[ESSAY COMPETITION] 17th Nov 2010 - 29th Nov 2010

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Hello Everyone..!

To Bring a Change... We ( Visrom, Bhavana, Shagnika and Me) have decided to replace the "Write a Scene Contest" And "DOTW" With an Essay Competition (For this week) ..! This competition will Last Till Next monday i.e. 29th November 2010...! If this goes successful.. we will Have it Again..! 

The Topic of The Essay Is -  "What Role Has CID played in Your life..?
you are supposed to Write how you got so attached to CID... why you Love the Characters so much...and what is it that keeps you addicted to CID..and whatever you Feel about CID.. You can also mention your  I-F experiences..!

There is NO Word Limit.. at least not This time..! Feel Free to Express your experience...!

The Winner will be chosen According to The Votes Of the Members...! Voting will Start one day after Competition Ends...! You are supposed To Post your Essay here itself... and if you have any doubt or can PM me(Somu_05) or BhavnaB..! 
As before Are requested to Hit The "LIKE" Button if you like an entry and avoid posting comments for the same..!

There is a surprise for the Winners... so Start away CIDians...!! 

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Shagnika IF-Rockerz

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Looks like no one is ready to be the first one this time.... So here I go....Just a small description of what CID is for me...and why!!!

God made me face loads of difficulties and problems in my life. But, he gave me certain things which could help me in such difficult situations as well. I realized it late...that CID was one of such blessings from God. Thank you for this one....God...Love you!

I was surfing through the channels and suddenly stopped at SONY. I could see A man's scared and shocked expressions with an old man pointing gun at him...He immediately takes it away from the old man and points back at him.... Another young tall and handsome guy takes out his gun and points it back at the scared one! ......that was the beginning of my journey with CID.... Soon i realized that it was a CID officer himself who was being accused.... his colleagues were not there to trust him! I could feel the pain, the sadness that one might face in such a situation....i could feel for Abhijeet!

Abhijeet was the main reason why i started watching the show on a regular basis. There was a strange feeling towards the show. The detection, the culprits, the sweet funny moments- all were there to add to my fondness for the show. However, happiness was short fetched! Soon SONY was disconnected from our campus and CID didn't exist in my life for around 2-3 years!

I was back in Kolkata and yes, SONY was back too.... CID now became a habit. Every friday 10 pm, sitting in front of the TV was now nothing less than addiction. My family joined me too. I came closer to the characters... To ACP, to Abhijeet, to Daya and to Freddy. Though Female officers kept changing, Muskaan did leave a good impression on me in those few days.

With series like Face off and Trial in London, my family got bored because they hate continuing episodes in detective shows....but i kept glued to the TV! The series was one of my all time favourites with everything that i was fond of!

Many things changed. Abhijeet and his new coat came in. I didn't like it...was new to eyes and added to his age. Anyways, I enjoyed those one hour of the show...the leg pulling, the fights, the sweet moments, the confusions, the Niyati-Acp fights...etc etc... I don't know how, but the show was not just a show for me anymore. It was beyond that! It had something that had made me feel that its MY show. A sense of pride, a sense of family... As if the CID team was just a part of my family... Every topic of discussion somehow led to the show or the actors. I started watching movies of Aditya Srivastav and Shivaji Satam with a nostalgic feeling! I don't know how to put in words, but seeing them outside the show was always a strange yet beautiful feeling!

In the meantime, i joined the SETINDIA forum for CID. It was a nice place where CID was well discussed but soon dirty minds filled the forum! There were fights... Cheap discussions...and i decided to take a break from there.

Sitting in front of computer meant looking for CID and stuffs like that. How long could i depend just on the movie details of the various actors! The actors were not so popular. There wasn't much information about them. Bored of all this, i had to return to the SETINDIA forum... But this time, it was nowhere to be seen! The website was restructured and the forums were not visible anymore! I was upset. I didn't have anything other than the 1 hour show every Friday ... that's all!

