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Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

Bidaai Bidaai reet yeh kaisi hai... (Page 7)

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Originally posted by SPN_JD_Addicted

But when she does anything it has meaning lol.Even rags talking to Vasu and her sons with the help of Anand was criticised cos she took a wrong meaning out or something and made the bros guilty and not vasu!

I know,I know ANMOL lol.

I loved his moodiness and hated his sweetness.He respected Rags which was more than I could say for ahem ahem!Lols.He is handsome.And did I forget anything lol

Lot of things. You didn't even mention his anger. He was angry once, remember? C'mon..Nahi chalega. I need a whole essay. I am missing him. Ouch

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Lol Kez,he was angry when he was building the doll house,he was angry when he caught Tarun,he was angry with SHivani.I would have loved if he was angry at Rags too for what she did in the end and that would have cent percent lol.Abhi tho going out.Will write in detail again lol.

More than anything I miss the daily dose of coming here at 3;30PM our time and discussing abt the epi and all.Feeling weird I guess!

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MagixX IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by SPN_JD_Addicted

Lol Kez,he was angry when he was building the doll house,he was angry when he caught Tarun,he was angry with SHivani.I would have loved if he was angry at Rags too for what she did in the end and that would have cent percent lol.Abhi tho going out.Will write in detail again lol.

More than anything I miss the daily dose of coming here at 3;30PM our time and discussing abt the epi and all.Feeling weird I guess!

Oh yeah ! Many times..ROFL
Hey, he was angry at Rags too..Remember "super human" dialogue? ROFL

Going out ? Hehehehe..Ok. Have fun..yeah, sure do. I want an "intense" detail, lolzzz..ROFL

I know, right ? It's so sad..No Bidaai now. Just waiting for the 2nd season, you know..
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Very nice post ...made it a stickyClapClapEmbarrassed
My thoughts on Bidaai...
I will confess that I was emotionally attached to this show till the pre-leap period as those were the golden and best days of BidaaiClap..Post-Leap I did watch it but was not very attached to it because I felt the essense of bidaai ended with Sadhna and Ranvir's death ...but yes the new actors after the leap did a wonderful job as wellClap...
It was a nostalgic feeling for me when I saw the last episodeCry...Somewhere I feel it should hv ended with SaLekh and RagVir  as a couple because the groW*H of their relationship for last 2 and a half years cannot b easily wiped off from the minds of the viewers who hv watched this show right from Episode 1..So for me Ending was OTT but nevethless all the actors pre as well as post leap gave their full 100% to the showSmile

