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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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Hi buddies,
 thanks for the wait..
thank you so much for the like click AditiDprakriruchibabbly5armadkscjkashabalmichNabesaimissourikhus1973suwinshalinikanagusweetrose92radha_bilaharilaxmisanu17fatssrilankasonia122sugarandspicevinianilradhika5bvs7691palak13gauranitaiabhilasha_dreamradev_foreverchalhovnycsweetie,   friends. loved it, thank you, especially with such long covo episode.
thank you nycsweetie, avina-fan,chalhov, guaranitai, suwin,laxmis, radhika5, soniya, diary25, anu, palak, prakri, radha-bilhari, radevforever, sweetrose,5armad, nabesa,khus1973 for the time for giving me the feedback.
he he he. thanks for tolerating my long family fun time.  so surprised to see that morning quick , right.  otherwise how will i be able to create that morning situtaion for everyone. and thank you thank you thank you for liking it. when i posted that,  after reading chalhov, laxmis, and few other comments i remebered that daadi falling on Dev scene and the response. OMG, the office scenes of chalhov and bhavi, bhavi spitting that hot coffee and staining her dress, and her co workers (hope she won't read this, it was just my imagination). but anyway, coming back to here. we are still in reality only , right.
  the love talk may continue for sometime with a time leap we will enter into my mad world. I mean, the complicated part for me to handle to convince you. and then the surender mystery  is still hiding behind and also an unknown past of Radhika, i mean before that fall from tree, also that drawing mystery. so miles to travel before i  end.
 How many more , have no clue, but one day I will get there. untangling one by one.  hope you will be sailing with me till there. so its all there, now masking behind their union. Dev's  mind still starving to know past, but so many other things taking priority , so , just a reminder that , I will get there, may be after losing few of you, but still i will reach there with your support only. I am sure, i will get that support, because that is my spirit and you all are showering that tremendously. so I thank you for that.
A long SR update ready to post. wish not to disappoint you, but still, it all depend on you, how you take it. as for now my heartfelt thank you to all
love and take care


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Dev  paused for a minute as he turned thinking why mom is behaving this way, he noticed that tease smile on her face, and then Lechu's comment. Dev thought to self .....'what she is thinking of herself that she will be able to keep Radhika in that room for whole night,   ...ha, it happened  with last night as I didn't want to wake anyone unnecessarily and more than anything I was happy to see Radhika sleeping comfortably with daadi as I felt very bad for the previous night. But tonight my lovely sister, I am so sorry because whatever you have in your mind is not going to work out dear, because now  your di is in my court, I want to listen to her talk this whole night and want to see her shy smile being in my arms. So give me few minutes to work out a plan  to get my wife back into my room. Ok.   With that thinking he with  a smile extended his hand up to turn the lights on. But then he smelled a different scent in his room. His forehead tightened and he quickly turned the lights on.  He paused with looking straight and his eyes gone wide.


He saw the completely decorated room, with red rose petals on the bed and few bunch of flowers kept all over the room in a very decorative way.  The window curtains were flying off with the soft breeze.


"what! Who did this? Mom!!! Then why Lechu said it that way.   Suddenly his eyes scanned for Radhika. Where is she!. The room was looking empty only,  except for the decoration. Is Radhika is in Lechu's room? But hen.. he totally got confused.  The washroom door was open, the curtains are freely flying up with the wind, and the bed is empty. Radhika'???? Where did she disappear?"


Suddenly he opened the door and came out and went to Lechu's room. He entered into that dim light room. Lechu was already in bed. He went in silently , he could only spot Lechu. So finally he  decided to speek: Lechu.

Lechu startled as she heard his sound and sat on quick surprisingly

Lechu: Bro, what are you doing here!

Dev: nothing, vo mei.  He looked at lechu's side as he talked to her, but found the space empty. Just came to check whether you need anything.

Lechu tightening her forehead: what?

Dev: kuch nai , kahana meine. Good night.

Lechu self talk: what happened to my Bro!

Dev looked at each corner as he walked out form the room.

