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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Lovely updates Devika... Hmmmm love Radhika huggin Dev on the tree.. without realising they are now feeling much comfortable with each other..
lovely pace and lovely description of the scenes... and the beautiful green nature and cold crisp morning..
Thank you dear

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Nice fresh village scene with Dev and Radhika and both families so what will be next.

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Priya46 Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 11:15am | IP Logged
loved it just amazing

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honey_princess Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Ha ha..... So both comfortable with arms around each other? Wink

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
Interesting  very interesting ...Liked your detailed story  and greenary of Chandenpur now Dev knows more about Chandenpur nice...Love the way you tell  about  the relations between  Radhika'sfamily and  Dev's family..  Gradually DEv and Radhika are  getting more comfortable  with each other .. keep goingBig smile 

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palak13 Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Di loved it mindblowing I loved it when they were on the tree and clooking at nest plus holding each other waist so they cpuld get clear view and luved the truck scene update soon and thanks 4 the pm

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 5:13pm | IP Logged

Thank you michvinianilrad4devradhika5sugarandspicepalak13bvs7691evasumichalhovnycsweetie friends for like the previous part

@nysweetie: thanks dear.. hope you will like next part too..

@evasumi: thank you so muc di.. your words are encouraging. It was a small attempt to describe Chandenpur in a different way..  and Dev need that before leaving..  glad to hear that you liked it..

@chalhov: thanks.. so what's next.. dev's departure…  with an unexpected gesture… hope you will like it..

@priya; thank you dear.. hope you will like next part too..

@radev-forever: thanks..  arms around each other, but they didn't notice it, they were more urious to look at the tiny ones inside the nest…  and then the mother birdy cameWink

@vinivanil: are they getting more comfortable? I think yes, otherwise they won't be able to tell their heart out in next part .. an unexpected twist.. I think..  let me know..

@palak: thanks dear.. glad to hear that you liked it.. hope you will like Dev's departure


Thank you to my lovely readers. Especially for letting me know about it.  And clicking that like button.. so ready for next part… coming up soon.. Dev's unexpected departure.. or may be expected… tell me what you think..


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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 6:12pm | IP Logged


Rohini was packing Radhika's bag and Radhika was sitting quiet on the bed as usual.


Rohini: atleast I am glad that you started behaving normally with Dev.


Radhika: don't talk about him', please mom..  she pleaded


Rohini: but Radhika, your thoughts are wrong, why don't you realize that..


Radhika: Mom, please don't start it again. I just want to forget about it..


Rohini came near and sat near her: no Radhika,  you cannot simply forget about it. Dev is not a stranger in your life anymore..


Radhika tried to stand up and leave'


Rohini held her arm and made her to sit: listen to me.. each time you come here we talked about it. And I am still repeating the same thing, Dev doesn't have any role in sending you to Delhi. Even if they didn't appear at that time, you were leaving to Delhi or some other place for your higher studies.  It happened to be Delhi because they all are there..    holding onto her chin and making her look into her eyes, Rohini continued: if they are not in Delhi means, you will be ending up in college hostel or somewhere, and we will  be living in tension all the time. This way atleast we have some relief thinking you are safe and somebody is near you..  why don't you think it that way..


Radhika didn't say anything..: ok Mom..


Rohini: no Radhika, it is not just Ok mom.. you need to accept the fact.. how can you just believe that if Dev would have sopprted that day online courses are best, then your babuji will agree with that. No beta, never..


Radhika: atleast he could have tried na.., he didn't even do that..


Rohini: Radhika,  how does he know about it that you really doesn't want to leave Chandenpur. He just met you the other day. He doesn't kow anything about  you'     then with a firm voice.: ha, even if he know, what does he know, you were quarreling with him the minute you saw him, right? Then how can he be simply side you..  Even if it was me on Dev's position, I may do the same..


Radhika : ok ok ok.. I agree with you with everything.. ok.. dev is good .. and I told you I am trying to adjust.,  I am not quarreling with him anymore, so no more talk about it..


Rohini: I know you are saying just for my sake..  and he is leaving soon too.. and that is why you are trying to adjust..


Radhika: yes I know, so only'  don't worry,  I won't misbehave..  she gave a hug to Rohini..


Rohini: I trust you beta..


But then Radhika's eyes filled up, she took the bag and said: bye mom..


