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Daisy15 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 3:12am | IP Logged
great update devika...eagerly waitng to knw whats gonna happen next.

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chipak Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 6:08am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update devika...nice oneThumbs Up
So Dev finally confessed his feeling abt rads n now confussed abt rads reactionLOL Int. will be to see what rads has to say. n maybe at function a big step towardstha...hmmm am i rightWink
Devs Dad is rocking as his didnt expected that last peice of advice from himLOL

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palak13 Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged
Diiiii I loved it 2 gd mindblowing woooow so dev is finally in love now hope rads realizees it soon loved dev mom and dad teasing him especially about the ladder poor dev lol loved it update soon

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 9:50am | IP Logged

Thank you friends 5armadprakrikscjkanu17aisha08michsweetrose92[email protected]gauranitairadha_bilaharisugarandspicevinianilradhika5DAIRY25radev_fanchipakbvs7691palak13evasuminycsweetiechalhov, for liking the previous part.

@Tilu: thanks dear.. so you are into our world of imagination.. yes there are few out there fantastic ones .. thanks for joining with my journey too.. welcome and I hope you will enjoy the ride.

@radha-bilhari: thanks Radha for letting me know that it is not boring. I know I get in to this fantasy world once in a while, that's my craziness. Thanks for the support..

@palak:thanks . I am glad to read your comment. Sometimes I get in great confusion thinking the readers state of mind, for me I am love writing it down, but to what extend I can hold you with me is the question. So thanks for letting me know that you are liking the journey.

@guraniti: thank you dear..  I am moving on because of your support dear.. yes, it is an energy to hear from you all. Next update coming soon, hope you will like it..

@anu: dear.. yes, you can definitely call me anything. I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the ride.  Your words only can keep me on spirit, so each word you all write has an effect on. So thank you for the like and support.

@chalhov: thanks dear.. if I can bring that smile with each update, then that will be a blessing, but I afraid that I can keep with that, but I will surely try..

@madhu: thank you dear.. all because of our love towards AVINA. Two souls who is unaware of our craziness. But love them so much that I really enjoying imagining about them… thanks for the support dear.

@diary25; thanks.. so are you waiting for the special day.. coming up shortly.. hope you will like it..

@vinivanil; ha ha..thanks dear..  good to know that you are enjoying. Dev ha ha.. I love his acting so much, and can imagine so many emotions coming in his face.. even though I can't write that all, I am happy that you can imagine it your way. That bring the spirit.. so thank you for liking it .

@abhi: thanks for saying your mind out. Yes sometimes it is childish play, sometimes it comes back to reality.. somewhere along the journey it is trying to find the connection with the fantasy.. just a dream dear, don't know how long I will  be able to hold you like this.. somewhere in my journey I may loose everyones support as it won't be a happy journey all the time. But let see.. but thanks dear  for the comment..

@prakri: wow! Nice, always seen your like button, now got the opportunity to read your comment too. Nothing is late  dear. It is always a new smile when I see a comment , assuring myself that somebody still reading it and liking it so continue to write.. so it's a spirit to hear from you. Thanks

@bhavi: thanks you.. hope you will like the 2011 updates too..

@billo: thank you dear.. I am glad to know that you enjoyed reading it and hope you will like next update too.. coming up soon..

@radev-forever: thank you.. Naughty Dev is coming into action soon. So far it was Radhika.. now it is my Dev's turn. I hope you will like.. but only  from part 33.. he willa ct serious at the beginning, but as time pass, he will surely show up with his naughtiness.. hope you will like it..

@evasumi; thank you Eva di. Especially for telling me that I am not boring.. once in a while I slip into this bad mood swings, then it is hard to come back.. so the words are encouraging and gives spirit.. thank you…

@chipak: thanks seema.. yes, I am here around.. love to live in radev imaginary world.. and it is all because of your words.. thank you. Hope you will like next part too..

@nycsweetie: thank you so much dear for the lovely support all the time..  hope you will like upcoming part too..

