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Dill Ka Bandhan AR#1 - Note Page147 (Page 126)

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Dill Ka Bandhan


Part 55

Tum Ho Tou Sab Hain

                                                        Armaan looked at her as he holds so much love for her and then riddhima eyes towards ice cream telling him to have a bite and armaan not blinking his eyes took the bite of ice cream and then riddhima smiled her million dollar smile
A:''thank you basket''
And riddhima raised her eye brows and taking the bite of her ice cream
R:''thank kyun Mr. Mallik''
A:''well for your treat Mrs. Mallik''
He said winking at her and riddhima smiled and then she just
R:''oh like that then pleasure is all mine Mr. Mallik''
And armaan shakes his head his basket is such a nautanki and then they both walked towards their house relishing the one ice cream which occasionally riddhima makes him eat too and armaan happily obliged and in all the way armaan tells her about the meeting he has with Mr. Eros Petrekis and then he told her
A:''you know basket Mr. Petrekis are here for deal as well on India trip too''
R:''oh that's good armaan tou tumhe onhein humare yahan dinner par bhi invite karna chahiye na I mean he and his family''
She said smiling to him and armaan looked at her then
A:''well its actually a really good idea I will asked him to join us in someday''
R:''yeah that's good''
And in all their talked they never realized when they reached their home. As soon they entered riddhima moved to kitchen to get the jug of water for themselves and armaan locked the gates and doors. Then armaan walked towards their room with smile plastering on his lips, the day has turned very good. And he knows with his basket at his side everything will be good just for them. He smiled as he entered their room then sitting on the couch he removes his shoes and then puts his head on the back of the couch and that's the same moment riddhima entered the room and seeing him sitting like that she speaks putting the jug on her side
R:''armaan please go change first then you can lie on the bed''
She said as she pulled out her ear rings from her ear holes and armaan opened his eyes hearing her then
A:''basket yar kal Sunday hain so let it be''
He said and then riddhima smiled at him he is such a baby at sometimes
R:''yes I know armaan ki kal Sunday hain aur I am not saying you to sleep I am just saying you to change and lie on the bed and do whatever you wants armaan''
She said and then armaan's eyes glistened with her offer so he just
R:''han bilkul''
She said as she puts her hairs in messy bun and takes his clothes from the cupboard and handling him the clothes she
A:''that means I can also play my psp right''
He said looking at her with a childlike pout and riddhima smiled at him then she
And that's it armaan flashed his million dollar smile and then kissing her cheek taking his clothes from her he speaks up
A:''yes basket you are the best''
And he disappeared in bathroom too and then riddhima takes her night wear too and was thinking to change as she is now feeling so restless in this heavy suit. She is not so much used to these stuff. 
But she started wearing them after her wedding as though armaan never told her desires and all for his wife but still somewhere she knows he has some desires and fantasies for his newly wedded wife. Though she still can't fulfil those desires that a husband crave from her wife as she knows he will not be comfortable but still she can fulfil those which are in her hands, like dressed up in beautiful traditional wears and all and she knows he likes her today in this pretty churridar. She knows its his choice though he never told her but ritu di told her when she gives some of the gifts that are usually given by groom's family on family tradition as she remembered clearly her words as she teased her
Ri:''vaise riddhima tu bahut lucky hain mera bhai tujhe bahut pyaar karta hain, you see osnein teri har dress choose ki hain rather I can see its only who choose your dresses. Pata hain he knows your taste so well. Aur osnein kuch apneia pasand ke bhi dresses liyye jinemin tujhe vo dekhna chahta hain as his bride''
She said making her go red with all her teasing.
Flashback ends
Riddhima smiled remembering the memories and her trance breaks as she heard the door opened and next moment she saw towel coming and landed beside her on the bed and seeing that riddhima knows her husband is out and yes she is right there he is standing as his back his facing him wearing his pyjamas and night shirt as he is busy in fixing the wires to the plasma T.V. indicating that he is going to start his playing session and she shakes her head he and his love for games. Smiling to herself she picked the towel and then takes her night dress she walked in the washroom to get changed. After few minutes riddhima comes in the room wearing peach colour night gown and she sits in front of mirror to take of her jewellery as she takes out her ear rings and then tied her hairs in the bun her gaze fell on her husband who is so engrossed in playing his game that did not even realized that she is here. First riddhima smiled seeing that smile and innocence on his face but then she pouted as she thinks
R(in her heart):''had hain biwi samne baithi hain par janab ko games se fursat hi nahin hain jo sir ootha kar ek pal ke liye mujhe dekh le. This is so not fair pata nahin aisa kya rakha hain on racing cars meiin hmph. You know Mr. Armaan Mallik if I had confessed my feeling to you na then I will definitely gives you hard time for not even glancing at me. Par I guess oske liye mujhe abhie intejar karna padega till then you can enjoy your stupid game. I love you''
She said to herself as she smiled seeing him then she just moved towards the bed setting the bed little she laid on it under the comforter, as December is ending and January is approaching Delhi is getting chilly now. So she feels cold and as she lied she is about to pick her book when one voice startled her as
