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Dill Ka Bandhan AR#1 - Note Page147 (Page 117)

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
aws part.
Superb cute and lovely part.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Awesome dii...
Loved the part...
Precap is super exciting...
Cont soon...

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
aww nice part waiting for there confession
cont soon

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mai aaj update karne kii soch rahii thii since it's tuesday and it's turn to update this one but seeing the number of comments and likes i am actually disappointed i just expect 36 likes but from last 2 parts i received only 27 likes and 31 likes i think it's not turning good so aab aap batao kya karun kyonki frankly i am not that kind of person who is hungry for comments and all but still i just expected your likes knowing your working hectic schedule but please friends at least hit like tab dear please yaa aagar mai achaa nahin kar rahii hun aur aapko disappoint kar rahiu hun tou please batao at but at least say something chalo aab i leave up to you friends but i surely update for those 27 people now on but this times i am really very hurt sorry to hurt if i hurt any of you with my harsh words and believe me i myself too hurt while saying this sorry
with lots of love and always thankful to you friends for love

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update karo plsss n ppl r busy with exams i think as exams r coming mine also :P

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I dont know about others but i have commented every time in this ff wether its install or part and its ur right because u give us this and other ff dbht and hard work should be appreciated plz update waiting plz dont b upset plzz

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thanks to all of your love, support, encouragement and appericiation and likes

with lots of love and regards and wishes


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                                        Dill Ka Bandhan

                                           AR FF

                                          Part 49


Part 49_College Life Again ?

Ar:''basket tum college saree meiin ane vaali ho kya?''
Ri:''armaan kya matlab hai tumhara matlab armaan kya keh rahein ho mai fir se college join kar rahii hun?''
As riddhima spoke up with such surprised expressions armaan thinks she is just saying her words in excitement so he relplied with a nod

Ar:''han basket off course''

And now riddhima is like what is going on here when this happen that she has to go to college she thinks after the college as usual and as the other normal girls her college left as well her post graduation and she is prepared for it though she loves studying but she loves him more so she is ready to leave her study for him so this comes out for her as a big surprise as she does not actually expected this but then again she thinks armaan is kidding with her as how this can be possible will his parents agreed on this as she remembered something

Ri:''armaan mazak chodo jao jaakar ready ho jao other wise tumhe college ke liyye sachi meiin der ho jaayegi''

She said while lowering her eye lids after giving him one look and then went back to her work settling the table as

Ar:''basket kya ho gayya hain tumhe main aisaa mazak kyoon karne laga vo bhi especially tumhari studies kee liyye basket''

He asked as he is surprised how she can think this is his joke about her studies as for armaan her studies ae very much important he wants to see her post graduated as much she wants him to complete his studies and her each and every dream is now lies in his eyes too and she

Ri:''armaan tum sach bol rahien ho mazak nahin kar rahein ho tum mere saath i meant you are not kidding''

This time as armaan spoke those words while coming near her she feels seriousness and honesty in his voice as she knows he must be saying the truth but does it work or will it be a good decision and she just saw armaan's nod as he comes and stand near her in front of her eyes and as riddhima did not speak something armaan holds her hand and then start walking towards their room riddhima is too shock to react anything so she without asking anything from him just walks beside him and armaan closed the door behind himself as soon as they reached in their room because till this time by seeing riddhima's shocked expressions and her questions tell him so much that she is not at all expected this the college and all and here he does not think about that a bit the thought never crossed his mind or heart that she will react for going college after their wedding what happened with her he needs some answers of his questions from her as well needs to assure her too as he can see something is bothering her too so as soon they reached armaan maker her sit on the bed and himself sat near her knees while holding her hands and then riddhima looked at him and they share a eye lock both can see the pool of questions in ech-other's eyes as well some kind of worries too and they knows it's time to talk otherwise this will not solve their questions and

Ar:''basket hua kya tum college jaane ke nam par aisee kyoon react kar rahii ho aur tumhe kyoon lag rahaa hain i am joking''

Armaan was the first one who put his questions in words and riddhima looked at him just gets engorrssed in his eyes and

Ar:''basket mujhe batao tou at least baat kya hain tum aisee kyoon soch rahii ho kii i will joke for your studies han''

He asked while looking staright in her eyes and riddhima knows what must be running in his mind with her such reaction

Ri:''armaan vo mujhe''

She fumbled and armaan looked at her while squeezing her both hands in his palm giving her warmth of his love and probed her and encouraged her to complete her words and riddhima feeling his squeezing and assurance looked at him while she as

Ri:''armaan mujhe laga tha kii merii padhai aab chut gayyi after our wedding''

She said in such a low whisper just to let it audible to armaan only and armaan takes few minutes to registered her words

Ar:''umm kya tum''

But as he finally get rgistered her words after recollecting them armaan looked at her in pure disbelief did she actually thinks like that or she thinks like that about him that he will stop her studying after their wedding she does not know him that means but they are best friends but these words of hers makes him so much surprised he never imagined this thing from her

Ri:''armaan mujhe lagaa kii''

But right that moment she was cut short with armaan's voice which is filled with confusion and surprised and as he stated

Ar:''basket tum aisee kaise soch sakti ho kii i will not let you study after our wedding mai tumhe itnee poorane khalayon ka lagta hun kii jo shaadi hote hii aapni biwii ko aapnein aap se bandh lete hain yaa sochte hain kii vo sirff gharr meiin rehne kee liyye hain ooska aapna koi wazood nahin hain aagar aisaa sochti ho na tum tou tum mujhe kabhie jaan hii nahin payi basket tum''

He said and riddhima looked at him in pure shock expressions when did she say that heck he takes her all wrong she never means this she never thnk about him like that not even in her wildest dreams she knows how much he is broad in his thinking if she says him just that she wants to complete his study he will let her do with more than happier and even if she wants to work too he will be there with her with all her paths supporting her each and every decision but she knows this will not maybe approved by some people who maybe no must dear to him and she does not wants to put him in the position where he has to choose anyone between them as she loved him the mose and his happiness means world to him so she instantly speaks

Ri:''nahin armaan aisaa nahin hain mera vo matlab nahin tha armaan i am sorry mai tumhe hurt nahin karna chahti thi''

She said while gripping her fingers on his hands as this time she feels his grips loosened a bit then only armaan

Ar:"tou fir basket''

He said knowing somewhere that his basket his riddhima his best friend hiw wifey can never thinks about him like that but still her words just conveying him something and riddhima sighed she has to makes her point clear without giving him some negative thoughts and

Ri:''armaan please just one once hear me out please mai aisaa kuch nahin sochti hun armaan i am sorry but ateast hear me''

Armaan too nodded thinking he is just going over board with her and seeing her pleading to him his heart clenched and

Ri:''thanks so much armaan''

