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Dill Ka Bandhan AR#1 - Note Page147 (Page 110)

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                                        Dill Ka Bandhan

                                           AR FF

                                          Part 47


Part 47-The House Just Turned In Our Sweet Home With Your Mere Presence Only

As riddhima looked very much surprised seeing the room well surprise is an understatement she is shocked and as she turned to look at armaan who gave her a warm smile and when he did not answered her back riddhima once again said that

Ri:''armaan batao naa tum chupp kyoon ho yeh sab kya hai armaan batao naa please''

She said while turning to face him as he is still standing at the step of door still and then

Ar:''kya yar basket room hai aur kya hai tum bhi naa kab se tumhara knowledge general knowledge kam ho gayya''

He said with a giggle seeing her impatience and his sentence making riddhima frowned and then she just


As she warned him armaan entered in the room and then he just

Ar:''ohk sorry baba batao kya keh rahii ho tum I mean this is our room well actually now your room more than mine simple''

She said standing near him and riddhima blushed hearing his words but she controlled

Ri:''very funny armaan vo mujhe bhi pata hai par mai ooski baat kar rahii hun armaan''

She said pointing to one side of wall near the mirror beside mirror and armaan smiled she is actually talking about this all time and he knows this very well

Ar:''achaa vo basket tou clear karna chahiye naa tum bhi naa basket yar''

He said and riddhima gave him the look and he nodded before she scolded him again

Ri:''very funny armaan aur han tou aab clear bataoge kii yeh sab kya hai aur yeh sab tumne kaise kiyya''

She asked again pointing to the side of mirror and then armaan

Ar:''tch basket yar tumhe kya janana hai kii yeh kya hai yaa yeh kii yeh sab maine kaise kiyya han''

He said and riddhima looked at him and while shaking her head she

Ri:''dono armaan aab tum bataoge i meant batane kii meharbani karoge please''

She said and armaan nodded and then walked towards the bed side near the beside mirror

Ar:''basket actually naa mai tumhe surprise dena chahta tha aur I want to capture our beautiful moment in form of one picture in OUR room so that we can see it and cherished that beautiful moments of our Lo I mean friendship basket yar''

He said while looking at the side of wall and then at her while correcting himself too as he is nearly blurting the truth Love which he changed into friendship immediately and hearing him riddhima too walked near the wall and then she just

Ri:''thanks armaan yeh bahut hii sundar hai aur sahii meiin vaise tou we have lots of moment in our life that we cherished well to be precisely says every moment is precious but this one moment you capture is one my favourite moments too aur pata hai armaan yeh humare Sangeet Ceremony kaa best moment hai well I loved this and enjoyed this armaan very much naa so thank you''

She said and then bites her tongue what she blurted she enjoyed that particular moment well yes she enjoyed that particular moment the most but this was not need to know him not at least now so she lowered her eye lids and before armaan can tease her or think about something else she looked at him with moist eyes as she whispered to him slowly

Ri:''thanks armaan thanks''

She said while caressing the frame well it was a full length picture of theirs captured in their Sangeet Ceremony riddhima is in armaan's arms as he picked her up from her hips and they both were gazing deep in each-other's eyes as blue eyes caught green eyes conveying some emotion they has the wide and million dollar smile on their lips too which adore their faces and

Ar:'' anytime basket but well mujhe yeh karna bhi tha at least lagna tou chahiye naa kii yeh aab ek bachelor kaa room nahin rahaa its a married man's room vaise i know merii basket aapni jaadu kii chadi se iss bachelor den ko marriage couple nest meiin convert kar degii par abhiie kee liyye basket i hope tumhe yeh room achaa lagaa hogaa basket i mean mai kehna chahta hun basket''

He was trying to put his emotions in words and moreover he wants to say lover's nest instead of marriage couple nest but may in that there is still the time left but right now he is trying to explain his feelings in words but whom he is talking his riddhima his basket master of emotions especially when it comes to him so she cut short him in between while saying him

Ri:''offo armaan tum bhi naa sachii meiin mere buddhu vaale armaan hii rahoge aur kya sachii meiin kaisi batein kar rahien 'basket hope tumhe achaa laga hogaa' (she mimicked his words) and all tum tou aisee keh rahein ho jaise aaj mai pehli bar ayi hun tumhare room meiin remember armaan aagar tum bhull gayye tou yad karaon mai yahan pehle bhi aa chuki hun kuchh yad aya Mr.Armaan Mallik''

Ar:''par tab tum merii biwi nahin thi Riddhima Basket Mallik nahin thi aur aaj tum meiin yeh change hai naa yar tou maii''

He said in slow and soft words making riddhima aww at him and they shared a beautiful eye lock and then riddhima

Ri:''i know armaan tabhie tou mai keh rahii hun aab I am your wife naa tou kyoon tension le rahein ho aur vaise bhi I loved this room of OURS thanks kii tumne ise yeh vaali picture laga kar aur bhi special bana diyya hai baaki ka mera department hai so don't worry armaan mai aapna department sambhal loongi aur vaise bhi armaan I don't even expected kii tumhara room itnaa saf ho sakta hai you know not clothes laying here and there''

She said while making the atmosphere lighten a bit as she discovered armaan is little bit getting emotional and

Ar:''han maine thoda saa try kiyya tha nahin tou mujhe laga kahin merii cleanliness freak pyaari sii best friend ate hii kam par naa lag jaaye aur vaise aab vo she happened to be my newly bride so you know vo kya kehte hai nayi-naveli dulhan ko kam nahin karne deta''

He said making her smiled as well blushed with the word of newly bride and she while with her eyes lowered

Ri:''vaoww thanks so much Mr.Mallik kii aapnein humare bare meiin itnaa sochne kii zehmat oothayi thanks''

She said while changing the topic in a teasing manner

Ar:''well no need you see mai aapni basket kee liyya itnaa tou kar hii sakta hun naa so no need to say thanks''

He said and then he looked at her then only riddhima breaks his trance with her next question and armaan smiled

Ri:''armaan soono naa tum fresh ho jao then I will make your favourite coffee''

Ar:''tch riddhima maine kaha naa mai aapni nayi-naveli dulhan se kam nahin karaonga''

He said looking back at her as she said to him as she still standing near the picture admiring it and hearing him her cheeks once again heated up and armaan did notice the change of colour and he sometimes think what makes her blush so easily and when will he confess his Love for her how is she going to be react and he will surely skipped his heart beats that day with that blush on her cheeks, when it affected him so now and he already has his heart beats fasten and he smiled at his thought and then he just smiled hearing her

Ri:''armaan tum bhi naa kuch bhi bolte ho bas karoo bahut hua mazak you freshen up and I will bring your favourite cappuccino in the meanwhile ohk now please no more fun armaan''

She said and before she turned to go armaan jumped in front of her making her shocked as her hearts skipped when he just jumped in front of her from the bed where he is laying and

Ri:''kya hai armaan jaan nikal dii thi tumne merii aisii koi karta hai kya''

She said while putting her hand on her thumping heart and armaan smiled and

Ar:''areey aisee kaise aapki jaan nikalne dege hum Mrs.Basket Mallik''

