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Dill Ka Bandhan AR#1 - Note Page147 (Page 123)

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nikki u r awesome writerHug
i just loved the part
i want 2 give a laaammba wala reply but time nahi miltha
12th sucksThumbs Down

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waiting for update nikita

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awesome part

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thanks to all of your love, support, encouragement and appericiation and likes

with lots of love and regards and wishes


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                                        Dill Ka Bandhan

                                           AR FF

                                          Part 50


Part 50_Close Relationship Wants?

As the words hit riddhima's ears her head shoot up in shock who is saying this and anjali is also shocked as she is sitting beside her not knowing who is but muskaan has the fuming expressions on her face seeing the person who speaks this low class words and as soon riddhima turned her head to see that person's face she is somewhere not shocked seeing that person's face she can expect this from him only but shocked seeing that he can stoop so low and then only she heard his words again which echoed in her ears as this times he makes her fumed in anger as well in slight irritation too she tried to ignore him but seems like he himself did not not wants to stop these things and ultimately riddhima's gaze fell on enterance hearing him

V:''so kahan hain aap madam aaj kal aapka Hot Honey Moon poora ho gayya yaa abhie bhi raaton ko chori chupke aap log Suhag Raat manane meiin believe karte hain Miss Topper Of The College vaise humein aapse aisii umeed nahin thi kii aap aisii hain you know sati savitri type banii firti thi naa aap tou aab kya hua aur vaise aab aapka Lover Boy hain kahan sorry husband''

He said making her fumed in angerness and she gets up from her chair and pointed her finger towards him says

Ri:''don't cross your limit i don't tolerate hearing anymore word from you for my husband understand?''

She said and anjali immediately stopped her as now all this happening grabbing the attention of everyone in the cafeteria

An:''chod naa ridzi kyoon isko reply kar rahii hain aisee logon ka tou dimga hii khrab hain inhein kyoon kehna kuchh bhii''

She said and muskaan too comes try to relax riddhima as they knows riddhima will surely burst on this stupid if he again says something about her armaan and off course this is is college not the place to share such kind of stupidness here and riddhima is the topper of college and this is against her reputation so she needs to be calm and muskaan and anjali surely knows when it comes to armaan riddhima is very hard to handle off course it's always armaan comes for her first and now tou she is Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik so she just can't

Mu:''han ridzi anjie sahi keh rahii hain tuu chal yahan se iske muh kyoon lag rahii hain yeh tou hain hii aisaa naaa''

She said and till that time atul too walked towards them leaving the order there only seeing this and he too nodded to riddhima as he can see the fire in her eyes when this guy spoke about his dear friend and riddhima too after giving a challenging look to him walks with her friends but right at that moment she heard something

V:''yea off course muskaan sahii keh rahii hain muh tou tum kisii aur ke lagii hogii naa Miss Sex Bomb Riddhima Gupta darli''

But his sentence left imcomplete as he received a punch on his face making him literally fall on some of his so called idiot friends who till now were supporting them and riddhima whose eyes has small tears hearing that cheap comment from him in front of so many people and as she heard him falling she looked at the person who gives this treatment to him somewhere she knows who must be the person but yet for her confirmation she looked and seeing him right in front of her eyes with his eyes spitting fire and seeing him her lips curved into a smile and their friends have the smile on their faces too and as riddhima looked at him he looked at her and seeing that tear in her eyes his heart clenched and his heart is angrier and only that minute he stood rubbing his face where armaan hit him hard and still seeing armaan he has audacity to speak something as he passed some comment on him while eyeing again on riddhima

V:''oh finally the lover boy is here and man chill why are you punching me man it's you only having this little sex''

But before he can complete he received a tight punch on his face again this time oozing blood from his lips and then armaan holds his collar in his hands and pulled him closer to himself while looking at him with fire in his eyes as

Ar:''not a single word more about My Ridddhima otherwise i will not even thought for a second to breaks your bones in pieces vivek and trust me i swear on that so one more word and you are responsibile for your broken bones yourself not me understand vivek limits''

He said in clear anger and this scared a bit vivek too but he is not one of them who backs out so easily so he too

V:''achaa ab mujh par chilla rahaa hain han aur kiyya tout um dono ne tha naa iske gharr par poori raat saare sheher(city) (city) ko pata hainn is bare meiin par tera bhi koi kasoor nahin hain aab yeh hain hii itni sexy kii kisii ka bhi''

He said and this time armaan shouted on top of his lungs


And before he can even speaks up armaan start hitting him he punched in his stomach made him fall back his two punchs and vivek falls back he tried to punch armaan back but armaan never gives him the chance and all were looking at them while armaan has fire in his blue captivating eyes and riddhima first time saw him so much angry she knows he does not takes any wrong word against hers but this she never seen him so angry his blue captivating eyes always filled with desire and dreams were now spitting fire if anyone can burn with just gaze vivek will surely she is just too shocked when atl nudged her and comes back from her looking at him

At:''riddhima armaan ko roukiye vo nahin sun rahaa hain please roukiye ose it's not right he is beating him very badly''

And as soon riddhima heard this she finds rahul trying to stop armaan along with muskaan and anjali too but he did not and she rushed to him sensing the situation and as she reached towards the table where vivek was half lying and armaan was holding from his collar reday to hit him to speak so low about his riddhima and seeing her a very much panicked rahul who is tried to stop armaan sighed in relief as he knows only riddhima can stop him so he just speaks to her sensing the situation he just whispers

Ra:''riddhima bhabhi please acha hua aap aa gayyi roukiye armaan ko bhabhi it's not going so right bhabhi''

He said and riddhima nodded and as armaan was about to punch one more time in vivek's stomach he feels his hand was stopped in mid-air and he just thinks it's rahul so he just shouted angrily try to snatch his hand from him

Ar:''chodd rahul mujhe isnein merii riddhima ke bare meiin kuch bola hain iskii himmat kaisi hui main ise nahin chodunga'

He said but as he feels very soft gip on his hand and as he feels her touch finally he stopped and looked at her riddhima just shakes her head in ''no'' and armaan's hands went back and she smiled and everyone sighed in relief with a smile on heir faces they knows only riddhima can calm him and as riddhima holds his hand he

Ar:''riddhima isnein''

But he was cut short with riddhima's voice as she shushed him by making her grip strong on his hand

Ri:''nahin armaan chod do ose bas bahut ho gayya na''

Ar:''lekin riddhima''

Ri:''nahin armaan''

Armaan nodded hearing her and she smiled and as she pulled him back and armaan comes two steps back with his hands seeing her and then riddhima seeing him just

Ri:''armaan tumhe lagiin tou nahin''

She was worried for him and then armaan just nodded

Ar:''han riddhima i am fine''

And as he turned and saw vivek is getting up with blood oozing from his lips and he is holding his stomach where armaan punched him and right then armaan shouted

Ar:''aaj tou tuu bach gayya vivek riddhima ke kaaran fir se 1 bhi word kaha naa tune merii riddhima ke bare meiin tou riddhima bhi tujhe mujhse nahin bacha paayegi samjha''

He said while starightning his collar and riddhima pulled him back with her hand on his back as she just

Ri:''armaan chodo na chalo yahan se bas bahut ho gayya na''

Ar:''han riddhima 2 minute mujhe kuch clear karna hain sabse especially in logon se just 2 minutes please riddhima''

