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nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 January 2008
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Posted: 17 November 2010 at 12:05am | IP Logged

Hi Guys!
How R U!
I hope u all r enjoying...

Guys we recommend FF's to others but thread is going to end so we(me & our moderators) decided to do something new. Lets do Advertisement. Here u can advertise ur FF & others FF where u r reader. Not much change its just now u can advertise ur FF too & title changed. So Just simple post FF name its URL link and a short information about story. I hope u enjoy and read & write more FF..

Recommendations for FF's

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nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 January 2008
Posts: 21049

Posted: 17 November 2010 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Open u can post ur FF'S ur Favorite FF'S. Plz give little bit Intro of ur FF like its Cast; Story concept. So that it helps in attracting readers. Plz post URL Link..... Those who don't know how to post URL link check this link u know how to post it. Anything u want to post u got help.

BB Codes of India-Forums.Com

IF u still having problem don't understand how to post Link den follow these steps.

For Link with FF name we have to follow some steps.

1. Pick URL link of Ur FF. Make sure it is URL link. copy it.
2. Den go to post where u want to post it [
use this bracket & write URL in cap's lock & = use this sign &
Den add link which u have copied close it with this ] bracket.
3. Den add ur FF Name.
4. Den again use this [ bracket & write / slash & den URL in cap's lock & close it with this ] bracket. now post it.

I hope now it helps u...

For Posting Picture follow some steps.

1. Pick URL link of Ur picture. Make sure it is URL link. copy it.
2. Den go to post where u want to post it [
use this bracket & write IMG in cap's lock & 
close it with this ] bracket.
3. Den add link which u have copied.
4. Den again use this [ bracket & write / slash & den IMG in cap's lock & close it with this ] bracket. now post it.

I hope now it helps u...

For Posting Youtube Video follow some steps.

1. Pick URL link of Ur Video. Make sure it is URL link. copy it.
2. Den go to post where u want to post it [
use this bracket & write YOUTUBE in cap's lock & 
close it with this ] bracket.
3. Den add link which u have copied.
4. Den again use this [ bracket & write / slash & den YOUTUBE in cap's lock & close it with this ] bracket. now post it.

I hope now it helps u....

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Alu- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 December 2007
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Posted: 21 November 2010 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Sorry i din't read

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act12 Goldie

Joined: 27 December 2006
Posts: 1225

Posted: 23 November 2010 at 2:17am | IP Logged

Ashiyana - AR ff - Dill Mil Gayye

Cast: Armaan, Ridhimma, Anjali, Shashank
Concept: Ridhimma is accused of being involved with Armaan. Armaan is young and cannot prove his innocence. With young Ridhimma as his responsibility, what is he going to do?

MN FF - Pride and Prejudice - Miley Jab Hum Tum
Cast: Mayank, Nupur, Gunjan, Samrat, Uday
Romance, Angst
Concept: Not at all like P&P novel but is loosely based on it. Nupur and Mayank met at a party and Mayank took interest to her however his arrogance seem to get in way of his affection...Nupur has a past...will both of the egotistical people set their ego aside and start something??

SwaRon SS: Come and Heal Me - Dil Dosti Dance
Cast: Swayam, Sharon, Rey, And other new characters
Genre: Romance, Angst
Concept: Swayam waits after Sharon (a.k.a. Sharanjeet) leaves St. Louis after the dance camp in hopes that she would be back, however, as destiny would have it, he never hears from her again. It has been for years, when he meets her again - at an engagement party of Sharanjeet and Karan. Swayam is stumped to say the least. Will he ever get the answers for his questions?

Hope - ArSh/KaSh (Armaan&Shilpa) OS Corner! - Dill Mill Gayye

Cast: Armaan, Shilpa, Ridhimma, Sid
Genre: Sad, Friendship, Romance (comes later), angst
Concept Here I write an OS from time to time...its a oneshot corner based on Armaan and Shilpa and how their friendship developed into somehting more...there are bits and pieces of Sid-Ridz too.


SR OS (My ending): Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai - Dill Mill Gayye


Cast: Sid, Armaan, Ridhimma
Sad, Romantic, slight fluff
Concept This FF basically tells the importance of marriage and how twoo ppl bonded in this sacred bonds cant just break it off. This FF is how i want the ending to be.