Riddhima thanked him as she finds him nodded his head and then armaan looked at her as she strat speaking not looking at him

Ri:''armaan mera vo matlab nahin tha bas it's just mujhe yehii laga kii baaki sab girls kii tarah mai bhi aapni padhai chod rahi hun armaan aur yeh mai bhi jaanti hun armaan kii aagar mai aapne armaan ko bolungi kii mujhe padhna hain tou mujhse zayada khushi ose hogii par armaan mujhe yeh bhi nahin samajh aa rahaa kii hum baaki sabko i mean ghar par sabko kya bolenge armaan kii mai kyoon padhna chahti hun oon sabki bhi general logon kii tarah yehii soch hogii naa kii mai bhi shaadi ke bad gharr sambhalon aapni responsibilities lun naa armaan aur well yehii mera farz bhi tou naa armaan aur fir mai tumhe aapni vajah se kisii bhi problem meiin nahin dekh sakti armaan bilkul bhi nahin dekh sati armaan mai sach meiin please''

She said and armaan looked at her as she looked at him and then lowered her eye-lids heck she only cared for him that's why she speaks like this and somewhere she is right too like every other she is also expected to take care of her own house and her husband after their wedding but this can surely go with her studies and he will be there for her he has to make understand her this so he cupped her both cheeks in his palm making her looked towards himself as she is looking down and

Ar:''basket yahan dekho mujhe nahin pata tha merii pyaari sii basket humari shaadi ke baad itnii badii ho jaayegi tou mai kabhie bhi aapni best friend ko aapni biwi meiin change nahin honein deta aur i will just let keep her as her best friend only''

He said making her look at him and then she looked at him with confused eyes does she actually think like that only and as

Ri:''armaan yeh tum kya keh rahein ho armaan matlan humari shaadi''

He smiled and the holds her face tightly in his palm and then whispered to her that

Ar:''aur nahin tou kya riddhima tum bhi naa sachii meiin itna kyoon sochne lagii ho shaadi ke baad se hii kyon sabke bare meiin sochne lagen ho itnaa i agree sochna chahiye sabke bare meiin par itnaa nahin kii sab ko merii basket se hii oopar rakh lo this is wrong my dear basket aur yeh mai honein nahin doonga remember hum dono kee beech koi compromise nahin aayega tou mai aapni riddhima kaa itnaa bada sapna ooski padhai kaa kaise compromise honein doong aur specially tab jab mai khud ooske favour meiin hun aur mera bhi yehii sapna hain naa kii merii basket bhi aage padhe aura age badhe aur vaise bhi rahii baat baai sabkii kisii ko kya sochna hain mujhe koi farakk especially nahin padta hain par mujhe pata hain merii basket ko padta hai hain naa''

He said and riddhima looked at him while saying to her that

Ri:''han armaan lekin''

Ar:''shh basket let me complete riddhima you know naa aaj kal studies kitni important hain (she nodded in yes as) han basket so fir tumhari kyoon chudawaon main just because kii you are married and now you have some responsibilities (she again nodded in yes as) han par responsibility ke saath bhi tou hum sapne poore kar sakte hain naa (riddhima tried to cut him in between bur he did not let her) mai bhi tou karte hun naa riddhima (she again nodded in yes and again tried to cut him in between but he again did not let her) aab yeh mat kehna kii main ladka hun tum ladki kyonki mujhe ache se pata hain merii basket kii soch bilkul bhi aisii nahin hain (riddhima did not looked at him as she knows he is saying the truth but still she is confused for him after all she loved him so much naa) par mujhe yeh bhi ache se pata hain aab ooske nazuk se kandhon par saari duniya kaa bojh aa gayya hain naa (he said making her smile in between too and then he just said) tou fir bhi merii basket koi bhi sacrifice nahin karegi naa hii mai ose karne doonga aur mai ooska har mod par har waqt saath doonga (she smiled knowing he will always be there no matters what happen and as she gave him that warm smile armaan smiled too showing his dimples wide) aur vaise bhi shaadi akele tumhari nahin hui hain merii bhi hui hain tumse tou merii bhi tou hui hain hai naa (she is surprised with his sudden question but she nodded in yes) han tou mai hun naa tumhari responsibility nibhane meiin saath doonga naa koi zarurat nahin hain merii choti sii pyaari sii basket kee nazuk se kandhon par itnaa bojh akele daalne kii vaise bhi vo pehle se hii itnii patli sii chotu sii hain itnein bojh se jaane ose kya hoga (he said making her smile as she gives him the look and then armaan) so no more tension basket hum milkar responsibility milkar nibhayenge vaise bhi hum saathi hain riddhima (he said so sweetly making her look at him and they shared beautiful eye-lock) hain naa tou responsibility kii tension tum aklei kyoon lo aur aagar mere sapne sapne hain shaadi ke bad tou tumhare kyoon nahin (he said while kissing her hand making her blush too) jab mere sapne mai nahin badla merii riddhima bhi nahin badlegi naa''

He said and then riddhima nodded looking at him he understands her so well and has that trust and faith in their relation though their relations ship changed from best friends to husband-wife they still can read each-other like open book and

Ri:''armaan mai''

But she is again cut short with armaan's voice as he said to her that

Ar:''no riddhima ur vaise bhi no more tension tumhari sabse badii responsibility mai hun naa so that's my wish riddhima''

He said sternly and riddhima looked at him he knows how to makes her agree on something as she nodded and then she just

Ri:''par armaan gharr par aagar kisii ko yeh achaa nahin lagaa i mean that kii aagar oonhein koi aitraz hua tou''

As she is still not fully convinced remembering something armaan put his finger on her lips making her shushed and he just

Ar:''shh basket vahan kii tension mat lo vo mera department hain tum iss bare meiin koi tension nahin logii promise me naa''

He said while looking direct in her eyes as well riddhima looked directly in his eyes his finger on her lips too creates havoc in her body but she still did not wants to face any problem in his family because of her so she still tried to ask him controlling as

Ri:''par armaan mai''

Ar:''basket maine kaha naa pehli baat tou koi problem nahin hogii kisii ko is baat ko lekar aur hui bhi tou i handle it you trust me naa basket''

Ri:''han armaan lekin''

Ar:''bas fir koi lekin vekin nahin aab promise me you will not be bothered about anyone''

Ri:''i promise armaan''

Ar:''that's like my basket''

He said as riddhima seeing his cute face gives in and armaan placed a soft kiss on her forhead after moving his finger away from her lips as it's creating havoc in his body too her luscious lips he so wants to taste them but he has to control himself as

Ar:''chalo aab basket jaldi se ready ho jao na dekho hum sachhi meiin deri ho jaayegi tumhara first lecture hain 9:00 clock''

