Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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Part 60


Lechu was helping her brother to get into his  cream color shrewani with red color embroidery '. His heart was pacing faster..   Sushama and Suchi helped Lechu with final touch up.. They didn't left any chance to tease him.. he listened to everything, with the anticipation to meet her soon..  Sushma applied little kajol behind his ears...'  everybody started praising Dev.. how handsome he looks in that grroms attire..


Lechu:  Why everybody is praising bro only.. his chance is over, now it is mine..

She showed her childish face..

Suchma: look at my little pari' Isn't she the most beautiful girl today in her majenda lehenga'

Lechu: now I won't take it , you are saying it after I asked ,right..?

Sushma taking little kajol again: no dear.. you really look beautiful.. then applied that behind her ears..and said : if you see any prince coming back of you today, let me know.. ok

Suchi: what?

Sushma: nothing..

Suchi: um' with a smile again, looking at Dev..

Lechu: mom, I am just wondering how Radhika di may looks in her bridal wear today..

Sushma: what's the doubt: the most beautiful bride in the whole world.. but you may have to wait, as Radika may have her ghooghant on..

Lechu: Is that necessary Buava.. how cna she see then..
Sushma: She has t wear it dear, that is the tradition and yes, she will be able to see claerly...  do you want to try it..
Dev skipped couple of beats listening to their talk  along with controlling his lips to stretch out further..
Sushma was trying to put Lechu's duppatta over hear face, Surender came in....

Surender: Dev, your friends are here.. are you ready..

Dev: ha Dad'. where are they?

Surender, suddenly looking at his son'es face : Don't my son looks handsome , just like me..

Suchi: um.. when it comes to handsome ,then it should always relate to you, right?

Surender: any doubt...' he is handsome just like me and my daughter looks jut like me too.. any arguments on that..

Suchi: so where do I fit..?

Surender: you fit every where..

Sushma: what is meant by that.?.

Surender: arre, my sister.. because of her only  we two are looking handsome and she  is looking beautiful.

Sushma brought a confused face: what?

Suchi: Don't think too much Sushma, you know your brother well, right..

Surender: ok.. now Dev , go and meet your friends.. we need to start soon.. I need to make a call to Mohan.. so..

They all moved down.. Dev was so happy to see his friends around' 


 Time passed by'... Dev went near the black horse.. very trim, with shiny hair,  the tail hair was long and grommed well' ...the  hair from the neck to its withers  was shiny , nicely  laying to one side in a well groomed manner, with a sacred thread braided to it.. '....  its forehead was decorated with a white velvet diamond shape cloth with golden decorations on it.. and its trunk was covered by a shiny white cloth..   Lechu came and fed the mare with soaked bengal gram..   she opened her hand out and raised her eye brows up few times'... Suchi and sushama smiled' ....she closed her hand as she felt the weight of the bundle placed in her hand  and with a teasy smile she gave way to her brother..   The helper gave a start and Dev sat on it .. the small strands of jasmine veil shook with that force.., the saffron colored turban added to the  glowing of his face.. he sat on it with holding his head high, like a prince.. 

Surender, Yeshpal, Suchi , Lechu, Sushma  along  with all close family members accompanied him'....  Few of the villagers joined the baraath too' '.  The sound of the music band echoed the atmosphere of Chandenpur....'   The baraatis danced, exchanged lot of  smile.. the fireworks added glitters to the procession.. on the way Surender hugged few familiar faces, his close business friends'... the talk went on'. Finally the baraath was visible for the other side'.... they heard the band, .. they got alert.. the news from one ear passed to the next'.... Mohan , Rohini, Birju,Daadi all stood there with a smile on their face..


Two small arms were sweeping both sides moved forward through that small crowd , to find its way towards the front line'.... the feet fell on few bigger ones, but he didn't feel it.. his eyes were aimed out , his mind was all set to see it.. and as his small curious face shown out at the front line, he stood there with parted lips''..


Surender hugged Mohan as they came closer' everyone was smiling' the groom's party was welcomed by putting garlands, and piece of nice cloth..

Birju went near the horse.. he tried to hide his fear and extended his hand up to help Dev, with a swing  of his leg, the prince, climbed down'.... The horse just shook her head once and made its neighhhhhh sound once to let everyone know that he is here now...   Dev looked back at the balck beauty with a smile ...  Dev started walking along with Birju, suddenly he felt a pull on his dress. He stopped and looked at that side..  he saw the most amazing face of that kid who always waited to see that black beauty near..

