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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Di very unexpected turn in story , dev get job offer .. like his family i m also eager to know his final decision ... story is really gripping .

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myry Newbie

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100Shocked wow congratsClap!loved every single word that u wrote on these first 100 pages...'cause are more and more to come am i right?!!!

i wanted to say that i also liked your first FF-amazing,great material to read and enjoy and i really love that this one is different...but still it has that "special touch" of yours!

once againClapClapClap

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged
di I just want to say that todays part remind me my mum dad that doesn't mean i forgot them..but mum always cry when i go away from her..I had to go abroad...thanks di....Clap
I knowmy mum dad miss me a lot but I have to build my career It is my dad dream...cooool di thanks
hope Dev take the offer..
In love we have to sacrifice some thing Hope Rad will understand everything and surport him for build his career
waiting for the next part di...

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You made me cry today................ Cry Cry Cry 
It was sadder than Dev leaving..................  Unhappy
I know it is indeed a needed move for him, for his career... but what about his parents? Poor Radhika who is waiting for her prince to return? She'll be heartbroken when she hears that he wants to build up on his dreams there, away from everyone............. Broken Heart 

Lovely display of emotions from all four at Delhi!!! So real!!! Clap Clap Clap
Reminded me of the day my best friend told me she wished to settle down in UK after promising back to come home after her degree........... The way her father gave his consent and wanted her to make her dreams a reality........... But at the same time how he died a thousand deaths here alone, trying to grasp the fact that her only daughter whom he brought up without her mother (as she died of a brain tumor when my friend was three years) is no longer going to be with him ....... I trying my level best to console him being her daughter's best friend.......... I trying to console myself............. Though I never succeeded in my mission, both in consoling myself and her father.............  

Can't wait for Radhika's reaction when she gets to know that 'just an offer' is his dream! Broken Heart
PLEASE UPDATE SOON............................................... 

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Originally posted by radev_forever

You made me cry today................ Cry Cry Cry 
Reminded me of the day my best friend told me she wished to settle down in UK after promising back to come home after her degree........... The way her father gave his consent and wanted her to make her dreams a reality........... But at the same time how he died a thousand deaths here alone, trying to grasp the fact that her only daughter whom he brought up without her mother (as she died of a brain tumor when my friend was three years) is no longer going to be with him ....... I trying my level best to console him being her daughter's best friend.......... I trying to console myself............. Though I never succeeded in my mission, both in consoling myself and her father.............  

Can't wait for Radhika's reaction when she gets to know that 'just an offer' is his dream! Broken Heart
PLEASE UPDATE SOON............................................... 

oh dear.. can i say it back to you.. you made me cry now.CryCryCry
 I just visited to see my  page to get the spirit.. and oh dear darling.. dad- daughter relationship.. I totally with you.. i can feel it, as I myself being a part somehwere in that relation.. They are proud to say that my daughter is in U.S., U.K.. or whereever in the world is, but the underlying pain, they cover with that smile on their thoughts goes with that dad.. you said it short but it really brought his whole life in front of me.. I am seeing that unknown face of dad and the daughter in front of me..
thanks for shairng and tell you its so touching..  hope everything goes well with them, i mean both dad and daughter. Hug
 you are an amazing friend.. noone see the pain in such deeper sense.. so yes you are true friend of your best buddy and i should say for her dad too... sometimes certain relations are beyond blood relation.... I am sure more like that dughter to him now... and she may be happy that you are near him.. Heart

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Radhika sat in front of that monitor, waiting for him.. late... very late'. ..Slowly she stood from the chair and went near the window, the smooth wind just blown her open hair and she stood there looking at the dark clouds above.  Time ticked by...  Her eyes fell on the clock..... its past 2.30AM..  taking a deep sigh , she came back near the monitor and turned it off. She went to bed. Recently she is getting used to this too.. he is busy, he goes to bed late and getting up late and then a run to school and behind his project work. She knew it and then there will be a sorry mail waiting for her in the morning' she took all that, but today she wished him to come online, and talk to her..  she tried to close her eyes hard and finally she was able to slip into her dream world..


On their way to Chandenpur Suchi, Surender and Lechu was talking many things, they consciously avoided a talk on Dev's job offer, rather they talked about their trip and Lechu telling about buffalos starring..  In all that talk Dev was there, his expression knowing  the real reason behind their first trip.. Lechu went on teasing him with his status being a Prince and what all she imagined.. ..