He said and riddhima looked at him what he wants to clear so she tried to ask him while speaking that to him

Ri:''par armaan''

But armaan blinked his eyes and riddhima nodded her head and waiting for armaan to continue and then armaan smiled and turned to vivek and he holds riddhima's hands in his tightly as he just spke to them

Ar:''han tou vivek 2 baatein dhayan se sun le aaj tuu pehlii tou riddhima aab koi Miss nahin hain she is Riddhima Armaan mallik and i would like if you addressed her like that only (he said while pulling her more closer and holding from her shoulder and hearing his words riddhima's face broke into a smile) and speak one more dirty word about her from your dirty mouth next time you will not be able to speak aur doosri yeh kii humne raat guzari hain yeh baat poore sheher(city) ko pata hain tou osi sheher(city) ko yeh bhi pata hain kii we are very much married at that time too (he said this thing with a little less confidence but riddhima squeezed his ahnd in hers and interwined her fingers with his knowing he is feeling guilty for speaking lie but she is with him only and feeling her hand with his armaan smiled looking at her as she gives all the answers that she is only with him and feeling her by his side armaan spoke with so much confidence it was like both AR were speaking not ponly armaan but riddhima too after all they are ONE) so tujhe kisii ne ooske bare meiin bolne ka haq nahin diyya hain so aage se zara soch samajh kar bolna tuu merii biwii kee bare meiin samjha tuu aur is bar you are saved because of my Beautiful and Sexy wife Riddhima Armaan Mallik yes she is mine only samjha naa tuu but rememeber this is one and only one warning for you mister vivek clear''

He said stressing on each and every word especially merii riddhima and riddhima armaan mallik and then rahul and atul makes him stand while he just leaves from there with his follower's help only as

Mu:''aur han aagli baar aisaa kuch karne kii socha naa tune tou college ane kee bhi laayak nahin rahega tuu''

She shouted back at him making everyone laughed and all the other persons in cafeteria clapped seeing this as they all knows armaan and riddhima well and they don't mind what kind of relation they shared they just knows armaan and riddhima are the greatest people and their friends and what happened in between them is just their personal matter for them they are just married couple and in this as muskaan, anjali, atul and rahul just discussing armaan and vivek's fight they does not hve full attention on armaan and riddhima and as armaan looked at riddhima she has smile on her lips as well that lone tear glistening  in her eyes too and armaan quickly leaned his fingers over her eyes and wiped the tear from her eyes before it will rolled on her cheeks and seeing her tears gives nothing but pain to him as riddhima saw that looks on his face she just nodded and armaan knows she is trying to makes him fell better as she does not wants to makes him feel guilty and then she just takes his hand in hers and caressed the back of his palm and then she pushed his hairs which is falling on his eyes because of the stupid fight and armaan looked at her in her eyes the eyes which were shining with happiness few minutes ago have tears and he knows he wants to do something so he embraced her in his hug while caressing her back knowing she is the one who heard those painful words it will affects her more he can deal with his emotions later on he knows riddhima will not say anything as she is very strong girl he saw her how she is fighting for him with that jerk over him and heard that stupid words about herself from him which maybe a girl like riddhima only wants to heard from her husband o love and that too in private only but here she heard those words from anyone and that too from that cheap person vivek whom she almost hated and in front of so many people so he just wants to caress the pain in her heart which must be caused by vivek and he while caressing her long hairs whipered near her ear saying

Ar:''riddhima oos kii baat ko aapnein dill se mat lagana tum jaanti ho naa kitna cheap insan hain vo riddhima''

Riddhima nodded as armaan can feels that as she has still her head in his shoulder and with feeling safe in his embrace she did not know when she said those words which is true because of this only she is frightened as

Ri:''nahin armaan vo bahut boora hain oosnein mujhe vo sab bola jo main kabhie nahin sunana chahti hun ooske muh se bas vo sab main tumhare aapnein armaan kee muh se sunana chahti hun armaan sirff tumhare se''

She said and armaan was shocked did he heard right riddhima his riddhima actually wants to hear those words from him this comes like a shock for him what does that means actually but before he can ask anything or she can say anything their hug is broken with the fake cough voice of their friends and they comes out from the hug riddhim looked at him with a smile and armaan wiped her tears he is in still in the effect of shock of her words then only then their trance breaks as muskaan

Mu:''oye Honey Moon couple yeh canteen hain cyar yahan par tou ek-doosre ko chod do yar kyoon rahul''

She said while teasing them and hi-fivinng with anjali making rahul grinned too and atul smiled and then he

Ra:''han muskaan bilkul sahii keh rahii hain aur vaise guys yeh college ka cafeteria hain tumhara bed room nahin hain so please have some self control naa guys kyoon''

He said making riddhima blushed and armaan is just occupied with riddhima's words that he just gives them smile while looking towards riddhima only finding answers of his questions and as muskaan was about to speaks up riddhima cut her between only as she knows otherwise they will not going to stop pulling their leg so

Ri:''vaise anjie-muski humara next lecture shuru honein vaala hain i guess humein nikalana chahiye ab hain naa''

She said and that reminds everyone that they has classes and muskaan is jumped in horror as riddhima reminded her that the next lecture in just few minutes so she just

Mu:''damn it aagla lecture bhi MCS main abhie kuch lekar ayi khane ko jaate jaate kha loongi nahin tou vo hitler mera pehle hii din kam tamam kar dengi lecture meiin sonein kee liyye naa baba naa main abhie ayi just''

She said and all laughed seeing her and anjali too followed her while saying to everyone else there too

An:''main bhi kuch le lun i am hungry too wait ridzi''

And then atul and rahul looked at armaan and riddhima and then atul glanced at the watch too and then he too

At:''armaan humara tou abhie lecture hain nahin tou hum aaram se baith kar nashta karte hain humne kuch nahin khaya hain naa chal rahul kuch lekar ate hain yar''

Ra:''han sahii keh rahaa hain champ pet meiin choohe racing kar rahein hain aaram se khate hain hain armaan tuu kuch lega kya hum tere liyye kuch order karen kya''

Armaan smiled at his friends and then shook his head and rahul and atul nodded and wnet to grab their food meanwhile armaan and riddhima were alone and riddhima looked at him knowing maybe he is thinking about her words and knowing him she knows he is thinking surely but what she can reply as she has no answer so she just try to divert his mind asked him

Ri:''armaan main tumhe lectures finish honein par naa peeche copound meiin milungi i will sit there only ohk''

Armaan nodded his head and before she can say anything muskaan and anjali are back with sandwichs so that they can ate it in their way to class and seeing her standing with armaan still not picking her books from table muskaan screamed at her as it's time to their lecture and they have to reach to their class on time too

Mu:''ridzi yar chal naa kya kar rahii hain time ho gayya hain nahin tou aaj hitler humein class se hii nikal dengi''

She said munching on her sandwich and riddhima nodded and picked her books and then anjali just said

An:''ridzi tu aa hum chalte hain vaise bhi hum slow chalenge we are eating so picked up your stuff and come nahin tou aaj college ane ka koi faayda nahin hoga yeh lecture bhi miss ho jaayge aur fir is se achaa hota kii hum aaram se so hii lete so jaldi aa jaana bye armaan see you later chal muskaan jaldi kar bye rahul bye atul bye''

And as they walked riddhima too picked up her stuff and then she whispered to armaan not meeting his gaze and