@thank you all. Hope I didn't miss anyone.. if so I am sorry.. hope wou will like next part too.

Thanks you much


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billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Nice update Devika Smile
So Devs mon knows about her sons feelings towards RAdhika Wink..I just hope RAdhika realises her feelings soon too Embarrassed

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged


Daadi was sitting on the bed  and was watching Rohini helping Radhika with the saree..


Radhika: mom.. you are sure that it won't get loose na..


Rohini: how many times I have to tell you this Radhika.. can't you see we all are walking and running around wearing it.


Radhika: ha..


Rohini: don't stand like a statue.. hold this'  giving her the edge


Radhika held the saree end as her mom instructed..


Rohini: now learn how to wear it..


Radhika: Mom, I better wear a lehanga,..


Rohini: no, don't you know how happily Suchi gave this to you.. also we all want to see you in saree..  as she was taking the pleets  Rohini said: when a mom see her daughter first time in saree na, her heart beat increases..


Radhika: vo kyum mom?


Daadi: arre pagali.. means, she is grown up now, time to look for the dulha..


Rohini: ha, but here we don't have to worry about that.. we know Dev very well now..


Daadi: but then why your heart is beating faster Rohini..?


Rohini: ye,  can't you hear that she is keep on asking about getting it loose, now I am also in doubt, the way she run around and walk around na, I don't think she will be able to handle the saree,,


Radhika: mom'..



Daadi: ha, that's right.. Radhika.. be careful beta.. I don't think saree suit with your action.. so only for today behave like a well behaved village girl..


Radhika: so you also thinks it will get loose..


Rohini: usually it won't , but for your act..


Radhika: what is wrong with my act..


Daadi: there is nothing wrong.. atleast for today behave well. Yeshpal's close relatives are coming  too, and few of them knew you well, but still they look at you as Dev's girl.. so you need to behave na..


Radhika: why you need to tell all the time Dee's girl, Dev's girl.. I am still Radhika only..


Rohini  smiled at Daadi..


Daadi: you are Radhika only, who said you are not.. But from the day before, he is the hero , the real prince of this village'. 


Radhika: oh , a real Prince.. but  because of him I got wet the other day na..


Rohini: CHUP'  with an angry tone..: not anymore Radhika.. I was hearing it for long..  even if you still won't care, I do care about it..  her eyes filled with tears.. now if you are standing in front of me, it is  because of him,'only because of him;..' if I am helping you with wearing this saree now and  if daadi is admiring your beauty sitting on that bed, it is because of him.. if you are seeing your dad smiling looking at the outside world, it is because of him.. and if you are seeing Birju and Rahul playing around like this , it is because of him'  then holding onto her chin fordcefully.. please promise me Radhika, you will never say anything against Dev now, he is the Prince  in your life.. beta.. why you need to still talk about that silly thing..


But then Rohini's tone changed as she was  taking the shoulder pleets: you made me feel so ashamed that day when you were telling Granny that he didn't hold you safe'as if you never get wet.. you likes get wet when it rains, whn you play under that waterfall.. and more than  anything  have you ever heard a girl climbing trees.!!!.


Radhika in a normal tone: heina'.


Rohini: kaha..


Radhika: mei.. Radhika..


Rohini: Radhikaaa'  her hands raised up in a beating action


Radhika: ha, and he knows it and I only helped him na  the other day.. 

Rohini: knows what? And what you helped him with?


Radhika: You don't know anything about him, mom.. actually I only helped him to climb the tree the other day..


Daadi curiously: when?


Radhika: that day, when they came here before leaving to U.S.  its true daadi.. I was looking inside the bird's nest and I found him standing down on the ground.  Then I wanted to show him the little birdies inside that nest. you people don't believe  he doesn't know how to balance either.. I only held him safe, so that he can see the cutie cutie little ones..


Rohini looked at Daadi.. seeing her cutie cutie expression..