Kid: you brought her just for me , right..

Dev with a smile kneeled down in front of that kid, moving the flower veil to the side, he pointed at the horse: do you like her?

Kid: very much..  '..  very beautiful'... and you came riding on it.. just like in my dream'  but then looking at Dev's face..: little slow though' I was dreaming you riding on it fatser..

Dev with a childish throat secretly said: what to do.. so many around and  they may get scared na....'

Kid with a believing smile : ha.. that's right...'

 Dev stood on his feet and touching his shoulder one more time, saw his admiring eyes  on that horse,  leaving the little one to admire its beauty he walked along with Birju ''. Rohini with the most beautiful smile stood with the aarthi thali...


The refreshment was passed along,.. Suchi and Lechu were enthusiastic to see Radhika.. Dev as usual circled by few of Radhika's college friends.. and along with  Sukhi mom ..

Dev surprisingly: Sukhi mom, you came too..

Sukhi: why , didn't you expect me..?

Dev with a chuckle: no, actually I am happy'

Sukhi: we may go early, sot thought to meet you before hand, as later you will be busy..

Dev: my pleasure to see you all'

Radhika sitting on that chair near the mirror looking herself in the mirror listened to heart beat which is pounding loud with hope..'. The red bridal wear with heavy golden work just gave her the most serene look.   Her heart was pacing faster as she was listening to Heena's words..  who was giving her the non stop commentery from the  time she heard the sound of baraat..

Heena: Radhika, come here.. and see .. all our college friends are around Dev only..

Radhika smiled but didn't' t get up from the chair'

Heena: see that is why I said he is the true hero..  remember the students reaction when Arjun won that last tournament.. he thought everyone will surround him and praise him once again, but by then he lost the true charm.  Whereas Dev being the heart throb of many, never took advantage of it.. he never given any personal attention to anyone specific, except his few friends..  he treated everyone same.. few were not happy about it, but in heart they knew he is right, and now  the circle around him still prove that he is the real hero...'

Radhika smiled again adjusting her necklace..

Heena turning back.: just come and peek once,  you can easily see him.. he moved his jasmine viel to the side,  he looks more chubby now..

Radhika smiled again..

Heena coming near..: what is this smile.. don't you want to see him.. especially after I commented this much about him...

Radhika looked at  Heena and then touched her cheek as she sat near her.. Radhika said: Ha Heena, I want to see him, but then I won't be able to take my eyes off.. even that will be painful for me..   for my Haldi day he came here, I felt his presence near, but I didn't take an attempt to look at him'... may be I don't trust myself with the impulse'

Heena: Oh Radhika.. when you talk to me about Dev, I feel like I am seeing a fairy tale, you love him so much..  so romantic.. can someone go this deep in love.'

Radhika: I don't know Heena.. but I was waiting for him, and today he will be mine forever..

Heena : and I will witness that.. no wonder he never got into any girl's eyeing..  maybe he was also waiting for you to join him...


Radhika's cheek blushed slightly..

Sukhi madam came along with two other friends of hers..

Radhika stood with respect with a smile on her face..

Sukhi: You know what, I feel so embarrassed when my students try to respect me like this..  now you are not my student'.. ok', so it is fine.. you really look pretty Radhika..

Heena with a  chuckle on her throat: Mom, when you are going to invite us..

Sukhi: me.. maybe soon.. will let you know surely..

Sushma came along with Suchi and Rohini..

Suchi looked at Radhika, and held her chin'... Radhika's  eyelids lowered as Suchi smiled with happiness...'

Sushma: um, if you look at her like this, then  Mohan bhayya will send somebody else behind us to call her..

Suchi looking at everyone: ha.. it's varmala time.. let's go..

As they were walking out.. Radhika held Heena's hand tight, as she was thinking  how to face him....' 

Suddenly daadi..: Rohini.. what are you doing? 

They stopped puzzled..

Daadi came near and pulled down the duppatta on her face..  Radhika felt a relief as she found the ghooghant covered her face in half way....' 

Rohini: is it necessary Maaji..

Daadi: ha.. it is.. it is our tradition, and I don't want to change that.. it is for her goodness only..