Ri:''armaan tumhari books yehin par hain maine aapni le li hain i will go now mere lecture ka time ho rahaa hain''

She said and turned to go when armaan holds her wrist and makes her turn to himself and as riddhima turned and looked at him with surprise why he stopped her and armaan looked at her with desire and softness in his eyes and without speaking anything armaan pecked her on her forhead conveying everything to her which is in his heart and this one peck brings smile on their lips no wonder how many things are untold between them but their love though unconfessed love still pull their hearts string always together and then armaan wished her saying that

Ar:''all the very best for the first day of new start of the college life and i know my basket will rocks and i am always with you''

He said and riddhima gives him her millon dollar smile and then she just looked in his eyes and whispered back

Ri:''all the very best to you too armaan nayi zindagi meiin har nayi shuruwat kee saath humari yeh poorani shuruwat naye rishte kee saath aur bhi nayii ho gayyi hain armaan and you will rocks too armaan i know that''

She said making him smile too and then riddhima looks at her hand which armaan just did not wants to leave but

Ar:''jao basket lecture kii bell ho jaayegi''

Ri:''han armaan''

And then armaan leaves her hand and riddhima turned to go only after giving him a quick bye and she just said

Ri:''bye armaan''

Ar:''bye riddhima''

And as riddhima reached to the door of cafeteria she looked back only to finds him looking at her with a smile and she waved him back as armaan waved back and then she heard him

Ar:''take care basket''

And she nodded and leaves with a smile what a thing she just did not wants to go away from him after all from one week from the time their wedding happened from the very times she becomes Riddhima Armaan Mallik they are like inseprabale they are spending each and every moment with each-other if not like proper husnband-wife and if she will minus the physical relation ship and the confession of her love everything is there they spends their days like newly wedded all the time with each-other, first the trip to Vaishno Devi all the moments there and then in their home all the moments it was jus going perfect she does not wants more from her almighty all she just wants to say him that she loved him and she never thinks it will going to tough for getting away from each-other just fore few hours and

Ri:''kya kar diyya armaan tumne pehle hii tumhare pyaar meiin pagal thi aab tou tumhari biwi ban kar pagalpan kii har had par kar jaongi main aisaa mujhe lagta hain kuch pal bhi dur rehna gawara nahin hain mujhe tumse i so love you armaan mere patii dev jii''

She whispered to herself and in her heart with the smile on her lips at her thoughts and pati dev she joined muskaan and anjali and then headed with them towards her class and here armaan was in her thoughts only thinking what is with her what she meant actually and

Ar:''kya matlab tha riddhima ka ki vo yeh sab mujhse sunana chahti hain kya vo mujhe dose se aage kuch samajhne lagii hain yaa fir vo bas is rishte ko manane kii koshish kar rahii hain kyonki ose vishwas nahin hain commitment meiin aur itnii jaldi merii basket jaise insan kii thoughta badlana tou asan nahin hain fir kya hain yaa fir humari shaadi ke kaaran se doosri girls ke kaaran she start having desires too kya vo keh nahin paa rahii riddhima yar tumne mujhe confuse kar diyya aab kya bolun main kya samjhun main tumhare in baton ka kya matlab niklaon kaise poochun tumse nahin pooch sakta''

He thinks about this but then he pushed his thoughts aside with rahul and atul calling him and he engaged himself with them his mind is there but his herat has running lots of questions which he has to finds all the answers but maybe not yet it needs sometimes maybe. All the day passed liks this only riddhima and armaan both busy in their classes though they were present in their classes but still their hearts are laying with each-other only, riddhima the topper is facing very much hardships to concetreating what her lecturer is explaining all the time armaan is occupied in her thoughts and whenever she tried to conecetrate one comes and congratulate on her wedding even her lecturers did and then again her heart went to her hubby dearest now she just wants to fly over to him and wants to see his face this is the very first time she in lecture watched the wrist watch for checking time except exams she never did that as she loves study and she was teased by muskaan and anjali like no tomorrow for this. And the whole day passed so quickly with armaan too as he is still in his thoughts about riddhima's words sometimes he is thinking about the negativity that what if riddhima is actually start forcing herself in this relationship but then his heart states the positive facts that as his heart tells maybe like any other girl she off course has some dreams though she does not believes in commitment she tells that herself but still she wants to do marriage and this off course has some dreams as likes every one has na and maybe she is not telling him because she still thinks that he is still in love with the someone else well that's the truth too that he loved still his first ever love the love of his life off course but the thing is that she did not knows she is the only one this is making him more thinking what if this is true then they will actually lossened the golden moments of their life and he so did not wants this so he is thinking just to fulfills their dreams and his day passed like this only thinking these things riddhima will not feels that he wants something else from this relation that too without her acceptance but what can he do he is so confused little did he knows that his riddhima off course wants this only and he just has to takes steps to makes this period golden converting the moments into golden ones and he is confused but what he knows that his questions will be answered by his riddhima only that too today only. And after his classes were over he literally ran over the back side of the college in campus as he knows riddhima will surely be there her favourite spot of sitting and she told him not so too if she will not tells him he knows and seeing him running like this rahul and atul teased him saying this is called marital effects and he just smiled and then the trio leaves for the compound and armaan  did not needs to finds her as the moment he reached the spot where riddhima is usually sitting he is hardly standing on his feet when riddhima flunged in his arms taken him in shock he is so much surprised with this sudden hug frankly he is not expecting this from her so he stumbled a bit but then makes himself comfortable so that they did not falls as riddhima is embracing herself fully in his arms with a shocking armaan holding her and his hands were now at her back one on upper back and second on her lower back and here riddhima was smiling and embarrasses too and armaan was thinking what happened to her they can stay like this but the giggling sound breaks armaan's thinking session and he looked at the surroundings and seeing their college friends were giggling at them while their friends rahul,muskaan, atul and anjali giving them a wide smile and naughty smile looking at them armaan smiled at them and then he just ignored them and then armaan only whispered in her ear slowly

Ar:''basket riddhima''

And riddhima was now much embarrassed as she already has as she is now in armaan's embrace and armaan is shocked seeing this she is not moving away from him this is so unlike his riddhima infact she clinged actually a little bit more tighter as if she does not wants to leave from his arms well neither did he wants to leaves her but he surely wants to knows what is upto with her off course she in his arms he feels home but still he is way more thinking about her behaviour that too in front of everyone and then he again called her 

Ar:''riddhima basket''

And this time armaan as again called her he looked at anjali and muskaan too as riddhima still clinged to him not ready to leave him and then as he noticed some of her classmates there too somewhere he thinks that they were teasing her but something more to this if they were just only teasing her she will not behaved like this and then he just looked at riddhima in his arms and the way she is hugging him is actually she hiding her curvaceous part of her neck in his shoulder and then he suddenly looked more to it and finds her duappatta was little bit disoriented and then finally it gets to him fully she is hiding herself because must be anjali and muskaan saw that or maybe her other friends classmates too she does not comes to hug him she is hiding herself from them she is shy and embarrassed and somewhere the thoughts of the kiss in her neck makes him smile wide and then he makes her detangled himself from him which is actually a task as she is feeling very shy and armaan just placed his hand on her shoulder covering that parts of her body fully and riddhima looked at him with embarrassment and her cheeks too turned red and armaan just

Ar:''riddhima kya hua basket what happened basket''