Came many Aditya srivastav movies in the meantime. Each and every film, made me fall in love with him even more. I was never open about my feelings about him as i was for SRK. The world knew I love SRK but only I knew that in some corner of my heart Aditya Srivastav exists! A little biased, but i wanted Abhi centric episodes in the show at times...... And my wishes were surely fulfilled many a times!

Then came 14th August 2009- Behroopiya! The day I realised how much Daya sir also mattered to me. The day i realized, how much CID mattered to me! The ending had already moved me to tears. I didn't know how to react. I couldn't show my true feelings in front of my family either. If they had come to know, that i was behaving like that just for a mere show...they would worsen the situation for me. Entire night, i was crying. Prayed to God day and night that God please, Get back Daya! CID is impossible without Daya and My life was incomplete without CID and its team! In the morning, i sent mails to Sony, sent feedbacks to Setindia and CID via every possible method i knew then. I searched the net for any article which mentioned about Daya's death or CID's end! Nothing was seen anywhere! Next week when Friday came, i had only one wish in my mind....I was ready to do anything but get Our Daya sir back! And yesss, he was back and with a bang! The happiness that the episode gave me on 21st of august, 2009 was more than any other episode till date! A sense of relief....! What else could i have asked for!

The show was back in its normal form. I wanted to view old episodes somewhere. I didnt know how. Searched on google which showed me the path of IF! When i joined IF, i remained silent for a while. I saw there were some really nice discussions and so many uploaded episodes. I was glad to get to see some of the classic episodes! IF was gradually becoming the next big thing in my life related to CID. The week i joined was followed by Acp Pradyuman Giraftaar promos and the discussions were really going good. I was mostly a silent spectator. The episode was liked by me then.... And i came back to IF to post my first poll! A big flop at that time because like a fool, it was a comparision poll and on top of it with the option of "Multiple Voting" enabled! Obviously, i faced some arguements and i decided to just be a silent spectator or to the most participate in ongoing discussions...

The discussion that triggered off my relation with everyone on IF came with the Down the Memory lane thread by Visrom! I am always going to remain indebted to her for that one thread! Prabha di's "Highway" research did all the magic and my love for Aditya sir and IF increased largely! I got friends in the form of Prabha, Visrom, Bhavana....with whom i could share my love for Aditya Srivastav! How much i loved this man! CIDians at IF were the first ones to come to know about my love for him....

Signature campaign followed, which gave me Friends like Sneha di, Jiya di and a huge list! Every participant there was somehow in touch with me and i surely enjoyed the entire experience!

If i sit and start counting how many friends did IF and on the whole CID give to me, then the list is going to be a bit too huge! So all i can say is Thank You CID! You gave me people whom i can trust, people in front of whom i can pour my heart down, people who feel the same for the most influential show for my life..... I had met some like minded people, talking to whom gives me immense joy!!!

Above all, IF gave me the Biggest Happiness of my life in the form of 16th June! My date with CID. How much i enjoyed living my dream is difficult to be put in words! If i start describing about that day, then that would cost another essay .....

IF and CID has made me what i am today! The sense of friendship, goodness, dedication, loyalty, sacrificing nature and presence of mind....a major part of the credit goes to CID. The actors have shown me the path of dedication and how to be down to earth always... Even reaching the peak of Mount Everest, doesn't neccesarily take us away from the rest of the world!

The show has turned me into a story writer, it has taught me basics of poetry, siggies and what not! If not for CID, i wouldn't have sat and wrote and essay on anything much i hate writing essays in exams!

That was my journey till today.... With CID, with IFians and CIDians alongside. I don't know if its possible to return to CID what it has given me till date. The happiness, satisfaction, love, friendship etc etc is way too much to be returned and the only way i can give back those is by dedicating a part of my life towards it! Thats why I am here even after watching the worst episodes of all times. Even after facing series of disappointment, i am positive about every Friday and Saturday. ACP has always said that if we keep trying, we will succeed...Abhijeet sir has given a superb example of determination and hope via his life...and Daya sir had once said - "Negative baaton ke lie mere lie time nahi hai" .... How can i forget these words?? Also the fact that the actors inspite of being so consistently hard working over these 13 years haven't lost faith from the production house, then how can i do so? Inspite of not being happy about the show's quality,
 they haven't reduced working hard for it. I have learnt a lot from them....and i respect for what they are!