Misconception (AnGini short fic) - Sapna Baabul Ka...Bidaai


Cast: Anmol, Ragini, Shivani, Ragini's mother-in-law, Ragini's mom
romantic, angst, slight sad
Concept How I wanted AnGini to end i wanted thier confession and how one misunderstanding leads to a beautiful confesssion


Golden Moments (premeer FF) - Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil


Cast: Prem, Heer, Manmeet, Preet, Mehak, Harman, Bauji, Maa
Genre: romantic, angst, slight action
Concept: Continues from a point where Heer 'loses' her memory and how Prem misses her at the train station and is unable to stop one change in action can change soo much!


KiSha OS: Vengeance - The Buddy Project


Cast: Kiya, and KD majorly. Mentions of JJ.
Genre: romance, angst
Concept: KD ponders on Kiya's actions and her intentions while taking his actions into account. Basically a analysis of his character in the show.

SwaRon OS: The Confession - Dil Dosti Dance


Cast: Swayam, Sharon, a bit of Rey
Concept: The re-interpretation of the SwaRon classroom scene where Swayam ponders on Sharon's behavior regarding him, and brings out a silent confession from Sharon.

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Medha. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 September 2010
Posts: 19011

Posted: 23 November 2010 at 6:03am | IP Logged


Cast: Armaan, Riddhima, Atul, Anjali, Amit, Sapna, Rahul, Muskaan, Vivek, & Sapna
After a year of love, Armaan and Riddhima have finally married each other.  Because of business related issues, Armaan has to go to Malaysia, soon after his marriage.  It's been 3 months since he's left, while Riddhima has been waiting for him to come back.  The day Armaan is supposed to arrive, Riddhima receives a mail from an unknown person, and finds out that Armaan has betrayed her, though Armaan refuses to admit that he has done anything wrong.  According to Armaan, all of this is a plan set up to destroy his marriage, and he only knows half of the truth, while Riddhima doesn't know anything.  So has Armaan actually betrayed Riddhima?  Or is he lying?  Who is the person that wants to destroy Armaan and Riddhima's married life?  Tune in to find out...

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iTangled_25 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 08 December 2008
Posts: 41591

Posted: 23 November 2010 at 6:23am | IP Logged
I have a pretty good list, if not very long Smile (Most of them of them are gonna be AR FFs only Embarrassed) LOL

The first FF I ever read and inspired me to write - DMG 5 years from now by Kiran.
Here are the 5 threads to it...

DMG 5 years from now!!!
DMG 5 years from now#2
DMG 5 years from now #3
DMG 5 years from now# 4
DMG 5 years from now #5

It's exactly like what the title says, not a boring part, it's a treat to read such an FF.

Green Blue Hues - By Kiran itself, this one is simply gets better with every chapter, it's about AR being best friends, they'd do anything for each other and then how they eventually fall in love. It has a super marvelous ending.
Green-Blue Hues
Green-Blue Hues#2

You me aur hum - By Spriha, I think you should just read it :) it's one of the first FFs that I read and it held me on to my seat.
Yu Me Aur Hum
Yu Me Aur Hum #2

Hoping against Hope - By Anisha, a mini AR FF, it sure has a sad ending, but loved it to bits.
Hoping Against Hope

Binge Living
- By Neetz aka Liz, a sad one shot on AR Ouch
Binge living

A perfect match - By Nandini, another one shot on AR, it's just an one day episode of their life after marriage, just perfect. :)
A Perfect Match

But it rained - By Paro, It's a mystery sorta story line, Riddhima is the investigator, and well she hasn't yet revealed who Armaan is, he's just a rich brat for now... obviously in connection to the murder.
But It Rained

Where did I go wrong? - That is by me, a Mini EmbarrassedLOL I just completed it, here AR are married, and well they go through ups and downs with ultimately an happy ending :-)
Where did I go wrong?

*I'll update soon.

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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 August 2009
Posts: 15190

Posted: 23 November 2010 at 11:20pm | IP Logged

Life in a movie


"Life In A Movie" is a story which revolves around two people namely -Mayank and Nupur. It's a story about their love, betrayal, marriage, fault, suspense, twists, turns, misunderstandings, criminals, tears, joy, truth, lies, friendship, guilt and other emotions. But most strongly, it's about their love....a love which is veiled by many hidden truths......

This story shows how Mayank and Nupur meet after 5 years of their breakup in marriage and sustain themselves. Mayank wants to have Nupur back in his life while Nupur hates Mayank due to a hidden truth. Little does she know that the person whom she hates thoroughly is the one, who did everything for someone. She doesn't know the truth of that night which separated them.

But when she comes to know about the real truth, will Mayank forgive him for the treatment she gave him? Would she come to know about the real truth? If yes, then will time give her another chance to prove her love? What had Mayank done? Would it be too late to run back in time and ask for forgiveness?

