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Happiness does not come when we have everything in life 

but it comes when we learn to live with anything which life provides to us.



The sounds of birds chirping announced the rising of the sun and the waking of the new day to the world. The woods still look dim and dark, and the thick mist still preferred to float around the ground to make it colder. The chill breeze blown away the soft curtains which was blocking the inside view , and it brought along the fresh smell of the morning to mingle with the fragrance of the flower that adored the room.
Feeling the chill on his cheek, his heavy eyelids tried to  apart from each other. A small smile unknowingly tucked to his corner lips, as if he waking up from a sweet dream.    a gush of breath exhaled through his nose as he breathed the freshness around. He slowly opened his eyes, comprehending self, he looked at the morning, the face of the sleeping beauty was laying right very close to his vision, whose face was  resting in her hands, whose eyes still seeing a sweet dream, and whose lips still tucked with that small chirpy smile..  he smiled to self again, seeing his Radhika so close'

   He found his posture laying at the head end, and her body just laying parallel. He remembered the night. She was talking about her days here, but then , when did I dozed off.. he was unable to recollect it completely.  He looked at her face again, tried to read it that clearly gave the message of her happiness. He carefully sat back, and looked at the clock.. almost 6AM.   He sighed to self, um at least coming back to normal now,  as yesterday the wake up time was around  3AM. May be because of the long day and then night, i felt that tired.. but he felt so fresh now.  He again looked back at her face.  What time did she slept? Don't think soon after me, as she was in her full conscious energy, and bloomed face.


 Without making much noise, he carefully got down from the bed and went to washroom. Time was ticking by. After dressing up in his black Tee, he stood sometime near the window, looking outside.  seeing the glory of heaven spreading the light around. He looked back at the bed again. Now she is laying on her back, but in deep sleep. He looked at the clock, nearing 7AM. He went and sat near her, and then with a smile he lowered his  face near to hers and then slowly placed his loving lips near her cheek.

  He pulled slightly back, quick and looked at  her reaction. He saw her tightening her forehead, few lines appeared near the corner eyes and  then with a sweet smile, she slip back into her dream..  Dev smiled to self seeing her reaction.  He placed another kiss on her left cheek, and pulled back and looked for her reaction.  She reacted the same way.

Dev with a mischievous smile.: um', there no sign that she is going to wake up soon,  I think my kiss is making her to dream more that I can easily make out from her smile.

He thought for a second, and then he laid back next to her and then propping up his head on his left hand, he again started gazing at the beauty. So many images of her flashed across his mind, from the first meeting to the night before. But then she moved her legs slightly and he heard the feeble sound of those anklets. His attention caught by her feet, that brought the memory of that anklet night, and thought how nicely she acted that night.

Then shrinking his forehead skin, he thought.  Is she acting now too. Is she awake.  He checked her face again keenly.  But no , because he can see her face clearly and the eyelids are closed well and it is resting well.  He felt more naughty and moving up again he  pressed his lips over her forehead, noted no reaction,... but then saw her lips shivering. He looked down at those pink soft lips, and unable to resist, he placed peck near the corner. His breath fell on her face as he didn't move back quick. She felt the warmth and unexpectedly a giggle came out from her throat.  

Dev's eyes gone smiley wide listening to the reaction and he pulled  back  quick and looked at her face. He found  her smile parting her lips to reveal her teeth, and as he looked at them, it was stretched  further out.   That innocent  smile stayed with her some more time.  Unable to resist to look at them more, his upper body, moving slightly to her side closing that space, went down and his face rested on her neck space as his right arm just went across her upper chest to hold her right upper arm.


The soft lovely words escaped from his throat near her ear: wake up Radhikaaa.  his voice trailed off as his face completely submerged in that corner space.  His breath floated in that little space and he breathed hard to get that air in him and the smell of her skin just send  a pleasure sensation into his brain..


The smile disappeared and Radhika's eyes flung open in that force with a jerk. She felt his arm across her upper body, she felt  the tickling as she heard his soft voice near her ear, and she felt more ticklish as his breath started falling  near her neck skin. Her heart started raising faster, and she controlled her heavy breathing. She tried to lay still for that unexpected moment, not to give him any chance to check back on her face. She tried to gulp, but her dried throat gave up on her.  Time ticked by.