A:''basket don't even think of reading or doing something else, go sleep now I know you are tired so much tired as of your yesterday super woman act. I know you just sleep for two hours last night so go sleep basket and don't even give your little brain to stress how I would know. So go sleep good night basket''
He said and riddhima looked at him with her mouth open as he tells her all this just not even looking away from his game but still told her and she is about to ask to him how he know about this but then go with his words as she knows if he ask she will land into trouble and after such a beautiful day she don't want his scolding so quickly whispering that
R:''good night armaan''
She laid on the bed and moved her face inside the comforter and as she closed her eyes
R:''ise sab kaise pata chal jaata hain''
Her brain asked her but her heart already knows the answer and as her tire body gets the warmness and softness of bed she drifted to sleep within seconds with a smile playing on her lips. Its almost 2 in the night when armaan yawned and then he closed his game though he has mood of playing one more. But he knows if riddhima's sleep breaks and she finds him awake till now, he will be dead. Chuckling to himself switching off everything he moved towards the bed only to finds her snuggling to his side that actually surprised him a bit but then smiling to himself he slowly moved her a bit and then laid on the bed as he moved her away, a frown comes on her face and he don't want to disturb her sleep. But to his surprised as soon he laid she snuggled closer to him and then puts her head on his chest in her sleep and sleep peacefully. He smiled seeing her beautiful face and
A(in his heart):''you know basket it's so hard for me to keep my desires in control having you so much close to myself. Aaj bhi mera na play station par game khelene ka koi mood nahin tha, par I did that just to divert my mind. Pata hain aj sham se hi jab se main ghar aya tab se hi I just wants to keep you holding in my arms. Aur oske bad jab tumne meri choose kari hui dress pehni na I was just bowled off, tum meri har choose kari hui dress mein princess se kam nahin lagti ho aur fir jab hum dinner par gaye that bike ride gosh it was such a torture for me sachi mein. Aur fir ice cream pata hain seeing that blue berry dripping from your lips I so wants to suck from your lips. Par I know I can't do that. Isliyye jab ghar aya tou I used play station excuse to be away from you. Aur pata hain you are looking so beautiful in this peach colour gown it's so enhancing your beauty. And you know you are so bad you are making it so difficult for me with this totally dressed up like my newly wedded bride. This is so not fair how would I able to control myself when you keep on looking so beautiful. It's so hard riddhima, well you know torture me as much you want, the moment I tell you na that the girl I loved is just you nobody else and the moment you fall for me then I will take all my revenge from you for torturing like this. I love you princess, tum ho tou sab hain nahin tou kuch nahin''
He said as he placed a soft kiss on her for head and then he did not know when he too drifted to sleep to meet his princess in the dreams.
Next morning
Its armaan whose sleep breaks as he heard the shrill sound of alarm and then he just put it off finding it with sleepy eyes. As he knows it will surely disturb his riddhima's sleep and being its Sunday he don't wants to let her awake. She can sleep as much she wants and he himself drifted to sleep too after putting off the alarms snuggling closer to her. After some more hours its bright sun light that entered in the room making riddhima's sleep finally breaks and she rubbed her sleepy eyes and opened them only to find the most beautiful face of her life in front of her eyes. He is sleeping and her face is on his chest and his arms are wrapped tightly around her waist she smiled seeing him so close to herself then she mumbled on his chest right over his heart as
R:''I love you armaan I so wish ki meri har subh aise hi tumhari bahon mein shuru ho''
And she placed a small peck on his chest taking care not to disturb his sleep and then she slowly moved away from him as she saw that sun lights are peeping through the curtains disturbing his sleep. So slowly untangling her from his arms covering him in the comforter she moved and draw the curtains so that he can sleep. After all he needs a break and holiday too. Then giving him a small loving look she thought to get freshen up and then she moved inside the washroom to get freshen up. After taking a nice shower that relaxes her muscles she comes wearing a casual yellow red suit, thinking its holiday she is no mood of wearing anything heavy just wants to laze around. And then just getting her duppatta she moved out from the room, knowing her armaan's sleeps breaks easily. And then she just reached downstairs after doing her pray and morning Aarti she moved outside and she saw kaka already sitting in the dining table peeling peas and seeing him she smiled and takes his blessings wishing him as
R:''pranam kaka''
Rk:''jeeti raho bahu rani sada suhagan raho''
And then riddhima smiled and then she is about to take peas so that she too can peel when kaka stopped her as
Rk:''nahin bahu rani yeh main kar lunga apke liye apki coffee la dun''
He asked as he took the peas tray away from her and riddhima pouted as
R:''kaka yeh galat bat hain ap tou mujhe bahut hi aalsi bana doge''
She said making kaka smile at her cute face then
Rk:''arey bahu rani sab ap ko hi tou karna hain abhi mujhe karne dijiye aur vaise bhi nandini bhabhi hoti tou apko ek ungli (finger) bhi nahin othane deti''
He said with lots of emotions and riddhima is surprised this name she never heard before so surprisingly she looked at kaka then
R:''kaka yeh nandini ji kaun hain?''
She asked giving her respect while putting "Ji'' as seeing kaka's face she knows she must be elder to her and kaka was baffled at her question, he never knew when she takes her name may be in his respect for them and deep love for them, he is now confused what to answer to her so he just