He said naughtily while bending a little so that he is near her shoulder and looked above and gazed in her eyes and riddhima blushed profusely hearing him and then she just said to avoid his gaze and

Ri:''ha ha kuchh zayada hii nahin ho gayya chalo hato I am going and you go freshen up''

She said controlling her heart beats as they are now beating very fastly with his piercing gaze and she can't take that at all well but is seems luck is not in favour at all as armaan holds her hand as she turned to go clasping his finger on her hands and makes her turn and

Ar:'' I am serious riddhima I am not going to let you work at all not now at least''

He said while looking at her riddhima looked at him with surprise and then she

Ri:''armaan yeh tum kya keh rahein ho I meant are you serious''

Ar:''yes basket maine abhie kaha naa I am serious kii mai tumhe abhie bilkul kam nahin karne doonga''

Ri:''par armaan mai matlab''

Ar:''shh basket''

And as riddhima is still confused hearing him armaan put his finger on her lips shushing her and then saying her that

Ar:''as much I want to eat my basket's hands food, you know I so loved that par oos se bhi important yeh hai kii vo kya kehte hai jab tak tumhare haathon meiin yeh Mehndi rachii hai tab tak tou mai tumhe bilkul kam nahin karne doonga jis se Mehndi kaa rag feeka paden so riddhima bhull jo kuchh dinon kee liye i will also manage without tour hand's food''

He said while inhaling the fragrance of her hands making riddhima surprised as well happy with his words, she is in aww hearing him he cared for her so much and she keeps on looking at him when armaan breaks her trance while winking at her

Ar:''I know mere liyye mushkil hai tumhare haath kee khane kee binaa you see par koi baat nahin I will surely try to manage basket aab kya karen shaadi karii hai tou rasmein tou nibhani padengi hii aur vaise bhi merii nayi-naveli dulhan kii rasmein''

He said naughtily and a tinkle in his voice and riddhima smiled hearing his words and then she could not control herself and hugged him tightly making his arms enveloped around her as he with a wide smile hugged her back understanding her and

Ri:''armaan tum sachii meiin bahut achein ho but tumhe iskii sachii meiin zarurat nahin hai i meant karne kii yeh sab''

She said still thinking how he will manage without her hand's food as he is so much habitual of her cooking

Ar:''jii nahin aisee kaise jarurat nahin hai mai aisaa hii karunga aur mujhe aab iss bare meiin koi discussion nahin chahiye samjhi aap Mrs.Mallik''

As he said sternly with caring voice riddhima knows he will not going to listen her


As he glared at her riddhima finally shakes her head and then she said

Ri:''han tou theek hai mai kahan kuchh keh rahii hun tumhe''

Ar:''yea I can see that''

He said with a grin and then he said to riddhima

Ar:''vaise biwi aab yeh sab finish ho gayya tou aapki permission ho tou can I sleep I am really tired''

He asked as he is feeling really sleepy and his muscles needs a soft and comfort bed and he knows the same is with riddhima

Ri:''han armaan off course chalo 1 minute rooko mai abhie tumhe tumhare night clothes detii hun then you can rest''

She said and before armaan can say anything she moved towards dressing area and she opened the cupboard and was surprised to find no clothes there it was clean completely and she turned to armaan who was now slumped on bed to ask

Ri:''armaan tumhare kapde cupboard tou khalii''

But her sentence left incomplete as her gaze fell on the big couch placed near the window and she gets answer to all her questions, his clothes were laying there on and if riddhima did not comes to visit his place earlier she never knows there was a couch as it was completely covered with his clothes and first she surprised seeing them as she sort out his cupboard just before they leaves Delhi but then smiled knowing him very well cleanliness and armaan can never go together and then she looked at him who gave her a sheepish smile making her smile too adoring his cuteness and she just shakes her head and

Ri:''tabhie mai sochun kii yeh room itnaa saf kyoon hai armaan tum bhi naa khair yeh lo tumhare trackers 1 saf te shirt bhi mai dhoondh kee detii hun tumhe abhie just wait for two minutes tum bhi naa armaan gande aur saf kapde tou aalag kar lliyya karoo''

She said as she handled him a pair of his pyjamas and as she tried to find a te-shirt for him she heard his voice

Ar:''rehne do basket vaise bhi I am going to sleep like this only you know naa no need of change yar''

He said as he pulled his shirt and riddhima averted her gaze seeing in vest  yes she knows he sleeps like this only and she does not have any problem too but now the things were different as now he is not alone she is with him and moreover she is going to share a bed with him and when he is so close to her like this how she will able to stop her feelings for him she is still in her thoughts when armaan's voice brings her back into reality as she moved inside the comforter while saying to her that

Ar:''basket please kapde change karke tum bhi jaldi sonein aa jao I know you too are tired so please good night basket''

Riddhima nodded and smiled how much he cared for him and then she just wished him back while looking at him from corner of her eyes

Ri:''yea armaan coming good night''

And armaan as was extremely tired he closed his eyes while giving her a smile and wishing again

Ar:''sweet dreams basket''

And riddhima smiled and turned to take her clothes to change herself and then she moved inside the washroom and as soon she comes after changing in her night clothes she saw him in deep slumber and she smiled and after locking the door and picking his jeans which he leaves on bed only she herself moved inside the comforter and as soon she moved inside the comforter she feels his hand coming over her waist, first she is surprised and then she looked at him with surprise and his steady breathing is saying he is deep in sleep, she smiled and then she covered him and herself in proper manner as the comforter slipped from armaan and then she whispered slowly to him that

Ri:''sweet dreams armaan I love you thanks for coming in my life''

She said and then pecked his for head lightly caring not to break his sleep and as riddhima speak those three magical words as if armaan's heart registered those words a deep smile curved on his lips and his hold around her waist gets tighten and riddhima smiled and once again pecking his for head lightly she smiled and turning off the lights and she herself drifted to sleep with holding his hand over her waist feeling him so close to herself.

Next morning riddhima wakes up and she glanced at the clock which is placed on her side table it shows 10:30 a.m. first she is worried they are still sleeping and armaan has to go to college as well office but then she calmed herself remembering today is Sunday so no worries and then she looked at armaan who is still sleeping peacefully with his head buried in pillow and his position is changed now as he is now laying on his stomach but one thing that does not change is his hold against her waist and she blushed and smiled too he is one possessive person while looking at him for some more time she finally pecked his for head and wished him good morning so slowly not to break his sleep as he is tired as he is not very much person of sleeping in travelling so she is somewhere refresh but she knows he needs proper sleep so she slowly let go of his arm from her waist and then she moved outside from the comforter and then tucked him properly she leaned near his face and

Ri:''good morning jaan''

