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natashu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 5:36pm | IP Logged

1. Name?

2. Age? 
3. Any nicknames preferred?
Erm, some ppl prefer Tashu, but you can call me NatashaLOLEmbarrassed
4. Where are you from?
Born in India. Currently living in Toronto, Canada
5. Occupation?
Undergrad student studying Life Sciences
6. Interests?
7. Hobbies?
reading, surfing on the net, singing (to whoever wants to listenLOL), and writing as of recentlyEmbarrassed
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why?
RS Ramayan hands down!
Everything about that show was absolutely wonderful! If I get started, I could go on and onLOL
But to summarize it all - awesometastic choices made in terms of everything; the actors, the set and everything else!Big smile
9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?
It's really hard for me to choose here! RS Ramayan had me loving almost all of the actors! Same goes for RB Mahabharat!
10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?
Such difficult questions!LOL
Honestly - there are so many scenes that come to mind. All of them have some significance or the other! I adore all of'em!Embarrassed
11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you?
To place absolute faith in God! There's just so much to learn, that at times I am grateful that these shows have been made - they have proven to be a reminder for what we as humans are capable of! That we can go in either direction and what matters at the end is our choice!Embarrassed
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological?
All of the Ravindra Jain songs! I also love the title track of Jai Shri KrishnaBig smile
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself?
Umm..nothing much really!LOL
Hoping to have some fun and learn loads here!Big smile

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Ankita_88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 7:03am | IP Logged

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DharmaPriyaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 5:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aishi.muffin

 Hello to all my fellow Mythological fans! Big smile 
Why don't we all get to know eachother?
Here are some basic questions for every member of this forum to fill out so we can get to know one another better. Embarrassed 
1. Name? Semanti Chakraborty
2. Age? 20
3. Any nicknames preferred? Semi,Sema, or whatever you like to call me
4. Where are you from?India
5. Occupation? Student of Physics
6. Interests?  Reading mythological books, writing poems, plays, & articles about mythoes, & obviously viewing mytho shows, specially the RS Ramayan & RS SK. I like to listen devotional songs also.
7. Hobbies? Reading books & writing plays/poems/articles
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why? RS Ramayan, RS SK & BRC Mahabharat
.I like RS Ramayan because I'm a big big big fan of the epic Ramayan. I have read many virsons of Ramayan & several articles & other creations about it. So when I found RS Ramayan, I started to view it very egarly to see that how they have express my dear Ramayan. Gradually I became a devotee of that show. Its direction, script, songs & acting of everyone was really unparallal. I have baught the DVD set of it & I watch it almost daily. When I watch it I get the new test for each time. If books are my 1st friend, RS Ramayan is the next.SmileSmileSmile          
RS SK is dear to me for another reason. I have found an ocean of devotion in it. How nicely RS showed the beautiful story of lord Krishna. Also, Rabindra Jain's each song & superb acting of each artists made it a storehouse of purity.
& finally, the Mahabharat of BRC. It was a great work in all fields including script, direction, & everyone's acting. It  is seemed like the epic of our India has got life from the book. How researches have been done to make it so nice!
9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?In RS Ramayan, Actors:
Arun Govil & Sunil Lehri
Sarbadaman Banerjee & Swapnil Joshi
Yoshoda(didn't know her name, dearEmbarrassed) & teen Radha(forget her nameEmbarrassedEmbarrassedalso)
Nitish Bharadwaj
Roopa Ganguly
10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?there are so many! In RS Ramayan, all the happy family scenes of Ayodhya(including the pre-exile scenes of Luv-Kush), the scene of "Mat Jao" song of Ayodhyakand, the scene of walking the respectable three along the forest, all the scenes of sacred love & devotion of Sita, Lakshman & Bharat, at the end, Sita's vow in Ram's court, the great sacrifice of Lakshman, & so many. Freely to say, there is no a single scene in RS Ramayan that is unfavorite to me.
In RS SK, I like all the Yoshoda Mata scenes & also all the Radha-Krishna scenes.
In BRC Mahabharat, I like the scenes of Ganga, the scenes of Krishna & obviously, scenes of Draupadi.
11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you? I have learned that love & devotion is the greatest power in the universe. If we love each other, we become near the God, but if we don't, we will be the demons
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological? All the Rabindra Jain's songs, specially Ram's Shiv bandana, Sita's Gouri puja song, all swyambar songs, "Mat Jao",& all songs of Ayodhyakand, the Luv-Kush Songs at the end. I like very much the Maharaas songs. I also like the Mahabharat title song
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself? Mythoes are very dear to me, & all of you are also very dear to me, as you are talking about my favorite topics. I have watched all of the previous fan clubs & chat clubs but couldn't join you. Now I egerly want to join your discussions. Please allow me to be your friend! 
Thanks! Hope we can become great friends!Big smile

