Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

12/11/10 - Ria Ka Adda:Karan's Meesage for Adda..

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 12 November 2010 at 10:38am | IP Logged

Ria ka Adda Rules:

We are here to have fun & at the same time provide objective feedback Smile

1) Follow IF rules & respect each others opinion. There is a decent code of conduct you can maintain and not pounce on each other if there's a difference of opinion.

2) Actor bashing will not be tolerated. Discuss the show & characters :)

3) Please use @Name format and avoid quoting long/multiple posts.

4) First page is for episode analysis, so reserve only if you want to analyze.

5)Join us on RKA Facebook by becoming friends of "Ria ka Adda". Send us friends request and we would love to see you as part of the family! Smile

Analysis in Short
  • Was hving some more expectations from the least a decent ArJuhi dance but instead what we got ??Same old cliched Ekta stuff...that Arjun's bro spiking the drink...taking the girl to another room..trying to take advantage...Arjun coming in as hero...but Arohi misunderstanding himOuch...Can Ekta do something different in her parties now ??Confused
  • Editing was continuation throughout the episode..CVs r confused which angle to show.,.ArJuhi angle or Gouri angle or Arjun and his brother's angleStern Smile
  • Only thing I liked was start of the episode where Arohi talks about love to Arjun and we see Arjun getting mesmerised with her talks even though he doesn't believe in loveThumbs Up;It was like a fairy-tale moment and I liked itEmbarrassed..But again something was OTT there...u can clearly see Arjun's face but Arohi cannot see his face and blankly confesses to him just because Pandittji told her about that 12'o clock storyConfused....CVs could hv weaved some other story to show this fairy tale momentErmm..Moment was niceClap but the situation was OTT
  • Kritka was overacting today again ..she was good in first partClap but rest was overactingOuch...Karan was underacting too much when he should hv had more expressions on his face when he talks about that girl in front of his brother..I know his character is reserved but he should show that intensity in his eyes was blank todayOuch...But in the first part he was good when Arohi was giving those love dialogues to him...
  • Overall Episode was average..Party was a dampenerThumbs Down
  • From story POV..u just dunno how its going to go seems something is still missing..mayb the magic is not thereErmm..CVs better pull up their socks before its too lateSmile

Episode Rating:6.5/10..Just for that first scene which was well executedThumbs Up..Rest of the episode din't make any sense to meSmile

Read Sanjukta's Post on PG1 to see Karan Kundra's Message for Ria ka AddaSmile

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 November 2010 at 10:40am | IP Logged
ROFLSince there is CONFUSION.  Lemme be CLEAR as pple can't readROFL  My note yesterday was MY PERSPECTIVE on negative comments by many on FB about RKA instigated chiefly by Kritica Kamra's comments about Adda.  Not her comments per se.  If she can post her OPINION then SO CAN I and that is what I did.  If u found my comments hurtful then pause and imagine how I must va felt when my beloved RKA was attacked by pple, who know nothing about it.  How I felt after my RKA buddies were attacked for giving their "honest" feedbak about the show they want to see succeed especially knowing how worked some of this gals ve worked to bring it bak.  

Karan Kundra - heard ur r feeling "hawt" - kya hua?  still running a "viral" fever kya?  Did the same mosquito bite u that bit Iqbal Khan n GurmeetErmm  Get well sooon.  Smile


As 4 this epi - I am watching it with open mind.

There is no rhyme or reason to love.  Y then is there a "right" time?  Following that logic thru Arohi shuld marry dus minute late ChikkuROFLROFL 

Jokes Apart: The first scene in the moonlight was beautiful.  We can't plan life and you can't book dates with destiny.  One should never pre-plan to meet Mr. Right at midniite that is simply not right.  It goes against the "spontaneous" essence of love.  That's why Arjun & Arohi meeting unexpectedly at midnight and not Chiku and Arohi was right.  

I liked how they are building the ehsaas-e-ishq and though neither Arohi nor Arjun for diverging reasons believe in love they are starting to feel its ehsaas.  

Post - TIPS:
1. The dialogues in Scene 1 were perfect.  Kritica delivered well in the scene and the chemistry was there.  Karan's delivery was, however, imperfect.  The soft spoken tone was good, but the scene would have been perfect if he had modulated his voice.   

2. I liked the innovation or twist they put into the old spiked drink formula.  KMH1 had spiked drinks too and they used it innovatively.  The same happened here.Thumbs Up  It wud ve been tacky n obvious for Big Bro to take advantage of Guari in this scene.  Arjun rescuing her and becoming even more mahaan in her eyes wud ve also be cliche.  

