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"Radhika' Radhika', wake up'. Its too late beta'.... Radhika'' the sound of dadima slowly reached her ears' ... she turned to her back with closed eyes..

"Radhika', wake up..".. daadi sat near and shook her shoulder

Radhika slowly opened her eyes and looked at Daadi and gave a small smile' "morning daadi..'

Daadi with a smile: what happened to you.. I never seen you sleeping this late.. you know what time it is..?

Radhika with a smile: what?

Daadi: 8.30..

Radhika sat on her back like  a spring action..: 8.30!!!!

Daadi: um.. 8.30..  fresh up quick.. Mohan is waiting for you.. let's have breakfast..

Radhika: two minutes daadi, I will be right there..

Daadi: um' 

she watched her granddaughter running towards her room' Radhika within minutes came out from the wash room and went down

Mohan: are you OK.?

Radhika: ha Babuji'...

Mohan: um.. you are leaving after lunch , right?

Then only it flashed her mind: ha babuji..

Mohan with a smile: um'...  study well..  I know I don't need to tell you this, but still after knowing that Dev prefer  to work there'... you shuld also have to follow him only na.. so, that time the result should not come on its way... ..

Radhika: ji babuji..

Rohini was noticing Radhika's silent acceptance..  without saying anything she kept on serving on everyone's plate..

Mohan kept on praising Dev and his decision and they all listened actively, Radhika was seeing the happy face of her babuji which rarely show up ..  and Rahul also joined with U.S. talk..

Radhika's mind started flying off. Did he came last night. I felt some odd feeling that I went to bed with Dadi, thought will go and check later, but don't know when I slipped into that deep sleep'... did he wait for me.. I don't think there is any chance.. he didn't come online for last two days and didn't bother to send me a mail'... even if he come , let him know how sad I feel , waiting for him and not coming online' ... but somewhere her heart was aching to know whether he came online or not?  What he might have thoght.? whatever, I am not going to talk to him.. I told sweety too.. let see what will happen?  She took that hard decision inside and kept on munching on the food piece with a relief...'


Later she went to her room.. she was packing her bag.. but somewhere deep down in her heart, she was feeling a pinching.. an unknown line of pain..     she kept the folded dress inside the bag..

'ok, let me check the mail, how do he know whether I checked it or not?'.. she decided and tried to turn the system on.. she waited.. she thought today the system is unusually taking long time..

Finally she was able to get into her mail.. Oh yes.. there it is', but not a sorry..'she tried to read it..

um'.. where are you? I am waiting'

 come on'....

ye.. r u sleeping already..

ok, I am going to call you..

Oh no.. it is 12MN there.. what babuji will think..

Come on Radhika....'.

I should tell you this....'


Please'....  where are you?

Wake up....'


You don't know how happy I am.. and I want to share it with you'.... Radhika.. come'.  Am waiting..


"Di phone'."..

 Radhika turned to look at  the door side hearing Rahul's voice..

Rahul nearing the door: Di, it is Dev bhayya.. we all talked to him .and he is asking for you'... come down fast..

Radhika: ha coming..

Rahul: fast di..

Radhika signed off quick and went down with Rahul..

Daadi was on phone with Dev.. seeing Radhika..

Daadi: see she is here now.. one minute beta..

Radhika with a smile took the phone from Daadi..

Radhika looking at Daadi's face slowly : hello

"ye, where were you? You really scared me..  you didn't come online, and over that you didn't send me any mail either.., I really got scared Radhika, I thought you got sick or something.. I am still waiting here.. just was waiting for morning to come quick over there , so that I can  talk to you.. now why this silence, talk to me something na.."

 She felt all his frustration and longing'  she was unable to say anything'

Dev:  Radhika.. please..

Radhika: how are you?

Dev tightened his forehead: what?

Radhika: how are you? Stressing her words

Dev with a cool voice: not fine..

Radhika: oh really.. you take rest..ok

Dev: Radhika.. what is this? You are making me nervous..

Radhika looked around  and said: I am doing fine. Don't worry about me.. I will send you mail.. it is your night time, right.. so go to bed.. I will come online once I get in Delhi.. Ok

Dev: no, tell me something now..

Radhika: what?

Dev: you don't know Radhika, how happy I was, and your silence drained away all that..