May be the show is BP Singh's child, but we fans brought it up! Today, we are by the side of the show, inspite of episodes like AC-9, Maut ka Ashirwaad, etc.... Its all because of the glorious past that the show has had.

CID is still beyond just a show for me. Its an integral part of my life from which i cannot or rather will not detach myself from. Even this year, we have had episodes that has brought a
Smile to our faces.... Our TRIO is capable for making us smile when we are low. They have helped us in difficult situations in the past. Today the show is going through a low phase, and i am here to support it, so that its able to rise up again. I know it will.... It has to....

If i want i can continue writng the same things over and over again... I can write pages after pages about what and why i love CID. But why bore you further! After all, there is a huge list of essays you are still to read.

Long Live CID...!!! May God Bless BP Singh and his mates for gifting me with this show.... I will always remain indebted to them and Sony for they gave me so much in my life..! And above all, Thank You My TRIO for giving me the feel of - "Being there by my side always".... Love you all..... Forever!

Thank You.....Smile

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My journey with CID and IF

I start off with something which you all anyway know. It was a boring day in 1998, when my parents had gone to attend a wedding and I was studying for my exams. I decided to be naughty and switched on the TV. It was a local cable connection with only 4-5 channels which had clear transmission - Zee TV, Star Plus, MTV, Channel V and Sony TV. I remember the Sony logo used to be on the bottom right side of the screen those days. While browsing through these channels, I saw a familiar face - that of Ashutosh Gowarikar (whom I liked since his Circus days). I watched it for some time and came to know that it was a crime series  - something which I always loved. I watched the episode and found ACP Pradyuman a strict boss, a bald doctor who found clues in the most unlikely places and a very dashing lady cop- Asha. I loved her. She was what I always wanted to be like. The story ended half-way and I wanted to know what happened next. So I went back to the same channel, same time the next week. Thus started my journey with CID.

I used to watch this programme whenever I could, but never put in any extra effort, because I was busy with my exams and my parents always had something else to see. I used to watch the re-run on Saturday evenings. I started noticing a tall handsome guy standing behind Viren, not doing much, not talking much and someone who looked shy in front of the camera. One day there was the episode 'Case of the missing bullet' which was centred around this guy, Daya who was to become one of the pillars of our show. The episode ended in suspense with Daya being accused of murder and suspended from duty. I desperately waited for Wednesday to come(those days CID used to be on Wednesday nights). The last part of the episode showed Daya trying to shoot himself. I shouted out to him not to do it and felt a rush of relief when ACP stopped him at the right time. I fell in love with this programme and with Daya. From then on, I started watching CID mainly to see what Daya was doing.

A few episodes later Viren left. I missed him for several days. I thought CID had lost its charm, but there was Daya left to see. (My memory fails here about the timeline, pls excuse me) There were some episodes which I skipped and one of them was 'Stolen Gun' which I saw for the first time only a year back. I didn't realise back then that I was missing a masterpiece by a wonderful performer. On a rainy night in 1999, an episode started with a man wearing a maroon t-shirt, looking lost, lonely and confused. I recognised the actor but had not paid attention to him before. His brooding expression and exceptional acting won me over. My cable TV guy ditched, the transmission went off in the middle of the episode, leaving me fuming. I watched the re-run on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found another reason to watch CID - Abhijeet.

After this, I watched most of the episodes till 2004, loved some of the moments between Daya and Abhijeet, their transition from Junior-Senior to friends and their chemistry with Asha. The three of them were a nice team. Abhijeet seemed to have got a smile on his face, though not his memory. He had settled down in CID and had found something to live for. I learnt a very important lesson from Abhijeet and the words ACP told him in 'Stolen Dynamite' - that if we keep brooding about the past, our future is going to suffer. We must be strong enough to forget the past and move on. We can't change the past, but can control what we do in future.

