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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 10:11am | IP Logged
It was simply awesome.................
The realization of the importance of  respecting one anothers needs. How Dev explained his reasons behind excepting the offer & how they miss each other was simply awesome! 

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abhilasha_dream IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 10:26am | IP Logged
Devika wasn't this confrontation a bit "THANDA", i expected it to bea bit more "BLOWN OFF"..
I mean i expected Radhika to be a bit Stubborn, refuse to speak to him, argue wid him, try to xplain him her POV as per her adjustment there, as it is tough for her to be in Delhi itself... I did nt xpect her to give in to Dev so easily as the kind of character which u have formed of her did not allow me to think otherwise. She is a girl who speaks her mind, who is stubborn and spoilt.. not like our serial radhika 

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Devika's note....
Thank you so much friends for the likings and commenting part- 56. so you liked that plane story...Tongue..  also for Rohini's behaviour.. nice question will Dev's love and support be enough for her.. it depend on her expectation and her much ? so if he can fullfill that then for sure..
 so now she is still in her dreamy world.. ya, she is in reality studying, passing out with nice grades and all..but otherwise, she is still in that dremay world of her, when it comes to Dev.. so she accepted his decision because he made a point there.. or may be let me use one of the PM quote I recieved for that..
... i can see the pain through which our pari is going , its biggest quality / blessing of god to woman to ADJUST ACC. TO SITUATIONS or ACC. TO YOUR LOVE ONES ....she is ready to support him even she is miss many things  ..
I don't know how many agree with me with this statement.but I do.. that's the INdian culture.. means we believe women are more powerful than men. even one of the Malayalam actors (a padmasree honored)said about his wife that his wife amaze him, because he can do only one job at a time, but when it comes to his wife, she knows about him, his two kids, their tution, along with manageing house including paying the bills..   so the woman has the ability to mold into the situation better than men and the two species act differently to same situation.. Men may keep half things in their mind, but women may blabb out..
 But with my pari..  as  Radha and Chalhov mentioned..   At every first opportunity she got she always thought of returning to her Chandanpur and run to the beautiful river side, or the meadows or to the fields to pick the guava... so that is my Radhika, and that was i tried to tell with all these updates and I am so glad it reached to you...... and a story needs to depend on some drama , otherwise it won't become a fiction.. so you may see a fairy or a butterfly flying around  in my dreamworld and i hope you will be able to connect with that..
so I  can't wait to give the ending of this all drama or scenes (especially after seeing my little one smiling in her sleep), but still it is a long journey for me to reach there.. miles to go before i end.. so... hope I will be able to make sense with my updates, or please let me know..
Thank you dear for such valuable comments and likes and critique.. without that , i won't be forwarding like this.. I tried to give reply to each comment last time, but i believe many prefewr it this way... so decided to give like this only.. or let me know please..
someone asked me Why a girl alway shas to follow the man.. I really like that spirit, so that is what it is? how long a girl can just follow a man blindly/or in a dream, will she ever try to relaize to her own senses, her own likes.. so if she, then how she will react? so ....   to know further, you need to hold on tight.. i mean not just as a traveller, but I want to  see that same curiousity , just like the driver to have a safe journey.. so I may take a wrong path.., but you can guide me to right path... so that we all can reach that destination safe and sound..
thanks and love
DevikaBig smile
Thanks Heena.. I am using ur glittering request...Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile to let them know how happy I am ...

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 3:33pm | IP Logged

Filler part....

Part -57

After dinner,  the girls and the mom was chitchatting sitting on the main hall. Lechu's  eyes were glued onto the TV screen, when Suchi and Radhika was discussing about Sarada's daughter's marriage.  The phone rang behind them. Suchi looked at Radhika in doubt, and looked at the clock again..

She went and picked the phone..

Suchi: hello..

"Mom, muaaaaaaaaa'' dev's happy voice reached her ears..

Suchi's lashes flickered once hearing his voice: How are you beta?

Dev: fine.. mom.. I need your blessings.. and pray for me mom, today I am going to accept the offering.. and taking the next step in my life mom.. I am missing you a lot mom..

Suchi controlling her wet eyes: I am so proud of you my son. I miss you too, but yes, you need to move forward, and as dad said this is a very good opportunity, my blessings are always with you my son, you don't need to ask for it..