Radhika: I was very tired, so don't know when I slipped to deep sleep, and then woke up late too..

Dev: you are ok na..  his voice reflected all the concern.

Radhika trying to bring a smile to comfort him: I am fine.. I will come online from home.. Ok.. now you go to bed..

Dev: I will wait..

Radhika: um..

Dev: what time you are starting?

Radhika: after lunch..

Dev moved his fingers calculating time' : Ok then , I will be online and come quick , ok..

Radhika: sure..  bye..

Dev hesitantly: bye..

She kept the phone down and went to kitchen.. Rohini was cooking lunch, slicing the veggies.... Radhika went behind and wrapped her arms around her  mom's shoulder..

Rohini: you ok?

Radhika: ha mom..

Rohini: what Dev said?

Radhika: nothing' he is happy..

Rohini without looking at her face: and you?

Radhika in a normal tone: I am ok too'.

Rohini keeping the knife down  turned back and said: but you don't sounds like..

Radhika: no mom.. I am ok..

Rohini: no you don't , if you are, then you will be running outside at this time, near the river, or in the woods or near the meadow..  not wrapping your arms around me, and standing like this'

Radhika loosened her arms around her shoulder and tried to walk away.

Rohini: Radhika, pick that salt  bottle for me'

She did..

Rohini: just add one spoon into that curry and stir it..

She followed her mom's instruction.. Rohini trying to read her daughter's mind..

Rohini: you know how happy babuji is.. he  felt so proud when Dev talked to him yesterday, whole night he was talking about that only..

Radhika passively listened to it..

Rohini: maybe it is good for you too Radhika.. Babuji is saying you are a very lucky girl.. now when you pass out, you can also go with Dev and then try to find a job over there..

Radhika kept on stirring the curry..

Rohini: I am also happy beta.. I never thought one day my little princess will flew away from here..  but one thing Radhika, when you go with your prince this time, I will come to airport. All this time it is babuji and daadi who came to see off Dev..but when my daughter leave, I will come.. and I will see the airport too.. maybe I will be able to see the plane very close na', ... all this time, I enjoyed watching it, flying over that clouds..

Then bringing a smile on her face as if in a trance..  " you know what, when we were kids, when ever we hear a plane friends and me used to come out from house, or stop playing.. and we look up, till it get disappeared from our sight.. you know how loud we call out  standing on that ground.. 'plane, airplane', airplane'" it appear from side of the sky  and then disappear on the other side.. we used to shout and wave our hand'... thinking whoever is sitting inside is seeing us.. seeing our smile, listening to our shouting' ... we used to jump high on our heels to reach to it'.. ha ha ha.. she smiled again as if visualize herself enjoying that scene.. but then looking back at her daughter..and now my girl is going to fly in that'... You know what, I should tell all my childhhod friends that.. my girl is going to fly soon.. may be I will jump on my heels again when I see off you...'  
 she stopped as her words started breaking down, she controlled her tears inside,' then looking at Radhika , who is still striing that curry.."ye, what are you doing here, I will take care of all this, you go get ready.., ok,' otherwise your babuji will get angry at me only', go'"  Rohini said that in a scolding tone..

Radhika looked at her  mom.. "you only told me to do it!!"

Rohini: oh really.. how many times did you listen to me.. Radhika.. if I say to pick the spoon, you run away making excuses.. now why you need to act like a good baby.. go get ready..

Radhika: mom, this is not fair..

Rohini: it is.. then bringing a forceful smile:  go beta. .. get ready, I will finish this quick and come and help you.. ok.

Radhika: um'   and she went away'

Rohini suddenly wiped off her tears'..and went on stirring the curry..


They reached late 10PM back in Delhi house..  

Lechu: mom, dad.. goodnight...'

Suchi with a smile..: sleeping half way through the travel, then again tired.. Good night..

Radhika said goodnight too and went to her room.. she changed quick and went and locked her room..  she came near the system and turned it on'... she just browsed on the internet as his sign showed idle.... but then suddenly his ' Hi'  popped up..

She put the ear phone and answered his call..

Dev: ye'.. I was waiting'... came late?

Radhika:  we started little late..  took time for the bye over there..

Dev felt the seriousness in her tone..

Dev: what happened? Why you sound so serious..

Radhika: no, nothing.. you tell me...'

Dev: Radhika.. you know how happy I am.. can't wait for tomorrow.