Rk:''darasal bahu rani vo na''
But he is saved by as the door bell rings and kaka excused himself to open the door thanking his stars as he opened the door he finds the delivery boy there so he just called riddhima and
Rk:''bahu rani chithi ayi hain''
He said and riddhima nodded and takes the letter and then she looked at the letter and seeing it is addressed to kaka she said to him that
R:''kaka yeh tou apke gaun se ayi hain shayad apke ghar se ayi hain''
She said and kaka nodded and then he takes it then he just moved towards the kitchen as
Rk:''bahu rani main abhi apki coffee lata hun''
Riddhima nodded thinking he must need to read his letter in alone so smiling to herself, she moved towards the living room thinking to go through the newspaper. Just in few seconds kaka comes with her cup of coffee and that's the same time bell rings again and this time riddhima opened the door to get surprised as the whole gang is there and
They all shouted making riddhima smiled as muski and anjie hugged her while wishing her atul and rahul moved inside and then all of them makes themselves comfortable and 
Rk:''arey rahul baba atul baba ap log?  Itni subh subh chalo acha hua ap log aa gayye main ap sab log ke liye coffee lata hun''
He said and walked to get coffee for all of them and riddhima noticed as if is hiding something but thinking maybe she is over thinking she
R:''guys tum sab log yahan''
M:''han yar ridz actually na humara tere bina dill nahin lag raha tha so socha chal tujhse mill kar aye humne atul se pucha tou isne kaha yeh bhi hero ko milne jane ki soch rahein hain''
At:''so humne socha saath mein chalte hain aur aj ka Sunday sath mein spend karte hain acha kiya na ridz''
And riddhima nodded seeing both of them they looks so enthusiastic and they loved them 
R:''off course atul bahut acha kiya ap logon ne''
She said giving them a warm smile and then their coffee arrived and taking the coffees anjali asked as she did not find armaan there so
An:''ridz armaan kahan hain nazar nahin aa raha kahin par bhi''
But before riddhima can reply it's muskaan who replied
M:''oh ho anjie kaise se sawal puchti hain na tub hi off course so raha hoga vo after all nayi-nayi shadi mein subh neend kab jaldi khulti hain''
And riddhima turned deep shade of red hearing her shameless comment and she just whined
But to her rescue rahul speaks up as 
Ra:''oh riddhima rehne dijiye iska tou hain hi one track mind par armaan hain kahan''
He asked and riddhima smiled at him but how she can tell them armaan is still sleeping especially after muskaan's comment she is thinking what to say but to her rescues her angel in disguise comes as she heard his voice as
A:''I am here dadu''
He said catching everyone's attention and riddhima too looked at him, he is there munching on apple wearing a blue shirt with denims that means he is ready. She thanked her stars that he is ready if he comes in is night wear surely muskaan will tease her to no end. And then seeing her looking at himself he winked at her making her trance breaks and she just moved her gaze and then he just gives hugs to everyone and then
A:''vaise tum sare aj yahan par?''
And next moment riddhima cursed him to ask such a question as muskaan starts as
M:''kyun hero nahin ana chahiye tha humne tera aur ridzi ka romance disturb kiya kya?''  
She said making riddhima again turned embarrassed but she did not remember that this time her darling husband is here so no need to take tension about teasing as he has masters in it and here he snapped back
A:''yea right muski but what to do as you already disturbed us? Kyun na tum bhi humein join karo as you see see na Sali can entertain her jeeju what say''
He said putting his arm around her shoulder making muskaan's mouth left opened in shock while others laughed as they saw armaan's snapped back and muskaan's mouth opened in shock at his comment then moving away from him she said 
M:''oh gosh ridzie tera pati kitna besharam hain sachi''
She said making a face and then armaan snapped back
A:''arey maine kya kiyya muski yar tune hi tou kaha na hum romance kar rahein the''
He said in most innocent way making riddhima smiled at his antics and seeing muskaan going to reply him back anjie speaks up before it turned in world war three
An:''ok ok time please guys acha ridzi tu aj humein kya khila rahi hain breakfast mein''
She asked and before riddhima can reply armaan is the one who answered
A:''anjie basket tumhe kuch nahin khila sakti I mean humnein abhi oski yahan rasoi ki rasam nahin kari hain par tum logon ko job hi breakfast karna hain kaka will make so bolo kya khaoge sab''
He said looking at riddhima with love filled eyes and anjali smiled at him then
An:''ok tou kyun na hum bahar se kuch order kare kaka ko kyun pareshan karna''
Riddhima wants to reject this at once as they have their dinner out just yesterday so she just speaks
R:''guys hum ghar ka hi khate hain na bahar ka kha kha kar bore ho gayye hain pehle university meiin fir take awes''
She said hoping everyone agree as she knows armaan can't handled much more outside food and she don't want to makes him suffer and that's reason too she cooked for him when kaka is not here even before their marriage and armaan looked at her as she said this he knows she said this just because of him, and he feels how lucky he becomes to get her in his life. And feeling his blue eyes boring upon herself she feels her cheeks turning red, placing some of her fringes behind her ear. She just gets up from there in the pretext of fetching coffee as she can't take his intense gaze more so she
R:''guys tum log baitho main kaka ko bolti hun aloo ke paranthe bana le what's say?''
Everybody nodded and then riddhima moved towards the kitchen not sparing him a glance and armaan somewhere knows she left because of him from there, making an excuse. Smiling to himself he go back to the chat with the gang.