And then she slowly whispered while not daring to meet his eyes and then she just speaks audible to him only as

Ri:''main tumse jaan boojh kar nahin takrayi armaan vo naa anjie muski sabko yeh dikhane vaala the so i run bump''

She  said and armaan smiled can anyone gets more cute she is just one of her kind though she speaks just in tit bits still he knows what she is saying off course anjali and muskaan must seeing that bite cum kiss and then was teasing her and telling to show her to their friends as he thinks and that's it his riddhima is too shy and to save herself she start running her disoriented duppatta stating the facts and he so loved this feeling and when she was running she bumped in him making him hugged her and he loved the facts and then he just nodded at riddhima and turned her to face their smiling friends and riddhima is too apprenhensive after all this happening with her friends teasing now in his arms in front of everyone but he manages and she looked at him

turned too and as riddhima feels his hands securely holding her from her shoulder giving her time to set duppaata of hers as armaan himself was looking at her grinning friends as riddhima is busy in herself not looking at them and as muskaan spoke up saying that well to him that

Mu:''oye hero humein nahin pata tha kii tuu itna romantic hain you see we will loved to see ridzi like this''

An:''han ammy well we can see that you too have a rocking Honey Moon hain naa ridzi just two of you naa''

And this comments of theirs makes everyone giggled while riddhima just lowered her eye lids wants to run away from there or the earth can open and she just buried herself in that her own friends acting like enemies and now armaan laughed and then he gives them the answer which they just wants to hear and shut them up off course after hearing his naughty voice as he

Ar:''offo yar tum log bhi naa thode tou naye tareeke se tang karo yar aab humenin shaadi kari hain tou Honey Moon par jaaynege hii after all newly weds hain aur aab newly weds kee pas tou full on license hain romance karne ka so why not han aab aagar tum logon ko tips chahiye i will give you par pehle shaadi kar lo kyoon''

He said and everyone just smiled hearing his comment armaan mallik no can beats him in teasing and off course this comment of his shuts everyone as he openly admits all the things were they saying and it will shut them and seeing them shushed armaan looked at riddhima who now looked at him with so much emotions in her eyes and thanks and armaan blinked his eyes and then they shared a beautiful eye-lock and then armaan breaks the eye-lock and then he faced their friends and he just whispered to them still holding her naa

Ar:''aab tum logon ka ho gayya ho tou gharr chalein kya we have lots of work to catch up after missing the classes''

He said and everyone nodded as all other left it's only atul, anjali and rahul, muskaan there and then only anjie

An:''chal ridzi gharr chalein der ho rahii hain naa''

And that's it riddhima's head shoot up what anjali is saying and everyone too looks at her and then anjali gets when everyone looked at her what she says and then she immeditaley corrected her rather explained herself she

An:''sorry ridzi mujhe dhayan hii nahin rahaa kii aab tuu Mrs.Mallik hain aab we have to leave alone itne der kii aadat hain naa so aisee hii muh se nikal gayya sorry yar armaan mera koi intention nahin that yeh bolne kaa just that college meiin aye naa so feels like that it's just ridzi''

And next moment she is hugged by riddhima as she engulfed her best friend in her arms thinking about her emotions she too missed both anjie and muskii there surely and anjali too hugged her back while riddhima is

Ri:''i will miss you too anjali i too have the habbit of staying with you and i can understand it's difficult anjie''

Mu:''han anjie ridzi is right vaise ridzi tere bina humeiin rehne kii aadat hii nahin hain chal tere aur hero kii khsuhi ke liyye kuchh bhi ridzi we loved you both naa''

She said and armaan smiles seeing the bond between the three friends shared and rahul and atul too hugged him and then armaan tells to anjali and muskaan who till now too joined the hug with riddhima and anjali as he saw that anjali apologized from him with her eyes he can saw that and then he just said while just going closer to them and as armaan

Ar:''oye anjie muskii yar why tum log oodas kyoon ho rahein ho hum log roz tou milenge aur almost poora din saath meiin hii tou spend karenge naa tou tension kyoon lete ho yar tumhari riddhima huemsha tumhare saath hain yar so no worries naa''

He said while trying to soothen them that though they were married but still they are together but muskaan is

Mu:''han hero tuu tou yeh kahegi hii aab raat ko ridzi humare saath thode naa hogii pehle kii tarah aur terii tou aish hain ridzi kee saath sonein kii naa pehle tou i used to hug ridzi while sleeping aur aab tuu karega''

She said while pouting and this comment of her makes riddhima and armaan embarrassed to the core and muskaan be a muskaan herself  did not even knows what she blurted in all over her excitement while all others were also embarrassed to this comment this is something so personal and as no one of them speaks muski

Mu:''aab tum sab aise kyoon dekh rahein ho mujhe jaise maine kuch galat kaha ho anjie sahii keh rahii hun naa mai aab armaan hii ridzi ko hug karke soyega naa aur yeh mujhe keh rahaa hain kii ridzi humesha humare saath rahegi''

She said still in flow not getting that she is embarrassing them to core riddhima's eyes just glued to ground with her words  did not knows what to see well if she can say that her words ultimately takes her to the memories of the nights that they spends in each-other's arms and armaan looked at her she is not looking at anyone and for first time in his life he is too embarrassed too as muskaan's words takes him to the memories like riddhima of past but especially the night where they are so close at Vaishno Devi when she has cold and then yesterday's night where the slept like that on rug and as

Mu:''anjie yar maine kuch galat kaha kya yeh koi kuch bhi bol nahin raha maine fir se kuch oolta follta bola''

She asked as no one still speaks and before anjali can reply to her it's rahul who said to her sarcastically that  

Ra:''yeh lo sabka kam tamam kar diyya aur pooch rahii hain kii isnein kya bola isnein sabit kar diyya kii iskee dimag meiin bhoosa hii bhara hua hain iskaa kuch nahin honein vaala guys pata nahin yeh humara kya hal karegi armaan-riddhima bhabhi aap is chipkali se bach kar rehna sachii meiin''

He said and muskaan literally pounced on him hearing him but before they can start riddhima who is feeling very much shy just speaks in the voice that's audiable to armaan only 

Ri:''mujhe kuch kam hain mai vahan car ke paas hun armaan aur main tum sabse kal milti hun guys by guys''

She then turned to everyone and tell them and leaves from there without meeting anyone's face or eyes and

Ra:''dekh liyya tune tere kaaran kitni embarrass ho gayyi hain riddhima bhabhi kabhie tou soch kar bola kar tuu''

He said with scarscam visible in his voice and muskaan just smacked him on his arms while she just spoke out

Mu:''chup kar jaa kankhujure tuu man liyya merii galti hain par tuu kaun hota hain mujhe kuch bhi bolne vaala i am sorry yar hero galti se muh se nikal gayya aisee hii feelings meiin mera tum dono ko embarrass karne kaa koi bhi irada nahin tha i am really very sorry yar hero bat seriously maine intentionally nahin kiyya so sorry''

She apologize from armaan as she finally gets to know that she says in her feelings actually embarrassed armaan and riddhima so she is feeling guilty and armaan smiled knowing her clear and pure heart he knows she is just like this what's in her herat on her tongue and she just spoke that in her deep feeling for riddhima and as she missed her friend too but she has not the intention to embarrass them in front of their friends so he nodded with a smile and then he hugged her sideways while saying to her with so much honesty in his voice that he

