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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 12:00am | IP Logged
Hi Devika

I finally had time to come back and read all the various parts The story is progressing really well--very intriguing.

Love the Dev-Radhika "nok-jhok". Very cute interactions---
What I like the most about your story telling style is your ability to sketch the various characters and develop relationships. In this story the relation of Dev with his mom and Radhika's with her Dadi and Suchi as well as with Lechu are very endearing---

Like the fact that in this story--love between Dev and Radhika develops gradually.
Also, really liked the subtle nuances you described to differentiate between village life and city dwelling--from fresh Vs stale vegetables, space issue, traffic among other things....

I know there is more to come in the story---looking forward to Dev's trip to Chandenpur and if it will be full of surprises---Is Arjun going to play a role in the upcoming episodes to make Dev realize his feelings towards Radhika?....

Keep it up---looking forward to many more fun filled episodes

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 12:23am | IP Logged
Just caught up with your last 3 updates.  Really enjoyed reading it.
I must say that you have an uncanny knack of bringing great flow in your stories.  It is not spread all over the place but on the other hand an extremely free flow of thoughts and beautifuly expressed that I constantly feel the need to keep reading more of your updates.  Keep it going.Thumbs Up

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sonia122 Senior Member

Joined: 10 June 2010
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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 12:40am | IP Logged
loved the sweet interaction b/w radev.... why did he take rose pic to his room n placed it back in her??? our prince charming started to have some feeling for radWink liked  the prt where rad leave one sweet msg to suchi before leaving to her place...

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 4:39am | IP Logged
hii i''m a new member to this site and a big fan of Avina. Realy cool story this is....Thumbs Up

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Priya46 Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 6:57am | IP Logged
Aunty I forgot to tell u that the suprise was mind blowing

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 8:16am | IP Logged

Oh dear, I never expected this much feedback within 24 hours. You are with me now…  I am fully loaded now.. How do I think you guys for giving me such a good spirit..  I was about to post the third part yesterday but controlled hard, so that I won't mess up with so many things…  Thank you to all my lovely friends out there..   so  will try for a long update for today..


Thank you 5armadkscjkmichanu17khus1973aisha08sonia122vinianilMus@rad4devradha_bilahariradhika5sugarandspiceDAIRY25bvs7691radev_foreverpalak13abhilasha_dreambillo77evasumichalhovnycsweetie for liking previous part.

@radev-forever:  certain things are inevitable in life, but I can turn the clock really fast to get there because I am with you…  but will try for a logical leap with that.. hope you will like it when it comes..

@priya: thanks dear.. it is good to know it is getting better, so that means I am not boring….  Thanks.. next part coming soon..

@nycsweetie: dev need to leave dear..  but if you know me, I will make it for good.. I need to move to second phase, so I need him to go…  but as I said, will try not bring out the sadness from it.. but will try for  new excitements… don't know… will try

@vinianil; Dev… will go.. but as you said let's roam around chandenpur for two days, then one more delhi scene  before he take off..  so yes, everyting is there,,  it was his dream, and I want him to make it real..  he he he

@billo77: yes  yumna, thanks you.. Negative charactors , I don't like. So Heena is a positive character.. arjun , don't know yet, but I can't imagine any negative shade in him either, I am concentrating mostly on Radev and their interactions, and others will come along with them.. so let see how that will come out..  thank you so much for the support dear..

@palak13: thanks palak..  I told you,  for me it is the story line that comes first, but then I am writing it for you, so your comments is the spirit to pen it down..   and I am totally into this Radev world, and then nothing can stop me, very bad habit..  I need to learn to change it.. I really value the comments, and if anybody tell me to update soon, I really feel like doing it dear.. otherwise I won't feel good.. I love doing it, if you all like it.. so only I am ahead of you for now.. may be my inner mind, really likes doing it…

@ chalhov: thanks.. ha ha.. yes my dev can add 2 and 2 and figure it out easily..  not like our CV team Dev.. mine is intelligent and knows the student numbers better, he also just pass out from there, so it is easy …. He he he…  thanks for the support dear..

