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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 6:50pm | IP Logged

Great updates for parts 36 and 37...I  also like the clarification in your notes

I like the pace--i like the fact that you are giving us everything in one sitting---i like the intrigue, the dilemma, the confusion of thought....

More RaDev momentsWink?????????????---lopoking forward to them

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 7:31pm | IP Logged
Nice update di , the way u r presenting their talks , confusion , feelings is mind blowing . waiting for their more moments ..THANKs .

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:18pm | IP Logged


The morning felt so fresh and beautiful for him..   he looked at the clock .. it was already 7.30 AM.  He got up from the bed and went to fresh up.  He came out from the room, and with a hopeful smile he went near Radhika' room..  it was open but empty..  he looked in Lechu's room, she was still sleeping.. he went down to the main hall. Surender was reading the newspaper..

"Goodmorning dad.." 


Surender  raising his head: goodmorning son'  how was the night.?.


Dev: good dad..   then glancing to the dining area.. 'where is mom?


Surender:  She left around 5 .30.. planning to come back early to spend time with you guys.. she is taking off  few days before you leave, working hard now.. so went half heartedly..


Dev: but once she get there , she won't even  pick up the  call..   then later will say  I was busy..


Surender: I Know..


Dev: had tea..


Surender: ha.. Radhika made it..


Dev: ok dad, then let me grab one..

Surender: ha Beta' 


Dev walked away passing the dining hall  as his dad  dig back his head into the newspaper'   He saw Radhika wearing a green color churidar, opening cupboards one after other' he smiled' it was clearly written on her face that she is in confusion..  Dev turned back to check to make sure nobody near him  and it looked safe for him to move further, he just haulted right behind her.. Radhika moved to check on the next one, suddenly she felt somebody right behind her.. she startled and turned quick with an attempt to move away, but then he held her shoulder'


"Radhika , it's me.." 

 Her frightened eyes met his comforting eyes..


She took a deep sigh..  "aap bhi na..  why you likes to scare me like this?'


Dev: I didn't mean to scare you' you are the one getting scared without any reason..


Radhika: no reason.. if you come silently  like this and stand behind like this..  then.. She looked at him in a questioning expression..


Dev: what I will do ? I checked in your room.. and then  I came here for my morning tea.. and I am seeing  you are not at all bothering to ask me'.


Radhika: you should ask me na.. then only I will know what you need.. one minute.. you need tea, right? That I can manage..


She moved away from his grip and took the sauspan in her hand..

Dev: so you need to make one..

Radhika: ha'  just two minutes' how do I know that you were  going to wake up now..


Dev: so, now you know right?..


Radhika: that is why I am telling.. two minute..   she kept the sp over the burner..


Dev sat over the counter , watching her doing it.. with a smile on his lips..


Dev: you know what I missed there' the smell of agarbathy in the morning


Radhika tried to smile at him..


Dev: ok.. Radhika, what you were looking in all these cupboards..


Rahdika:  we need to think of breakfast na. I don't have any clue, Suchi mom didn't say anything either.. what do I do? What papa likes?..  handling the tea cup to him.


Dev: Radhika, you are here for last one year, and still you don't know anything..


Radhika: that's because mom tells me about it early, so I know.. but yesterday she didn't say anything and today she left early'


Dev: so you just woke up..


Rahdika: no but..


Dev taking a sip: don't worry.. mei hum na'


Rahdika: you can help me out..  with a hope in her face..


Dev: hum' and don't worry there is enough time.. OK..


Radhika smiled: thanks..


Dev: no thanks.. did you sleep well..


Radhika was about to say something.. Surender came: beta, phone for you..


Radhika with a ear to ear smile went and  took the phone from Surender..


Surender: daadi..


She smiled again' Surender looked at Dev who was sipping onto the tea' he smiled and went to his room..


Radhika as usual : mu'.. Dev's eyes gone wide and he suddenly  raised his brows and looked at her'same time she got alert and she looked at Dev with  a froze posture..    ' suddenly she turned as her cheeks turned pink'    she heard daadi's voice calling her' finally she said..: Hi daadi' I am here..

 Daadi: where is my usual chumma.... 


Radhika with  broken words..: vo.. mie.. Daadi.. where is mom..  


she tried to change the topic and that worked...


Dev smiled seeing her reaction..  he listened to her  talk sitting still over the countertop, but noticed her uneasiness..  but then he saw her trying to walk away from there. He kept the empty cup down on the sink and  went near Radhika and stood in front of her, blocking her way'  she haulted there looking into his eyes.. her heart was beating faster'  she wanted to hide,  than showing her uneasiness in front of him' he smiled inside seeing her reaction..  


Radhika with chuckled throat: ha daadi.. ha.. I am here.. no no' I am .. ha'  the  words just hesitated to come out from her throat'

Dev with a smile: Daadi heina.. let me talk..


Radhika with a confused surprised tone: ji?

