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Originally posted by Indiangirl09

Lovely Lovely Lovely update...Lol Dev is so romanticEmbarrassed...Ohh and Sorry for not commenting regularly....
Really really sorry for that...Actually I was really sick....
Thanks for the pm...
Happy Valentines day:)
oh dear,
thank you and no sorry ok. It is a pleasure to meet here like this, so make it a happy moment, no space for sorry.
 hope you are having a fun V day.....Big smile
Take care

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Originally posted by suwin

Thanks dear for the updates..... can't wait to see Radev in their own place....looking forward to the update Thumbs Up
 thanks chechy,
 i was in such a hurry, that i was unable to respond yesterday. i am glad the forum is still active.  Radev in their own placeEmbarrassedLOLAngry... so get ready for that.
 will meet in new forum.Big smile

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g8 update...thx for the pm

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Devika, very nice updates. Radhika's pehle rassoi was beautiful. I remember the old days when I used to get a recipe on the phone. Radhika's bidaii was well written. Dev was so caring and understanding. I am sure for Radhika saying bye to Suchi will be equally painful. 

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Thank you so much Rajvot ji for moving my FF into new forum.Big smile

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Originally posted by nycsweetie

g8 update...thx for the pm
Big smile
Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by laxmis

Devika, very nice updates. Radhika's pehle rassoi was beautiful. I remember the old days when I used to get a recipe on the phone. Radhika's bidaii was well written. Dev was so caring and understanding. I am sure for Radhika saying bye to Suchi will be equally painful. 
yes, next part will be that Lexmi, hope I will be able to bring that up on an expected level. Now I am excited too, new forum is active, so mostly I will update tomorrow, witht the start of new showBig smile.
Recipie on the phone.. me too,  especially the traditional ones. Wink
thank you so much for all the support.

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Part - 68

The darkness already circled around the atmosphere but Delhi was still awake with the traffic getting little faster, but the sideways still crowded with  fast pacing pedestrians. The shops still brighten under its tube lights. The veggie market is still active with ladies loudly bargaining with the shopkeeper for better price.  As the car came to a halt near a traffic light, few kids ran near to it and started showing up the colorful toys and evening newspapers, and fresh flowers and saying out the price of it loud, to let their voice be heard to the traveler.

Yeshpal looked at all these hurries, putting his hand in his pocket, took out five rupees, and showed to the little girl who was selling the roses.  She with a smile handed the best fresh looking pink color rose in his hand and looked at him helplessly as she doesn't have any change to give him back.

Yeshpal with a smile: rekhlo beta

She with an amusing smile ran away from there along with the group, holding the monely way up in the air with rejoice,  and the traffic moved forward slowely within the open space in front.


Yeshpal looking at that flower : if it is in Chandenpur,  by now people will be already in their house and this flower stick may be drinking water from a glass. Then turning at Surender: beta, when do the people sleep here?  Is this street ever sleep? Or do you all got adjusted to this artificial lights.

Surrender smiled as he doesn't have any answer for that.

Yeshpal: when God created this world, he created day and night too, with a purpose, but we changed everything. Saying that he took a deep sigh and then tried to smell that little bud.


They reached home, and got settled back soon.

Yeshpal before setting to the guest room: Dev, I am serious, after breakfast, I want to go out with you.

Dev with a smile: ha Daadaji.

Yeshpal: Sushma, keep a glass of water in my room , ok.

Sushma: um, but babuji, this water taste'. But then she looked at Surender's face and gulped the rest of the words: ha , babuji, I can get it soon.

Suchi smiled seeing Surender and Sushma's silent communication  and went upstairs to Dev's room.

Radhika was standing near the window, with a lost look into the darkness.

Suchi stood back and held her shoulder, Radhika turned back and found Suchi's face. She just hugged  Suchi tight .


Suchi stroking on her back neck: Radhika,  I saw you same way, two years back, when you came here first time, and see how nicely you overcame that, so I am sure, it will be painful, but still you will learn to face it along with time.

Then with a tint of shivering voice she continued:  do you know what, when we left from your house today, I was thinking of my own bidaai, where my babuji was unable to speak or say anything, flickering her wet lashes she said: I can still see clearly , my babuji sitting back on those steps with his weaker body and the tears were rolling down easily from his eyes, I never seen him weaker like that, but  that day he lost his balance seeing me going away from his shadow. So I can see how Mahan bhayya, Rohini, Daadi all feeling now, and how you are feeling now too. But time will heal everything dear. Ok. Hum sab heina thumhare saath.  Saying that she  pulled Radhika's head back to look at her face and then  with a arceful smile , Suchi  tried to  wipe away Radhika's tears. And then holding onto her shoulder, and with a confident voice she said: now cheer up, ok. Only two more days here, and I don't want to see these tears in your eyes, just behave like the way you were in Chandenpur these days , ok.

