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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
[Hi Devika ,

Wonderful update ,waiting for next one.Thanks for the pm.

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nice filler part chechi...............
     waiting 4 more.............Clap

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Radhika was running on her toes for last couple of days. The chandenpur house was active and all could hear the loudness of her being there.  Few smiled as they heard her voice back as usual.

Kaki smiling wide showing up  her tobacco stained teeth: Rohini, so good to see our Radhika back like this.

Rohini: ha' she is very happy and it is her bhayya's marriage, and the first one happening in our house.. so..

Kaki: so when is hers.? She is done with her college , right?

Rohini bringing lemon juice: ha kaki.. she is done..

Kaki: we expected Radhika betiya's marriage  first..

Rohini with a smile: Dev is too busy with work..  and everything is new for him too and we are planning to fix the date depending on his next visit..

Kaki: is Devbabu is going to come soon?

Rohini : soon kaki. Also Radhika needs her passport and all. So waiting for everything to settle. But once he gets his vacation sanctioned, get ready for another celebration..

Kaki: um.. we are waiting for that only..  how long it may take for him get the vacation..

Rohini: patha nahi Kaki.. Radhika's dad knows. They are working on it, but here we are ready with everything..

Kaki: um.. hope he comes soon...'

Rohini smiled too...'

Seeing Radhika running behind Rahul.. Rohini: Radhika slow down...' you may get hurt..

Radhika without listening ran behind him speaking loud asking him to share it with her..

But then Rohin's eyes caught Daadi's look.. sitting calm seeing all the noises and hurries around her.. and daadi's eyes were fixed on Radhika and her small quarrel with Rahul..To take her attention  away....

Rohini: Maaji, you need something to drink..

Daadi turned and gave Rohini a small smile  and then nodded her head saying NO..

Daadi watching her grandkids play remembered all those noises and small quarrels.. but now daadi also wants him to come , to take her away.. she is seeing that wait in her pothi's eyes.. she wished him to come as soon as possible.. I may cry when my Radhika leave this home, but she needs to,  one day.. and if it is with her Dev then I am happy.. and now a days her true smile hidden for him.. I am glad at least Birju's marriage brought her back into life..  she saw them dancing with the song playing from the nearby stereo..  she smiled again,  Radhika noticed her daadi smiling, she went and  grabbed on her hand and they all joined together'.  Time passed by....'

 Birju's marriage....
Suchi and Lechu also came along with Sushma..   lechu, Radhika, Rahul, daadi all danced along with the baarath' ....Birju covering his face within that jasmine strands, sat with his fast beating heartbeats as his inner voice was cautioning him every now and then about his seat and waited for that moment to get down, so that he can breathe normally.. every step the horse  took, he shook his body along with it.. holding tightly on to its side.. he was unable to see the happiness around.. and finally he sighed as the horse made its halt..


Radhika, Lechu all were running around teasing Birju occationally. Rohini scolded Radhika few times.. and finally pulled her on her arms and bringing closer she said: Radhika, be careful, you will get back all this soon. So be prepared..

Radhika looked at her mom..

Rohini in a warning tone: act like a nice girl.. don't run around like a small kid, everybody is watching you ... .. what they may think, you are acting like a kid.. Daadi raised her ears closer to hear Rohini's words' ... and then

Daadi: what is this Rohini? It is our Birju's marriage. ..and then looking at Rahdika... You go Radhika , and enjoy..

Radhika looked back at Rohini and then with a winning smile joined the group..

Daadi looking at frustrated face of Rohini: don't worry Rohini,  she will be with us for another few weeks or months only.. so let her enjoy now.. at least I am seeing my Radhika back now..

Rohini tried to bring a smile: ha Maaji.. you are right..

The funtion was going fine, finally Birju put the mangalsuthr around his bride's neck and then applied the sindoor..

Time passed by.. the baarath returned with their bride in a nicely decorated doli' Rohini did the aarthi'

Radhika , Lechu and others joined with the games and teasing and finally they pushed him into that nicely decorated room..