@Diary25; hum… hummm…   ya, he is going to U.S. , but I want him to see the real chandenpur, without all that hungama and fairy tales.. so this is his real knowing of Chandenpur, through Radhika's eyes…  I hope…

@radhika5: thank you, so you are with me too..  I think most of you are back from holidays.. I  am actually flying…   with Radev..  have only three more days of off, then back to square one, but I will try to update everyday to get there, because it is coming as chain of thought, then I can't control… hyperactive syndrome..  need to find some medication to control it…  ha ha..  glad to know that you liked it.. hope you will like enxt part too

@radha-bilhari: thank you so much. if you are ready to read more, I am ready to pen it down..  Problem is I am totally into it now, so I need only your words to get the energy to pen it down.. so I am sooo happy to hear it…  next update coming soon..

@sonia: yes dear.. Dev has the feeling, but he is not ready to accept it, mainly because Radhika is not giving him any response back.. so let see how that will develop.. will try not to bore you… but let see..

@anu17; thank  you and welcome to Cb forum.. Hope we will be able to see many posts from you.. anything about avina is welcome here.. so feel free.. and thank you soooo much for your comment, so that I know one more person is reading it, so I need to update.. so thank you dear..

@priya; ok, next surprise is coming soon.. get ready for that…


Thank you so much my dear Avina fans..  love you all from the bottom of my heart.. I requested and you all gave response…  thank you thank you thank you…because I need  it..


Catch you all soon..

DevikaBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 9:17am | IP Logged
The next day morning, Dev as usual went for jogging around. He had his camera hanging from his neck.  He wanted to steal more pictures so he told Sushma Buva that he will return late only.
He took the pictures of the water fall, people working on fields, then the greenery.. Now he started loving it here, being in the middle of all  this greenery. He went to the medow , the weeds were graown very taller on bothe sides of the green grass..  the small and midum size white and purple colur floweres were waving high above the weeds...   saw the cattles feeding ont he green grass , the calfs were jumping on their four feet..  and  the goats' ...  he saw the clear sky above.  He loved everything.   Suddenly his eyes caught the sight of a deer  calmly munching on to the green grass near the woods..  He curiously followed it focusing his camera...   but then suddenly the ears of that animal staood up straight, got alert and looked straight curiosly ... its eyes blinked once.. He realized  and stopped.. but then the shining eyes caught the new person's image..  it took two soft steps but then with a quick turn it ran into the woods... He also speed up his feet.   .


As hE entered more into the woods , he saw a new world. the deer got isappeared some where inside the thick greenery . He saw the flowering trees around..  he took pictures of those smiley floweres.   He stood under a tree, keeping his  left hand on the flanks and the other one holding onto the camera. 'where did  it disappeared?'

 But then something rubbed on his face. He slowly moved that away from his face as he looked at his hand he saw a duppatta end, white colored one with yellow border. His eyes gone wild and  his eyes followed its length, and found the grl sitting comfortably on one of the broad braches of the tree with an open book in her hand..  his lips mumbled..   "Radhika"..


Radhika brushed back her hair from the forehead as she was reading the book. Her  soft curly hair was blowing with the soft wind.  And her duppatta hanging around her neck loosley, with one end totally getting ready to slip down..  her feet was moving rhythmically as if she is listening to a music, and her payal was making the jiggle sound..   time just passed by.  He took the camera and captured the beauty of the nature along with her.  Radhika sat there unaware'... After sometime she closed the book and looked up at the tree...   her eyes gone wild and she  slowly dropped the book  down to the ground with a curious smile on her lips.   Holding onto another branch ,she stood on her feet, and then she looked up and plucked a flower..   and then climbed few more branches up very easily. Dev got curious too..   she was aiming at a bird's nest and peeked into it carefully.  Suddenly her eyes fallen onto the ground  as she tried to balance more and she saw enthusiastic Dev standing down..


She smiled and said  : "shhhhhh'   and signaled him to come up..


