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abhilasha_dream IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
am feeling so sad as d days of SEPARATION in the TRUE meaning has begun for our RADEV

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Dev , sitting near the window side, closed the shades. He tried to bring the darkness into his eyes.. The host took the dinner tray away and soon they turned all the bright lights off. He saw few enjoying the small screen in front of them.. but nothing fascinated him at this moment to divert his attention.. he took the small pillow from behind and placed that near his neck.. for support and then slowly rested his head back on to the seat.. 


He slowly closed his eyes.. there he saw his Radhika, standing near the window, looking up at the clouds' .. her eyes are wet but she is still keeping that smile for him.. how could she do that? I struggled each moment that I spend with her, to cover my own emotions, my pain. So only I suggested for that dinner prep, so that we can avoid that missing talk, that pain.. to divert her.. she was forgetting the world around her.. I felt it when she held my arm in that crowd.. I saw a new Radhika in this last two days, may be for last one week.... where she wants to be with me, her eyes always cornered me.. the Radhika I met first time is vanished totally.. no she is still there in her some where hiding  , but '

Knowingly I tried to avoid her today.. seeing her pain will add to my own agony of missing her. She came to me last night, spend the whole night standing next to me.. whereas all these days she was sending me off quick with one or the other reason..  she stood far away to look at me.. she kept that smile on her face.. whereas I wished for that time to come quick, so that I can just escape from all these.. one side mom started showing her sadness , dad tried to bring the spirit in everyone's face, just like last time..  but  this time.. Radhika, she was pulling me back..  if I have really looked into her eyes, I am sure I won't be able to go back to my wish..

'You stood there for me, in my room, leaning onto that wall.. closing your eyes.. last time I pulled you, but this time you gave up.. .. but the fear inside me.. i am sure if i have looked deep into those eyes, i might cancel my trip.. seeing your love for me..  ,  pulled me away from you, from giving what you conveyed.'. 

'but then.. you covered your face from me, turning to the wall..  and I can't take that.. it was so painful to see that trail of tears.. you held it back for long.. and my avoidance gave you more pain, but still you tried to smile through it..  hiding your true feeling to show a happy face to me..  how could you do that?'.. I wished if you just cry loud and hit my chest once saying not to go.. but instead, you smiled through it, and told me to come back quick' ..   you knew its my dream from my school days.. and with that smile you respected my dream.. my wish..  I love you Radhika.. love you so much.. but now when we meet again, I promise I won't let you be apart from me not even for a day'..  I want to hold you in my arms forever..


"sir, anything to drink?".. the sound of a beauty wake him up from his thoughts..

"water please"'  

She poured cold water with cubes in it to a plastic cup and gave to him with a smile on her face..and then moved to the front..  he pulled up the shade and looked out through the oval window..  now he felt the feeble feeling of heaviness, of being so high'.. he sipped onto that cold water looking blindly outside..


 "Didn't  he call yet?' Suchi again asked Surender with a hope..

SUrender: Suchi, now this is becoming a routine..  there is still time..  try to relax.. please..

Suchi sat back on the couch with  a heavy heart'

Radhika was totally into her assignment works, to take away that tension'... but somewhere her ears were trying to listen to that phone to ring...' 

 Finally it rang.. Suchi got up first and lifted the phone.. Surender saw the smile and then the chain of questions'.. he stood there with patience..and  finally

Surender: Suchi, can I ask him something?

Suchi: ha..

Surender talked with him and asked him to call once he reach his apartment..

Radhika got back to her room as she  saw Surender keeping the receiver back.. She thanked God as she got back on to the chair.. how long it may take him to call back again'... that time he may talk to me.. but then "what will he talk?..'.. may be about his journey.. may be what he  ate during his journey.. or will he say something else.. like he missed me.. like he closed his eyes and found me standing near the window looking at him'...  Radhika was smiling with that thought.

She closed her book and went to his room..  she stood behind the door flap and closed her eyes'..  she can feel that energy now, circling her with his presence'...  he is standing closer to her.. she is expecting him to feel her..  she waited...'but then that energy felt weaker.. she slowly opened her eyes and found him walking towards his backpack'... she was unable to take that.. all this time I controlled my pain, because my pain may hurt him..  and he is going to leave soon, i don't want him to feel down as he step out from here....    thought to give it up this time, to please him.. but he ignored it' .. it was so painful for me to digest.. I turned back as my eyes gave up on me..  but then he came back, he forced me to face him again, I tried to bring back that smile.. it was so painful to see his achy eyes, his heavy face, to leave me behind.. 

Unknowingly the tears rolled from her eyes at this time..

She went back to that moment.. where he pulled her towards him and took into his tight embrace, and then all that loving kisses just to pacify my pain..   I wish if I could stop you from going.. but no I know how much you dreamed of this ..  so only I let you go.. but next time, when you come after six months, I won't let you go anywhere.. I want you to be near by me .. all the time'


She jerked as she heard Lechu's sound calling out for her, saying Bro's phone.. She wiped off her tears.. and ran down to the main hall.. 

