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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 4:18am | IP Logged
I was late to read your updateCry  any way Radhika is getting ready to marriage and waiting for her prince to come....
Liked -Dev and Radhika's conversation  it was little sad though...  I   Started  imagining how will he be appear in front of her??  I think that  may surprise her  as she told him  that she won't belive without seeing him in front of her...Waiting for todays update....

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 6:26am | IP Logged
Read your update for today.
What are you setting us up for, sending Radhika to work be it India and the talk of independence---do you think I have guessed it right what your roller-coaster ride is going to be or is it just to divert our attention?
Anyway I am all set for the roller coaster ride---BTW roller coaster rides always excites me and I hope your story is also going to be so.,

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 8:40am | IP Logged
thank you ruchibabbly5armadprakrikscjkimissourikhus1973aisha08sweetrose92shalinikanagusugarandspiceradha_bilaharivinianilradhika5*Maleena*sonia122laxmisJustShantaDAIRY25anu17Indiangirl09radev_foreverpalak13gauranitaibvs7691chalhov  for giving me the spirit thru your funger tip..
Thank you raja, sweetrose, radev-fan, nabesa,  radev-forever, chalhov, palak13,laxmis, radhika5, mohini,indiangirl, anu17, diary25,soniya,vinianil, and Radha for the valuable comments..
and to that occational PM's few of you send me about the FF.thank you...
I know you are my constant force and that is the true spirit behind my updates..  I need that feedback, especially with frequent updates..  I am writing it for you to read, so if I am not making any sense with your thought, then there is no value for me wasting your time. So my spirit totally depend on your views and response. So I really appreciate it. I want you to know this, I am moving forward only because I am seeing you back here. 
 Few call me Di here, but still you amaze me by understanding it completely. I imagine you'r in ur  late teens or 20's..  but you are able to relate to that different roles .. like parents , sis , brother, daadi, all along with my Radev... sometimes parents talks make you cry, like the one with last post.. you may get hurt easily and run away from there,.. but what surprise me is you are able to relate to Mohan's feelings.. I salute my young sisters out there for that understanding.. today one of the PM analysed last part like this..
.......want to tell u that u help me in learning the emotions of girl's family after she left them ... verma family tries to make this situation easier for them with their talks  .... 2 thing how for a girl a guy become more important than any thing in this world when she shares a relation with him , even her own family & happiness come back seated ....
This is exactly i tried to tell, and thought I may not be able to make you understand it..but you surprised me with your comments.. yes, sonia, anu, diary25, mohini,  sweetrose,all that young ones out there, good luck in your life and i am sure, you will surely succeed in your role..  
 you all noted that picture part, and even remembered that Dev's sneak click on her drawing, and radhika's enthusiasm to hear more form lechu...  So I am reaching out to you and I am thankful to you for letting me know your views and points...  that is why i think i may be boring, but as per few of you I am not.. SO thank you for being that constant spirit.. being my younger ones and to my age buddies... thank you radha, chalhov, radhika5, lexmis, vinianil, eva di, abhi, radev-forever, and ofcourse chipak... for your valuable comments with almost all the updated parts...  
I said all this because I felt so low , down  yesterday..but then I am seeing you all back here, with same spirit, so I am moving on.. Now back into my normalcy.. so will update one later tonight.. friends.. 
Thank you friends and little buddies out there.. if you like this FF ,then it is only because of your support.. the credit goes to you... I don't know whether i left out your name to mention here.. in like button or in my comment section.. then I am sorry, and i hope you still like this FF>.
love and take care

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 7:48pm | IP Logged


The morning was so beautiful for Radhika.. She got up early.. after the morning course she ran out to the meadow… she smiled at the flowers and then ran around the woods, looking up high to see the new  birdies… once again she felt the nature around her is happy along with her, smiling for her… she stretched her arm out and ran around the whole meadow… time passed, days passed, she always tried to listen to her heartbeat to know that passing time….. each passing moment brought only happiness in her mind, brought him more closer to her …  

Rohini: Radhika, today is your haldi and no outing after this..

Radhika just smiled…

Daadi in mind.. my girl is going to go away but I am so happy to see her smile… Oh Lord keep that  smile on her face all the time…

Time passed by....
 The phone bell was ringing inside.. Rohini  gave the haldi bowl in Chameli's hand and went to attend the phone.

Rohini: hello… Oh Suchi.. so you will be here in 10 minutes.. that's a great news.. how is my dev'?.... ha ha.. now he is ours too… ha ha.. not yet, going to start soon.. I think they started already, I can hear the songs… ok .. ya see you..