Dev simply scanned the empty space in that big hall, and then got back into his room again. He went more inside scanning  each corner, no change and no Radhika.  He stood there by resting his hands on his  lower sides. Where is she? She is not with Lechu for sure?


Suddenly  he saw a slight moment of the bedspread at the edge.  His eyes cornered in that direction and with a hope , he went near, and  the lines over his corner eyes vanished with that sight and the happiest stretch of his lips happened instantly. He looked at the overall look of the bed, and thought how nicely she blend under that sheet , that also very carefully. He looked at her posture, with tightly closed eyes and reddened cheeks. He smiled again.

Silently he went  and closed the door and put the latch on. Then cornering his eyes on her he opened the cupboard and took  a fresh pair of night dress to put on.


But as he walked towards the washroom, he felt little naughty.

He tried to take his shirt off, saying loudly "I don't know how she put this buttons on in the morning, it is so hard to take it off now"   he noticed a slight movement at the head side as  if she is trying hard to listen to him.


Time ticked by, Radhika lay there, keeping her ears active to listen to his talks. And was in her own world   'all these years, he only buttoned his shirt , right? And now why he has this much difficulty , taking it off, I am not going to fall into his talk tonight, what he said in the morning that I was acting out. Hum .    let him tell that one more time, I won't keep silent anymore.  How nicely he acted in front of everyone,  poor Birju bhayya. But then she thought of his frustration all around climbing that ladder and looking for her, and adjusting herself near that edge of bed, and his look in the morning hearing babuji's voice.' Unknowingly that giggle came out from her throat.


"so you are  not slept yet. Good"

 His sound brought her back into reality. Her eyes flung open thinking what she just did. She tried to close her eyes back, and even controlled on taking a deep breath.  She thought 'did he hear me. Oh God! Now what I will do? Let him think  I was sleeping.   She tightened her corner eyes one more time to make sure he cannot see her. She tightened her grip on that soft white quilt edge.   She  felt more dark as he turned the room light off. She was hearing her faster heart beat to which she  pleaded hard to stop making that noise. Soon she felt the movement on the other edge on the bed. she tightened her eyes again.


Dev was smiling as he sat on the bed, he looked at the dcor one more time, and then rubbed over  the quilt and picked few rose petals in his hand. He smiled wide  sensing the smell of it. He looked at that corner. 'still in her hiding mode'.  He also thought o play with her.  Silently he lay back under the quilt and closed his eyes.


Radhika was counting her each  breath, as she was expecting his talk or his movement soon.  Her lips was secretly mumbling on something all this time. Time ticked by.  Soon she heard the snore,  she kept her ears active, yes he is snoring, that means, he slept already. She felt a big relief.  She slowly took the cover off from her face side, and moved her hand down, and waited  for a minute, to hear his snore again, and then as she heard it again, she made her next soft movement, she slowly turned  and closed her eyes quickly. Then with another snore sound, she slowly opened her one eye and then carefully with a smiley face and a relief , other eye too.


She slowly moved near to him. Saw his comfortably sleeping form.  Still hearing his snore. She propped up her head and looked at his sleepy face and  mumbled softly  ... " why today the snore sound so loud, that day it was much softer and peaceful" Dev controlled his laugh inside. She continued her talk, ' this is only I said , that you slept while I was talking,  and what all you said today morning, that I was faking, I was comfortably sleeping under  Daadi's arms, you don't know, how many times daadi tapped on my shoulder to alert me that I was with her, and then you are saying that I was sleeping so deeply. What else you said, that how cutely you wake me up. Um, very cutely, at least you were knowing that I am sleeping here, but think, when I saw you in my bed,  first I thought I was dreaming, but then when I realize that you were actually there, then I got confused, thinking when you came, how you got in, did you look for me, and whether to wake you up or not,'  and then tightening her forehead  'how do I know babuji and maa, daadi and all coming just then.  But then with a shy tone ' ha I did shook your shoulder calling  your name out, .. she lay straight back on the bed and looking up at the ceiling she said: that's because , that's because.. she felt shy and she giggled again.