She said to him and then after pecking his for head one more time she moved to washroom to get ready and as her gaze fell on the couch covered with clothes her darling husband's clothes she smiled and shakes her head thinking so much work. And after an hour or so taking a hot relaxing bath as it soothes her muscles and her legs which is little bit aching due to Chadhai and now is completely fine she comes outside wearing a beautiful green saree as she is in mood of wearing a saree and as she draped the saree on her beautiful figure she looked herself in long full length mirror to saw if it is ok and as she looked at herself she is surprised as she saw the reflection of that her and armaan's photo is in reflecting in mirror and she is surprised, how armaan did this and the main big question is why he did this actually, he does want to saw their reflection when one of them looked in mirror for getting ready or whatever the thing, she surprised and looked at him he is still sleeping peacefully with a smile adore on his lips, she so loved this thing that she actually feels like kissing him for such a wonderful thing for her correction for them and now she is more in love with this room and the person who did this first she confused in whom she is more in love then she finds the latter one surely has the complete and big rule over her heart and smilingly she start drying her hair with the towel and not for a second her gaze leaves his face adorning him completely and just looking at him, she did all the work, completely gets ready, combed her hair wore a simple pendant set and her green and red bangles matching to her saree and place her vermilion in her parted hairs and as she put her lipstick  and then finally getting ready she glanced at him once again and then pecked his for head softly and then looking at him with so lovingly she went downstairs only after drawing curtains as she does not wants to disturb him and as she reached in big living room she start moving towards the pooja room for doing her pooja for her new life and she thought of doing pooja but then she just looked at wall clock and it showed 11.30 a.m. she thinks it's not anytime for her normal pooja and then she think will do from next morning her daily pooja and moreover she wants to do her first pooja with armaan in her home so surely from tomorrow her pooja so she just like as a newly wedded  girl take her palla on her head and then she prayed for him and her and their relationship in temple and then she finally actually after coming out from there she start moving in the living looking lovingly at her home well yes this is true that she is here from so many times but today's morning gives her feeling that this is her home and she will be there for the rest of her life with the love of her life and as she looked at the big sofas with glass table she adjusted the flowers in between the vase lovingly and slowly straightened the cushions and then she saw the big dining table on one side with ten chairs and she did not know why such a big dining table  then she remembered how her armaan is big social person and loved to do parties with his dear ones so she smiled and then finally she moved toward the breakfast table to have breakfast as she is feeling hungry but only after giving a peaceful look to her house they said right when a girl married she feels blissful and peaceful at her new home and as she thinks about her breakfast and her daily juice so she thinks it will be better if she takes coffee right now and as she thinking moved towards the kitchen only to be greeted by kaka who is doing his work there must be his daily chores and as he saw him riddhima bends down and takes his blessings and kaka gives her his blessing with the moistness in his eyes as he knows now his armaan baba gets all that love which somewhere missed in his life and riddhima smiled too as she has some elder's blessing on her as on her very first day at her own house her own home and she looked at kaka and when finally kaka asked her that

K:''riddhima bitiya aapke liyye kya banaun aap kya lengi nashte meiin''

He asked politely and riddhima gives him a warm smile and then she just said

Ri:''nahin kaka layiiye naa mai aapki help karti hun aap kya bana rahein hai kaka''

She asked and try to take some utensil in her hands when kaka stopped her saying

Ka:''nahin riddhima bitiya aap kuchh nahin karengi armaan baba ne mujhe clearly kaha hai kii aapko kuchh nahin karne dena hai aap bas baithye aur mujhe batayiye kya chahiye aapko bitiya mai sab kar doonga jo bhi aapko chahiye bitiya par aap baithye koi kam nahin''

He said as he remembered armaan how requested him to see his basket did not do anywork

Ri:''yeh armaan bhi naa bas pagal hai koi kam nahin''

She muttered under her breath as she heard kaka's words and then she continued

Ri:''nahin kaka aisee kaise kuchh tu karne dijiye naa armaan tou kuchh bhi bolte hai kaka''

 She said try to make kaka agree with her but kaka did not and

K:''nahin bitiya armaan baba ne sahii kaha vaise bhi nayii naveli dulhan se koi kam karvata hai nahin naa hum bhi nahin karvayenge aap baithye naa bitiya mai sab kar loonga bitiya''

He said and riddhima has to gave in as he requested her and she sat and

Ri:''jii kaka aap kehte hai tou theek hai mai bas ek cup coffee loongi kaka''

She said and kaka nodded and then replied to her saying

K:''jii bitiya bas abhie bana kar deta vaise bitiya aaj khane meiin kya banaun aap bata dijiye aab aap aa gayyi hai''

He said while riddhima sat there on chair and kaka was doing his work and riddhima smiled and then she spoke up

Ri:''kaka aab nashte kaa time tou nikal gayya armaan bhi abhii nahin jage hai so mujhe lagta hai kuchh aisaa bana lijiye joo raat ko bhi cahlein aagar armaan abhie aur der se oothe tou aap koi sii bhi sabzi aur roti bana llijiye naa''

She said thinking now armaan will wake up almost lunch time and if he is no mood of lunch they can ate it in dinner

K:''theek hai bitiya aap bata do kaunsi sabzi banayen hum''

He asked and riddhima looked at him and then she smiled

Ri:''kaka aap matar paneer bana lijiye aur thodhe se kofte saath meiin bas chapatti bana lijiye yaa paranthe''

She said as she reminds armaan loved these two vegetables

K:''theek hai bitiya armaan baba ko donow hii pasand hai hum bana lenge kuchh aur chaiye tou batiyega bitiya''

He said as he gives her coffee and riddhima takes it and went outside after thanking him

Ri:''thanks kaka''

 And then she moved outside in living room and start drinking her coffee along with newspaper sitting on their couch after finishing her coffee she wrapped the newspaper placed it on table and thinks to check on armaan

Ri:''armaan ko dekh letii hun shayad ooth gayya hogaa aab tak nahin tou ootha detii hun ose bahut der ho rahi hai aab tou aagar ooska fir bhi rest karne ka dil hua tou atleast kuch kha kar rest kar legaa after all its Sunday aur oskii holiday bhi hai aaj''

She said to herself and then she just placed her cup of coffee on table and was about to moved towards her room when the landline phone buzzed up in her way and she picked up the phone and prssessd the answer button to answer the call and


M:''hello mai office se Sinha bol rahaa hun kya mai armaan sir se baat kar sakta hun?''

And riddhima knows it's armaan's manager from office so she just replied

Ri:''yes Mr.Sinha mai riddhima bol rahii hun actually armaan is resting aagar koi message hai tou aap mujhe den sakte hai''

She said and Mr.Sinha knows its riddhima mallik his armaan sir's wife

M:''good morning mam''

He wished her first and riddhima wished him back and

Ri:''good morning Mr.Sinha aapko kuchh kam tha kya any thing urgent Mr.Sinha''

She asked as he was calling on landline not on armaan's cell phone

M:''yes mam actually armaan sir aapna phone nahin ootha rahein hai maine oonhein just batana tha kii aaj kii meeting kii saari files hai mere pas oonhein bas yeh kehna tha kii sir bas project vaali file le ayen bas mam yeh hii message dena tha mam''

And riddhima was surprised hearing him meeting armaan has meeting on Sunday too

Ri:''Mr.Sinha meeting''

M:''yes mam aaj 2.30 kii hai aap sir ko bata dijiyega aab mai rakhta hun mai oonhein vahin milunga direct''

Ri:''ohk Mr.Sinha thanks''

M:''pleasure is all mine mam''

And they hung up and riddhima glanced at clock its already 12.30 she needs to wake him up he must forgets about the meeting or he was so tired that he is sleeps and thinking to herself she makes her way towards their room to wake him up