Radhika: why?

Dev: I am going to accept it.. the job offer.. you know that right?

Radhika with a complaining tone: why you didn't tell me about it?

Dev: nothing was planned Radhika.. and even it first shocked me too .. but then when I got it, I asked dad for his opinion, and he sounded supporting me.. and then Babuji gave me full support' and I am so happy', you too , right?

Radhika didn't say anything..

Dev: Radhika.. tell me..  lowering his voice.. aren't you happy?

Radhika was not knowing what to tell him..: all are happy..

Dev: I am not asking that.. with a serious tone: tell me about you..

Radhika: what do I say?

Dev: anything' please..

Radhika with a tinge of sadness in her tone: I thought .. I thought I will see you in three months.. and..

Dev: Radhika..  me too.. I was counting days too.. but then..

Radhika: then why you choose to accept the job.. that means, you are not missing any of us right? You are not missing me'.   Her whole pain reflected in her tone..

Dev: Radhika.. how can you think that way.. I never thought you will take it this way'.. I am missing you all .. and especially you.. very badly.. so only I  am going to accept this offer..

Radhika: what!!

Dev: Ha Radhika.. I don't think I can live without you anymore.. when I see you next time, I want you to be with me..

Radhika: but then if you are accepting this job, means, you won't be able to come soon ..right?

Dev: right, but when I come next time, I can stand in front of your babuji, with a  raised head, and ask your hand proudly.. because I have a job , .. think If I come after my studies, I have to look for a job.. I may get one soon or later, but no guarantee when? It may take its time..and then as a fresher I may need to prove myself before I can ask your hand.. I know Dad and all  ready to fix our marriage, but maybe it is ok in their eyes.. but for me I am still a jobless man, after marriage you are going to be with me, I need to take care of you,  for that I need to stand on my feet, how can we depend on our parents..   that is not good.. I want to be independent when we start our life.. did you get what I mean..


Radhika with a sigh of relief: Ha, but ..

Dev: what? Radhika... whatever happened with my last visit was still a dream for me.. but now I am out of it and I am ready to accept it.. I never thought of getting a job or anything soon.. for me it was always a forign degree , but now when i relaize all this, I need to reprogram everything. I am still a dependent .. then how can  I welcome you to my life. I was thinking baout this seriously for last couple of months.. what I will do once I comeplete my course, where will I start..  now i got an answer for it..a nd you are saying 'but'
Radhika: but.. you can join papa's business too. I am sure papa and Suchi mom will be very happy to hear that..

Dev: Oh my God!.. what are you saying.. don't say this in front of dad OK..

Radhika tightening her forehead: why?

Dev: are you feeling jealous seeing dad and me in good relationship'.  Tell me frankly Radhika'    then raising his voice, raising his eye don't know dad very well Radhika.. ya, you know him as a dad.. a friendly dad..but you never seen his other face, right? I mean, the business face.. he is so strict, and if possible visit his office one day, you will know.. you can see all the employees standing on their toes when dad enters'... he is so strict yaar..  and if I go in front of him, without knowing all these stuff, I am sure he will scold me in front of all his employees, there he won't consider me as his son and all' ...he will just shoot me on spot.. na baba, I don't want to take that risk...'.  Don't even think about it'...  I love my dad so much, and I want to love him forever the same way.. ok.. now don't even mumble this in front of them...'

Radhika smiled and he heard her giggle.. he felt the relief..:

Dev: what?why  you are giggling now?

Radhika with a msile: kuch nahi..

Dev: kuch tho hei.. bethavona..

Radhika: no, I was just imagining the angry face of dad and frustrated face of you standing in front of him..

Dev: see I told you.. for you it is funny, but for me, I may prefer to vanish from the site..

Radhika: aur?

Dev: aur kya?.. you tell me..

Radhika: so when are you joining..?

Dev: will come to know more details tomorrow..

Radhika: send me email..ok

Dev: um.. ye, sorry dear..

Radhika: for what?

Dev: that I didn't send you mail.. and I am sure you waited for me online too.., right?

Radhika then only remembered that she  decided not to talk to him earlier : hum.. but its ok.. now I am feeling better..

Dev: but don't do this to me..

Radhika: what?

Dev: I got used to see your mails.. and when I don't see any.. it hurts Radhika..

