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i really liked the part very much.. nw is next part gng to be starting of love storyWinkWink

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With a smile Dev ignited the engine..  The roar sound came, but then it stopped. Dev  turned the key again and tried. Radhika looked at him with her doubting eyes. The smile disappeared from Dev's face.  He pulled the key out and tried to turn it again. Dev came out from the Safari and walked to the front to check. Surender came down and checked inside the bonnet..  they were unable to find any reason. Dev again tried to ignite the engine, the engine made it roar sound for few seconds and got silent.

"Don't worry, let's go in my scooty".. Radhika's comforting tone surprised irritated Dev. He looked at her calm face. "I told you already,  on the way we can ask workshop man to come and check on it.."    saying that she opened her side of door and came out..


Surender: I think Radhika is right. Dev , send somebody..  we should have started it few times.. Anyway now we cannot do anything. So send the workshop man here..Ok."


Dev came out and looked at Suchi with a hopeless face. She tried to smile at Dev. Radhika came and gave Dev his laptop.  "you only hold this, and keep it safe, I will go slow, OK."


Dev took the laptop in his hand and looked at Surender..  but then with a thought.."Radhika, I will drive, you can sit at the back.."


Radhika " no way, especially if you need your LT safe back,  If I sit at back simply, I may wave my hands to somebody and it may fall off.. do you want to take any risk..  also the scooty is meant for ladies, ok.."


Mohan: She is telling the truth dear, don't trust her.. One time she let Birju drive it and she sat back holding onto the egg cartons, it was an attempt to help Sudev to get this to shop, but what happened, she saw her little friend on the way'  and the little friend showed her something new , she got excited ,she took her hand out from the cartons and all the eggs fell on the ground.. poor Sudev.. I ended up paying for all those".    After a pause..  " so it won't be a good idea.."


Dev with little hesitation agreed with the plan and went and sat back.


Radhika: ready.


Scooty slowly rolled down to the mud path..    She was very careful and was going very slow..   Dev was getting impatient..


Dev in a tolerating tone: Radhika, can you go little more slow..


Radhika: then it is better to walk..


Dev: exactly, that is what I am thinking. Why I need sit on this. I should have walked and reach earlier than this.


Radhika: but then your laptop..

Dev: that is safe in my hand..


Radhika: are you sure?


Dev: yes..


Radhika: ok then'    she raised the speed and it went in a normal speed.. Dev felt some relief but not fully satisfied..   Dev looked around and met with few curious eyes.. 


"Kaaaaaki, did you see Sundari's kids'"  Radhika asked loudly to an old lady walking on the road.. Radhika slowed down again.


The lady stood back and  " ha ha, betiya..  the beautiful little ones..' she turned to complete the sentence as the scooty went passing her.  She repeated the same with few more people..


Dev: Radhika, can you just keep quiet and concentrate on driving..


Radhika: don't be afraid, this is my road and even if I miss the way, my scooty won't..

Dev: I thought that too..

Radhika in doubt: what?

Dev: nothing..

Radhika: Does Lechu has a scooty back in Delhi?

Dev: no..

Radhika: why? Girls won't ride on scooty in town.!!!.

Dev: yes they do..

Radhika: then why  you are not letting her have one..

Dev: she don't know how to? or shedoesn't need one.. we are there if she need anything..

Radhika: oh really, I can teach her.. it is easy and nothing to learn specifically.. why she needs depend on you for everything..


Dev in a sarcastic way: Really, I was not knowing that..


Radhika in her innocent way: so, you also don't know how to ride.. so you were simply bluffing over there  that you will drive'   esko chalane mei dimag ke zaroorath hei..

Dev kept quiet.. Radhika blabbed on scooty ride and its operation '   and finally they reached home..

Dev got down and took a deep breath..  Radhika parked her scooty safetly and about to walk in. She saw Dev standing in doubt..

"Come on"  waving her hand gesturing him to come inside..  but then she saw Dev's attention on to the corner of her house side..  she went and checked over there.. and then

"Bhayya, eske koi zaroorath nahi hei  aaj..  I am already here.."..

Birju turned and looked at Radhika..  and gave a happy smile..

"that's good, atleast Daadi doesn't have to worry about it now.."   then after a pause Birju continued..   "but Radhika, our daadi is not back home yet, do you think she may need it.."


Radhika: Birju bhayya.. let daadi come, I will tell her..

Birju:  I was just joking..

Radhika: I tell her that too..

