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gauranitai Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged
Great update Di!!! i'm sooo excited for the next part!!!

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 9:12am | IP Logged
didi I like the story
Ya but really Radhika hasn't any feeling for Dev .Confused..ooops poor Dev He is expecting some Love from Radhika But Radhika....Unhappy
Only Dev fells for Radh..Unhappy
Nice Update di
I Imagine when i read itBig smile

Love your story

Di please update soon waiting for your updates

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prakri Groupbie

Joined: 02 June 2009
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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Di... great update... Waiting for Dev to learn about his dad's past.....

And please do make Radhika express her love for Dev... Poor DevUnhappy

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged


Part -37


Radhika wearing a white chicken work loose white dress, was sitting half way near the window with the family picture in her hand'...looking into the darkness. She ddn't notice Dev coming in. Dev closed the  door flap as he entered in.. he saw her sitting near the window under the dim light'...  her eyes were fixed out and her hair was braided well' ...


He went behind and stood near, watched her posture.. he saw the photo in her hand.. 'so she still missing her family.'  He looked into the darkness where her eyes were direted..

'so what are you trying to see in that darkness"..  Dev's voice startled Radhika that she jumbed from the window side and stood on her feet.


She looked at him with her wide eyes.. and met his smiley eyes' arms floded at his chest level'.


Radhika came bak to normal: ha.. vo.. Papa came already, I opened the door for him..


Dev: I know.. But I didn't ask you that.. I aksed you what are you trying to see there, in that darkness'.


Radhika: nothing, I was not feeling sleepy.. so..


Dev: um.  That is good to know.. because I was concerened about that..


Radhika: about what?


Dev: your sleep..  saying that he took the picture from her hand and looked at it..


Radhika:  why you need to worry about my sleep..


Dev placing the photo back on the table: because I am not going to let you ..soon..

Radhika looked at him puzzled..


Dev with a corner smile: because I want to talk to you..


Radhika: at this time..


Dev: hum.. any problem..    he sat on the edge of the bed..


Radhika: ha'...  no....' vo'.


Dev: what?... come sit here..


Radhika: no, I am fine here..


Dev: how long you are going to stand'... come sit..


Radhika: I am fine..


Dev: ok ok' so tell me how was your last one week..


Radhika in general: good..


Dev: Radhika, this doesn't look good.. you are standing like a school student and giving answers to your school teacher' afterall, you are my woodbe yaar.. so don't act like a student.. he raised from the bed and held her hand and forced her to sit on the bed..


Radhika sat there looking at him, as if waiting for him to tell her what's next..


Dev: Ok, don't worry.. I will be fine with this chair.. he pulled the chair near and sat on it having his legs on both sides, and resting his arms over the backrest and leaning his front body onto it.. 


Dev: ok.. now are you feeling comfortable..


Radhika just looked at him ..


Dev: Ok now tell me, how was your last few days..


Radhika: good..


Dev: did you go out to meet your friends.. and did you climb on those trees..  with a teasy smile..


Radhika: aap bhi na..


Dev moved the chair little closer to her: hum'... kyum.. I want to know  , so only I asked..

Radhika: hum..  nice'


Dev trying to read her eyes, her face: don't you want to know what I did?


Radhika looked at him curiously'.


Dev: I was too busy Radhika.. meeting   with my old gang.. you know how many of classmates got married..   when I heard it, I felt like all the girls were just waiting for the course to complete'  and then with a smile.. and most of them already flew away to different parts of this world' 


Radhika smiled..


Dev: but only girls..ok. boys are still enjoying their time, but I think may be their parents are not ready yet, like mine'... and my classmates are shattered now everywhere.. glad that  most of them got nice job  and settling down well.. it is a good feeling to know about our classmates.. right..


Radhika: um'

Dev went on with his friends talk.. here and how they are now...'  Radhika was more comfortable and smiling through listening to him..' 


Radhika: so you did miss everyone..