I was abroad for 3 years ' from 2004 to 2007 and those days there was no youtube, no IF, no Nipun, nothing. So I missed everything on CID. I used to read articles on sites like rediff about the 111-minute single shot episode and the fact that ACP Pradyuman was leaving. When I read this, I thought it was good that I don't get to see CID anymore. I just couldn't imagine CID without ACP Pradyuman. Then I got the news that he was back ' it was a drama in true FW style.

I came back to India in 2007 and then started watching it again, but not as regularly as before, as I was busy with my life. I was actually dismayed to see that there was no Asha. She was there back in 2004 before I stopped watching and now there was a size 0 model with open hair (Muskaan) and a new guy with light eyes(Vivek). I remember having seen Khooni Mosquito Mat(Murder in the air) where Vivek was gasping for breath...I was so worried about him. I started noticing him regularly after that.

Overall, we never had such a feed of re-runs. So till 2009, I watched the episodes just once and forgot about it, though some images remained in my mind forever, like Abhijeet falling down on the road to demonstrate how the laash was thrown into the car and Daya catching him on time.

Then came Aug 2009, with the most dreaded episode of all time. I watched Behrupiya and was in a shock for the next full week. My family members were worried about me, I didn't tell them that I was upset about a TV character (they would have made fun of me). My friends were asking me if there was some trouble at home...I didn't tell a soul about that was bothering me.

Around that time I was doing some official work searching for something else and came upon this site. I didn't join but got to see this CID forum. There were some active members like Luna Lovegood, Sara Sachi, Debayon, Ramya and many more. People were discussing about what would happen to Daya and someone was saying that Daya has appeared in the Gallantry awards promo, so he has to be there in CID and he'll be back. Those words were like nectar to me. I didn't sign up on IF but I started going through old posts and found it very interesting. I read episode summaries, discussions and stuff.

Then God smiled upon us and Sony started showing old episode re-runs sometime in September 2009. All the old episode memories came rushing back and watching them repeatedly followed by reading the discussions on IF increased my passion for this show. I realised how much our duo has meant to me all these years and was happy to see many more people who share the same passion as me. Finally I decided to join exactly 1 year back (26th Nov).

I made many friends, some who are still here, some who have left, some who are less active, some new friends. Overall it has been a lovely experience on IF. I discovered a side of myself which I never knew existed ' the ability to write CID stories and funny scenes. It's something I really enjoy. I consider myself to have achieved something great if I write a silly scene and get some ROFL smileys in return.

So, that's where I remain now - I keep IF open on another window and when my work gets boring and I need a break, I just press Alt+Tab. 

(I have tried to format my essay several times, it's just not working, sorry about that)

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''The Topic of The Essay Is -  "What Role Has CID played in Your life..?
you are supposed to Write how you got so attached to CID... why you Love the Characters so much...and what is it that keeps you addicted to CID..and whatever you Feel about CID.. You can also mention your  I-F experiences..!''
I have said this many times. So whetever I will say is not new....  Smile
Some years back, when I was but a school girl in my teens, I used to love watching TV. Every night I used to grab my tray of dinner and sit down in front of the TV. I used to watch anything that grabbed my attention. Those days cable TV came to our house newly and I enjoyed surfing channels and used to watch anything. It was then when, as far as my vague memories go, I often watched CID and CID SB. That time I was not much attached to any serial at all. I even didnt know CID and CID SB were different teams.... But I was aware that there is something called CID and whenever my mood allowed, I watched CID.
Then as I grew up, my attention and interests moved in different directions. I became a fan of a couple of programmes and on top of that my board exams became a top priority. Forward a few years. I was in my second year of college. Year 2009. I just lost my pet dog and I was craving for something to distract me. I was in depression. I also had lots of personal problems.
One fine Saturday afternoon, of 16th August, I was surfing through the channels and suddenly came across a scene. A man was walking to a car. He was talking on his phone. Suddenly the car burst into flames and the man fell down. A tall man, observing and smiling, was joined by three men and a woman. They rushed to the injured man who said, ''sir koi mujhe marna chaahte hai''... I watched the rest of the episode and realised it was a repeat. I went through TV listings to find out timings and realised it was a repeat of Friday the 15th august episode. I waited for 21st, curious to see whether the tall man would survive or not.
From then on I irregularly watched CID. I also realised that I hardly knew about the characters... I was very curious about the man called Abhijeet... In April I had come across Indian Forums because of some other serial. I registered there as a silent member to explore that serial's forum...
After I discovered Behrupia and Abhijeet, I cane across a CID forum on IF. I was surpised and I explored the forum from page 1. I read and read and read, spending 12 hours in total. I came across interesting topics, old and new members, information, old videos and written updates. As a silent member, I came across so many discussions. I wished to participate but held back.
One fine day, in December I posted a Hi message with shyness. Only one member replied and I felt withdrawn, giving my small inputs now and then. I posted polls and posts with disasters and successes. Then my very first story brought me and another member together- Visrom.
Soon after, the great CID Marathon started. This suddenly made me addicted with obsession. I came across oldies. I came across topics of memories by those who saw CID from the beginning. I saw lots of videos uploaded here and there. My love and respect for CID started here...
2010 saw me making new buddies, posting polls and posts and participating on IF CID forums alongside CID reruns. Am not going to bore or depress anyone here about the current state of CID.
Well. CID and CID Forums brought me out of depression and brought me close friends. I fell for Abhijeet. I started liking the duo and the trio. I started falling for CID.
Well thats all I have to say for now.....

