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chipak Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
Wow Devika nice gift for 2010 last day..but i got late in recieving thatWink
awesome update..first dev agreed  with whole kiddie party/birju on being Prince in shining armorBig smile then he declared to himself his feeling and if thats not enough he even sneaked in rads room (after long agonizing wait outsideWink) then again coming to his naughty best..confusing herWink but what i liked most is Rads feelling his presence..wowShocked
Suchi mom is way too smart.. not leaving any chance to embarrass her naughty sonLOL waiting for your nxt updateBig smile

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 3:54pm | IP Logged
loved the update...happy new year Devika Smile

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 3:58pm | IP Logged


Part- 30

The day was very bright in Chandenpur. The ground started drying. The river still overflowing with muddy color water trying to clear up the wastes on its way.  Villagers started moving around as the life returned back to normal around them.


Rohini was peeling the potatoes sitting at the varanda..  the little girl came and stood at the backyard..


Rohini raised her face up to look at her..

Rohini: kya huva beta? Kuch chahiye?


Little girl: How is Radhika deedi,  Can I see deedi now..


Rohini recognized the girl from yesterday.. she put the veggies away and stood  with a smile ,called her near..  " come I will take you to Radhika deedi"

The girl walked along with Rohini' she saw Radhika still laying in bed, looking tired..

Rohini: don't worry she is feeling much better. Still has some fever..that's all.

Then looking at Radhika..  " Radhika, here, your friend came to see you..'



Radhika sat on the bed and asked  "how are you Nandini? and how is your goat's kid?"


Nandini moved near to Radhika: I am sorry deedi, I didn't mean to hurt you..


Radhika: you didn't hurt me.. It was me who slipped from the edge..


Nandini: but babuji still scolding me..


Radhika: next time when your babuji scold you , tell him that you will tell to deedi's babuji, then he will stop , ok..


Nandini: but are you feeling better..


Radhika: yes , I am..  daadi is not letting me getting up from bed..otherwise I would have walking around..


Nandini: no deedi you take rest..


Radhika: um'


Rohini: Nandini, you need something to drink..


Nandini: no, I just came to see Radhika deedi, I need to go..


 Saying bye to Radhika  she ran away from there'


Rohini looking at her disappearing figure: poor Nandini, her father might have really scolded her badly..


Radhika: um..


Rohini: you need anything.?.


Radhika: no, I am fine..


Rohini: ok, then.. touching her forehead.. 'much better".. 


Back in haweli.. Dev was chatting with his daadaji.. talking about his studies and U.S. life..


Lechu with very disappointed face:  Bro, you didn't bring anything for me..


Dev holding onto her shoulder: Sorry Lechu,I was in a hurry, finishing up college work before starting, so didn't think of it.. but once we get back in delhi, I will buy you whatever you want..ok


Lechu: no, I don't want anything from there, next time when you come, you bring something extra special..


Yeshapal smiling: what is this extra special..


Lechu with a thought: anything.. from there is extra special..


Yeshpal: that is good to know..


Surender: Dev, go with Chander to town , we need more lightings..


Yeshapal: what is the need for all these now..


Surrender: just for my happiness.




Surender: beta..


Dev: yes dad, just one minute,..

He went in to change and then went along with Chander to  nearby town..  Dev was helping his dad with everything and the time passed quick.  Dev was standing near the balcony looking at the darkness. Suchi came near and held his upper arm and stood next to him..


Suchi: don't you feel any jetlag at all beta!.


Dev:  I don't feel tired Mom.. I am feeling like to keep my eyes open to feel each minute I am spending here..


Suchi: so when you need to return..


Dev: Have three weeks time.

Suchi: you said two,right?


Dev: Ha, but I asked my instructor and he agreed, so for that I end up doing extra work before starting, actually I get around four, if I really stretch out.


Suchi: good, I am really happy to know that , first when you told me , I thought let it be even  for two days, I just wanted to see you in front of me, but now  when I see you in front of me like this, its not satisfying my eyes.. You are busy helping dad out, and I am also getting busy with one or the other thing over here..


Dev wrapped his arms arouns his mom's shoulder.. : Ha , mom, even after coming here, I miss you too..


Suchi just held his arm that wrapped around her' 


Suddenly: can I ask you something?


Suchi: what?


Dev: how is Radhika?


Suchi pulled her cheek in as if smelling the something fishy': kyum?


Dev: please , mom? How is she?


Suchi: she is fine'   in a cool way..


Dev in an anxious tone: is her fever gone..


Suchi: ha....    as if not interested to say more..

Dev: Is she completely back to normal?