Birju in a cool tone: no problem, then from tomorrow onwards let daadi find somebody else to do this job.  You need to add this part too.."

Radhika: ok, you win..

Birju shaking his head : so easily gave up today.. why why.. what happened? aap ki Rajkumar agaya kya?

Radhika: ha' yes.. he is here.. see.. pointing at Dev .. Dev stood with emotionless face.. as if he expected that  next..


Birju kept the ladder back and came near to Dev: hello I am Birju..

Dev: hi..

Birju: you are Dev, right?

Dev: so you know my name' thanks..

Birju: sorry sorry.. I didn't mean to irritate you by calling you Rajkumar..  I just tried to irritate her..

Dev tried to smile..

Birju: come, let's go inside..

They all walked in..

Radhika: you  tried to turn it on, and  try, may be it will work here.  .. I will be right back.. she went upstairs..


Dev looked at Rahdika as she was climbing stairs.. ' while turning his system on..

Birju went and brought a glass of water for Dev..

Birju: here.. take this water'  I know it is frustrating to you to hear all these fairy tales.. all because of your Granny.  She tells the story in such a way that people started believing in her. If anybody in this village who doesn't believe in all these stories are just me."  ..
Dev: so why don't believe in these stories..?
Birju:  your granny told so mant stories.. almost everyday there is story telling itme.. unless otherwise sh eis sick."   then after a pause as if recollecting something..  "no I don't think, or i never seen her sick.... Ok so, what I want to tell is.. she told the story of santa  and it was around X-mas time.. You know what, I did everything so well, to get a present from Santa..  and the X-mas night, i waited, waited, waited, waited...  i had my eyes open all the time.. I was looking at the strars..  I was looking ta the sky, to see the reindeers coming... But you know what? nobody came and I didn't get gift either..." Birju said in disappointed face..
Dev: may be because you you don't have a chimney up here.
Birju: what? so he comes through that..
Dev: why Grany didn't tell you that..
Birju: no.. may be she said it.. but i was looking for the reindeers..  Hum... I need to tell Mohan ji to do it..
Dev smiled in...  but looked at him seriously.."ha,you should think about it seriously.."
 then looking around with very low secreting voice , near Dev's ears he said..  "  I believe Mohan ji also believe in these stories sometimes.."    Dev looked at him surprisingly..

"I heard him telling to Maaji few times about it.."..  Dev gave a doubtful look..

"don't tell to anybody OK.. when I hear it, it was so difficult for me to control my laugh.." saying that he laughed with shaking his whole body..


"what is there to laugh so much..?"  Radhika 's voice made Birju to startle littlebit..

Radhika: is it working..

Dev looking at the monitor..: it's slow..

Radhika : do you want to try on mine.. I have a desktop in my room..

Dev: no let me check here.. 

Radhika: but do you think you will get the connection..

Dev: "let me try." After few minutes..   "I don't think it will work out this way..  but I have my papers done in this.."


Radhika: no problem, use mine for  the net and work on yours..  come I will show you..


Dev held his LT in hand and went upstairs to Radhika's room.. 

He entered the neatly arranged room..  She showed the table and went near the chair..


Radhika: ok, I turned it on, so few seconds.. and let me know if you need any help.


Dev tried to smile hearing that.. but just nodded his head in agreement.. 

Radhika:  I need to fresh up..   and went and got her pink churidar and came near Dev and stood there..

Dev: I will be fine ..

Radhika:  ok then..

Rahdika went to daadi's room '

Dev was trying to figure out the change in Radhika's tone.. she acted very calm, helpful...    he raised his eyebrows , shrugging his shoulder..  "strange'
The monitor turned on and Dev's eyes gone wild looking at the  screen saver..



"Oh God, why is this happening with me wiht everything.."  he thought for a second and then with a jerk, he clicked on the net connection..  he felt the relief as the page opened in front of him. He logged onto his college site and then went into the library'    Time was passing by..

Splash of few drops of water over his side cheek, brought him back to reality. He jerked and looked at that side..  Radhika was drying her long hair.. he saw her long thick wet hair spreading on her back.. she strolled her fingers though her wet hair and then again tried to dry it with towel..   and then bringing them to the side she tried to shake away few water drops and then just forced them back.. again few water drops from the tip of hair fell on his side'he moved his face slightly to the other side..    Radhika adjusted her hair with her hand and tried to make a small knot at the end.. and then walked to the balcony to spread the towel on the rack.. Dev's eyes were following her unknowingly'  she stood there for a second breathing the fresh air..   her loose hair over the front line was fanning over to her face with the smooth wind..   Then as if she realizing something looked at the table side. She saw his eyes on her..

