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Just caught up with the updates! Was really busy with uni! WOW!!! Absolutely loved your updates!!! Hmmmm............. now the prince has made the princess his............. Let's see what's in store for them...........

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Big smile
thank you friends 5armadwissenimissourimichshalinikanagusweetrose92rad4dev*Maleena*sugarandspicevinianilradha_bilahariradhika5-priyanka-DAIRY25anu17sonia122radev_foreverabhilasha_dreampalak13gauranitaibvs7691nycsweetiechalhov,  for liking part 60.
Thank you anu, radhika5, chalhov, vinianil, soniya, diary25, palak13,nysweetie,bhavi, mohini, lexmis, radev-forever, sweetrose.. for your precious time to comment on this part.
 now it is challenging for me.. as i wrote one FF already on this two jodi..with  marriage, longtrip, SR, Dev's dreamworld/pampering  and all.. it is really challenging for me to pen it down.. it was easy  when i wrote first on all that.., but now.. um.. i will get there because here my Radhika and Dev  are different..
Radhika is just an ordinery girl, who brought up with all love and affection whereas the otherside it was an abuse victim with so much emotional restraints..  There Radhika's dad was a pandit, but here just any father who love his daughter.. so their talk/advice will show that difference.. there the jodi was from priest family, but here different.. so the marriage part reflected more of  a normal one, as Bhavi mentioned a fast forwarded wedding day for them... Mohini said it reminded her of thare hei barrathi.. oh dear.. yes.. that's the best marriage we all avina fans ever seen on celluloid..t hat si why we are liking them so much...  so thank you for catching up with me and giving those valuable words..
more than anything you liked daadi's trick and their joining at haweli ... oh dear.. thank you so much.. but now how our Dev will escape from all this loving members around and reach near his princess.... anybody to play the finding path game with me... ha ha... ye, don't worry , our Dev is smart, he will reach there, before they even think about it.. so get ready for mooh dikhayi.... 
 i am so glad to know that you loved the marriage part and few are eagerly waiting for Radev meeting.. i don't know how much i will be able to satisfy that wait, that talk.. but i tried, if you like it and have time, please let me know, otherwise leave that to your decision, now.... sometimes i will wait, sometimes i will move forward.. life is so unpredictable these days.. right?
 thank you friends, hope you will like next part..

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Time was passing by. The men group sitting on sofa and chair started moving their conversation from marriage, to politics and upcoming election... they  could easily hear the ladies giggles from inside too. Tiime was ticking by. Dev was sitting at the corner of the couch,  passively listening to the men's group..  mostly all looked very energetic. Dev yawned once'..  he tried to hide his tiredness.   In between the talk Surender saw his son, covering his mouth... then it flashed his mind, that he still not back to the normal Indian time.. ..

He went and checked with Suchi and told her about  Dev's tiredness.  Suchi asked for 10more minutes and went inside.   Listening to mom's request

Lechu: Mom , that is not fair, daadi and me are planning something very interesting..

Suchi: I know beta, but he is really tired.. by the time you plan, he may sleep on that couch itself.. that is the condition..

Lechu sat  there with her childish face..

Sushma: don't worry Lechu, we can play something tomorrow, today let leave him  alone..'

Lechu: whatever..'


  Slowly the ladies came down to join the men group. Suchi went  and tapped on Dev's shoulder and he looked at her. Suchi signaled him to follow her, as she didn't want to distub the political talk of the group. Dev looked at his dad and took his permission silently and walked along with his mom..

As they came out from the crowd'.. Suchi slowed down and held his upper arm.. and with a concerned voice: are you really tired? Sorry beta'... we didn't think of that..

Dev: It's ok Mom', I am fine..

Suchi looking at his face:  You don't need to admit but your face telling it all.. Lechu is not happy.. I think she was planning for something and now it got spoiled..

Dev smiled inside hearing this, but kept his tiredness on his face..

Listening to their talk Lechu who was standing near the door: are you really tired ?

Dev jerked and looked at Lechu's  heavy face',to comfort her he said: Lechu,  if you want to play around, go ahead, I will go sleep in  mom's room, or on that couch, i don't care.. with the most innocent face possible..'