And with these words armaan get up and then hearing him riddhima has a million dollar smile as how much he reminds and knows which time her lecture is as she somehow forgets herself too but he is armaan naa her armaan the best thing happenes in her life

Ri:''han armaan i will change in dressing area you go and take bath i will get your clothes settles''

She said and armaan smiled and moved towards washroom to take bath

Ar:''yea basket''

And he was about to enter in the washroom when riddhima remembers something so she called him

Ri:''armaan 1 problem hain''

Ar:''aab kya hua basket kya problem''

Ri:''armaan vo maine aapni books tou li hi nahin mere poorane flat se socha tha kii aab kya karungi''

She revealed him the truth as her books and all her stuff related to college is still in the falt where she used to live with anjali and muskaan before their wedding and in all the rush getting back home she leaves everything there and now thinks no need

Ar:''bas itnii sii baat basket yar tum bhi naa chalo tum ready ho jao then i have a surprise for you basket''

He said and riddhima looked at him bewilidered in this also surprise what surprise there

Ri:''armaan kya surprise batao naa please please armaan batao naa kya surprise''

She said while moving towards him and satnds in front of him and armaan smiled seeing her excitment

Ar:''well have patience sweetheart you know that sabar ka fal meetha hotaa hain so abhi ke liyye go and get ready sweetheart''

He said while caressing her chin giving goosebumps on all over her body and then riddhima frowned just and then again she

Ri:''armaan please batao naa''

Ar:''riddhima mere kapde nikal do aura agar tum tayar naa hui tou mai tumhe saree meiin college le jaonga because mujhe tou tum ismein bahut sundar lagti ho so i won't mind at all taking you as Mrs.Armaan Mallik par then mujhe mat bolna tumhe kitni problem hui college meiin saree handle karne meiin''

He said while moving towards her face and whispered huskily in her ear and riddhima just gives him the look as his bretahs touching her ear and kissing her nape actually playing with her senses and armaan knows thie very well and riddhim just as

Ri:''fine mat batao bhad meiin jao tum armaan gande kahin ke''

She said try to control his racing heart beats and armaan smiled and then he whispered right there making her shivered as he

Ar:''well i would love to but only when my basket gives accompany me''

He said and without even giving chance to riddhima to react he moved inside the washroom while closing the door right there and riddhima's still trying to control her sharpen heart beats which he manages to raised just with his words finally after few minutes she smield remembering his words his words makes her remembered how she used same kind of words when he comes to drop in her house long time back and he replied something like that only not that time she vene thinks one day she will be hopelessly in love with him and now she is irrecoverably in love with him and after shaking her head and finally with a smile playing on her lips she gets his towel and picked a strip shirt and jeans for him placing there he knocked on the door

Ri:''armaan yeh rahaa tumhara towel come on take it armaan''

Ar:''yea wait for one second basket give me basket lao''

He said and as she handled the towel and just like yesterday their hands brushed with each-other sending shivers ran down in both of their spines and both has a million dollar smile on their lips feeling that feeling guess they has to habitual for this as it's going to be happen for all their life time.

Ri:''armaan i am downstairs after getting reday we have to do pooja''

Ar:''yea basket mai bas hardly 10 minutes meiin aya basket yar see you in pooja room''

He replied back as she called him saying that she will be waiting for him in pooja room and finally after few minutes armaan moved outside the washroom with his towel wrapped around his waist the another one is around his neck as he stands near the dressing table while rubbing his wet hairs he smiled seeing the frame as he can see his basket his riddhima looking at him that's why he arranged this frame like this so that every morning he can feels his basket's gaze upon himself till the time he confessed his love for him and he loved the feeling and then leaving the comb he moved near the frams and kissed his basket's face over the frame and then caressed her lips over the frame too and then his heart just speak these words to him

Ar:''kash kii bakset mai tumhe bata paata kii i love you and i can kiss you directly on your lips with all my love especially kal kee baad jab se maine tumhare soft lips aapnein lips par feel kiyye the you don't have ven a slightest idea that kii main oos pal aapnein aap ko kaise control kiyya to not to crush you in my arms and right there start kissing you insanely tum mujhe desperate samjho yaa kuch bhi sab tumhare pyaar ne kiyya hain tumhare pyaar ne pehle hii deeewana bana diyya hainn aur aab humari shaadi tumhara mere honein kaa ehsaas ne mujhe pagal kar diyya aur yeh pagal pan harp la badhta rehta hain aur mujhe dar hai kii mai aapne iss pyaar kee pagalpan meiin tumhe hurt naa kr dun but i so wnat too fulfil my desires with you but i guess i have to wait for that tab tak kee liyye iss frame par se hii kam chala loonga yar i so love you riddhima jaan''

He said to himself and then he after pecking her lips once again over the frame once again creased her face and then finally start getting ready in the clothes she placed for him on the bed with a smile how he wished he can call for one or another excuse and can have romance session with her but sighed knows he has to confess his feeling for her before and now his feelings and his heart everday creates so much problems for him to confessed her and he so wants too that to tell her he loved her and at teh same time he does not wants to take things fast with her she is already adapting changes with wedding.

After few minutes armaan getting ready and take a sigh moved towards downstairs and as he finds her no where he moved near teh pooja-room knowing she will be there waiting for him and as he finds her sandals outside there he too removed his chapals and entered inside and finds her standing there with smile on her lips and as soon she finds him standing there she immediately gestured him to comes in and as armaan walks towards her and stands near her she just sit in front of the idol of Shiv-Parvati and all the pooja room covered with  every picture of each and every God and Goddess and as he sat near her he

Ar:''basket mai vo kya kar rahi ho tum i meant yahan''

Ri:''armaan pooje room meiin hum pooja hii karte hain naa''

Ar:''umm hai sorry basket acha chalo batao kya karna hain''

Ri:''hmm armaan mai chahti hun kii humare iss gharr kii pehle Pooja hum saath meiin karen''

Ar:''off course basket mai bhi chahta hun after all hum aapni nayi zindagi kii shuruwat inse hii Aashirwad lekar karen''

He said and riddhima nodded her head in positive manner and then riddhima slowly bends and prepares the Pooja-Thall

Ri:''armaan mai chahati hun humare gharr kee mandir meiin humari jo jyot ho mai aklei naa jalaun tum bhi saath meiin jalao''

Ar:''par basket mai yeh tou ghar ki nayi bahu karti hain naa tou yeh merii basket ka haq hai naa yar''

He said thinking a bit as he remembered how his mom back in his house there makes her lite up the diya

Ri:''hmm armaan par jab zindagi saath meiin jeeni hain aur humare har cheej juud gayyi hain tou hum aalag kaise aur mera akeli ka haq kaise hua yeh humara gharr hai naa tumhara naa mera humara armaan tou kyoon naa saath meiin hii karen naa''