But then with a tease warning: but , here there is no guava tree or meadow to run around, but still we have a nice garden.

Radhika tried to bring a smile.

Suchi: ha, ye hui na bath.  Go change and take rest, ok.

Radhika nodded her head in agreement.

Dev came in, seeing Suchi in room , he imagined the talk that might have happened.

Suchi as walking out: so ready to take daadaji with you , for showing Delhi.

Dev smiled

Suchi: um, good.

Suchi: good night Beta

Dev: goodnight mom.

Radhika went to washroom, grabbing a cotton churidar in her hand. She washed her face in that cold water thoroughly to take off all those tears away.  She felt little better. She came out and feeling all fresh.  Her hair was all open and it was just lavishly spread all over her back.

 Nearing the window she tried to braid it well. By then Dev came after refreshing himself. He held her shoulder: feeling better? saying that he bend down slightly and placed kiss near her shoulder.

Radhika just nodded her head.

Dev: what happened today? The other day you did fine and..

Radhika just  turned and held his upper arm  and then moved her face closer to his chest. " I am feeling better now.

Dev: par?

Radhika: I don't know why?? But I felt like, I an leaving everything behind.

Dev: no Radhika, how come you have to think it that way? Will go again there and spend time na.

Radhika: but when?

Dev wrapped his arms around her neck side: next year, for sure.

Radhika: um.

Dev: ha Radhika, will come every year , and spend some time here. Ok

Radhika: um.

Dev: happy now.

Radhika: um

Dev pulling her head back: let me see your face

Radhika looked at him , he saw her swollen eyelids.

Dev: um, actually why you need to be this sad  Radhika, Mei hu na, thumhare saath , all the time.

Radhika  looked into his eyes and then tried to bring a smile.

Dev in a normal tone: don't you trust me?

Radhika just nodded her head and then hugged him tight.

Dev with a smile : see, now it will be our journey and I want you  to be with me, with each step I take,  For that  I want to see a stronger Radhika, or may be that Radhika who talks a lot, laugh a lot. Not his crying Radhika.

Radhika smiled again.

Dev: and you know what? Remember that Radhika who tricked me and climbed that ladder quick, and shh me from the balcony. You don't know how many times I smiled remembering that.


Radhika: tell me frankly, are you afraid of snake?

Dev: why?

Radhika in normal tone: tell me na.

Dev: not really , but still.

Radhika moving back looking into his face: that 'still' is called  'fear', ok.

Dev with a serious tone: Oh really! Then I would like to say

Radhika: that you ar afraid of snakes.

Dev: ha,  think Radhika, what if it is poisonous.

Radhika: so you are

Dev : really, but if that answer can bring a smile on my Radhika's face, then , yes.

Radhika: see I told you. With a winning smile

Dev: um. I am feeling tired, let's go to bed.

Radhika taking steps with him: um

He turned the lights off and turned the night light on, and crawled under the quilt. He looked at her face as he moved closer to her. Radhika with a smile , went into his open arms and then rested her head near his chest, listening to his heart beat.

Dev  slowly stroking her back: Radhika.

Radhika: um

Dev:  we need to pack everything by tomorrow

Radhika: but you are going out with Daadaji , right?

Dev: ha, don't worry about my packing, I can do it in few minutes, but you pack your stuff , ok.

Radhika: what do I need there?

Dev: anything you want

Radhika: I don't know anything.

Dev with a smile: that you don't worry.

Radhika: how many dress I need to pack

Dev: as the space permit, but you won't be needing much Radhika,

Radhika: mom told me that. There people won't wear saree or churidar every day , right.

Dev: um, and it is difficult to manage too, I think.

Radhika: or?

Dev: or, nothing specifically from here.

Radhika:  Mom already brought some kitchen items to take with us.

Dev: ha, mom really struggled when she came there, and was asking me how I am managing. For me, its just me, how much stuff I need.

Radhika:  so we need to buy anything more.

Dev tightening his grip on her back: no Radhika, we get everything there, Ok. You don't need to take everything from here. Whatever you need, will buy from there. For now I confirmed our tickets, so good to go. Actually Balaji sir said that he will come and pick us, but I know it will be hard, as we are reaching there on Friday and Ramesh also will be busy. SO we will take a taxi  and will go, ok

Radhika: um.