Dev took the phone from her and he kept the receiver near to his ear, looking at Radhika's eyes he said,  : muaaaaaa .. after a pause, trying to read her face he continued:  daadi.. its dev? How are you?

Daadi: oh thank you beta.. usually I get one from Radhika.. today I don't know what happened to her.. she totally forgot....
Dev smiled wide: you only ask her, what happened to her ...

Radhika's cheeks clearly turned pink to red..    that she turned herself facing her back to him' She heard his talk with daadi,  she realized his happiness  while talking with daadi..   her legs felt shivery'. Somehow she needs to go away from there now..   she tried to walk away, he held her hand'   Radhika stood there without any choice'


Dev: Ji Daadi.. Ya, one second, I am giving to Radhika..


He brought the phone near to her ear and  came to front facing her ..


Daadi: Radhika.. take care of yourself OK.. and do good with your dance.. anyway Suchi and all is there.. that's good, and think that we are there with you, watching you along with them.. OK.. I loved wathing you dance all the time.. now you are performing and I can't come..


Radhika felt the sadness in her voice: daadi..  I don't feel like doing it'  I miss you all too..

Her hand came up and took the receiver from his and she held it closer' 


Dev saw the change of her expression and her tone.. he looked at her with concern..


Daadi: no beta.. you should not feel that way. Suchi, Surender, Dev, Lechu all are there, and just imagine we are also with them.. ok.. so do well and I should hear the best from their words.. so I will be waiting.. do practice too.. ok..


Radhika: ha daadi'  I will..


Daadi: now you take care..


Radhika: ha Daadi ,  and you too..


Radhika turned the phone off and stood there with a gloomy face..


Dev: now what?  Is daadi is OK..


Radhika: ha..


Dev: then why this sad face instead of  feeling happy after talking to her..


Radhika: vo.. that's because they won't be here na..



Dev: for what?


Radhika looked into his eyes and said:  for my per''..  but then she stopped thinking his words other day'


Dev: what?


Radhika tried to bring a smile: no nothing.. I am fine..


Dev: are you sure?


Rahdika: ha..   if you can help me with the breakfast..


Dev: Radhika'.

Rahdika: um..


Dev: nothing..  ok'  don't worry about the breakfast. We two can make it quick OK..


Time passed by.. they had their breakfast..


Surender: Lechu still sleeping? What happned to her!!!! She suppose to be awake by now..


Radhika: I will check papa'   saying that she went upstairs..


"so what's the plan for today Dev..".. Surender asked..


Dev:  Nothing specific dad.. It is Lechu who planned something..


Radhika showed up on the hallway holding onto the railings..


"papa,  Lechu not feeling well. It seems like she has fever..'.. Radhika said in concern..


Surender and Dev  looked at each other and went up quickly. Rahdika just followed them to the room..   Surender touched her forehead , so did Dev..


Surender: Dev, call Mom.. and tell her..


Dev called Suchi, she talked with Surender..then talked with Lechu..  by then Dev went and brought her the medicaine his mom told and made lechu to take it.. first she hesitated but then the plan for going out later of the day, she took it..  Radhika brought her some juice..  she took it giving a bitter face' 

Surender: so now all your plans got cancelled.. what's next.


Dev: Do you have anything specific dad?


Surender: nothing.. just need to meet a friend around  11,, but he is coming here.. so  let mom come and  we will plan something then' only if Lechu is feeling better..


Dev: Ok dad'


Radhika sat near Lechu. Dev sat on the other side too..  Surender left the room.. They just spend  some time chitchatting'  Dev and Radhika did the lunch arrangements.. In between Suchi called to know about Lechu's condition. 


Suchi came little late..


Surender: you left saying you will be back early..


Suchi: ha, but  you know it never happenes that way..  let me go see Lechu.. why all of a sudden..


Surender: she is actually feeling better now.


Suchi: um.   Saying that she went up and cheked on her.. Radhika brought tea.. and told how Dev helped her with everything..


Suchi: so where is he now?


Radhika: sleeping..


Suchi: this late..   if he is sleeping at this time, what he will do at night..


Radhika just smiled'


They decided to spend the day at home  only..  Lechu came down and lay on the sofa' Dev put a movie on  and she watched it laying on bed'   Radhika spend some time in her room, listening to her dance music and then taking out her costume' making sure everything is there..  she had the earphone in so she didn't hear Suchi coming in.. she jerked as she felt the hand tapping on her  shoulder..


Radhika suddenly took the earpiece out and looked at Suchi'


Suchi: what are you doing here alone..  they are watching movie..


Radhika: no Mom.. I need to perform,  on this coming Wednesday..  for seniors farewell.. so I was just listening to the music..


Suchi: you are going to dance.!!!!. nobody told me..


Radhika: ha..vo'


Suchi's eyes beamned with happiness: so what are you going to perform..


Radhika: Kathak'  I don't know whether anyone will like it.. it is not any fast numbers.