She said making him smile wide and then armaan just

Ar:''off course basket jaisa tum chahti ho vaisa hii hogaa basket''

Ri:''thanks armaan mai humesha bas tumhari khushi chahti hun''

Ar:''humari khsuhi basket aab sab khushiya humari hongi aalag nahin''

Ri:''han humari khsuhi armaan jo aab ek doosre se hain naa''

They said and then as riddhima bends and picked up the Pooja-Thall armaan immediately put the Pallu on her head which slipped from her head as she bends he noticed then that she is still wearing her saree and then riddhima smiled and then he

Ri:''armaan 2 minute rooko kaka abhie ate hii honge oonke ate hii shuru karte hain''

She said as she looked at the door and armaan has a wide smile on his face hearing her after all she is his riddhima what he can expect from her

Ar:''han basket sure vaise mai dekh kar aaon kii kaka abhie tak kyoon nahin aye''

Ri:''nahin armaan he must be there in any minute he was making the breakfast for us''

Ar:''ohk riddhima''

And right at that minute kaka comes in and riddhima smiled as well armaan

Ka:''maf karna riddhima bitiya derii ho gayyi humein maf karna''

Ri:''nahin kaka kyoon mafi maang rahein hain aap fir kya hua''

Ar:''han kaka aur chaliye aab pooja shuru karte hain kyon basket''

Ri:''han armaan kaka maine sab li liyya naa kuch rehta hain tou bata dijiye''

She asked from him while showing him the Pooja Thall and kaka gives the Pooja Thall a glance

Ka:''jii riddhima bitiya sab hain aap aur armaan baba shuru kijiye diyya jaga kar''

And then armaan and riddhima both lit up the Jyot together like the way they did in their function of Mata Kii Chowki and both riddhima and armaan feels like the same with million dollar smiles playing on their lips and right after that they both did Aarti together with so much contendness and satisfaction in their hearts and the smiles on their faces and thanking their almighty God for giving the bets life of their lives in form of each-other and as they completed the Aarti riddhima gives the Aarti to Kaka first with the Parsad and the tilak placing on kaka's forhead as it's their First Pooja and then gives armaan Aarti and the Parsad and placed a tilak with the desire of all happiness in his life on his forhead of armaan and then herself takes the Aarti and then both takes the blessings of Kaka for their love and future for their coming lives and kaka after giving them their blessings moved towards the kitchen again for them and as soon he walked armaan picked the Pooja Thall and takes some red tilak from it and then moved towards riddhima and she looked at him with surprise and then he placed a little in her maang and on her forhead down her bindi making her smile and then whispered to her that making her smile more wide

Ar:''vo tumne hii nahin lagaya tha naa aur fir aaj tou tumhe lagana hii chahiye naa''

He said and then riddhima nodded and then as they moved towards their room only after praying for happiness for each-other nothing more nothing less and as armaan eat the Parsad he knows who made this as he can feels that special touch in that

Ar:''oye basket aaj ka Parsad tumne banaya hain naa basket''

And riddhima looked at him surprised while biting her tongue and then she just

Ri:''armaan daantana mat kaka ne mujhe bahut mana kiyya tha maine sachii aur koi kam nahin kiyya bas aaj Bhagwan Jii kaa Parsad mai banana chahti thi so bas aur kuch nahin kiyya mai sach bol rahii hun armaan sachii meiin armaan bas yehii kiyya''

She said and armaan smiled how she tried to makes him agree that she didn't do anything and he smiled seeing her she is looking so cute that he wants to pulled her cheeks and kissed her there placing lingering kisses there only but then he just

Ar:''chill basket mai kuch nahin keh rahaa hun in fact i am happy tumne Parsad banaya atleast mujhe jab tak hum proper tumhari kitchen vaali rasam yahan nahin karte jaise gharr par karii thi i can have taste of this Parsad of yours and its yum''

He said making her smile and then as they both reached near their room armaan of yours and its yum''

He said making her smile and then she said to him

Ri:''thank you so much armaan aur i promise tab tak mai sachi meiin kuch nahin karungi''

She said as she knows how she wants to makes this wedding and her everything in this their house so special somewhere she feels he is actually more connected to this house rather than his own she wanst to asks tis from him but maybe not now later on she shrugged her thoughts aside thinking off course she can do this what ever is special to him is special to her in each and every way and then as they both reached near the stairs armaan pulled her wrist and then let them entered in study as

Ri:''armaan kya kar rahein ho tum humein der nahin ho rahii''

Ar:''basket tumhe tumhara surprise nahin dekhna hain kya yar''

He asked and then only riddhima remembered that surprise he was talking about before getting ready and she nodded in yes

Ri:''han armaan dikhao naa jaldi se please batao naa kya surprise hain armaan''

Ar:''yes madam vahii tou dikhane laaya hun aapko yahan so madam just look around''

As she asked making armaan smile wide seeing her excitement and right then riddhima moved her gaze around the study room and she does not get it then only armaan made her stand near one shelf and she looked at him with confusions and she

Ri:''armaan kya''

Ar:''dekho basket''

As he asked her to see then riddhima saw where he points and she is surprised no she is shocked as she finds all her course books on that shelf under the shelf of his books and as she looked at the table she finds her each and every notes her every thing and then as she looked completely at study room she finds it changed as she fidns now it's having a couch near the window as she loved to sit and read near the window only and the chair as the pillow at it's back as she can't sit on the chair without pillow and seeing this her eyes filled with tears and she turned and looked at armaan who gives her a big smile and

Ri:''armaan yeh''

Ar:''yeh kuchh nahin hain aab yeh merii basset kii bhi study hain bas aur kuchh bhi tou nahin hain''

Ri:''armaan thanks so much mujhe nahin samajh aa rahaa kya kahun armaan mai''

Ar:''kuch nahin sunana hain mujhe basket i did this for us na basket''

He said as he finds her eyes glistening with tears she is all emotional and as she moved towards him and standing near him armaan forwards his fingers and wiped her tears which was flowing on her cheeks and on the other side riddhima did not know what to say to him she never expected this frankly she never think about this thing and armaan not only thinks did too for just her only and she unable to let her feelings out in form of words as she is too uch fell short of words as he makes her fall in love with him again and she just did not know what to do so she flunged her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly making him stumble a bit with her sudden hug but nevertheless armaan responded the hug instantly wrapping his arms around her waist tightly as the way she is hugging him well he so loved how she reacted in this such a tender way naa. But armaan could not help him self more as she is clinging to him more and more her arms wrapped tightly around his neck and his arms around her back as he actually stumbled a little bit as he caught pushed back to the table and his back is touching with the table and riddhima's longs hairs were tickling his chest as she is actually hugging him very tight and armaan was actually trying to control him self very hardly as her smell is intoxicated him very badly and aroused him to no extent and here her hug does nothing just gives him more hard time to control his desires and as soon riddhima nuzzled her nose in his nape as she in her excitement moved her face here and there in his nape and then he heard her voice that she is