Rohini went and told Daadi that they are coming  in half an hour.. and then went near  Radhika, who was sitting  with a smile on her face… the yellow saree with meroon border added  fairness to her skin..    Rohini applied the haldi on her face, her arms and on her feet… and then gave the bowl in chameli's hand and went away to welcome the Bhatt family..
Getting down from the car..

Suchi: Dev, you sit here only ok.. we will be right back.. come Lechu, let see Radhika and  then we will go. . there also everybody will be waiting...  saying that they both went in....


Dev sat there with his calm face, realizing his faster heartbeat…  she is here, nearby , waiting impatiently, to hear my voice, to see my smile.. and I am unable to move from here. As she said yes it is difficult to separate  from each other now.

"Dev beta, what are you doing there? come out?'…

Dev jerked out from his thought and found the smiley face of Mohan looking at him through the  lowered glass window space.....

Dev with a heavy feeling came out, trying to bring out a smile..

The minute he came out, Mohan just hugged him.. the happy noise of giggles and songs reached his ears.. he tried to look at Mohan and to what he is saying..

Mohan: come inside..

Dev: its' ok babuji.. vo.. Mom said, to stay here only…

Mohan: there is nothing like that.. Function is going on that corner.. you come with me..

But then they saw Daadi, Birju, Rohini all coming near.. with a smiley face..

Dev took their blessings..

Daadi: come inside..

Dev looked around  conveying he doesn't want to interfere the funtion..

Rohini: there is nothing like that.. come.. Suchi and lechu went to  meet Radhika.. and they told us that you are sitting inside the car.  I was unable to control myself, so only came to see you.. come inside beta..

Daadi's forced on his hand made him to take steps..

Daadi: and you didn't see Chameli , right?.. then looking at Birju: Birju, go and call her.. let her see her devar..

Birju with a happy smile: sure daadi and he went to call her..

Dev was controlling his eyes , not to look at the function place, but still his eyes cornered the ladies circling around…  he moved with his in-law family..

Suchi  also applied haldi on Radhika's face and arms.. they smiled and lechu secretly told about Dev's presence near… and suchi's warning to him..

Radhika tried to control her happy smile..

Dev met Chameli..  and he had some sweet. He tried hard to show his easiness..  Later Mohan,  and Rohini were called out by family members for some needs..

Few minutes passed by. Dev really felt uncomfortable being around like that..

Dev: Daadi:  I will be outside, as one other member came to ask something to daadi..

Daadi just smiled…

Dev taking a deep sigh came out.. his eyes again cornered those in the group..  he heard loud noises.. he thought.. there my Radhika may be sitting in the midst of that group.. she may be thinking about me only.. she may be still counting her heart beats to get near me.. after she told that to me, I also started counting  each minute.. each second.. to hear her sound, to see her shy smile… 

 unknowingly his legs paced near to the crowd, he walked slowly behind those fence of family members whose eyes and words were focused on Radhika.. he walked behind like a stranger, and his face turned sideways and he spotted her… sitting on a stool, wearing a yellow saree, with haldi stained face, arms, and legs…
the people circled around disappeared from his vision.. for him, his eyes, only his Radhika, sitting, smiling, looking straight (listening to the teasing comments of the ladies)… somewhere that smile was for him, her haldi stained cheeks masked her blushes.. but he can imagine it easily…  he saw her inner happiness hidden behind those lips.. his eyes only saw her…


His feet walked in  trance ,  he didn't see the ladies dancing around her.. he went straight with that beautiful smile on his lips, facing her he kneel down in front of her.. her eyes unbelievably looked at him.. as their eyes locked they forgot the world around them.. he saw the love, the longing in her eyes.. she sat there, unable to move, unable to breath..   looking straight into her eyes, his hand dipped on that yellow paste in that bowl and slowly bringing it up,  his fingers stained her cheek… she still sat there, unable to blink her satisfy the thirst  of his presence ...... 

 just looking into her eyes, his lips moved..  ' Radhikaaa'…….  Finally she heard his voice, seeing his face in front of her….    Time froze for them….


'Devbabu.. you are here.. Maaji is looking for you, come..'.. voice of Chameli brought him back to reality.. he jerked..  the voice of the ladies reached his ears again.. he tried to pass a smile but then looking back at his girl through the tunnel space left by the ladies, he took another glimpse of his  smiling Radhika..and then walked along with Chameli… Rahul came running and they shared nice boyish talk.. 

Suchi: where did you go Dev?

Dev:  was here only mom.. babuji only..  he got interupted by Suchi..

Suchi: um… its ok.. come let's go.. daadaji and buava also may be waiting there..

