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As the following graphic suggests, this is a fanfic I very recently wrote which focuses on the relationship between Bharat and Dashrath. It occurs soon after the former begins to reside in Nandigram and refers to several dialogues from RSR (particularly Dashrath's as Ram leaves Ayodhya, and many of Bharat's after he returns to it and gets the bad news).  Looking forward to you guys' thoughts... here it goes:

It was a quiet day in Nandigram. A few months had passed since that fateful day in Chitrakoot; the people of Avadh (and in the future, the rest of the universe) would never be able to forget the unprecedented display of love and devotion that occurred that day, the overwhelming wave of emotion that they experienced had since faded into a seemingly endless routine.  A routine of admiring their current ruler, awaiting their future one, and wondering what sin they had committed because of which this routine seemed to persist forever.  When would these days end?  Meanwhile, their ruler, too, was lost in thought.  The nobles had no official edicts for him to sign that day, nor any new act of charity to sponsor.  He was left to himself, his lord's charan paduka, and his thoughts. 
Often the thoughts that he had during such moments of solitude were focused on his Ram Bhaiya.  Where must he, bhabhi, and Lakshman be at this very moment?  Were they comfortable there?  Had any thorns dared to prick their sacred feet on the way?  Was he himself fulfilling his Bhaiya's command satisfactorily?  Was there any shortcoming in how he was handling the kingdom on his behalf, and was there anything more he could do to please him?  Was there anything more he could give up so that he could trade away that pleasure in exchange for some of his Bhaiya's pain?
He would also be concerned about Mata Kaushalya and Mata Sumitra.  How were they dealing with the absence of their sons?  Was he doing enough to console them during this difficult period?  His own heart was still in such a vulnerable state after all that had transpired, that he wasn't sure how to go about building up anyone else's courage just yet.  Speaking of courage, what about poor Urmila!  Why hadn't he taken her along when they journeyed to Chitrakoot, and how was she able to swallow her own pain to provide comfort to the rest of the family during such long and difficult days?  He would have worried about Mandavi and how she might be struggling to stay calm while he was here with the opportunities for solitude and reflection, and she was there amidst responsibilities towards so many.  However, he was sure that with her dear sister Urmila by her side and the much needed visit from the wise Mata Sunayana who she regarded just the same as her own mother, she had all the inspiration and support that she needed in order to stay dedicated to her duties.  Mothers seemed to have that reenergizing effect on their daughters - reminding them of their responsibilities, and more importantly, the fact that they are more than capable of fulfilling them... just as the sacred bond that fathers share with their sons.  A bond that not too long ago, he shared with his own father...
... His father.  That's whom Bharat's thoughts went out to on this particular day.  Of course, he missed all the moments of laughter and life lessons and boundless affection that Pitashri left behind.  So much so that after having undergone painstaking effort to convince a dwaarpal to give him a detailed account of what he missed when he was away at "Maharani Kaikeyi's" maternal home, he simply could not connect that description of bereft, shattered, inconsolable Dashrath with the strong, smiling image of his father imprinted in his mind. 
But it was even worse than that.  With much hesitation, the dwaarpal had revealed to Bharat something that pierced his heart like shards of shattered glass.  Something that made the already unbearable burden of guilt he carried due to Maharani Kaikeyi's actions weigh thousands of times as more than before he knew it.  As Ram Bhaiya left the city, his father said certain words.  The first of them were addressed to Kaikeyi - he disowned her, just as Bharat had upon hearing of her conduct, and this part he could understand.  But immediately after that, his father said that, "If Bharat returns and sits on the throne begotten in this most treacherous manner, I shall disown him as well, and I will not even accept the ancestral offerings he may make upon my death!"  Those words were just recently revealed to Bharat, and they were what seized his thoughts today.  Those words shattered his soul, and because of them, no amount of counsel from great sages like Vashisht and Bharadwaj could relieve him of his self-loathing.  His father actually doubted him, and left him before Bharat (or Ram Bhaiya, on his behalf) could prove his innocence.  He actually thought that in spite of having such venerable ancestors and a father with such honor and integrity, his son would succumb to greed, or even circumstances, and accept something verily stolen from the one whom Bharat loved and worshipped with every fiber of his being.  The one whom he so loved was traversing on paths of thorns, and sleeping on beds of grass, and residing under roofs so delicate that the rain could dare to seep through them cause him further discomfort.  All of that, because of the scheme that would give an undeserving and ignorant servant his master's throne.  And Bharat would be so shameless as to accept it? 