Dev: I know mom,  you know what, my apartment is filled witht he agarbathi smell now.. so i can feel you around me...but still'... I wished you to be near be at this time.. dad too.. but..

Suchi: Dev, be a strong man.. um.. and it is good that you got a job, for me all this time you were just my son, even though you got engaged and was thinking about finding a date for your marriage, I never thought my son grown this big. And you are right beta.. and dad and me are always praying for you. So now, we will plan everything accordingly..

Dev: mom..

Suchi: yes Dev.. I don't have to take any tension like many other moms.. thinking about your job and all.  So I am lucky in that way too..   Now prove yourself in your role and come back with a smiley face. Our happiness always depend on a smile on our kids face..  so our blessings are with you dear all the time..

Dev: thanks mom.. Is dad near?

Suchi: no, but Lechu and Radhika is here.. will call them Ok..

Lechu came running and picked the phone and said: good luck Bro..  so now I can expect a big gift from you.. right?

Dev: um' thanks Lechu, a Big gift, as you wish..

Lechu: that's my Bro.. Will give to Di , ok.. bye,..

Dev with a smile: bye..

Radhika with a  smile watching Lechu getting back onto sofa: hello

Dev: um'

Radhika: hello

Dev: um' keeping the happiness inside with a naughty smile..

Radhika: what is this um um' tell me something..

Dev burst out into laugh: Ha, Radhika.. going to bed soon?

Radhika: ha.. so you all set.

Dev: ha.. for us.. 

Radhika smiled shyly..

Dev: ok then, will call dad on his cell . Need to get ready quick.. tried to catch  mom before she get into bed..

Radhika with a  smile: ji..

Dev: and don't forget to send me the mails Ok.. I will check back once I come back..

Radhika: um..  goodluck..

Dev: thanks dear'  and.

Radhika: and .. what?

Dev: kuch nahi'

Radhika: ok then bye.. she  looked at Suchi and Lechu quick and bringing the receiver closer to her lips she said: muhaaaaaaaa.. and then with a giggle kept the receiver back on rack and ran and sat near Lechu with  a bubbling heart.. unable to control that smile, she looked at the TV monitor and tried to concentrate on it..but still that lips stretched out..

Dev smiled through his morning course as everything went fine so far  and Radhika is accepting the fact too.. he remembered all those meetings with her, where she looked at him unbelievably to her angry faces, to her pleading, then her chandenpur stories.. and finally the saving and to her love.. and we came long way to get here, it took more than a year to know each other, maybe she was in me, but I realized it late..  thinking myself as villain in this story as she herself mentioned that to me.. but when it all turned upside down.?. but yes, everything  turned with the time.. the time brought us together and I wish the time will close the distance between us too soon and I pray after that it won't separate us anymore.. So I can bear this distance for now. Maybe another year, but I am sure, after that everything will be Ok..  

He took his file, made sure everything is in and then taking his car key , he walked out from his apartment.. smiling at his bright future and the fortune..


Days, weeks , months passed by...'

Heena and Radhika were sitting at the college canteen...'

Heena: so mom, dad ,and sis flying off and not you?

Radhika: why?

Heena: no Radhika.. I really thought you are missing him a lot, but it seems like you are ok with everything..

Radhika: what do you mean?

Heena: no Radhika..  I know Dev's job news came so quick and you agreed with that along with others and now all are going , except you..

Radhika with a smile: ha Heena.. even I also thought how I gave up so quick at that time.. Before that I was telling sweety that I won't talk to him.. but when I heard his sound, his concern for me, and then his worry about our future.. I gave up unknowingly. Maybe because I was listening to papa and suchi mom's talk. I thought I tell him that they are worried, I am worried.. but,  even though they all worried, they all supported him.. and he also sounded so worried about the future..  I thought maybe he is right, he loves me so much, and I know that..  also he told me he doesn't want to join papa's business soon. So there is no other option.. and he sounded so happy with that offer, and at that moment I only looked for that..

Heena: what about you Radhika.. did you stop counting days..

Radhika:  I am still counting days, not days, may be hours, to talk to him, to see  and read his  mails. you know, he is truly busy, but he completed his studies and now totally free , now it is his job and that headache.. 