Suchi trying to hold her happiness inside: Dev, tell me frankly, did you actually came for daadaji's birthday funtion, ya'.


Dev loosened his arm and looked at her puzzled: ha mom'  why you are asking that now.. actually I came to meet you, dad, Lechu..then daadaji. Buva..


Suchi: Radhika.


Dev in a trance: ha'..  then realizing..  : what? No.. I mean.. yes.. No Mom.. I came for daadaji's birth'


Suchi:' she walked away from him..


Dev: mom, please.


Suchi looking at his tensed face: don't worry, now you don't have to find so many reasons and excuses for your words'  I know it now..


Dev with widely parted lips: what?


Suchi: Dev, why you need to hide it from me now?


Dev: I am not hiding anything Mom..


Suchi: so now you started telling lies too..


Dev: what lie?


Suchi: If you are not hiding anything from me, then what you were doing in Radhika's room last night.. that also alone..


Dev: alone.. meine .. kya kia.  In a childish innocent way..


Suchi: I am glad only me noticed you stepping down those ladder, what if Rohini might have seen you.. can't even imagine..


Dev's heart stopped beating for a second. Then comprehending back: did you..


Suchi: ha.. I saw you, but it was dark.. we two were coming to Radhika's room  and suddenly I saw your shadow disappearing into the balcony.. Rohini went to Radhika's room and I thought it was you, so only I came back and checked and but by then you already stepped down in the darkness..  but then when I met Radhika, she said that she saw you in her room.  Then I conformed..


Dev mumbled... ye, Radhika bhi na..


Suchi: why? Now what did she do wrong?.. I only took you there na, you should have told me straight away, why you need to go this hidden way.. what if you fell from that ladder.. and how you learned to do all these...


Dev stroked on his back hair..: vo mom'  I was not knowing how to say it as all others were sitting in front and'.  mind was not letting me sit peacefully.. don't know why..  my heart was aching to see her safe, that's all..


Suchi looking back at his face, and then holding his nose: so you don't know why you felt like that? But did your heart felt the relief after seeing her..


Dev just nodded his head in agreement looking down on the floor..


Suchi pulled her lips in and with a teasing smile said: I am a doctor, so I only have to find a solution.. don't worry Dev, ye tho ek beemari hei.

Dev 's eyes gone wild and looked at his mom, puzzled: what?


Suchi nodding her head: ha beta.. and it is called LOVE..  but don't worry  treatment hei..

Instantly his cheeks blushed and he looked down with a shy smile'


Suchi looking at his expression change: I am telling the truth , right?


Dev didn't say anything'


Suchi: Dev, now I am feeling the uneasiness.


He looked at his mom'


Suchi: look at you, you are blushing like a girl..


Dev : mom.  And then wrapped his arms again around his mom from the back above her shoulder..  Suchi holding onto his hands..


Suchi: I knew it..  you already know that we all will be happy to see you both together.. then why this..


Dve: no mom, I didn't realize it till yesterday.. In fact, I don't know what Radhika is thinking about me' It is just me mom..


Suchi: so now you are worried about knowing Radhika's mind..


Dev rested his chin on his mom's shoulder: hum'


Suchi: don't worry..  she will realize it soon too..


Dev: soon, so she is not missing me now.. but she said as if she waited for me for long..


Suchi: what?


Dev: ha, when she opened her eyes , she said that..


Suchi; she said what?


Dev: that ..  " aap aagaye"


Suchi:  that's because you said you are not coming for the funtion, and she knew that we all were worried , so when she saw you, she naturally said that..


Dev lost all his hope: so it was just a general 'aagaye' talk..


Suchi; ha.. and looked at his face turning into the shade of hopelessness..


Suchi:  but don't worry, granny already united you, and she didn't disagree with that till now.


Dev in a serious tone: but mom, she thinks I am the villain..


Suchi: what?


Dev: Ha mom' she told me that , and she was blaming me for her Delhi studies..


Suchi smiled..: don't worry beta..  you don't know a girls' mind.. when and how it change it colors God  only knows'    so don't worry about the past talk and dream about tomorrow..  Ok..

Dve: mom.. she..


Suchi: ha beta.. akhir mera beta bhi tho handsome hei'  otherwise that  girl should be blind' 


Dev: sach..


Suchi: um.. giving him confidence..


But then Lechu came calling out for Suchi saying Buva is waiting for her.. Suchi left him near the balcony and was walking away.. she turned and said: Dev, Radhika is much better now.. her fever also is gone..


Dev just smiled shyly..


Suchi: you know why I said it now.

Dev looked at her curiously..


Suchi: I don't want you to climb those ladder at this time..


Dve: mom..