Here riddhima entered in the kitchen for telling kaka about the breakfast demand. As soon she entered in the kitchen she finds ramu kaka was busy doing something on the gas. She smiled seeing him then she called him.
R:''kaka main kuch help karun kya''
She asked grabbing his attention and he turned to her.
K:''are nahin bahu ap batao ki ap sab bache kya khaoge main banata hun.''
R:''par kaka sabka kaise ap manage karoge. Main help karti hun na.''
She said as they all are six and it will be really hard for him to make breakfast for everyone at such short notice.
K:''nahin bahu main kar lunga ap bas itna batao ki khaoge kya ap sab''
R:''kaka aloo ke paranthe bol rahein hain sab''
K:''chalo theek hain main banata hun tab tak ap jayiye bahar aur sabke saath batein kijiye bahu''
He said and riddhima looked at him. Though she wants to help him but she knows he will not listen so she nodded her head.
R:''kaka ap mujhe kuch karne tou nahin denge I know par kisi bhi help ki zarurat ho tou mujhe bolna''
K:''achi bat hain bahu''
Then riddhima thought to go out side as kaka will not let her do anything. She is about to move outside when one paper blew with the wind and comes under her feet. She shakes her head and then bends to pick up the paper. As soon she picked up its a small card style thing. And she saw it is kind of invitation paper that usually send in villages. Out of curousity she read it and is astonished to find it is invitation of kaka's son's marriage. she looked at the back of working kaka. And then she understands thats why kaka is feeling low and this is the thing that comes in morning. Then slowly she moved outside to call armaan. As she reached outside she signalled armaan to come. And as armaan looked at her, he quietly slipped from his friends. As he finds riddhima's expressions were tensed ones. And now they both are stnaidg in the guest room, riddhim latched thd door. And armaan looked at her with confusion.