Heena: but then why you are not going for the graduation..?

Rahdika: how can I? I am glad at least papa ,mom and Lechu are going..  and study leave is going to start for us too, so I will be in Chandenpur.. Ha Heena, if I see him one more time,  it will be so painful to separate,  so I prefer this wait than seeing him for just two days or a week.. also how can I go yaar..  you think this U.S people are so generous to give everyone visa that easily. I was not knowing about it, but then papa was telling about it..

Heena: that's right.. I know my cousin is back there too..

Radhika: so I am glad, at least they all got it.. and you know when I go , I will go forever with him..

Heena: um um'um.

Radhika: what?

Heena: nothing'tell me what you are going to send , for him..

Rahdika: nothing.. what will I send?

Heena: anything..

Radhika: will think about it.. but nothing in my mind.. oh ya' may be pickle as usual from daadi and birju bhayya..   

 They laughed with that talk..  they saw arjun passing by along with his friends and few new students... looking at them...

Heena: I don't understand this arjun? See he lost another tournament and still no improvement?

Radhika: I think he will, when the students will ask him directly he may come back to his old form.

Heena: he better.. so Radhika, for study leave , I am going to come with you...' chandenpur for two weeks.. your dad won't throw me out , right..

Radhika with a smile: that will be awesome.. let's have fun.. now you became a part of my family....

Heena: um.. I love Chandenpur so much now..

Radhika: see, that's the magic of nature..

Their talk went on...'


Dinner time at Chandenpur..

Rohini: I am glad their journey went fine..

Mohan: ha.. he invited us too.. I know how proud Surender and Suchi might be feeling now. Tomorrow is his graduation , right?

Radhika: ha..

Daadi: I will also go one day when my Radhika get there.. I will also see this so called America..

Rahul: Daadi, first me, I already told Dev bhayya that I am coming for my studies there..

Rohini: so everybody is ready to go.. then who is going to be with me here..

Birju: mei huna maaji..

Rohini: that is my only hope for now..

Mohan: Birju get ready this weekend Ok. Did you like the new shirt..

Birju with a shy smile on face: ha..

Daadi: look at him, how shy he is? ye, Birju, the girl suppose to be shy, not you..

Birju  walking away: daadi''

Rohini smiled wide  seeing his shy walk away..

Radhika: Babuji, you need to fix the marriage only after my exam, I want to be here and I want to enjoy every bit of it.. I should be the one who will be welcoming the bhabhi...'

Mohan: ha Beta.. and I am happy so far everything going on well. Now let them see each other and decide'.. 


Back in U.S.

Dev: dad, this is Balaji Sir, I told you other day..

Surender looked at Mr. Balaji with a smile on his face'.. and shook his hand they exchanged few talks..

Rema: Oh so, this is Lechu, who send that beautiful rakhi' ..

Lechu smiled: I know you, bro told about you to us..

Suchi: Pranav is very cute..

Rema suddenly changing her expression: not cute, very naughty.. you don't know deedi, he won't sit at one place for no longer than two minutes..    Rema continued with  her kid talk..

Dev: Dad, I think it is time , I need to go..

Surender with a proud smile: good luck son.. we will be watching you..

The group stood with pride , wearing the gown and the hat..  slowly the ceremony started and their name called one by one.. and finally they heard his name too  Dev Surender Bhatt'....  Suchi squeezed Surender's hand with happiness. There their son standing with the dream in his hand, which he dreamed from his school days..and now looking at them with an ear to ear smile.. her eyes felt wet , she controlled.. the ceremony went on for some more time..

Finally he came near to them, took his parents blessings.. Surender looked at the certificate and again hugged him..

Rema: Dev, so what is your plan for today..

Dev: nothing,  taking dad and mom out for dinner..

Rema: ok then, tomorrow dinner at our house OK.

Suchi: it's ok Rema, it will be difficult for you, with the kid and all.

Rema: ha, but I got used to it now. So I will be totally fine.. so we will see you tomorrow..

Balaji: Dev, you have the address ,right?

Dev: ha Sir.. but..

Balaji nearing Dev's ears: arre yaar, at least one day let me have a good meal .. so don't say no.. then raising his voice up, looking at Surender: ok Sir, nice to meet you and will see you tomorrow at our place.