 They walked down the steps to the mandap..


Dev was standing  on the mandap.. waiting for his bride to appear, imagining her in all the possible redness' his  gaze got distracted as Birju came to say something to him'

And then when he turned to look at the aisle he saw his bride walking behind her babuji, and with her mom and daadi nearby' .... his eyes tried hard to see her eyes, but the golden works on that border line blocked his vision.. his gaze lowered onto the ground.. she lifted up her dress slightly to step on, and he found her mehandi stained  feet, still wearing the anklets that he put on'....   his eyes smiled seeing them'.... soon she  has been brought near him..

 The antarpat was held in between the couple and the malgalashtakas were chanted by the pandit.. and soon it has been moved away'..... Rahul took charge along with Birju.. they gave the varmala in their hands.. Radhika lifting herself on her toes, put that around his neck..  Dev with a smile put that heavy flower garland around her neck too.. 

The group was rejoicing' ... Dev cornered his eyes on Radhika as they stood straight facing the audience.. found her standing with bowing her head'....  Radhika was taken away as they were getting ready for Kanyadan....'

The family were near with their orders and talks.. Lechu was trying to smile her best to show her happiness..  she took the chance to tease Dev too..

She went near Dev and said..

Lechu: Bro.. it seems like, you need to wait long to see Di's face..

Dev also doesn't want to give up: who said di.. she is your bhabhi now..

Lechu: what?

Dev: ha Lechu.. Varmala means, half saadi is over, so now onwards you need to call her Bhabhi only..

Lechu tightening her head: bhabhi.!!.

Dev: ha..

Lechu: but Di is sweet..

Dev: then get ready for a fight with your sis-in law soon.. you don't know her well..

Lechu: who Radhika Di.. no way..  and I know why you are saying this now..

Dev: why? Because  they covered her face , right?

Dev: no, I don't mind that.. that is how our marriage should be, right? And when you will get marry na, we will cover your face too.. and look at me, you covered my face what is the difference?

Lechu: you don't want to give up na, I will show you once we get back home.. so beware..

Dev: what?  ' but then they got interrupted by Pandiji's call..

Surender came near Dev and he has been guided near to the hawan..

Radhika came and stood on her place too. Mohan came behind.. Dev extended his hand out.. Mohan slowly brought his daughter's hand , in his shivering hand..and placed in Dev's hand, along with a  beetle leaf, and flower ..  dev's eyes unknowingly went to check on her reaction as her soft palm touched his'...  and a small smile appeared on his face, which he tried to control hard..and the pandith chanting the mantras pour some holy water in their hands..  Mohan stood there with the happiest smile, masking his achy heart.. giving away his daughter.... '.

Soon they were seated to perform the havan.. The fire flames danced in front of them as if it is taking all that offerings and taking everything in  with a happy smile.. Sushma did the  gathbandan symbolizing the couples eternal union..  Soon they stood on their feet for the mangal pheras'.... Radhika lead the pheras first.. she walked in if whatever is happening at that moment felt like a magic for her..., then slowly stepped back for him to lead her further'.

Radhika and Dev walk seven steps together to signify the beginning of their journey through life together. Each step represented their union in all the forms.. they took the    vow:

First step: To respect and honor each other
Second step: To share each other's joy and sorrow
Third step: To trust and be loyal to each other
Fourth step: To cultivate appreciation for knowledge, values, sacrifice and service
Fifth step: To reconfirm their vow of purity, love family duties and spiritual groW*H
Sixth step: To follow principles of Dharma

Seventh step: To nurture an eternal bond of friendship and love

The rose water was sprinkled over the  couple by Mohan, Rohini, Surender and Suchi' blessing their kids in their new journey....'

They seated back in front of the Holy fire' ....The pandit went on chanting the mantras.. Mohan gave the mangalsuthr in Dev's hand.. he with a pride took it from her babuji, and then turning slightly to face her.. he forwards that aiming at her neck'.... as he forwarded it further , his fingers touched her burning cheeks.. she gulped , and with a smile he tied that shiny beads around her neck..


He took  a coin full of kumkum and then slowly applied that over her hair partition' Radhika still sat there with her bowed head.. with her dried mouth.. she tried to gulp again.. she felt everything is happening as if it is magic..

 The couple went and touched their elders feet, took their blessings..   Suchi hugged both of them.. so did Rohini..