Dev: yes I do.. But I love where I am now.. and soon I will be a gradute and then I will proudly show my SFU certificate to all my friends  telling them that , here I am holding onto my dream come true.


Radhika: what you will do getting it..


Dev: nothing specifically.. you know what, I had a friend.. menas when I was in middle school.. we were best buddies at that time.. but then  one day he said bye and left saying that he is going to U.S. and he said before leaving that now he will study there in U.S. keeping his head high , proudly..  fromt that day I was dreaming about holding a U.S.  degree in my hand and I will also hold my head high proudly saying .. ye I got one too'.. he imitated a child's act


Radhika: so where is your friend now?


Dev: I don't know.. but that was the last image I have of him.. the same day I told my dad that I want to study outside, but he didn't let me..  both dad and mom, held me tight here saying that I am too small to go away from family and agreed with my plan only after I agreed with their deal.. but anyway now I am really happy..  I never thought of anything else..  the face of my friend  is still fresh in my mind though I don't know where he is now?


Rahdika: may be  papa and  Suchi mom didn't want you to move away..


Dev tightening his forehead: what?


Radhika:  they love you so much that they wanted to see you near them


Dev: anyway leave that.. but see now I am there, reaching out to hold my dream in my hand soon'... and now tell me what is your dream


Radhika took a pillow in her hand and held it tight: my dream'. I don't have any..


Dev tapped on her nose tip: you don't have any?


Radhika tried to think hard: no I don't.. I am just fine..


Dev : um'  what about your studies'

Radhika: in one year , I will finish it..


Dev: then..


Radhika: then I will go back to Chandenpur.


Dev: oh Radhika' ...again Chandenpur..


Dev: you know what dad asked me the other day' ..with smiley eyes..


Radhika: what?


Dev  held her hand : that when I will be completing my course, so that they can fix our marriage date'  


 Suddenly she looked away..  she felt some kind of uneasiness, looking at him'...  her cheeks turned slightly pink'.


Dev: you are not saying anything Radhika..


Radhika looked at him and tried to smile'  ...  she felt her cheeks  feeling the fire sensation.. her mouth went dry'


Dev with a very soft tone : did you miss me..


Radhika just nodded her head'....  Leaving him in confused state..


Dev: ok let me guess..  you did' ...but did I came in your dream?'.   Looking at her very lovingly..


Radhika just nodded her head again, looking away .. again  making him to guess..


Dev: bethavona Radhika' please..     atleast look into my eyes, I can read your eyes..


Radhika turned her face to the side further,  with  a hope to hide her face from him..


Dev extended his other hand out and his finger slowly touched  her chin' ... she felt a current passing through her.. she forced her face to be away from looking at him..


Dev's eyes tried to read her action.. he felt happy  seeing her response.. a shade that is telling him that he is affecting her..  he longed to see that only,  in her eyes,  he longed to read that only, on her face..that respose where she forget everything , just be his'... his Radhika.. Dev's Radhika'...   he felt an unknown pleasure  from within' ... the time ticked by'...  he looked at her hand.. the stone was shining under that dim light'...  he slowly lifted her hand up and placed a soft kiss over it'... claiming it to self'


Radhika pulled her hand back and  quickly stood from the bed and moved away to a corner..  Dev's  eyes smiled' ...  his lips parted out with a big smile.. he was unable to control his happiness within..  he slowly stood from the chair and walked towards her...'  Radhika stood near the window, holding onto her fast heart beats'... she felt him coming near'...  her breathing started going uneven..  slowly she realized the unknown energy that she felt the otherday, is circling around her again..  he came and stood right behind her' ... his eyes moved on her posture...  


Dev: Radhika..


She didn't say anything..


Dev slowly touched her shoulder and said; you might be feeling tired now..  go to bed...'  I will see you in the morning..