Ri:''thanks so much armaan than you so very much''

As soon she speaks that words to him he actually loosened him self as her lips which is already creating havoc in his body now touching completely his nape as she speaks up and her hot breath kissing his nape makes him forgets everything and anything as he just tighten his hold around her back and pulled her towards him self as if possible making her crushing in his nape more as her front pressed in his chest that actually arised goosebumps all over both their skin and riddhima gasped very hardly and she now some where feels that how much they are close to each-other which she happened to be forgets in her happiness and in his love and as riddhima feels this she was thinking to breaks the hug when armaan actually start caressing her waist at her back over her saree pallu only and somewhere his fingers do touch her skin occasionally which may be bare due to her saree showing leaving her waist bare and with his fingers movement and hands touching her she closed her eyes in love she does not knows how to breaks this hug which she thinks will surely be converted into the hug that passionate ones that they shared in kitchen and just the think of that hug makes her blush very hard and armaan who is already lossened him self in her scenet forwards his another hand up wards to let side her hairs as he wants to digs his face in her nape and wants to kiss her there riddhima who with his actions already start lossening her self and his manly scenet his cologne was making her week at her knees too but she knows that as

Ri:''armaan vo jaana hain humein''

She just manage to speak up in her heavy breathing as armaan's hands now actually comes side and start pressing her collar bone and as soon armaan heard her words he somewhere comes back to reality but still not fully as he is daze in her love completely so she again 

Ri:''armaan vo jaana hain college''

As riddhima speaks again and her words registered in armaan's ears he comes back to reality and immediately pulled his hands back while moving a little bit away as he finds he was about to loosened him self again in her and his love he clenched his fists too controlling him self and riddhima too just did ot met his gaze as she her self is too in the moment and armaan just without looking 

Ar:''basket humein derii ho jaayegi''

And as riddhima turned to go armaan holds her wrist making her surprised as she did not able to met his gaze after this hug where they were again losning themselves in each-other but still knows they have to wait maybe and as armaan kissed her forhead could not stop him self

Ar:''basket tum sachii meiin saree meiin aane vaali ho kya college''

He asked finally to let the awarkdness go to makes her feel comfortable too as he finds her in saree while she said to him that she will change when he will takes his bath and still she is in her saree making him crazy with her perfect curves which is so much inviting to him and riddhima looked at him then she nodded her head in disagreement and armaan looked at her when she shakes her head then he holds her chin and lifted up and then raised his eye-brows waiting for her answer and riddhima just speaks without looking at him that she as

Ri:''umm vo mera man tha kii main pooja saree meiin karun bas i will change now armaan tum chalo i will come''

She said in a whisper he smiled seeing her she is just too adorable and armaan again pecked her forhead and then he just speaks up giving her a big warm smile

Ar:''basket tum bhi naa chalo jaldi se jao change kar lo else humein der ho jaayegi college jaane meiin aur i know merii basket ko bilkul bhi pasand nahin hain derii se pahunchna so chalo be a good girl aur jao jaldi se change karo i will wait downstairs at dining table for breakfast''

He said and riddhima just nodded in agreement and armaan smiled as she leaves without saying even a word and armaan shakes his head she sometimes just act likes a newly wedded bride completely whole shy and all and then he shakes his head at his stupid words off course she is well if not completely technically she is smiling to him self as he moved downstairs with his and her some book to grab breakfast so that they can leave on time. As he is sitting there on dining table waiting g for her to join him for breakfast he was looking at watch and stairs anxiously as she is taking time unlike the other time he was about to call her as they were running out of time so

Ar:''basket riddhima''

But his words seems to stuck in his mouth as he heard the clicks of heels and he knows she is there and yes she is there as his gaze fell on the steps of the stairs there she is coming towards him wearing a beautiful yellow colour suit and his breath actually stuck in his throat as seems seeing her it's not he did not watch her in suit he do most of the times and he admired her actually  but this is something that he watched her in first time, she is wearing a beautiful yellow patiala salwar with yellow shirt with her duppatta elegantly placed her in her neck and her long hairs were opened just like he liked but he tied them half as per she liked as it disturbed her in college and then her maang filled with Sindoor and then her mangalsutra in her neck and some bangles not so many just a few giving him the view that she is his but what surprised him the most is that she wore salwar that she never wore she is most of churridar type of girls and he knows she does not like to wear salwars as she thinks she can not carry them well but boy she actually blowed him with that salwar actually it with her churridars always the shirts are long and just leaves her a very small part of her legs to show don't takes wrong but this salwar thing suits her so much, she is actually looking sexy in that her short shirt with salwar that showed him the proper length of her legs though covered but as her salwar was very heavy ones especially from bottom it gves her slim figure an extraordinary look making her more beautiful in his eyes and he is drolling on her completely his newly wedded wife and here riddhima is already very much conscious wearing something she never wore and now seeing his gaze that is just on her self till the times she comes in his eye frams makes her more and mre conscious though somewhere she feels like that she saw that appreciative look in his eyes but still she is bot apprehensive as she used to call her self 'Jhalli'  when she once tried to wear salwar and from the time these kind of losy clothes she never wore she opted only for churridars and she loved that only but today she tried this one for him yes for him as she once in mall finds him gazing on the salwars and she knows he finds these attractive too that's why she tried and now feeling him not breaking his trance she comes near her and just tried that maybe he speaks something but when he did not she puts her hand on his shoulder bringing him back to reality and armaan looked at her as she nervously put her one strand behind her ear and speaks up to him that as

Ri:''armaan vo breakfast''

Ar:''umm han basket''

He said still looking at her without even breaking his trance

Ri:''mai laga detii hun armaan''

Armaan just nodded did not say anything keeps on admiring him and then his trance breaks with kaka's entry who put their juice on table and then armaan smacked hismslef he is continuosly looking at her and seeing her face he knows she is nervous and well the reason is he him self

Ar:''basket yar tum bhi baitho nahin tou humein der ho jaayegi''

He said finally breaking his trance and riddhima's nervous and the things are back to normal but somewhere riddhima still feeling very much conscious about her look and armaan knows this very well as she just replied in yes or no in all the breakfast time and armaan knows he has to feels her comfortable after all she is looking so much beautiful and as after finishing their breakfast they immediately moved towards the gate as riddhima picked her books as well his too knowing him very well and armaa picked the keys of his car and after bidding bye to kaka and with his blessings they leaves as armaan sat on the driver seat and riddhima on passeneger seat he finds her quite and he knows what she is thinking as she is looking outside the window with her hairs playing with her face and armaan looked at her with a smiles and with in their way to college they dropped at the Mandir where they first met armaan first looked at her and there armaan saw a very much contended and satisfied smile on her face but when she looked at him with questions armaan jsut replied to her that

