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Welcome on board, Rehan!Hug

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Hello, all!  I've been posting here a little while now never actually introduced myself, did I? Embarrassed
1. Name?  Leila.
2. Age?  Kali Yuga--oh, you mean MY age!  31!
3. Any nicknames preferred?  Lei, Neela, or Hey You! all work fine.
4. Where are you from? New Orleans originally; I live in Canada now.
5. Occupation?  Medical transcriptionist.  (I type medical reports on my home computer.)
6. Interests?  Religion is my main interest at this point in my life.  I like to try different things and have done/learned a lot over the years - music, theatre, dance, languages, history.  It's all been wonderful, but I've never been so happy with any of these things, as I am with anything religious.
7. Hobbies?  Reading (mostly religion books and sacred texts, but poetry as well), writing, blogging, and trying to stuff as much knowledge into this stubborn head of mine as possible!
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why?  I can't really declare a "favourite," as I've only seen two - Om Namah Shivay and Shree Ganesh - and adore them both.  (Canadian networks don't show Indian television, so I can only follow the shows that I buy on DVD, or that are available on YouTube with English subtitles.)
9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?  Aw, I can't really give too much input here; most of the folks you all list, I've never seen!  I adored Manjeet Kullar (ONS, Sati), but she isn't really a regular mytho actress. 
With regard to actors, I could sing the praises of Samar Jai Singh (ONS and Vishnu Puran Shiva), Sanjay Sharma (ONS Indra and SG Narada), and Nimai Bali (ONS Jalandhar and SG Tarkasur) for hours.  They're all fantastic and would definitely be in my ideal mytho casting!
10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?  I'm going to cheat and list three scenes from each...I only know two mythos anyway!
Om Namah Shivay: Shiv-Sati's wedding was so beautiful and sweet; the entire thing was really lovely.  Everybody looked so happy!  (Well, except Daksha. :P )
When Shiv was alone, talking to Sati after she died, I cried.  He was so stricken and devastated, and was speaking so tenderly.  That was utterly astonishing acting work, and when I first realised just what an amazing actor Samar Jai Singh was.
Finally, there's a scene much later in the series when Narada is giving one of his many lectures to Indra.  Indra, angry and annoyed, asks Narada why "the law of nature" seems to mean that the Devatas always lose heaven to a demon, then get it back, then lose it again to the demon's cousin or brother or son or whatever, and what is UP with that anyway.  I had to pause the episode because I was laughing so hard I couldn't hear anything.  Funniest scene ever, since he just summarized the plot of the last hundred episodes or so.
Shree Ganesh: First, when Ganesh is standing guard for Parvati's bath, the scenes where he's fighting everybody away from the entrance are just great.  They're actually pretty well-choreographed, and the boy playing Ganesh is quite a good actor, performing the role with just the right mixture of defiance, confidence, and mischief.
When Daksha curses Narada, it's amazing: Narada's face, in less than one minute, goes from shock, sadness, realisation, understanding, acceptance, to happiness.  Before Narada even opens his mouth to reply to Daksha, he's won, completely.  To transform a curse into a blessing is really powerful, and so was that moment.
Finally, there's a scene much later in the series where Parvati gets quite angry at Narada.  He starts the scene very cheerful, and gradually wilts as she scolds him, reaching the point of almost sobbing outright.  That scene almost had me in tears too.  How terrible for a devotee, to make a mistake and offend Devi, and how sad it was to see.
11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you?  There are too many to count - I learned so much about faith, devotion, and history watching them - but there are two lessons that have been very important. 
The first was to call upon God more, to put my faith and trust in the Supreme, after seeing over and over how the Devas always help their devotees!  I thought it was "strong" and "noble" to handle things alone, but watching everyone pray and do penance in the serials, I realised it's actually much stronger to call God's name when there's trouble.  And when there isn't trouble, too. :)
The other was not to be a stubborn, prideful idiot.  I wrote about it in the ONS thread, about how I was practically screaming at the screen every time the Devatas did something stupid and impious...and then I realised, I was yelling at them for not praying or doing good deeds, but how often did I pray or do good deeds??  It was a nice, humbling lesson on how NOT to judge others!
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological?  Om Shool Panaye Namah from Om Namah Shivay; no other song even comes close.  Everything about it is just perfect, so heartfelt and devoted, and the visuals are beautiful.
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself? Yes - I ramble a lot, so my posts are usually very long and babbly, just like this one. :P

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updated my info on page 5 Big smileWinkTongue

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1. Name?

2. Age? 21

3. Any nicknames preferred?
4. Where are you from?

5. Occupation?

6. Interests?
reading,writting, and learning more and more about shri krishnjiEmbarrassed(my hubby in short!)

7. Hobbies?
playing badminton chess etc, and writing fictions

8. Favorite mythological serials? Why?
Ramayan(old one), shri Krishna(old one), and mahabharat(old one)

9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?
GURMEET CHOUDHARY(RAM),ARUN GOVIL(RAM), and krishna of shri krishna and mahabharat 

10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?
al sc were worth watching!
but the sc from shri krishna wen sudama went to meet krishna and dwarpal shoed him away and krishna came running without sleepers on his foot to welcome his friend that was heart wrenching!!

