Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Ria Ka Adda 08/11: Moment Of Truth!! (Page 2)

vaishnavi_v Newbie

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 10:32am | IP Logged
I waited for an hour but nw hv 2 leave.lotta hw pending......Ceeya all 2morrow :)

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Quirky IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Good to see u Sanju!! Hug

Thankfully the story is moving ahead!! some fireworks tom!!Blushing

Gauri is an Idiot...leaving her I liked the epi..nice work KKsq..Thumbs UpFinally we get to see u two together..LOLEmbarrassed

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 10:41am | IP Logged
i am getting late for college, but will come back and give my analysis :)

but all in all loved the episode today, can't wait for tomorrow's episode, and to see chachu's expression when he sees Arohi sleeping there LOL


this is my first time doing this, so please bare with me Big smile

this was so far the best episode i have seen of KMH - season 2. i loved it all. finally Arjuhi scene. and Chiku LOL or mr. perfect may i say, was a total goof ball today. and she thinks he's cute? oh good lord help her! he's constantly checking himself out, which i find very annoying, but i guess that's the plus point for the actor playing Chiku, as what he wants across to the audience is done well.
Arjun, Arjun, Arjun...i have understood him. he is always going to do things to please his father. he can never let him down, i feel that will cause tensions between Arjuhi, unless its like last season, where he leaves everything for Arohi's love. Gauri is really irritating me now. get over him! all u know is his name and his cell number, yet she is leaving Arohi's chachu..who is so sweet and so caring.

lmao i dont understand, why was Arohi standing outside Arjun's cottage all night? that was weird, Gauri left, what's she doing there? i understand she wants to help, but more than talking to Arjun, it's better she talk to Gauri, and now that Arjun called up Gauri, there are going to be more problems to this marriage from Gauri's side.

Precap - wow. Arjun is so nice :) he took care of Arohi, but has got her drunk LOL becahri...
and the best part, Chachu reaches there...uh oh, i wonder if chachu will see Arohi there. but i think it wont happen, chachu might just talk to Arjun and leave. Confused

all in all a good entertaining episode today. i loved the rain scene, and the title track in the bg Embarrassed

i'd rate it a 8/10, cut off 2 cuz of Gauri's annoying behavior.

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Angad_Kripa_200 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 10:47am | IP Logged
The title "Moment of Truth" definitely suits today episode... Especially in regards to Gauri...

Chiku milkshake... What the hell is "Chiku"... someone please do clarify... Anyways, this Chiku guy is totally irritating me now... I mean what is it with him... He goes by the prices and all... He is a serious pakao... and on top of that checking himself out through a spoon... I guess its time for his "moment of truth" of coming out of the closet... But one thing that I liked about the scene is how he clearly bowled Arohi out when Arohi was comparing him with an "Akhrod" ... That was a classic... ROFLROFLROFL... Arohi's expression were priceless... Good good Kritika... Your portraying your new avatar of Arohi in a really entertaining way... ClapClapClap

Ok, was it only me but did all of you find that scene funny when Arjun took out his gun... For some reason I just couldn't stop laughing at that scene... Anyways, the Singhania's surprise party for Arjun was nice because it showed another angle of Arjun where he does not like to play with the sentiments and emotions of other people... Well done Arjun... ClapClapClap... But it was quite sad to see how he compromised with his own principles just so that his dad would not lose the best... That was just so uncalled for... Not at all happening Mr. Singhania... DeadDeadDead... BTW, the sister of Arjun seemed quite insensitive, they were openly playing with a girl's emotions and she didn't even utter a single word... Sad.... Very Sad....DeadDeadDead

Also the dynamics and flare between Mikail and Arjun was quite interesting and again Mikail made it quite evident that the entire family shares a very cordial relationship with Arjun... And also from the talks of the police gang it was quite obvious that Arjun is their adopted son because as per Dadaji said, no one knew that Rudra Singhania has a third son... Well KEkta has definitely that a good job in hiding that secret of Arjun's reality...ConfusedConfusedConfused... LOLLOLLOL

But what I liked most about that scene was Rajveer Chachu's dialogue, "let this be the a gift of mine before I get married"... Chachu be ready to become a Mamu because this is a gift that you will remember your entire life... LOLLOLLOL

Okay, Gauri's feelings are truly understandable... Because one-sided love is probably the worst thing in the world because it can make you do almost anything and you do lose your senses and you definitely cannot differentiate between right and wrong... And that hug... Man that was so uncalled for... DeadDeadDead.... But I appreciate Arjun for being blunt with her and quite straightforward... ClapClapClap... BTW didn't couldn't connect with Gauri acting wise... She needs to buck up more because she has a lot of potential and she has proved that in earlier episodes....

