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EPM - 8th Nov to 12th Nov 2010 - Discussions

mellisai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2010 at 1:24am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update, Laksh.

Missed a few episodes/ updates here and there.. who's RR? Wink

Amutha , Sakthi may agree to whatever you tell him to do, but Meenu is a fighter and you will need to pack your bag soon or later!

Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
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Posted: 09 November 2010 at 7:05am | IP Logged

Thanks Laksh.

RR is Rajaratnam, the one who was supposed to marry Meenu. Amudha and RR makes the perfect jodiLOL eventhugh I got a feeling Amudha may get married to Sakthis 2nd brotherWink

Lets see how Meenu will fight and win over her in laws heartBig smile

serials2010 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 November 2010 at 10:47pm | IP Logged

Thanks Lakshmi for the update - At last some glimmer of hope for Meenu - hope she is able to build on this.  Hopefully this will bring Shakti closer to her too - Well done to Mayilu patti - she achieved what no one else could!!  Now Meenu needs to win some brownie points with Shakti's Dad - once she does that she will then be 100% secure in her new home.  Shakti should atleast now appreciate the good nature of his wife and start supporting her

serials2010 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 November 2010 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Thanks Lakshmi again - This Amutha is bent upon spoiling things - What surprises me is that no one seems to have picked up on her behaviour - This chinnaswami is another pain - Get over yourself and accept your DIL into the family!  It's not like your DIL is a monster or a mosamana marumagal - why can't he put aside his ego and do the right thing??
serials2010 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 November 2010 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
Thanks Lakshmi!  Meenu needs to take drastic steps now to stop Amutha.  Shakti is not going to be able to do it - Meenu has to do it all on her own - Would be good to see Mallika marry Murugan - she will be an ally to Meenu then!  But I guess that is a far way off still....
serials2010 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 November 2010 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
Thanks Lakshmi - Yay!! Atlast Meenakshi is taking control - nice touch to scare Mallika and Murugan - I guess she wants to get them together soon - if Mallika marries Murugan then Meenu will have a good ally - two against Amudha means more power!!  This RR is crazy - The way he was screaming at his parents and Meenu's Dad, looks like he is close to a mental breakdown of some kind - Meenu should do well to be wary of him too!!
eclat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 December 2010 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
Update by lakshmikr
Amutha is asking meenu to leave the home polishly,but meenu back answers to her..Wink..amutha suprised to hear back answers.. n checking whether she got intrest to stay back ..meenu says "yes, y should she leave"..amutha little paniked but not showing in face..telling that she will not let her to stay in that houseAngry.for which meenu telling back that she knows how to send amutha out of that house..n also adds she likes dhana athai , thats y she is taking things from amutha ,she also know how to give back the same to her..OPEN war started between them meenu leaves the place. amutha calls RR checks where is he ? when he will reach? asking him reach the place in 2 mins..
RR reaches Vaathiyar's home. Selvi at home tells him that vaatiyar is not in town  will be back only after a week..he threatens her n send her out to bring her dad.She meets her dad in temple n narrates him the happenings at home between her n RR.Vaatiyar is coming back with selvi telling that he can face him without any fear nu.Vaatiyar reaches home..convo between RR n Vaatiyar starts..everytime RR adds mama to all his sentence..vaathiyar asks him to leave meenu in peace.. RR starts telling ramayana story n tells he will take back his seetha from shakthi (LOLLOLLOL Haiyo Haiyo ivan loosu nu apappa proove pannuranae)for vaathiyar backanswering that shakthi is like raman he will do vatham n take his wife from you nu solluraru.. For Which RR says Lets C n leaves the place..
