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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
Oh............. poor Dev! His date ruined!!! Cry Cry Cry  ROFL

Now everyone knows that Radika belongs to Dev! Hope Rads won't blow a fuse when she gets back! Wink

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Lots of interesting updates. 
The poor guy had to manipulate to go on a luncheon date with Radhika, and his parents join him ---that was really sadUnhappy
Atleast let this guy be successful before he leaves back for Stanford.
Why do I get the feeling that Radhika is happy about the fact that Dev has publicly announced their engagement?  Let me see how you have thought of her reaction.
Waiting for the next update.

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged


Chander was driving back Radhika to home. He said that Lechu came early as her last two hours of class got cancelled and next day is holiday because their college won the interuniversity championship ,as this is their first win. Radhika was imagining Lechu's excitement to talk about this to her. They reached home and Radhika as usual was walking towards the kitchen. To her surprise she found Suchi and Lechu sitting quietly in the dining room..


Radhika paused and with concern: Mom, Is everything OK?


Suchi looked at Radhika and tried to bring a smile:  Ha beta..  come let me get you tea.. saying that she went to kitchen


Radhika looked at Lechu and puzzled to see her silence: ye, Lechu, I heard your college win.. congrats..

Lechu in a sad tinged tone: thanks Di..

Radhika went near Lechu, and touched her head: Ye, tell me what happened?  Is everything is OK?

Lechu just nodded her head in disagreement'


Radhika sat in next chair: what happened?


Lechu: I came so happy because of the holidays, and I am getting three days off including  the weekend.. but when I got home..  Bro said his flight timing got changed because of some airline take over things. So he needs to start early. Radhika felt a pinching inside, but she tried to control it..


Radhika: means.. ?


Lechu: three days early, so he needs to start next Wednesday, otherwise he has to wait for  another one week.


Radhika with a hope: then he an go one week late.. right?

Listening to this Suchi came in: no beta, he got this extension after many requests and patch ups. So he needs to be there on time. But its ok, anyway he needs to go after two days na..  here have your tea..


Radhika: did you all have it.?.

Lechu: ha, Bro made it for all of us. He called dad when he got the call and dad and mom came back quick and I came early too because of the cancellation.  Dad asked him what's his plan and he said he needs to start early, then we all got gloomy, so to cheer us up he made tea and made all of to take it..

Radhika: where is Dev ?


Lechu: in his room'


Radhika: let me go and see him...


Suchi: Radhika beta, finish your tea..


Radhika: ha mom'


Radhika went up and put her college bag in her room, and went directly to Dev's room'  He was on the phone..


Radhika waited looking at his talk, he didn't notice her presence . Radhika was in total confusion what to ask him.. She felt so much irritated to see his cool attitude, while talking on the phone, especially after seeing sad Lechu and Suchi.  She felt angry too, but she doesn't want that emotion to show up on him at that time..  how can he act so normal when his own family is worried about preponding his  return..   but then Dev saw Radhika standing near, his eyes beamed up..    he smiled at her, she tried to do the same too..  he quickly closed the conversation with his friend and put the phone on the table..

Dev: ye, you here already'  he put up a kiddish face by inwardging his upper lip and  pushing it down on his lower lip to bulge it out slightly' and then he asked with a precautionary tone :   "ye, am in  trouble..? sorry Radhika, I didn't mean to irritate you at the college, you know, I never talk that way with anyone, I just had my friends and usually gang out with them only, but today, I don't exactly know who were around us.    because you were near me, gave me that confidence, so only I responded that way.. first of all  I was not knowing that nobody knows about it, I am really sorry, did the students troubled you after I left? He asked with so much concern and with a big sorry face.
Radhika just listened patiently..


Radhika trying to be normal : its ok..  it went fine.


Dev: are you sure..?

Radhika: ha' by nodding her head along with confirming her statement.

Dev: ok , then there is no  problem.. 

He came near to her and held her hand: you know what I thought  when you come back you may bring  a big long stick with you and beat me  all over..


Radhika: I thought of that, but then  I decided to forgive you..


Dev:  why?... oh '.  As if he understood the reason.. Did  you meet mom' ok then now I got it.. so you are also going to join their gang..   Ok then'  go down and sit with them..  bringing a serious tone.OK and he released her hand and turned to walk away to pick the phone..


Radhika felt like crying right then,  ' how can he say like that? How can he act so normal?' 


Dev turned back and asked: oh so you didn't go yet'.  Go Radhika, go and join them..

Radhika felt a tinge of sadness in his tone.. as if he is trying to hide his feelings from his family now. That is why he is shooing her off' 


Dev again looked at her: I need to make a call.. ok, excuse me' saying that he started dialing a number ..


Radhika looked at him one more time and walked out from his room'


Dev saw that, once she left, he put the phone on the table and then sat back on the chair, resting his head lagging back and closed his eyes'


Time passed by.. The evening was silent than usual.. Surender tried to bring cheer on everyone's face, they smiled in between' Dev tried to join well too.but he acted little indifferent, trying to show up that he is perfectly fine.. Surender was noticing it..