Surender with a smile: sure, it's a pleasure to meet you too..



Dinner time in an  American restaurant..

Suchi: Dev, this doesn't have any taste beta.. I should have cooked something at home.

Surrender: why suchi, you are eating that everyday, atleast try something different yaar..

Suchi: its not like that.. see, there is no taste at all.. I think Indian food is the tastiest..

Surender: that's because we  grew up with that taste buds.. look at Lechu..

Lechu dig her face into the pasta and was munching on it , drooling..

Suchi looking around: lechu , slow down..

Lechu: mom, tell you.. to get the real taste of pizza and pasta , you need to come here.. Bro, thanks..

Dev just smiled..: mom, tomorrow we can go to Indian restaurant..

Suchi: we are going to Rema's place , right'

Dev: oh ya.. no, for lunch.. lets' go to the shopping mall and we have a very nice Indian restaurant there..

Lechu; Bro, icecream..

Dev: um, that too..'

Lechu: I love it here.. Mom, I am going to stay back here with Bro..

Suchi rolling her eyes: just one week, and we all are going back , ok.

Lechu: um.. Ok...'

At night, Dev send his graduation photo to Radhika, she showed that to everyone.. even Yeshpal came to see the picture.

Sushma: I am happy for him, and proud too.

Radhika was just smiling wide proudly theoru out the talk.....
 Night time back in Chandenpur.. Radhika was sitting in front of the monitor.  And unexpectedly  Hi popped up..

 With a surprise she replied 'hi'

She went and locked the door and came and sat with her ear phone..

Dev: no call.. all around and dad is still sleeping on the sofa. Don't want to wake him up..

Radhika: mom and Lechu.:? putting away her ear phone

Dev: sleeping in room.. you know limited space here, but all are adjusting well'

Radhika: um.. and

Dev: did you see the photo?

Radhika: ha..

Dev: then?

Radhika: you look old

Dev: what!!!

Radhika: ha, with that stubble look', with army hair cut

Dev: don't you like it?

Radhika: its ok.

Dev: what Ok.. tell me if you don't like it..?

Radhika: um.. but your look changed. Now you look more mature..

Dev smiled: um, I am. Now I am a responsible man, so I should , right? And soon going to be a husband.. then I should look mature,

Radhika: really', but I didn't change..

Dev: who said, you changed too..

Radhika: no I haven't.. she said affirming her words

Dev: yes You did, you are not that girl who fell from that tee anymore.. who was angry all the time..

Radhika: you still remember that!..

Dev: um..

Radhika: but I still climb trees, I still run around..

Dev: just like in my vision.. like a yellow butterfly who open and close its pretty small wings sitting in the middle of a large sunflower'  right?

Radhika tightening her forehead: what?

Dev: kuch nahi..

Radhika: you said something..

Dev: I said, you are right, you are still the same, except for onething..

Radhika: what?

Dev: the love for me.. you changed a lot in that sense.. just for me..

Radhika: No I am not..

Dev: ok then, so I am going to believe that you loved me from the first meeting itself , right.. from that look..

Radhika: ok, take it that way..

Dev: but your Chandenpur talk, that really annoyed me Radhika..

Radhika: what is wrong with Chandenpur.. Chandenpur is..

Dev: ok ok.. I agree , I come to reality.. so how is your studies goig on?

Radhika: two more weeks.. exam starts..

Dev: and Birju bhayya's wedding?

Radhika with a smiley face typed: one week after my exams.. so I am going to enjoy it thoroughly..

Dev: so you will be free soon..

Radhika: ha..

Dev: ok.. I will also check on my vacation availability..


Dev: Radhika, dad is waking up.. will catch you later..

Radhika: ha..

Dev: goodnight

Radhika: good day..


Dinner time at Rema's place..

Suchi looking around and walking behind Pranav..

Rema: I told you, he won't sit at one place for long..

Lechu: mom, I will take care of him..  Pranav come with me' she went and picked him in her hand and started tickling him..pranav  laughed loud' Dev also joined Lechu ..

Suchi just smiled.. Surender and Balaji talked on business matters.

 The phone rang and Balaji went and picked it up..

Balaji: One minute Padmaja

Then went to kitchen and giving the phone to Rema: it is Padmaja..