But then with a teasing laugh she disappeared from his sight..



"I agree with everything, but what is this ladder thing, I missed that part..' 

Dev startled as he heard his dad 's voice coming out from the darkness.


Dev: dad..!


Surender: ha, Dad, your dad..


Dev: aap yeha the..


Surrender: kyum, nahi ana tha..

Dev: no dad, I just asked..


Surender: so tell me what is this ladder secret..


Dev: nothing dad, mom was just joking..


Surender: ok leave that.. it is good that you are sharing everything with your mom.. but be careful.. I am warning you now itself..


Dev looked at his dad's face unbelievably..


Surender came more closer to his son and said: believe me beta.. now she will smile and say all that sweet words.. but once you bring Radhik as your bride, the same mom will change her color and make your life miscerable..


Dev: what? Ha.. now she consider Radhika as her own daughter, but once she  come as daughter-in-law and see you loving her and spending  more time with her . and listening to whatever she says na, your mom will turn the plate upside down..


Dev: what.!.


Surender: then what you think of this love and marriage.., beta, thumharra acha din gaya'  now you have to listen to two ladies in your life.., so when they get in  conflict which side you will choose,..



Dev:  Ma ka..


Surender: aur thumhara beevi..


Dev  thought for few minutes..


Surender: hogaya na confusion.. that's what I tried to tell you..


Dev: no dad, you take Radhika's side.. then problem solved..


Surender: ha ha.. don't even think about it.. I need to live with my wife for the rest of my days.. you will fly away with your wife to U.S..; and you are trying to put me in trouble'  do you have any problem with seeing me living in peace.. eating good food and drinking good.. any problem'.  Then looking at his face; nahi na.. so I prefer my wife's side..


Dev: but then Radhika..


Surender: that;s what I said.. you are in trouble.. now, don't worry about it.. tomorrow is a big day.. something special for you too.. so go to sleep now..  don't think about climbing that ladder..


Dev: what?... looking at Surender who  turned to walk away.. Surender stopped and looked back at him..


Surender: ha beta.. go to bed..  next time, if you need any better tip, come and share with me.. don't go to your mom' she only knows diagnosing , doesn't know how to treat'  afterall what your mom does, she is helping with a natural process , right.. Is she treating any disease..  ye love vove sab heina, ek beemari hei' and that need treatment.. and for that I am good,  not your mom'  also don't blush like a girl in front of your mom, thum tho mere naam bhi kharab karega .. be ye man Dev..  



Saying that he walked away..

Dev stood there with parted lips'


Surender from a distance: don't worry, I am starting my treatment from tomorrow.. now you better go to bed'  otherwise when everyone come here for funtion, you may be sleeping.. 



Dev smiled as he said..'goodnight "to his dad..


Dev looking back at the darkness was thinking and smiling at his dad's words..  he is always like that.. he never get much time to spend with us, always in the middle of his business, mom used to tell ...his first wife is business, and then only her place comes..  dad worked really hard to get  this result..  but whenever he at home, he spend time with me like a friend,  always end up driving mom go crazy..  and sometimes tell mom that you are bringing up  your kids with so much care, that is the problem.. and find one or the other thing to pull mom's leg, teasing her around was his main time pass'  he  tried to compensate all that lonely time by being with us so friendly'  


"Dev beta, go to bed..".. sushma's voice ..


Dev: Ha Buva. Mei..


Suchma came near and pulled his cheek: now go, otherwise you may get sick too..... Good night..


Dev: ha buva.. good night'


The moon was hiding behind the blanket of cloudy sponges'  the minute his head touched the pillow, his eyes closed
Part- 30.. Like button please... thank you..
Sorry will Pm afterwards.. needs to go to Temple. catch you all  soon..  THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY COMMENTS AND SUPPORT

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
Now all elders from Devs side know his secret.WinkLOL so waiting what will happen on the big day.

so wish u also a fun filled 2011

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

Joined: 07 May 2010
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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 8:06pm | IP Logged
wow di , nice to see that dev finally realize his true feelings & his parents with him , waiting for  big day's celebrations ... wishing u all happiness .

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
didi what a story aha superb....keep it up love the story sis....
so Dev in love wowHeart

love your story.. I think RaDev will engage soon i think...
didi cool yar

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
Loved  the conversation  between Surender, Suchi and Dev... He declared   to  parents  about his love and   is getting all supports from them ..Waiting for the beda  function...

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 12:58am | IP Logged
Dev in love and will now try to woo his damsel.  Vow! fun and enjoyable.  Now the damsel should not give the prince a hard time.  So all awaiting the big day.
Thanks Devika.

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