Ar:''it's ohk muskii hum sab jaante hain tu riddhima se kitna pyaar karti hain so it's fine humein boora nahin laga sachii meiin''

He said and muskaan smiled and everyone smiled too knowing muskaan and armaan and rahul shows a face to muskaan and then as muskaan hugged him back she finally gets back to rahul who just passed those comments and now she is ready to strangle his neck with her bare hands so she pounced on him fully holding him

Mu:''han aab bol kya bola tuu kankjure main chipkali tou tuu kankhujure bandar gadha aag lagane vaali tili''

And seeing them like this atul and anjali smiled and armaan just wants to leave from there knowing now this fight of muskaan and rahul can go on and on and there riddhima is all alone waiting for him and that he also wants to go to her and so have some enjoy moments with her so

Ar:''achaa guys main bhi chalta hun mujhe bhi kuch kam hain office ka so see you all tomorrow bye champ anjie aur bye rahul see you tomorrow if muskaan will leave you alive and muskii all the best to you too with your darling kankjuhura bye muskii bye rahul see you tomorrow''

He said with a naughty smile and grinned wickedly making rahul frowned with his comment as he knows this will now gives muskaan more freedom and he just cursed armaan whils shouted back on him as he turned

Ra:''saale tere jaisa dost ho naa tou dusman kii zarurat hii nahin hain''

Ar:''bye raooll dadu enjoy your fights with muskii bye''

And then he leaves while winking at him while waving to everyone with a smile and his friends too smiled and as soon he reached near the parking lot he saw riddhima his basket is standing near their car and a smile is playing on her lips she has a very beautiful smile on her lips that he can die for her smile and unknown to her he immediately captured that moment in his mobile as he already has that captured in his heart and unknown of his presence riddhima is just drowned in her riddhima's own world in her thoughts every single moment spending with him is in her mind and in her heart and that brings a contended smile on her lips and as she pushed her hairs behind her ear which is playing on her face armaan's trance breaks as he is so much drowned in her and then smilingly he moved towards her and riddhima hearing some foot steps coming near her she looked up to know who is there but somewhere she knows that it's her armaan and yes as he is him and as soon she looked up their eyes met with each-other and armaan takes every step towards her with his eye-lock with her and riddhima is just so rooted in her spot to even break the eye-lock let even move and then as armaan closed the distance between them he reached near her and as he reached near her riddhima's heart stopped beating and as soon armaan comes so near her that he is just two inch far away from her he is so drowned in her that he forgets what he is doing his heart just taking him to him as following his heart he reached near her and as soon he reached near her ear a strong gush of wind played that blowed riddhima's hairs on her face covering her face properly with some of the her hairs end touched his face too as he at that time is leaned very much closer to her face that riddhima can feels his hot breath kissing her cheeks and armaan is so busy in admiring her that he forgets everything and he moved his hand closer to let that her hairs get out from his sight which is disturbing his view and within a moment armaan's hand start going towards her face and that actually makes riddhima takes two steps back and almost let her hitting the car but armaan is fast he put his hand on her waist not allowing her to hit the car's back and riddhima is shocked with his movement sudden movement as he feels his hand placed on her pettiete waist she did not expected that and armaan is so fast that riddhima is banged in his chest with both her hands landed on his chest and armaan keeps on looking in her eyes and riddhima too looked in his eyes and they shared a beautiful eye-lock with riddhima off course showed confusion and armaan's showed pure concern and then only armaan pushed her hairs aside palcing them behind her ear with his fingers brushing past her cheeks making her trembled as his just mere touch sends shiver ran down in her spine as she gasped armaan smiled how she reacted with just his mere touch that actually gives him surprise how she manage to react like this when she did not loved him if she loved him he can understand that her body will react to his touch his touch which is full of love but now when she did not he is confused but nevertheless he loved these feelings that she aroused him  to no extent and how she reacted always makes him falls in love with her all over again and armaan then as drowned in moment keeps on rubbing her cheeks with his knuckles making her gapsed more but riddhima never pushed him aside or like anything or never he can see any resistenece from her but right then as armaan was leaning closer to her to kiss her cheeks as he is just getting out of control holding her so close and her finger tips on his bare chest which is bare because of his chest bare due to his upper buttons left opened and he tarced her nose too woth his knuckles while his another hand he himself did not knows when start pressing her petite waist in his hand making her body in his full control with just his pressing and touching she is drowing and was losing herself in him but his moment completely disturbed with the honk and riddhima coems out from the moment first and then she knows they are in the parking of college and she blushed but smiled too remembering that his lips were coming closer to her cheeks well it's still coming near her cheek but she has to breaks his trance she does not wants to face more embarrassment and she knows if anyone can catch them here that news will be in tomorrow's newspaper of their college and then all will tease her to no end and most importantly that's some moments are way to personal she just did not feels like having any pda in front of anyone maybe their relation is growing or although how much she too wants this but not here so as she feels armaan is still rubbing her one cheek and his lips were coming closer to her cheeks contact she closed her eyes to calm her senses and then she just slowly moved out little back try to comes out from his grip and that somewhere makes armaan lossened his grip as she moved her face little too away from her making a distance in between their cheeks and armaan then only looked at her he saw her face all flushed and he smiled and then only he discovered their position she has her hands on his bare chest and her fingers tips were actually turning him on as then he saw he is about to kiss her though on her cheek but they are in parking lot so she is obviously not comfortable and then he leaves her but not letting her touch the car well he is fully conscious about this and riddhima looked at him with flushed face and armaan too lowered his eye lids and to let go of the awarkdness he smiled to her and whispered to her slowly while just looking at her only

Ar:''vo na car ka thoda sa pain nikal gayya hain tou tumhari dress naa kharab ho jaaye isliyye i hold you''

He said and riddhima nodded while placing her hair starnd behind her ear nervously and armaan saw her red cheeks how she gets red he just knows that at this rate she will surely gives the competition to tomatoe too

Ar:''gharr chalein basket''

He asked and riddhima nodded and then armaan opened the car's door for her and she sat with a smile on her face and armaan too reached on his side and settled at driving seat with a smile on his face and as soon armaan settled riddhima looked at him with both giving each-other a wide smile and as armaan starts the car only then riddhima breaks the trance and then only she saw something that makes her panicked like anything and she immediately holds his hand which is on gear and feeling her hand on his armaan knows now he is gone that too fully and he closed his eyes ready to takes her wrath but he is surprised when he did not heard any kind of scolding or anything rather he feels a very much soft caress on his palm and as he feels a kiss too there he opened his eyes in jerk to believe that what he feels was actually the soft touch of her soft petals and yes he is right there she kissed his hand and he looked at her as he finds her eyes filled with tears armaan just did not knows what to do this is so unlike riddhima she scolded him for his careless ness not she herself cried and here she is crying that means he hurts or what but why he needs answers so he put his hand on her shoulder and then he just 


Ri:''armaan please hum gharr chalein mujhe gharr jaana hain it's a very much long day today please gharr chalein''