Dev felt  the resistance against his arm , as she tried to take a deep breath, as if she is struggling to get that in for a long time. That brought him to reality but unwillingly he slowly raised up his face to look at hers. Unable to face him that close she closed her eyes.  He saw her  blushed cheeks, her shivering lips and the moving eyeballs inside  her closed lids. His eyes lingered over face.  Slowly his lips touched her closed eye lid on left side and then slowly on right side as if asking her to open those to look at him.


"Please'.."  his words pleaded softly.

He saw her flickering lashes and slowly she opened her eyes to meet his curious loving gaze. She again tried to gulp to bring some wetness to her throat.

"good morning.." his soft voice echoed in her ears.

She tried to bring a smile...'

He took his arm off from  over her body and then moved to the side with propping up his head on his arm..

Radhika looked at his fresh face, and  suddenly got  alert on the time. She looked side ways..

"it is 7.20'.. he said in a normal tone..

Radhika sat on her back in a reflex.

Dev smiled  and sitting along with her:   did I wake you up from your sweet dreams?.

Radhika with an anxious face: its already late. Why you didn't call me earlier?

Dev in a normal tone: I tried, but you didn't wake up. I thought you are playing with me, but then realized you are in your beautiful dream..

Radhika: but..

Dev: what? I think you slept very late.    then taking her hand in his  I am sorry Radhika, I don't know when I dozed off last night..

Radhika: you told me that you were feeling tired,  so that's ok. But I think I should get ready quick.

Dev: you better. I thought of going down way early, but then if somebody ask me about you, how can I tell them that you are still sleeping.  making an innocent face to support his saying.

Radhika: what?

Dev trying to control his chuckle: no Radhika, I was just joking. You go get freshen up. I will wait.  Ok.

Radhika nodding her head: um..

Soon she disappeared inside the washroom.

Dev heard the knock at the door and he went and opened it. Saw Suchi standing out with a smile..

Suchi: good morning Dev.. seeing  his fresh face.

Dev with a smile: morning Mom..

Suchi: Beta, Radhika's babuji just called, and he said he will be here around 8.30, so only I came to check on you.

Dev: ha Mom, I am ready.

Suchi: Radhika?

Dev: She is in washroom..

Suchi: ok, Sushma just made tea, if you want to come down.

Dev: ha mom..  I need one really badly..

Suchi walked along with Dev to downstairs..

Suchi:  did you say something to Lechu yesterday?

Dve : why mom?

Suchi: She was very restless after dropping you here, she was kept on telling us that you played prang on her.

Dev: no mom, I was totally tired. You know that , right.

Suchi looking back at his innocent face: um..

Dev: where is she?

Suchi: still sleeping. You don't know they all dispersed around 5 only.

Dev: really then how come babuji is all ready ,this early?

Suchi: I think he might have taken half an hour nap or something, anyway,  the house is still sleeping.

" don't say like that , it is very inappropriate, we all are awake.."

Suchi looked at Surender's smiley face..

"good morning Son'

Dev: good morning dad..

Surender: Suchi, tea please..

Suchi: ha, will bring now..  and she went to kitchen.. Dev and Surender started talking about the needed paper works.


Meanwhile Radhika found a nice maroon color designer  saree to wear on. She remembered her mom's  instructions for the day after. To get up early and specifically to wear saree as she is a new bride..

She wore it nicely as the chiffon material made it easy for her hands to work on it well. She adjusted her mangalsuthr well around her neck and then after placing a bindi on her forehead, she took the sindoor bottle in her hand. She with a smile took a small pinch out from it and applied right close to her hair partition.  She smiled seeing her own new image inside that mirror.

The clocks tick sound brought her back into her conscious sense and she quickly adjusting her wet hair nicely behind,  took steps to down stairs. She was feeling heavy somewhere inside,  thinking how to face everyone. All of a sudden she felt like she is new in that house and everyone is strange to her. Her heart started pacing faster with that unknown feeling to face everyone. But somehow she felt those heavy feet as she climbed down the stairs.