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shaliniastha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 April 2010
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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 2:49am | IP Logged
1. Name :Shalini
2. Age   : 21
3. Any nicknames preferred? : Shalu
4. Where are you from? : India
5. Occupation? : Professional
6. Interests? :  Searching  Internet & Play in My Pets
7. Hobbies? : Reading Books
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why?    Ramayan (New)
                                                                                       Om Namah Shiviya
                                                                                                  (Loved it)
9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses? : Gurmeet &
                                                                                          Shivan Parvathi
 10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?:
                                                                                                                                                     Ram Sita 
11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you?
12. What is Your favorite song from your favorite mythological? : 
 Ramayan & Mahabharat  
all Songs My Favorite

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ADMJCXNK97fan Senior Member

Joined: 03 November 2010
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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
well since i've been here for a while but never officially intruduced myself--
1. Name?
Aditi Devayani/Devyani (i like both spellings! LOL) 
2. Age?
14...haha but i hate adding my age because then people behave like i'm 2...most who know me say i'm quite mature for my age! haha at least people never once GUESS that i'm anywhere close to my real just assume i'm short... 
oh just 4get the age part! lol i screwed it up enough
...but i still understand things perfect! (except sig making stuff those are amazingly out of my grasp!and i'm usually tech-savy!!! LOL)
3. Any nicknames preferred?
I don't really think i have one...but you can call me anything--or make one up for me!lol!
4. Where are you from?
5. Occupation?
6. Interests?
i LOVE (i so overuse that word...oh well!) vishnu puran, mahabharat, and Om namah Shivay and i love studing historical texts, stories, learning etc, and taking examples from awesome manuscripts like bhagavad gita and other such :) i also love studying global cultures!
7. Hobbies?
RESEARCHING!!! and then i watch movies and other stuff like that othertimes! :)Star
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why?
Vishnu Puran
Om Namah Shivay
Luv Kush (that comes after Ramayan...with Deepikaji--uttar kand?)

My favorite mytho series is Vishnu puran...why? because even though there are many serials that portray Vishnu stories, (in fact i don't even care whether it's portraying Vishnu or not!) this series emphasizes on such good morals, values, lessons, if just by looking at or following the 'teachings' everything in this series, you can probably became a very good person!!! i enjoy this one VERY much :) better than ANY other! :)

I like om Namah Shivay because of...well i'm not quite sure WHY i like it, but i know in general i love it mostly because Shiva is my FAV god!!! lol (except when they switched actors Angry)
I love the luv kush because it gives a new touch to the characters, and it's beautiful to watch Mata Sita with her own two's just beautiful!

oh i forgot to mention mahabharat! but i love mahabharat anyway...except as the series progressed it made me cry so much!!! i blame the awesome actors for my runny nose and red eyes! HAHAHALOL Krishna's awesome!

9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?
Nitish Bharadwaj (who doesn't!!!)
(Vishnu Puran=VP) & Mahabharat =MB) i really liked him as Vishnu!
Samar Jai Singh (Shiva on VP, Ma shakti & Om Namah Shivay (ONS)
Mukhesh Khanna (Pitama Bhishm! (MB)
Arjun (Arjuna-MB)
Nimai Bali (Hirannyakashyapu etc.-VP, Jalandhar etc.-ONS)
Surendra Pal (Drona-MB, SHUKRACHARYA!-VP)
Vaidehi Amrute (Lakshmi-Vishnu puran)
Gayatri Shashtri (Parvati, Shakti, Durga ONS)
Manjeet Kullar (Sati-ONS)
Mona Parekh (Saraswati-ONS, Kayadhu-VP)
Roopa Ganguly (Draupadi-MB)
Alokha Mukerjee (Subhadra-MB)
Debina Bonnerjee-Choudhary (?) (Sita-New Ramayan-love her in the luv-kush part!!!)
Reena Kapoor (Sita- VP)
Deepika Chikhalia (?) (ESPECIALLY love her in the luv-kush part (old ramayan,my fav!!!))
(other actresses i can't think of at the moment!)

10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?
many scenes in Vishnu puran such as where he becomes Narasimha, when he acts so innocent to Lakshmi after dropping off Prahlad in a cart...which is going STRAIGHT back to his father's palace (hahaha), where Parsuram has his moments, some moments of pure logic and wisdom being spoken and explained by Vishnu...i meant Kamal-Nain,(or nayan...however you spell it! LOL), 
in Mahabharat-- where Krishna reveals a big form and Bhishma, Vidur, and Drona bow to him :) very touching! 
And the scene in which Krishna saves his priya Parth from his priya Subhadra when she threatens to cut his tongue out,
 and when Krishna was helping little Abhimanyu hide from getting a spanking from his mother that i think of it...a LOT of MB scenes with Krishna!! LOL ok i'll just mention one last one...When Krishna tried to get the king to accept his peace proposal, and in the meantime is accusing duryodhan,dushashan and shakuni, he didn't really YELL, but it sounded so great to hear somone give shakuni some recognition hehehehe, music to my ears LOL!

I like the Luv kush scenes where they learn about astras, and when they confront Ayodhya's army, and princes, and king...(altho when i go to watch specifically that...i end up watching ALL the way to the end!! LOL, which includes enjoying, laughing, dreading the coming emotion, bawling and hating it but still bawling because u can't help it...and then the end.)