A:''kya hua basket mujhe aise kyun bulaya? Sab theek hain na?''

He asked and riddhima just looked at him and then forwarded him the letter that she finds in the  kitchen. Armaan looked at her in confusion and with raised eye brows.

R:''ise padho armaan.''

And armaan looks at her face start reading it. And as soon he completed that small piece of letter he looked at riddhima.

R:''armaan kaka aisa kyun kar rahein hain? Onke bte ki shadi hain aur onhone ne humein bataya bhi nahin, aur na hi jane ki tayari kar rahein hain. Onhein tou is time apnein ghar par hona chahiye. Onki family onki rah dekh rahi hogi, pata hain subh se pareshan hain. Mujhe kuch samajh nahin aa raha hain.''

She asked as she puts all her questions in front of him.

A:''par main samajh gayya hun.''

He said with faraway look in his eyes and riddhima looked at him. She did not understand him but before she can ask anything.

A:''chalo mere saath riddhima.''

He said and riddhima nodded and followed him. And both of them reached in the kitchen and armaan finds kaka is busy in making something.

A:''kaka mujhe apse kuch bat karni hain.''

He said to him grabbing his attention. And knowing him from all these years kaka knows this is urgent. So he quickly wiped his hands and moved with him. All three of them then leads to their room as in riddhima and armaan's room. Riddhima is confused but she followed them as soon they entered inside she heard armaan's voice.

A:''riddhima door band kar do.''

He said and riddhima do what he said. Then he grabbed something from his wardrobe. Its a scrap book and he opened the first page and then he puts that in front of kaka.

A:''yeh yad hain apko kaka?''

Ramu kaka looked at the page and he has smile on his face.

K:''ise kaise bhul sakta hun armaan beta. Yeh tumne pehli bar banaya tha.''

He said with lots of emotions in his voice and riddhima glanced at the picture. It showed one kid playing with car and one person standing with milk glass in his hands probably try to make him drink.

A:''han kyunki mere liye sabse pehla rishta ap hi ho na kaka. Mere ma mera papa sab ap ho. Mujhe kisi se bhi  itna pyaar nahin milla hain jitna apse milla hain. Agar ap na hote tou pata nahin mera bachpan shayad kahin kho hi gayya hota kaka. Mere apnon se badhkar apnein hain ap.''

He said with small tears in his eyes and kaka comes closer to him and then speaks up hugging him.

K:''mere liye bhi armaan tum mere pehle bte ho. Tum main bahut pyaar karta hun.''

He said and armaan hugged him back but then he breaks the hug then he speaks up.

A:''par aj apnein mujhe paraya kar diyya kaka.''

He said with hurt in his voice and ramu kaka looked at him shocked.

K:''nahin armaan beta tujhe tou main bilkul paraya nahin kar sakta. Tujhe tou meri zindagi hain.''

He said and armaan looked at him then

A:''tou fir kaka apnein mujhe kyun nahin bataya ki raju ki shadi hain. Aur ap abhi tak ghar jane ki tayari bhi nahin kari kyun kaka boliye?''

He asked and ramu kaka looked at him shocked. Then he lowered his eye lids.

K:''are armaan beta aisa kuch nahin hain vahan sabhi tou hain.''

A:''sabhi hain kaka par ap nahin hain. Raju ko oske baba ki zarurat nahin hogi oske itnein khas din par.''

K:''armaan beta.''

A:''nahin kaka agar ap mujhse aur riddhima se pyaar karte hain, iska yeh matlab tou nahin na ki ap kisi aur se pyar nahin kar sakte.''

He said making both riddhima and kaka shocked, how well he knows them.

A:''main janta hun kaka ap apni bahu rani ko akela nahin chod kar jaana chahte.''

He said as he took his hands in his own and riddhima looked at him. She never imagined this that someone can love to this extent.

R:''kaka ap mere qaaran nahin ja rahein hain?''

She asked looking at him and kaka has no answer to it.

K:''nahin vo bahu rani.''

But armaan cut him in between as he speaks up.

A:''han riddhima kaka ko pata hain ki ab armaan ka khayal tout um rakh logi. Par yeh nahin chahte ki ek nayi naveli dulhan ko kam par laga den.''

He said looking at kaka and he has no answers to it. Riddhima is surpised seeing the extent of love of this person. He is really like a father figure to her and him.

R:''oh acha par kaka ab yeh apki bahu apse tohfe mein mang rahi hain ki ap shadi mein jao. Aur apnein doosre bte aur bahu ko dher saare aashirwad dekar aayiye. Tab tak apke yeh bahu aur beta apka intajar karenge.''

She said sweetly and kaka looked at her then

K:''par bahu.''

R:''koi par nahin kaka ap meri bat nahin manoge na tou main apse naraz ho jaungi.''

She said folded her arms in front of her chest and

A:''man jayiye kaka ise manana mere bas ka bhi nahin hain.''