What was the truth due to which Nupur hates the person whom she loves like anything? Who are Samrat and Gunjan? Why is Mayank marrying Gunjan? Why is Nupur marrying Samrat? Who is Dia? What game is destiny playing with them?

What is the secret behind their separation? Who actually is responsible for their separation? What happened in their past life? How can one night change their bond? Why did they didn't do anything? Would Nupur be able to find out the truth? For whom is Mayank quiet?

Why isn't Mayank telling her the real truth? Why is he letting her assume that he was at fault? Why? Whom is he trying to protect? What is the secret which when Mayank comes to know, would hate Nupur?

Would this movie bring them together and unveil every secret? What is written in their destinies? Are they meant to be or not? Will they be together before it's too late?

To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story "Life In A Movie."





Kaun Hai Woh


"Kaun hai woh" is a story that deals with the concept of rebirth. It's a thrilling story that revolves how two people namely Mayank and Nupur, try and hunt down their dreams. And in this process, they seem to connect with each other. Their quest for their dreams, in turn brings them closer to each other.


But when both unite, would time give them a second chance? Would their love bloom without any hurdles, in this second birth? What had happened in their previous birth?

What had happened in the previous birth, which led to their separation and ultimately death?


Would their quench for the answers push them into a dark side of the world? Would their love survive among all the chaos? What's hidden in their past life? What is actually going to happen? Would fate again bring them together? What work if left, which has to be accomplished in this birth? Who were the people who separated them? Why are their dreams blurred?


Would the people in their dreams, get a face? What would happen if they get the face? Would they be able to survive in this battle of heart vs mind? Would they be able to live together, inspite of the dark secrets of their past?


To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story "Kaun Hai Woh."





Arrange Marriage


This is a very ordinary and simple story about two human beings namely, Mayank and Nupur, who are tied in the bond of marriage. It's their journey from strangers to soul mates. And this journey is going to be depicted with proper customs and all.


Traditions, which people have forgotten, would be revived with this story. It's the journey of their feelings which seem to differ at each point of time. Would they make it to the destination?


What all they have to adjust? How would they prove each other to be capable? Would they be able to love each other till eternity? Would just a bond of seven vows, bind two strangers together?


To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story "Arrange Marriage."





I don't know


It's not only a journey of understanding and knowing all the feelings, its about realizing how to live with them. Feelings might be difficult but they speak what your heart wants to hear. You really can't control your heart and instruct it. Feelings do not develop with age, but with age, they grow up too. This story is all about discovering your feelings and learning how to live with the essence of it.


I don't the name suggests, is the story which is just uncovered. This deals with the dilemma of two people namely Mayank and Nupur who are in a confused state of mind. They don't know whether they love each or not. And even if they love each other, they are subjected to a question, whether their love would be successful or not.

Nupur is a girl, who has so many dreams, but irrespective of her own morals, she finds herself falling for the handsome Mayank. She always dreamt of arrange marriage, and dreamt about making her family, proud of herself. But irrespective of all the shells she makes, just one play makes her world fall into clash. She is subjected to feelings unknown to her. She just doesn't know what is wrong and what is right. But then, in love, you can never predict anything.

Mayank is a handsome boy, having no bad habits. He just is unknown to the feelings Nupur bears for him. He doesn't know that how his small actions are making someone fall in love with him. He loves someone else, who obviously didn't return his love. He isn't heart broken, but moves on, unknown to the fact that his friendliness is making someone fall for him. He just doesn't know how someone is falling for his smile.

Unknown to this fact, he finds himself in a dilemma when he gets to know about Nupur's feelings. He is shocked to see that someone is falling for him. But would he open his heart for her? What is right? Should boys only confess their feelings first? Should girls stay back and wait for the boys to respond? Or should she say out what's in her heart?

What to do? To marry someone who loves you or to marry someone whom you love? What would you do if you were given a choice between right and heart? For sure, heart cannot always be right, but who knows? "I don't know" deals with such conditions.

This story may subject you to a pool of emotions. [My strong point] It might even bring tears to your eyes. You won't be able to see her in such a dilemma. You can know that yeah, she is in love, but its her life. She doesn't know anything at all. She is just trying to discover if her feelings are just a crush or a pure bond of love.

This story may also take you to a ride of questions, whether her love is right or not. What should he do? I am not gonna decide about its end this time. It would be you who would be telling what you want. At a certain level, i am gonna ask you, what would you have done if you were at their position.


To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story "I don't know."