Ar:''binaa inkein aashirwad kee aaj tak naa maine koi kam kiyya naa hii merii basket ne tou aaj jab hum saath meiin tou hum ban gayye hain tou inhein kaise bhull sakte hain tou thanks tou banta hain naa basket so chalo ootro jaldi se madam jii''

He said making her smile at his words as she knows this place is very much important in their lives as they first sorted their fight here only and here in front of them only she first realized her love for him little did one thing she still did not knows that her armaan saw her first here only and falls head on heels in love with her and armaan has his obvious resaons to come here too so they both moved inside take the milk from the seller and first ever they did pooja of shiv and parvati jii as husband and wife, and then after praying there they moved back to car and armaan drove to college and then too riddhima

Ri:''thanks you''

She just said to armaan and the remained journey passed in silence as both were in their own thoughts and looking at each-other from the corner of their eyes too and enjoyed their silence too riddhima somewhere expects armaan noticed her change of dress or would say something but then realize may be he even did not realize that she wore something new though her heart refuse to believe on that but still she tried little did she knows her armaan finds her sexy in this attire and armaan smiled at his thoughts how he finds her sexy in simple salwar suit leaving all her tank tops and skirts and he knows she is expecting something from him but what can he do he is controlling him self to say anything as if riddhima as like always thanking him gives him the hug this time he will not be able to control his desires and will surely kiss her and with these thoughts finally they reached the college and after parking the car as riddhima was about to moves out from the car after opening the car door she stopped in her tracks as she heard him saying

Ar:''bahut bahut sundar lag rahi ho basket you are looking so beautiful''

And as his words hit her ear drums and her heart takes a minute to registers that he finally complimented her but then she controlling her heart beats she finally dared to turn to him and faced him and armaan winked at her expressions somewhere expecting this reaction only and riddhima just looked at him when finally he spoke up again

Ar:''off course basket i really liked this you looks so beautiful in this basket beautiful''

He smiled and then kissed her for head and riddhima gives him a million dollar smile hearing that from him for him she does this all and she is waiting to hear this from him from the time she wear this and now finally comes out from the car.

And as armaan finds riddhima looking at the college building and a nervousness on her face as with a smile armaan come closer to her he does not know why that nervousness he knows she will nostalgic feeling but why that nervousness she is not joining the college for first time though just after marriage first time but that's not the reason he very well knows that he put his hand on her shoulder bringing her back to reality and riddhima looked at him and gives him the smile but armaan knows her smile too holds something nervous and he knows she suddenly feels disturbed about something so he just asked

Ar:''basket kya hua tumhe why are you feeling nervous?''

And hearing him riddhima first was surprised how he gets that did she that much obvious so she immediately turned her surprised expressions into the smile ones not wanting him to worry unnecessarily so she smiled and just speak up as she

Ri:''tum bhi naa armaan pata nahiin kya scohte ho nervous main kyon hoyungi bhala koi pehli bar thode ayi hun college''

She said and try to let go of the matter but with whom she is talking armaan mallik her husband her best friend who can just give a single look to her tell her that something is wrong with her and the same with right now so armaan holds her

Ar:''jab tumhe jhooth nahin bola ata naa especially mujhse koshish bhi mat kiyya karoo tum''

He said while holding her wrist in his hand making her turn to him self as she tried to go and

Ri:''armaan mai tumse kyoon jhooth bolungi mai jhooth nahin bol rahii hun''

She said not meeting his gaze and armaan placed his finger on her lips preventing her to speak more and

Ar:''shh basket''

And riddhima looked at him in his eyes where she can see the lots of care and purity and then only armaan

Ar:''aapnein armaan ko bhi nahin bataogi kis baat ko lekar nervous ho rahii ho tum''

He said and that's it riddhima knows this she has to tell him now other wise he will not leaves her so she started

Ri:''armaan mujhe vo naa dar lag rahaa hain kii vo sab media vaali batein sabko pata hongi sab kya sochenge humare bare meiin armaan main''

And as armaan looked at her as well his heart resgistered her words he never thinks about this thing now they have to face the people where the actually scene placed in here Delhi only and how they adruptly leaves though they are officially married but still there are still questions left in people's mind and he can sense that fear in his basket's eyes that they have to go again from under that stupid comments and taunts and just thinking people passing taunts and comments on his riddhima his fists clenches in fists and as armaan pulled his finger back from her lips she looked at him and then she finally just sensing the change in his behave too

Ri:''armaan humein sab fir se galat samjhenge naa tumhe armaan main nahin sun paungi koi kuch kahgea''

Armaan looked at her as he heard those words from his basket's mouth as she asked in most innocent way she can she is actually tensed for him only and he does not even knows what to reply to her but one thing that is sure that he will never let her face those comments again but he looks at her as he can read in her eyes that she is more worried for him only and he knows that is the only thing makes her hurt to thinks all the balme on him again but he knows he has to makes her understand that he is there with her and they wull be with each-other and as he is the only one and his care and innocence for him makes him fall for her all over again and then he just cupped her face in his palms while making her eyes-locked with him as she looked at him feeling his warm palms

Ar:''basket mai promise karta hun aab fir se vo nahin hogaa jo pehle hua tha humare Delhi jaane se pehle aur vaise bhi basket aab humare rishte ko ek pak nam mill chukka hain tou koi bhi tumhe kuchh kehne se pehle 100 bar sochega tumhare pas mere nam kaa humare pak rishte kaa sabot hain kii merii riddhima kitni pak hain''

He said while touching her manglasutra a bit and riddhiam looked at him with a small smile he is saying right and then she looked at him with her big green eyes

Ri:''nahin armaan mujhe aapni fikar nahin hain main aapnein armaan par fir se vo sab ghatiya ilzam lagte nahin dekh paungi armaan mujhse aab nahin hoga vo fir''

She said with a tear swimming in her green eyes and armaaan immediately wiped it before it rolled on her cheeks and then he just makes her looked at him self as he spoke up that

Ar:''basket koi kuch nahin kahega mujhe aur vaise bhi jab merii basket merii riddhima ko mujh par vishwas hain tou mujhe koi kuch bhi kahen mujeh koi farak nahin padta hain mere liyye sirff tumhara vishwas mujhe par matter karta hain aur kuch bhi nahin tumhara vishwas hain basket''