 Daadi was unable to hide her whole happiness, that her eyes felt wet and she tried to smile through it and hugged both of them tightly.. Birju tried to tease daadi to cheer her up'that brought a smile on everyones face.. 


Radhika was guided to inside.. It was time for bidaai'...  Rohini hugged her tight, unable to speak anything, she went down and stood there silently for her to come down..  Daadi also moved to the side.. Rahul was watching everything with a smile on his face' ....Suchi, Sushma and lechu , all waited out for Radhika to come down..   They all saw her comign down   holding her babuji's hand.. Mohan guided her out with a forceful smile on his face..  But as he reached near the door step, he paused and left his daughter's hand painfully...  He stood behind along with Rohini at the door step.. Radhika moved to the front and then taking a handful of puffed rice which Chameli held in front of her.. she throw that over her head three times' ... leaving everything behind....' she with a heavy heart took her step.. Unable to stay back,  Mohan with his wet eyes , but with  a happy smile came near her and  held her hand  back in his and then guided her to the doli...'


Two drops of tears fell on his hand.. Mohan looked at his daughter's face.. but the ghooghant helped her to hide her wet eyes from her babuji' ....she felt her legs going weak, but her babuji's hand held  her strong ,  feeling her going weak , he toghtened his grip so that she  can reach near the doli safe .. As he was helping her to slide into that doli, she slightly lost her balance stepping onto her lengthy skirt, suddenly two other strong  arms supported her  holding her babuji's hand strong... Mohan looked at Dev and tried to bring a thankful smile.. they both helped her to slide in well in to that decorated doli.. Dev stood near with a smiley face along with his dad....' 

Mohan stepped back and holding onto Dev's hand he said: all this time she was the reason for the smile in this house, I wish she will continue the same in your life too'... Dev held  his hand tight in his and looked at him with reassuring him that he will take care of her.. he bend down and took the blessings one more time.. Mohan hugged Dev tight and this time Dev didn't feel any fear of crushing under his strength , instead  Dev felt the pain of a father sending his daughter away along  with his whole happiness for doing the same...'


Surender came forward and hugged Mohan .. 

 Soon the doli lifted up in the air.. The whole Chandenpur watched their princess bidaai and blessed her whole heartedly.. They were the happiest , many of them fulfilled their dream, seeing the prince charming taking away his bride'....  they have seen this many times in their imagination, but now it is happening in front of their eyes....' they smiled happily..


A little girl pulled on her mother's hand and asked: so now will they live happily ever after..

The mother unable to reply anything, just nodded her head in agreement..


The scene in front slowly got blurred ...'  they started dispersing thanking the varma family for the invitation'...   time passed by.. the varma  family got back into the house with heavy heart'.... they anticipated this moment for long which left an unkown emptiness in their mind....'


Birju tried to cheer everyone up by saying how everyone was praising the arrangements and all.. and how smoothly all the function went on..  Rahul was happily munching on the sweets..  time passed by..


Daadi: Rohini you send all the suitcases with her , right?  Did you check..?

Rohini suddenly raising her head up: ha, I am sure everything has been send..

Daadi : do you want to check in her room one more time..

Rohini: why?

Daadi: no, in case if anything got left over here or not..

Mohan: it is OK mom, Radhika will be coming here tomorrow , right? Then

Daadi: Ha they need to go to Delhi day after , I know.. but still check one more time..

Rohini with her tired feet went up and soon they heard her calling  out for  Mohan ' Mohan looked at the group and and then went up..

Rohini: she forgot to take this.. how come?

Mohan: its oK Rohini,  she is coming here tomorrow..

Rohini: no, all her dress is in this box only.. how come it didn't caught my eyes.. she needs it ..

Mohan: so what will we do now?

Rohini: let's go and give it and come back..

Mohan with a thought: what they may think?

Rohini: it soK.. its her dress.. and we are not simply following her' there is a valid reason..

Mohan: but still.

Rohini: Ok then, you stay here , I don't want her to get frustrated not seeing this around..  I will go with Birju..

Mohan: no no.. that won't be nice, let us go' come..

As they walked down, they saw the hall empty..

Mohan: where did everyone go?

Rohini: went to bed?!!!  but no chance..

Mohan: anyway, come let's go and give this..Birju may be outside, we can tell him..