She said in low voice and armaan did not knows what to says to her hearing her low voice and request to go home armaan knows this is now in vain to talk to her this time she will not says anything so he just nodded and drove towards home while looking at her face with the corner of his eyes he can still see the tear swimming on the edge of her eyelids but she controlled and armaan did not knows why she did this he knows she is angry with him for his wound not telling her that about it that he hurts himself naa but then why she did not scolded him why she is crying to herself that means something is with her and he does not knows what is in store for them today but he prayed that nothing bad as they have enough quota for today he has no capacity for anything bad he just wants to sit with riddhima and have some moments and they talks like anything with her favourite coffee and he smiled but then as he looked at her he feels guilty that he actually hurts her by just not telling her about the wound he is so much in thinking session that did not even realized that riddhima is actually changing gears for him not letting him stress his hand more and he just knows this thing when they stopped at signal and there armaan looked at her and feeling something very soft under his hand on the gear he looked at her surprisingly that means she is changing the gears all the time he is so much in his thoughts to realize this thing and then he looked at her and out of blue he asked from her with looking at her intently as he asked from her that says

Ar:''basket yeh tum kya kar rahi ho i will drive basket''

And riddhima gives him a glare while saying to him that

Ri:''i know you can drive but what can i do i can't leave my husband alone and can't say my best friend in pain''

She said and that words of hers completely shut him as he tried to retrot armaan 

Ar:''basket merii baat''

Ri:''armaan siglan ho gayya hain will you drove to home please i am really tired''

She said cutting him in between as she finds the signal green and armaan looked at her as how she just said and he knows he is in real trouble but why when he did not tells her the injury he got on the day of their wedding he did not get scolded that times too but this time he is not  scolded but having that cold shoulder that he wished she will scold him but this silenece of hers killing him what a joke people runs from scolded but he wants to get scolded so that  his basket will talk to him and seeing that expressions on her face as she speaks this a bit loudly and with no much expressions in her voice

Ri:''armaan aagar tumhe drive nahin karna hain tou car side meiin lagao i will drive but please stop this thinking process of yours otherwise people will banged our car doors and i have not in mood of having more fights for today so will you please start driving Mr.Mallik now?''

She said and armaan start the car realizing that they were still at signal and people are honking at them and

Ri:''thanks so much pata nahin aapnein aap ko kya samjhata hain had hotii hain aab duniya bhi pagal kahegi''

She said and armaan looked at her with smile on his face how she can be so cute and inoocent yet so much in angry at the same times but he hides his smile seeing her innocent expressions before she can see him because otherwise he will be in more trouble and riddhima did see his smile but rather then scaolding him she just says

Ri:''armaan zara mehrbani karke car chalane kii aur dhayan don nahin tou mujhe hii car drive karni padegi tmhara tou aaj pata nahin kahan dhayan hain kahin bhi rookte ho aise hanste ho it's complete risky with you today armaan''

She said looking at him while armaan just simply said

Ar:''aapna chahae kuch bhi ho par tumhara aapni jaan se bhi badhkar khayal rakhunga main it's promise basket''

He said making her looked at him with a smile and she too

Ri:''nahin armaan tum ho tou aab riddhima hain armaan''

She said with honesty making armaan shocked but he smiled at her honest words and then finally they reached home. And as soon they reached home riddhima opened her car door and run inside with armaan following her after getting out from the car parking the car there and

Ri:''armaan please aab zayda time mat lagana and come fast inside''

She shouted before she ran inside and as soon armaan entered in the lounge he saw riddhima is not there and he just slumped on couch thinking where she just leaves and was thinking to call her and he just blowed on his hand as it's paining very badly and he after few minutes when did not finds riddhima anywhere he was about to call her when he suddenly heard her anklets's voice and then he turned only to finds her standing there in front of him with a tray in his hands first she handled him the water glass which he with a smile takes and drank it as he placed it on the table riddhima holds his hand which is fine and then start moving towards their room and armaan was surprised what she is upto she is holding his one hand in her ones and other holding the tray and as he

Ar:''basket kya kar rahii ho tum hum kahan jaa rahein hain basket''

He asked and riddhima did not oblige to answer him she keeps on remained silent and armaan was not liking her silenece so he

Ar:''basket yar where we are going tum mujhe bataogi please''

Ri:''armaan yeh stairs humare room kii taraf jaati hain tou hum vahin jaa rahein hain aab tum thodi der chup rehne kii meherbani karoge please''

She asked in an irritated voice why he is asking her those stupid questions and armaan tried his luck once again as he did not knows why they are going in their room well he has some work and besides he is damn hungry too so

Ar:''lekin basket mujhe kuch office ka kam hain aur bhookh bhi lagii hain yar i am really starving basket yar''

He said and riddhima gives him a cold glare and that's all the way enough to shut his mouth otherwise he will have to handle her very much angry who she is already has and frankly he has no capacity to handle her anger right now so he choose to be quite and quietly followed her and riddhima looked at him as he followed her silently as soon they reached in their room armaan is settled on the couch and he was thinking to ask her or not but then only he has answers to his questions as riddhima placing the tray on the side table handled him the glass of juice and armaan looked at her with confusion and one look from her face he knows she wants him to finish it and he without wasting any second start sipping it and start looking at riddhima who is finding something in the lower drawers he wants to ask what she needed but he can't afford to piss her more so he choose to be keep quiet and after few minutes riddhima comes back and settled on her knees in front him armaan is surprised he is about to ask something but seeing  the first aid box in her hands and her forwarded hands gives him all the answers and he just put his injured hand in her hands and riddhima start untying the hanky from his plam and she untied that blod drenched hanky from his palm and saw that deep cut in his palm yes he is hurt when he is beating vivek but did not tells riddhima about this thinking she will be panicked and when riddhima saw this that's why she is pissed off with him right now and as riddhima moved away the hanky which is soaked with his blood her eyes filled with tears thinking about his pain but she controlled herself and did not looked at him and then she pulled the anitucipatic to clear his wound as soon she pulled the anticatic lotion on the cotton she heard his loud shriek which made her to look at him as she

Ar:''nahin riddhima main vo nahin lagvaonga oos se bahut jalega please riddhima main ose nahin lagvaonga''

He said and riddhima for a moment was startled with his loud shriek that what happened to him but as soon she heard his words she is just not surprised knowing him she knows how armaan is so damn scary with the injections and anticaptics and how much he hates taking the medicines and this makes her little smile seeing that childlike attitude of his seeing her smiling armaan too smiled and then with in all his happiness he jsut spoke

Ar:''thanks basket tum bahut achii ho tum mujhe vo anticipatic nahin lagaogi thank you so much thanks''

And riddhima smiled heaing his happy voice and as seeing that smile armaan comes to thinks that she will not apply that nasty anticaptic on his wound which burnt it like anything but his happiness bubble burst in next second as riddhima spoke up seeing at him that as

Ri:''and who told you this Mr.Armaan Mallik that i am not going to apply this anticipatic on your wound han?''