Ri:''mujhe armaan ko oothana hii hogaa jaldi se otherwise ose bahut der ho jaayegi almost 12.30 ho gayye hai''

And as she reached to their room and pushed the room door open the room was pitch dark as she already draw the curtains so that he will not get disturbed and as she moved near the bed she saw him sleeping peacefully with his face buried in the pillow with hand under his head and was sleeping on his stomach and riddhima smiled seeing his cute face he looks so much cute while sleeping and she has no heart to break his sleep but she has to do that so she slowly after looking at him for sometime finally she pecked his for head lightly and then slowly whispered near his ear making him stirred in his sleep

Ri:''armaan ootho dekho subhh ho gayyi hai''

She said and armaan just stirred in his sleep and a smile appeared on his face and holds riddhima's hand as it was near him may be he was dreaming of something very speacial riddhima too smiled but then again

Ri:''armaan please ooth jao naa dekho tumhari meeting hai naa aaj''

She said while sitting near the bed on parpet while armaan this time pulled the comforter over his face more and riddhima's hand too get under his head as he nodded in his sleep and riddhima was surprised as actually his lips near her hand

Ar:''basket riddhima''

Riddhima did not understand whether he is sleeping or wide awake and armaan was actually sleeping and was seeing her dream the most beautiful dream of his life little did he knows that his dream is sitting in front of his eyes just have to open his eyes to see the most beautiful dream of his life is already converted into the big reality of his life

Ar:''basket riddhima''

And as he called again with a wide smile he kissed her hand and riddhima did not know what was that but her heart is so much feeling nice if it's in dream or reality she is more tahn happy taking that beautiful kiss and feeling beautiful moment

Ri:''han armaan tumhari basket yahin hun ooth jao naa please you have meeting''

And armaan now actually little bit break his sleep as riddhima actually after his kiss drowned in his love actually kissed her hand and her hand is still in his grip she ruffled his hair that makes causes him to break his sleep little and he stirred more

Ar:''umm basket''

And riddhima smiled as he slowly opened his blue capitvating eyes and saw a smileing riddhima in front of him

Ri:''good mornig armaan or should i say good afternoon armaan''

She wished him and armaan already has a dimpled smile on his face seeing that face which he wants to see in front of his eyes

Ar:''umm good morning basket''

He wished her back with his eyes looking at her not still knowing that his hand was holding hers and kissing her too

Ri:''hmm armaan ootho you have meetin naa today Mr.Sinha kaa bhi phone aa chukka hai''

She said while trying to break the eye contact as his breaths kissing hr hand creating havoc in her body

Ar:''umm han mai''

He still did not completely registered what she said as he is deep looking at her and

Ri:''han tou ooth jao naa mai tumhare liyye kapde nikalti hun bahut der ho jaayegi nahinn tou tumhe naa''

She said and tried to get up only then armaan regsitered her words in his mind and remembered his meeting and his eyes completely opened knowing that he has lots of do and then he just try to get up from bed when they did not knows that riddhima too try toget up the smae time and she almost gets up when she pulled back with the force as her saree corner entangled in the drawer's corner making her completely spun and that the result is she fells in armaan's arms making armaan beneath her hitting him again the bed as he just settled on bed and armaan immediately wrapped his arms around her waist preventing her not to having any kind of pain and she just wnet hard on him while her pallu too loosened from her front if she does not pinned it it will surely loosely fall on him but well it actually did  not really help her either as she directly hit on his she was on his chiselled chest and her hand were on his face not on his chest and armaan's hands were on her bare waist making her shiver and they has a sweet and very well eye-locked with each-other he just looked in her eyes as her face was so close to his and their noses were brushing with each-other and riddhima's hairs were falling on her face making her more beautiful and armaan loosened himself as her some hairs were falling on his face too her cold hairs create havoc in his body and asensation ran in his spine and he did not knows when he clutched her waist in his palms making riddhima shivered as a shiver ran down in her spine armaan loved the feeling she reacted to his touch as they keeps on looking at each-other riddhima feels she is going to burn under his passionate gaze and armaan caressed her bare waist with his palms as due to their that very sudden fall her saree was little bit disoriented from her waist too and he can not control his emotions after all his love taken over himself and he start caressing her bare waist with his knuckles and fingers and even pressed her waist and clutched her waist more and more and finally as riddhima did not even dare to break that eye-contact ttheir beautiful ones armaan finally actually leaves her waist and he slowly moved his hand near her face and while caressing her cheeks wth hia palm he cupped her cheeks in his plams making riddhima closed her eyes with his touch he is creating havoc in her body and she did not have any more courage to take his gaze upon herself and armaan as she breaks the ey-contact and closed her green orbs armaan moved closer to her while looking at her more intently while playing with her few starnds as he rolled some of her hairs in his finger and in process his finger too touched brushed with her skin making her cupped his cheek too in her palms and that one touch makes armaan much more drowned in her well and he pulled her more closer to himself while pressing her body as if it possible and riddhima can not handle these intensity and feelings and she just buried her face in the crook of his neck making armaan's one hand landed below her waist and he caressed and stroked the spine and armaan drowned in her as her steady bretahs were tickling his skin as she buried her face more in the crook of neck and then he just turned and makes her getting under him as he laid over her and that resulted armaan's back covered with riddhima's pallu and armaan saw she is looking so much beautiful in her beautiful saree and her heavy breathing making her more beautiful as her chest goes up and down and due to her net he can easily saw a little bit of her cleavages as she is clunging to him he can saw the side curves of neck and he can not control himself and and placed a kiss on the curved of neck making her nuzzle in his nape and that makes armaan hugged her close to him and as he makes her ways towards her back to envelop her in his arms from her armpit in the process as he is rubbing his hands over her back and all he did not know when his hands moved to her zip side zip which must be holding her blouse was let open by him and that did nothing just resulted into getting their moment more passionate as armaan let hugged her his one hand start caressing at her back little bit siding her hairs with fingers and his nose as he is so much busy in planting the trial of kisses on her neck and he rubbed her ear lobe with his fingers and finally armaan detangled her from himself and looked in at her she has still her eyes closed but ow her one arm wrapped around his neck he so wanted that she look at him so he ever so softly caressed her bae waist and start drawing imaginary patterns near her navel while caressing it making riddhima shivered badly and she opened her eyes and they again shared a beautiful eye-lock and armaan smiled seeing that red colour appearing on her cheeks he bends down to her face level and start kissing her cheeks, first he kissed her left cheek then right cheek then her for head and even placed a kiss o her nose tip and her chin too making her smile as well blushed while all the time his hands wre busy at her back caressing it he is caressing her back so softly ad slowly that ultimately makes her shiver and she is totally under his spell and other hand busy caressing her navel and armaan then slowly leaned towards her neck looking at her and he palced a soft tender kiss on her long neck making riddhima cltch his vest and she is so much shivering that she is happy atht she is on bed if she is standing this time she will surely fall till this time and armaan smiled seeing taht reaction from hers what he can expect from her his shy basket he wonders how she can react this way with his mere toch but right now does not wants to think this very thing he just wanst to feel this moment with her the love of his life nothing matters to him more right now and as riddhima made her way towards his neck wapped her another arm too that makes armaan just flew everything and he start kissing her neck all over not leaving a single spot while burying his face deep inside her neck making her hands engaged in his jet black hairs and his one hand makes start pulling her sleeve bit and its sart going easily falling down because its zip is already opened by armaan and drowned in moment armaan while kissing her passionately all over her neck riddhima just threw her neck side ways giving nothing just a better access to her flawless skin both were long forgotten everything and just know one thing they love each-other though did not tell each-other yet still they loved each-other madly and passionately and right then armaan's legs which were on her already start playing with her toes passionately and as riddhima ruffled his hairs in anticipation start caressed his scalp that aroused him to no extent an as much he start gets passionate and drowned n his desires and love he bite her at the curve of neck pressing her beauty bone and rubbing her ear lobes and caressed it in between his fingers and as his teeth bite the curve of her neck making her moaned in pleasure her hands makes her grip tighten around his neck and armaan feels that pressure he rolled his tongue over the bite to soothen her the bite and he kissed several kisses on the bite making her turn purple and as riddhima again caressed his hairs giving him the hint that she is fine armaan kissed her two more kisses and gives her a small loving look which riddhima responded with a small smile drowned in his love and armaan smiled too and then he smiled too and nuzzled in her nape again aking her shiver and he wnet back to hiswork loving his wife and then as soon he makes his way little bit downwardsafter burying his face again in her nape riddhima's trance breaks with the alarm of clock and first she too was disoriented but then her mind went faster rembering armaan has to go to attend his meeting an she is here to wake him up and what she doing making out with him and her gaze fell on side table's clock is almost 1'o clock that means they were making out from and hour and she just speak