Dev signaled back  'do I need to come up..?'


She again signaled him to come up..  Dev took his shoe off and slowly climbed the branches. Finally he was about to reach near her, he slipped his balance, but Radhika caught him strongly..   He stood next to her holding onto one branch and to the main trunk. 


She signaled him to look inside the nest.. He stretched out to peek into the nest and Radhika  wrapped her one arm around his waist to give him more grip. He leaned over and saw the tiny ones inside the nest.. a smile appeared in his lips.. he tried to open his mouth, but Rahdika shhh 'ed him again'..  she also stretched self, and dev circled his arm around her waist to balance' ... and they both peeked inside the nest and shared their smile seeing the baby birdies...'


But then a bird's flapping sound and loud cry alerted Radhika..  she  said very softly..


"we need to get down..   now"' 

Dev: can I take a picture..


Radhika: no, the mother is coming, she may think we are here to take away her babies.. let's get down quick..


Dev balanced back on holding onto  the branches and then slowly tried to get down..


Radhika: let me get down first, and I will help you..  saying that within seconds she was down on the ground. His eyes gone wild seeing her speediness. Then she asked him to get down slowely. As he stepped down, he saw the mother birdy flying down and landing on near her nest..  and  started making  loud sound to alert her group and  trying to scare him away..  Looking up his feet almost hit the ground. Radhika just helped him holding onto his back as he landed onto the ground..



He tapped his hands together to get the dirt away..


Radhika secured her duppatta around her neck.. 


Dev put back his shoes on..


"so this is your little secret behind climbing trees..".. Dev asked..


""hum.  I love it.. you know what? I used to know whenever a new nest show up on these trees. I used to show the tiny ones to my friends..  but now, I don't know much about anything here..  so  atleast I tried to come here, to spend sometimes, and if I am lucky I may see one or two tiny ones.  But this is totally a surprise. I have eyed on few, but they all flew away when I came back to check on them,.. but this remained for me..' 


"so you study here, like this, sitiing on the branches..'  dev asked..


"'I like it.. you know what? When you do that, you need only half of its time, I mean, if I sit inside a room and try to learn it,  it may take more than an hour, but here, it takes only half an hour.. that is the magic of nature..'..   Radhika said with a smile.


'Interesting."  Dev said..


They walked together' 

Dev: what else is there in Cahndenpur that you love most..


Radhika going in a trance: I love everything in Chandenpur.. from the air I breath to the blowing wind'.   I love the birds sound with the  raising  sun to the crickets sound with the darkness mixed with the howling of the small animals..   I love the sound of the water fall to the sound of the splashing water in the flowing  river..  I love the trees and the weeds.. I love those wild floweres that always smile even though they never get any attention...   I love everything about Chandenpur..


Dev just smiled and said : I can see that...'


" don't you like Chandenpur?"  Radhika sked looking at his face..


"hum'." Dev said


Radhika  with an annoying tone as she expected more than that from him.. ' what um',  don't you like here?'


Dev realizing her tone  : um, I like it, but just for few days..  only..


Radhika : why? ' ha, I know you may be afraid of those buffelous,  or cattles right?  Or are you afraid of the snakes'?


Dev: Radhikaaaaa'.


Rahdika: then what? Why you are just saying 'um 'um.. all the time..


Dev: do you like Delhi?



Radhika: No..


Dev: what?!!


Radhika: kind off'


Dev: I said the same..  You like it here, because you grow up here, I love Delhi because I grow up there...'


Radhika: but'..


Dev: no but '..  that's the truth Radhika..    I feel so good when I get back into my room, like you feel very good when you get back here in Chandenpur..


Radhika didn't say anything..


Dev: what happened? Am I saying something wrong?


Radhika just looked at him with a blank face'.


But then on the way they saw the kids playing cricket'...  seeing Rahdika,  kids ran near to her.. 

Kids: come deedi, lets play a game..