Suchi: don't worry about others, do what your heart says' and what it is about..


Radhika: walking through the woods..  means seeing animals and all..but at the end it is Kanha's part where he stepping onto the Kaliya's head, then the rain and showing the happiness.....   (friends, there is one like this in Kathak)..  it is more of music' 


Suchi: Wow! Great.. I am so excited'  then looking at the bed..  "is this you are going to wear?


Radhika: ha'      wow Radhika' I am so happy'  we all will be there.. need to tell your papa too'  does Dev and Lechu know..

Radhika: ha..


Suchi: so how come nobody told me.. anyway'... I am so happy'... let me know if you need any help OK..  no need to watch any movie, you practice '... I will call you when it is time for dinner OK..


Rahdika: no mom.. I can come too..


Suchi: no beta.. you do practice '  there is time.. Ok


 Radhika closed the door as Suchi went out from the room.  She turned the music on again.. and then started moving her arms and her legs slowly with the music, as if she if trying to recollect it well..  she took few circles in between'  she was totally into her gestures' time passed by'


Suchi: dev, go and call Radhika'  let's have dinner..


Dev: ha mom..


He went upstairs.. Radhika was coming out from the washroom, drying her face..


Dev: Radhika. Mom calling.. dinner ready..


Radhika looked at the clock..: I didn't notice..


Dev: that's ok.. come..  and he left


Radhika: ha, one minute..


She quickly braided her hair and went downstairs.. lechu was feeling much better' 

Lechu: di, you are with me tonight..  you promised..


Suchi: no way.. you want her  also to get sick too.. then Mohan bhayya will never send her like this..


Lechu: But I am feeling better now..


Suchi: ha, because of the medication.. first you feel better,  after that we will think about it ..ok.. deedi is here now' so..


Lechu: ok.. whatever..


Suchi: after food, take the medication and go to bed.. no chitchatting today'ok


Lechu: ok mom..


Surender: ha Lechu.. if you feel better then we can have dinner out, tomorrow..


Lechu: really'  agreed..  with the happiest smile ever


They all went back to respective rooms.. 


Radhika spend little time in Lechu's room and went to her room and logged into her college site.. she checked on her mails.. she saw Heena's. She opened it and saw her new cell number'  she noted that down, but the time on the clock did not allowed her to call her at that time.. but then she saw Arjun's few.. she opened one.. he was asking/ requesting  her to do both..  and he mentioned if Radhika is not doing then we are not performing, we are dropping the plan..  she felt sad that because of her they dropped the idea..


But then a 'Hi'  poped up'  she got curious as she usually never chat' but then the sender's name surprised her..   Dev


She smiled and replied  Hi


Dev: how are you?


Radhika smiled, seeing his question but then she replied..: good


Dev: sleepy?


Radhika: nope..


Dev: good.. then after half an hour I am coming.. wait for me..


Radhika: what?


Dev: what I said.

Dev: ok see you soon..


Before she could reply he logged off from the system..


She quickly turned off her system and then turned off the lights and went to bed, covering her head to toe completely.  She tried many times to close her eyes tight to bring that sleep into her but unable to .. she went and put the latch on the door and came back,' then she sat up in bed'  anyway now he cannot come in ' .. she looked at the clock.. she turned the dim light off too.. and covered herself under the blanky'


She was keeping her ears active for a knock at the door at any time'  but instead she heard the phone ringing'  she got alert.. who is it at this time..  she went near the door and tried to listen.. but then she heard the sound out, so she opened the door and found the main hall lights on..


Suchi: Radhika, you go to bed.. it was for me..   I need to go..


Radhika: but then..


Suchi: I will see you in the morning..  Lechu is fine, I checked on  her.. ok.. if there is anyting,  call me, ok.. Dev is  coming to drop me.. so..


Radhika: ji..

 Dev looked at her with a normal expression. Radhika watched them leaving. Surender closed the door and went to his room.. She just peeked in Lechu's room and made sure she is sleeping.. she came back to her room '..

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 11:58pm | IP Logged

lovely updates Devika...  like the slow budding romance between them..

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 12:14am | IP Logged
 wonderful part di , they r helping each other ... naughtiness of dev is enjoyable , waiting for next ... THANKS .

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 12:19am | IP Logged

coool..but y Radika feel sad f seen Arjuns mail.

cool...Thumbs Up

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 12:42am | IP Logged
It is nice to see Dev being persuasive,  and radhika has to relent one day or the other and cannot hide herself from Dev.  Does she have some other mission--this Radhika seems to be quite the opposite of the chirpy and naughty Radhika when she is in Chandenpur.  I hope her dance program goes well. 

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abhilasha_dream IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 12:51am | IP Logged
Hey Devika the story is nw becoming a bit Boring, actually monotonous !! Try to raise it up na.. I suppose it is time fr some MASALA like dev getting jealous or more importantly RADHIKA getting jealous and fussing all over him, or something like that..

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