3. Them not recognizing each other or rather Arohi not recognizing Arjun when they meet outside in the moonlight was ROFLROFL  

4. Chikku Standard Time = is faster then Indian Standard Time (1 hr late)LOL

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bDgT IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2010 at 10:41am | IP Logged
I am a silent Addian posting today as I had to get my 22 cents in the betting ring.

Here we were waiting with bated breath for the return of this show that we thought would be about epic lovers but sadly all our umeedon pey paani fell and drowned our aspirations and our dreams =))


The story lacked credibility and every single thing looked jaded, put on and totally bakwas. I wonder how the Channel approved of the script.

I also wonder how the Channel thought that this could engage, entertain, or enthuse the viewers.

A love story at the end of the day is nothing but a re-enactment of popular love stories like Heer -Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet or otherwise a poor imitation of the best art that Hollywood or Bollywood churns out.

What is original in this story? What is original in this treatment?

Today was a wasted day and a wasted episode. A total waste of time!! As one of my good pals is wont to say "UTTER CRAP" and 'UBER CRAP"


Acting is all about getting the emotions right, and getting your ACT together, otherwise it's not called as acting but it is called as being a block of ice or as bad as a kankad!!

What is original about either of the actors [both male and female] and their expressions???


I am sorry to say, but today's show did not gel well with me, the enactment, the expressions, the complete lack of credibility in character portrayal made it look like I was watching a poor copy of some of the DD shows that used to come during the 2 PM slot which had actors that would make HAMSTERS that HAM look like Oscar or Tony or BAFTA winners.

My humble suggestion to the actors: So my 22 cents is that some acting school will be a good training ground for the actors to learn the nuances of getting the expressions right., of emoting, and oh well of being suitable to don the roles, so please enroll yourselves in a good acting school and please observe the current breed of upcoming actors who are making inroads and blazing a path of their own and redefining Indian television with their commendable performances. Please do not be lackluster in your performances causing a MAJOR YAWN factor to the audience.

Thank you,

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niksidfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2010 at 10:50am | IP Logged


thanks a lot jyoti for the post........
ok i will be little harsh today in my analysis.....
first of all i m not impressed with the first scene...basically i have expected a lot from that scene but it didnt come out like the way i thought...i agree that the place and the surroundings were beautiful ,the maple leaves were flying all around and it was even the beautiful place of rock garden in chandigarh but somehow i thnk they both cud nt match up to the beauty surrounding them...more passion was needed...the scene was nice but i expect more from the duo and i m sure they will pick up soon..................
ok coming to the story ,arohi thought it was cheeku....and she suddenly started feeling something for dat person becoz panditji told her dat the person she will come across at 12.00 will be her eternal lover...very ektaish..anyways let me beleive that unique love stories starts like dis ....arjun too felt something for that gal...he was simply bowled over by her innocence and he asked all the happiness for dat unknown gal....this is the signature KMH style but i felt today that arjun is losing his ganster image and i dont prefer it too hapen too first...i would suggest karan to polish his character a little bit he was looking cute and missing the attitude of arjun singhania....and i dont support it......
i really liked the chemistry between arjun and arohi wen they were quarelling with each other..angry young arjun at its best but why is arjun always critisicing arhi's face...last night he cant even stop staring at her lol...and the thing about gauri was predictable...i so guessed that all the blame is now coming in arjuns way which was actually done by the way how mikhil talks yaar..i mean his voice seems to come out of his loved arjun's interaction and bond wid his brother..from the first day i thought mikhail cant tolerate himand do not consider him as his bro also but today  wen mikhail forgave him for the sin that arjun had done  i thought dere is a bit of emotions attached between the so called brothers...ok coming to the sin....arjun had darely stopped his bro to do anything  wrong wid his so called galfriend gauri....and as   arjun was trying to bring her to senses arohi entered and as usual misunderstood him ..and wat a destiny..this was deir 2nd faceoff which turned out to be complete opposite to the first one where they  met  in dat beautiful garden and both felt for each other and have some lovey dovey talks and now they were hell bent against each other......i thnk destiny plays a vital role in all great love stories.hmm.....might be...
ok...i wud like to mention destiny's perfectly made imperfect child and dat is our none other dan for the 1st time i found him soo becoz of his imperfect time setting ,he succeded to set up a perfect meeting for the eternal lovers...poor cheeku,mr. price tag.....ur 75000 10 mins slow watch had cost u dearly...his perfect nature had given arohi a headache and she got confused and left
congrats to billu and makran for winning a cash  of 5 lakh  par unka dance to dikhana chahiye tha yaar........
i just like arohis dadi...she is sooo  cute......arohi's bonding wid her dadi is better than anyone else in the family..........i just find gauri too boring...and her acting has just not improved a bit considering her from the first appearance ......she almost gives blank emotion all the time......
  again comin to arjun's family....i think arjun's brother in law is just too shrewd..he always talks against arjun to mikhail and instigate him and infront of arjun he is just too sweet...i would like to see wat role he has in the future.....
lastly i liked arjun thinking about arohi but the person wid whom he shared all this might take  advantage later on.........
overall i would rate the epi as 6 out of 10........