Suchi gave the phone to Radhika.. Radhika took it from her with a  forceful smile at Suchi..  .. she held the receiver near her ear..  her heart started beating faster,,..  all the words stuck in her throat'... she don't know what to say..  she saw Suchi looking at her with a smile..

Oh God.. I need to say something.. with so much force she was able to bring out the sound : hello'.  In a very low voice..

"muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa''  you suppose to give this na.". Dev's voice said very softly

She blushed and looked at Suchi, but then found Suchi chatting with Lechu something about his journey..

"Radhikaaa'.  Say something.., I know you won't be able to give it back as everybody is around you.. but say something na.."  he requested..

But what will I say.. I don't know what to say'.. he suppose to say everything...' her mind mumbled inside..

Dev: Radhika.. are you there..?'

"ummm".. she managed to say that out..

Dev: why? Don't want to talk to me now..

Rahdika: um'

Dev: what?

Radhika looking around: um..

Dev: what is this Um.. um.. Radhika, please say something..

Radhika: vo.. vo..  you are Ok, right?

Dev with a smile: finally.. at least you asked me something'.. ha Yes, I am fine.. the journey was OK.. I reached on time..and now back in my lonely place.. and..

Dev: hello.. hello.. hello'..  Oh god , the line got cut..

He tried again and again.. it was giving a busy tone.. he got frustrated.. but then resting his head back onto the chair, he tried to relax...'


After getting fresh up he went out to buy some milk and basic groceries..  He felt so lonely while making the tea.. he remembered how Radhika was making tea for him.. his time passed quick as he tried to settle back in place..  he checked on his college site, time ticked by...   and finally he decided to check his mail..

His eyes gone wide as he saw the one from Rahdika..:  how she got it.. um.. smart..

He opened it and just one line: take care..

Dev smiled seeing the message'..  he replied.. "not fair.. so short.. you didn't even talk to me properly.. and just this!.. you need to compensate, or I won't write much either"..'


Later next day, reading the message, she smiled and replied:  "is your class started? Here, Heena is teasing me'    she is telling that I changed' ... 't.' ... '.. .. t.. t'   it was so fun..'

Dev reading it.. smiled self thinking.. she write all class incidents in this mail.!!. as he was about to reply , other mail popped up'... he checked the  time.. it should be around 1 AM there and she is online..!! he checked back.. her sign was gray.. he checked wih sending a message.."r u there?'

 The message popped back quick: r u there?!

Dev: its too late ,, go to bed..

Radhika: I am not sleepy..

Dev: Radhika'

Rahdika: um..

Dev: use the earphone.. I am calling you..

Radhika picked it and connected to her computer.. soon she heard the ring sound and she clicked the answer button with a smile..

Dev: so what's up?

Radhika: nothing..

Dev: thinking of  me, this late..

Radhika: no actually i was studying and when I finished I thought to send you a mail..

Dev: oh really, you were studying this long..!!

Radhika: ha, tomorrow I am going to Chandenpur, so I prefer to finish all the works before hand..

Dev: um, I know.. so will you send me mails from there..

Radhika: um..

Dev: I will call you too..

Radhika: um.. no college?.. it is around noon, right?

Dev:  starts from Monday.. I came little early.. so settling everything down.. so after that it will be difficult to catch you like this..

Radhika giggled..

Dev: and then.. what else..

The talk went on for an hour..

Dev: Radhika, now go to bed.. will call you tomorrow..

Radhika: um.. goodnight..

Dev: just that..'.

Radhika: why?

Dev: just a goodnight..

Radhika: um' she smiled shy..

Dev: Radhika.. I can see that shy smile on you.. ye, connect to the videocam..

Radhika: no, I don't have any here..

Dev: oh' ya..  but there is one in Dad's office..

Radhika: I ain't going there..

Dev: u have one in Chandenpur?

Radhika: ha.. but never used.. it came along with the packet at that time..

Dev: try to connect it there OK' ..and I will cacth you online on Saturday, '

Radhika: um..

Dev: still um'.. give me my hak..

Radhika: what hak?

Dev: you know it..

Radhika: not now.

Dev: what?

Radhika: now there is no stock.. when you come after 6 months' .. then..

Dev: Radhika , that's not fair..

Radhika: that is fair' .. now goodnight..

Saying that she logged off quick..

She  smiled getting up from the chair and then went to bed with a smile on her face, totally in her own world.. she closed her eyes with that smile tucked to her lips..'


Radhika was in daadi's room for sometime.. talking about Dev's trip and whatever she knew till that time.. Daadi was smiling all through her talk.. thinking how much Radhika changed.. she felt as if her granddaughter is living in a dream world now.. even though her eyes are open, she is seeing him in front of her..

Later she said good night and went to her room. Closed the door behind tight ... She took the video cam out.. tried to connect it' ..first she was unable to get it fixed, but then she got the image better..