Lechu dropped her jaw: what?

Dev with all his tiredness: I am Ok with anything, just need my head to hit on something..

Lechu: Bro, you sound really tired.. I am sorry..  Don't worry Di is in room', now go.. she came behind and started pushing him on his back.. Dev moved with her force and Suchi started smiling seeing her change of  mood..

 They left him near the door , and said goodnight.  Suchi and Lechu turned to walk away, Dev getting into the room, tried to close the door.. he with a smirk smile looked at his sister who is walking away with his mom.. But then  as a reflex to make sure her Bro is fine, she turned back , she found him smiling at her as he was closing  the door, her forehead tightened and she looked back with wide eyes.. Dev just winked once and quickly closed the door..

Lechu paused with her parted lips..

Suchi: come Lechu..

Lechu: mom, Bro was cheating..

Suchi: what?

Lechu: I  saw him Mom.. he winked at me..

Suchi: Lechu,. He is really tired..  saying that she pulled on Lechu's wrist..

Lechu: no mom.. I saw him', he actually played prang on all of us..

Suchi: LECHU'.. he is really tired' ,come now..

Lechu stamping her feet on the floor loud walked down quickly'. Suchi just smiled seeing her reaction..


Dev paused for a second after putting the latch on'.. and then slowly turned '...  he saw a complete change of his room before he left there.' the floral decoration not only added to the beauty but also gave nice fragrance to the surrounding..  he saw his bride standing near the window, still has that ghooghant on, but her head was raised up to look at the sky and her one hand was held near her heart, as if she is still counting her each beat.  He took his steps towards her, as he neared he saw her head bowing down as if feeling his presence, he stood behind her..pausing himself for few seconds, he touched her shoulder, he felt the jerk.. but then he slowly turned her to face him..


His mind was clear and light but his heart was not listening to him to slow it down' slowly he held the edges of her ghooghant and then with his most curious enthusiastic face, he lifted it up, to see her face, to meet her eyes'.  He saw his bride's face with the siddor on her maang ,  her closed lids..  he tried to read her face.. he felt like she is so nervous to open up those  flap to see him in front of her.. he remembered her lines..  he saw her hands still holding onto her heart...'.


With the softest loveliest tone he called..:  Radhikaaaaa''..   he saw her eyeballs moving corner to corner inside'...  "ab tho ankhem kholo, I am standing in front of your eyes.."

 And then moved his hand to hold her hand which was counting that heartbeats and slowly brought them down'.... Radhika as if weakening her own strength just followed his words and his action.. 


With the shivering of her lips, she slowly opened up her eyelids'...  her eyes met his lovely look'..... time was ticking by.. but they stood reading the unspoken words of pain of separation.  He saw the tears rolling up under her lower lids'... and it just escaped its way through,  down to her cheeks, soaking her heart with its coldness...' but still her eyes didn't blink once for  darkness to take his image away ..' 


Slowly his hand raised up and  wiped of those trail of wetness and then extending his both arm out, he wrapped them around her at the shoulder level. His bride just moved into that force and rested her head on his chest holding onto his upper torso ,  he slowly closed his eyes to feel her, so close.. and she  listened to his faster heart beat this time. Time passed by...'


Finally he spoke, still closing his eyes..

Dev: say something Radhika'... you kept quiet for long time.. I am thirsting to hear your voice'.... Please..

as if she waited for him to say it out,  Radhika : "ethne der kyum kardi'?. Aap ko patha tha na, ki mei'."   Her words trialed off and she was unable to continue..

Dev with a smile opened his eyes and then moved her slightly back and looked at her face:  and what about me? I was in the same court as you..

Radhika: don't say that now.. you said you will be back in six months and now..

Dev with a smile: now you are with me..

Radhika: but..

Dev holding her hand  forced her to walk with him and he made her to sit at the edge of the bed' and then sitting near her he said: there is no but..  now you are with me, only because I didn't come after six months. If I would have come, then you will be sitting in your chandenpur and I will be roaming on Delhi roads knocking on different office doors for a job.. will they care about my need for that job? Will they know my Radhika is waiting for me and I need a job to bring her into my life', you tell me..