Ri:''armaan meeting''

And she just managed to speak these two words with her heavy breathing first armaan is little disoriented too but as soon armaan's mind registered her words he panicked and get away from her remembering his meeting its very crucial meeting

Ri:''armaan meeting''

And armaan nodded and get up from her and straighten him and only after giving her saree pallu back which was at his back and only then riddhima feels cold near her armpit and she turned more red now getting must be he pulled her zip down and

Ar:''riddhima i will go and get ready''

And immediately get up from the bed with not meting her eyes but a smile played on his lips too and moved towards washroom and riddhima just nodded with her red cheeks she sighed that its good for her that he did not knows that he pulled her zip down and as armaan went inside the washroom riddhima gets up starightning her saree first which is disoriented and immediately she moved near the dressing room to pull up her zipper before armaan comes back from the washroom but seems like luck is not in her favour today at all because as soon and she just pulled her arm up and was just about to pull it up the zip armaan sneaked from the washroom actually comes to ask about his towel and as the dressing area is in between the washroom and bed room he has the clear way of riddhima who is tanding near the mirror as armaan actually sneaked from the washroom adruptly riddhima is surprised well surprised is understatement she is shocked, shocked beyond limits that she did not know what to do and armaan just looked at her her arms up giving hhim the clear view of her side upper waist well if precisely say well giving him a proper way of her side chest and he even can see the blue inner wear which she is wearing under her blue blouse and he did not knows why he could not takes his eys from her white milky skin and riddhima is red if it would says that she is much more red than strawberry or tomatoe or ven beetroot its not at all lie she is red and then armaan seeing her flushed skin just lowered his eyes and whispered just to audible to her only

Ar:''vo mai aapna towel actually''

He just could not complete his words as his cheeks also turned red and he closed the washroom door again leaving a completed red riddhima behind who still did not get what happen a minute a seond ago and she comes out of her trance and then with ablush she zip up her blouse and then she hide her face in her both palms feeling he is looking at her finally she managed to straighten her completely when she straighten her saree she feels all his hands caressing her near her navel and her bare waist and then as she looked near her nape she caressed the bite which was on her neck and she feels it pained a little but its sweet little pain of love and she blushed and smiled at the same time and then she picked his towel from her cupboard as his clothes were tou all needed to settle down and as she moved towards the washroom to handle him his towel she stopped in her tracks as remembering hat is happening in a minute ago and a blush again crept on her cheeks but then she knows she has to give him she can't stand and blush like this and have to give his towel he has to get ready so with her beating heart she knockes the door and then she

Ri:''armaan here is your towel just take it armaan''

She said and armaan just moved towards the door and he just put his arm outside to catch his towel and he just

Ar:''yea basket just one second yea basket gives me''

He said and riddhima handles him the towel and armaan take his towel while this their hands brushed with each-other and armaan smiled how he wished that he can pull her inside the washroom along with the towel.

And then riddhima moved downstairs thinking to tell kaka about making armaan's breakfast as he has to leave early and as she comes back in the room after telling kaka to prepare armaan's breakfast she looked around in the room to find him but he is nowhere at the sight in the room she glanced at the clock its almost 1.30 that means he has to get ready fast and she moved near the washroom door to tell him to come fast she knows why he is taking time must be warm water relaxing his muscles but she knows he has to go meeting is important so she moved near the washroom and before she can knocked on the door she saw armaan emerged from the washroom wearing his bathrobe as riddhima is near the door and armaan at the same time opened the door the result is they bumped in each-other as riddhima engulfed in armaan's arms cuddling in his chest armaan's hands himself wrapped on her petite waist bare waist sending shivers in her spine as his hands were cold as he was coming after taking the bath and as both armaan and riddhima did not expected this encounter they looked in each-other's eyes riddhima saw he is looking very much handsome with his hairs all wet kissing his forhead she has the strong urge to push those hairs aside while ruffling them and then kissed his for head and she blushed thinking her desires and armaan too was so much drowned in her eyes that he was was thinking how much she looks beautiful in his arms whole blushing and his hands tightly wrapped around her waist how he so wished he can pulled her more closer and while shaking his hairs he so wants to suck that water drops from the lovely and beautiful face of the love of his life and now the beautiful wife of his this makes his heart swelled with happiness and he unknowingly drowned in the moment and his love he caressed her waist making her turn red and she lowered her eye lids and as riddhima shivered in his hold he also shakes himself a bit due to her movement and few drops fell on riddhima's cheeks from his  hairs making her closed her eyes and armaan smiled seeing this the million dollar smile and he off course could not help but to raise his hand around her petite waist and caressed her cheeks with his knuckles while wiping the water drops from her cheeks taking his time to touch and lingering his fingers there making riddhima looked at him as she opened her eyes and armaan smiled as they looked in each-other's eyes and have a beautiful eye-lock and then armaan caressed her cheeks all the time his another hand on her waist and then riddhima remembered about the meeting suddenly and she tried to move first armaan is bit apprehensive to leave her but seeing her he knows he has to leave her and then armaan placed a softy kiss on her for head and then leaves her making her smile and as she parted from him armaan moved near the dressing table and start rubbing his hairs with the towel while riddhima looked there admiring him and then armaan looked at her from the mirror and smiled seeing her she is looking at him with so much emotions on her face and that blush on her cheeks he sometimes thinks that what happens to her after their wedding her cheeks are always red not that he does not like its actually another way around whenever he saw her blush he just wants to grab her tightly in his arms and wants to kiss her like a insane person and like no tomorrow and he does not have any regret or shame about this thing after all he loved her and on the top of that he has every right on her she is his wife after all but he wants to confess his love for her never in his dreams he can think forcing his love or their marriage on her right now the things going or progressing he is more than happy with that and does not wants to rush with her but sometimes seeing those beautiful eyes of hers and those unspoken emotions in her eyes he loosened himself but he knows he never did something that hurt her his basket her happiness and the smile on her face is the most important thing for him that's why he still did not tell her about how samriti mom makes them marries early and he knows all this things as he does not wants to hurt her and he knows her she is very much naive and innocent little did he knows he is going to hurt her. But that's not the thing he is thinking right now he is enjoying the sight of his beautiful wife who is so much drowned in seeing him and he smirked other day he will surely have fun about this with his basket but today he can't he has to leave for office so sighing he moved towards the wardrobe to wear something as he is already running out for the time and then as he opened the door of his cupboard riddhima's trance too breaks and she first blushed thinking from how much time she is looking at him without breaking her gaze and then she shrugged her thoughts he is her husband the love of her life she has right and then as she saw him opening the wardrobe she looked at him and then as she is expecting armaan turned towards her and after searching the pile of clothes on the couch he does not find anything to wear as if the shirt is tidy the matching trouser is dirty and of the trouser is fine shirt is dirty and he frowned and then he

