do I know? You only made the tea, right?   Who am I , you are asking now? It is your house, you decide what to make.

Radhika coming near to him: what? Remember you helped the other day, so .

Dev interrupting her: so, so what? It was at that time, When you were a guest, but now you are the bahu of this house, so you should know.

Radhika: what?

Dev: now you are my wife. So a wife should know what her husband likes and his family likes, so go make it and do it quick, mom will be here any minute.  And she may be hungry too.

Radhika stood there with her shocking face,  the color drained off totally, and watched as he walking towards the front room.


Radhika slowly walked into the kitchen and grabbed her cup of tea, and started sipping on to  it thinking what he just said: ok now I will make myself the best breakfast ever, and will show him.  She sniffed hard as she kept that empty cup inside the sink, and rubbed her nose tip slightly thinking hard.   Her lips stretched out as the idea clicked her brain.


Lechu came down and picked her cup of tea.

Radhika: Lechu,  what you like for breakfast?

LEchu tightening her forehead: what?

Radhika with all the smile and excitement: tell me na. what would you like to have?

Lechu thought hard: di, I am not at all feeling hungry, then

Radhika: but still , tell me somehitng.

Lechu:  Poori masala.

Radhika: poori masala, nice idea.

Lechu: really!.

Radhika nodded her head with agreement: um

Lechu smiled seeing her happy smile and she went out from the kitchen to the front hall.

Dev and surrender were discussing on the day's program. Dev saw Radhika going up quickly avoiding looking at them, and then disappearing in  their room.


Dev thought  ' what she is up to?' but then Surender's voice pulled back his attention. After few minutes, he saw her coming down with another smile on her face, she picked the empty cups and walked towards the kitchen.


Time was ticking by and Suchi came in with a tired face , she sat on the sofa, and explained the  situation,  as it was a preterm case,  triplets, born to a lady who is in her late 30's. one boy and two girls, how tiny they were looking,  how they fit in one palm , how they were  transferred  to the neonatal care unit with all the pre- arrangements done prior to shifting. 


Surrender: Suchi , you look very tired, go take a shower and try to take some rest.

Suddenly Suchi looking around: where is Radhika?

Surender: oh ho, she was around here only, she made the tea and all, and then.

Lechu: Di is in kitchen.

Suchi: Kitchen? What she is doing up there?

Lechu: making breakfast

Suchi getting up from the sofa:  breakfast!

Lechu: um.

Suchi  turned to walk towards the kitchen to check on Radhika, but then saw her coming out with a smile on her face.

Suchi pausing for a second: Radhika, you were making breakfast!

Radhika with a very satisfactory smile nodded her head.

Suchi: but I told them I am coming.

Radhika: ha, he told me too. Now you go freshen up and come we all can have breakfast, it is ready.

Suchi: oh beta, what was the need for that. Her concerned voice made Radhika to smile again.  I told them that I am coming.

Radhika coming near held her hand : mom, its all ready, now you   taste it and tell me., ok


Suchi: ok beta, just five minutes.

Radhika cornered her eyes on dev with that same smile, found him trying to hide his smile listening to her talk.

Radhika went back to kitchen and Lechu just followed her.


Soon the girls arranged the table and Suchi came out looking all fresh and they all seated on their respective places.


Dev munched on to the food piece , in between sipping on to the  glass of juice. Surender and Suchi praised  her for the taste.

Lechu: I only suggested poori masala

Radhika: ha, lechu only told me to make this.

She was happy to hear the comments.He thought of the dinner time that he cooked and how all praised chandenpur and Rdhika that night.

Dev:  mom, may be because this veggies are form Chandenpur , that is why?

Radhika's smile disappeared from her face and she looked at him surprisingly.

Surender: don't say like that dev, this is my Radhika beta's  haath ka jadoo hei.

 She smiled wide hearing that looked at Dev with  that winning stretch.

Dev just continued his eating,   trying to find other excuses but her in-laws supported her whole heartedly.


After breakfast, Radhika ran  back into her their room, with the most happiest smile.

Dev took the advantage of the situation, as Suchi went to bed to take rest for some time, and surrender disappeared in to his office room. He climbed the stairs looking at Lechu who was watching TV very keenly and smiling through it.


Dev got into his room, and scanned quickly and found that Radhika standing near the window, facing her back towards the door and giggling softly. He slowly  closed the door   behind tight and with soft feet he walked towards her, he stood behind hearing her giggle and soft talk. He went more closer and listened to her .


"muaa daadi, thank you so much, um, papa said'..   mom said'.. lechu'. Daadi, I am so happy, even myself got surprised when I tasted it, Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, she held the phone more closer to her lips and  gave another muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'

"MUHAAAAAAAAAAA'''"   Dev's voice along with his lips on her cheek  and that tight hug from behind , shook her body little and she stood in shock.

He looked at her shocked face teasingly.

Radhika came back to normalcy as she heard Daadi's voice on the phone, with little shiver she tried to speak out, but the sound got stuck in her throat.


"Hi daadi, how are you", Dev,  squeezing his Radhika completely under his shoulder and bringing his face more closer to the phone in her hand near her lips.

"I am fine beta, you are also just like my Radhika,  she grew up with it, and now i am blessed to get the same love from you too" Daadi  said with a smile.

Dev looking at Radhika's paused face:  for the cutest daadi in the world and for that  nice recipie.

