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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

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sonia122 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2010 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
nice prt di so now dev came to know the mystery...hope we get to konw it in  next prt the reason behind the sparking eyes n pink lipsWink eagerly waiting for the unfold of mystery..

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Priya46 Goldie

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Posted: 04 December 2010 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
I am really excited to know what this mystery is

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2010 at 11:21am | IP Logged
My Hero of this story...  with sparkling eyes and  long black eyebrows... ...   EmbarrassedEmbarrassed .. his kissable cheeks, his perfect ears...
his rosy lips ... ....Blushing

Thank you

@Eva di  for liking the update.. yes, she is not going to hide anymore.. going to come out in full force..  vanar sena' I like that.. yes, she has her own force here, for her support'

@Nycsweetie: thank you. I hope you will like next part too..

@Bhavi: murder mystery.. and me.. oh dear.. never go together.. I am reading all these heavy books yaar'. With full of mysteries .. to unfold in front of my instructors. No more mysteries.. everything is going to be revealed soon'. 

@Gauraniti: thank you so much' may be that bunch of floweres are us, who all see that prince charming in Dev's face and his deeds'  he he he he'  I am feeling jealous too thinking of that flower bunch'. Thanks for letting me know that you liked it..

@Imrati-rubi: thanks dear' yes,  your guess is right'I kept the mystery to him with that part, otherwise he will kick me out from writing anymore stories.. here everybody is getting nervous to know about him and he too.. and I am here with a funny part, trying to get back with your anxiety.. also Radhika does need somebody strong on her side, who can influence her and can divert her with her actions, who can save her from scolding' somebody who can just pamper her'

@Radhika-5:thank you.. I took one extra day to fill the next part' ha ha. So that all can catch up with my updates.. no dear.. I am feeling sick.. cough, cold, fever.. along with  kids practices' weather  is really bad here, but very good for sickness..  but next two parts ready.. will post later today.. need to take kids for final rehearsal'. And they demand my presence there.. so no way to escape from the organizers eyes.. and of course, I will go with my imagination and as my fingers direct me' thank you..

@Diary25: thank you so much.. when I write something, I visualize the whole scene.. you know what.. Now I feel like, telling Rubi to dress up the way I want and taking few pics and wanted to put it up here' h aha.. I do that in my dream.. and I want you to see the greenery of the Chandenpur along with me.. so it is just a try' hope you can visualize it' I can see even the tiny tiny stones on the path as I write it down' trying hard to control myself to come back to characters' ha ha.. but you have no other choice than to tolerate me..  thanks dear..

@Chipak:  I hope you have a great vacation yaar.. enjoy the chutti for now.. the updaes will be waiting for you' and I hope you will enjoy it..

@Radev-forever;  thank you.. hope you will like next part too..

@Chalhov: thank you thank ou.. mystery is unfolding .. don't throw stones at me, when you here about it.. I am  just going with some fun yaar.. later I may gear up..but for now its all fun ride.. hope you will enjoy it..


@Abhi: did you get my PM.. what do you think? It is just fun yaar' there is nothing serious' but I have to make it believe' hum.. I will try'I can't revel the mystery in one word yaar.. it takes two parts to reason my mystery' otherwise I am sure the stones are going to be thrown at me, so two parts coming up to reveal the mystery and to bring the fun back in my story.. with more Radev moments.. so you liked the characters. Bachan' I am going to try to bring more fun with that.. let see' I hope you will like it'

@Soniya; yes, the mystery is going to be unfold tonight.  I will post it by evening. Need to go out for now.. but will be back and post it as early as I can.. need to read back one more time.. it may sound silly but complicated part for me' hope you will like it..

@Priya; thank you.. wait for another few hours.. mega episode coming up '

Thank you friends.. love your support.. finally It became a mystery that I never planned. But will try my best to unfold it later tonight. It may sound so funnyShocked, but a complicated part to writeConfused .. so don't know how you will take it.. but I want you to read both parts before coming into conclusion.. so mega episode on its way' no drama or dance from other serials' just the mystery behind Dev's returns and the truth' hope you will enjoy..