"Is it not working".. Radhika asked in a doubt..

Her voice brought him back to senses'   : hu.."


Radhika walked near to him.." is it not working?" she asked again..


Dev: ya, it is ' concentrating back onto the monitor..

Radhika went and stood behind him, and looked at the monitor..  "so this is your college site.."


Dev: hum'


Radhika: do you study online?

Dev: no, we use this site for our project works..

Radhika: You are doing your final MBA , right?

Dev looked at her surprisingly: ha

Radhika: what is your opinion on online cources..?


Dev: what? Why?

Radhika: the reason is.. My dad is so strict when it come to study matters. He wants me to continue my studies.. and we don't have any college nearby where I can go and do for my masters'  I also want to continue my studies.. so


Dev: why don't you stay in college hostel..


Radhika: I know.. But I prefer my home,  I don't think I can be away from here..

Dev: then how you will continue your studies..

Radhika got interested , she pulled a stool near and sat near him..: Ok listen.. I know why my dad is there at the haweli.  He may be discussing my further studies with your dad.  I don't know what they will come up with..  So can you please help me here..


Dev: help? Me? How? I thought you don't believe in that, right..?

Radhika gave an impulsive answer: that is right..

Dev: WHAT?!!  And looked at her face surprisingly ...

Radhika: see, that is different and this is different..

Dev: what?

Radhika: see, now, what you need to do is, when we get back there,  I am sure my dad will be ordering the next step. Then you will tell that the online courses are very good and it has all the credentials and all' ok..  and..


Dev interrupted; wait .. wait.. wait..

Dev: in other words I need to support you..

Radhika with a sigh: in other words , yes that is what I want..  and looked at him with a hope..


Dev  shook his head with a smirk smile..

Radhika: what?

Dev: You know what..   even I was thinking what happened to you..  all of a sudden you were so soft with me.. helping me to get the net connection, giving me a ride....  agreeing with whatever I am saying'  so all because of this..


Radhika: don't take it that way.. I thought you really need help, that is why I helped you .

Dev: so you don't need my help..

Radhika: heina..   yesterday itself I tried to convince my dad, but he is not agreeing.. he is saying learing from a college is different than online learning. I tried to argue'  but you know what.."   she pulled her leg up and sat in a crisscross position and adjusting little bit to sit more comfortably, she continued..  "I tried my level best, even daadi was on my side too, finally my Dad.".    imitating her dad's action she continued..   "have you ever noticed his big red eyes, when he get that even bigger and stare at you na, you will even forget to breath..  he looked only once at me like that and I kept quiet."..  she showed an innocent face with that statement.. Dev's lips stretched again with a smirk..  and listened to her blab'  .. "poor me na,.. and now when I saw him there with your dad, I am sure he is cooking something serious."  ..  then with a pleading voice.  " Now I have only hope in you.."..


Dev:  ok now you tell me why should  I do this for you..


Radhika: because I am helping you with your college stuff na..

Dev: oh, really..

Rahdika:  " first I thought to ask Suchi aunty, but then with another thought'' you see' .. she knocked on her forehead with her knuckles and continued  "with a second thought, I know she may join my dad's decision only.."


Dev: because'

Radhika extending both arms to front , spreding her fingers apart:  simple..all parents are same, especially when it comes to study matters. No excuse..


Dev: Ok then, let me think..

Radhika: what think'"  ..  she rolled her eyes..  "no thinking, just say online learning is good, that's all..'

Dev: so simple..

Radhika extending her one arm to the front at her chest level and opening her fingers out: yes,  soooo   simpleeeeee..

Dev: mum'

Radhika: so, let's go..

Dev: no, I am not done yet..  I need to check  one more thing and then my mails..

Radhika: mails too..

Dev: hum.. any problem?

Radhika: no, what problem.. no problem..  no roblem..

Dev: um.. good. 

Radhika: ok then, I will wait ..

Dev: um'   Radhika stood  on her feet and about to walk away.. dev with a thought.. "can I ask you something?"

Radhika stopped : what?

Dev:  so you do play with photos?

Radhika: what?

Dev: ha.. who created this?

Radhika looked at  his face:  that's my creation..  why?

Dev: so you think your Prince will come in a black horse?

Radhika:  ha..  but he is not coming for me.. he is coming for his princess..


Dev: But then why your picture is there?