Ar:''basket yar mai tou fas gayya kya pehnu mujhe bahut der ho rahii hai sachii yar''

He said while making a cute pouted face if it's another day riddhima will surely teased him about his carelessness but right now she knows she cannot as his meeting is more important and she even cannot saw him with that cute frown on his face so she just wants to go and pull his cheeks but then she heard him

Ar:''basket ismein cresses bakiyon se kam lagti hai yar mai yehii pehen leta hun''

He said while showing her a steel greay shirt and trousers and then he speaks

Ar:'' I think yeh sabse best option hai so I will wear this one only''

And as he turned to go he stopped in midways hearing riddhima's voice

Ri:''rooko armaan''

And armaan looked at her after turning and then he

Ar:''basket mujhe der ho rahii hai remembers I have meeting yar''

He said as he glanced at clock and riddhima smiled and then she

Ri:'' I know tabhie tou keh rahii hun armaan rooko 2 second''

She said moving towards the bag she has still to settle and seeing her armaan did not know what she is up to

Ar:''kya kar rahii ho basket yar dekho mujhe naa sachii meiin der ho rahii hai I''

But he is cut short with riddhima's voice who is irritated

Ri:''armaan tum 2 minute kee liyye chupp nahin ho sakte ho kya?''

And hearing her stern voice as she sat on her knees and opened her suitcase armaan shushed by nodding right now messing with his basket he knows he is calling for his own trouble so he nodded and just after 2 minutes as she said she is standing in front of him with her hands holding a suit bag that he knows must be using for suits consisting and he looked at her with confused face and before he can said anything riddhima said to him

Ri:''armaan yeh lo jaldi se jaakar change kar lo tumhe meeting kee liyye der ho jaayegi nahin tou armaan''

She said while answering all his unspoken questions finally then while handling him the suit bag she is holding and armaan holds it and then opened the zip taking a suit from it it's blue suit and he smiled seeing the suit and he so loved her choice and then seeing that he hugged her tightly making her crushed in his chest as he hugged her so tightly and then he whispered near her still hugging her

Ar:''thanks basket you are the best pata hai tumne acha liyye yar nahin tou aaj kii meeting meiin mera pata nahin kya hotaa thanks so much you are best basket''

He said and riddhima smiled hearing him this is so she wants his happiness after all and she speak from there only as armaan keeps on hugging him and she just

Ri:''han tou off course tumhe aisee thode naa jaane den sakti thi after all I am Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik aur tumhari izzat merii bhi izzat hai naa armaan''

She said making him smile wide and then he hugged her more tightly hearing her this makes him so happy that all she did for him and the ways she tells she is Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik makes him feels out of the world and she says his respect now her makes him feels that they are actually tied in the sacred bond for their live and deep in his happiness and emotions as he cuddled her more in himself making her nose brushed in his nape as her face is buried in the crook of his neck before both of them again loosened themselves riddhima broke the hug and then she just whispered  to him not meeting his eyes as the nuzzle of her nose on his nape makes goose bumps aroused all over her skin and she can sense armaan is looking at her and must be noticed her goose bumps on her skin so avoiding the eye contact she said to him while moving away from him

Ri:''armaan tum change karke ready hokar jaldi se neeche aa jaana mai tab tak tumhara breakfast lagvati hun armaan theek hai naa I am downstairs armaan''

She said and armaan nodded and then moved tow washroom only after thanking

Ar:''ohk basket thanks once again basket for this you are best and darling basket''

He said and then as he moved  in washroom riddhima smiled and blushed thinking the moment a while ago of they are not running out of time their closeness this time too did do something as she is so much close to him brushing her nose there and she placed her one tendril behind her ear and then taking his wallet out and handkerchief she moved downstairs to see his breakfast ready and as she moved downstairs kaka actually readied armaan's breakfast and riddhima is just requesting kaka to place his breakfast on table before he walked downstairs but right then she heard armaan calling her and

Ar:''riddhima basket''

And she was surprised hearing his shout why he is calling her he can come downstairs she is still in her thoughts when kaka's voice breaks her chain of thoughts

Ka:''jayiye riddhima bitiya armaan baba aapko boola rahein hai oonhe kuchh cahhiye hogaa bitya jayiye jaldu kijiye nahin tou poora gharr sar par ootha lenge''

Ar:''basket riddhima''

And she was surprised hearing his shout for her name again it comes even before kaka can complete his sentence and he shook his head but for riddhima this is completely new for her yes before their marriage armaan is always behind her he called her for this and that but that kind she does not experienced before but she knows she has to go she just grabbed the breakfast tray in her hands which kaka made for him and then she moved upstairs to their room before his third voice or to be precisely says shout with lots of questions in her mind in her heart just his autorative voice for her makes her feels that actually their relationship changed and if she gets her love too she is now wife and she has a lots of responsibilities too, not only for her in-laws and a new family and new house and with the person associated with armaan but with ARMAAN too and this is what she thinks she has to cope up first as ARMAAN is now having some kind of expectations from her though they are still in Friendship phase but their relation is moved on and they did not denied but now riddhima knows as a wife she has responsibilities towards ARMAAN and with these thoughts she reached in their room and as she entered she saw armaan is standing there with almost ready just having a tie in his hands seeing the tie she smiled knowing he and love for tie but soon her smile turned into frown as she found him moving here and there in the room stuffing his wallet in his pocket and then putting his belt and he just speaks up

Ar:''basket yar please jaldi see yeh tie bandh don naa mujhe bahut der ho rahii hai''

He said while placing his handker chief in his pocket and riddhima placed the breakfast tray on the table and then she just answered him while saying to him that

Ri:''han armaan abhie karti hun tum yeh lo breakfast kar lo jaldi se armaan yeh''

And she while saying to him moved towards him while armaan just speaks up that

Ar:''nahin basket mere pas bilkul time nahin hai breakfast ka tum tou bas jaldi yeh tie bandh do please''