 But then suddenly she felt the weight on her side upper body and found his face right over hers, looking into her eyes straight: because' his soft voice asked her to continue..

Radhika's wide eyes stared into his  teasing eyes

Dev: bethavona,  because.

 Radhika tried hard to gulp. All nerves went numb, and she tried hard to take breath in, all she could do was staring at his eyes, that was very close to hers and his strong arm was holding onto her upper right arm, very tight.

He smiled slightly looking at her exclamatory face. : what happened, you were talking all this time very well, now all of a sudden became silent. Bethavona, because....


 She saw his eyes scanning on her face from her forehead to her eyes to her lips to her jaw. She still struggled to take that breath in.  He noticed her struggle and slowly slide down his upper body  to take his weight away from her chest, but still he kept his face closer  to hers towards the side.  Her eyes cornered to his face as it moved away slightly  and as a reflex she took a deep breath.


Dev: so you don't think I wake you up cutely, actually it was not cutely Radhika, it was my mistake, it was so lovingly. But you, is that the way you wake up others.  Then with a thought 'maybe that's how mom used to wake you up, right?, but Radhika, I am not a kid, I am your hubby whom you waited so long impatiently, and when you wake me up, thoda pyar se uthavona, at least from  tonight onwards, ok.


Dev again looking back at her face: still silent. Ok. Let see how long you will keep that sound within your throat.  He lay on his back by her side and then slowly held her hand that was resting on the side,

 looking at the ceiling he said softly: Did mom do all this?

Radhika tried to bring her sound out: um..

Dev: very nice , right?

Radhika again: um.

Dev: this is my room, Radhika.  We moved to here when I was four years old. I had all my memories associated with this  house, my home, my room. This room also grow up with my passion,  the walls changed colors depending on my wish, the walls held all my hero pics, from AB to  Kapil Dev to Sachin. You know why I love KD? Oh , you don't like sports . right?

Radhika: no, you tell me.

Dev smiled listening to her words: because he is the all time Hero in history of Indian cricket. He brought the world cup, one time I thought I may also win like him, but then my  wish list changed and I gave importance to my dream but I also enjoyed playing  with my friends,  and brought so many cups to my school and college. Whenever I held that cup in my arm,  the pics of KD comes in my mind, his smile.

But then unexpectedly you came into my life. Till then I never felt that clinch in my heart,  I didn't realize it first, tell you frankly you were very irritating at that time. He heard her giggle. I was thinking village girls are calm , soft spoken , and you know kind of different. Here you are falling from tree top, riding scooty, speaking so loud, running, hoping , around all over, along with that ladder climbing.  You were really naughty Radhika. And always ready to irritate me with that chandenpur talk. He heard her giggle again. But with  an unknown force, your irritating behavior made me to kiss you on your cheek , pinning you near to that wall, in my room. May be I was liking all that actions of yours, but failed to realize it in full sense.

 But then that day, when I saved you, I felt like I was the one who is struggling to breath, who is drowning, and I felt so relieved when you opened your eyes, and then you know I came to your room, and found you safe. Then like in a dream everything happened, you became a part of me. And I left again,  seeing your painful heart and smiley face, leaving you in my room, to wait for me.


And now I am back with you in this room, my room, but now it is all decorated well with rose petals around, for  you and me. 

He brought her hand near to his heart: ha Radhika, I was also counting these heartbeats, to reach near you and here I am today with you.  Saying that he turned to her side and hide his face near her neck space still keeping her hand in his, under his chest.


That soft voice near her ears  always tickled her, she took a deep sigh and laid there still.  He moved his hand down to her wrist and felt her bangles.  His fingers rubbed on that. Then only her face flashed in his mind. Suddenly he sat back on his knee and looked at her, Radhika looked at him surprisingly.

 He looked at her forehead, the tikka was moved to the side , her ears were holding  stoned hoops, he looked down and fond the matching necklace with dark pink stones covering it completely.   He lifted her arm up, and found the dark pink color bangles hugging her wrist loosely.  He slowly released her hand and then slowly moved the white satin quilt that was covering her body.