Rohini: ok'

They walked out and went near his jeep.. Mohan stood with exclamation  as he saw  everyone seated back in his jeep already..

Mohan: what you guys are doing here?

Daadi: ye, we may get late', just start fast..

Mohan: so it was planned..

Daadi: arre beta.. we have only  one daughter.. this is not only  her marriage, soon she will be flying away .. then how can we see her.. also didn't get enough time with Dev either. So let's not waste time with unnecessary talk, all the fun might be started there.. I want to see it.. come let's go.. I want to spend every little time possible near my Radhika'

Mohan with a smile sat on driver's seat and once again  looked at everyone and then ignited the engine with a smile..


The haweli was completely illuminated' and the lights sparkled in that darkness'... the house itself was looking like a dulhan'....  Mohan stopped the jeep in front of the haweli..

Stepping down from the Jeep, Mohan : Mom, I will go , give this and come back quick.. some where inside the corner he was hesitating to go there, thinking what others may say.. what Surender and Yeshpal will think...'

Daadi: ok beta.. you give that quick and go.. I am going to stay back for sometime.. Birju, you come back with the jeep Ok..

Birju: I am also not going back now Daadi.. we can walk  back later.. its been very long, we walked back at night..

Daadi: ha, that is also fine..

Mohan: maaji.. with an attempt to convice her..

Daadi: Birju, hold my hand '.... let me step down..

Wihthout  listening to Mohan the old lady almost ran  in thru the  big arch door'

Mohan stood there.. Rohini controlled her giggle seeing maaji's action' ....she also stepped down adn went along with Rahul.... Mohan took the suitcase in his hand and they walked in together.. by the time they reached  near the door, they saw Surender coming out with  the happiest smile possible..


Surrender: I am glad you came Mohan.. it's my son's wedding and I want my friend to join with us too.. we just had the grihpravesh .. come..

Mohan felt a relief but still he tried to reason: actually her dress suitcase left..

Surender interrupted:  No need to give any reason, anyway you come this far, now come inside..

Rohini's eyes fell on the wall, she saw the red hand prints over it.. and as she forwarded she saw the red stained foot prints on the floor.. she thought, now my girl became a part of this family forever'...    they walked in and found  Dev and Radhika seated opposite a bowl filled with milk....' Daadi was sitting near Dev's side, Rahul and Birju found their place near Daaadi too..'  and  Sushma was showing them the ring..  Rohini smiled and went near and sat next to Radhika..  and held her shoulder near her, reassuring her presence...


Rohini: Babuji is there too..   She could easily imagine her daughter's happiness..

Daadi: Dev, don't let her win..  our team needs to win.. OK

Rohini: so when did you change the side Maaji..

Daadi with a smile: no I didn't , I am always  his side only'

Dev smiled..  Sushma took her hand out stirring the milk water well..

The game went on.. Dev won the first time, but then Rahdika got into spirit and the next two she took out within seconds.. Dev smiled inside seeing his spirited Radhika'

Rohini  and Lechu teased Dev's team..

Soon it was time for mooh dikhayi.. Suchi gifted Radhika's  pallu with  ornaments and cloth.. followed by few close relatives with their gifts..

Mohan , Surender, yeshpal, and few others were seated on the main hall talking about the funtion... and the guest... Dev stood near the men's group, as if listening to their talk and chatting with a smile ..  patiently counting his heartbeat and his shallow breath to see her face, to see her loving gaze....'  


part -61..can you please click that like button pleaseeeeee
 thank you so much for  the support friends...  radh's mooh dikhayi tomorrow... oops sorry by our prince charming.... so far family is not planned for any prang.. so let see if Lechu has anything in store... but do you like the update, then please click that like button....