Updates by lakshmikr
LOLSmileTuesday 9th Nov 2010 - WU - HAPPY SHAKTIBig smile
Meenu meeting her dad in temple , n questioning why she alone getting so much of probs in life.. Her dad consoling her n informing That RR came home n all the happenings. n also tells her not to worry he can very well handle RR n the problems around her outside the home.She can be Peace n start being happy at home nu solluraru.
Mayilupatti drying clothes, there comes somu.Mayil calls him n tells that her b'day is on in couple of days for which she needs a gift nuSmile..Somu checks what she wants .. she tells that she want to meet cinema mayil (sridevi) on her B'day nu LOL..Somu tells her "orulakilankku lorry la onna orutividuraen mumbai poi sridevi ya parthu tu vaa"she double checks with him for this.. somu promises her.. she got shocked n get mayakam.Somu calls Murugan .. both taking her to hospital n admits her.. there comes mayil's pethi..she checks hows her patti..there comes doctor informs all that mayil is week so she needs atleast a week rest nu..murugan n somu nods thier heads.. inform her pethi to take care of mayil nu .. leaves hospital.Mayil awakes n ask her pethi to call meenu.. n tells her as per plan she is now in hospital now take care of everyone in home nu solli all the best solluthu.
At home, Meenu is calling shakti to have his food .He neglects n tells that his bros will be hungry without them how come he alone can have it.Meenu is telling that they are getting food from hotel why are worried nu?In car Murugan N somu having a chitchat about hotel food..somu tells that he was not able to have hotel food for long.. shakti is lucky atleast he is getting home food nu..murugan tells that we cant assume even meenu cooking might also be horrible nu sollitu with some more chit chat heading towards home.
Back to home,Meenu tells shakti that she have cut the hotel food for all his brothers, n sent carrier food for all thier rooms with lot of affection n good taste nu sollura..Shakti becomeBig smileBig smileBig smile n thanks her sending food to her brothers. n agrees to have her foodSmile.All four brothers meeting at home with thier tiffin carriers.. murugan checks where the carrier came from..saravanan is telling that it not from hotel it from our home kitchen meenu had sent to all rooms nu solluran.All 4 r blinking whether to have food or not.Saravanan tells that as food smells too good he is hungry,takes permission from murugan to have food.. murugan ask him to have as he is little kid he can't stand hunger for long.. saravanan starts having food.. watching that alagu is watering n tells that there is no big age difference between alagu n saravanan he too wanted to have food nu solluran.murugan agrees for him too.. somu tells that lets check with ayya nu..for which murugan tells they are kids let them have nu.. if you want you too have nu solluraru.. somu tells that he didnt get carrier becoz meenu is angry with him nu..murugan consoles him n tells meenu's anger right towards somu so they need not to worry he can have murugan's food nu solli all 4 bros sit togather n started having food..there comes shakti n meenu watch from far thru window ..somu praises that the food is too good.. saravanan tells back meenu got 100 / 100 in cooking nu. as somu itself praised her food nu solluran..murugan have abite n tells the taste reminds him thier mother's cooking nu..watching this shakti is moved Big smilemeenu is looking at them happily Big smile..shakti is giving slight romantic to meenu n feels very happy n smilingBig smileBig smile happily..there saravanan is telling that mom only might have sent meenu to our home.. where us we are not understanding that but hating sollitu happily having food..meenu watching them happily Smile
OMG i missed to watch precap .. here it goes.. - CREDIT to TechSatish
Vaathiyar meeting shakti..Ayya telling his wish of bringing murumagal to home to murugan..amutha ask meenu to quitAngry..meenu tells murugan that somebody coming to look mallika for marriage.. murugan Shocked..amutha meenu war.. Mallika meeting murugan n checking whom he looked to get married whether she is pretty ??LOL (mallika angry Murugan confused mmm..semaya matikitaru murugan  Meenu makes both of them to meet outside Smile clever meenuWink gathering support by bringing both of them togather)