Radhika passively joined the talk with a smile..  she felt the heaviness inside  as  she didn't see his usual mail , . may be he is too busy, but he can tell me na..  how do i know.. and here papa and mom was talking about that job offer and now you are going to talk to babuji.. but why? whatever, i just want you to talk to me.. tell me all about it.. but... her thought went on, for not seeing him online or not seeing his usual mail.. Suchi was noticing her uneasiness and her way of hiding the silence. And she thought  the reason may be related to Dev's new decision..

suchi sighed thinking at least  a talk with Mohan bhayya may change his mind. He is already afraid of Mohan bhayya , so he won't be able to say much.. I really wish Mohan bhayya tells him to come back quick and to marry Radhika and be here'.. she closed her eyes once and prayed to Kanha.. let this trip bring more joy and send my Kanha back to me.. we need him Kanha..  she continued to think..,Surender was able to see this very early, but I failed to accept it.. but now I should also agree with him.. he is grown up and he can take decisions..    

They reached very late, as usual dropping her at home, after few chit chat they went to haweli. Surender talked about Dev's decision with his dad and Sushma.  

Yeshpal: I do agree with you son, if Dev wish that then let him. This is his life and he needs to take decision. and today's generation knows what they need, so I prefer to support him..

Surender looked at Suchi and then looked at Sushma who was sitting with a deep thought, stroking on Lechu's hair..  they all went to take rest..

Suchma wished for morning to come quick, so that she can meet Radhika.. she was unable to sleep at all.. she turned both sides frequently to bring that sun up.. and finally she felt the relief seeing the light outside.

Seeing Sushma walking out that early..

Yeshpal: Sushma., where are you going?

Sushma: just five minutes babuji.. I will be back..

Yashpal: um'

She put the duppatta over her head to cover her ear from the morning mist.. she waited near the river with the faster heartbeat , finally she showed up..

Seeing Sushma Radhika ran near to her and came and hugged her..

Radhika with a smile: I know you will be waiting for me here..

Suchma bringing a heavy face: um.. I know.. so tell me what is happening over there? What is this confusion..

Radhika in a normal tone:  nothing sweety.. Papa and mom is so much worried and you know Dev is going to talk to babuji today.. and I know how much he is afraid of babuji.. and then secretly ..he calls him hitler' ..and she burst  out into laugh..


 Sushma: you gave me my life back Radhika.. I thought it is all fixed.. and seeing your smile, I am sure there is nothing to worry..

Radhika changing her expression: heina..

Sushma in concern: what?

Radhika: he didn't talk to me for last two days, didn't send me any mail..

Sushma: oh.. that is not new..

Radhika: but still' .. let him come with that big sorry.. I won't talk to him this time..

Suchma: it's all between you two. I am none to say anything.. Now I feel a big relief that he is not going to accept it.. ye, why don't you tell this to my business brother, he was talking as if everything is fixed..

Radhika: I also don't know sweety'.. as walking over the bank.. mom also simply worried about it. And nobody is listening to me...' and moreover him'...then bringing an angry face..: let him come online, I bet you I am not going to talk to him..'

Sushma just smiled: so you are truly angry with him this time..

Radhika: Haaaa' ...with stressing on her tone..

Sushma: I am glad to know at least you are loving him this much..that saying all this to me..

Radhika: sweeeeeeety'.. she stood there forcing a sigh of air throgh her corner lips and rubbing her nose end..

Sushma: um.. no change to my little princess.. ok baba, I need to go.. I told babuji that I am coming back in five minutes..and Suchi may think where I got disappeared'..

Radhika: ye, I am also coming..

Sushma: then come..

They chatted on their way to haweli..

Lechu, Rahul, and Radhika were munching onto hot pakora's in Radhika's room, while the elders sat outside the house , snacking and chatting.. the evening was beautiful with nice wind, even Yeshpal was passing jokes and joined the group.. Birju went to buy the handmade candies  from nearby shop..   time passed by , they had dinner..  the phone rang at Radhika's house..

Radhika in a hurry  went and picked the phone and said: Hello..

"Hi,sweetheart, muvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa', I was so tensed thinking who may pick the phone. I am glad it is you.. ye, tell me how is the atmosphere there.. positive or negative'..." Dev waited for the answer'

"wrong number" and the she cut the phone..