He said as he moved near her but hearing him riddhima speaks up at once

Ri:''nahin armaan binaa breakfaste kee tou mai tumhe bilkul bhi nahin jaane doongi tumne bahut der se kuchh nahin khaya hai armaan''

She said and armaan looked at her and then he just said to her that

Ar:''par basket mere pas sachii meiin time nahin hai breakfast karne baithonga tou bahut der ho jaayegi scahii meiin yar''

Ri:''armaan kyoon behas kar rahein ho mere saath mai tumhe bhookhe tou bilkul bhi nahin jaaane doongi''

Ar:''par basket''

But riddhima glared to him makes him shut he wants to retort as he has really  running out of time and seeing his face riddhima knows he is right he does not have time but she is right she cannot let him go without eating she knows him if he start worming he forgets anything any it's more than 12 hours since he ate something so she in no case let him go without eating and then only riddhima grabbed a sandwich from his plate and handles him the sandwich which eh taken and then she start tying his tie while saying too him that

Ri:''jab tak mai tumhari yeh tie bandhungi tab tak tum yeh sandwich khao tumhara bhi time bach jaayega aur tumhe binaa khaye bhi nahin jaana padega''

She said making him smile she is off course one of her kind cared for him so much and he smiled and riddhima smiled back to him and before he can take bite he looked at her and then she just ask from her as riddhima put the tie around his neck

Ar:''basket tum breakfast nahin karogi kya tumhara kahan hai breakfast''

But riddhima cut him saying that with a smile as she start tieining his tie

Ri:''don't worry about me mai kha loongi aabhie tum finish karoo maine subhh coffee bhi le lii thi so please start eating armaan mai kha loongi armaan pakka''

She said and smiled to him knowing that how he cared for her and smiled seeing his care for her in such a hurry he remembers about her breakfast and

Ar:''pakka promise''

Ri:''han promise''

And then both smiled and looked in each-other's eyes and went back to their work armaan start munching on his sandwich while looking at her lovingly and riddhima is tying his tie so lovingly and she is aware of his gaze and so loved the feeling and then she remembered Mr.Sinha tell him to say to bring the file

Ri:''arey han armaan ami tumhe bataa bhhull gayyi kii Mr.Sinha nee kaha hai kii baakki sab vo lekar aayenge bas tum project vaali fine le ana armaan yad se''

She said and this makes armaan coems back to reality from his love world and he panicked and he just mumbled due to sandwich in his mouth she just heard

Ar:''damn it vo tou study meiin hai mujhe laani hai riddhima yeh pakdo mujhe aur nahin khana''

He said while pointing to the sandwich even start walking towards the study too with riddhima like that oonly with him and as she heard his words to take the sandwich till they reached the study room a and riddhima looked at him she can't atke that as she has her coat in her hands aafter him wear his waist coat he did not say to do that but still she wants him to eat in peace so she did that but nnow as her hands are occupied with his coart she does not know hoe to holds the sandwich and till now armaan took the file and start checking the report and the  sandwich is still in his mouth and now his hdands occupied with hsi project report or file riddhima looked at him as she heard once again he saying that

Ar:''basket please pakdo naa yeh sandwich mujhe aur nahin juts two bites hii tou reh gayyi hai baaki tou maine kha hii liyya hai please pakdo naa ise yar''

He said and riddhima gulped what she did if she takes the sandwich his suit will spoil and then she just did not know as armaan looked at her with confusing eyes

Ri:''kaise pakdu armaan tumhare kapde khrab ho jaayenge fir''

She said making him aware of the reality and then armaan looked at his file in his hands and then he looked again towards riddhima and their eyes met and their eyes as if giving them the wish of their hearts and they even did not know when armaan leaned little bit down still his file in his hands and riddhima moved little bit upwards with his coat in her one hand and another hand on his tie which she is settling inside his waist coat and then looking in each-other's eyes  as riddhima's face come closer to him they both feels each-other's hot breaths on their faces and then they never breaking the eye-lock take the sandwich in between her lips and armaan leave the sandwich making sandwich in between her lips and in all this process their lips brushed with each-other making them shivered with desires how they wants to kiss each-other right now forgetting everything but controlling themselves riddhima made his tie properly and then makes him wear the coat and all the time her eyes lowered her face is flushed and turned beetroot red she has no courage to look at him and then as she tie his button of his suit with her eyes lowered armaan kissed her for head while holding her face from the chin in order to let go the awardees which comes in between after their lips brushed with each-other as all the time armaan looked at her seeing her red face his own heart beats are racing at high speed after getting mere brush of her lips with his and he so wants to kiss her and smack his lips on hers but only he knows how he controlled his desires and as he kissed her for head riddhima gets his unspoken words and while looking in his eyes she smiled and hugged him feeling his true feelings and his just a mere kiss did it magic and makes her feel comfortable and the awarkdness flew from in between them and then after parting from the hug and then riddhima just ate that left sandwich making armaan smiled too she often eat the left out of his they never cared but today it feels something special and then as riddhima moved from there armaan too left the stud room getting his study as he walked inside their room he gets his laptop bag and then was moving downstairs he has to leave but only then riddhima comes in between his way before he can ask anything she handles him the glass of juice making him frown but when he saw her puppy  eyes he quietly takes it and then he whispered to her that moving towards the door

Ar:''thanks basket mai jaate jaate peeta hun ise bye take care basket''

And as he rushed towards the door and riddhima was about to went too behind him when her gaze fell on his wrist watch he forgets it she rushed and then called

Ri:"rooko armaan''

And armaan did not her her voice as he is on phone and then she again

Ri:''armaan rooko''

This time she called him from the stairs rushing towards him and armaan looked at her and turned to her standing near the edge of the step as she called him arman is confused and then he just heard before he speak anything


Ri:''armaan tumhari watch room meiin reh gayyi thi yeh lo pehno''

She said panting and then armaan smiled and then just said that

Ar:''han tou aaram se bhagne kii kya jarurat hai gir jaogi tum''

He said while scolding her lovingly and then forward his hand and riddhima made him wear his watch and armaan looked at her he got one crazy wife and

Ar:''chalo aab ho gayya kuchh nahin rehta naa yeh lo juice now I am going''

He said while handling her the half empty juice of glass and riddhima smiled and then she frowned and holds his wrist and then she wiped his lips with her pallu making him smile wide and then armaan palced a kiss on her for head and then as he moved to go while taking kaka's blessings kaka called riddhima while stopping armaan

Ka:'' baba 1 minute rokiye riddhima bitiya armaan baba ko dahin cheeni nahin khilayengi vo aaj shaadi kee bas itnein bade kam kee liyye jaa rahein hai achaa hota hai naa''

He said while handling riddhima curd mixed with sugar riddhima smiled and then makes armaan feeded though armaan did not like curd but drowned in his basket's love he can never feel what he is eating and then after eating taking kaka's blessings placing a kiss on her for head again as kaka walked in kitchen and after hugging her as riddhima wished him hugging him back

Ri:''all the very best armaan bye take care theek se chalana car aur meesaage me when you reached there armaan ohk''

She said giving armaan keys of his car and then armaan nodded and giving her a warm smile he leaves and riddhima waved him bye and then with a big smile plastered on her lips she comes back in the house and did a silent pray for his success too knowing how much the hard work he did this for the project even in between their wedding functions too knows how much it will be difficult for him naa.