And that makes armaan horrified and he looked at her hoping she will say no but no she is damn serious that look on her face states him but he tried his luck seeing that anticaptic in her hands and on cotton ready to apply and just the thought of it burning its makes him scary

Ar:''please basket it's not that bad cut ise zarurat bhi nahin hain yeh theek ho jaaygea basket please naa yar''

He said but riddhima is not going to hear him she knows he needs the bandage proper ones as he has a pretty deep cut so she just looked at his scary face she knows she has tackled him otherwise he will be stubborn so

Ri:''armaan please merii baat soono naa please armaan listen to me''

Ar:''han basket bas is anticaptic ko lagane kee alawa kuch bhi bolo main sab soonoga''

He said and riddhima sighed sometimes it's very hard to handle him and this is one of those time so riddhima just leaves the cotton and then placed her hand under his chin making him looked at her armaan looked at her for a second but then averted her gaze as he just spokes that

Ar:''nahin basket bahut jaalega main please ise nahin lagvaonga please naa basket merii yeh baat mano naa tum''

He said and riddhima just caressed his chin with his palm soothingly and then she makes him looked at herself this time she did not let him avert his gaze as armaan looked at her riddhima finally with her fingers caressing his jaw line spoke in her ever so soft soothing voice that

Ri:''armaan tum jaante ho naa kii yeh tumhe lagvana padega nahin tou tumhara wound heal nahin ho paayega armaan it's a very bad cut armaan aur armaan you needs it naa achaa armaan i promise bilkul bhi nahin jalega aagar jalaa armaan main pakka osi time band kar doongi itna vishwas hain naa aapni basket par armaan naa''

As she said armaan just did not said anything except those three words that her heart already knows but after hearing from her swelled in pride as he spokes saying

Ar:''aapnein aap se bhi zayada vishwas hain mujhe aapnii basket par vo mujhe kabhie dard nahin den saktii''

And riddhima just gives him a nod and he too just nodded meekily seeing that ancipating in her hands and riddhima smiled seeing his trust in her as she leaves his hand and then she settled comfortably on the rug near his knees holding the cotton in her hands and as she took his hand and strat cleaning his wound armaan shut his eyes fully with damn scared face and riddhima slowly cleaned it with tears in her eyes this is all because of hers only its for whom he fought with that vivek and must got that wound and then she slowly start putting the anticapting on armaan's wound and as soon armaan feels the anticapting it burnt and a moan escaped from armaan's mouth and riddhima immediately blowed on his wound and she looked at him armaan's face clearly showed how much he is in pain and seeing that pain she just hates herself more it's only because of him that he is going through and she blowed on his wound and armaan just holds her hand in his which was holding her chin making her surprised that he clutched her hand so tightly that riddhima has to cleaned his wound with only her one hand and she keeps on blowing on his hand and then even she caressed the back of his hand and armaan feels her soothen touch that actually soothen his soul and riddhima is just caressing his with so much love that if anyone can takes all away some one's pain just with caressing now it will surely will be riddhima who is in pain not armaan she will takes all his pain but this can't be happened but as all the time she dressed his wound armaan was completely soothen with her touch and her loved he is drowned in her love which is unknown to her so he did not feels a little bit of pain after that winc but riddhima is in deep pain till the time she finished doing dressing his wound and tears were ciompletely flowed down on her cheeks and as finally she completed tying a bandage around his palm she kissed his hand as if she wants to takes all his pain and as soon armaan feels her lips kissing his hand his hand feels that soft touch he opened her eyes only to saw riddhima holding his hand in hers against her cheeks and first armaan smiled seeing this how much she cared for him but as soon he realized something warm too on his wrist he knows something is wrong and yes he immediately holds her face and faced her she is crying her beautiful face is covered with tears and seeing him looking at her she immediately wiped her tears not wanting to showed him that she is in pain and she just wiped her tears and before armaan can says anything she tried to gets up from there after breaking the trance with armaan but armaan is armaan he holds her chin and tries to let her face him but as she does not did that instead she just wants to go from there so she is struggling from coming out from his grip she lowered her eye lids again not wanting to showed him that she is broken and she is crying and she knows if armaan will see her like this crying he will be upset too and she did not wants to gives him more grief he already had a very tough day because of hers in canteen and all because of hers that he injured right now so she just wants to run away from him but who she is kidding he is Armaan Mallik her husband and before her husband he is her best friend so it's not easy for her but still she tried without meting his trance  riddhima whispered just in audible voice to him tried hard not to cry

Ri:''armaan tum rooko main abhie tumhare liyye kuch kahne ko laati hun aur painkiller that will helped you''

She said and was trying to go away from him but armaan now has his enough he was seeing her from past five minutes she is trying to go far from him and was avoiding him does not wants to tell him the reason of her pain so this time he holds her hand and makes her sit on the couch beside him and riddhima is unable to do as his hands has strong grip over her hands and moreover she does not wants to stress his injured hand but still she wants to go so she tried once again as she

Ri:''armaan mai''

But this time she is shushed by armaan's palm on her lips and that's enough for her to stop talking and she looked at him as armaan's blue captivating eyes boring upon her as blue eyes met with green eyes they immediately conveyed their heat's emotions as their eyes are actually mirror of their hearts blue orbs reads that green orbs wants to hide something from him while green orbs just knows blue orbs pleading to share everything with them and she just try to avert her gaze when armaan holds her chin not letting her break their eye contact as he knows till the time she keeps looking in his eyes she will not able to lie to him and riddhima too knows this if she keeps on looking in his blue captivating eyes she will brokes soon and that's the least thing she wants today when this is practically their first day in their own home and she does not wants him to take stress for her so she just acts stubborn not wants to tell him anything and armaan sensing her stubbornness he knows he has enough soft with her he has to little hard 

Ri:''armaan main''

Ar:''shh basket kya hua hain kya ho gayya tumhe?''

He tried with softer tone thinking she is already hurt if he will be strict with her she surely will be more hurt but

Ri''nahin tou armaan kuch bhi tou nahin acha main abhie ayi armaan''

She said again try to flee away from there but armaan again makes her sit near him and then he holds her hand

Ar:''basket please aapnein armaan ko bhi nahin bataogi kii kya pareshan kar raha hain tumhe batao naa please''

Ri:''nahin armaan tum naa aissee hi lag raha hain kahan pareshan hun main bilkul theek hun armaan tum bhi naa bas kuch bhi sochte ho armaan''

She said with a smile hope he will falls for her smile but whom she is kidding he is armaan who knows fully which one is fake one smile and which one is real smile of hers so he just gives her a sigh not knowing why she is so adamant today not telling him the reason of her pain did their marriage makes her feels that she can't confide in him like she used to be as her best friend he is so irriatated with her response he wants to knows what is getting wrong with her and seeing her behave he is not feeling good his head is aching this actually makes him thinks did their relation changed so much that too not for good but he tried once again with his calm voice as he

Ar:''basket riddhima hum abhie bhi dost hain yar tou tum mujhe bata sakti ho kii merii pyaari sii basket koo kya pareshan kar rahaa hain please batao naa''

Ri:''i know armaan tum mere abhie bhii dost ho par armaan jab kuchh hain hii nahin tou main tumhe kya bataun sachii meiin''

Ar:''riddhima please tell me what's wrong yar tum ro rahii thi kyoon aagar kuch nahin hain tou batao naa''

Ri:''armaan tum bhi naa kuch bhi sochte ho arey vo tou merii aankhon meiin kuch chala gayya tha chalo aab jaane do mujhe bahut bhookh lagii hain kuch khane ko laati hun i am straving armaan please chalo ayi main abhie''

She said while trying that armaan will believed her but no as soon she said this armaan tried his one straw

Ar:''oh really riddhima tum jaanti ho kii tum mujhse jhhoth nahin bol sakti please bakset tell me whats wrong''

Ri:''armaan tum naa pagal ho gayye ho sach meiinjab  aisaa kuch hain hii nahin tou maintumhe aakhir bataun kya armaan''