Sushma saw Radhika as she was coming down , stopped with a teasy smile: Oh dear, is it really my Radhika rani,  look at you.. wearing saree and all.  Hei hei'..


Radhika stopped on that last step with a shy face..

Sushma: um'....    kya bath hei' ..  standing so silent'  .. like a new bride' ..umm.   .. .umm'...  bringing a teasy smile  

"Who is teasing my bahu'. Let me see''.. came Suchi's voice to protect Radhika.

Suchi looking  at Radhika, with a smile: Oh Radhika. You look absolutely beautiful.  SO now you learned how to wear it. Looks so perfect. Why you stopped there, come down..


Sushma kept that tease smile on her lips..Radhika hesitated to  step down.

Suchi went near and held her arm: come beta. You know what, your sweety is jealous seeing you this beautiful. That is why.

Sushama: mum.  Radhika looks like your sas behaving like your mom. She may need  some good training.

Suchi: what?

Sushma: aur nahi tho kya? You suppose to scold her  for  getting up late, look at the time. Is it the time for a behu to come down.

Radhika's shyness faded..

Suchi looking at Rahdika's face : That's ok. We all got up now only, so don't worry. Come let's have tea. She pulled on Radhika's wrist.

 Sushma: um.  .. .um..  now I am out. With the same smile and she walked behind them, Radhika turned back once to see that smile on Sushma's face and then gave her corner smile..

Suchi: we need to get the breakfast ready quick. Mohan bhayya may come at any minute, and Dev didn't eat anything yet.

Radhika skipped a beat hearing his name but why babuji coming now?

 Radhika: Is babuji coming?

Sushma : ha Beta,  I think Mohan bhayya and Dev is going out for something. So

Radhika in mind. This is what I was thinking too, what is the deal between this two now. All this time he was calling my  babuji  a hitler and now always glued with his talk and his side. Um. And they planned to go out too.  

Radhika: where is Lechu?

Sushma: you don't know what happened yesterday night. She was in her most spoilt time with her brother and went to bed late  after 4 only, was mumbling on something' so still sleeping.

Radhika smiled: what happened? She was happy all the time.

Suchi: till she send him to the room, after that she totally changed, and for the details you need to talk to Lechu only...'

Radhika giggled again as she was sipping onto the tea.


Surender came in: Sushma, Mohan is here..

Suchi: Oh God,  Dev didn't eat yet. One minute let me get everything onto the table.

Surender: good morning Radhika.. with a smile

Radhika: good morning Papa..

Surender: come, your babuji is there waiting to see you.

Radhika : ji.

Keeping the empty cup near the sink she  followed Surender.

Yeshapal, Dev and Mohan were talking.

Radhika cornered her eyes on Dev for a second . She took the blessings of Yeshpal and went near her babuji. Dev's heart skipped few beats seeing his beautiful wife in front. He tried to take his eyes away, but somehow he was unable to hide that shy smile on his lips. His eyes cornered her every now and then. He didn't hear the talk or laugh they exchanged.  His mind just lingered on her from top to bottom, with the happiest smiley heart.

Suchi came out to call them for breakfast. Radhika's eyes cornered to look at him and found him passing a smile at her as he turned his face to Surender's talk on some serious issue. She smiled within and helped Suchi in serving breakfast to everyone.

After breakfast, Dev went up to get the file to go out with babuji, he looked at Radhika with a hope to follow him to upstairs. But unfortunately her  attention was diverted by her babuji's talk to get her ready with his return.

She looked at him  puzzled and followed him as he walked back to main hall. Dev went up and brought the file down quickly..

Dev: Babuji I am ready.

Surender: Mohan, call me if you need any help.

Mohan with a loud laugh: what Surender, I know all this people  very well, so there won't be much delay.. but let see..

Dev just looked once at Radhika as if saying her that he is leaving and then said bye to his dad and mom.

Mohan: Birju will be ready too. He wants to come with us, he said he will wait   near the shop.

Dev: that's good..

and they drove off.


Later that day Radhika talked to her mom and daadi, and daadi told how they were ready to come with Mohan in the morning and how badly he reacted .

Radhika: daadi, why did babuji told me to get ready when he comes back.