Thanks and take care



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MysteryGirl101 Goldie

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Posted: 05 December 2010 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Amazing part Clap

Missing Avina on screen though....................................hope to c them soon in CB season 2 

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Dev just felt the blood drained from his face..  Sushma aunty came near to him and touched his jaw'

"I know you may take this very silly, but now it's grown in our mind, and we need to see our Prince.. so get ready in the evening' ".. saying that she went away..


Dev stood there like a statue'... am I here to act in a drama.. what nonsense.  I have more than that to do. What these people are thinking of me..  I am not going to do it...' He was about to turn with a furious face and tightening fist'... but he stopped as he found his mom coming towards him..

"so you all know these, and still you brought me here"' Dev in a very irritated tone.


Suchi touched his face and looked into his eyes, to calm him down.." ha, I was knowing this..  it may sound stupid for you.. but yes..  that's  the truth".. she took her hands off  and walked towards the outer fence of the balcony and looking into the woods she continued.. "yes, it sound so strange..  this is one of the most influential family of this village and  your granny is the most respected person of this village, may be the oldest of all.. she was the only educated girl of her age.  . she had struggled hard both physically and metally for our independence..  .. she was the women leader at that time.  And when everything got right, they got settled here..   she volunteered to teach the villagers.. and her husband stood with her with each of her footsteps'... but then as everything got advanced they started a school here..  slowly slowly new faces took charge.. but your granny was so into all these activities that she was unable to get away from her passion for teaching  ....  . So she changed her mode to storytelling".. Dev listened as his mom continued in trance..


"she started telling stories to the kids of this village.. the fairy's came alive in front of them.. the story of prince and princess felt real to curiosity brought the elders into the group' unknowingly she was building a fantasy world for the village.. sometimes she sit under big trees and the group gathered around her, sometimes she walk along with them' years passed the  people grow up with her stories.. and they found their princess' and she acted out as her character..but the Prince never came real in their world.. with the sparkling eyes and  the rosy lips.. with a shining sword in his hand that's raised up in the air.. riding the most beautiful horse', to save their princess..   and each time she mentioned the prince to them it was your picture in her mind.. she draw a picture of you as the prince of her stories. Even she started living in those stories.. maybe it is her age.. she is above 94.. but still her memories are intact.. her stories are still alive,it is her dream once to bring you in front of Chandenpur and tell them loudly here is the prince.. he came to save his princess,' so that she can feel the satisfaction.. she can satisfy herself that all those stories are real'  ".. she paused in trance.


"But Mom, this is ridiculous..I am not"'... Dev try to reason for his objection..

" I know Dev..    Just imagine this is your Granny's wish.. whom you never met or may be never thought' but who was making stories imagining you with her each word she said..    her eyes may be seeing you in front of her..  her picture is clear, now we  cannot erase it..her mind is set with that, not only hers, each and every person, every plant..  even the sands . of chandenpur ..  I know and I can understand your state of mind.. but this is needed my son.. not only for you, but also for our family.." she held his elbow and Dev looked at her, her eyes pointed to outside porch.. he saw his dad walking out with his grandpa' " for that my son, for him.. will you do that for me?".. holding his both hand in hers , she looked into his eyes..


"what I need to do now?".. dev asked in a calm voice as is surrendering himself ..

A tear filled smile appeared on his mom's face.. she released  his hand and gave him a loose hug.. he held her in his arms.. " tell me , what do I need to do?'


She moved back and looked into his eyes.. " nothing.. you are going to become Ram tonight"' she said in a teasing  tone


"RAM!!!!.. who is Ram?" dev  in confusion.


"Ram'. Lord Ram"' she  replied.


"Lord Ram?.. but why?".. Dev


"today she wants to present the prince in front of the villagers.. and he should be complete with all qualities.. what we say "sarvagunasampan, maryada pirushotham'.. Lord Ram is considered to be complete in all qualities at a high level.. so ..".. Suchi said as if she is seeing Lord in his son's eye..


 Dev with a hope.."Is it really necessary"..

Suchi with a smile .." yes, it is".. looking back into porch..

Dev looked at that side too..


Dev: So what do I need to do?'