Rohini also wiped her tears..  she saw her daughter walking down with a heavy heart..  when she comes home .. she comes with all  the happiness in the whole world, and when she leaves, she takes away everyones joy with her..'   but still somewhere in her deep heart she found the change in her daughter'  Rohini closed her eyes and prayed to kanha for the goodness..


Radhika left with the Bhatt family.. Suchi noticed how silent she is. And saw how hard she is trying to control her filling eyes..  on the other hand.. dev and lechu were talking all the good things happened to them in Chandenpur.. Radhika was trying hard to join lechu's talk, but was unable to..


Suchi: Radhika , you look very tired..  she extended her left arm out as if calling her to her shoulder..  Radhika moved near and  brought her head near, Suchi just held her shoulder and made her to rest her head on her upper shoulder..  Radhika felt better.. unknowingly she started tapping on  Radhika's shoulder, Radhika cued in more and closed her eyes' 


Suhi: lechu it is already late, you have college tomorrow. So you can also try sleeping..


Lechu: no mom,I don't have college tomorrow..  we have one week vacation, remember..


Suchi: oh, I forgot..  ok then don't make much noise, Radhika has college and she is already tired '


Dev just turned to look at Rahdika  and foud her resting on Suchi's shoulder'  he turned his face to the front and looked into the darkness blindly'


Surender: hope we will be able to get there within  five hours..


Chander: ha Sir, now the traffic also is much better.. so I think we will  be able to..



It was one late evening at Delhi house.. 

Lechu: where is deedi' DIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Dev: Lechu,'


Lechu very impatiently: see I am dying to see this movie and finally you were able to get it for me. I waited for Di to come and join me.. and see here she is not only testing my patience but also not even showing up her face'.  Diiiiiiiii''.



Suchi came from her room, covering her ears: lechu, either you wait for Rahika to join, or you start watching it, Radhika won't mind..


Radhika was hearing all the hungama's downstairs.  Her heart was pounding hard. First of all she said to lechu there is nothing specific for the next day to college.. and then she said to join to watch this movie'  how will I tell her that I don't want to watch it' Krishna.. help me na..   she trapped me really well into this... 



Dev came to check and found Radhika keeping her hands together , standing in  a praying posture..


Dev: are you Ok Radhika?


Radhika jerked and said: ha, I am fine..

Dev: then come down,  otherwise Lechu will break this house into two..  she only sent me upstairs..


Radhika now knows there is no escape route for her..  : ya, I am coming    saying that Radhika ran downstairs with her faster heart beat.. 


Lechu:Havu.. finally.. come come come..  you are really checking my patience today..


Radhika tried to cover her uneasiness..  and went and sat near to her'  

Lechu: now where is Bro:'  BROooooooooooo'.


Dev: I am coming Lechu'  climbing down the stairs..


He went and selected the play button'   Radhika looked around, to check whether Suchi is around..  Dev went and lay on the other couch facing the TV....


The movie letters were started showing up' it all looked so ceepy  along with the howling  and then the cry'   Radhika wanted to close her eyes,,  but then she saw Lechu looking at the screen with a happy smile on her face..


Radhika to self: how can someone smile like that' her heart started pounding harder.. she closed her eyes.. she opened one corner side to check on it' and then she found Dev sitting straight and almost on her same level'   she didn't want to give up..  she slowly took the sofa pillow in her hand and wrapped her arms around it' and tried to concentrate on the TV'  but the word of the movie iself is scary for her, so doesn't want to even look at it.. how could lechu found this movie so interesting, why she din't watch it early..  why nobody is calling me..    Oh God, where is Suchi mom,  somebody call me na..  Please God'  


Suddenly the phone rang..


Radhika stood from the sofa in reflex action. Dev turned to check, but Radhika: no you watch it, let me check it out..


Radhika called all the Gods names in that fraction of second , with a wish that it is ringing for her now..   She picked the reciever and said : hello


Daadi: Radhika beta..


Radhika  took a deep sigh and said: thank you so much

Daadi got oncerned and Radhika slowly tried to explain the situation..


Daadi: why don't you tell lechu that you are scared to watch this kind of movies..


Radhika: how can I daadima?, Dev is sitting there too and lechu is so enthusiastic to watch it with me.. and I am..


 Daadi tried to control her laugh: its ok beta,  afterall these all made for fun only, now go enjoy it..