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Big smile 
thank you my dear friends5armadprakrikscjksweetfamilyNabesaimissourikhus1973sweetrose92shalinikanagurad4devsugarandspicevinianilradha_bilahariDAIRY25anu17radhika5sonia122palak13gauranitaibvs7691abhilasha_dreamnycsweetiechalhov,   for liking part 59... missing few of you, but hope  i will be able to hold atleast you guys with me..
 Thank you anu, sonia, nysweetie, radhika-5, palak13, diary25,vinianil, prakri, sweetfamilies, lexmis, guaraniti... for your time to comment.. missed few, hope they will come back soon..   sounds like i am very demanding , right? um...
Oh dear, i forgot to answer one of the main question last Radha-bilhari..
What are you setting us up for, sending Radhika to work be it India and the talk of independence---do you think I have guessed it right what your roller-coaster ride is going to be or is it just to divert our attention?
LOL what you think... Ok.. i had two reason when i wrote that small part.. first to show the time leap.. means Mohan knowing that Dev won't be able to come any time soon, so getting her into something to divert her attention, or to bring her cheerfulness back.. or let me say this way,,..
the girl is closer to dad--Mom's tend to be pragmatic when it comes to the daughter; as they want to make sure that the girl will adjust well into the family she will marry. However with dads, they want their daughters to succeed in life--not just in house work.
and the second reason...he he..LOL its a secret Wink, will revel later, very late... very very late.. hope you will remember it then.....
Ok friends.. so thank you so much for that valuable comments and analysis... so you loved my black horse hunt by Surender... oh dear, our Prince charming demanded that for that little eyes to see  it.. remember, a little one asked him few times about it.. that's how the black beauty came.. and ofcourse, her screen server showed it, so indirectly it matched her dream.. her expectation... is anyone seen a black race horse.. Oh my1 I live near a race horse park... they are taller than me, very slim and trim... and you should see them running.. within fraction of seconds they will reach their destination....... ok leave that horse talk now..
 So did you enjoy the baraath today..  now the heart started pacing faster..a nd the time is ticking by.. so that means.. time is nearing for Dev to see her face, Radhika to hear his voice.....     after  a year of separation... how they will react... let see with next episode...
 thak you and take care until i meet you again...
Chalhov, thanks for telling me yaar.. you know what, first time I saw without leaving me ( or anyone ) a comment... i saw the like button, but then where is the comment???? that never happened from your side, in CB forum history... so beware in future to give the reason too....  OK..
Love you all
devikaBig smile

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wow di thanks and waiting for next part i like this ff
you expain every bit of how a dad feel when a girl go away from him with her husband...
how parents feel
and also how it feels for a girl..
she is very much happy that she won her love..but sad that she has to go away from her parents...Heart
A girl has go through all this..
ya im really happy that Rad married to Dev
part 60 di wow congrats..
waiting for 100 part also Hug 

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Liked the update and the comment...
Appreciate the fact that the wedding in this FF is far different than your first FF. You have maintained the flavor of the story in this one, and is completely different than the first one--Your main characters Dev and Radhika are different and you have managed to project that difference really well...

The barat and the wedding covered all the main vidhis...Dev and Radhika waiting to come face to face--but as Radhika said to Heena wanted to wait --for that moment when they will not be separate..

The little kid who came to see Dev on the black horse--his shining eyes..I believe, this is the same kid who asked Dev whether he came on the black horse --at the Rama play. Nice touch--...Also, that was part of Radhika's dream world where her prince comes on the black horse..

As you said in your comment section, it is usually the father who gets most emotional at the daughter's wedding....and then to have Dev be the support --was very touching.

.Also, since the weddings usually (at least in Indian culture) brings the two families together--having the Verma family at the sasural was good...

Lechu's excitement, Surender's teasing added to the feeling of the wedding..

Waiting for "mooh dikhayi" and Dev and Radhika's reaction

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Devika so the Wedding is over and Dadi and Radhika left something back Winkso that the entire family can participate in the ceremonies at Devs place.Liked the child asking Dev about the black horse and  then heena asking radhika to peep and see Dev. but waiting for the actual mukh dikhai and the eye to eye talkWinkBig smile between the loving newly wed couple after the long parting. naturally Lechu teasing her bro and Di/Bhabhi 
Devika there is also a first time for everything

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Grt prt.. loved the dadi idea to entire dev's houseLOL waiting for mukh dikhai ...

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You decribed everything beautifully Devika....Especially Rohini and Mohan's feelings    it was touching .....
 Dev: then get ready for a fight with your sis-in law soon.. you don't know her well...These words made me laugh... 
waiting for your next update...

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Very well written vivah part , thank u so much di ... u very beautifully explain emotions of parents who r sending their daughter away due to social rules but feel happy inside to see their daughter's bright future with whom she is married .... so verma family goes with radhika , radev very smartly trying to control their eagerness to see each other .. wait for their meet now .

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