For his father to even entertain such a doubt, Bharat was sure that he himself had earned it.  Maybe it was all of those games during childhood, when Ram bhaiya would purposely let Bharat win and Bharat would proudly accept the victory.  Maybe it was all the mischievous teasing that was in his nature, compared to Ram bhaiya's eternal and unshakable serenity.  Maybe it was his rivalry with Lakshman; since he was the one fortunate enough to insist upon accompanying bhaiya, his loyalty was proven and Bharat's left in question.  Or maybe, it was simply the stigma of being his mother's son.  Whatever was the source of such a doubt, today, its implications agonized Bharat to no end and caused him to doubt himself as well.  All the years filled with joyous memories of his father's warmth and affection could have helped Bharat overcome the grief of losing him, but the fact that he left with such uncertainty regarding his son's character was a blow he couldn't withstand.  "Pitashri, if only once, you could come back to me for even a few moments, so I could either regain your love and trust or apologize for whatever I did to disqualify for it... please, please do not let me burn this way any longer without your soothing embrace to give me succor!" With this plea, Bharat dropped to his knees before the charan paduka of his lord and and sobbed beyond control.  In the midst of the storm of tears, he must have fallen into a swoon...
... Because a little later on, something awakened him.  A gentle hand rested on his shoulder, and by its touch, half of Bharat's heartache seemed to heal.  Bharat turned around and was taken aback by what he saw: his late father, dressed in dazzling white garments with a twinkle in his eyes and smiling countenance, just as he remembered it!  He was surrounded with the sort of glow that was supposedly characteristic of celestials, and judging by his lively expression, one would never guess that any of the events of this tragic "kaand" had actually occurred.  At first, Bharat blinked a few times to convince himself that this wasn't just a dream.  When he realized that it wasn't, he parted his lips in order to say something, but the words wouldn't escape them... he just stood there, heart racing, breath ragged, tears streaming down his otherwise blank face which couldn't decide which of the countless emotions overwhelming him it should express first.  It was his father who opted to break the silence.
"What happened, my boy?  You were not exactly the quietest among your brothers, if I remember correctly," he said with a grin. 
Bharat couldn't help but crack a bit of a smile himself at the pleasant memory that had just been revived for him, but he still didn't know how to proceed because he was hardly sure what was going on.  "I know, but I... but you... you were... and now... I just... how can this be?" he finally managed to ask.
With a slight chuckle, Dashrath sat down beside his son without removing his hand from his shoulder.  Seeing that Bharat's face was streaked with tears and his eyes a deep red from shedding them, he nodded with compassion and used his other hand to wipe them away.  Then, he continued.  "Well, it seems as if your asking how I could be here, even after leaving my mortal body.  As it turns out, this new celestial body isn't bound by the old rules.  Most people choose not take advantage of the freedom, since even the heavenly pleasures up there don't last forever, and they want to enjoy them to the fullest before having to return, but for me," he paused and smiled at his still awestruck son, "for I who was blessed to be the father of divine sons like you and your brothers, heavenly pleasure is simply watching over and continuing to dote on you!" He tenderly stroked his son's head. 
Bharat sniffled as he tried to hold back the tears but couldn't keep them from returning.  "But I don't deserve it!  This was all my fault... you went through so much sorrow because of me! I am to blame for this whole tragedy.  It's my fault, even you know it is."  He looked down, unable to meet his father's gaze as he was so wrought with self-contempt. 
This time it was the father whose eyes welled up.  Such a humble son he had, who didn't even have the slightest inkling of his own worth!  "Who said it's your fault, my son?  I haven't heard anyone say that, and if they did, it's their own loss that they don't have the privilege of knowing you better."
"But... even you didn't believe in me before you left us, so there must be some shortcoming, I must be lacking in some way or you wouldn't have thought that I --"
Before he could complete the sentence, his father interrupted, "I could never seriously have thought that, Bharat!"  The son was stunned.  "Yes, I know what you were going to say, because I heard your prayer."  As he was about to ask how, the father explained, "all prayers can be heard in that realm.  Indra may wish to pay attention to those of the demons who seek powers and threaten his position.  I only care for my position as a father and thus want to know the wishes, fears, and concerns of my sons - whether I am in this realm, the next, or the ones beyond that.  In fact, I don't even wish to go to the ones beyond that after having experienced the supreme bliss of loving God Himself as my sons.  And today, when I saw that you lost faith in yourself because of something I said in the heat of the moment without ever intending any of it, I had to come back for you."
Bharat was once again at a loss for words.  He let himself fall against his father and be enveloped in his sturdy, reassuring embrace.  When he was finally able to do so, he began, "I didn't want any of this to happen.  In fact, I wouldn't even have foreseen it in my worst nightmare.  That the queen would think I wanted a throne to whose true occupant I feel blessed to be bound as a servant forever.  That he would be sent to suffer so that I could usurp it.  That you would crumble in his absence and leave us all behind.  That everything would be reduced to such irreparable ruins.  But it happened, all in the name of my happiness.  I can't bear to live with that.  If only you could take me with you, Pitashri!"
In a voice choked with emotion, the father said, "You have such a soft and delicate heart, my boy! And I know exactly where you got it.  Oh well; at least there's something of mine in you by which future generations can associate me with such great progeny."  Bharat looked up and couldn't contain how happy that made him.  Of all the praises being showered on him, the only one that mattered was this - that in spite of all that happened, he was still his father's son. 