Rohini: so you know him well, then why you are making all these drama with us.. from today onwards we are not going to listen to any of your words against Dev.. then looking at daadi. See maaji, she say something to us, and then behave differently with him.. now that play is not going to happen Radhika anymore.. see you were trying to cover our eye?  Don't even think about it.. now I am in doubt, I think she might have only told him to come for the funtion.. 


Radhika: mei!!' I never even talk to him..


Rohini: no I don't believe..  I saw Suchi's face, she was really worried thinking about him.. and you two were making plans.. let me see Suchi today..'


Radhika: mom,, sach mei.. I was not knowing he is coming..


Rohini: Radhika, we bettr stop talking about it now..

Now look into the mirror.. and tell me how you feel..


Radhika: hogaya'!! Saying that she looked into the mirror and gave a big smile.. she turned to one side  and looked at her image , her eyes gone wild..  MOM...

Rohini looked at her: what?

Radhika: see, one can easily see my side.. my tummy.


Rohini: what tummy.. even I felt bad seeing yout tummy.. I think you are not eating anything.. look Maaji, how flat it looks..


Radhika: mom..  I won't go like this in front of people..


Rohini: What?


Radhika: ayye..  still looking at her side profile in the mirror..


Rohini: look at my tummy.. what you think..


Radhika looked at her mom..: Oh my.. now only I am noticing.. Mom, everyone can see your tummy.. and ayyayyo.. put this pleet nicely mom' ..she went and adjusted the chest piece.. shame on you... I don't know how I will look at people's face now..

Rohini looked at Daadi in surprise..


Daadi was covering her mouth hard , so that nobody hear her loud laugh' ..but then

Radhika went near Daadi.. : Daadi you too.. see all are showing up.. No shame at all..


Rohini looked at Daadi and tried to control her laugh..


Radhika: why you two are laughing like this..


Rohini: no beta.. atleast now you paid attention to all these now.. I am happy for it..

You be careful ok.. we will take care of ourself.. don't worry about us' also now daadi is old, and my hairs  turned gray too.. so what if somebody see my big tummy'


Radhika: mom' 


Rohini: Radhika, I have other works too.. you better learn how to walk safetly in this saree OK..  and also put those jeweellery


Radhika saw her mom walking away..


Radhika went near daadi: daaadi'.. it will be Ok na..

Dadi: ha.. or you do onething.. come here, I will tell you a secret' Radhika listened to her daadi and smiled wild.. 


'my pyaari si daadi.. muaaaaa'.'



Daadi: now let me also get ready'


Radhika again went near the mirror and tried to adjust her saree to cover herself well...'  she tried to walk looking into the mirror.  ..  she wore the bangles and necklace'...   first time she felt shy looking at her image on the mirror..


seeing her blush Rohini:  um.. enough.. don't blush more..  come..



Radhika went near her mom.. Rohini took some kajol from her eye and applied behind her ear..  and gave a kiss on her forehead'


Radhika just smiled'


Rohini: come let's go' ...babuji may be thinking why we are getting late. Birju and Rahul already left '. 


Radhika walked along with her daadi taking each step carefully, trying to cover herself'... 


They reached haweli and Radhika entered through the backdoor.   She pushed daadi along with her.. 

Suchi was meeting few of Surender's relatives, so was Dev and Lechu..  suddenly her eyes fell on Rohini, who was distributing juice in a tray..


Suchi excused herself and went near to Rohini,  Dev and Lechu followed  their mom too..

Suchi: Rohini, when did you come..?  and where is Radhika?'.... looking around with her curious eyes..


Dev's heart skipped few beats as he heard Suchi's words..  Rohini with a smile went near Suchi and said something in her ear and both smiled..


Suchi:  so where is she now..


Rohini: kitchen side, with daadi..


Suchi: let me go and see her' saying that she walked faster..


Rohini:  Lechu you look very pretty'


Lechu: thanks rohini Mom.. but why Radhika di is not coming to front..