Radhika: then think of me. I am sending all that, and you just reply for one .. and then won't even come online..

Dev: I know Radhika.. and you know how busy I am.. so many things are going on. You don't know the study pattern here,, I am tired of writing assignements and then back of project work and then.. now back of a job, so that I can bring my Radhika with me forever...' 

Radhika: don't try to soap me now..

Dev: ye, no.. I am not.. telling you the truth.. so with all this, when I see your mail, I feel so relaxed.. I feel cool..

Radhika: um.. but , now I am also going to be busy...' our final semester is coming.. so much to catch up with finish with',  so..

Dev: I know.. see, soon I will be holding my pay cheque.. not a student anymore.. you don't know how happy I am feeling..

Radhika: I can hear that..  but..

Dev: now what?

Radhika: now when will you come back?

Dev: whenever you say...'

Radhika: then come now itself..

Dev: ye Radhika.. I wish..but..

 Radhika: so don't say like that, because I don't think much of all these,  like you...  being depend or independent  and I don't want to.. I just want to see you in front of my eyes.. I am adjusting and I think I can, till I see you next time..  so don't give me any hope now.. because I may start counting again,and then oneday when you say that you won't be coming, I won't be able to take that.. I know I should, and I should realize it.. but , I think its better if I don't count on it.. so I will be fine for now.. it may take time for me, but I will try' ... her eyes felt wet, her words were feeling wet too..  she knew now she cannot proceed.." I am feeling tired' ,can I go to bed now..'

Dev realized her pain.. he also can't take it, so only he is trying to settle .. so that he can bring her with him forever',   " ha Radhika.. , go to bed,' you have college tomorrow, right.. so goodnight..'

Radhika: goodnight..

Dev: hak..

Radhika: muhum'' she just smiled and turned it off..

 Dev sat there looking into that monitor, where her voice faded off' ... he walked near to the wall.. he saw her picture, smiling wide..  and looking into that picture he said' ' you don't know how badly I am missing you Radhika.." I know it is painful for you and for me too..but we need to , for sometime, but then it will be just us..  and I will hold you in my arms forever'...   he smiled with that thought....' and then went near the patio and looked outside at the bright sun '...  he looked at the parking lot.. mostly empty,' "it's the weekend in U.S'. he smiled to self... 

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Part 57

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Loved this one..  Dev making Radhika understand the reason behind his decision...
Love the way he thought about them and took the job offer as he can say to his furute FIL that he will be able to take care of his daughter as he has prestigious job... 
Hmmm I absolutely loved that...  I wouldn't give my daughter to anyone who is not independently working on his own ..  that shows the character of a Man that he is responsible as the provider of his family..
Thank you for the updates... 

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by evasumi

Loved this one..  Dev making Radhika understand the reason behind his decision...
Love the way he thought about them and took the job offer as he can say to his furute FIL that he will be able to take care of his daughter as he has prestigious job... 
Hmmm I absolutely loved that...  I wouldn't give my daughter to anyone who is not independently working on his own ..  that shows the character of a Man that he is responsible as the provider of his family..
Thank you for the updates... 
yes Eva di... thanks for the quick response.. all this time he was a son..but now he should take the responsibility.. The engagement and love all came on his way unexpectedly.. yes, he had that caring and unknown feeling towrads her, but now he needs to come out of that shell and think like a man...   I am glad you liked it...   Big smile 

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by laxmis

Congratulations Devika On your second century. 
thanks lexmiBig smile
evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 2:18pm | IP Logged
Absolutlely Devika...
I think when suchi mom and dad would know his reason they will definitely be proud of him..
and love the way Dev described his dad as ruthless in business...  Yup that one was good...  but then bring him also in dad's business as dad can see that his son is as astute as him..  He needs to be really proud of him too..
love it...  you are going on a good path loved the solid realistic path the story is going...  loved the way Dev cared for Radhika and her understanding of his decision at the same time he took firm decision...  Yes I love tenderness in man toward their spouses but then also love the way they stay very sure and firm in their business not too emotional...  cannot take sissy man ha ha ha...

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Devika thats a gr888 update Dev getting ready to get independent so that he can marry and take his Radhika and support her.Smile as a husband and also Radhikas reaction,.now waiting for the next update

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
awesome update....thx for the pm

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gauranitai Goldie

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superb update di!

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