But still greater words followed.  The father firmly grasped his son's shoulders and looked directly at him.  "My son, I know you are heartbroken over your mother's sins and are pained to even think that the woman who brought you into this world and nurtured you could fall so far.  You even avoid thinking of her and contemplate on everyone else instead, because deep down in your heart you still love her and consider her actions and their consequences to be your own.  Now listen to me.  Give up this self-loathing.  I do not fault you in the remotest possible way for any of it, nor for still loving her though you now deny it.  In fact, it makes me proud of you, that this is who you are - one who loves so purely and empathizes so deeply with one and all. 

In due time, Ram himself will help you realize that this was all a game of destiny, and everything happened for the best so that future generations could follow the examples that all participants in this game have set.  Let alone myself, not even the most ignorant of fools will doubt your selfless love for Ram which you demonstrated on that fateful day in Chitrakoot.  In fact, I think it to be greater than my own, since you so love him that on his command you are able to wait for him more patiently than I could.  Brothers in future generations from any corner of the universe will forget all their rifts caused by self-interest when they contemplate on the brotherly love my sons share.  It will function as a needle pulling thread, mending all manmade divisions to bring about unity and selflessness in whomsever's mind it comes.  This is my hope, my belief, my undoubted conviction.  So go forth and do your duty as Ram intends, and know that your father loves you very much."
They locked one another in one final embrace, after which Bharat opened his eyes to see that his father had gone.  And with him went all of the guilt, the self-loathing, the pain, the helplessness, and the insufferable endlessness of his longing.  They were replaced with courage, patience, a renewed clarity of and dedication to duty... and yes, if it was possible, even more love.
Dashrath Nandan, Raghupati Priya Bharat Lal Ki Jai!