Edited by lakshmikr - 10 November 2010 at 1:18pm
updates by lakshmikr
Angry10th Nov 2010 - WU - EmbarrassedMIXED EMOTIONSConfused
Meenu Calling mayil n finding about her good health. mayil is telling her she is very happy n she finds meenu also to be happy from her voice..meenu agrees n thanks her for the support.. n also shares that for the first time S&M smiled at each other from heart nu sollura..Mayil is nagging her n ask her to call shakti henceforth as "Veetukarar"solluthu.after Some more happy chit Chat meenu ends the call n seen to be very happyEmbarrassed.
Shakti meeting vaathiyar,Mr.V is taking promise from shakti that he have to look after meenu after him as like him..n continues that he will take care of RR ..but he should not leave meenu at any cost nu solluraru.. shakti (awesome dialogues .. Smile..)he knows about his V n adds His V didn't thought even the students wrong abt the life hows he could have thought to meenu??so he trust that meenu will not be wrong..thats the reason he been with her with love n affection..but didnt understand what is making her to move away from him nu solluran..Mr.V answers that she is having deep wound with her which is stoping her to move with you will corrected.. but ask him to be with her nu solluraru..For which shakti tells him that he will never leave meenu till his lifetime Clapnu solluran
Chinnasami is polpifying to murugan, that his likeable people are moving far off from him after shakti's marriage(intha allukku vera velaiyae illapollaAngry)n express his wish that he want to bring a DIL to home whom he likes a lot..obviously its Dare Devil amuthaAngry..Ask amutha to come home n cook for us.. then after some time lets discuss on marriage nu solluraru(palagi pakkurangalama LOLLOL)..asusual our noddy murugan agrees n implement the same..
Meenu bringing coffee to shakti, he is busy in paper reading.Takes Coffee from her,Meenu Checks with him for BF n Lunch.. he tells that from y'day we started real good foodso whatever you wish to cook do so we will eat nu solluran..Meenu checks whether she can food to his dad too..shakti tells instead of that she can send a bomb..n ask her to be calm for a while till all probs comes down..somemore similar chit chat..n meenu leaves to kitchen shakti to himself telling that this happiness should stay atleast for a athan DA entry adichutelaAngry)
In Kitchen amutha is doing something in mixie , noticed meenu coming in .. meenu leaves the place looking her.. amutha goes back n tells how she comes here.. n nagging meenu for a while n threatens her to go back to her home after having her food.Meenu starring at her with full anger.
updates by lakshmikr
11th Nov 2010 - WU - WinkShakti Maatikitan
Meenu is fighting with shakti n forces him to send amutha,but shakti tells her that he can't do so as she was brought by his father,he can't speak to his father n adds that she should not make this as big scene she should take it in +ve way as she got leave for cooking nu solluran..poor meenuCry tells him she can't give up her family n responsibility for someone who is not connected legally with the family n adds Shakti , his father n amutha are killing her without knife,words n blood nu sollitu leaves the place.
Chinnasami n Murugan coming to dining hall n checks about the variety of food n start having BTWN ask DA to call shakti n family.DA comes to shakti room, where shakti asks when she came here..DA tells that she noticed meenu telling him not to have his food nu..shakti Shocked(matikitomo...Shocked)DA continues that she prepared all the food which shakto likes..n adds she even prepared some veg item as well for meenu nu sollura..n hurrys shakti to have food as she would like to have food in his plate after him(Angry stupid woman..)shakti gave anShocked expression(nammala condam pannama vidamata pollarukaeShocked)DA leaves..Meenu insists shakti not to go.. but shakti esc from there without meenu's knowledge.. meenu is disappointed knowing it..
Dining Hall SG(Smallgod),Murugan praising DA's food,there comes shakti SG checks abt meenu,shakti tells that she is not feeling hungry so she said she will come later nu sollitu sit n start having food.. SG tells murugan to get 4 gold bangles for DA hand,as her hand holds the similar taste of his sister..for DA tells him that she expressed her wish of what she need to shakti nu sollura.. shakti ku porayeruthu(Innaiku namma than target ah Shocked)..she tells that she want a chain with shakti amman dollar..SG approves.. which is getting noticed by meenu from far thru window.. DA notices that n shows her pointing finger to her(konnuduveanAngry).meenu come to room crying for her fate..finally consoles her by remembering her father words n clears the tears
Meenu restlessly roaming in backyard there comes DA, tells that she like shakti a lot n ask meenu to leave from her life(enna koduma sir ithuLOL)adds some similar to it n checks meenu when she is going to leave..for which meenu ask amutha "ethuku poganum"which she repeats often DA gets irritated n tells meenu that she is mad..meenu ask her to give one valid reason to leave this home.. amutha is speechless n left the place ..meenu took a deep breathe.
I guess 12th Murugan & Mallika will occupy the show
updates by lakshmikr
12th Nov - WU - EPM - Meenakshi's MISSION StartedWinkBig smile
Vaathiyar calling RR n ask him to come home , RR is checking too many q's n finally comes home.after coming home also too many q's finally he got to see his parents..continues his balabbering in taking back meenu.. his mom slaps him n ask him leave with them.. RR become wild n tells them he took an suicide attempt , but he got saved by meenu so he will surely live with her nu sollitu leaves the place ..all are help less Confused.
Meenu is remembering her father's promise again n again..looks at the all 5 brothers family photo..n staring at murugan to start her MISSION(correct targetClapmeenu)..Calls Mallika informs that SG is looking bride for murugan n broker is showing too many good photos..but she is not aware its all happening with murugan's acceptance or not..ClapClapClap..Mallika is worried ask meenu to inform her every now n then about the happenings at home.
Next to murugan,Tells that Mallika's bro is looking groom for his sister.. mallika is shattered on it, if it get conclude she might die nu pouring fuel in the slow flame.Murugan is worried ..meenu leaves the place (appa vela mudichuthu LOLLOL)Murugan Calls mallika n tells her that he wants to meet her one last time (awesome dialogues between them .. please watch it)after a lengthy conversation both agreed to meet at a place..Murugan checks who came to look her.. mallika repeats the sameLOLLOLLOL..after couple of emotional convo both sensed who told this?? finally its meenu..Murugan wondering why she fooled us??but mallika tells him that we are under such critical phase what if our families will arrange marriage for us nu ..kekura..both are querying each other .. There enter Meenu ClapClapClap

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