Radhika: That's because I want to know who the Prince is?

Dev: what?

Radhika: can't you see, I am peeking out..  if I am the princess, then I have to wear that satin dress with layers of nets around it..   I may be holding a bunch of flowers in my hand..  and waiting with a dreamy eyes.. ' then looking seriously at him..  " can you see any of that in that picture or in me.. nahi na.. so that is not me.."

Dev: but then why did you made this?

Radhika: just for time pass'  saying that she walked out..  thinking to herself... ' why should I clarify that to him.. buddus..  i will show him oneday when my prince come, and show him how a Prince act like'... with that thought she run down the stairs

Dev with a smile scanned her room..   the soft cream color satin curtain was blowing in with the wind..  he stood from the seat and went to look out through there..  the late evening was calm  still with the natural lights over..   he saw the neatly done kitchen garden at the backyard.. suddenly something flashed his mind.. he went out from her room and found the common balcony.. he went near the rail and looked down.. and then to the corner and found the ladder'  he smiled.. 


Birju: is the work is over?

Dev jerked to look at him: no.. I need to check my mails too..  in a minute..

Birju: ok, then I am leaving to  Haweli..  you two come when it finish , ok..

Dev:  How do you go?

Birju: my bicycle is there..

Dev: can you wait I can come  with you too..

Birju: no, I need to take something also, already tied to the carrier side.  Maaji need it.. so..  

Dev: ok Birju..

Dev watched him going away  and he walked to check his mail..   he send few and closed all the windows' and the picture appeared in front of him again.. he smiled unknowingly looking at it...and then closed his and came down..


Dev looked around and didn't see Radhika..

Dev: Radhika' Radhika..

Radhika:  ha.". she came in through the back door..   " are you ready?.. let's go.."

Dev: hum..

They walked out..

Radhika was about to go near the front side..

Dev: give me the key.. and you hold this..

Radhika: but..

Dev: no but vut.. hold this safe and sit properly..    "did you get that"..  with a serious tone as if commanding to her..

Radhika realized she doesn't have any other option and  gave the key to him and took the LT from him ..  Dev slowly started the scooty..

Radhika with a broken soft word:  you really know how to drive this, right?

Dev gave a  piercing look..
Radhika kept quiet... but then with another doubting tone..: don't you think it is odd for a man to drive a girls scooty..

Dev with a smirk smile: better than sitting at the back'


Radhika  sat with a defeated expression'  many passed by..

Radhaika betiya, the little ones are cute.."  an old man's voice cheered Radhika up.. her face light up..

"I know,  isn't that so cute' four.." she was continuing with the talk but he   raised the speed..

Radhika: Go slow,  I can't hear them what they are saying..

Dev: Radhika, you are going to sit quite.. did you get that..

Radhika: who are you to say that..

Dev: I am Dev,. Don't you know  that.. 

Radhika: but'  then  she realized the need for listening to him now.. so she kept quiet'

Dev: Ok, when we get home also, you will keep quiet..

Radhika:  why?

Dev: because I said so..

Radhika didn't say anything.. she freed one hand and about to show a slapping action..

"hold onto my laptop, if anything happened to that na.."  Dev's voice shocked Radhika..

Radhika: do you have eyes on your back too..?

Dev: any doubt?

Radhika kept quiet for the rest of the way'  the minute he parked the scooty' she tried to give the LT in his hand..

Dev seriously: hold it for now, and get it  in safely..  understand'"  saying it seriously he looked into her eyes.. and then started walking in.

Radhika paused for a second, her eyes rolled,  her lips stretched'  and the hand which was holding the LT was forcefully tightened over it' 

Part 13- don't forget the like button please....
so, friends.. did you like it? then click that like button..   so here their jorney starts...   I may enter the freeway soon with  an update mostly everyday from next wednesday.. but the link for updated parts will be available for you.. so if everything foes well and as planned, then hold on tight from wednesday  till I find an exit.. but till then sayanora.....Big smile... and yes, what you are thinking is correct, that is what is going to happen in next.. its all predictable dear....    but  let see...
 love and take care
as always..

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Thank you so much for likes and the valuable comments... Hug  i really need it...

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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very nicely written...i enjoyed reading it...thx for the pm

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Loved the update devika:-)

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Another beautiful update! Are the prince and the princess going to fall in love??? Wink

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lovely updates Devika..   Hmm Radh wants to do the online study??   I think may be her father will sent her with Dev's family to Delhi for further study??  let's see..  :))))

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cute update di! i loved it!

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