Their packing talk went on along with his talk on travel, trying to find out for loop holes.


Next day morning, everybody was sitting near the dining table.

Surender:  where is babuji?

Suchi: he went to get ready

Surender: so is he really serious to go out?

Sushma: ha mere bhayya.

Surender: I thought he was just joking.

Sushma: did our babuji ever joked?

Surender: phir bhi

Surender: and Dev?

Suchi: he too.

Sirender: um, nice

"ok, I am ready"

They all looked at that side and Surender's jaw dropped down seeing his dad.

Sushma getting up from the chair : "see , I told you, you will look much younger, and then looking at Surender, now if you two stand together na, everyone will doubt and ask, who is dad? And who is  the son?"

Surender getting up from his seat: babuji!

Yeshpal: ha, where is Dev, is he ready?

Dev: ha  daadaji, I am ready. As he climbed down from the steps along with Radhika

Lechu: daadaji, you really look smart in this tee and pants.

Yeshpal: ha, I was actually looking for a jeans, but nothing fits me, so adjusted with this.

Dev with a smile: ready

Yeshpal: kab se.

As they walking out Yeshpal: ok then, don't try to call us , or don't wait for us, we may come late. Ok

Surender kept his hands over the flanks seeing the change in his babuji's behavior.

Yeshpal , sitting back at the bike:  Dev, you are ok riding it , right?

Dev: ha daadaji, had some issue at the beginning, but now back to my normalcy.

Yeshpal: good.

Dev looked at the smiley face of Radhika  and then nodded his head to Surender and to Suchi and slowly drove out from the house gate.

They watched them going with a deep sigh

Sushma: ok then, Suchi I am ready too, when are we leaving?

Surender: leaving! Where?

Sushma: shopping

Surender: what shopping?

Sushma: for Radhika.

Surender: I thought you are coming with me to the sweet house,

Sushma: ok, let's all go together, to chandni chauk to kuthab minar.

Surender: Kya?

Sushma: kuch nahi, go get ready first. I am in competition with Babuji, let see who see most places today.

Surender: then shopping?.

Sushma: that will also chalega na. go get ready quick.

They all laughed as they got back into their house.



Time passed by, daadaji made comments as they passed through the busy streets, he held his potha's shoulder tight as his face turned all four sides to see the busy Delhi at its peak time. He sat like a kid , smiled through it , giving his complete  trust in his potha with the roads and traffic. They stopped at few places to enjoy its structure more closely .They had lunch out and again they started their Delhi exploration.

It was getting evening..

Yeshpal: beta, take me to Bahai's house of worship, I mean to the lotus temple.

Dev got curious to hear the request, but then with a smile: ok daadaji

He parked  near the entrance. He saw the excitement  in his daadaji's eyes as they walked in. The petals are opened up to its outer layer but still the middle kept the serenity by holding it together.  

Yeshpal: that is the beauty of it. that I wished to see.
They entered through one of the open door . daadaji felt the coldness as his feet touched the marble floor. He looked at the peaceful surrounding, and then scanned the people around, few sitting with closed eyes, few looking around in wonderment.  Slowly he moved to one corner and then looking at Dev's face with a smile, sat down silently, for minutes  to an hour. The silence and calmness around brought a peaceful smile on his daadajis' face.
 Dev sat with an empty mind, thinking why Daadaji spending this much time here.  He looked at his daadaji's face and tried to read it. It was looking calm, and his eyes were open, but not seeing anything in front,  for sure. He may be praying something inside.


As if realizing his potha's eyes on him, he slightly jerked and looked at his face. Nodded his head to signal him to 'chale'

 They walked out.  They took one circle around the temple and then stood on a corner near one of the small pool.

Yeshapal: thank you beta, this was my dream , to visit this place with you.  I came here once when I  heard about this place. But then recently I felt like visiting here with you. I don't know why?

 Dev standing next to  yeshpal, listened to him actively

Yeshpal: a temple which is open for anyone, everyone, without any particular Idol to see for the eyes. After all, this is the truth, what is there to differentiate, who is better than who? You may be wondering what I am saying , right? Looking at the confused face of dev.