He said and riddhima looked at him and she knows she is all matters to him and her trust and she prouds on that feeling but still she does not have the capacity to hear any kind of words against him now that's why she even opted to stop her study all matters to her is him only actually and she prouds on that feeling that she loved him so very much that too unconditionally so he is the onle one matters to him and that's why she is still worrying for him what people will tell him that he went in Riddhima's house and spends night with her and she never wants that some one again will tell her armaan that so called comments and stupid idiot comments and she will never bear this so that's why she is tensed for this issue and so she put her feelings in the word and

Ri:''mujhe pata hain armaan lekin mai aapnein armaan kii insult nahin seh paungi mujhse nahin suna jaayega kii koi kucch bhi kahen armaan tumhe aur vo bhi tab jab mere armaan ne kuch kiyya hi nahin hain armaan main nahin sun paongi mai mujhse aabki baar vo bardasht nahin ho paayega armaan mai nahin seh paongi armaan''

She said with her wet voice as it is little choking on her emotions and her voice is dull and armaan looked at her he knows now it will be going very hard to taken care of her as she is already much more impusive for him but he cupped her face in his warm palms soothing her 

Ar:''shh basket kyoon chinta kar rahii ho iitnii pehle tou koi kuch kahega nahin kyunki 1 tou humein sab jaante hain yahan aur iitnii fir aab humari shaadi ho gayi hain jo bhi oonke man meiin sawal the vo vaise hii finish ho gayye humari shaadi ne sab theek kar diyya basket aur maine bhi remember oos press conference meiin clear kar diyya tha man liyya tha maine kii tum merii biwi ho jab hum saath meiin the,tou kisii ko koi problem nahin hogii basket bolne meiin aur vaise bhi hum saath hain tou bas fir kya sab sahi hain basket''

He said and then wiped her tears away and then riddhima looked at him seeing the immense trust in his eyes she just looked at him not saying anything and armaan then seeing her looking at him self said to her that

Ar:''riddhima kuch nahin hoga aur mujhe tum par poora vishwas hain tumhara saath dekh kar mere saath koi kuch nahin kahega mujhe''

He said and then riddhima finally nodded and then armaan gives her a smile as riddhima too gives him a smile knowing he is right she will never let anyone speak bad about him and that's just the thing makes her think he is right at this moment and then armaan pecked her for head and riddhima hugged him and armaan hugged her back giving her warmness of his love and riddhima reciprocated his love with her unconditional love and they feels completed in each-other's arms. They are still wrapping in each-other's arms when riddhima breaks the hug and they gives each-other a big smile and looked towards each-other their eyes locked and they are just going towards the class with total new confidence in their life and only then armaan brokes his eye-contact with her not that he wants to break but he has to as he feels a push and he next moment landed on floor with his back and his first worried was riddhima only as they are holding their hands tightly so if he is on floor she will be with him but thankfully she is standing there only with whole surprised only and then he just did watched here and there why he landed on floor that too hitting his butt very hardly and riddhima too comes out from her shock and surprised mode when she heard armaan's whinning and irriaited voice as he spoke up and feels two hands on gripping her shoulders tightly she just looked here and there but before she says anything armaan 

Ar:''kya badtemezi hain yeh hain kaun yeh jisnein yeh kiyya hain saamne aao himmat hain tou saamne aao naa kaun hain?''

And right at that moment as he tried to get up he is pushed back on floor this time holding from his shoulders and this time he was pised and irriatated at the core completely and riddhima too finally saw the culprits who were holding back and they are none other than anjali and muskaan and as armaan looked both anjali and muskaan showing their grinning faces from riddhima's shoulders he knows no needs to ask who was his pushers as he knows no other than atul and rahul and yes he is right they are right behind him sitting on their knees laughing and he gives them a glare and then he just speak up to but rahul cut him in between while saying to him that

Ra:''areey yar ghur kyoon rahaa hain aab tuu shaadi ke baad pehli baar college aya hai so welcome tou banta hain naa atul''

He said while hi-fiving with atul and did not let armaan get up well atul replied too

At:''han ammy rahul sahii ekh raha hai yeh humari taraf se tera welcome''

Ar:''yea right mujhe nahin pata tha kii shaadi kee baad aisaa welcome milta hain''

He said while trying to get up wincing a bit as his hand rubbed with floor when he landed on floor and hear his whined voice riddhima ran to him as she till now was seeing the scene and muskaan and anjali were laughing and she is feeling bad for him but when armaan whined she just let her self from their grip and rushed to him that


Ri:''armaan tum theek tou ho naa kahin lagii tou nahin naa''

She asked as she holds his hand settling on her knees in front of him and armaan smiled seeing his basket how she rushed to him letting free her self from anjali and muskaan's grip and as armaan did not speak riddhima looked at him as she caressed his hand and finds a bit red maybe because of falling as taken his hands's support to let him self save and then she

Ri:''armaan zayada dard ho rahaa hain kya tumhe lag gayyi na aur rahul atul what is this yeh galat hain aisee koi karta hain''

She said while scolding rahul and atul and armaan was smiling seeing the care in her eyes and as she finds him looking at her self she

Ri:''armaan tum thek ho naa''

Ar:''basket mai thek hun yar''

And as riddhima asked again caressing his hand armaan smiled and answered back to her as he finds her worrying for him and then as armaan looked at her she looked back in his eyes they shared a beautiful eye-lock and then after few minutes their eye-lock breaks with the cough of their friends and riddhima blushed and lowered his gaze while armaan admired her and then riddhima stood up and gives her hand to armaan to get up and armaan too stands up while rubbing his clothes with his hands and riddhima rubbed his hands with her duppatta and they gives a warm smile to each-other and only then

Mu:''lagta hain kisii ka honey moon abhie bhi chal rahaa hain kyoon anjie''

As muskaan said these words they comes back to reality from their dream world and riddhima blushed while armaan first admired seeing her she always manage to rise his heart beat with her blush and then he looked their friends muskaan who laughed in her own style hi-fiving with anjie and anjie fakely scolded her saying

An:''oh ho muskii tub hi smajahti nahin hain yar aab newly wedded yeh nahin karenge tou kya aur vase bhi honey moon kii khumari abhie kaise ooteregi abhie shaadi ko 7 din hii tou hue hain dekh abhie tou iskii mehndi ke nishan bhi hain iskee haathon par tou armaan par tou iskee pyaar kii khumari hain kyoon armaan''

She said while hugging riddhima sideways making her more blushed but she is surprised too anjali is just saying those things which she does not needs to say she is teasing them like a newly wedded couple but she knows everything doesn't she then why and armaan smiled seeing his basket is blushing like anything and he smiled hearing anjie's words how she read his eyes then his basket who knows much more than anyone why she is not able to read him that he loved her but he pushed his thoughts aside as he wants to saved her from teasing so he just

Ar:''areey yar bas karoo naa aab baad meiin chedh lena ya tum logon ko humse milna nahin hain sirff chedhna hii hain han''