Radhika: don't say like that Daadi, I am already scared, and then here I sleep alone'  can you believe it, I need to sleep ALONE.. after watching this crapp


Daadi: I can tell Lechu then..


Radhika: no You won't..


Dev came near: who is it Radhika?


Radhika with a smile covering her fear: daadi..


Dev: oh Ok..


Daadi: Is that Dev, give to him, let me talk..


Radhika: no, you talk to me now..   dev is gone..


Dev: no I am here only..


Radhika looked at him and then gave the receiver in his hand..  but she stood there next to him'


Dev talked with daadi for few minutes , talking about his readiness to go, and daadi about their preparation to come to Delhi..   Finally Dev was about to place the reciever back on the rack..


"I forgot to tell her something..'   Radhika's voice forced him to look at her..


Dev: but daadi already kept the phone..


Radhika: ok then, let me make a call..


Dev: no, she said she is leaving to Haweli to meet Sushma buva..


Radhika: oh really'.   He noticed her disappointed face'


Lechu: di, come, I paused it, you need to watch this scene..


Radhika's mind repeated the name of the movie in her mind : bhooooooth


Dev: Radhika, go sit..


Radhika: hum'.


She went and sat on the same place reluctantly'  as scene repeated Radhika thought her heart stopped for a second.. she slowly brought the pillow up and tried to cover her face..  Dev happened to come from kitchen munching onto some snack, he saw Radhika's reaction. She was sitting with her eyes tightly closed and covering her face with the pillow..  he realized she is really scared as her rest of the face color turned to red'


Dev went and took the remote and stopped the movie.. 


Lechu: Bro, put it on, what happened?


Dev: no this is enough..  if you watch this you will get scared at night..

  Radhika moved the pillow from her face as she heard their talk.. she felt some relief..


Lechu: Mmoooooooooooommmmmmmm'.


Suchi came running form the room..  : what is this Lechu..?


Lechu: Bro is not letting us watch the TV..


Suchi; DEV, what is your problem, let them watch it..


Dev: no mom, and then she will get scared at night..


Lechu stood on her feet: no mom, Radhika deedi is with me.. and I want to watch it.. what is his problem..


Suchi looked at Dev'


Dev: mom,  it is a scary movie..


Lechu: then you don't watch it' Let us watch it..


Dev: no, you are not going to watch it..


Lechu: give me the remote.. she went and tried to snatch it from him..


Radhika was sittig silently , first time prayed to God for Dev's win'


Dev moved the remote away and lechu started pulling on his shoulder.. but no use, Dev smartly moved it away'.along with  that her winy sound started screaming out loud'


Suchi: DEV GIVE THAT IN HER HAND' give it now..  I said NOW..


Dev looking at Radhika, gave up the remote..


Lechu: now you go, we two will watch' she pushed on his back making him to go away..


Dev climbed the step.. 


Suchi: now can you put the volume low and watch it peacefully..


Lechu: yes mom..


Suchi went away.. Radhika again grabbed the pillow in her hand and was about to  cover her face.. as a reflex  she looked up and she found dev 's eyes on her..  she looked at him with a hope.. Dev easily read her eyes.. he turned and suddenly got an idea..


He dialed his cell and  as soon as she heard the phone bell.. she said: I will check Lechu, you watch it..  no need to wait for me.. ok.


Lechu felt so happy.. 


Radhika piked the phone  and said  : Hello


Dev um, if you are scared don't watch it, why don't you just say it out..


Radhika: but Lehu is so interested I don't want to disappoint her..


Dev: so you are really scared to watch it..


It was  then  the point strike on her head' she didn't say anything..

Dev: so Ms. Radhika is scared of Bhooth, good to know' so this bhooth won't come in the form of a snake?/ hu..


Radhika lost her control..   she put the phone away..

Dev: what?  looking at his cell... 


Radhika: lechu, I have some urgent work, you watch it, ok.. saying that she went upstairs and stomped into Dev's room'


Dev was trying to control his laugh, imagining Radhika's irritant face..holding onto his chair facing away from the door. Radhika came in, she saw his posture, that just draw all the redness from her veins into her face.. she stood right behind him, her arms moved up aiming his neck'


Suddenly Dev felt something near , he  startled and turned quikly.. and his eyes gone wild as he unexpectedly saw Rahdika in front of him.. he called out..  "oyi ma' BHOOTH''


Radhika paused for a second she  comprehend herself and realized he just called her Bhooth'


Rahdika with a violent tone: you called me Bhooth!!!