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Lolaaa, did you really write this, or did you plagiarize it from an obscure source of Ramayan or something?Shocked jk,'re more than capable of writing something this amazing, but this seems as if it could be STRAIGHT from the Ramayan!Day Dreaming With the simple way you began and added the subtle touch of humor without losing the seriousness and emotional value of the situation, I love how you touched on all the feelings of Bharat. I just about teared up when I got to the part where he was doubting himself because his father doubted him before he could prove his innocence.Cry I am 100% sure that these must have been the feelings of Bharat after Bharat Milaap. To live that the guilt in such isolation...he suffered so much and sadly, is not as recognized as Lakshman. Though I love Lakshman to pieces, I feel that Bharat too was the ideal brother but when one thinks of the ideal brother of Ramayan, it is always Lakshman they think of first. I think Bharat and Lakshman were both equal in their love and sacrifice, but Bharat is often less recognized.

I Heart the meeting with Dashrath. I cracked a smile at his slightly humorous entrance, and the way he said many people in heaven do not take advantage of the freedom to travel where they want.LOL I really really wish this actually happened in the Ramayan. Bharat's feelings of liberation and relief would have served him well the 14 years before his Ram bhaiyya returned.Clap Also, I love how you wrote Dashrath's love for him in such a wonderful and realistic way, when it is always emphasized in every serial and movie that Dashrath loved Ram best, and the other three brothers often seem a bit neglected. Really great job, this truly made my night beyond anything!

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Ok, this is what you do: you book a plane ticket to india, visit the sagars (DEMAND to meet with only them and no one lower in authority), and present your writing! Arre! Do second mein hire kar lenge! You'll be the next mytho show's head creative or something! And all of us at the mytho forum will be like, "that is our mytho leader! We're peeps of the celeb!" And then you'll invite us all to meet with our favorite mytho actors. Heee!!

Well, ok, I'm done with my fanaticizing, but seriously! You're 100 take better than any of the writers of the current mytho shows! And I'm sure none of them have the same grasp of mytho knowledge like you!

Like I said, you can pull of both humorous and serious so well! And even those two in the same short story! The Vibhishan one I read was all like, modern and masti-bhara, while this one was somber and serious (alongwith those perfectly spaced witty dialogues here and there!)

The concept, first of all, is just SO clever! One of the saddest things about the Ramayana was that Dasharath departed and didn't even get to see Keikeyi repent or the burdens that Bharat faced. This scenario perfectly attends to those! If Dasharath did in fact come back, I imagine that the meeting of him with Bharat would have been exactly like this!

My favorite part was where Bharat is kneeling before the padukas and Dasharath touches his shoulder and makes himself known. So GENIUS how you wrote that! I could imagine all of the events playing out, the emotions going on in Bharat's heart, his expressions, and even the technical thing as the darn camera angle! You know, it would zoom in at the hand and then show his white garments and lastly, his face, smiling at Bharat! "As I remember, you weren't the quietest among your brothers." That is pure GENIUS! What a way to add humor to the jumble of relief, love, and astonishment already going on. And then Bharat's flabbergastedness (is that a word?)

All in all, tusi vadi great ho! LOVELY piece of writing!

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Topic reopened in anticipation of revival ;)
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This article is intended for those who -like me-  feel Urmila is a sadly sidelined character.


Part I


As he walked aimlessly in the dark, Lakshman was not sure what he was feeling- angry, confused, scared - perhaps all of them. From a distance he could see the whole Ayodhya decked up to commemorate the princes' marriages, but here he was, running away from all of it.


It all began, Lakshman thought, with the cocky, smart alec, too- big- for his-boots Shatrughan. Shartughan along with their brother Bharat and father Dasharat had arrived in Mithila the day before, to begin the celebrations of Ram and Sita's  wedding.


Rama and Lakshmana were sitting in their room when Shatrughna rushed in, breathless with excitement. He stopped abruptly on seeing his eldest brother there. "Oh Brother" he said folding his hands  "I didn't expect to see you here".  Shatrughan stood politely but it was obvious he was bursting to tell something. Rama, indicating to him to sit down, asked in an indulgent voice "Is there something you want to say Shatrughan?" 