Finally the house came to rest.. and slowly the lights turned off ..

Radhika  and Lechu was talking secretly about Chameli and Birju..

Lechu: how cute.. chameli..

Radhika taking her bangles off: ha.. but if you tell that to Birju bhayya na, he will smile shyly' it is so funny ..

Lechu: ha.. but Di, let me ask you something..

Radhika: How do you want me to decorate your room, when you come to our house..

Radhika hiding her heaviness: For that, my Lechu doesn't have to worry at all. It is not going to happen any time soon....'

Lechu: but still.. I heard mom asking bhayya the other day ..and I think he is trying for it..

Radhika coming near to Lechu: I know Lechu.. but for now, let say something else..

Lechu: ha Di'.... I will tell you one secret..

Radhika: what?

Lechu: I thought of telling this earlier too.. You know what? There I found Bro's hidden treasure..

Rahdika: what's that?

Lechu: you don't know Di.. he enlarged so many photos of yours and I believe it was all around, but  he tried to hide it away when we visited there..

Radhika tried to smile..: really.
Lechu continued:  ha, I showed to mom, she told me not to tease Bro.. But let him come next time, I will surely.. You know the photo we took before temple visit, the one with you in saree'... He arranged those pictures like married couple only.. first it is dad and mom, then the next line you both, then it's me.. SINGLE'..  he didn't take that off.. and its nice to see it.. and also, you know you draw a rose flower and gifted to mom'  Bro enlarged that into a wall picture and it is right there over the dining room wall.  

Radhika with flickering eyes: aur.

Lechu: aur kya? I saw him sad when it was time for us to leave.. he took us everywhere possible, and was behind mom, telling and explaining everything and getting her everything..

Radhika just smiled: but I am glad that you all got a chance to see him..

Lechu understanding the underline pain in her talk: um.. and soon you will also fly with him' then he will be happy all the time...

Radhika looked at her and tried to bring a smile..

The girls turned the light off and went to bed....'

Next day dev called and talked to Birju, Birju was feeling so shy that his voice was not coming out'.. but somehow managed to say thanks for his congrats..

Lechu talked to Dev more and asked about his return'... Radhika purposefully avoided listening to their talk and away with Haseena, showing her the full house..

 Birju was trying to hide from facing everyone ,,, daadi and Rohini was smiling teasingly looking at Birju's behavior...'


One week passed..

Radhika was defending herself...
Radhika: but babuji, I don't feel like..

Mohan: no Radhika.. it is very good opportunity and what you are doing sinply sitting at home,  This will help you to revise everything too.. and this is for only two months, then that lecturer will come back....'

Rohini: what is the need for all that now.. Let her learn how to manage a house.. she don't know how to cook properly.. soon she is going to get married...

Mohan: what is this Rohini,.. all the time cooking and managing home.. my girl can manage all that well. She studied this much, then why should she sit at home like this.. also I talked to Dev the other day and he is also encouraging and saying it is a very good idea.. experience count with everything now a days.. so no more argument.. go and meet the Principal tomorrow itself.. ok.. I can come with you too.. so get ready on time.

Radhika hearing her babuji's seriousness : ji babuji...'

Mohan: I don't know when you will make a decision of your own,  Radhika.. think of your career.. why you are wasting your valuable time like this. I thought at least when you went out from here and studied outside , you may change.. but no, you are still living in that limited world of your own.. all the time you need that push from me to move forward, at least now show that spirit and take a decision, and when i say take a decison, it is not to sit back at home, but to move forward in life.. oppertunity won't come all the time like this.  .. atleast learn that from Dev....
she saw her babuji's eyes getting wide with a link shade..

Radhika's eyes filled with tears and  she ran away from there to her room'

Listening to their talk Rohini: why you need to tell all this to her now?