"nothing specific. They will set the stage, aim the arrow at Ravan and bring Sita mayya in front of the villagers.. that's all..

'these people are crazy?.. dev muttered in his lowest voice..


Suchi: you have acted in many dramas at school and college, so what's the problem now..


Dev: Ok mom, I will do it..


Suchi: that's my boy..  they are actually looking for the Prince in those stories..

They heard a faint giggle form the corner and Dev found Lechu standing there..

Lechu: Bro, so embarrassing right.. but don't worry I am with you.. I thought I am the princess. But I think your princess is waiting for you to rescue her, may be in the tllaest tower room, surrounded by fire and guarded by the fire pitting dragon..  acting it out in her own way..  .. I heard she was acting the princess role from her childhood..  Sushma aunty told me that she is really beautiful..  ' hum..she made a kiddish face.. more than anything, I am curious to see the princess of this chandenpur now.. 


Suchi with a thought: you are right Lechu.. Even I am curious to see her.. We have seen the prince.. so what you think.. will the princess will match the prince..


Lechu: what you think Bro..


Dev: please guys, can you please leave me alone for sometime, I need to make a phone call.. he went from there with a serious face..


Suchi and Lechu tried to control their laugh'



It was evening time.. everybody was gathered under the huge banyan tree..   it was nicely decorated.. with marigold flower garlands.. the orange and yellow color mingled well with the greenery of its surrounding... there were color papers hanging all over from the branches of the tree',...   the raised ground  surrounding the tree was decorated well with orange color cloth..  Granny was seated on a wooden stool near it.. few small kids sat next to her..  her lips were moving.. the leaves were shaking'... the smooth wind was circling around'...  It was the yudhakanda from ramayan that was going on..

Granny's face filled with expressions as she was describing the ram -ravan youdh..   they could easily imagine the firing of arrows from Ram's bows..
Both Ram and Ravan were masters in the use of the bow and arrow. Even the gods gathered to watch this magnificent battle. The air was thick with arrows flying in both directions. Ravan's twenty arms bristled with weapons that he wielded all at the same time! Every time Ram managed to cut off one of Ravan's heads, another one would grow in its place. The monster seemed indestructible. Finally, Ram remembered the brahma-astra, a missile gifted to him by the Lord Brahma himself. Ram uttered the spell that would summon the mighty weapon. Then invoking the gods, he hurled the weapon with all his might at Ravan. A deafening roar was heard as the brahma-astra exploded and the mighty Ravan was destroyed  
The audiende felt the relief as they heard the roar sound from Ravan's throat.. yes He did it again... the sky showered the blessings by raining the flower petals...   But For Ram.. his eyes were searching for his Sita.. his ardhangani..
Dev , wearing a light orange kurtha and dhothi, was watching out everything from a long distance. His heart felt very heavy.. still trying to digest everything. He saw the big crowd including his parents sitting at the front row listening to the story..   now the time has arrived.. and Dev has been called in for his role. For a moment he thought of his parents, in his mind he touched their feet and took the blessings..  he walked in .. through the parted path..    between he crowd..


The crowd looked at him.. their comes the Lord Ram.. the prince of their dream.. yes, his eyes are sparkling as granny told.. his shoulders are broad...   the moment froze for them.. the wind froze .. so did the nature.... everyones eyes were on him.. few were seeing the prince who came to rescue his princess from the tallest tower, from the dragon, few were seeing the prince who came to give the kiss to that sleeping beauty to awake her from her deep sleep, few were seeing the prince who is coming with that shining glass shoes to try on his princess feet, few were seeing the prince with the magic lamp in his hand..  yes.. he was all these for them.. for all these years and all these days.. they waited for this moment'   but few filled their eyes with tears as they were seeing Lord Ram...


The music was playing on the background'. He step onto the raised border space with stern step were Sita mayya; wering a orange color saree covering her head with its pallu; was sitting , turning her face away from the audience..  Dev went near her and extended his arm to bring her back to his life. She jerked her head and looked at him, Dev noticed her tightening forehead and questioning eyes as it fell on him'... but then holding onto his hand she stood on her feet.. The crowd rejoiced.. their Prince and princess stood together..  Granny extended out her arms.. The prince and the princess went near and hugged her  together.. Granny tried to hold them tight..