Radhika with a thinking: um', may be you are right..

Dev reaffirming his words: its not maybe, it is the truth..

Radhika tried to bring a smile...'

Dev: Radhika.. now smile wide, don't show that kanjusi..  after all I waited this long for that only'.. and only with the expectation of seeing that smile on your face..'

Radhika: did babuji and all left?

Dev taking her hand in his: no, they are in the middle of politics and upcoming election..  with the look I think they may decide on who will win, and who all will be the next ministers and  then who will be the best candidate for prime-minister..

Radhika giggled again hearing his talk..

Dev: how they think of me in that situation..

Radhika: then how they let you go..

Dev with a teasy smile: I used my weapon..

Radhika raising her brows: weapon?

Dev: ha, I yawned few times ,very hard, as I saw dad's eyes falling on my side.. then I saw him walking inside,  soon I expected mom out and I was right, she brought me up here..

Radhika: and Lechu? She was planning on something.

Dev: I know, she warned me at the mandap, so I also took the precaution then itself...'  so now she is sitting with them showing her heavy face .. but that's ok.. she will be fine tomorrow..

Radhika: poor Lechu..

Dev: then what about me?

Radhika smiled again..'.

Dev looking around..  : do you like this decoration..

Radhika looked around and smiled'.

Dev : Radhika it is true that I showed up my tiredness over there, but I am really tired , not to that extend though..'  

Radhika: then you take rest...'

Dev with a smile: remember, all this time, you were sending me to my bed and I was sending you to your bed.. but today onwards it is our bed, now nothing can separate us.. so only I made you to wait Radhika..'

Radhika didn't say anything' ...slowly her gaze lowered..  

 leaving her hand, Dev went turned the bed lamp on and then went and turned the room  light off..

He went and sat at the head end, keeping his legs straight and resting his head back onto the headrest..    adjusting himself on a comfortable position he looked at her. Radhika realizing the look, with a shy smile lifted her legs and slide in and moved towards the head end.. she saw the winning smile of her husband as she moved more closer to him'she adjusted self, keeping her legs straight.. and struggled to look back at him.. but then she saw him moving.. he brought his upper body more to the front to face her.. and then lifting her face up he said: you really look very beautiful in this dress,  Radhika,'  you dressed up today just for me , right?


Radhika looked into his eyes said in mind: what you know.. I was dressing up every day with a hope that I may see you soon, you may come and stand in front of me at any time..   that magic may happen..  that did happen late, very late  ,  and  finally you came, to take me away with you...'

Dev moving his eyeballs on her face: did you say something..

Radhika just smiled and lowered her eyes..'

Dev: you know, when I was getting ready what mom, buava and Lechu was saying..

Radhika looked at him..

Dev: that you will be the most beautiful bride in the whole world today'.. and they are right,'

Radhika lowered her gaze again shyly..

Dev: is it too heavy..

Radhika: its ok..

Dev then holding her hand and looking at those reddened design..: so this was my test? I think i easily passed on this..
Radhika smiled shyly...
seeign her shy smile ,Dev  smiled and asked: did you miss me..

Radhika looked at him with tightening her forehead',as if why he is asking that at this time.. don't he know?

Dev:  I know you did, me too Radhika.. it was really hard to leave last time.. but now I am so happy, may be that separation brought this much happiness in my life', that separation brought you more closer to me..'

Radhika smiled again..'

Dev rested his back again onto the headrest and slowly holding her shoulder pulled her towards him'... Radhika's weaker body moved along with his direction, he wrapped his left arm around her shoulder and held her closer and rested his chin over her head.. and then loosely brought his right arm around and took her in his side embrace...'

Dev: ha Radhika.. I was dreaming of this day, when I hold you this close to me.. you stopped sending me mails, you stopped talking to me.. you know how hurting it was. I know you also likes to talk to me, you also love to hear my voice as much as I do,' but then one day you decided to keep your silence, why Radhika..?when you love me this much,  how you were able to keep that silence? How you were able to control those words within you..