Radhika slowly covered her eyes as his eyes fell on her body.  She was wearing a dark pink color saree,  her color bone was going deep down with her heavy breathing, the upper fleet from her stomach was moved away while she readjusted herself earlier , revealing her flat tummy along with that dimple at the lower part.  His eyes lingered down to see her feet resting onto each other with the anklets hanging down.   He smiled seeing them still on her anklets, he remembered the moment they spend talking about it.


With that smile he looked back to her covered face. He smiled seeing her shivering lips. Slowly he touched her shivering hands and forcefully moved them down , she closed her eyes.

 His husky voice mumbled: Radhika, even if you close your eyes, I  can see you clearly. And then with a tease tone he secretly  said near her ears: and you are right, the saree can easily reveal the tummy.


Radhika flung open her eyes, she looked down and as a reflex, she pull on the saree flap to cover herself.

Suddenly sitting up: vo, Mom made me to wear this, I will go and change. Vo    vo , I am not that comfortable to sleep with this, mom told me to put on, so only, I    I


Dev just smiled seeing her frustration. He lay on his back  and looked at her. He saw her thick braided hair with a strand of jasmine flower on it, he slowly touched her hair, she felt his fingers touching her bare skin on the upper back. She imagined that low cut blouse border on the back.  His hand slowly moved her hair to fall on the side , from her shoulder side. The goose bumps just popped up as she felt his hands on her skin.  she felt it moving up towards her shoulder and then it just  forced her down , and her weaker body just fell over his chest. He wrapped his arms around her. " why you need to change? You look beautiful in this color".


Her arms rested on his upper arm, and her face touched his chest, her breaths fell on his bare skin. she felt the warmth of his skin.  her fingers curled up few times to hold him tight for the support. She heard his heartbeat closer to her ears.


She felt the tickling as his hand caressed her upper back. She held her breath back, not to make him feel her movements. Time ticked by. Slowly releasing his arm around her he moved her to the side and sat back. He looked at her blushed face. He slowly kissed her blushed skin  to bring out  more color , to stain them deep with  it. 


His soft voice mumbled near her ears :now your cheeks has the color of this rose petals.  She giggled, suddenly he covered her lips to make her silent. She looked at his raised face above her face. "kisse ne sunliya tho' his secret voice warned her.

Slowly his hand moved away from her lips and his eyes fell on those soft curve, he saw the shivering of her lips and her try for that gulp. She closed her eyes as his breath fell on her burning skin and his lips placed that soft peck near her lip corner.


She took a light gasp as his lips took over hers. Her right hand held his left torso, but then slowly made its move towards his upper back to his neck, as it went deep, her fingers pulled on his low cut hair and her left hand moved to hold his right upper arm, and unknowingly her nails made its marks on his biceps as it dig hard on them as he pressed his body more on hers.


 She struggled for that gasp, to take that little air into her starving lungs, and realizing it he slightly moved away and looked into her eyes. She tried to look away with shyness. He dig his head back again near her neck space, and placed a soft pack near the soft lobe. She moved her neck away giving him more space. His other hand went over and tried to hold onto her left ear, and rubbed on that heavy earrings.

 He sat back, and looking into her eyes, held her shoulder to move up, and she sat following his hand. He  looked at her silent face. 

"this is too heavy, right?"  His voice said secretly. She didn't say anything back. His hand went up to take it off, and then to the necklace. He slowly placed those near the side table. She brought her knee up and wrapped her arms around it, keeping them closer to her body as he turned to place them away. He smiled as he saw her posture.


His face went more closer to her ear : you want to change, right?

Radhika just nodded her head in disagreement.

Dev: go change and come.

She was unable to move or say anything out.

Dev: so if you are comfortable, then I don't have any problem.

That kind of gave her some confidence.  She looked at him and said: I will change and come.

He smiled and watched her moving away from the bed. His eyes followed her steps. She with heavy feet walked near to the cupboard, she saw few new dresses for her.  She turned back once and smiled at him, as she was unable to pick one quick and to make sure he is still sitting there. and then again started lifting up the dress in that.