And Mata Arohi ki Jai ho... Her lectures have begun... I so wanna go inside the screen and yell, itna lecture maath do... Bahut jaldi yeh tum pehi bhadi padega....LOLLOLLOL

BTW, Karan-Kritika made it sure that were matched in terms of colours today... Both of them were green.... LOLLOLLOL ... The fight between them was quite interesting and it was a nice treat to watch... Although it wasn't Dhamkadaar... I guess the presence of a third character made the entire scene a bit pheeka...!!!.... However, the the best scene of today was the last scene... Arohi's helplessness and Arjun realising that he has won was quite a nice scene to watch... BTW Arohi, how dumb can you be... Leaving the keys inside the kar... Tussi simply kamaal ho....LOLLOLLOL

The last scenes was executed very well and Karan-Kritika did a good job acting wise... Kritika brilliantly expressed her feelings and the smirk Karan had was amazing... Good job yet again guys... ClapClapClap

The precap looks interesting... Seems like its going to be dhamakedaar... Arjun's smirk when Rajveer says I want to speak to you both was bang on... He knows whats coming up... Btw, where did Arohi get her sleeping drees from... Didn't know that Arjun has started keeping women sleeping dresses in his wardrobe... And guys tomorrow we will have yet another famous "Chaku" scene... Arohi was holding a knife as Arohi was sleeping...

Anyways, overall it a pretty good episode and looking forward to tomorrows one because it is definitely going to be highly entertaining...!!!...

BTW loved Dadi today....

And dats all the bak-bak from my end for today's episode... Enjoy guys...!!!....

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Angad_Kripa_200 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyoti06

Gouri's character is beyond my understanding..what is she expecting from this guy ??Confused

She is not expecting anything... She is just hoping that somewhere down the line this guy will reciprocate to her love... Thats all... One-sided love stories are twisted... Trust me...

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niksidfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 11:38am | IP Logged
@ angad_kripa_200
nice analysis.....i loved reading ur post
between wats ur name?Smile
i loved epi.....
though the firecrackers are not really strong though but its in the process.........
i was really bored watching cheeku ..... his character is really blunt....he is a good actor but the shaping up of his character is not so interesting though....but in the long run i hope his scenes wid arohi should be merged wid arjun and it wud be really funny i guess but kritika's expression was wat i liked in the first scene wid cheeku....
about the 2nd scene of arjun and his family i wud like to say that deir family is complete opposite to arohi's family...there is no love between warmth ,just that some known people are staying together .today for the first time i saw arjun's so called mom took some interest in him and smiled  and didnt just show her irritating face.....dont know but arjuns loyalty to his father also compelled me to think dat arjun know about him being adoted ...he even went against his principles of hurting gals to make her so called father win a simple bet.....and the fact that arjun is not afraid of anyone also craves for a story behind it.........
i m not surprised of the fact that no one knows arjun singhania....arjun is a mystery after
about gauri i can totally understand her condition ...she loves him soo much that she came only to see his face....she is living upto the line"ek pal ke liye apni duniya dedu" but sadly she is unable to receive the priced love of arjun...arjun is actually a casanova type ...loves to spend time wid gals but never gives any commitment ,rather i think he is just scared to think of loving sumone coz he is burdened wid everything rudra singhania has done for him and he want to dedicate his life helping him in his buisness and not divert himself in any way
lastly i come to arjohi....thier scene was wat i was waiting for in the whole epi....
i loved and moreover surprised to hear arjun say tht she looks pathetic and i was expecting a strong reaction frm arohi after that but i guess she knows she is pretty and instead of thinkng too much about it she went on doing her job of threatening arjun.........
but how careless of her to leave the keys in the car
i told about it in another post also that i loved the eye to eye understanding between arjohi....i never thought she wud go inside after the impression she got about arjun and also the way he was staring at her will totally enrage her but wow she went inside and arjun too came and opened the door for her after all tht happened...........
tomorrow i m expecting chachu to be unaware about arohi's presence in his house and i hope we cud get nice scenes wen arohi is spending her night in dat cottage wid arjun
sorry if i bored u wid my analysisTongue

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Angad_Kripa_200 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 September 2005
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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
@ niksidfan... im glad u enjoyed it coz i thoroughly enjoyed urs... and Im samiul aka sam or even sammy... whats ur name....
u actually got me thinking about the fact that arjun knows the fact that he is adopted... because his expressions weren't that shocking when Mikail was saying how Rudra Singhania doesn't like to be indebted to someone... now i am also thinking that probably he does know abt him being adopted and i guess when the intimate scenes between Arjun-Arohi will start he will come clean to him... And yes, Gauri's line of spending a few moments with the one she loves was truly heart-felt. Reminded me of the tag line "Ek Dil Ki Liye Duniya Dedo... Bas Itni Mohabbat Hai... Ek Pal Ki Liye Zindagi Dedo... Bas Itni Mohabbat Hai" and yeh dis Arjun is a complete cassanova... I was lmao when he called her pathetic looking... that was just priceless... and the last scene... that was truly amazing and ur right both Karan and Kritika's eyes speak volume... I mean through their emotions in that scene you could feel the triumph that Arjun was feeling and at the same time you could feel the emotion of defeat Arohi was feeling as she went inside the house... And tomorrows interaction of Arjun-Arohi will be interesting as the "CHAKU" from KMH-1 is back...!!!...

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Ayesha_gla Goldie

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
reserved ... havent watchd so cant say anything now..
P.s : RKA is not the bread nd butter of our life watever we do we do for our buddies and their love for the show ..... bt we r nt blind and we do knw how to judge things ... post kmh most of our buddies decided nt to write for any other show .. kmh took one long year to cum back if u want the same old adda charm then the show must get to the same hieghts to attract our buddies simple as that !!

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