Dev got puzzled.. no it can't be. I dialed the same number.. and it was Radhika.. I can recognize her tone..  he checked  the number again..

Mohan: who was it Radhika?

Radhika in a normal tone: wrong number Babuji.

Mohan : wrong number?  then looking at Surender: I thought it is Dev..

Surender brought a smile..and they went back to their talk

Dev checked the number again and again.. so then whom I just gave that'  oh my. If it is not Radhika'.. after a thought.. but that is Radhika'.. but then why she said wrong number and cut the phone' , he got confused..

 He dialed the number again carefully..

Rohini: hello..

Dev: ji Namaste.. I am Dev, is it Verma family..

Rohini with a smile: Dev.. why you are talking so formally beta,'  are you ok?..

Dev sighed with relief: ha Maaji'.. how are you?

Rohini: I am good..and you know everybody is here.. kids ae playing and one minute, will call babuji.. ok..

Rohini looking at Rahul: Rahul tell babuji, it is Dev'

Rahul looking at Rohini once , ran outside to tell Mohan..

Rohini: so how are you beta? With the same smile..

Dev: good Maaji..

Rohini: Suchi told us about the job offer' she was about to continue Mohan came near..

Rohini looking at Mohan: babuji is here, I am giving to him..

Dev's heart beat raised.. all of a sudden he forgot what to tell him, how to convince him.. for dad it is easy, but babuji.. the  image of his face flashed in front of his eyes and a current passed through him..

"hello Dev Beta.. how are you?' the roar voice of Mohan echoed in his ears..

Dev tried to normalize self and bringing the confidence: Babuji.. I am fine.. and aap..

Mohan with a smile: good beta..  so you got a job offer..

Dev with a relief: so did dad told you..

Mohan: ha.. we were talking about that only.. so why wait Dev?..any problem.?.

Dev making a fist with one hand, bringing all the force to give strength: Babuji.:. it a very good offer and the company is well known and..

Mohan interrupted:  That is why I am asking..what's the wait, just go for it.  Surender told me about the company and all.. Its your future beta, and if you think this is what you want to continue, go for it.

Dev with an ear to ear smile, unable to believe what he just heard: really babuji.. you are with me..

Mohan: of course, why not.. I like kids when they take their own decision when it comes to education and career. Sometimes parents needs to push them.. you know Radhika.. she is a very good student , but when it came to decide on  further studies, she  hesitated to move out from home.. you should be smart to say what you like and what you need and go for it. Ha, at the beginning you may face some difficulties, but later you will taste the nectar of your hard work.. so   don't look back dear.. my blessings are with you. Like Surender said, you are lucky to get that offer. So..

Dev unbelievably: did dad say that..!!

Mohan: ha.. why? Didn't he talk to you..

Dev: ha..but  .. he did.. I am so happy..

Mohan: ha, One minute, I will give to him.. ok..

Mohan looked at Rohini who was standing near with enthusiasm, she understood the look and went out and called Surender. Surender came in with a hope, as he doesn't want to interfere their talk he preferred to stay out at that time..

Mohan gave the phone to Surender

Surender: Dev..

"love you dad.. you don't know how happy I am feeling, I thought you are half heartedly supporting me..but now, I am so happy'... love you so much dad'."  his happy talk went on.. Surender tried to bring that smile listening to his son's escalated happy tone.. he wished to smile deep from his heart, but he was unable to.. but he tried , tried hard' to give him a reply the same way' but somewhere down the  lump blocked his words.. first time from talking to his son..

Surender: good luck son, that came naturally'

He looked at Suchi as if he lost the battle, he lost his faint hope, but yet with a winner's proud, for hearing the happiness of his own son.. he walked out with Mohan..

Suchi looked at Radhika and found her climbing stairs..

Suchi: one minute Rohini, I am coming..  saying that she  followed Radhika..

Suchi saw  Radhika, laying half way , facing the bed.. her legs hanged down from the edge of the bed..

Suchi went near and stroked her hair.. Radhika jerked feeling the touch. She tried to look back and found Suchi sitting with a heavy face as she was unable to say anything..

Radhika just looked at her face once and then just hugged her tight..  'ma'

Suchi just hugged her back, stroking her back, she controlled all her tears in and said:  did you talk to him

Radhika just nodded her head on her shoulder..

Suchi: that's ok Radhika..   it is good that he got a job, that also at the same place. So you are worried that now he may come late , right?..