Rema: anything serious?

Balaji: no, I didn't ask.. just talk and he handed the phone to her..

Rema: ha Padamaja. How are you?... oh..ok.. Ha.. dev's parents came , ya, his graduation was yesterday.. they are going back this weekend. Ok.. I will call you later.. sure.. ha.. ok..

Turning the phone off: she is my friend, Padmaja.. just like you, a doctor..

Suchi: it is nice there are so many Indians around..

Rema: ha Deedi.. and you know, we have many restaurants here.. and one Panjabi restaurant too .. its near the mall..

Suchi: oh ya, we went there for lunch.. I think its run by husband and wife , right..

Rema: they are so funny.. for them everything is food., that is why they are in that business. They love food and love to feed people too.. still has our nature in everything..

Suchi: I felt too..

The talk went on.. they had dinner and time passed by..


Weeks passed quickly..'

Suchi: Radhika did you pack everything beta..

Radhika: ha Mom..

Lechu still sitting with a gloomy face on the bed..

Suchi went near her: Lechu.. what is this?

Lechu: Now I feel all alone.. Di also going..  when bro left I never felt this lonely..but now..

Suchi with a smile: di is going for few months only and we can also go to Chandenpur whenever you want..

Lechu: but still..

Succhi: anyway tomorrow we all are going together.. so why you need to worry..and if you want you can also stay back there till your college reopens.. Sushma will be very happy..

Lechu: really..!!

Suchi: um.. may be that is good.. holding you all the time under my wings won't be good for you either and the short periods of separation is needed.. atleast I will get a break ..

Lechu: MOM..

Suchi just smiled and wrapped her arms around her shoulder.

They had their dinner. Surender came little late ..and after few family talk all retired back to their respective rooms..

Radhika one more time checked everything and arranged everything neatly..and then went into his room.. she touched the table, stood near window for sometime...' and then as she was walking out.. she looked behind the wall..  as in trance she walked behind and stood there, leaning back onto the wall.. she closed her eyes' ...she felt the energy circling her' ... her eyeballs moved corner to corner searching for him, her lips shivered'... and it stretched out slightly as if she is seeing in front of him' ... she said in mind.. 
 "I am leaving tomorrow,  when I came here first , you were there around, but tomorrow you won't be here,  I will wait for you? Come back soon'...  I don't know how much more I can take this distance, I wanted  to see you  in front of my eyes soon'... whenever I hear the payal sound, it remind me off you.. even the chandenpur roads, meadow and the woods , remind me off you' ... come back soon.. I am seeing only you around me, each turn on the road giving me expectation, as if somewhere you are waiting for me'....everyday I spend here after you left, I wish that unknown force to pull me into your room and pin me against that wall and then when I open my eyes, you will be standing in front of me, with that loving look...'it never happened, but still I wished every start of the morning and and the end of the day...'   I am waiting for that magic to happen, one day when I walk through the path, and when I take that turn, I see you standing on the side, looking at me, smiling at me..and I stop with my unbelievable eyes  and then run towards you'.. and wrap my arms around you....'.  come back soon.... I am waiitng...  waiting for you..."
If time permits, please read the above note from me.. or else thanks for reading part 57
Please Don't forget the like button , If you like my post


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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 4:43pm | IP Logged
This is really good update the way each of them Dev and Radhika passing their days Dev is busy Radhika is too but she has more time and so missing him more now that she is going to Chandenpur she will miss him more and all the scenery and atmosphere will not soothe her she wants her Dev back.Big smile

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gauranitai Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
awwwww! dat was such a sweet and emotional update! i loved it! can't wait for Dev's arrival!!! wooohooo!! keep it coming Devika di!

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 7:19pm | IP Logged
great filler episode....  like it how you advanced everything smoothly..  Now so many changed in personality...  in professions...  more maturity...  now the story moves forward on Dev's coming...  may be wedding???
So let's see..  what our Devika rani can conjurn up...  loved it..  nice pace and good hold on all the characters and developments on their despostion..  also like Radh's friend Heena visiting chandanpur.. 
TC love di

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prakri Groupbie

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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 7:42pm | IP Logged
loved the way you projected everyone's emotions di.... lovely update.. Thank you so much...

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