"what happened? Not finding one, may be in your suitcase"

She  looked at him thankfully for giving her a solution. She went  near the suitcase that was kept on that corner and tried to open it. He could easily see her struggle to move around and now with  opening that suitcase. He smiled seeing her frustration. With a smile he went near her "need help?"


Radhika jerked hearing his voice near her and she suddenly moved away.

Dev with a tease smile, looking at her blushing face, opened the suitcase for her.

"here, pick what you want" he said but she didn't hear.

He came near: Radhika, it is open.

Radhika again with a slight jerk looked at him and then to the open suitcase. She moved quick and sat down and tried to pick one. But her hand struggled to go through it and her eyes gave up on her and it kept on cornering at his image.

Seeing  her struggle , Dev : " let me help you"

Radhika looking back inside that box: No, its ok , I am fine.

Dev: no it doesn't look like.

Radhika: vo mei.  She just looked in all over and picked one and stood with a smile.

Dev:  are you going to wear another saree!!!!.

Radhika looked at her hand seeing the saree: no, no.. I was just.. and then again struggled her hand in it.

Dev touched  her shoulder and turned her. He looked at her from top to bottom in that dim light.

Dev: Radhika, I have a dress for you.

She looked at him in surprise.  Holding onto her hand he walked towards  a suitcase: I brought this for you and I really want to see you in this. He opened the suitcase and with a hopeful smile he picked the dress out and gave it in her hand.


"will you wear this for me" his husky voice mumbles again near her face. She looked at him with her corner eyes.

He guided her near to the washroom,  she went in and was about to close the door., he said: don't put the latch on.

She looked at him, but then just closing it, she went in. Dev went near the window and the  soft curtain cloth rubbed on his body. He remembered her try with the saree he gifted her, that brought a smile on his face.  Time ticked by, he heard the door opening and he looked at that side with his curious loving eyes.  He smiled as he saw her  wrapped in her saree again.


He went near her, and she felt her lungs struggling to take that air in.

Dev: what happened?

Radhika: vo light. Saying that her sound trailed off.

Dev: kyum?

Radhika was unable to speak.

Dev: so you don't want to change then. I thought after changing you may not come out, so only i asked you not to put he latch on.

She just looked at the floor. He looked at her posture again, the saree was just wrapped around covering like a sheet. His heart skipped few beats realizing it. He rescripted her words, and then with a smile went and turned the bed light off and then looked at her. She still standing there, unable to take that step.


The smiling full moon gave the natural dimness to the atmosphere, slowly the space got more clear to his eyes. He went closer to her.

Dev: ab.

Radhika didn't move, stood there like a statue.

She felt his hand as it touched hers to move hers away and her arms rested on her side. He caught the edge of that saree and slowly pushed it back and it just fell on the floor. The very second her hands held his upper arm, and her body just cling to his and she hide her face in his chest. 


Dev  jerked with her unexpected movement. Then feeling her body onto his, his arms slowly wrapped  around her. His hand felt her bare skin on her upper arm. He felt her arms wrapping around him under his shoulder and within seconds she tightened her grip on him. He smiled wide as he felt her arms holding his  body closer to hers.  He resting his head near her neck, closed his eyes. He heard her heart beat near his. Slowly his hands started making that small circular movements down her spine and then back up. She tightened her arms further , squeezing her body inside his. 


She felt tickling as she heard his voice calling her name again: Radhika.


She came back to reality realizing what she just did, he felt her hand going weak on his back, he released her too.  He slowly inching his face back, placed a kiss  behind her ear,  she felt the tickling as his lips nibbled on that soft cartilage. Her hand loosely rested on her upper torso. He moved slightly back and looked at her posture, the natural light gave him sooth vision of his wife, who is standing with wearing that knee length black gown.  The wide neck laze work   and the laze strap exposed her neck and upper torso clearly and her skin was glowing under that dark color.

He moved closer and said: 'beautiful'

She didn't say anything, all she could try was to take a gulp.