Radhika : ha.. one second, she kept the book on the side and tied her suppatta on to her waist securely and went along with the kids..  dev just stood there watching their game.. He laughed as he saw Radhika trying to hit the ball with the bat.. and she was quarrelling with the kids'...   Radhika saw him laughing..


Radhika: why are you laughing?


Dev just shrugged his shoulder saying nothing....


Suddenly she thought of Heena's words..


Radhika: Keshav, Dev is a very good player, ask him to join too..

The kids went and requested and finally dragged him to the play ground.. Dev kept the camera near the book and joined with them..  he enjoyed playing with them as there was no specific rules,and the kids just agree with whatever  Radhika said.. Dev treid to correct them, Radhika kept quiet as she now know that he knew it better'... Dev showed them  and explained the correct rules'.     Time just passed by..



" Radhika', you are here, playing with the kids,' Babuji is looking for you,' come on..,   Dev you are here too',  come on..'..  Birju's voice caught their attention..


Dev and Radhika came out from the ground..


Birju; nice , very nice, telling everyone at home that you are going to study, and here you are playing with the kids..


Radhika: Bhayya, I was studying.. or ask Dev,' I was studying na.. "  she asked Dev..


Dev: hum..


Radhika: again hum', what hum,'   I was studying bhayya..  looking at Birju


Dev smiled..


Birju: um um.. Babuji is sending you to big college to study well, and if you come back with holding a fail certificate na, then you will get the first slap from me only..


Radhika stood on the walkway: bhayya', I was studying only..


Birju: 'if it is true then it is good for you.. you need to pass out with high marks, then only babuji will feel proud,''...   then looking at Dev..  "don't listen to her if she says she is home sick, last time also she lost one week of college'...   when she was here, I was there to check on everything, but now'  then as if something flashed in his mind he continued.  ..  look at me, whom I am telling, you yourself is flying soon'  I should tell Suchi maaji only'.   They need to keep an eye on her'


Radhika just walked silently....' 

Dev got surprised seeing silent Radhika, if it was me who made this comment means, she could have eaten my head by now....

Birju: so you are in Delhi for one more week, right?


Dev: hum'


Birju: we all are coming next weekend.. ,  Daadi already in to preparing pickles and all', we will pack nicely, I will only do it with my hands, otherwise it may get leaked.. 


Dev just smiled and said: there is no need for that and all..


Birju: who said that? We  have few people from Chandenpur who work in abroad, and we know everything.  You need it.. what if when you feel like to taste the  homely food..

Their talk went on..   dev went to haweli and Radhika and Birju walked towards their house.

The morning was cold as usual in Chandenpur.  Dev came back after his jogging.


Sushma: so will you be able to do all these once you get there..


Dev smiled: ha Buva.. It is a nice place too..


Sushma: actually what is the need for going there now? What is lacking here?


Dev: nothing Buva ji.. it's just my dream..


Yeshpal: um um.. dream..  after fulfilling the dream you better come back , ok..


Dev: sure daadaji..


Yeshpal: and spend some time with us all.   With a tinge of sadness in his tone...'


Dev just nodded his head in agreement and then went near him and said: ha daadaji, when I finish my studies na, it'll take only 1 years and then  I will come back and 'll spend a whole month with you here...'


Yeshpal: who knows, that time you may see another dream and go behind it..


Dev: no, I won't..


The talk went on.. 


Surrender:  Babuji, I am need to see Mohan'


Yeshpal looking at the clock: at this time, he will be at the field only, especially they may be plowing the soil now..

Sushma: ha, Rohini told me yesterday,  the tractor and everything is ready to till the soil.


Yeshpal: then I am sure they all will be there only..

Suchi: but it's a Sunday..


Sushma: here no Sundays..  everything depend on a good weather..  and this is because of Radhika.. she likes to do all these...


Lechu: I am also coming with you dad..

Surender: ya, let's go.. Dev you also come..  ask Chander to start the  car..


They went to the field.  And parked on the muddy roadside.  They saw Mohan , and Rohini and two other workers discussing something seriously.. The tractor was coming form the farthest end. 