She said and now this is it for armaan and as she tried to go now this time armaan holds her wrist much more harshly as anger comes up in his veins as here he is al worried and panicked for her and what she exacty doing just did not wants to share anything with him he is her husband and he has all the rights to knows what is disturbing his wifey after all but here she is too adamant not to tells him sometimes she is completely on his nerves and he hates that fact that when she just cloed her and this is things that he hates her he knows she is sensitive and will not confide easily in anyone but here he is her husband and that before sharing any kind of husband-wife relation ship they are best friends then and this things makes him much more angry and riddhima compeletly test his patience today she hurts him like anything today put him directly on edge of his patience and she knows now this but this is maybe not bad though maybe it has something good too in these as nd as he banged her in the wall holding her wrist tightly making his fingers digging in her wrist but he does not mind he only minds why riddhima did not says him what is bothering her and riddhima is shocked with that sudden change in him she knows she tested his patience but she did not expected this off course and she has her own point of views not telling him that she is already affected with that vivek fiasco well anyone can especially a newly wedded girl hearing those comments in all the public is not a little thing and finally when she tried to forgets the things thinking she and armaan is together she saw armaan's wound and that makes her feel it's only because of hers this happened so she is just getting introvert to him too and as armaan feels her struggling in his grip to get go but she failed and just she speaks her two words that she is speaking from past few minutes not giving him the view of telling him anything as she just speaks his name while trying to clarify herself that

Ri:''armaan main''

Ar:''koi armaan nahin basket tum mujhe abhie bata rahii ho kii hua kya hain tumhe kyoon tum itnii pareshan ho riddhima aakhir baat kya hain yaa aab tumhe mujh par itnaa bhis vishwas nahin hain kii tum mujhe aapnein armaan ko bata pao kii tum kyoon pareshan ho kehti ho kii tum theek ho par tumhare aanson tou yeh nahin kehte riddhima aur tum kehti ho kii kuch nahin hua par tumhari aankhein tumhare juban kaa saath kyoon nahiiinn den rahii haain tumhe nahin batana hain tou bolo nahin batana jhooth  kyoon bol rahii ho tumhari aanhein sab kehti hain jaanti ho naa aur vaise riddhima mujhe janane ka poora haq hain riddhima tumhara best friend hun main yaa kya aab humara rishta aisa ho gayya hain kii tum mujh meiin sirff aapna husband dekhti ho aapna best friend nahin jise tum bina hichke sab kuch bata paati thi aaggar yehii baat hain naa riddhima tou mujhe lagta hain humari shaadi hii nahin honi chahiye thi kyonki aisee tou humnein aapni dosti hii kho dii hain riddhima aur main yeh kabhie bhi nahin chahta tha kii main ek biwi pane ke liyye dost kho dun aisa maine sapne meiin bhi nahin socha tha kii humari shaadi humari dosti ke beech meiin aa jaayegi aur mujhse merii sabse pyaari dost aalag honein shuru hogii''

Ri:''armaan aisaa nahin hain tum galat samjah rahein ho armaan mera vo matlab nahin thi humsari shaadi vo''

She said while crying hearing his words and his grip too tightened as he holds her more tightly looking at her with strange pain in his eyes thinking he failed as a friend today that riddhima is behaving like this and he knows one thing her pain and her silence killed him to no end and hurts her to no extent and he is broken completely if she will tell him what happened to her maybe she is angry with him too but she always told him then what happned this time he is more than happy if riddhima will scold him as in that way in her anger she always takes her feelings out in her anger and armaan knows this facts otherwise she will lock herself not say but he did not wants that he knows it will kill her from inside and he whispered to her with pain in his voice

Ar:''tou sahi kya hain tum samjha do naa riddhima mujhe aur riddhima itnein close relation kii kuch zaruratein hoti hain''

He said in dangerous voice whick shooked riddhima from her soul as she feels armaan is hurts so much this times her silence hurts him so much maybe she will tell her but now what she will do now armaan is hurts deeply this time and its all her fault and will this fault of hers haves its impact on their relationship and that scared her to till her last breath what will happened now and armaan's words close relation wants makes her thinks that she lacked today badly in just her one week old wedding and that makes her cry and she just cried seeing his face and armaan has too tears in his eyes but more than tears he has pain in his eyes and anger too for her.

Precap_Aab kya hoga kya riddhima ka silence oonehin door kar dega?
Kya aabki baar riddhima ne chup reh kar bahut badi galti kii armaan ko dur tou nahin kar diiyya?
Kya yeh pehli problem oonke relation ko aur mazboot karegi yaa oonke rishte ko bikher degi?
Kya riddhima armaan ko maf karr paayegi iss rishte par oonki shaadi meiin sochne par kya maf kar paayegi vo ose armaan?
Will armaan told riddhima the truth?
Will they able to tell each-other they loved each-other?
Ar:''mujhe aisaa nahin karna chahiye tha mai aisee kaise kar sakta hun riddhima kee saath how could i kaise kar sakta hun''
Ri:''maine kahaa naa armaan mai theek hun please bahar chalein''
Ri:''thanks armaan aur i am really very sorry kal rat kee liyye''
Will Armaan able to believe Riddhima believe in commitment?

Ar:''see Sid merii biwii se 100 kilmotere kii durii par reh nahin tou anzam kaa zimevar mai nahin hoyunga''
Armaan grabbed his collar in anger and his eyes were blood shoot red
Ar:''jo hua press reportres and all vo pre planned tha damn it''
Ri:''haath mat lagao mujhe mar daalega armaan tumhe hatoo''
Ar:''mujhe kabhie koi nahin smajhta hain riddhima se shaadi karke kahin maine ooski life barbad tou nahin kar dii hain naa''
Ri:''armaan mai mar jaongi par tumhe nahin chodungi aagar tumhare saath meiin barbadi hain tou mujhe barbad honaa hai''
Ri:''rahul armaan nee drink kiyya hai naa''
Ar:''riddhima basket biwii''
Ri:''armaan baat mat karoo mujse tum bas ekk baat sun kar tumne aiseee drink kiyya aur raat koo vo sab tamasha kiyya kya tumhe mujh par thoda saa bhi vishwas nahin tha armaan?''
Ar:''maine sab kharab kar diyya mujhe aisaa nahin karna tha''
Ri:''mujhse galti ho gayyi pata nahin kaise mai khud par control nahin kar paayi''
Ri:''galti hain''
Ar:''nahin hain''
Ar:''koi khawsih hai chupp chupp sii''
Ri:''sawan yeh seedha nahin khufiya badha''
Ar:''honthon kii ari ko aisee thukrayo naa''
Ri:''chu lo naa chu lo naa chu lo naa naa''

Ri:''sab galat hai yeh kuch bhi nahin hona chahiye tha yeh kcn nahin abhie''
Ar:''galat kya tha vo yaa jo aab hua vo galat hai''

part completed friends hope you like it friends, and now riddhima is joinig the college again will she able to join the college again and how she will cope up with the new repsonibilities in her life with her home and study will armaan be able to give her his support na
with Dill Ka Bandhan
will be waiting for your comments
next update-Tuesday
with lots of love and regards

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-AK- Senior Member

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
Awesome update loved it
Their encounter was soo cute
Hate vivek :@
Waiting to noe what happens now
Thx for pm
Cont soon

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Gudduluvs IF-Dazzler

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Awesum instlmnt di..waitng 4 more...

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Nice install plz complete it soon cant wait for their confession plz make it soon

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