But then Dev heard the whispering of the girl in Grnany's ears

"are you sure this is the Prince , we were waiting for".. 


"why!!!, can't you see his sparkling eyes, and rosy lips..".. Granny answered in whispering tone..


Dev got his ears active to their talk, granny still holding them..


"I don't think so Granny"..  the girl's  sound whispered again..


"Why?'.. granny questioned..

"The prince suppose to save me.. today instead of saving me, he rolled down to the river, there also he took time to get out of the water, I thought he may need my help.. so how can he be the Prince"'


Dev lost all his control, he tried to loose his arm in anger.. but Granny held him back

"Radhika, this is him, Prince of  my dream'"  .. and yes no one else."

"granny, this is too much.. what she is thinking of herself?' Dev in his anger tone in his lowest possible voice near Granny's ear....

Radhika tried to loosen her grip " what do I think? Am I telling any lie.. you suppose to hold me na, and because of you I laso got  wet".. Rahdika's anger voice came out..


"you fell over me from that tree.. first of all tell me who think a monkey is going to fall over you like that.. this happened all unexpectedly.. what can I do".. Dev's irritated voice replied..


"You call me monkey? Who is monkey?  " the voice started going loud..

Granny realized where it is directing '.... she understood the importance of taking charge.. She demanded "wait a second"..

  and then looking at the group...


"so are you all happy now.. now all have seen the prince of my story , right?..  But now I need sometime with my prince and princess alone.... so I will see you all soon".. she tried to bring a smile on her face'.... still holding on to them tight..


few moments passed and slowly the crowd started dispersing' ...  but one  little kid came running towards them and held the corner end of Dev's kurtha.. Dev looked down at the kid as Granny released them looking at Radhika with a warning not to talk...

"where is your black horse.." Dev looked at the kid in question.

" I was waiting to see you coming riding on a  black beauty to save the princess'....but?".. he expressed his disappointment in not seeing the horse..

Dev sat on his knee, touching the little kids shoulder, meeting his depressed eyes, "the horse is waiting little far away, I didn't want him to get frighten by seeing the crowd.". and simply pointed to long distance..

Looking at the pointed place ,a  happy smile appered on his lips and said ' so you did come on riding the horse, exactly how I thought of you coming.. I know that horse is so beautifull.. I told my friends... I knew it.. is your black beuty has the long hairs on its tail"  .Dev saw the dreamy eyes sparkling.. he felt an unknown happiness in his inner mind and he looked at those curious eyes and the kid looked at him too with curiousity .. Dev just nodded his head in agrement...

"Granny is right, you have the most beautiful sparkling eyes.. and rosy lips.. ".. the kid touched his shoulder and said " and the broad shoulder and  with  the body of a warrior, you are the true Prince"..

Dev was seeing the happiness in his words..  he just hugged him tight.. the kid felt so happy'..... he ran away from the sight with so much excitement'.......... to tell his friends about the black beauty and that he was true... the prince came riding the black beauty'.


Dev looked around and went near his dad..

Surender: Dev, this is Mr. Varma.
Dev looked at him and extended his hands to shake with his.. but the person, extended both his arms out and hugged him tight.. Dev thought he is going to be crushed in pieces ..

"so this is our prince.. hum.." then looking at his face.. " he looks like you, Surender.. looking at him, all that good golden days are coming back to my mind' ........yaar, I miss all that'" ........Mohan said that  with a smily lips.. 


Sushma aunty came running and held Dev's hand.. " sorry ,we need to solve one big problem here now"..

They looked at her in confusion..

Sushma "what happened is, somebody is not accepting our Prince..  and doing parode there.. left right.."' saying that he started walking towards the girls side..


Mr. Mohan" "that must be my girl.. Radhika.. who else in this village will question Granny's words.. I need to step in, otherwise somebody will end up in hospital"..

Surender" what!!!!".

Mr. Mohan just gave a pathetic smile as a reply and followed Sushma with faster foot steps..