She moved back and looked at Radhika's heavy face.. and taking her hand in hers she said: don't worry beta.. once you complete your course, we will fix a date and then you can also go with him.. ok..

Radhika: but ma..

Suchi: see it will be good for you too. Now you can also look for a job over there.. so study well now OK..

Radhika: but...'

Suchi holding onto her chin: No beta.. everything will be fine and you don't worry.. I know we may feel some sadness for few days, but that will go away soon.  Don't worry ok.. maybe this is the best decision for your life. I just want to see both of you happy, that's all. So when you talk to him,  tell him that we all are happy..ok..

Radhika just nodded her head with agreement..

Suchi: that's my girl.. now cheer up and come down..

Radhika got up as Suchi slightly forced on her wrist. She went down ...'


The night felt extremely cold for Radhika.. she  just lay next to daadi.. She wrapped daadi's arms around her and held onto it tight..

Daaadi: Radhika.. what is this.. like a baby..

Radhika: Daadi.. please..  I am feeling very cold..

Daadi: oh really.. Ok,  she moved more near and held her granddaughter more closer to her body..  Radhika closed her eyes like a small baby'


Back in Mohan's bedroom..

Mohan: you know Rohini I am so happy today.. You should have listen to Dev's talk.. he was so happy, especially when I told him that go for it, I could easily feel his unbelievable tone.. I feel so proud today. He gave me the respect, not like a in-law but just like his own dad. We are so lucky to have Dev as our daamad..

Rohini kept  her silence and went on folding the dress..

Mohan: why you are not saying anything. You talk to him too , right?

Rohini: ha.. I thought you may tell him to come back quick..

Mohan: what? Why should I say that.. tightening his forehead

Rohini: nothing like that'... but now itself when Radhika goes to delhi, I have a hope to see her on weekend and if dev is planning to take a job there means..

Mohan: Rohini, why you have to think that long. You should accept the fact. Everyone in chandenpur knows Radhika is Dev's and if he decides to work abroad then she should follow him. You should tell her that, not saying all these negative missing feelings. It will be good for her too. If she is fortunate enough then she can also find a job there .

Rohini: for what?

Mohan: what are you saying Rohini?

Rohini: nothing.. may be because I am just a house wife, so won't be understanding what you are saying..

Mohan: Rohini.. now who said that you are not understanding..

Rohini hurrying on folding the dress: no .. I was just telling it simply.. I hope Radhika will be ok..

Mohan: she should be happy, not just OK. Now she should understand all these.. life is not a fairytale .. she should learn to face it too.. all this time she lived in a  fairy tale , right, now let her come out of it and step up in her career with Dev. And I am sure dev will take care of her very well, after all he is my Surender's son.  saying with a confident smile..

Rohini just tried to smile at her husband's confident words.. went and kept the folded dresses well inside the cupboard..  she looked at her husband and saw a happy smile still playing on his lips and he was in his deep thought as if dreaming a bright future for his daughter and his son-in-law..
Devika's note.. next post..
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Part 56


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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Hi buddies..
 Thank you thank you thank you for all the love and support.. I don't know what to say, your words are so inspirational. Somewhere you are relating it to your own life incident.. I am speechless with that,. because this is just my imagination of what is happening in Radev' life in my story.. but may be my life experience also reflecting  some  where, but when you are relating it to your own, I am truely blessed. I should thank the forum member who forced me to come  back with another try and I never ever , not even in my dream expected this much love and support.. and I love dreaming about Avina.. because I love them so much as a couple like you all..   I really thought i may end up this story with just 25 or max 30 episodes as i won't be able to get you with me.. but because of your support, your valuable comments I am on page 100.. so fast, can't beileve it to myself.. thanks for that cheers dear..
and yes, when i posted part 54, i never thought you will be able to relate to it and question me, but to my surprise, few of you felt  the delima.. and i have no words to respond to it as you gave all that spirit that I needed .. so thank you for responding and I really appreciate it..
Radev talk/ or convo/or reaction coming in next episode, mostly on Friday. Have school tomorrow with a research presenation.. uff.. headache...  so.. may be after class m but that will  get over only at 10PM..  or I will meet you on friday...
 so thank you.. need to go and pick up my little one now..
have a good day adn take care..
anu dear...parents wet eyes with smiley lips...  i can see that in front of my eyes.. just need to close my eyes.. so for many of us, it hurts but still we all moving  ahead..

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