He said and riddhima smiled giving him thanking look as she does not takes this teasing more though enjoying but still she

At:''nahin mere bhaii aisaa nahin so armaan kaisa hain mera bhaii''

He said while hugging armaan and armaan hugged him back and before armaan replied to him rahul said in naughty tone

Ra:''chamo tujhe galat questions poochne kii habit ho gayyi hain dikh nahin raha hain kaisa hain khsuh riddhima bhabhi ke saath kyoon riddhima bhabhi mai sahii keh rahaa hun naa''

Hearing bhabhi from rahul riddhima looked at him as he addressed her only and she just gives him smile and lowered her eye lids and armaan warned rahul as he can see riddhima is feeling so much shy and he did not understand why she did not retrot back his riddhima always retrot back but today she is shy all and doing just nothing blushing and all and that blush of hers making him kill and he just smiled how he wants to kiss her and makes her blush more as he so loved her red cheeks

Ar:''raool sudhar jaa tuu ate hii pareshan karna shuru kar diya tune''

Ra:''kyun maine kya kiyya main tou sirff bol rahaa hun tune tou kiyya hoga bhabhi kee saath honey moon par kyoon bhabhi''

An:''aye haye humari nayi-naveli dulhan tou sharma gayyi hain yar''

She said and riddhima blushed even more but this time she whispered her name too as she is so much embarrassed with first rahul's comments and her friends too joined him saying this things and on top armaan's gaze on her which is not even breaking

Ri:''anjie yar please''

And hearing her soft voice anjali hugged her and riddhima hugged her back and the hug joined by muskaan too immediately as

An:''achaa baba aur nahin satayenge tujhe pakka promise that right we give armaan''

And riddhima's eyes opened in shock but thanks to her stars that anjali whispered that in her ear and armaan did not heard her otherwise she will not be able to met hs gaze and then seeing them armaan smiled deeper his riddhima's best friends

Ra:''aab 2 minute kee liyye biwi se nazar hata kar dost se bhi mill le saale''

He said breaking his trance and armaan smiled and shakes his head his friends after all and he smiled and hugged him and the hug too joined by atul and after that they breaks the hug and armaan met muskaan and anjali with hug and same goes with atul he too hugged riddhima which she returned and when rahul met her he was about to hug her when something comes in his mind and he said something making everyone's head shoot up to them as he says that

Ra:''vaise bhabhi aap chinta mat kijiye mai aapko zor se tight hug nahin karunga nahin tou armaan mujhe mar daalega kyun armaan''

He said and riddhima did not dared to look at him as her mind registered his words that double meaning words and then 

Ri:''rahul aap bhi bas''

But she was cut short with armaan's smack on his shoulder a hard one as he start running for saving his life and he shouts back to a very much running arhul

Ar:''ruk saale bhagta kyoon hain abhie batata hun merii basket se flirt karega tuu chodunga nahin tujhe aaj main''

He said and all the others roll into fits of laughter and

Mu:''han hero chodiyo nahin iss kankhujure ko pagal kahin ka''

She said giving him a glare and laughed and then all moved towards the cafeteraia as in all his commotion riddhima, muskaan and anjali actually missed their first lecture, they are just settle down in cafeteria and atul was on counter to grab their order as all four of them comes empty stomachs and riddhima looked at the enterance of cafeteraia waiting for armaan when muskaan and anjai's voice breaks her trance as they called her grabbing her attention and riddhima looked at them

Mu:''bas kar ridzi aa jaayega tera patii''

An:''han doston se tou mil le tuu humein bhull gayyi''

They said and riddhima smiled and give them a very warm smile and then she set her attention to her friends

Ri:''aisa kuchh nahin hai guys achaa batao kii tum dono kaise ho aur kab aye the vaapis tum dono anjie-muski''

An:''well madam hum kal aa gayye the sham ko hii''

Ri:''kya fir mujhe aur armaan ko kyoon nahin bataya tum logon ne''

Mu:''hum tum logon ko disturb nahin karna chahte the''

Ri:''tum log naa pagal ho gayye ho distub aur humein''

But before she can continue she heard some voice which she not at all expected as she heard some comment as

V:''areey guys see Hot Honey Moon ke baad log college ate hain aur Suhag Raat shaadi se pehle hotii hain naa''

Precap_Will armaan told riddhima the truth?
Will they able to tell each-other they loved each-other?
Ar:''mujhe aisaa nahin karna chahiye tha mai aisee kaise kar sakta hun riddhima kee saath how could i kaise kar sakta hun''
Ri:''maine kahaa naa armaan mai theek hun please bahar chalein''
Ri:''thanks armaan aur i am really very sorry kal rat kee liyye''
Will Armaan able to believe Riddhima believe in commitment?
College Life Again?

Ar:''see Sid merii biwii se 100 kilmotere kii durii par reh nahin tou anzam kaa zimevar mai nahin hoyunga''
Armaan grabbed his collar in anger and his eyes were blood shoot red
Ar:''jo hua press reportres and all vo pre planned tha damn it''
Ri:''haath mat lagao mujhe mar daalega armaan tumhe hatoo''
Ar:''mujhe kabhie koi nahin smajhta hain riddhima se shaadi karke kahin maine ooski life barbad tou nahin kar dii hain naa''
Ri:''armaan mai mar jaongi par tumhe nahin chodungi aagar tumhare saath meiin barbadi hain tou mujhe barbad honaa hai''
Ri:''rahul armaan nee drink kiyya hai naa''
Ar:''riddhima basket biwii''
Ri:''armaan baat mat karoo mujse tum bas ekk baat sun kar tumne aiseee drink kiyya aur raat koo vo sab tamasha kiyya kya tumhe mujh par thoda saa bhi vishwas nahin tha armaan?''
Ar:''maine sab kharab kar diyya mujhe aisaa nahin karna tha''
Ri:''mujhse galti ho gayyi pata nahin kaise mai khud par control nahin kar paayi''
Ri:''galti hain''
Ar:''nahin hain''
Ar:''koi khawsih hai chupp chupp sii''
Ri:''sawan yeh seedha nahin khufiya badha''
Ar:''honthon kii ari ko aisee thukrayo naa''
Ri:''chu lo naa chu lo naa chu lo naa naa''

Ri:''sab galat hai yeh kuch bhi nahin hona chahiye tha yeh kcn nahin abhie''
Ar:''galat kya tha vo yaa jo aab hua vo galat hai''

part completed friends hope you like it friends, and now riddhima is joing the college again will she able to join the college again and how she will cope up with the new repsonibilities in her life with her home and study will armaan be able to give her his support na
with Dill Ka Bandhan
will be waiting for your comments
next update-Tuesday
with lots of love and regards

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