Rohini again with a smile; she will come.. later'


Dev with a concerned voice: is she doing Ok..


Rohini: ha beta..  she is perfectly fine..  

then she noticed Dev's dress,  he was wearing a long mehandi color kurtha and dhothi'


Rohini: now you totally became a chandenpur man'  


Dev: vo.. dad is wearing the same.. so


Rohini: nice'


Dev smiled' 


Suchi came back with a big smile and with the happiest smile ever sha said:   Rohini I can't believe.. it really suit her very well..  I called her to come with me, but she is sticking with her daadi..and the best part is daadi wants to come to the front , but Radhika is not letting her'


Rohini: I told you..


Mohan: Rohini, Radhika ko bulana.. I want her to meet somebody..


Rohini: she is busy in kitchen now, I don't think she can come .. But I will let her know..


Mohan: what? She is busy in kitchen..


Rohini: ha..


Mohan: theek hei..


Mohan: Dev beta.. come,  I need you..


Dev: ji.. babuji'...  he looked at his mom once..


Dev's mind was aching to see her.  Why Radhika is not coming to the front yard. Why she is not letting daadi to come either. I was feeling so happy since I wake up in the morning thinking of seeing her today, and here she is hiding behind.. what is in her mind now?  Doesn't she  wants to see me..


Same time Radhika was sititng on a dining chair, next to daadi, she was smiling at people who was coming around her.. once in a while she get conscious of her dress and she started pulling on her saree here and there adjusting to cover well.  First time she started looking at ladies , how they are wearing sarees.. she saw few wearing it very neatly and it looked so perfect, whereas few are not at all bothered about how it look on them.. when she saw them, automatically she pulled on her saree..


"daadima, can I go and change now?'..  she secretly asked Daadima..


Daadi: wait until the funtion get over, then you go and change..  but Radhika, why should I sit with you/ can I go and see people around..


Radhika: no.. be with me.. otherwise why I need a daadi.


Daadi: so you need a daadi to sit with you like this.. you are perfectly fine Radhika.. just walk around, you will be fine..


Radhika: ha, I will be fine..  I know..    she tried to cover her uneasiness..


Suchi said something secretly in Lechu's ears.. she nodded her head happily and went inside the house.. 


Lechu: Daadi, mom need you at the front'


Before hearing it comepletely daadi: Radhika , I will come back, ok.. saying that she flew away from there..


Lechu: Radhika di, wow! You look so beautiful.. come with me, let us go to my room..


Radhika felt a relief when she heard that..    she got up and walked slowly,and her walk clearly showed her uneasiness..


Lechu: Di, are you Ok?


Radhika in a lower tone: Ha Lechu.. I am fine. 


Lechu: are you sure..


Radhika: ha'


But as they were passing near the steps, Suchi  caught them..


Suchi: Radhika, tie this ribbon around this knife..  we are planning cake cutting too.. so


Radhika: ji.. 


Suchi: Lechu, you go and ask Birju to get all the plates ready near the table..


Lechu:  ji' and she went away..


Suchi: Radhika. After that , arrange this fruit plate too.. ok'


Radhika: ji..  


As she got immersed into work , she totally forgot about her unesiness' she started walking around normally , getting the fruit plates and knife in place.. 



Suchi and Rohini smiled at seeing Radhika getting comfortable with her new dress..


Sushma: Radhika, do me a favor, in my room, there is a silver plate I left on the dressing table top.. can you get that for me..


Radhika: ji' saying that she climbed the stairs.  She lifted the saree slightly up for the easiness to climb up..her payal was sounding softly with each steps she took..  she went in sushma's room and found the plate and took that with a smile on her face... '  

 a stones on her  hair clip were shining bright as it was holding few strands of her hair from both sides, and the left open wavy hair just fallen back lavishly..,  as she tried to look staright before turning , her eyes caught the image of Dev in the mirror standing just behind her, looking at her image in the mirror. .. Radhika startled first but then  she realized her faster beats as she saw the smile on his pink lips and the happiness in his eyes seeing her. she met his eyes and the time ticked by....' 