Mohan: what did I say wrong? You don't know how people are working hard to earn the daily living and she has everything near her hand reach and then if she is not utilizing that opportunity means,  what you will say.. How will she survive tomorrow.?


Rohini: but  her result came out and she was the best student all this time and all this time  she  listened  to you  well and then what is the problem now..

Mohan: that is the problem.. she is doing everything for me.. because of my telling..

Rohini: no , she likes to do it, she likes to learn it..

Mohan: yes, she likes it, but then that is it, with the next step somebody has to tell her.. otherwise she is just happy and go with it..

Rohini: I don't understand this,' after few months she is going to go with Dev and then why you need to scold her like this now..

Mohan with broken words: I don't know Rohini, I don't know.. I want her to get everything best, smart, think for herself, do it for herself.. but..

Rohini coming near to Mohan: I know, you are ready and happy with all this.. proud about Dev's decision, but your inner mind is  paining right, to send her from here.. you are happy with everything but you are finding it difficult too when the days are nearing.. I was thinking about the same thing.. now you are all set to send her, all this scolding is just coming out fromt hat only , right?

Mohan trying to hide his eyes , looked away and said:  ha Rohini, especially after seeing Chameli 's mom the other day , at the bidaadi time.. how  happy she was with the marriage but somewhere at the time of bidaai what might have gone through her mind.

Rohini to cheer him up: you don't worry about that.. Dev will take her to haweli only.. you also join the baarath when it return, may be we all can go along with them' and spend the night there.. it will be fun too..

Mohan: Rohini'

Rohini secretly: I am serious'... I think I may go with them.. I don't care what others say, I want to just walk with her at that time..

Mohan: seriously..

Rohini: um..

Daadi: Rohini, I am also thinking the same thing.

They jerked seeing Daadi standing next to them..

Mohan with an ear to ear smile: yes, good idea,, lets make it different for our Radhika..

Rohini: now let me go and check on Radhika, she might be a days, if you say anything, she will start crying out  silently and go and sit alone in her room near the window.

Daadi: I know, I am seeing that too.. 

Mohan: so only I asked her to  take that temporary post, so that we can see her more cheerfull or atleast there will be something to divert her attention.. I never seen her sitting inside like this .. somehow I missing my Radhika who runs all around.. I don't know how she changed this much... I thought she will never.. but she did... , may be the new atmosphere will bring the cheer back in her...

Rohini: that's a good idea..i never thought of that..

Mohan: so only I said..

Daadi: but  did Dev say anything?

Mohan: ha.. he is  already got the form and all for her visa application.. and I think we need to take an appointment and all.. he said he may get maximum three weeks, so within that time period, marriage, interview and after that it will be fine, they may get sometime free.. he is  getting everything ready, so that he can take her with him .. I hope her passport will come next week..

Daadi: so when he is planning to come?

Mohan:  he is busy with some project's final stage, so once he settled that, he will let us know..


Radhika started going to college.. she  learned to wear saree better and started walking around comfortably wearing it.  She talked to Dev about her new post, the students talk.. days and weeks passed by'the  Bhatt family came to visit Chandenpur one weekend.. evening time at Haweli.....

And all were in happy mood.. Radhika was trying to hide her smile form her lips.. Mohan , Surender,. And Yeshapal was planning about the wedding and fixing date..

Lechu started teasing Radhika,  Chamelialso joined Lechu this time..

It was night time..Radhika was sitting in front of that monitor .. finally she heard his voice..


Radhika: um..

Dev: Radhika'

Radhika: um'

Dev: ye, say something , what is this um um..

Radhika was struggling to get the words out, unknowingly she was blushing'

Dev: Radhika.. kuch tho bolona..

Radhika: kya bolum?

Dev very excitedly:  what is the plan there? what they decided? did they fix date?

Radhika: I don't know..

Dev: what?!!! Dad told me that he will meet daadaji,  babuji and all today and they will decide on date and all? And you don't know anything..?

Radhika: muhum'. 