11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you?
believe god he is there and no one can escape from his destiny.. and treat all humans as patron of god no one is less.. respect them and serve the humanity!

12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological?
ath shri mahabharat katha.. ie. title track of mahabharat(old one offcourseLOL) and shri krishna title track(old one)Blushing

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1. Name? Inderpreet
2. Age? 21
3. Any nicknames preferred? Preet, IP and many more...depends on mood of my friends...
4. Where are you from? Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India
5. Occupation? student
6. Interests? Watching Cartoons, writing and reading fics, learning new things, siggie making...and more
7. Hobbies? Singing, drawing,listening music, dancing, watching movies and cartoons, writing and reading fics...
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why? Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna, BRC's Mahabharat.
9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?  Dara Singh, Deepika Chikhalia, Arun Govil, Meghan, Dhriti, Aditi, all of the people in BRC's Mahbharat. From RC Shree Krishna, Swapnil and Shweta. From BRC Mahabharat, Nitish Bhardwaj
10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)? RS Ramayan: Lakshman defeats Meghnad, Hanuman meets Sita in Ashok Vatika, Shabri scene, Hanuman brings the Sanjeevani, Sita's Agni Pariksha.
BRC Mahabharat: Whole Bhagvat Geeta
RS Shri Krishna: Ras Leela,  Shri Krishna finally meets Devaki and Vasudev

11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you? Keep ur trust in GOD and u will never fear while facing challenges in ur life.
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological? Not Mytho but here are some bhajans which I like very much... Itni shakti humhe de na datta, Humko man ki shakti dena, Aye malik tere bande hum.
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself? 
I am very friendly but its just I take some time to open up with everyone... But once I open up, I am unstoppable...

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Welcome to the forum Leila, Priya, and Preet! Loved your answers to the questions!Hug

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1. Name? Ankita Chakraborty

2. Age? 20

3. Any nicknames preferred? me radhika rani.. and titlee

4. Where are you from? k0lkata

5. Occupation? student , actor

6. Interests? making friends, chatting, watching tv, acting

7. Hobbies? painting , music , dancing

8. Favorite mythological serials? Why? they are great.  new JSK, Meera, manima shani dev, old vishnupuran, BR chopra Mahabharat, hist- chandragupt

9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses? Dhriti Bhatia,Virti Bhaghani, Aashika Bhatia, Aditi Sajwan, Meghan Jadav. Kritika Sharma, Raj Premi, Rushiraj And Shani Dev (dnno his name)

10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite - many are there

11. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological? all all

 gopal.. specially mere to giridhar gopal .. 

all are fav

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1. Name  Bhavana
2. Age Wink

3. Any nicknames preferred Nothing in particular !! You can call me Bhavs,Bhavzz,Buns etc Smile

4. Where are you from? Belong to Andhra but born and brought up in Delhi

5. Occupation Student !!

6. Interests? Music,Philately etc ..
7. Hobbies? Writing,reading,singing,playing my guitar .. net surfing etc etc !!
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why?
There are quite some ... but will say undoubtedly Ramanand Sagar jii's Ramayan !! One main reason for it being my favourite is Arun Ji .. apart from that I love the simplicity and the purity of the show !!! One would feel as if they belong to that time and experienced it happening live .. while watching !!! Also liked Mahabharat quite a lot but Ramayan stays my favourite !!

9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?
My above answer said it all LOL ... I can't choose one particularly but my favs stay Arun Govil ji and Sunil Lahri Ji ... they stay my favorite .. indeed a lovely duo the were !! Followed by Arvind Trivedi Jii .. he portrayed Raava's role excellently !!

10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?
Oh that's horribly tough to choose !! I love all moments of the Ramayana !! but maybe one moment I loved was the one in which when Luv and Kush were to have their Upanayan ceremony happen ... and Sita remembers Ram thinking if how proud he would have felt to see his sons .. then there is a shift to the palace scene where Arun ji is looking at the sky and then looks at the moon and turns around !!! I know I'm sounding weird but I really really love that moment !!! The expression on his face is worth adorning !!

11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you?
Ramayan has been a part of my life since childhood !! It has been integrated into me since I was a kid .. so it's tough to say one particular lesson !! They have taught me lots !! I see myself remembering moments from Ramayan whenever some tough situation comes up and it gives me an unknown energy and strength !!
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological?
Chapat Charan from Ramayan ... plays when Lakshman , Ram jii ke pair dabaa rahe hothe hai !! Oh I love it !! Also really like "mere Lakhan Dulaare" ... played when Ram ji is waiting for Hanuman to get the Sanjeevani Booti !!! Oh Arun ji brings tears to my eyes !!
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself?
Umm ... Na nothing particular !!! Nice to see a separate forum to discuss Mytho shows !!! It's like a journey for me back to the past !!! Hoping to enjoy my time here Smile

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