Shatrughan  burst out, "Shrutakirti. ...I have found out... Her name is Shrutakirti."


Lakshman released the knot he was tying on his bow and looked up.


Rama looked amused. "Who is Shrutakirti?"


"Your youngest sister-in-law, brother. The younger daughter of Maharaja Kushdhwaja" replied Shatrughan  triumphantly.


"So what of her?" persisted Rama, with a faint smile on his lips.


"Um...nothing.  Nothing at all...Just that...Isn't it a beautiful name?" replied Shatrughan, trying to control his excitement.


Lakshman looked at him disapprovingly.

"Did you find only the name beautiful or..?" asked Rama with a laugh


"Now that you ask, brother, she is beautiful too. Very beautiful" replied Shatrughan grinnig


Rama stood up and patting Shatrughan on the shoulder, left the room.


Shatrughan  settled himself on a couch and closing his eyes murmured blissfully "Shrutakirti..."


Lakshmana left the bow he was stringing and walking up to Shatrughna remonstrated with his twin.


"Shatrughna, is this any way to speak to brother Rama? How can you talk so freely about girls in front of him?"


"Why what was wrong in that? I only mentioned that Shrutakirti was a beautiful name."


"How does it matter?" grunted Lakshmana picking up the bow again.


"Will I not want my future wife to have a beautiful name? Shrutakeeerti. Sounds so good" answered back  Shatrughna.


"Your future wife?" sputtered Lakshmana. "Chi...chi...Very bad. How can you think of getting married before brother Bharata?"


Shatrughna sat up on the couch and answered "Don't worry brother. I have found out that Maharaja Kushdhwaja has another daughter. Maanda..No ... no...I don't think I can take her name since she is going to be brother Bharata's wife .


"Brother's Bharata's wife? You've decided that too?"


"No not me. Brother Rama will.  Why did you think he just left the room?  I gave the hint. He picked it up. That's what elder brothers are for.  By tomorrow all our marriages will be fixed ". Shatrughna collapsed, laughing.


"It's less than twenty hours of your arrival in Mithila and already you have found out so much?" asked Lakshmana incredulously starting to string the bow again. "From where did you get so much information?"


"Guess?" asked Shatrughna winking.




"Exactly, brother" replied Shatrughna getting up. Shatrughna walked and stood behind Lakshmana. Placing his elbows on Lakshmana's shoulders he leaned forward and whispered in his ears "And guess what brother? Maharaja Janaka has one more daughter. Isn't it perfect? Four brothers here and four sisters there"


The bow slipped from Lakshmana's hand as he suddenly became very still.


Shatughana jumped forward and picking up the bow handed it to Lakshmana. "Don't you want to know the fourth sister's name?"


Lakshmana shook his head furiously


Shatrughna held his twin  firmly by his shoulders and whispered "Urmila".

To be continued...

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Thanks for sharing that with us, Varaali! It's already such a blast to read - such great humor, especially in your take on of Lakshman and Shatrughan's relationship. They sound like many pairs of siblings I know LOL Please do update soon, I can't wait to see what lies ahead!

P.S. You're right about Urmila's character getting overlooked in general - that's true everywhere EXCEPT this forum, where just about everybody loves her enough to make up for the shortage elsewhere LOL

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Things happened just as Lakshmana feared. The next day the four brothers were summoned by Guru Vasishtha and their father. Maharaja Dasharatha revealed that they had come to Mithila in anticipation of one marriage but now because of a happy coincidence there would be four weddings. Shatrughna let out a whoop of joy, Bharata was embarrassed and Lakshmana, shocked.

The next few days were a blur and it was only on reaching Ayodhya and its familiar environs that Lakshmana was able to think once again. They were ceremoniously received at the palace gates and the greater part of the day was spent in Guru Vasishtha explaining to them the sanctity of marriage and the mothers teasing them.  Lakshmana felt himself going hot behind the ears as he listened to all gentle ribbing and he assiduously kept his face down. 