Dev: Radhika, tell me the truth..

Radhika: I don't know I didn't hear anything..

Dev: atleast you know when I am coming , right?

Radhika: no.. i don't want to know..

Dev: what?!!!

Radhika forcefully bringing her voice: ha.. I don't want to know anything.. I will wait, wait for the day you come in front of me.. till then I won't talk to you.. 

Dev: what are you saying?

Radhika: ha.. I can't take this time anymore.. you may come tomorrow or next week,

Dev tried to interrupt, to correct her..

But Radhika: don't say anything, please listen to me.. you may come next week, or in next two days, or may be tomorrow.. but now after hearing that you are coming, I can't take it anymore, I am unable to contain it, I may melt away in this happiness. So I don't want to live in that happiness for now, till I see you in front of me..  so from today don't expect any mails from me, don't try to call me..
 Dev's soft voice trailed off calling her name: radhikaaaaa.. very helplessly..

Radhika: take care, I will be waiting for you with my swelling heart .. counting each beat and each breath , that bring you more closer to me..  now with next voice of yours , I will see your face in front of my eyes...'.

Saying that she turned off the machine.. she wiped off her wet eyes' but she smiled from within.. she stood from the chair and went near the window ,  she looked at the shining ring, unknowingly she rounded that around her finger'.... and she took the payal  in her hand and she shook it near her eyes, to hear that tinkling sound in her ears'  she smiled and unknowingly she bend down to touch her ankle, to feel that narrow ones hugging her skin' and then with a smile she went near the window and stood there  looking at those flying black clouds, with her payal in one hand and the other hand  holding onto the edge of the flying curtains..
 the cool wind was blowing around'...  her long  wavy hair was blowing away from her neck side out'   '  .. her cheeks turned pick.. she felt her each muscles on her cheek stretching out'...  after a long time' ...she waited for the morning, to run to that  meadow.. to tell the flowers that he is coming.. to tell the flowing river that he coming and to  that splashes before it split into drops that he is coming' ...  he is coming just for me'...  she looked up again at the shining stars....
Radhika the dreamy girl, saw his loving eyes in that fully bloomed moon, looking at her eyes' she felt shy, her gaze lowered unknowingly......
Missed you guys yesterday... and so good to see you back here....
Please Don't forget the like button , If you like my post

 on my low side now..  i think I am losing that connection.. will try max to bring an update.. let see, or may be the marriage itself.. because , i don't know.. i think i am moving away/boring...  hope i will be able to catch up with my usual self back soon..Confused...

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reserve...  will come later for comments

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Thank you all for the valuable comments...  I missed you all yesterday... but i think it is good to get a break from me ...
 so filler part was liked by most of you.. yes, it was a rush to get there.,,.. and yes,now my Radhika is getting ready to welcome her happiness... in her own dreamy way...
and I know I rushed to get through her feelings, but i tried to convey it through Daadi's , rohini's and Mohan's words and her own reaction for things... I hope I was able to get to you with her feelings.... with her ache... or i failed in my mission and i wont be able to bring that back.. as it is all said ... and can't take back..
but now my Radhika is happy... so next episode munda will be here and their marriage will continue.. so are you still with me.. ye, please be with me at least until their marriage  yaar... then who ever wants, i can set you free... because then it is a roller coaster ride, i won't take any of your words, it will be me and my madness... you may wonder, where i am going, but you don't know me well.. I am really mad ... upside and low side of my thought may reflect there.. and if you ask me why i did it that way, i won't be having any answer, because whatever will happen, i already said earlier, so if you ask me, the answer is to get back to previous part.. so hope I will be able to hold you with me until marriage atleast..
 take care and love to you all

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Ok from ur dream world to theirs lets see where u take us.Big smileLOL and which roller coaster u will take us DevikaWink

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Thanks for the wonderful update! So happy for Radhika! 

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yes so next part muda will be there hope so loved the part 2 gd update soon and thanks 4 the pm

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