She waited for him to join..  and finally he came up with some excuses..  they tried to connect each other.. he saw her image in, but not much clear, the light was not enough.. he asked her to adjust so many things but nothing went fine.. she was unable to see his image, he said his is not working, some issue.. will look for a new one soon.. he saw her irritated face when she heard that .. she turned the cam off as she heard him giggling..

Dev: what happened?

Radhika: no.. now you will see me only after 6 months..

Dev: not fair Radhika.. very disappointedly

Radhika: ha, it is fair.. then with a tinge of sadness she said; if I see you one more time and I won't be able to let you go. I think this is fine.. I am getting adjusted to it.. so..  her words trailed off, but she managed with her broken words..  and she logged off from there quick..

Dev realized how much she is missing him.. he too.. but each day when he logged onto his mail, there was so many from his Radhika, waiting for him to open.. he tried to reply for some.. but not all .. its just one after another/...' he always felt happy when those mails popped up..'
His college started fine and he got busy.. all tiredness vanished when he saw her mails..    Surender surprised to see short bills this time..

Suchi: he is calling more often now days'

Surender: um.. missing Radhika..!

Suchi  smiled..

Surender: I am really happy Suchi.. finally it happened what I wished for, or may be granny dreamed for long'  he really in love with Radhika.. I hope he will come back soon.. and I am sure he can join with me in business.. and I can take a break..

Suchi: um.. all this time, it was him to accept it is having him with the business' next?

Surender: what else: marriage.. why to wait?.. when he is working in a reputed business firm and anyway its all fixed.. so

Suchi: good..  after that...

Surender very seriously: Radhika can also join our business.. I mean..

Suchi: Oh really.. good , then..

Surender: then.. then.. what else/

Suchi: Thank God.. you stopped dreaming at that point..

Surender: what do you mean.. tightening his forehead..

Suchi: no, the hope is really nice.. but this five months should pass quick na..

Surender: see , how fast the first month passed , so I am sure, this will also go quick and he will be back soon..

Suchi: um', I hope too..

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Part 54

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Devika's note...

Thanks buddies… for all the like buttons and valuable comments and to those lovely readers who are unable to respond here.. so you liked  Dev's departure…  so now what do I do?.. Ok as few of you said, let have some chatting, phone talks and emails.. for next  couple of episodes.. and may be a nok-jhok thru that.. don't know but I can try for that.

So mohini, soniya, you all want that 6 months to be fast forwarded.. yes, I can definitely try for that, but after few things I want to bring out.. then it will be a fast forwarded episode..   yes she will miss him…really badly…

Um.. not a kiss.. but a peck….  He.. that is special and it won't come that easy…I am saving it for another time… he he he…

6months = ? I leave that up to you to guess… ha ha..  depending on how many emails and chatting radev prefer to do…

Ok, a humble request to the active readers of this FF.
Please let me know if you are not finding that connection between charactors behaviour. May be there is a reason why i wrote it that way, thinking you may get it easily.. so if you are finding a gap between behaviour, please let me know. SO that I can clarify it.. because, I am going to deal with complexity of one's normal behaviour. as i said there is no amma or villain in action here.. its all the behaviour.. so.. clarify it before hand, otherwise you won't be able to get it comepletely.. and in turn won't make any sense for me to continuing with it.. so i want you to proceed with clear vision.. I may bring up so many things later.. like for payal scene, i took almost 5 talk to reach up to there, but certain behaviour better to clarify  like, why just a peck.. why  he refused to kiss her at first,... why he ignored her.. all that has a reason in me, so ask me to get it out .. ok..
thank you all for liking the Radev separation scene...  hope you will like the upcoming part too... have a good day..
Take care

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honey_princess Goldie

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So..................... happy about the fact that a month has already passed! Loved all the lovey-dovey talk between the two love birds!!! Bring our Dev back to his Radhika soon!!!

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by radev_forever

So..................... happy about the fact that a month has already passed! Loved all the lovey-dovey talk between the two love birds!!! Bring our Dev back to his Radhika soon!!!
thanks .. wish i could do that quick.. really wish that with Surender, Suchi, Lechu, and Radhika... let see...  thanks for the hug and Hug  for  you...

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palak13 Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
yay one mohth passed loved how they chatted online and sending mails to gd hope this 5 month pass soon di and then a dhamaka part of dev returning and some rade sncenes

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sunbeam09 Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 3:38pm | IP Logged

Lovely update and very interesting story......Its very different from the last one....First of all I wanna say sorry for not commenting for so long......Actually I have a science provincial exam on this wednesday......So I better get back to studying.....I will read the rest of the FF later..I just have 2 or 3 more chapters to read....Anyways Thanks for the pm:)

Take care:(

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myry Newbie

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 3:43pm | IP Logged i read from your note the kiss will come later...he is saving it...nice...i know u will make it special ...thanks a lot 4 the last update,i liked the way u expressed/described their feelings at that final touching moment...great story so far,really like your writing style -unique

this is 4 uClap

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