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snowhitepinkzz IF-Dazzler

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Awww...CHOCOLOVER!!!... Wonderful writeupClap goes my comments,
Alok Jiii : As RS refers, SOUL of the show, truly...Prakashchand Sharma - The perfect father for his adorable daughters..Thumbs Up.The best role model and what all...I always loved to hear his "bhashans" that were the strength and support of SaGini,Confused Still wondered why could'nt he refine his wife Kaushalya! LOL....He was a very patient man who never ever allowed anybody to question over his self-esteem and a man who valued his culture more than money and status.. The major quality which the CVS potrayed through him is that he is a great writer by profession....
PC will always be remebered as an inspiring father and EXTRAORDINARILY played by AlokJiiii...Kudoos to himClap Clap Clap Clap ...Always loved his movies!
Vibha Jii :....Hahahaha....What to say, ..Kaushi used to get on my nerves everytime and god! hated her sooo much Angry Angry .....Her calling everytime "Ragini beta, thu tikke tho hey na...thuje koi pareshani tho nahi hena"...Ouch..She was a fluctuating character , who is good to all around her who makes Ragini happy and bad to people who keeps Rags Unhappy!....
Well acted by VibhaJiii....
All the moments she behaved as a good mother
Naveen and Ashita :....Clap Funny couple, All their nok-choks and silly cute romance ...I used to get a lot happy when He used to shout at Malti for her dirty plays towards Sharma family...Vinu,....mmm was not a good son, but eventually turned out to be responsible after the leap I guess, But tried to remain a good bhaiyya always to his lovely sisters...But Poor him, used to fall for Malti's "chaals" and create unrest within the family... All in all I loved this choot tho main bolthi nahi family...
And How can I 4get theShocked "Bhagvan chooth na bulvaaye" ...Mummmmmyyyyyyyyy Of Malthi BhabhiBig smile...I used to love her slangs... and hate her at the same time! Confused...
And the "akhaaaiyyyaaa" played ....Ohhh! Will miss that!....
There z one dialogue of Vinu that I love : "ek tho khud choot nahi bolthi and doori tho bhagvan ko choot nahi bulvaano ko keh rahi hey"...something like this... LOL 
Fav Vinu-Malti scene is imitating Ranvir pipe climbing scene,..Malti helping to unite RagVirEmbarrassed
NaniJiiiii:.....yeah Liked her, but at times I didnt...So no great comments, but still Clap...
SeemaJiiii :...ooops!!! SHE is amazing as VASU!!, the most hated character in Bidaai I suppose, ..
Egoistic, cannot see beyond family status and money....Takes everything and every1 for granted!, Rajvansh house's walls was afraid of her big great talks!LOL Shocked .....But everytime and at anytime always for her sons, "jigar ka tukda" like she says....Alekh and Ranvir - the apple of her eyes,..,
My fav Vasu scenes :...Alekh threatening her using the knife ( and that scene won the award for the best sceneClap Clap ...Fantastic acting by Angad-Seemajii and well directed ).., Vasu agreeing for RagVir marriage, Alekh shouting at her when SaAlekh divorce mystry comes into light...
BRILLIANT acting by her... But I never liked her heavy makeups!Ouch , the most amount of makeups would have been used by her in the showWink 
AvinashJiiiiii : Haaan,Indrajeet Rajvansh, the head of the family for name sake! But A supportive father , and loving Father-In-Law ... Hardly has got to do any thing associated with RV family, always with business!....Shocked, afterall money making!Wink..Speaking with hands and face was only Inder's own talent!! Clap.. He got some screen space only during the Alekh mystery track I suppose...But still calm and composed member of the family,...Good Work by Avinash Jiii...
Fav Scene : Showered his agitation on Vasu and asked her to leave RV house after radha-krishna act by AleSadVir..
Then another one is telling Ranvir that : "khubsoorathi ke peeche math jaa.. maine aisa kiya and writing now I'm payin for what I did"...
Natasha Rana :....Awwwww cute, lovely sweetheart sabki Pyaari aur khaaskar Alekh Ki CHOTTIMA!Embarrassed....OMG!, I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvveee this lovely lovely Chottimaaa... Beautifully potrayed by NatashaJiiii... I used to feel alot bad when Vasu looks down upon her...Her love towards everyone...
I used to love her a looooooooooooooooooooottttt.....
Fav scenes : All scenes with Satanjiiii Embarrassed, Ranvir's breakdown on her laps Cry Cry Cry , I cried like hell when I saw that....All scenes with Alekh, Ranvir, Sadhna, Ragini...Embarrassed....
Fav scene : She telling to Kaushi that she'l take care of Ragini and will never make her feel about her maayka..during RagVir engagement...
I missed out half of the mystery track hence missed out the evil chottima...But she must have been great!
Commentable acting by her, the sweetest member in RV family till the mystery trackEmbarrassed Clap 
Satyendra ( Dunt knw his name )....Loved Loved Loved Loved Himmmmmmmmmm..Always happy happy.....Big smile Big smilecharacter, spreads smiles and happiness every where in the house...his shayariiii and "bakurdaar" addressing to Ranvir Embarrassed...Simply Simply loved this amazing character...always there for his wife, makes her happy all the time..
A very lovely couple, After RagVir, I love this couple aloooooooootttttttttSmile....
Fav Scene : When he shouted at Vasu for Ambika ( and both Mamiji and Sadhna came to know, infact all of us came to know that both Vasu and Ambika were sisters )
Naveen-Avni : Cunning couplesConfused ....what to say more, Avni is just tooo perfect for Naveen, Partner in crime! LOL, Know how to use Malti and uses accordingly!...