Dev sat back in car..his eyes caught the attention of that function site one more time…


   Sushma did the aarthi of Dev before he stepping into the house. She hugged him with her wet eyes conveying how badly she missed him.. Dev took the blessings of his daadaji.. Few of the family members were already there.  dev met them  during daadaji's birthday celebration. So it was easy this time to connect with them..

Dev got fresh up and was drying his hair.. Suchi came in..  placing a glass of water near the table, she took the towel from his hand and then started drying his hair.. he sat on the edge of the bed, feeling his mom's affection..


Dev; mom, when dad will be back..

Suchi pausing for a second looking at his face: I don't know.. may be very late, or may  be soon..

Dev: why?

 Suchi went and sat near: you are asking me why? You only put the demand , right?

Dev: what demand?

Suchi: look at him, as if he doesn't know anything.. arre..  when he asked you what you want , what did you tell him..?

Dev: I said I don't want anything specifically..

Suchi: think one more time..

Dev after a second: vo… mei..

Suchi: ha, now he is behind black horses.. not just black, as per your condition a black beauty.. and your dad, took it so seriously, saying my Dev has only one demand and I should fulfill that… so now he already seen few, but not satisfied yet.. so one of his friends, who has this race horses, mentioned that he has a black beauty.. so he went to check over there..

Dev: but mom..

Suchi with a smile: that is your dad's happiness. So I am sure, he will come with a black beauty only…

Dev after a thought: mom, but race horse… means,, it won't race after I sat over it, right?

Suchi with a smile: even if it run away, you guide it near to the mandap and sweep your dulhaniya in your arms and race away…. No problem..

Dev: mom…

Suchi with a chuckle: no Dev. They won't race all the time, after all they are also well trained one..   leave that, its all your dad's craziness now.. you tell me about your rest of the plans.. because now I will also get busy and we don't get much time to talk about it..

Dev  discussed his few days of plans with his mom and later Lechu came in to snatch him away…

At night Surender came back with a happiest smile on his face…

Suchi: um.. from the look , he is satisfied this time.. looking at dev..

Dev went near and took his blessings..

Surender with that smile: ha, beta.. finally I was able to fulfill your wish.. when you see my selection na, tell me..   this is what you were asked for..

Lechu: but dad, it should a white beauty, why you two are back of black beauty..

Suchi: there is  no diffrenciation like that.. If Dev wish for a black beauty, let's go for it and if you wish for a white one, we will look for one at that time.. happy..

Lechu showing a kiddies face went and circled her arms around Sushma's waist..

Suchma seriously: no one will tease my little princess , ok..

Lechu with an unbelievable voice: Buava, you called me little princess.. first time… she smiled ear to ear and then hugged her tight again..

Suchma: you are always my little princes dear…

They all went in and later had dinner.. Dev was feeling jetlag, so excusing self he went to bed..

He closed his eyes.. but his eyes were seeing the yellow butterfly, this time sitting with the happiest smile.. one more night, then you will be near me.. in my arms…   his lips stretched out imaging her in front of him… 

Next day early morning.....
He walked around the meadow, looked up at the trees, climbed on it easily, checking inside for the tiny chirps… he smiled at the flowers which were smiling back at him and its tiny heads were swinging with the  soft blown wind.. he was seeing his Radhika everywhere around… he went and sat near the bank.. dipping his legs in that flowing water.. he tried to lift it with his feet and watched it draining away from wetting his feet… he smiled.. everywhere he tried to feel her presence…  he checked on the ferns.. which grown thickly in the midst of that wood.. he picked one and tried to make a print on his forearm.. nandini noticed it, and hiding behind the bush she giggled seeing Dev' action along with her friends…

He had his haldi later that day...  time passed by... it was dark outside..  He heard about the  sangeeth & mehandi function from Sushma's voice.. He tried to hide his smile, imagining his Radhika smiling in all that happiness.   "everybody is waiting to see the color of her mehandi tomorrow... and then looking at Dev, Dev, its your test time.'".. Dev just smiled listening to his buava's comment.... He was trying to get back to normal , by fighting with his jetlag..

 as everything got settled for next day, Surender, Suchi  and Dev discussed on the rest of the days plans..  including interve day and everything with Surender.. 


Surender: so , I think after marriage, you will be busy for first week.. and then we have hardly two weeks .. I planned for the reception after all this only.. at least we can enjoy it better that way.. and mostly all my business partners will be attending that. also mom's colleagues too.. you know it will be easy that way.. .. and what about your friends.

Dev: my friends are scattered everywhere now and you know I don't have many.. so few will join me tomorrow.. and may be for reception too..

Surender: that's good,.. and I think Radhika invited the lecturers , I mean few selected ones from college..  and I also mentioned about the reception , so they can join accordingly with their convenience..