          .....when I can easily imagine that smile on you when you see my sorry note, when you see me online..   whenever I called home to talk to babuji, I wish at least once you pick the phone accidently and say hello to me.. or give me my hak without knowing..' but never that happened?   I know it was hard for you? Then why? Why you tried to hide from me?.. You don't know how many times I read back those emails after that.. how many times I talked to your smiley face in front of me..  I was seeing you drawing that warrior picture, I was seeing you running around the meadow, I was seeing you playing in that flowing water..' and was trying hard to  satisfy my own thirst to see you'. Listen to you'

He felt her shoulder moving slightly up, he listened and heard her softly sneezing up , trying to control that sound to come out..

He loosening his grip, moved back and looked at her face, and found the trail of tears , as if she was listening to all this talk with that pain.. but as he looked into her eyes, she tried hard to smile..

Dev trying to read her eyes : how could you Radhika?   That day also you did the same.. I didn't mean to hurt you Radhika.. I was just telling my heart out, telling you that I missed you so much..and how happy I am feeling at this moment..

She didn't say anything but smiled again'  .. Dev wiped of her  tears and then slowly looking at her face, he placed quick kisses over  her forehead, her cheeks and then her chin.. to comfort her and to bring her back into reality that he is sitting next to her'. Radhika took all his love into her, keeping that smile on her face'.

Dev again pulled on her shoulder and brought her more closer this time, very close to his heart and then kept his silence..'

Radhika in mind, listening to his heartbeat' you had all that emails and photos to check for..  but for me, just a sorry note and your reasoning for not sending mail or not coming online.. it was all about your busy work '...  for me, it was just those memories to hold on that  time you spend with me.... all that talk to remember..  

         .....I stopped drawing the picture of that warrior for long.. very long.. now if I draw, it is the nature in front of me. Which is always true in front of my eyes.. I was unable to wait any more, I waited so long, to read those long emails, to hear those happy news that you are coming.. but, that never happened? Your email always took place for sorry, and your talk till that time was conveying the uncertainty.. when I heard that you are coming, for real.. I was unable to contain that news, I was unable to believe it is true, it is going to happen..  I was almost at the edge of my hope, when I heard you are coming.. so I didn't want to fall from there anymore.. maybe at that point I won't be able to come back to my real sense.. so only, I kept that distance.. I kept that silence..
      .....but you were always there in my each heartbeat and in my each breath' so only I said , I will count on them till I see your face in front of me...'


Dev: Radhika.. say something na.. please..

Radhika tried to smile and to bring the cheer: did you see my friends today..

Dev: um'... tell you frankly I didn't recognize anyone, except Heena.. but I know they are your few friends , so I talked to them..'

Radhika: you know, what Heena told today?

Dev: what?

Radhika: she was telling me to peek at you when you were talking to our friends and she was telling me that you are a true hero..

Dev: hero?

Radhika with a giggle: um.. that's what she always say and adrees you as "true hero'

Dev: but now it's all gone na', new people are around..

Radhika: but still, few will lose the charm as they move forward in life with their doings, but few even if they don't come on picture all the time, will remain a true hero all the time..

Dev: oh Really.. that is good to know.. so what  you think of it?

Radhika: you are always my hero..

Dev: ha.. then only you made that drama the first day, right?

Radhika: are you still  remembering that?

Dev: what else to  remember.. I was just thinking why I didn't  listen to my own heart at  that time...'

Radhika: what?

Dev with a smile: kuch nahi..    Radhika, ek bath bethavum?

Radhika: bethavona..

Dev with a smile: I saw you,  on your haldi day..

Radhika: I know..

Dev: not fair, then why you didn't look at me..

Radhika: mere marzi..

Dev: tell ,me then aur kya kya marzi hei..

Radhika: what?

Dev: nothing.. tell me all  that things that happened after I left?