Sushma: RADHIKAaaaa'


Radhika shrugged her shoulder as she heard Sushma's voice..:  Ji..


Suchma: did you get it..


RAhdika still looking into his eyes..: ji..


Sushma: Ok bring it na'


Radhika: ji'with a trailing voice..


With a corner shy smile she moved her eyes and held the tray tight and  was about to walk away, suddenly he moved to the side to her  front blocking her way..


Radhika: I need to go....'


Dev: umhum'


Radhika moved slightly to her left side'  and tried to walk passing him..

Quikly Dev held her upper arm from her side and slowly moved himself little backward to see her face one more time.. he stood facing her on her right side, looking at her downcasted eyes'...  he clearly saw her stretching lips with that shy smile'...  his heart skipped few beats,'  he felt the energy forming around them'  "you look beautiful"

his soft words reached her ears..... 


"you are still standing there?  why it is taking so long...'  Sushma's voice from the half way stairs, made Radhika to startle again and with a force she moved her arm and ran away from there'


Dev stood there looking at the space where she ran away.. with a smile on his lips' a smile  that brought all the brightness to his face'...  he stood there for few more minutes.. thinking of her image' 


The funtion was going on fine.Yeshpal cut the cake.. 


Yeshapl addressing everyone: I am so happy today.. thank you all for coming.. and I have an announemnt to make..  Its my mom's dream, I want to see that fulfilled..


Dev has been called to  stand near'and then Yeshpal looked at Mohan. He looked at Rohini and then Daadi brought Radhika to stand next to Yeshpal..

  Radhika and Dev behaved as if they know why they have been called by..

Surender brought the two small boxes  and Suchi helped him to open it.. 


Dev looked at his dad's face surprisingly..


Surender slowly nearing his ear said softly: I told you your treatment starts today' 


Dev: dad..


Surender: um..


Radhika looked at her daadi with  sursprise..

Daadi nearing her ear: you want to say somehting.. then do say now? afterwards no choice.. either accept him as the prince or run away.....     she shuckled as she said that..
Radhika's stood there with a frozen body widening her eyes.... 

Suchi gave the rings in their hand.. Dev looked at Radhika and Radhika stood with the ring in her hand like a doll...

Daadi raised radhika's left hand up..  Dev holding onto her soft hand, put the single shiny stone in her ring finger.. Radhika keeping her head down, slowly tried to put the ring on his finger, but then it got stuck.. her shivering hand touched his hand and then slowly pushed the ring in'  Yeshpal held both of them on his sides.. closer to him'  "Now I am happy, and this is the real gift for my day today.."..



Daadi softly in Rohini's ear: see how nicely our Radhika is behaving.. she is keeping the word that she gave you..


Rohini: for how long..


Daadi: but still ,so far she managed..


Rohini: um.. Thank god'


Daad: ya.. Thank God....  and said in mind.. I am glad that she didn't run away.. so that means she accepted her prince charming... she smiled happily inside..


Radhika was trying hard to avoid looking at Dev's face whereas Dev was trying to steal a glance every now and then. Radhika's mind was feeling heavy as most of them were eyeing at them, and then listening to the few laughs and seeing the smile around. She just wanted escape from there.. she looked at  daadi with a hope..  Daadi turned her face right away. All of a sudden she felt like everyone whom she can depend on got busy or may be purposefully avoiding her. The light was flashing on her face every now and then as the photographer was moving from side to side. Suddenly she got aware of her  saree and started pulling on its edges.


But then for her rescue Yeshapal..  "come with me" ..   Dev and Radhika accompanied him walking on either side of him.  Dev tried to look at her with his corner eyes.  he saw her uneasiness while walking..  he smiled inside seeing her struggle pulling on her saree edges every now and then.  Yeshpal made them to stand in front of his mom's picture. Then giving a smile to his kids, he looked at his mom's picture..