Dadi: don't you know? You are leaving to Delhi tomorrow, because of that embassy interview and all, so only..  ye, try to bring Dev too.. ok.. but it is usually the girl who comes with her babuji, but I hope they won't mind. Didn't get much time with Dev, because of all this functions and all. Otherwise I will also come with you to Delhi..

 The talk went on.

Lechu showed her heavy face all through out. But then when she heard Radhika has to go with her babuji that night, she felt happy. Let me see Bro today, how  smartly he showed  that tired face.

Pulling on her upper arm Radhika said secretly in her ears: your Bro was really tired, I was kept on talking and you know what I heard, his loud snoring..

Lechu loudly: Bro snores!!!

Radhika looked around and found Suchi and everyone's eyes on them..

Radhika: ye, it's a  secret..

Lechu: oh now I am happy, so he dozed off..  then crooking her eyes: oh Mr. U. S. today when you come, your Radhika will be  already gone to her house.

Sushma: not that easy Lechu.  Mohan bhayya needs to be here to take Radhika, she cannot go alone.

Lechu: no problem na, I will get everything ready and by the minute they come here , I will send di, won't give any chance for Bro to play prang on me this time. That will be his punishment.

Sushma: poor your Bro. Lechu, didn't you hear what Radhika said that he dozed off, and now you are telling this.

Radhika looked at Lehcu with a hope.

Lechu: No Buava, he needs to get a punishment.

Suchi: and that by sending your Di so happily back to her room.

Lechu turned to look at Rahdika: Di, its tto for you OK., I love to have you around me, but this is for my Bro, who cheated me yesterday. So come let's get everything ready.

Sushma: there is nothing to get ready dear, everything is there only.

Lechu: so that's make it easier..

 The talk went on. .. time passed by. Radhika's heart was beating faster as she thought of that passing time as it will again separate them.  And  when I tried to talk to him yesterday, he  dozed off, and now, he left for the whole day and when he comes , I need to go..

 The honking of Jeep brought everyone's attention as they were sitting at the front , chitchatting with few villagers who came to see Radhika. Lechu was at the backyard with Sushma , plucking on some ripped papayas.

Radhika's heart started beating faster and she knew soon she is going to be taken away..

Dev's eyes caught the unhappy face of his  wife. He didn't get the reason, he took the file and walked along with babuji.

Surender: so how was it?

Mohan: he came along with me, so tell Dev. How it went? With his confident voice.

 Dev with a smile: ha Dad, everything went smoothly and got all the papers ready, including marriage certificate. So all in good shape for now.

Surender: good.

Birju: Radhika. Ready..

Radhika looked at Dev's face one more time and said: ha, one minute bhayya.

Babuji: don't get late beta, they may be waiting too. Already got three calls.

Suchi: ha, beta, go get ready quick.

Mohan: what ready, she looks all ready..

Radhika: just one minute babuji' saying that she looked at Dev with that heavy face and went inside the room. Dev realized that heaviness..

Dev looking at Mohan: Babuji, let me keep this inside. Just one minute.

 Suchi smiled hearing his request, and she replied quick for his request to Mohan: ha Beta, go keep it inside, these all important papers na, so..

Dev with a corner lip strech went inside, following Radhika. He scanned the area and then thought she might be went to their room. He paced faster to reach his room.

He went in through the open  door  flap  and looked around curiously. But found the space empty. Keeping the file on bed , he looked at the washroom and found the door open too. With a doubt, he turned to walk out but then found his Radhika standing behind that open flap , leaning back  to the wall.


Dev with a sigh went near: what happened Radhika? Where did that smile faded away? Nearing his face to hers.

Radhika's eyes cornered up and looked at his confused face. She thought 'don't he know that I need to leave now'..

Dev: Radhika, is everything ok..?

That just tested her patience again..

 She blabbed out: "don't you know. Here I was waiting all this time patiently to see you in front of  my eyes, and yesterday, i listened to you and when  I kept on talking , you slept off, and today the whole day you were out and now I need to go .. and you are saying that why I am not smiling.".. her voice trailed off as she said that.


Dev just cupped her face in his hands and looked into her. Radhika stopped breathing for a second and looked back at him in confusion.  The lines from her forehead  she looked back into this eyes..