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QUIRKY333 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2010 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Karan's Message for Ria Ka Adda:

Karan Kundra November 12 at 10:36am Report
...........................................................................................................Theres been some issues lately regarding some of the adda ppl just to let you know. I didn't mean to upset you guys or any show in particular and neither has kritz intact I haven't been on IF since Bayttaab days. I have always read and appreciated you guys and taken ur opinions seriously! Just been enjoying the success of my show.. And if I did retaliate on people dissing my show on my page wall it's obvious ya my show is my love it's bigger than god for me it's what I do!! So no hard feelings! Thought I'll let ya know :)

Sent via Facebook Mobile

so guys, let's keep our cool and let whoever say whatever....we know the essence of adda and we know why we say what we say....adda has always been for honest reactions and strived for the betterment of the show....karan, out of every one else would know let the others be...and lets not stoop to their level

we know we are different - qualitatively too's a huge hug to my adda girls Hug


ever since i was a kid, i hated "comparisons" dare someone compared me with the other kid in the block....i am what i am !! no?

but when I am being compared with my own previous deeds....Ermm....ummm i generally am at loss of words

so KMH team, please excuse me tonight but i'll have to compare you with ur own self some months back...

KMH 1 was my life last year and one of the high points for me was arohi's confession to arjun....ohhh it was surreal..i cried at how beautiful it was

arohi let her heart speak today too...but alas !! i did not feel any impact. neither did i feel any connection as to why arjun should be swept off his feet....

firstly, I am 16th for me, during an intense conversation use of certain words just "kills" it.........i detested the use of "mujhe feel huya"..."mujhe feel huya" thingy...what feel? the use of mehsoos makes it feel me !! say the lines urself and u'll know !!Approve

secondly, to me it was a patch-work...arohi DOES not love on earth can she suddenly burst into  a soulful conversation with him? just because the pandit said so? Shocked such is thou depth of love my darling? Wink

thirdly, arjun tries to decipher this sudden showering of affection of a woman unknown and is surprised !! (we all were LOL)......but a person who holds himself back so much from others and has this cloak of resilience around him will suddenly say to an unknown woman that he too feels strange today...just like that? agree, arjun can "think" that way, but then it shuld have been "him talking to himself"

fourthly, chikoo reminds me of a character from a movie..a recent one...where the guy spells out the price tag everytime he gives his woman usual can't remember what i am refering to though LOL

fifth, gauri and mikhail...CLICHE, CLICHE, CLICHE.....Sleepy

Finally, I found nothing "MAHA" in this episodeGeek

as for drooling over karan...well, i love good loking men..who doesn't Ermm.....but that's restricted to ramps....when i adore an "actor" he has to act and emote

as for kritika..she used to be my fav in KMH 1...she still is awwwwdorable.....hope she speaks a li'l slowly though

the rest of the cast = bakwaas...which is unfortunate Smile


agree and disagree cordially and keep the adda rolling girls Big smile

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cacoethes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 November 2010 at 10:55am | IP Logged

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 12 November 2010 at 10:58am | IP Logged
still have to see the epi and also didn't read written updates...but seems to like is OKAY epi..lets see
may edit late the spot as busy..on monday giving the theory exam of driving licenseShockedOh godLOL

What is love?
I do not know!
Chills in the heat
away from the cold
where we are the world.

What is love?
I do not know!
All beautiful moments
when the time stops
where we are the world

What is love?
Now I know! It's a
Lightning in the cloudless
without the temporal
that struck us specifically.

Everyone needs love
without having to run
trying to wait.
Put aside all your anger
begins to love
coming out of your cage!

May come later with something other later
bye bye
till then

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2010 at 11:03am | IP Logged

The episode was an improvement from yesterday..... but acting wise still lot of scope for improvement.... i cant say anything more than this....ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused

will write details in some time

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