He said and finally kaka nodded and then he blessed them.

K:''par ek shart hain. Main jane se pehle bahu rani ki rasoi ki rasam karake jaunga.''

He said and riddhima happily nodded

R:''bilkul kaka armaan tum kaka ki tickets book karo.''

A:''han bas abhi jaata hun main.''

He left the room after giving hug to kaka and then riddhima too leaves the room to do some arrangements.

K(in his heart);''bilkul ap jaise hain armaan karan bhayiya otna hi pyar aur apnapan hain. Aur nandini bhabhi riddhima bahu rani bilkul apki chaya hain. Kash ki aj ap donow hotein apnein bachon ko dekhne ke liye. Bahut khush hote aap, armaan bte ko yun hansta dekh kar. Bhabhi ji ap hoti tou bahu ki pehli rasoi kitne chav se karti. Main utna tou nahi par jaisa apnein chaha tha vaisa karne ki koshish zarur karunga.''

He said and wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes and then he left to do the arrangements for the kitchen ritual.

Ar:''see Sid merii biwii se 100 kilmotere kii durii par reh nahin tou anzam kaa zimevar mai nahin hoyunga''
Armaan grabbed his collar in anger and his eyes were blood shoot red
Ar:''jo hua press reportres and all vo pre planned tha damn it''
Ri:''haath mat lagao mujhe mar daalega armaan tumhe hatoo''
Ar:''mujhe kabhie koi nahin smajhta hain riddhima se shaadi karke kahin maine ooski life barbad tou nahin kar dii hain naa''
Ri:''armaan mai mar jaongi par tumhe nahin chodungi aagar tumhare saath meiin barbadi hain tou mujhe barbad honaa hai''
Ri:''rahul armaan nee drink kiyya hai naa''
Ar:''riddhima basket biwii''
Ri:''armaan baat mat karoo mujse tum bas ekk baat sun kar tumne aiseee drink kiyya aur raat koo vo sab tamasha kiyya kya tumhe mujh par thoda saa bhi vishwas nahin tha armaan?''
Ar:''maine sab kharab kar diyya mujhe aisaa nahin karna tha''
Ri:''mujhse galti ho gayyi pata nahin kaise mai khud par control nahin kar paayi''
Ri:''galti hain''
Ar:''nahin hain''
Ar:''koi khawsih hai chupp chupp sii''
Ri:''sawan yeh seedha nahin khufiya badha''
Ar:''honthon kii ari ko aisee thukrayo naa''
Ri:''chu lo naa chu lo naa chu lo naa naa''

Ri:''sab galat hai yeh kuch bhi nahin hona chahiye tha yeh kcn nahin abhie''
Ar:''galat kya tha vo yaa jo aab hua vo galat hai''

Riddhima Aur Armaan Ek-Doosre Kii Strength Tou Hain Par Kya Oonki Yeh Strength Banii Rahegi Jab Khulege Kuch Ankahe Raaz.

with Dill Ka Bandhan
will be waiting for your comments
next update-Tuesday
with lots of love and regards


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Tu naa. Raaz bohot. Rakhti. Hai
Apni har. Ff mein.. 

Chal koi ni... dekhte hai 
Kya. Hota. Hai aage...  ;)

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rosyammy Senior Member

Joined: 26 April 2011
Posts: 490

Posted: 21 October 2015 at 10:23am | IP Logged
di plZ complete it soon...

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rosyammy Senior Member

Joined: 26 April 2011
Posts: 490

Posted: 21 October 2015 at 10:25am | IP Logged
its has been 2 yrs yet its nt completed...di plz complete it

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-Prithi- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 May 2010
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Posted: 22 October 2015 at 3:05am | IP Logged
wonderful update

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gaurijw Goldie

Joined: 08 May 2014
Posts: 1877

Posted: 26 November 2015 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
Superb update nikki
Ar scenes were too good 
I hope yeh dono jaldi batade ek dusre ko 
Kaka is such a good man
Waiting for next part post soon 

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tv05 Goldie

Joined: 09 August 2012
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Posted: 28 November 2015 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Amazing update...
Continue soon...

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desir IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 November 2010
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Posted: 02 March 2016 at 8:18am | IP Logged

Hello my lovey dovey readers I know I am not updating for quite sometime and sorry for vanishing like this and did not tell you anything.

Life is changing and mine has changed too from 10 December too. I am fixed up and now getting married on 3 March so will be not able to update for sometime so will be back in Mid of april till then take care and enjoy.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for giving me so much love.

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