My Favorite ONS scenes would be when Ganesh was guarding his mother's door and making fun of the shivganas.
when Parvati assumes Durga form or when Adi-Shakti comes to give her some advice.
When Saraswati and Lakshmi beat up Durgamasur when he came after them (i think it was durgamasur...)
And the episode with Tarak's 3 sons...who pray to shiva...and whenever Shiva or Brahma get angry at the devas for always crying to them.
OH! one last FAVORITE SCENE (for now lol)!!!! 
When Parvati gives a good long lecture to Shukracharya, and Shiva not ONCE interupts (yay!!!!) i LOVE that scene!

11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you?
Intelligance, decency at all times (i'm always decent but it doesn't hurt to become more refined & disciplined---except when auditioning for 'kid-like' roles lol haha), trying to practice things from the texts in everyday life, and using some of the morals to my advantage! haha jk! i try to sharpen my wit! and if you truly focus your mid on god, he/she will be forced to help you out sometimes...well put it this way--good deeds never go unrewarded, and bad deeds never go unpunished, so adhere to goodness, no matter how bad things may be they're sure to turn your way Tongue
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological?
Main Boondhan bheeji saari
& Vinati Suniye from Mahabharat
Ending theme from Mahabharat
Beggining theme from Vishnu Puran
Beginning theme from Om Namah Shivay
Rudra Rudra from Om Namah Shivay
Har Har Mahadev from the new Ramayan (in Kubera's palace)
The songs Luv-Kush sang in Ayodhya and the raj-sabha (old ramayan)
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself?
Weeelll...I love watching/reading/etc a LOT of ancient cultural things, so i've watched a lot of ancient greek/roman etc. mytho tv series as well as action! haha so lots of world and ancient culture...i love watching those kinds of things in media etc. :) very interesting to learn from them!
i also love martial arts, comedy (especially martial arts comedy...especially jackie chan LOL, and action adventure etc. etc., it's even better for me when it is set in an ancient time period!! (like these mytho shows (especiallly Parshuram-related ones), and Xena-Hercules etc. etc.
I also read the bhagavad gita a lot...and try to read any hindu or indian if you have any stories you would like to share with me FEEL FREE TO DO SO!!!!!!! StarHug
oh did i mention i sing? i'm a classical Hindustani singer (who doesn't understand much of what she sings ROFL!!!) and i LOVE singing Pt. Jasraj Shiva Bhajans!!!!Heart
That's it for now! Jai MahaRudra!!! lol or Om Tat Sat! Big smile

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Sia889 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 12:25am | IP Logged
Thanq Vedo for the link

1. Name :SiaSmile

2. Age: 21

3. Any nicknames preferred:no nicknames as such

4. Where are you from:m from India

5. Occupation: Student

6. Interests: singing

7. Hobbies:Narrative writing,Surfing the net (research work)

8. Favorite mythological serials: BR Chopra's Mahabhaart , RS'a Raamaya,Maa Shakti and yaarta

 Why? cause i been very intrested in Mythology and stuff, to know more abt our culture above all one can always look up to the characters and imbibe what little or more wisdom they offer us

9. Favorite mythological actors/ Actresses?: Arun goyal, Deepika chikalia, Nitish bhradwaj, Sakshi talwar,Swapnil,one who played Shiv and Parvati in Maa shakti

10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?Hmm..i like all the scenes from MB n Raamayan

11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you? How one can lead a good life being calm,smart,wise and at the same time Serving mankind without any attachments and yes how rich and vast our culture is

12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological? I like title track of Ramayana

13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself: Im a very Spiritual person,my dear ones say that m too Naive (alaways wonder why do they say so)Confused

Looking fwd to make more new frnds here and have great fun discussing my fav topic ...

tasting the bhakti rasaa even more with more faith and surrender



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trrangarajan15 Groupbie

Joined: 24 December 2010
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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 5:11am | IP Logged
1. Name?
Rangarajan T.R.

2. Age? 
18 years

3. Any nicknames preferred?

4. Where are you from?

5. Occupation?
Student - doing Engineering

6. Interests?
Ramayan, quiz related to mythology, games.......

7. Hobbies?

8. Favorite mythological serials? Why?
Vishnu puranam, Ramayan,Mahabharath, Jai shri krishna, on namah shivaya........just because they make me know atleast a new thing mythology that I don't know...

9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?
Guru,Debina, Ankit, Arun kovil, Praphulla pandey, Nithish ji and the list never ends........

10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?
Mahabali scene in Vishnupuran, Final battle in new Ramayan, bharatha meets rama in the forest in the old one.......

11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you?
Love God...he ever ready to save you........

12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological?
Title song of mahabharath, vishnu puran, Ramayana(new).....

13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself?
I think I havent told much about me here..........Am a simple person loving to get persons who care for me as I do........Whatever wrong u do me, I have the capability of forgiving and helping when they really want it from me......This is one of my weak points tooo...... often am hurted because of this.........

Love u all my dear friends.............Nice to move with people who have similar interests of mine............ 


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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 7:23am | IP Logged
Welcome all new members! Really happy to have you all in this forum!Hug
ToC has been updated.Wink

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