Dev trying to control his laugh..: aur nahi tho kya.. Look at yourself.. your big big eyes,  she widened her eyes to check herself...and the long eyelashes' she flickered her eyelashes as he said that' your curved long eyebrows' she arched it more..  your sparkly shiny white pearls,   Radhika suddenly closed her lips'  your red red cheeks'your thick wavy black open  long hair that cover below your waist level.. ..   and with all that your crab clawed fingers aiming at this sada manushy'..  Radhika looked at her hands and found it ready to dig into his neck, she pulled them back


Dev: so what you think, did I say anything wrong'


Radhika stamped her one foot forcefully on the floor..


Dev: calm down, calm down.. you came to drink my blood na.. 


Radhika again moved her hands towards him..  as if to  dig it down again..


Dev suddenly looking at the door..: mom..


Radhika suddenly tried to relax'.


Dev again started laughing loud, and then tried to control it. Radhika turned to look at the door and there was nobody'  she  made a fist with  her hands and tried to squeeze it self..


Seeing  this Dev: Radhika, you may need them in future, don't try to hurt yourself..


Radhika made a complaining face and went near the bed : mujhe patha tha.. I knew it, I knew it.. all because of you.. all because of you..


Dev sensed the seriousness in that tone..:  what? What all because of me?


Radhika: ha'  because of you I am here now..


Dev curiously: what!


Radhika: I told you to tell Babuji that online courses are good, and na, you never supported me..  and see now I am here, away from my own family.. 


Dev sat near her : Radhika..


Radhika: no don't talk to me..  Ma was telling me that you  are so nice, and it was not your fault, but I knew you did it purposefully, right..  so that I leave my home..   you knew everything , right.. why did you do that' and first of all, when you met me,because of you I got wet, and then each time you tried to put me down , and at the end, when I requested you something so personaly, you didn't even give it a try.. you just acted like good boy in front of them.. and babuji ended up scolding me in front of everyone'  all because of you'now also when I get home, my mom starts advicing me,  don't do this, don't do that, behave that way, don't raise my voice, don't laugh loud, don't look there, don't look here' all because of you'


Dev sat there with a weak mind, he don't know what to tell her'  but then comprehending himself


Dev: Radhika, it was your dad's decision, I had no voice there..


Radhika: no, he would have listen to you if you said it in a strong that day'


Dev: but Radhika, I hardly know anyone at that time.. I myself was in big delima, seeing your Chandenpur people and their fairy tales' what to say about Chandenpur village, till we got inside the Haweli, I was not knowing I am stepping into my own house, I have a daadaji, buva, a granny who dreamed about me'  did you ever thought of my situation.. and along with all   that your craziness, and you made me a fool in front of everyone.. 


Radhika's eyes were watering: ha, fool, that's what you are' no you are not  a fool,you are the villain'.  I know' yes.. you are the villain..


Dev felt sad, but unknowingly his hand reach out for her upper back and tried to comfort her by holding on to her shoulder..


Radhika jerked her shoulder and tried to get up and walk away..


Dev held her  wrist '  she stood with her back facing him..


Radhika: now what?


Dev: wipe your tears, if not, mom will get upset..


Radhika : leave my hand..


Dev released his hand from her wrist..  she wiped off her cheeks..   and then without looking at him was about to walk away they heard a, loud cheeeeek from down stairs'  awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..


Radhika and Dve looked at each other once and then ran to the outside hall and looked down and found Lechu sitting on the couch with her face covered within her hands'.


Dev: I told her not to watch it.. Next time, you tell me to get all this kind of CD's , I will' saying that he went down and  turned the TV off..  Suchi came and sat near Lehcu holding her close asking her, why she watched the movie'.  Lechu cling onto her mom saying .." I am sleeping with you tonight.."


Suchi: ok baba  '  then looking at dev:  who told you bring such movies.. in an angry tone..


Dev: so now it is my fault.. I told her not to watch it and you only scolded me to put it back on, and now it is my fault.. 

He got irritated.:. ha.. its all my fault.. all my fault' saying that he climed back the steps and went into his room and slammed the door  ajar..


Radhika shivered once as she heard the door , she realized the reason is she only' 


Dev tried to keep his distance away from her the next two days. Mohan ,daadi, Rahul, Rohini Birju, Yeshpal, Sushma .. everyone came  the day before.. they all  had fun talks and exchanged their small jokes.. 