Radhika was pacing faster' ..... muttering something on her own.. she saw Dev coming with Sushma ' .............. Suchi, Granny, Lechu, Rohini all were standing watching Radhika's action'

The minute she saw Dev. She went near him . Sushma aunty released her hand on Dev and moved to the side..

Radhika stood in front of Dev and looked into his eyes..  she turned her face to one side and checked his eyes.. then she turned her face away and looked back at him with her corner eye with all suspecian..  Dev saw appearance of new lines on her skin at the eye corner with each of her look.. he felt like he commintted some sin and brought in front of the judge.. he looked around and then tried to move..

Suddenly Radhika's arms came in front of him stopping him from moving ahead..

"let me check' I am trying to find that sparkling eyes.."  then with doubtful voice "why you didn't hold me safe.. because of you I got all wet.....".. she smirked


Dev lost all his patience by now. "can you please leave me alone..  first of all I am not a Prince.. I am Dev.. got that".. in a warning tone..

"Dev, so that is your name.". then looking at Granny .. "did you hear that? He is Dev.. only Dev.. not our Prince"..   Radhika tried to reason again'


Granny looked around and saw people still standing nearby, looking at them curiously' and here Radhika's voice was going loud  to louder.. and she thoroughly knows, once Radhika gets out of control, it will be so difficult' ......she looked around once , Suchi  standing next to her, holding onto her, suddenly she went weightless and leaned over to Suchi's body..


"Dadaima'..". a fearful voice came out from Suchi's voice..


Everyone ran nearby.. within minutes she was taken to the haweli..  Doctor went in and all others were waiting outside as doctor asked for fresh fair..

Mohan was holding onto Surender's shoulder.. giving him support.  Dev's grandpa, Mr. Yeshpal sitting on the couch with a weaker body and Sushma and Suchi was standing near Yeshpal..
"I am glad atleast her wish came true"'.. a weak voice of Yeshpal broke the silence.. "and I am thankful to you Surender'.. he looked at Surender..


"that's my duty babuji.. " Surender said in trance..


Yeshpal continued'........."nahi beta, thum nahi samjhoge.. Eventhough all these stories are her way of escapism from reality, she lived in those with her eyes set on that horizon, making all of us to look at the horizon with the same hope '.. that the Prince will come one day..".


"why you have to say all this now"..  Surender tried to consolve him..


"nahi beta, let me speak..   even though you left us in that situation years back, we were getting  news about you then and there itself..  for mom Dev is the first great grandson she started imagining him in her mind.. when it is ramayan kal, she used to tell the story from Ramayan..  she never completed that till now. She started out with balakand.. she was visualizing you in  that, your naughtiness. And the story of Rama unfolded to us with your growing up. She was seeing you in front of her eyes' ....that's how she completed ayodhya kand, aranyakand, kishkindha kand and    today yudhkand with the victory of Ram.. 


....I was seeing her struggle to see you all nearby. That is why I send that letter, I realized her wish to see him in person. Because nothing will please my mom and nothing else I can offer to mom than bringing her Ram in front of her. Even though she mentioned Prince, for her Dev is her Ram..  and I also watched him growing up through her eyes, through her words. .....through her dreams...' along with all the villagers, along with the trees and flowing water in that river. Sometimes I felt like even that river also standing still, to see their Prince.."      Yeshpal looked at Suchi with a tearfilled eyes, he stood up on his feet    "I know bahu you only brought Surender back here, it may be your words that he listened'"  he joined his hands together conveying thanks..

 Suchi went near and held his hands in hers "aisa math boliye babuji, vo kabse yeha ana chahtha tha' Phir bhi..".. she was unable to continue..


Surender came and joined them too.. " I am sorry babuji, mujhe tho.."..


Yeshpal   hugged him tight, he cried his heart out..  Surender felt his cheeks getting wet too.. but he tried hard to smile through it.. he looked at Suchi's eyes as he rested his jaw over his dad's shoulder'


Dev stood in shock hearing all these, he never seen this deep emotions in his dad's face. Lechu just tightened her arms around her bro, as she was listening to all these..