 And then now in evening riddhima is sitting in the living room she is tired and exhausted as she did all the work well to settle armaan's clothes and then her clothes in her new room new wardrobe and now she is sitting with the steaming cup of coffee which kaka made for her and she is waiting for armaan now it's almost 8 o' clock and armaan still did not back and she is missing him like anything he just messaged her when he reached the place where that meeting his held that he reached safely and she will ate her breakfast and he will join her soon in evening as soon his meeting will be over and she smiled and now as thinks about him and glanced at the watch that means his meeting went on for long time sighing while sipping her coffee she remembered her morning encounters with him, all the encounters running in front of her eyes like a scene from one to another scene right from the first encounter when they make out in their room when she wakes him up she feels her cheeks turned warm again when she thinks how armaan saw her actually while peeking from the washroom that was actually embarrassing he can see the blue straps of her inner wear when he looks at her well off course he can as its clearly visible to him then she then remembered how they banged in each-other and how armaan caress the water drops from her cheeks his fingers moved on her cheeks so seductively and passionately that makes a shiver ran down in her spine still now she feels his hands on her cheeks she is damn sure if he is not running out of kind he will surely kiss her cheeks and she so wants that moment and then she remembers how armaan is continuously gazing at her when she is busy in tying his tie he thinks she does not notice that but she does how his eyes glued on her only and only she knows how she tied his tie as it is getting very much difficult for her when he is actually looking at her with his piercing gaze only because of tat she has to settle his tie after makes him wear his waist coat too and she shivered thinking that moment and then how she takes the remaining sandwich from his mouth and how much he is behaving normally while asking her to take sandwich from  him but as he also registered their situation she knows a blush crept on his cheeks too as she can see the red colour on his cheeks and she loved that feeling and then as they conveyed their comfortness from their eyes she saw again the scene armaan bends towards her level with sandwich in his mouth and she herself tip toed on her toes and as riddhima took the sandwich in her mouth from his they were looking in each-other's eyes all the time and riddhima feels goose bumps aroused all over her skin when she feels their lips brushed with each-other that just mere brush is enough to makes her lose all her senses only she knows how she controls herself she so wants to caress his lips from time she feels his hot breath kissing her lips as she wants to kiss him or wants to kissed by him she knows somewhere armaan wants this too as he is looking at her lips but maybe that's her delusion little did she knows that's the truth and she so wants her first ever kiss only with her armaan the love of his life this is truth and she just now wants armaan will fall in love with her like her as she is well irrecoverably in love with his best friend little did she knows he is also in love with her like her irrecoverably and just thinking of that kiss she hides her face in her palms and then as she opened her eyes both armaan riddhima the flash of armaan and riddhima is vanished from her eyes and then her trance breaks with kaka's voice who is asking her to have her dinner and she looked at the watch its past 10 p.m. and armaan is still did not back so she just refused to have dinner while politely saying to kaka that he will have his dinner and

Ri:''nahin kaka aap aapna khana kha lijiye aur jaakar rest kijiye aur mai armaan kaa wait karti hun aur oonke saathh hii kha loongi aur mujhe abhie bhookh bhi nahin haii vaise tou aap jayiye kaka please subhh se kam kar rahein hai mujhe tou kuchh karne nahin diyya aapnein''

She said first kaka disagreed saying he will serve riddhima and armaan and will wait for his armaan baba and moreover he did not allow her to do the house chores but riddhima managed to send him saying that she just will serve nothing more and finally kaka will have to agree with his new bahu ranii and then he leaves after having his dinner plate to his room which is at the back side of their house and then riddhima looked at clock its 10 p.m. now and still no sign of armaan's so she is thinking to call him as well worried for him as he even did not leave any message about his whereabouts she picked her cell to call him while mumbling to herself as she start dialling his number putting phone on her ear

Ri:''yeh armaan bhi naa had karta hai kitna laparvah hai yeh bata nahin sakta hai kya ek bar call karke yaa message karrke kii ise derii hogii bhull gayya hai aab aur bhi koi hai ooske gharr meiin joo ooska wait karti hai ooski biwii bhi hai bachelor nahin hai aab vo naa pehle bhi pareshan aab bhi pareshan karega''

She said to herself while dialling his number but as it said switched off she is now worried for him and then she is just pacing in living room waiting for him and still trying his number in between too but same response that number is switched off why his phone switched off he rarely switched off his phone hope he is fine and she prayed for his safety and after almost half an hour its past 11 p.m. when door bell rang and she opened the door as

Ri:''armaan kahan the tum mai tumhe kabse call kar rahii hun kitni der laga dii tumne ane meiin armaan mai kabse wait kar rahii hun tumhara armaan the kahann?''

She showered him with lots of questions as she opened the door and as saw him standing there with a big smile.

Precap_Ar:'' basket hum yehin so gayye the kal raat ko damn it basket''
 Will armaan told riddhima the truth?
Will they able to tell each-other they loved each-other?
Ar:''mujhe aisaa nahin karna chahiye tha mai aisee kaise kar sakta hun riddhima kee saath how could i kaise kar sakta hun''
Ri:''maine kahaa naa armaan mai theek hun please bahar chalein''
Ri:''thanks armaan aur i am really very sorry kal rat kee liyye''
Will Armaan able to believe Riddhima believe in commitment?
College Life Again?
Ri:''armaan kya keh rahein ho mai fir se college join kar rahii hun?''
Ar:''see Sid merii biwii se 100 kilmotere kii durii par reh nahin tou anzam kaa zimevar mai nahin hoyunga''
Armaan grabbed his collar in anger and his eyes were blood shoot red
Ri:''rahul armaan nee drink kiyya hai naa''
Ar:''riddhima basket biwii''
Ri:''armaan baat mat karoo mujse tum bas ekk baat sun kar tumne aiseee drink kiyya aur raat koo vo sab tamasha kiyya kya tumhe mujh par thoda saa bhi vishwas nahin tha armaan?''

part completed friends hope you like it friends, and now riddhima realized as their freindhip changed into sacred relatiosnship she has now resonsibilities towards armaan too along with her another realtions will she managed to fulfill her reposnibilities towards him
to find out stay tuned
with Dill Ka Bandhan
will be waiting for your comments
next update-Tuesday
with lots of love and regards

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anishaalluri Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 11:52am | IP Logged

awesome work as always nikki..

loved all the moments they sharedEmbarrassed
cont soon

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-AK- Senior Member

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
that was a really cute part
love the moments b/w AR
Their morning was really eventful well to be precise armaan's morning :P
Waiting to noe what armaan is sooo happy about 
i hope he tells her the truth before she comes to know from sum1 else 

Edited by ARMAAN-KSGFAN - 17 January 2013 at 4:43am

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 1:33am | IP Logged
nice part.

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--Shukti-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 6:10am | IP Logged
fabulous update...
luvd it

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Jenniferfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
nice installment
complete it soon

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