Surender: Ok, Dev, so how long it may take exactly to complete the course..


Dev: 6 more months and then I am done.


Lechu: wow! Only six more..!!.


Surender: that is the benefit of studying there Lechu. They do consider your studies and give you credits for it..right?


Dev: ha dad..


Surender: ONLY six more months and it will just fly away' how soon, ya, you better go soon and finish it as  quick as you can'


Suchi with a doubt : so only six more months..


Dev: ha mom.. I need to do a project work too.. so depending on that..


Suchi's sound was getting better..


Lechu started her talk, slowly Suchi joined and Surender beamed up too.. Dev felt much relieved seeing his family back into action, but he noticed Radhika's silence.. but she is like that, she is much of a listener when it comes to family talk.. she just smile and get along with it with agreeing with everything..  she is a very good listener with  Lechu's talk. Nobody else has much patience to listen to her silly college stories, even she sometimes comment on teacher's dress color like a huge thing in the world'  but Radhika just listen to her with a smile'  for her Radhika is the only hope for her silly things. Sometimes mom tries to show that patience but she never get that ample time in the evening.. or just say something, which make Lechu  feel unhappy..


 after dinner Dev put one of Lechu's favorite movie on, as she got holiday next day. They all sat to watch it, Surender also joined them..  Radhika excused herself saying that she has college work pending.


Dev looking at Lechu's enthusiasm to wath movies: dad, I think you better find any actor for Lechu.. she will be the happiest daughter in the world..


Lechu: why bro..

 Dev: seeing your obsession with these movies..

Surender: ya, I think that will be a good idea.


Suchi: let me watch'  don't talk..


Surender loked at Dev and raised his brows signaling him to see Suchi's  seriousness. 

Lechu: Bro, don't worry about me.. but if you are really serious then look for Ranbeer Kapoor..


Suchi: what? Who is he?


Surender: so you are not watching TV  ..


Suchi: please, if you guys can sit quietly then only I am going to sit, or else I am going to bed..


They smiled at each other , Lechu secretly to dad: mom is worst than me, when it comes to movie..

Surrender secretly: sach..


Suchi: I can see that..

Surender and Lechu sat straight and  started watching the movie..

Dev's eyes glanced up once in a while at Radhika's room. He saw the lights still on..  later when he glanced up he saw the lights turned off.. he thought she may come down, but she didn't. his heart ached to go up and meet her..  but then he looked around and found everyone seriously looking into the movie.. he remained on his chair, keeing his leg up on the sofa'   but his mind was wandering around Radhika..  after half an hour the movie got over' 
Suchi looked up and said: looks like Radhika already  slept. Anyway she has college tomorrow. But then suddenly thinking of something


Suchi: tomorrow is Friday , right?


Surender: ha.. why you are saying that in a shock..


Dev was turning the TV off..


Suchi: no.. then Radhika might be going to chandenpur. Did anybody called from Chandenpur, or  did Radhika say anything.. I totally forgot to ask her  because of Dev's ticket issue..


Dev 's mouth went dry listening to that. He stood there froze' 


Suchi: let me check on her and ask'  hope she is not slept yet/..


Surender stood there only. Dev was setting the entertainment station.. his heart started beating faster, he felt the unesiness.. .. he wanted her to be awake' Lechu followed Suchi..


Suchi came back: She already slept. I don't want to wake her up.. I will ask her in the morning'


Surender: ha, it's good that you didn't wake her up.. she might be really tired after college and all' anyway, there is time.. Goodnight Dev..


Dev: goodnight dad..


Surender went to his room.  Dev went near mom and held her shoulder : goodnight mom..


Suchi looked into his eyes, and she noticed that tinge of worriness in his eyes..: she said goodnight too..


She just hugged him closely and said: it's ok beta..  don't worry..


Dev hugged his mom and said: um'

Suchi tried to bring a smile: now go to bed' do you want me to tuck you in?


Dev: mom' I will be fine..


Suchi: um.. I know.. 


Dev climbed stairs and looked down as his mom turned off the light and went to her room. Dev went inside his room'  he was unable to digest the fact that Radhika already slept. He thought of meeting her every night, to spend time.. because he liked it..  he loved it' he turned to side to side to get more comfortable , but it didn't work...  .. finally he got up,

He went to Rahika's room. The dim light was on.. the  window curtains were flying up with the wind.. she never closed the window panels.. she loved that breeze to come in'  he saw her laying on her side in bed facing out with her blanky on her..   he went and sat near..  he looked at her sleeping form.. thought to wake her up, but then he  hesitated as he saw the calmness on her face'   may be she is really tired.. he looked at the clock, it is already past 12.30. and she has college tomorrow too..