Yeshpal: beta, for me Chandenour is the best place in the world. I lived there for all these years, I have everything there, a large  house,  land, people who loves me, who recognize me, who are ready to lift me up if I fell on that road one day. I am sure they will carry me to my home  or to a hospital without  wasting any minute.
      changing the tone slightly he continued:  But then when I think of Surender, he is living in this big town, what's the difference,  I mean, what is better here that I am missing to see in Chandenpur. Here he has  a house,  kind of big, and little land around the house,  a business of his own, few friends around, but how many are able to recognize him here, If he fall one day who will lift him up from that ground? I wonder!!. But he is happy and that is what any parent want or wish, ...seeing the happiness in their kids face. So if this place gives him the happiness that he wish for, then yes Delhi is better place for him to live on.

    then again the tone to more tender way , he continued: And look at you now, with all this facilities here, you prefer to work in U.S. so what is that Surender missing to see in Delhi.  The  cycle of mobility  is rolling from generation to generation.  Finding something missing somewhere or may be the new place fascinating us to move on further. But at the end what are we gaining, nothing.  Living in Chandenpur with my daughter, is not letting me gain anything special, but she is there for me, and I am there for her. Sometimes it hurts beta,  the thought : after me, who is there for her. 

Dev felt the deepening of his daadaji's voice: ha Beta, but still she never gives me an opportunity to talk about it, but I am glad at least now she has you all to depend on, but otherwise also Mohan was there and will take care of her, I am sure, he is just like Surender for her. But still as her babuji, I have that fear hidden somewhere inside, especially after seeing our Radhika going away from Chandenpur. Now Sushma may feel more alone. 
Dev: daadaji.  but his daadaji didn't allow him to talk about his helplssness but continued...
Yeshpal: no beta, we will adjust, I know now Sushma wants to spend time with Radhika, so only I also came along with her. Radhika is like her daughter, a friend, and ha, her princess. and  she is happy that she got her Prince and that is you.  Radhika, is a dreamy girl, I know her from her birth, she is very bubbly , there is life when she is around. She likes to hear stories. She was granny's best listener. I have seen her dreamy eyes. Our house used to awake hearing her payal sound, her giggles, her laughter, her loud voice,  For this last two years, along with Sushma I also waited for that weekend, for her to come and run around the haweli. I don't know how many times I smiled listening to her blabbering with Sushma.  She used walk behind Sushma talking about you all.
     His deepepaning voice continued:   Yesterday it was not her bidaai from her house, it was from Chandenpur. Many of us are going to miss her smiley face. As I said , earlier there was an expectation of her coming back on weekends, but now, maybe years of waiting. We all want her to join with you, but at the same time we all don't want her to leave chandenpur either. That is the state of human mind , right?. We want the  thing that is  sitting at the rooftop, but don't want  the one to loose that is near our shoulder.  We need to choose any one, and that is  hard......    now, you are taking her away from us. So take care of her well, take it as my request beta. Few dropes of tears rolled from his eyes.

Dev moving forward with his hand up to wipe those tears

Yeshpal: no beta, I am fine. These eyes were dry when my mom died, that time I full filled my mom's wish through the presence of you all. But this time, it is not ready to listen to me, see first time Yeshpal's eyes gave up in front of his potha saying his heart out. I know you may be wondering what this old man is blabbering, right? May be when you reach my age, you will remember my talk and then may understand it better. 

Then suddenly drying it off, and  with a pleading voice: don't tell this to my son or daughter ok. They will laugh listening to my tear talk. For now keep this as a secret between us. I thought to talk to you for sometime, alone. So only I asked you to bring me here.

Dev just went and hugged his daadaji  and in his helpless tone: Daadaji, mei....

Yeshpal: No beta, I  was not trying to pull you back or anything, I told you, it is a blessing to see the smile on our kids face. So if you know what you are doing is right for you and your family, then go ahead beta, time will never stop, so be confident in your decisions and move ahead with that, my blessings are always with you.Ok.

Think if Surender stayed back in Chandenpur, he won't be becoming this big business icon. So the place gives you the opportunity to grow up in your life, so go ahead,ok. Saying that he held his grandson's shoulder tight , giving him confidence more confidence

Yeshpal: chale...

Dev: um.

They ride back, Yeshpal held his grand-son's shoulder tight , but his eyes were not fascinated by the surrounding this time, he sat silently.


They reached home. Yeshpal came back into his normal self  by then . Surender was sitting on the couch.  Yeshpal started saying how much fun they had, what all places they visited and what all did he see. Surender wondered inside, is this the first time babuji visiting Delhi? no.... but still he listened to his dad's talk without questioning.


Dev: Dad, where is mom and all?


Surender: up, in Lechu's room.

Dev: what they are doing up there?

Surender: don't ask me.  Unfortunately I went along with them, they not only made me to sit long hours in store, but also emptied my purse completely.

Dev: what?

Surender: um.. your buava

Dev: one minute, let me go and check

Surender: ha, come back with the same face Ok

 Dev climbed up the stairs thinking Surender's words.