Radhika was standing holding onto her mom's shoulder and Mr. Mohan was feeling happy to see his friend with his dad' once again.


Minutes ticked by'

The doctor came out from the room.."she is  feeling better now.  Low BP. Don't give her much pressure.. Ok'..


"Can we go and see her?" asked Mohan..

"Ofcourse..,  but she wants to see Dev  firt.. alone..  after that you all can.." doctor replied ..


Dev looked at everyone, Suchi signaled with her eyes to go.. Dev walked slowly.. sushma held Lechu by her side with a smily face..


"close that door Dev".. granny reminded Dev as he stepped in..


He closed the door and went near her.. Granny asked him to sit near by.. her hands held him closer and said..' don't worry, I am alright my Prince.. did you like my acting?"

Dev stunned for a second.."acting.. but the doctor said low BP because of tension'..

"my BP is always low, the doctor has to say something na.. also your docrtor mom is waiting outside too".. granny reasoned..

Dev: "I also thought usually the pressurr goes up in all dramas, and here it went down"..
Granny in a naughty tone "I wanted to quiet Radhika, otherwise I won't be able to win over her..".
Dev with a realizing tone "so she is your reason for that pressure".
Granny with a smile " no Dev, she is the reason for my smile all the time..  I like to tell stories  and she used to come here as a small kid.. she listen to me carefully like all otheres  but she started  grooming herself as a princess too.. she can  do it really well.. my eyes can't see her facial expressions clearly now, but I have seen her growing up , so I can imagine how beautiful she looks now.."
"but Granny, you said she groomed like a princess, but have you ever seen any princess climbing trees".. Dev asked in confusion..


Granny laughed loud and said " heina, when I  tell the story of Jhansi ki Rani.. she act like her only.. that time she has a special energy and she act so quick..'..


"so she was Jhansi ki Rani today morning"'... Dev in a trance mood..

"leave that all.. so how is my choice, Princess, Isn't she beautiful?'... Granny asked with expectation..


Dev tightened his forehead.." Beautiful.. who , she? I don't know"..

Granny with a tinge of disappointment in her voice ' you don't know !'..


"No, I don't know.. '.. as if trying to get her face in his mind' he falied.. all he could see was her half covering face with her duppatta..


"ok then, call everyone in.." granny said. "ha, don't tell my secret to anyone..Ok.." Dev smiled at her  and gave a sweet kiss over her wrinkled cheek and then went  to call everyone in..  They entered Granny's room.. one by one..


Dev looked at Radhika with his corner eye as she passed near him...


"bro, control'".. lechu's teasing voice entered his ear..

"what?" Dev looked at her  in question

Ok, that is it.. the big mystery you all waited for.. I am going to post one more update soon.. and then I am going to hideWink... will check back tomorrow for comments, because my herat is so weak, I can't take that pain.... Confused..
because i said Rahdika coming in full force in next part.. yes she is .. so I am going to update next part too within dfew minutes.. so scrolldown for next part..
Part-7 don't forget the like button....  thanks

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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so what you think? did I was able to convince the mystery?....  tell me frankly... can a granny dream of her great grandson growing up in her dreams and her stories...  Its all came up in matter of minutes.. so I may be wrong.. let me know..
thanks and take care

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Dancer97 Senior Member

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hey devikadi,
how are you. sorry i didn't comment for the previous updates, sonmething happened.
anyways, i read all the updates and loved them. keep on updateing

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radhika5 Goldie

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Hi Devika

Very cute updates indeed---

This is a "true fairy tale" with Prince Charming riding a black horse trying to save a "damsel in distress"
But it doesn't appear the damsel is going to "fall" for the Prince charming any time soon---

I love this Radhika; full of spunk and spirit--and poor Dev doesn't know what he is in for. Seems like,
Granny + Radhika are going to be two strong females and Dev is going to be caught between the two of them---should be interesting...

Love the Granny and her dreams--for every Grandma, their first grandson is like a prince--and Dev with his sparkling eyes---he will be a "ladla" of every Dadi....Most of all I love this Granny, with her vivid imagination, fabricating a dream world...let's see what things she can conjecture.............

Waiting for the fireworks---

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