Dev:  Radhikaa, I went with a purpose.

Radhika coming back to her senses started blabbing again: you don't know how badly I was waiting yesterday to talk to you and you slept off and I can understand that you were tired but..

Dev: you said that right now.

Radhika: what did I say? as if tried to recollect it she went on again ..  And today morning itself , you disappeared from'

Her voice got stuck as she saw his face coming more closer, aiming at her moving lips. He stopped an inch away Radhika tried to compose back and continue to talk, But the words got stuck in there as the breath of him was falling closer to her face. She was unable to read his eyes as it was looking at her lips so keenly..

Dev in a secret voice: why did you stop, tell me na.

Radhika tried to move her throat, but  couple of broken words expelled : vo'.  .. mei'.  She tried again to read his mind..

His voice demanded very softly : bethavona Radhika.. vo..  mei.. kya?

Radhika gazing back at his face : vo mei.. kuch nahi. Mujhe jaana hei?

Dev: tho jayiyena.. checking on her face and then back on to her lips

Radhika with the lowest voice : vo..mei..Ja rehe hum na.

Dev softly in normal tone : tho javo.

Radhika trailing off her voice: ha.. jaa'.

But before she could complete, his rosy lips fell on her soft one. That shocking moment demanded her to part her lips to take a deep breath, but then he fused her lips in his with a quick action. A current passed through her. She looked at his face cornering her eyes down. Slowly he  circled his one arm around her upper back and then tilted her neck slightly back. She held his upper torso for support. She stood in like a doll as he made his lips movement on hers. She closed her eyes, to feel him, as she was unable to comprehend any of his action at that time nor does she knew how to reciproke. He felt her tightening grip on his upper arm and the time ticked by..

Releasing her slowly he moved his face an inch back and looked at her face. She lowered her gaze and stood with her fluttery heart.

Dev with a tiny smile, lifted her chin up, looked at her face which turned chrisom red with that radiating heat from it.:  Ab kyum chup hogai, tell me what you were saying earlier.

She looked at him with a failed face in her attempt to convince him about the  up coming separation...  she slowly  slide her hand down from his torso, gathered all the energy down her hands and with a quick action she placed them over his chest and pushed him back. The unexpected force moved him back and Radhika with a soft giggle  she ran away from the site.   

For few seconds Dev stood back there comprehending her action and then stroking his hair back, he followed her in a normal pace. But the shy smile was tucked to his lips corner.

P.S: Lechu's part coming with next.  and mostly the SR... I think, i hope i can fast forward the time...Wink..
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Part 63

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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
WOW!!! That was a beautiful morning scene........... Generally it is always the girl who has to wake up first but I like it this way................
And the kiss OMG!!! I have no words to describe.................. Day Dreaming Blushing Embarrassed

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by radev_forever

WOW!!! That was a beautiful morning scene........... Generally it is always the girl who has to wake up first but I like it this way................
And the kiss OMG!!! I have no words to describe.................. Day Dreaming Blushing Embarrassed
havu... a big sigh relief...
so thank you.. 
Big smile

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Lovely part Devika so Dev is busy with babuji for Radhikas visa papers and she is not bothered about that she only wants to spend time with Dev and liked the way Dev woke her up and their talk.Also the last partWinkWell waiting for the next update..Big smile

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
wow di I enjoyed it...Clap
today part make me smile all the time ...Rad's actions coool...ROFL
when Rad is wearing saree and the suchi reaction coolCool
saas bhahu here like ma and beti coool I like that wayHug
aha Rad wake up late normally hubby is the one who sleeps all the time....but here Rad is late and Dev wake up earlySmile
not like in cb1Embarrassed in cb1 sleeping beauty is Dev naBig smile
wow coool.......
thanks di love your ffThumbs Up

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suwin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
it was a auwsome and mindblowing update.....Clap like the way dev wakes her up with kissesEmbarrassed waiting for your next update.
pls add me to your pm.

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
beautiful update...enjoyed it very much

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 06 February 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Like the practical Dev, trying to get everything done so he can take her with him and the pari--just waiting to spend time with her prince---
Very romantic, how the prince tries to wake the sleeping beauty..

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