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visrom IF-Stunnerz

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Hi Everyone,

As of now I've had 2 people telling me on PM that 'they are not good at essay writing' and that they will not participate.
Now, this is not the right spirit, guys and girls. The contests we hold on IF are to increase participation and to enjoy our time here. The people holding the contests feel good if more number of people participate. It's not nice to just ignore as if it doesn't concern you.
We are not looking at spelling or grammar mistakes here or to make fun of each other. We just want to know about each other's views. The prize is just to encourage people to participate and not as a deterrent.
I don't accept the view that you lack the talent. I know what some of you are capable of. Wink 
And the others - this is a chance to explore your writing skills and discover hidden talents. Please come forward and participate.
Thank you.

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Chiinnu IF-Sizzlerz

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hat Role Has CID played in Your life..?

I have been watching this show for more than 10 years. from my school days I loved watching this show, and love the characters too. my favourite character all know who he is...Daya and I am a great fan of him. I do not spend such a long time in a ny other activity for such a long time. there is some passion...the love that bonds me to this show. some unknown heart to heart relationship that made me addicted to this show. nowadays it is so painful for me to sip this show. whatever stupid it is,  I am watching this for my favourite characters and I will be there to watch at any cost.

you are supposed to Write how you got so attached to CID...

I dont remember...but probably it is Daya. I saw some early episodes, but was less crazy about the show. But after sometime I was so crazy about his character and started watching this show for hi.
even now, i cant enjoy this show without him. even acp and abhijit I like , but he is always someone special for me. thats the only reason i never skip this show. i feel like I have done some injustice to daya when I skipp it.LOL

why you Love the Characters so much...and what is it that keeps you addicted to CID..and whatever you Feel about CID.. You can also mention your  I-F experiences..!

I love Daya's character so much because he is innocent, lovely, handsome, and ready to do  anything for his CID and members. I love the way he keep relationship with every other members, and his character s one of the sweetest as ever I have see.

abhjijit is a different type of man, it is so rare to see such a human being around you. He is powerful, dangerous and a good man. I know the reason ,why so many girls addicted to him. but still Ilike Daya more.

i feel so bad abou tCID now. because just now I have seen a promo with a film song. I feel they need some care about this show. they are maaking it worst.

about IF experience, I have said many times. so nothing more to say.

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Reserving this space. Sorry for the late response, I've been really busy with exams. I'll try my best to start writing later today and post it tomorrow!
visrom IF-Stunnerz

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Somu, There seems to be an error in the last date mentioned in the subject. It has to be 29th November.
Please note everyone - the last date for the essay competition is 29th Nov. So, you have 10 days more. Relax...and do write. Smile

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