He tried to guide her to the bed, but she didn't move, He lifted her up in his arms, with a fear she circled his arms around his shoulder and held him tight. He smiled, nearing the bed, he placed her slowly. Quickly she covered her body under that soft bundle.


Dev with a smile turned the night lamp on and went to bed.

Radhika looked at him to turn it off , but his eyes totally ignored that request.

She felt his body weight near hers again, She felt his lips on her  face again that slowly trailed down to her neck. She clenched on to that  soft material as the sensation tickled her more.

"you look beautiful Radhika" his husky voice again mumbled near her ear. She felt his feet touching hers and slowly he turned her towards him, his hand moved  down along with the zip, and his legs intertwined with hers.


The moon hide behind the clouds. Time was ticking by. The two love birds sat  very close to each other inside  that decorated cage with the limitations drawn by the nature, but still it was unable to differentiate where he began or where she ended. 


He rested his head near her chest, trying to normalize his breathing, she looked at the ceiling keeping that serene smile on her face. She heard his slowing heart beat. He took her into that unknown world of pleasure, which she never known off. She thought to self  "is this love, is our love is complete now". Her shivering arm wrapped around his back again, feeling his weaker body resting over hers.

She wished to call his name, just to make sure he is okay, but her throat gave up on her. She thought to shake his shoulder, but then she remembered his comment about it and that naturally brought that giggle out.

Suddenly she covered her mouth, but then found his face coming near to check on her face. Suddenly she closed her eyes. He moved her hand out and found those shivering lips again.

Dev: Radhika ek baar aur hasona.

She mumbled wiht her closed eyes: koi sunlega

Dev:  just for me, please.

Radhika: vo.

 Dev kissed on her cheek and then her eyes to open them up.

Dev looking into her open eyes: ek bar aur hasona.

Radhika nodded her head in disagreement. His hand slide down to her flank area and just tickeld once and she jerked under his body and showed her warning face  face.

Dev: now

The natural smile appered on her lips unknwoingly.

Dev with a satisfactory smile: I just want to see this , Radhika, I can hear it loud in my ears. He placed a peck near her lips and moved away and lay on his back by her side, and then  slowly brought her closer to him. Radhika rested her face on his chest as he pulled that quilt up to cover them nicely, and his hand went to  the corner side to turn that light off.

The darkness circled again inside. The cool breeze was still circling around, One by one the flowers closed their eyes, lily and dewy rose closed their lovely  tender petals  from the moon. and the princess lay under his warmth, still with her open eyes, seeing that new world of togetherness, listenig to his soft sleeping sound, his slower heart beats. The smile never disappered form her lips, her hand moved slightly on his chest, but then he tightened his grip to bring her more closer. She with a smile lifted her head up to see his peaceful sleep. she slowly merged into that dreamworld of hers with new colorful imaginations....
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will check back in the morning.  too tired , as full day i spend on IFand then tried to pen this down. so if there is any big blunders or mistakes, sorry, will correct it, please let me know.  I am too tired to check back now. may be i won't update next part, for next three weeks, so much going on in the forum.. don't want to miss anything. let me see.
 ye, mistakes and blunders, mark it down, please, will correct it in morning.
 DevikaBig smile

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Devika -Amazing update   what  i  can say  loved it  so much  ...RAdhika And Dev     are  acting  like sleeping ...Radhika is talking to herself   and Dev is listenting   that part  was nice ...
Dev went to Lechu's room to  check Radhika  ha ha!! Lechu  will be teasing him next day...

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thank you Devika, for writing this romantic & wonderful updates for us HugHugHug . Thanks for the pm.

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Devika sweet and cute SR and the black dress Dev brought for RadhikaWink to wear and liked Dev teasing her.LOL by pretending well so u will take us on a rollercoaster with this FF like yesterdays roller coaster on the forum with so many posts.Still u got time to write.Big smile

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gr8 part
love it.....
waiting for thesurender mystery
and also what may be rad's past waiting for Dev so how is our heena..
long way to go di so waitingDay Dreaming
Thumbs Up
just love itHeart

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i've n't read the update yet,as i am just back  from collg..........thanks 4 the update.........Thumbs Up

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