What I love the most is When Malti calls her "Kammmoooooo" and her eyes and face, ...A must watch ...She express with eyes ( evil ) Clap
Fav : All Malti - Vasu scenes when either of them pulls each other's legs....
And When Malti's mummy gives her kachori and she says she dnt need it and it has more oil..then her mummy says .."haaayyyyee,,,,,jab choti ithna khathi thi..ithna kathi thi...bhagvan choot na bulvaaye"... LOL They were good to watch though I use to sit with my breaths tight!
Guni-Pratham were sweet children ... My fav scenes are : Ranvir - Guni - Pratham playing prank in RagVIR mooh dikhaayi and Guni entering RagVir's room at night and distrubing the naughty Ranvir!LOL ...Ohh..Ranvir was cute here...
Foregot to mention Dolly!!! LOL ..nothing much...but it would have been good if she had ever come back!
Now :Embarrassed
ANGAD HASIJA : Is he really an actor!!?Shocked ...I doubt sometimes, He lives his character..Every single scene of him was amazing to watch, he had something very special about this acting, ...The Schiophrenic Alekh to Normal Alekh....Thumbs Up,... "I like it, I like it"...Will always be only ANGAD HASIJA'S exclusive dialogue, just for him....Brilliant wonderful acting and the schiophrenic Alekh is still alive in our minds and hearts, always there for his lovely brother, for his "dosth"...His world was his paintings,.. and his immense love for mamajiiiiiiiii..and mamiji's kheer...Everything was wonderfully played by him...
Have to say one thing : Alekh's angerrr..BY GOD!!!!!Shocked Shocked ...There is no other person who can play it sooooooooo well as he has done it...he made the character immortal!...
KUDOOOSSSClap Clap Clap Clap Clap ....
I do agree that the change to Normal Alekh was fast, but the thing is I really couldnt make out when did he actually turned as Alekh Rajvansh
Fav Scene : Knife scene, When he gets lost during HM in keralaClap,Holi sequence, Getting scared when he sees DadaJiii's pic, Taking Ragini cunningly to meet Ranvir...and above all I miss Alekh BGM!Cry 
SARA KHAN :...The innocent ...sacrificing, withot jealousy character whos world is her mamaji and Jeeji...anything for them, She sacrificed her life for Ragini, always buried by harsh words and actions, still no complaints...AMAZINGLY played by Sara Khan...Just like CHOCOLOVER said, though these seem extraordinary in today's human, still one can defenitely take a lot from her...chooses the path of truth above relations...
What can I say, She made Sadhna lively...Good and Appreciable work by Sara Khan
Fav Scene : lots and lots of fav scenes, her care and love towards Alekhjiii...Jeeji and all... almost all scenes....
KINSHUK MAHAJAN : Embarrassed..............Day Dreaming..The Best SON, Perfect HUSBAND....Amazing BROTHER...Wonderful SON-IN-LAW!!!Smile.....Heeeeee, He is one practical person who belives in whatver he does, give importance to his family and relations and who ever comes in b/w samjhooo..'gaya kaam se'..LOL Wink....Whoever does injustice, if that is even his Mom, he wont spare...
hahahah, maybe the only one who can fight and stand against VASU!, THE HITLER....Yet loves and respects his mom....
Ranvir is UNIQUE ...
His mischiefs, His naughtyness, His anger everything everything,,,,z deadly to watch..
When he was introduced, Kinshuk was not better in delivering dialogues but as time passed he was shaped into delivering it beautifully...
KINSHUK is one actor who extremely speaks with his eyes.. and he is just wonderful..
How many roles he do, KINSHUK is always RANVIR RAJVANSH for me...
U are superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
PARUL CHAUHAN : Embarrassed..The girl next door,... She could relate herself as Ragini, that could be one reason why I could not differentiate which is Ragini and which is Parul!...A very practical girl, who loves her family, sister and her baujiiii...Insecure about her color but her sister and baujii give her the courage to face everything that came across....She is ready to sacrifice her love for her family
Her sister is her life.....WONDERFULLY played by Parul Jaaanniiiiiiiiiiiiii, Love you alot!!
You deserve mush more than a clap or a hatts off... Your character is practical, hence its close to y heart always.................................
And How can I not comment about my lov here!!???? ...Haaannn My LOVELY ELECTIFYING RAGVIRRRR!!!Day Dreaming Silly 
The most amazing Jodi in this UNIVERSE ( I know that sounds crazy,,but thats what I'm...LOL )...There is no other couple who has such a great charm and magic..
This is what you called as chemistry,,,
Let me rewind a bit....
"kithne door door ho, un dono ke raaste, mil jaathe hey jo bane ek duje ke vaaste"
A wrong number, agitated Ranvir, impressed by Ragini's words, new hope,new bond of friendship blossomed....named it as "ANAMIKA" AND "ANMOL"....., They kept meeting without knowing that they are just meant for each other, finally met, expectations shatter, Ranvir tries to move away, realises his love, came back, but invain.. Try to get Ragz at any cost, confessed RAGVIR'S love 4 each other,but families became the villain once again,couldnt do anything other than seeing her getting enagaged with someone else,, engagement called off, Ranvir happy, met Ragini in temple,tried to convice every1, but again no use, decided to part, Decided to move out once again,Ranvir's sadness worried Alekh, then finally both families agree, engagement, haldi, mehendi, SHAADI, honeymoon.... and started their journey........
Thier romance, their little nok-choks, breathtaking momentsBlushing
The backgrund musci...Nisa Nisaaaa.....Kills meeeeeeeee Blushing...all can only be created by RagVir/KinRul Onlyyy...
Ooooo...I wrote sooo much OMG!Shocked...Couldnt control, LOL 
Thanks RS for this wonderful show.... Love Bidaai and My RagVir!!!!!!