He saw the door closed with the giggles coming out. He opened the door and went in and found  Lechu laughing hard, pressing her head down on the pillow.

Dev: lechu!

Lechu raised her head and looked at him sursprisingly: Bro!!

Dev: what?  Where is mom?

Lechu: shhhhh

Soon the washroom door got opened and Suchma came out: ok Lechu, here I present my bhabhi'. And she extended her arm out welcoming Suchi out. Soon Suchi came out and stood with a shy smile near Sushma. Followed by smiley face of Radhika.


Seeing the ladies in front Dev's jaw dropped down and he stood with a full circle lip stretch.

The smile from the face of the ladies disappeared as they saw Dev unexpectedly in front of them.

He looked at each one, Sushma and Suchi in loose top with black pants and Radhika in a nice printed top and blue jeans.

Suchi looked at Sushma and Radhika once and tried to hide back inside the washroom, Dev came back to reality  and  pulled on his mom's hand and he called out for his dad loud.

Suchi: Dev, leave my hand , let me go and change

Dev: no way,  he called out again loudly: dad''.

Surender heard his voice, he looked at yeshpal

Surender: I gave him the warning, but still didn't listen to me, now  let him handle it.

Dev: daaaad

Sushma: Dev beta, I know my brother, he won't come. And he knows what we are doing here. So don't waste your time by calling him again.

Dev: Buava, one minute, atleast let me take a picture, please don't let mom change Ok

Sushma: oh, see, it is not only your mom, we two also changed into new ones, but he sees only his mom. Um

Dev: its not that buava,  you don't know how many times we requested her when she visited U.S., but never listened, but see now, because of you she  wore it.

Sushma: um, trying to apply soap on me now

Dev: no buava , please.

Sushma: ok then, one condition, not only your mom's, you need to take our picture too.

Dev: done

Sushma: ok , then Done.

Dev turning back twice, ran into his room and came back quick and started clicking it. Suchi was  tyring hard to control that blush on her cheek, but still the comments from Dev, Lechu, and Sushma made her to blush hard.

The laughter  went light as the time passed by.  All settled back to get ready for dinner.

Radhika went to her room to change. She passed the door and turned to close it, as she closed , she felt the force on her hand that pinned her against the wall so quick.
She opened her fearful eyes and found  loving eyes of Dev on her.
Radhika: what are you doing?let me go?
Dev: mumhum..
Radhika; kyum?
Dev: because you look very beautiful in this dress.
Radhika with little shyness: chodiyena
Dev: muhum, I imagined you in this, but you look much prettier than my imagination.
Radhika: why you have to imagine me like that?
Dev: what else I do? I got the permit.
Radhika: um, really.
DEv's hand stroked on her waist to her back and then looking  at her head to toe and then back into her eyes : looking really smart Radhika.
RAdhika felt shy as his eyes lingered on her body : let me go change, mom will be getting the dinner ready.
Dev: I know, but still you look so pretty.
She forced on his upper arm to move him away. But he held her more forcefully and then forced her face to look at him. Radhika's lips streched slightly with shyness and her cheeks blushed as his lips fell on them.
As he pulled back his face: let me take a snap, ok.
Radhika: you took many.
Dev:  but not a single one of yours.
Radhika: please.
Dev: please.
Dev: that's my girl
Now come, stay under this light, and give me a smart smile.
Radhika smiled wide
Dev: No Radhika, just a small one
Radhika controlled her smile as he clicked. Keeping his camera back Dev: now let's have dinner quick, I am relaly tired, roaming all around Delhi .
Radhika: where did you go?
Dev: will tell you , after dinner, ok.
 They had dinner and had long family fun talk  and then later in Radev's room....
Radhika  resting her head in his chest : ok, now what else we need to pack.

Dev: that I will take care , don't worry. Babuji and all will be here tomorrow , right.

Radhika: ha.

Dev: one more night here.

Radhika embraced his shoulder tight with that talk.

Dev placed a kiss over her forehead and took her in his tight embrace, conveying that he is with her.

Radhika just tightened her grip one more time.

Time ticked  by. Dev's eyes were still open thinking of daadaji's talk, to understand it, what he really tried to tell him. But he was unable to comprehend the old man's talk in its full sense as his eyes slowly gave up on his thoughts because of the hectic day that just passed.


Thank you friends,  

P.S:  wait for the flight to land in U.S. for Radev moments, their  time and struggle in their new world.

Also next update depending on response back.. Big smile

Did you comment for avina today, or else here is the link for you ...

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