Suchi: but Dev, what is this news about Ramesh.. I know he dropped out from the program early as he was unable to manage his work and studies together.. but now..

Dev: Sara works with him Mom.. and he loves her..

Suchi: she is American , right?

Dev: ha.. but there it is common.

Suchi: um.. anyway, I hope his parents are happy with it..

Dev: In fact he talked to them too..  so may be an indo- american wedding there..

Suchi: and his parents.

Dev: they will come for sure.. Sara is a nice girl and she likes Indian style.. and she was actually pushing him to come for the wedding, so that she can see everything.. but then Ramesh don't consider that as appropriate, as they are not officially wed yet ..

Suchi: um..   so when are they planning for it..

Dev: Don't know yet mom.. depending on Sara's decision and all..

Surender:  Dev, go to bed now.. tomorrow will be a big long day.. so go take rest now..

Dev:  ji dad.. he said goodnight to his parents and went to bed..

Dev was about to go to bed, he saw Sushma coming in.. Dev looked at her with a smile..

Sushma came raised her hand to stroke his head once, Dev looked at her surprisingly..

Sushma very lovingly: I am happy tonight.. finally the dream is coming true.. that you are going to take away your princess.. but before that I want to tell you something.. I know you love Radhika.. and she loves you too.. you both are waiting for this moment.. and I know how desperately she is waiting for you. After, hearing the news of your arrival she never asked about you,  and I have seen that smile on her lips unfaded, and you are the reason behind it.. her face reflects her mind and smile along with her anticipation to see you..  so be the reason for her smile all the time. She lives in a dream world now, just for you.. she forgot all of us over you, your love masked her love for Chandenpur.. I wish you will love her always like this, day by day it should double…  you are the reason for her  happiness/ her silence/ her childishness all this time.  you are always that Prince  whose eyes are radiant like a pure diamond with pleasant, with the rosy lips and that sporty persona..' will take my princess in his arms and ride away  tomorrow.. I wish you all the best in the world, my blessings and prayers always be with you only.. I won't be able to say this tomorrow..  but wish to tell you all this time..  Now go to bed and sleep well,,.. dreaming about a beautiful day tomorrow..

Dev stood there with his dried mouth.. he felt her inner happiness for Radhika and him.  She again addressed him as the Prince.. but he didn't get annoy listening to it this time.. ..  he just looked at her and bend down slightly as he saw his buava tried to give him a loving kiss over his forehead..

Sushma: goodnight my Prince..

Dev tried to bring a msile: goodnight Buava..

 Dev looked at his buava as she walked away….

Laying on bed.. he thought of Buava's words.. but then slowly the smiley face and the giggle took his attention away…. He smiled within and slowly closed his eyes…

 Thank you friends for the likes, PM,  and support, if you like this part please click that like button  and leave a comment if possible.. tomorrow a long update with marriage... so I hope I will be able to catch up with you here around this time.. until then take care..
DevikaBig smile

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
di i love this ff so much..Heart
wow now Dev is waiting to see Rad..
same to Rad also...
coool yaar wow..
hey Rad's sweety Devs buava Some times I can't understand her..may be It will come out latter..
di waiting for next update and hope marriage will go fine..
Love your updates and waiting for the next update...Thumbs Up

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sonia122 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
Yippee!! our prince is back Party lovely di... black beauty horse so every thing is coming ture of nani story our prince coming in black beauty grt...liked surender excitment to find the prefect one for this son.... sushma's advice n wish was touching... loved the way dev tried to see radhika in surrounding nature n he himself behaving like her... 

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
lovely update...thx for the pm

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
Beautiful update--
Loved Radhika's haldi ceremony--Dev applying haldi to her (in his imagination)..reminded me of CB1..
So our prince will be on a black horse to take his princess away...
Loved Sushma-Dev's conversation and Sushma talking to him about Radhika and her dream world and her love for her prince--I know these words will be back later in your FF---something Dev will remember some day (just my hunch)...

Your FF is flowing very nicely--love the interplay between nature and emotions..How both Dev and Radhika have changed----Dev is liking the things Radhika used to do--climbing the trees, sitting along the river bank, playing with the fern--all these little things making him part of her world;... and how your Radhika has changed, ever so subtly,--still living in her dream world where only her prince exists and his love for her...and she is willing to follow him where he takes her---her eyes only see him, her mind only feels him and her smile is only for him---

But to really feel the depth of emotions in your FF and appreciate the nuances--I had to read it all the way from the beginning and I realized, there are so many things that I had missed from conversation between different people, description of the nature and how it related to the moment...

I loved your first FF--and I love this one even more...

Waiting for tomorrow and more so for the rest of the story to unfold...

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