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One of my fav shows .....But something ruined itOuch

My Most Fav was Alekh ...his innocence n purity was a delight to watch ...signifying that we need to discover the child in us always

..The sisters ..Saadhna n Ragini r always adorable .....the bond was lovable

Ranvir ..who looked beyond Ragini's appearance ..n loved the woman inside her .....kudos Heart

N  Malti bhabhi ..Gosh I miss you ...she was funny , silly n idiotic ....LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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Himani, what a beautiful post. I completely agree with everything you've said and I see you've saved the best for last. Smile

I loved all the scenes between Seemaji and Alokji. They were such amazing character and quite consistent in their views (pre-leap).

As for foursome, never have I seen such actors and actresses better suited for one another than these four. They have such amazing chemistry that no one else can even come near. KinRul are amazing as Ragvir. They made us fall in love with them, dream of them, laugh with them, cry with them, etc. Ragvir's story is very close to my heart. They fought the very people they called their own to be together and after so much heartache they finally managed to get together and that entire journey was amazing and one I'll always always remember. Sanagd were just beautiful. Their chemistry is cute (in the beginning) and then hot (after Aalekh became normal). It was so nice to watch Sadhana fall in love with Aalekh (I think we all fell in love with him with her) and then to see Aalekh love her back in his own way was just adorable. After a long time, finally Sadhana got what she deserved: a normal husband so that was really nice to see.

I miss my Ragvir and Saalekh and I hope that if there is a season 2 of Bidaai then it would be with Kinrul and Sanagd.

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Thanks everybody for replying! Loved reading your thoughts!!
Thnaks Jyoti for making this a sticky! Smile

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