"I fulfilled your wish today, declaring their unity to the world. When you united them, only we were present and you left us, so I just wanted to declare it officially. When Surender told me that he wanted to celebrate my birthday by inviting everyone to the funtion, I asked him for a deal and he happily agreed and so did Mohan. What else I need and now look at them, here is your kids standing together.. I know it is only partially done. But the rest I leave that to their parents, I don't know when that will happen as both are in their studies, but take care of them'"


Dev and Radhika stood there with their folded hands in front of the picture..  Yeshpal moved from there holding Dev's upper shoulder. He walked along with him. Radhika stood there still looking into that smiley picture of Granny, her mind was blank,  her mind was thirsting to hear her voice which she longed to hear everyday..  Time passed by. She was unaware that everyone dispersed and retired to their respective place. Radhika stood there in same position as if she is asking something to Granny through her eyes..


Dev came in followed by their family. They all stopped for a moment seeing Radhika's posture as if she is listening to a new story.. and the picture of Granny was smiling as if she is really telling her a new story.. Daadi went near Radhika and held her hand and said: " you wanted to change , right?"


Radhika startled.. and then nodded her head in agrement..


Radhika went and changed to a nice blue churidar.  Everybody was sitting at the front hall and was talking about the funtion and about few relatives comments.. Dev was standing leaning onto a pillor at his shoulder level.  His mind was flying totally out from there. His heart was aching to talk to Radhika, to know her mind.. his eyes suddenly gone wild seeing her coming down with Daadi in a new color. Radhika was looking at the hall generally at everyone. He admired the beauty in new color..he felt like she is the most beautiful girl he ever came across... and eah color on her just add to her beauty.. 


Radhika and Daadi joined their talk too, Radhika was just passively listening to their talk.  Suddenly she felt like somebody's eyes on her.  Dev saw her facial change, and then she suddenly looked at him, and met his smiley face with a hope in his eyes.. A current passed through her and she looked down..  Dev's forehead tightened as she looked away.. He kept his eyes still on her forcing her to look at him..  Radhika started feeling the uneasiness again as she now realize his eyes lingering over her. Dev was studying her face carefully Radhika started pulling on her duppatta..   He realized her uneasiness, he started liking it and an unkown happy smile appeared on his lips.


'cough.. cough..' Suchi moved her throat,as if trying to clear it.. dev came back to his senses and found his mom standing next to him looking at everyone..


Suchi: Dev..  control yourself.  Secretly and softly..


Dev: mom. I want to talk to her..


Suchi: what?


Dev: please mom'


Suchi: why don't you call her yourself?


Dev signaling her to look at Mohan: I am still afraid of his big eyes. When he look at me na, I feel like I did something wrong and he caugt me..


Suchi tried to smile: what?


Dev: look at his personality Mom.. whenever he hug me na, I feel like dhrithrastra alingan.. I always feel like he is going to crush me in his arms..


Suchi tried to smile again..


Dev: mom please'


Suchi with a teasing smile: let me see..


Listening to that he went upstairs..


Suchi sat with everyone and joined with their talk. She was looking at the clock every now and then.


Suchi went near Radhika and said: Radhika, I kept something special for you upstairs.. go look at it.


Radhika : what?


Suchi: go and check yourself..  now itself.


Radhika stood from there and walked towards the stairs..   Suchi did a big sigh relieving her own tension, but then she found Surender's eyes on her as if he caught her plan.. Suchi tried to act normal and turned her face to sushma's voice..

Part-32 Like button please..
thank you my dear friends.. so now they are officially engaged.. so what do think? let me know. Thanks for the valuable comments. I really appreciate it.

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yay!! me first!!! lol

dat was marvelous!! i can't wait for the Radev scene. U had me dreaming od Dev's naughty smile.......Day Dreaming

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by gauranitai

yay!! me first!!! lol

 thanks and I always hang around for few minutes to see the response...  crazy me... 

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