Rohini: Lechu betiya.. how are you?


Lechu: good..  so  deedi  didn't come..


Rohini: ha, deedi is here, Rahul is here, dadi is here, all are here..


Surender: but then where are they..


Rohini pointed to the tractor.. : they are coming back..


Surender: they all fit in one..


Mohan: what to do .. got used to all these now..  this is what Radhika is missing, so she strictly told not to do this on weekdays, so for her happiness only I asked him to come today' 


Surender looking at the tractor coming towards them; Mohan actually I came to discuss on Granny's monument, If you are busy we can meet in the evening..


Mohan: no yaar, let's talk now itself.. this is just for Radhika's fun', come let's move to that shade..


Dev was looking at the tractor coming near, and his eyes gone wild as he saw the  person sitting on the driver's seat..  


Lechu: Daadiiiiiii ko tractor chalana atha hei kya?!!!!!!


Rohini: heina beta..  if you want, you can also try..


Lechu excitedly: really..


Rohini: hum..


Daadi stopped the tractor  near to them ..


Mohan: let me help Mom..    he went and helped her to get down from it.. 


Surender: you never change..


Daadi: why should I? especially when my kids are near me.. I still have the same energy .. do you want to test?


Surender: who me, no way..


Radhika: lechu come in', let's go for a round..


Lechu: but who will drive then..


Radhika: don't worry about it, just  come in..


Rohini and Radhika helped from both sides to help her to get in.


Radhika looking at Dev: next trip you can try , ok..


Dev: what? Are you going to drive them..


Radhika: ha, any doubt'.,   saying that she shooed off from there.. Dev put his hands over his planks and stood looking at the moving tractor..  


Surender: Radhika too..


Daadi: hum' she grown up here, how can she be different..


Dev was looking at them the whole time till  they came back..


Daadi: Dev beta, now you get in..


Dev: no, I am fine..


Rohini: don't be shy, it is easy.. just try.. you won't get the oppertunity like this all the time, so you better try now.. go , go get in..


Rahul: Dev bhayya, avona,


Rohini: Rahul you get down, let bhayya try.. come come..


Rahul: but I want to ride with Bhayya..


Rohini: let him go once and then you can go alone with bhayya.. ok..


Lechu: ok then, I will also get down.. But after this, bhayya you need to take me too..


Daadi: otherwise I will take you, don't worry..


Lchu and Rahul got down and with little hesitation Dev got in. He looked at the operating system.. Radhika tried to give a start to explain its operation..  and she gave the steerring in his hand..


Dev slowly moved it to the front, it made a roar sound,  but then slowly slowly it started moving..  Dev  got easy on it quickly.. he took the turn and  making a big circle he came back and haulted in front of the family.. Radhika got down, and Lechu and Rahul got in.. Dev got thrilled doing it', they made circles after circle..

One of the worker got ready to open the canal channel to the field...  Radhika went running near.. she calle everyone.. She made Lechu to  open the block, the water just gushed in and it wet the field...  they started playing witht he water,a nd then slowly slowly got into the cannal,  the water was upto their waste level.. but they enjoyed splashing with it..   finally theu all got wet completely.
Daadi: Radhika enough, you just got better from your sickness, so..
Radhika: ok Daadima..  five more minutes...   saying  that she continued playing with Lechu..  Rahul was enjoying his playtime with Dev.. they were making noises ....  Rohini and Daadi just stood at the muddy path watching then splashing with water....   The sun was getting  ready to set down...  and the sky  started feeling shy and in turn started blushing............
 Part-25.. like button pleeese yaar..please
so friends.. next update they will be back in delhi.. I need this update , for what I don't know.. but I wanted dev to see the real Chandenpur, which he wanted to see when he came to here first time..  out from all the mysteries, before leaving.. so...
Back to delhi scene soon.. as i don't want to bore you guys...  
Thank you all .... so very much....
Like button pleeeease
devikaBig smile 

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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very nicely writtenBig smile...thx for the pm

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