Radhika with a smile in his embrace started her story from delhi  house, to college, to exam, to back chandenpur'... she was hearing his rhythmic throat response to her story' and then babuji's decision for that temporary post and how angry he got when she disagree with it.. but then it also went fine.. it was just for two months, right next day I heard you are coming'..  but let me ask you, why you did agree with babuji to send me for that job? Don't you know, I never ever thought to do that? And here babuji has your support, and you have babuji's support.. tell me frankly why did you tell me that you are afraid of him.. it's a lie., right?  


 She waited for the response, but did't hear anything, but instead she heard the snore!!' her forehead tightened and she lifted her head up to see his eyes and found him sleeping comfortably, holding onto her shoulder..'


Radhika mumbled: he was sleeping all this time, and I thought he was listening to me.. and moreover he was snoring, and I was thinking he is'. her lips parted with that thought,   blood drained to her face ..

.... she looked at his closed eyes angrily, but then found  the peaceful smile on his lips.. that  diverted her attention.. she remembered him saying that he is feeling very tired.. and then again looking at his peaceful face, she tried to bring a smile.. she tried to grab a pillow to keep behind his  neck, but then as reflex, releasing his arms around her, he leaned to the side, sliding near the headboard and rested his cheek over the pillow on the other side.. he lay almost across the bed at the head end..

 She with a smile, lay down parallel to him' ...she looked at his sleepy face again, she brought her hand over her face side and rested her cheek over it.. she smiled seeing his face so close.. remembering his words , how he missed her'

Unknowingly the mumbling words came out : if you had missed me this badly,  why you didn't  come early.. or maybe because of that you came atleast at this time , right?' she smiled as she said that..   as granny said' ..look at your eyes,' but I can't see the sparkles though.. I have seen it, earlier.. and then she looked his chubby cheeks.. um Heena is right, your cheeks looks more chubby now.. she lifted up one of her hand and brought that up as if she is going to pull on his cheek'... but then smiled seeing his sleepy face.. then she looked down at this lips...' um.. like granny said...' think rosy lips.. but then what is so special about it.. does all the hero's have their lips thick and I don't know...'  then she looked at that stubble look.. um.. you said it is to show that you became more mature now.. but I don't see any difference, you are always the same for me..  she saw the ring that on his finger' ...smiling she said: ha, good boy, I thought after going there and all you might have taken this out.. then changing her facial expression as if warning him..:um, if you should have taken that out na...' you will see the real face of me...'

 She smiled again looking at his face'..   she looked at his head.. she saw the thick hair'.. um.. military cut' ...she tried to stroke his hair softly.. um.. I can see the difference.. very mature.. my husband'..  Radhika's Dev'  ... she tried hard to control her giggle with that thought..

 Time was ticking by'... her eyes were still open, looking at her husband's sleepy face..'  trying to study his each facial features and making comments about it self'... a time for herself to see him, with all the freedom, without any shyness, without any restrictions.. she fell into her own world to check on him, making all that comments and facial expressions to describe her thoughts...'.


Thank you for all the likes and valuable comments. Thankful to you for tolerating my blabbing here..  have a good weekend and take care

DevikaBig smile

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Cry waited so long > 3 hours ,to see atleast one comment, to know the reaction...  but anyway, you all may be busy.. so i will also take a break now.
thanks for the like button friends...Big smile
gauranitai Goldie

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dat was mid blowing!!! i never read anyting soooo cute!  i can wait for the morning scene. i hope u make it different and unique unlike the normal 'wedding mornings'. i'm sooo excited!!! update soooon!

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by gauranitai

dat was mid blowing!!! i never read anyting soooo cute!  i can wait for the morning scene. i hope u make it different and unique unlike the normal 'wedding mornings'. i'm sooo excited!!! update soooon!
Thanks Mohini...I am so glad you thought it was cute... Oh dear.., now I can relax. Hope for the best.. and yes morning... it will be different , i think.... Big smile
MysteryGirl101 Goldie

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Amazing updates.....absolutely loved them 


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So cute Devika loved both their reponse and Dev sleeping off poor chap he was so tired because of the jet lag.WinkLOL but last time he came he had no jetlag now probably because of the job he was also very tired Loved the way Radhika checked up on him and he finally after getting his bride was peaceful and sleeping knowing his girl/ardhangini is at his side Big smile Lovely update.

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