Radhika: um'...   with a nodding of her head


Dev with a smile on his lips walked out from the room.. as she realized he is out, she ran towards the door and was trying to close it in a hurry'...  But then Dev's arms just spred out opposing her action and forced the flap to remain open'...  she looked straight into his eyes, and he smiled at her'  ... "trying to hide from me..  not possible Radhika''   saying that with a corner smile and naughty look , he took his hands away and walked away from  her sight'..   Radhika slowly closed the door tight with the latch on..  stood resting her back on the door, with her heart  pounding harder..  she tried hard to comprehend back into her  normal world'...   she slowly walked towards her bed and crawled in   hugging the pillow, with  her dreamy eyes' ... still feeling  the effect of the energy circling her...'  


Dev was feeling the happiest, to see her shy face' ...  for the first time.. that  revealed him her heart wish..  but still she kept her eyes away from me..  he took the small pillow in his hand, his open eyes were fixed on the ceiling' ...still trying to see her face, her response in front of his eyes..  he looked at his ring'... he smiled happily'. He remembered the kiss..  but then he sat on his bed and looked at the corner where he pinned her before leaving her' and he felt her burning cheeks' and he remembered her shocked eyes'...  she is mine, only mine'  and I love her so much'... but from when? I don't know.. '... she was there in me, all these time that I failed to recognize that feelings.. when we first met, her unbelievable eyes..   and if I try to recollect it now' it was like, she waited for me  for long' ... did she actually? Or it is just my thinking'.  Oh Radhika.. I love you so much'... saying that he fell back onto his bed...'

Part 38 37932661   can you please click that like button..pleease....
 Understanding my charactors, note: 37922493  please read... Thanks in advance
So what you think? does she love him.. did she miss him...but for now my Dev is happy so i am happy too for him...    to know the rest... more Radev scenes coming up... will surely update seeing your response... becuas eit is ready...  so for those who responded so quick... thank you so much, and who are still going to read and ready yo respond ... THANK YOU TOO.. in advance.. and for the rest...thanks dear... if possible read my note above.. thanks
Please Don't forget the like button , If you like my post


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Tilashini IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:40am | IP Logged
OMG OMG OMG!!! the way u described it...jus awesome...hope CB 2 wil be sumtin like thisBlushing

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Beautiful Update Devika as usual....Oh!! now Dev is happy  so i feel too happy but onething DevikaBig smile.... why Radhika behave   indifferently to Dev i don't  understand her  completely... what is in her mind???Dev is trying hard to get her  more closer but she is  slipping from him very tactfullyBroken Heart..  ....Take care....

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Hi.. it's me Devika....   
Understanding my Charactors... Dev and Radhika
 I know few of you thinking why he is not asking about his dad's past  right away, , or what is Radhika thinking about Dev .. what will be dev's reaction about  arjun.... 
friends.. its all there.. its all coming up... but if i write that all in one, then i better wrap up , just writing it like an essay, i don't want that to happen, I want you see what i see too..
so Dev's priority also change  according to the situation.. so if he wants to know what is in her mind, than knowing his dad's past.. then yes, he is satisfied  for that moment..
and also how deeply she loves him...  is not a question in front of him now.. he feel really happy when he see a shy smile, or drive her nuts or when leave her in confusion.. the deepness of the relationship comes later..  then he will look for it and Radhika has to give the response too... 
now he has all the mixed things going in...  like.. he loves Radhika.. wants too see her.. at the same time he wants to know about his dad's past, his family..  but again depending on the situation he prioratise it... 
arjun too coming...  her dance coming.. but, i am updating with  small parts, because in each part, I am trying to say something, i don't know how much you can relate to it, but it may all play in a role towards the end, or it will be total failure of my attempt..
but for now its a week long Radev moments, their talk and their love... 
I hope and I wish, I can hold you with me... but otherwise I am sorry...  for now I need time to reveal everything... its a long journey for me...  but i will reach there..
Really appreciating your time and your patience with me

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
Lovely scenes Devika and making me wamt to read more and then know about Radhikas response till now its only one sided from Dev and what he thinks.I would also want to know Rads POV.

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