"why did I shoo her off when she came to my room..?  but then she should understand my state of mind too..  atleast she should. I know Mom felt very upset and me too'  I didn't do it purposefully.. but..  he looked at her face for sometime and got up to leave' 


suddenly she turned  her posture to lay on her back and her payal made that soft giglly sound.. he stopped.,  listening to it .. his eyes fell on her ankles.   The blanky just moved up showing her fair ankle with that anklets'  he loved watching it on her ankle all the time..    a small smile appered on his corner lips.. he sat on his knee near her foot end.. he looked at those broad silver anklets..  few monutes ticked by.. he looked up to see her sleepy face' he slowly lifted his hands up , and softly touched on her anklet on her right anklet. The beads were hanging down touching her skin closely and unknwoingly his eyes caught the sight of the clasp..  he looked at her face again..  he carefully brought his hand to touch the clasp as it was on the side of her ankle. Unknowingly his finger tip touched her skin.. he pulled back his hand as a reflex action as he saw her moving. she turned to the other side by covering her face with her arm..  her right feet rested on the left.. 


He looked back again at the payal. Now it is hanging easily,  giving more room for him to take the clasp off.  He slowly extended his hand out and carefully removed the clasp and slide the payal out from her ankle. As it slide out he looked at Radhika's head side.. she still sleeping but took her arms off from her face to pull the blanky higher to her neck'and she clunged on to it for more wormth.. he smiled holding the payal in his hand at his eye level' 


He got up and stood on his feet.. he looked at her sleeping form again.. he turned to move but then with a lovely corner smile he stopped, he came back near to her head side.. saw her laying facing on to the bed side.  Her side profile was clearly visible ' he neared her face, his face lowered down ... aiming at her cheek...  and then softly placed a lovely kiss over her right cheek and  felt her cold cheek with his slightly parted lips. Radhika didn't move at all..   he pulled his face back and looked at her one more time..  he wanted to stroke on her hair' but no,  he doesn't want to disturb her'  his lips mumbled  " sweet dreams my sleeping beauty'"  and then with an ear to ear smile he left her room as Radhika just pulled on the blanky to cover her face' and she curled up her body inside that,  like she is laying in her mother's womb for warmth and comfort'

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Hi buddies....

How are you all?
 Thanks for the great response. So you think my Radhika is angry all the time. No she si not. she was happy to go for lunch..  only she got trritated ( may be like Radha said, inner happiness that she didn't show up at that time..) after the whole college scene as  she never expected that to happen. But yes, her reactions to that will come out soon or later, don't know in which part may be next or after that... no clue.. 
so glad to hear that most of you liked dad son interaction.. thank you so much for letting me know about that. and for liking the college scene.. and waited for the firework? sorry  as it  turned out to be a calm night.. but the real reaction will come up soon...
and also still few are not happy for Radhika not showing up her feelings completely. Don't worry, trust me.. it's all coming..but slowly.. may be the true radhika will be revealed mostly towrds the end, but for tnow the current feelings of her , she will show up and you will see it through her actions and her words to Dev.. so it is there, it will be coming.. but when, soon or later...
Oh god.. missed something badly today with this update.. just clicked.. but no worries, it will come later for sure... 
I hope you will like today's update. let me look at the TRP.. going to act like ZEE now. Update will depend on daily TRP ....   how is that.????.
 Before signing off, should say one more time THANK YOU SO MUCh.. for the likes and support and those exciting PM's.. need to move on.... so thank you and relaly appreciate the feedback from you.....
 catch you all tomorrow.
till then take care
Devika Big smile

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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Oh................ Dev has to go back soon............................. Cry Cry 

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Devika liked the update methinks that Radhika was pretending to sleep when Dev was doing all thatWink and she is also sad and will miss him a lot. well waiting to see her reaction.Big smile

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abhilasha_dream IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Oh so sad !! Dev has to leave so soon, Bt i really don't understand y can't Radhika show a bit of her feelings, she looks so indifferent to everything

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Hi Devika
Now I have to say--poor Radhika. I felt so sad for her---

You really portray the complexity of emotions really well--the feelings of the parents--how mom and dad deal with the same issue but in a different way; Lechu getting excited with the anticipation and by the end of six months, her brother will be back and the wedding--and Radhika's turmoil--and her response was so true to her character...

The budding relationship between Dev and Radhika--made Dev not completely certain about her feelings..very well done...

And the payal scene was beautiful--so is Dev taking the payal with him?..So the sleeping beauty did not wake up...

Looking forward to the next episode--

BTW, in the previous episode (and I forgot to mention), I really liked the last part where Dev is nostalgic for his college days--remembering the moments he had spent with his friends....

Please update soon--

P.S. The TRP's are very high (a perfect 10). Currently it is on # 1 position across all channels...I did an informal survey and sometimes the like button doesn't work--and there are many silent readers/watchers.

Also, I hope Dev doesn't take too long to finish his project---Smile

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