Mayank and Nupur are best of friends. They work together in a matrimonial company. They are partners in their company which they have themselves opened.


They find the match for others in their company named "" and after certain time, and due to permanent nagging by their parents to marry someone, they decide to find a match for each other.


They know each other like no one knows. But during the period of finding match for each other, they eventually fall for each other. Will they confess? Will they marry? If yes, then how?


To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story ""





Can We Be Together?






This is my story which deals with a complete new phase in today's world. With this ff, I am trying to provoke awareness. Child marriages along with social boundaries are shown in this ff.


It's not about being in a relationship, it's about how to live in a relationship. What would you do when you come to know that, the girl you love is already married? What would you do if you come to know that she isn't happy with this marriage?


Doesn't she deserve happiness? Can social norms become the obstacles in the path of love? Is she allowed to love? Can she ever stand up for herself and fight against her own husband? Can she go beyond the boundaries?


Are they destined to be together? Or she is destined to bear the torture of her husband? Would she ever respond to his love? Would she go beyond the boundaries? Would she ever stand up for herself? Can they be together?


To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story "Can We Be Together?"





The Secret Admirer


Nupur is a simple ordinary US girl. She is modern yet traditional. She finds it weird when she starts getting love letters everyday. She is confused regarding the sender of those love letters. She tried to find the sender, but the typed love letters leave no trace for the handwriting recognition.


But the hints that she gets, leads her to Brad. Brad is the hottest guy of her college and she had a secret crush on him. She finds it endearing, when she thinks that it could be Brad. She seems completely drawn towards the sender, as the beautiful lines for her touches her heart.


Before she knows, she and Brad becomes a couple. She quiet enjoys his company, but somehow she feels that something is missing. At the new eve's ball, she dances with Brad but is confused regarding the missing magic.


She is completely unaware that the typed love letters are none other than by her best friend, Mayank. What would happen when she comes to know about that? How would she able to find that out? Would she dance with Mayank on new eve ball and make their relationship strong?


Or would Mayank let her go? Seeing her happiness with Brad, would Mayank ever let her know that how much he loves her? Would he ever reveal that he is her secret admirer? Would Nupur ever come to know about her real secret admirer?


To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story "The Secret Admirer"





Kaisa Woh Pyaar Tha?


It's a tale of teenage love story. Nupur, tells the story of her past. She regrets the fact that she had completely ignored the person who loved her like anything. She was young, and couldn't respond to his love. She was immature to understand the depth of his love.


Mayank was her best friend, and she assumed him to be so. When she tried to set Mayank and Gunjan together, Mayank revealed his love for her. That day, she finds herself in a dilemma. What to do? She feels nothing for him and their friendship is just too strong.


Mayank and Nupur's friendship had given a new dimension to the term friendship itself. But she had to break his heart, in order to save hers. As she completes her story, she breaks down, not realizing that she herself was responsible for it. As she completes her story, she faces a new side of her life.


Who is the person listening to her story? What had happened that she had to tell her story to someone? What is the end of her story? Would his love die with time? Kaisa woh pyaar tha which made Nupur remember him after so many years?


To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story "Kaisa Woh Pyaar Tha?"








This is the concept link. Yeah, a video one. This is because I am not going to tell the concept this time. Let it be unexpected.


To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story "Unexpected"





Unbreakable Bonds


Some bonds for sure are unbreakable. But what happens when a series of ordeals, tries to break the most precious bonds of your life? How would you save your relationships when you yourself are broken? This story deals with saving of two bonds, sisterly bond and the eternal bond of love.


What are the mysteries behind the story? Why is Nupur changed? Would Gunjan be able to save her relationship with her sister Nupur? What is the mystery behind Mayank's cold attitude towards Nupur? What had happened?


To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story "Unbreakable Bonds"





Not so Typical


When you seem to move on to a new country, u have loads of apprehension. But it is not the same with her. On the very first day of her new college, she makes friends.


Somehow he doesn't make her go crazy. They don't talk to each other but yet they dislike each other. She hates his girlfriend and he hates her attitude.


They stay away from each other BUT her singing power brings her closer to his band. Can music be the reason to unite them? Will the songs hit his chord? Will they fall in love or will be away?

To unveil all these answers, keep reading my friend's story "Not So Typical"





Hope you all aren't that tired. I tried to give you all a detailed summary of my stories. Hope you like this effort and give your precious time for my stories. I would be highly encouraged if you go through my stories and give your valuable feedback.




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mansibharti Goldie

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Posted: 24 November 2010 at 2:13am | IP Logged

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