Soon it was night. The four brothers had gathered in the central courtyard. The king had departed to his bedchamber after blessing them. The mothers performed their aarti and asked them to go their room to 'begin a new chapter in their lives'. Lakshmana gulped uncomfortably. Brother Rama left, after bowing to the mothers, walking with his usual steady gait. Bharata  followed suit. Shatrughna after walking a few steps, broke into a run. Looking at his twin, Lakshmana could not help but smile. But then he realized much to his embarrassment, he was the only one left there . Mother Kausalya patted his shoulder and told him to go to his room 'where his wife would be waiting for him'.

Lakshmana forced himself to turn towards the corridor leading to his room. Somehow the stretch seemed longer than usual. His wife? A new chapter in his life? Somehow, Lakshmana had never envisaged such a situation. He had been content to serve his brother Rama. He had been under the impression that his life was just an extension of Brother Rama's. Now he was expected to lead an independent life- with new responsibilities to fulfill.

He was both confused and scared. Will his responsibilities as a husband come in way of his duties as a younger brother? Would he, after marriage too, be able to remain what he was before- Rama's shadow? Lakshmana paused, leaned on the wall and mopped his brow.

Two servant girls passed by and on looking at him, broke into giggles. Lakshmana glared at them but they only covered their faces and giggled harder. That did it. Lakshmana waited for them to disappear and making an about-turn walked furiously- out of the corridor, out of the palace till he reached the royal stables.

He flashed his ensign to the guards who let him in hastily, though with looks of surprise. But, on looking ahead, he spotted Arya Sumanta in deep conversation with the Keeper of Stables. "Doesn't that man ever sleep?" wondered Lakshmana.

Arya Sumanta too was surprised to see Lakshmana walking rapidly towards the horses. "Prince? You? At this time of the hour? But tonight is suppose to be your….."Arya Sumanta let the sentence hang delicately.

Lakshmana nodded. "It's something urgent Arya. I have to go"

Sumanta was now trotting to keep pace with Lakshmana. "What's the matter Prince? I can handle it. You ought to be with…."Sumanta jerked his thumb in the direction of the palace.

Lakshmana mumbled " No… It's okay….I need  to go somewhere… I will be back soon"

Sumanta stood panting and mystified as Lakshmana untied a horse and began to lead it away. "Prince- the security around the capital has been tightened. You won't be able to go more than two yojanas without being questioned" called out Sumanta behind Lakshmana's back. Lakshmana swung himself on the horse and nodded to Sumanta, mentally praying that Sumanta would have more sense than to inform the king that Prince Lakshmana had been spotted wandering about on what was supposed to be his bridal night.

He mounted a horse and patting it to keep quiet, rode it till he reached the banks of Sarayu. He dismounted and sat down on a rock near the river. The soft ripple of the waters and the cool air seemed to calm his feverish mind.  He made his decision – he would inform Urmilla in no uncertain terms that first and foremost he was Rama's brother and she better resign herself to that. Lakshman got up and began to lead the horse by its reins. He felt better, having arrived at a decision. But a small voice began to speak at the back of his mind. But, what about the bond that had been forged between him and Urmilla? Did he have the right to ignore it altogether? If he was so averse to the idea of marriage, the small voice continued incessantly, he ought to announced his decision before the wedding–not now. Lakshmana sighed. A nice mess he had got himself into.

Now there was only one thing to do. Explain his stance to Urmilla and pray that she understands. Or, better still explain his stance and ask her to take the decision. After all, she was Maharaja Janaka's daughter. Maybe she would understand. The small voice at the back of his mind agreed.