Surender: Dev, did you check the weight of the leggage?


Dev: ha Dad, its correct..


Daadi: you kept the achar  safetly , right..?


Dev: ha daadi'


The talk went on about safety and immigration issues'  Radhika was holding onto Daadi's upper arm with resting her head on her, all these time..


Next day they all got ready and was waiting near the car..  Radhika, daadi, and Birju decided to stay back..


Surender : where is Dev?


Suchi: Radhika, just go and check ' please..


Radhika: ha, one minute Ma..


She ran into the house , and then climbed upstairs calling his name.. as she entered into his room, he pulled her hand and pinned to the wall, closing the door flap. The quick move made Radhika to startle..


Radhika looked into his eyes with widening her eyes..



Dev looking into her eyes: so you think I am the villain , right.. Ok, no problem, if I am the villain  in this story, then you need to give back what you took from me..


Radhika: what did I took from you.. with a chuckled voice..


Dev: oh, ya, you always want me to ask it right away.. don't you.. But  it doesn't matter.. give it back to me.. I don't mind getting it later...


Radhika:  what?


Dev:  so you don't have a good memory either.. when I went for camping, I called home and you picked the phone ..


Radhika: but I didn't get anything..


Dev:  oh really.. try to think hard..  you took it from me and then gave it to Mom..


Radhika parted her lips to say something, but then closed it quickly as the words stuck in her throat..


Dev: what happened? You don't remember..


Radhika: they are waiting for you..


Dev: I don't care.. give it back to me now..


Radhika: no..   I gave it to  Suchi mom, there itself.. you aks her to give it back



Dev: who said that was for mom..  but you ended up getting it and  so I need it back from you only..


Radhika looked at him unbelievably..


Dev: you should have asked me whom I meant to give it.. and you just came in the middle and took it from me, forcefully and then gave to somebody else..


Radhika stood stunningly listening to him..

Dev: So if you don't want to give  it to me means, you want to keep it..  Ok then , you can keep it'


Radhika: no'I


Dev softly:  chup' chup'  and listen to me..


Radhika's lashes flickered one more time and she looked deep into his eyes'


Dev: now listen..  what you said, I am the villain of the story, right? Ok then  I never heard of villain getting kisses from the heroine.. so I don't have any interest to keep that with me either..


Dev read her questioning eyes..


Dev: oh ya, you  only knows to advice others , right..  next time when you give somebody something special make sure it is recieved by  the right person. Not to any villains in your story, ok.. but as you already said I am the villain,  take it back from me.. I don't want to keep it either..



Before giving any chance for her to think twice.. his rosy lips aimed at her right cheek saying' muaaaaaa.. and it touched her soft burned skin..  Radhika 's heart skipped few beats..   she stood with a weaker body in front of him unable to resist his action... 


  He pulled his  face back and looked at her shocked face.. and this was for my mom.. may be.  but definitly not for the villain.


And then his face again went near and  his lips pressed over her other cheek'  she forgot  to breath in..


He pulled his face back and looked at her face very closely, his warm breath was falling onto her burning face skin, looking into  her wild eyes he said softly':  and this  was intended for your daadi, right'


Then holding onto her chin raising it up little bit he said' now you don't need to worry about this demon..  fariey tales usually has the demons,  not villains..  so now you won't see this demon anymore in your life, you will have all the freedom here, and I won't come back till you get back to your Chandenpur forever'    he was about to walk away but stopped and turned , looking at  her reddened face' said: but still you are keeping mine. You need to return it to me'  if you not, I know how to get it back'.    Saying that he opened  the closed flap of the door, and looking at her face one more time with his sparkly eyes he disappeared from her peripheral vision..



Radhika was trying to comprehend everything in her brain' time passed quickly' an unknown force pulled her from there.. her legs started pacing faster.. she went near the main door and stood there looking at the moving car.. Dev sitting at the front seat, saw her reflection coming and standing near the door.. looking at his car'.. he kept his eyes on the rear mirror on the passenger side' ..  till Surender took the turn to enter into the road'.

Part-26.. like button please...please
so I don't know whether I am still able to hold you with me.. I want to, and trying to. If I am disappointing your expecation, I am sorry and please then let me know.. Otherwise, I am entering into the 2 nd phase of my story from next part...
If still you are travelling with me, then please click that like button..
Thanks and take care

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