Daadi: ha, you know what,  daadi in a secret tone,. daadi's recipie has a magic in it. Usually I won't give it out easily, even to Rohini, till now , I kept the secret ingradients inside me, but when my Radhika asks me, how can I hide it from her. So you liked it.

Dev: ha Dadi , very much.

Daadi and Dev continued to talk for some time. Radhika tried to move away from his hold, but it just tightened further into him, that she stood like a statue holding onto that phone.

Daadi: Ok beta,  Is Radhika there or she ?

Dev:  she went with Lechu .

Radhika looked at him rolling her eyes.

Daadi: ok then, beta mom se bhi kahna.,

Dev: Ha daadi. Bye

Daadi: bye beta, khush rehe.

The phone went silent.

Looking at her face , Dev: phone tho bend karo.

Radhika looked at him cornering her eyes sideways. 

Dev: kya huva? Then with little hesitation he loosened his grip on her and then took the phone from her, and placed that on the table. "so this was your secret behind the taste and that confident smile and now this happy giggle"

Radhika didn't say anything, all of a sudden she felt strange being alone with him, in that room. She tried to walk away, but he held her hand  and came near: why? When I met you downstairs you were very talkative and giving me lessons and.   now, ek dum chup hogai.

Radhika felt her mouth and throat dry. She stood there looking at the floor. Dev with a smile lifted her chin up to look at him, she did as he wished. He smiled and soon his finger slide up to her cheek and made that stroke movement up, feeling her burning skin under his touch, slowly his other hand cupped her face, he brought her face more closer and looked into those eyes passionately. Her lifted up chin, completely faced him, and her eye cornered to read his face and his eyes, with her raising heart beat. Unknowingly her hand came up and  rested on his chest. Time was ticking by, slowly his face bend down slightly to feel her face more closer and then her soft lips.  She gave in by circling her arms around him, and then holding him tight.

She heard his voice near her ears "I love you Radhika" she blushed hard under that warmth and held him more tight.

Time passed by.

"Dev"  the soft lovely word came out from her throat

 Resting his chin completely over her shoulder, With that closed eyes, feeling her heart beat, he with an expected voice: hum'.


: we need to clean this room , na"

His stroking hands on her upper back, came into a pause action, and then opening his eyes, he loosened his hold on her, and then moved his upper body slightly back and asked: what!

Radhika in a normal tone: we need to clean this room , na. Look at it, what Mom will think.

Dev releasing his arms around her and standing back: that's what you were thinking all this time?

Radhika in a normal tone: we need to , right?

Dev: Ha Radhika, we need to. Do one thing, you go down and look  for lunch prep, I will clean this room.

Radhika: no , I can do this.

Dev: No, you go. Also soon we need to get ready to go  for the interview. So

Radhika: but

Dev pushed her towards the door: go, I will take care of this.

Radhika reluctantly walked out. He looked at her, nodding his head, remembering her soft lovely tone calling his name, and  I thought she is going to say she loves me, and here she goes. Radhika bhi na, anyway, time is there, I will make you to say that, and that also under my hold, listening to your giggle. He chuckled with that thought and then looked on the walls and the floor and then the bed, which were ready for that clean up phase.

He took a deep sigh as he moved near to the bed to clean it up, he picked on the edge of the quilt and then just waved it up, it just went up once and showered all those crushed petals  everywhere around. He smiled  seeing the shower of petals around and as the quilt rested back on the bed, he jumped into the bed  and lay on it sideways having his leg still hanging down, and with a smile he closed his eyes..

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Part 67

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Hi My  Buddies,Hug
 I heard you and here it is, so now the ball is in your court. tell me if  you think I am moving away from the main . I may  little bit, as it is coughing hard.... mostly daily/may be every other dayShocked
ok ok.. so thank you for all that valuable comments and like buttons. actually I work this weekend, so kind of sleepy, need to get back to bed. so will catch you all with long notes, when i will be wide awake. Ok. for now goodnight and sweet dreams.
Love  and take care

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Thank You for doing this update--I guess it was due to "public demand"...The Creative Team (of one) has to listen to the "viewers (readers)...

I was planing on writing a long note--but I am not that good with words and they don't flow as well as yours--otherwise, I would be writing my own FF..

Liked the twist on "pehli rasoi"--will there be a gift for Radhika later? Or was it her way to try and "not miss" Chandenpur?...
Your Radhika has suddenly become a bahu and taking up responsibilities--may be an effect of her dadima/mom's preachings--

So this Dev also likes to pull Radhika's legs and pull her cheeks--any excuse will do--
Suchi-Radhika interaction are a delight to read--I wish DIL-MIL relationship in real life was more like this...

Hope the interview goes well---

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Thanks dear for the lovely update... i enjoyed all the parts and i too hope the interview goes well .... waiting for your next update Big smileDay Dreaming

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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today is gr8 update di...
how will dev make Rad to say "that she loves him"....
just waiting for it...
coool di
enjoyed it
specially bhahu drama Thumbs Up

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Very interesting and very natural with no Hangama now will Dev clean the room of just doze off and he has become like a typical husband not doing much just like buttoning his shirt the other dayWinkBig smileLOL Liked the DIL FIL MIL relationship and dialoguesBig smile

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THanks  Devika  for updating...Radhika and  Dadi's  talk on the phone about  secret  ingredients  liked that part  .....  Radhika started taking care of everyone at home....Nice episode  ...

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