His quarters in the palace were completely silent and dark. Most of the lamps had blown themselves out save for the few all-night ones which threw eerie shadows on the walls. The distant roll of drums announced that it was the second prahar after midnight. Lakshmana quickened his steps. What would Urmilla be thinking? Maybe be she would be restless with anxiety….had she informed anyone about his absence? Lakshmana hit his forehead with his palm. A nice way to start his married life. Wonder why they didn't teach such things in the Gurukul, he thought wryly.

As he entered his room,it took him a few minutes for his eyes to get used to the darkness and he looked around for his wife. Had she ensconced herself in a corner, weeping her heart out?

At last he found her- sleeping blissfully on his- no, he corrected himself- on their bed. Lakshmana debated whether to leave the discussion till morning- but though it better to resolve it then and there. He couldn't take the tension anymore. Yes, he would wake her up. It would be the best thing to do.

It turned out to be the worst thing he ever did.

Startled out of her sleep by someone shaking her shoulder and calling out her name, Urmilla could only make out the dim outline of a man in the darkness. She held he hands to her ears and shrieked ay the top of her voice "Help…. Help…." Her cries rang out in the darkness

Lakshmana tried to cover her mouth with his palm to muffle her shouts, but it only made matters worse. Urmilla tried to dig her nails into his arms in an attempt to free herself- but the hands holding her were too strong.

"Sh….Urmilla…Don't shout.. It's me, Lakshmana…"

Eyes widened , Urmilla looked at the face above her and recognition dawned. Lakshmana eased his grip on her and stood in front of her glowering.

Urmilla hurriedly got up and whispered "Aryaputra?"

Lakshmana nodded and still glowering, pointed to the nail marks on his forearm, "A fine welcome from my wife."   Urmilla looked abashed.

By now, however, Urmilla's shouts had attracted the security and they were pounding at the door Random shouts of …Open….Princess…Are you safe… could be heard.

Lakshmana realizing that the door would soon be broken down, asked Urmilla to open the door. Urmilla shook her head, pointing to her disheveled appearance. Lakshmana gave an angry snort and went to the door where the guards were still hammering for all they were worth.

Lakshmana jerked open both the doors and asked nonchalantly "Yes?"

The Chief of Palace Guards was  standing in front of him, a club in one hand and surrounded by  a dozen soldiers. They seemed taken aback on seeing him there. "Oh Prince" said the chief, lowering his club, "We didn't know you had arrived. We thought we heard some screams. Arya Sumanta had informed us that you had been called on some important mission and that special security should be provided to your rooms since the princess was all alone. Security has been tightened all over, you know"

" Thank you Sumanta" thought lakshmana mentally and spoke to the Chief, "No, it's all right, I have returned" trying to close the doors.

But the Chief was not so sure. He put in his foot between the doors Lakshmana was trying to close and peered inside. "Are you sure Prince? We distinctly heard a woman's scream"

The way she screamed, the whole Ayodhya must have heard thought Lakshmana.  "Umm.. it was nothing….just that …." Lakshmana racked his brains furiously for an explanation, "it was just that we were sleeping and my wife had a nightmare…" Lakshmana tried to force the doors shut.

To his surprise (and annoyance) the Chief burst into laughter and the rest of the guards were unsuccessfully trying to hide their smiles. The Chief removed his foot and began to retreat. Just before the doors were shut, he turned back and winking at Lakshmana said slyly "Good attempt at explanation Prince, but tell me does anyone sleep on their marital night? The chief guffawed loudly and left.

Lakshmana swore softly under his breath and made a kicking movement with his leg at retreating Chief's back. He slammed the doors shut and walked back in to the room, his temper none the better.

"Why did they come, aryaputra ? asked Urmilla innocently

Lakshmana glowered at her and rubbing his forearms replied, "To express their appreciation over your singing abilities."

"Oh, but when did I sing?" wondered Urmilla missing the sarcasm completely.

Lakshmana looked like he would like nothing better than to wring her neck.


(to be cont'd)

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How did I miss the update Shocked Reserved, will read and review in a bit! Thanks for sharing, Varaali <3

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