Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Ria Ka Adda 08/11: Moment Of Truth!!

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Hello Adda Pies!!
First and Foremost, we want to clarify the below to those who do and dont know what RKA is all about!!!
So before I give my take on today's episode, please ponder on the below!!
RKA will not sugarcoat reviews!! good or bad, we write for ourselves and our friends- those who are in conflict of our opinions are free to join and engage us in CIVILISED discussions, opponents BEWARE!! we have a zero tolerance policy for RKA haters/ bashers!! THIS IS OUR FORT!! n our love for adda and it's members overrides our love for KMH or any other show for that matter!!

To Karan & Kritika and others involved with KMH2- we criticise because we believe you guys have potential!! and because we love KMH! we're aware of the fact that if KMH2 does not meet VERY high standards it will be shelved and we know that Nair & co won't be game for a third try, so we want this to ROCK!! we want others to know that sequels/ the same brand can actually work! even on a no-brain channel!!

For those who have issues with the LENGTH of our posts, LOL, they're not even half as lengthy as they were in season 1! everyone at RKA writes as much as they want to, read it if you want to feel free to skip if you're time constrained! we don't dictate the length of anybody's posts!!

there's a thin line b/w bashing and criticism, we DON'T cross it!! and we won't let others cross it either!!

THIS IS A BUSY PERIOD FOR MOST OF US! year ends are busy for those who hold regular 9 to 5 jobs, some of us have exams round the corner while others have simply moved onto BETTER SHOWS, raise your standards get your viewer back, not rocket science eh?
WE NEED TIME BECAUSE THIS ISN'T WHAT WE DO FOR A LIVING! when somebody pays you to do something, you gotta put in a 100% from the word go! NO EXCUSES!! so those of you who're comparing us to the actors/ others involved with daily soaps, think before bantering!!

RKA initiated a campaign last year, fortunately or unfortunately, adda girls have lives of their own, so those of you who think it's their divine right to just sit and drool and let adda girls do the hard work- we got news for u!! we're BUSY!! pull up your sleeves, justify the show AND keep it on air!! this time we follow your lead :)

We repeat!! KMH2 has MUCHO potential! but it's walking a tight rope and we'll shout cos we can't watch it go down a cliff!!

we sign off by repeating that reviews are based upon the content dished out to the audience, give us a good episode and watch us drool, give us crap and watch us flush it down the drain!! Smile


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Nov 10 (Wednesday) - Shreya
Nov 11 (Thursday) - Sanjukta
Nov 12 (Friday) - Jyoti (Gagori)

Nov 15 (Monday) - Parm (italianprincess)
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If you wish to open RKA the days its vacant, please pm RKA on Facebook 


 OVERALL VERDICT ' 9/10!!! A very good episode!! Thoroughly enjoyable!! If show continues on the same par, it can become a super hit!!!

Hidden Agenda

It comes across that Singhania's motives towards Arjun are cloudy! Its hard to determine for sure whether Arjun is adopted or not but surprise house diya in return of getting the ransom money. Yaha Arjun wants to spend time with his family but instead in a way they are sending him away!Ouch  Aakhir maajra kya hai??!!

Kekta is known for her famous anaat bachaay types!! But that would be soooo sad cos pehla KMH mein bhi Arjun was adopted! What contrast though! Waha DK wanted to do EVERYTHING for his son and yaha beta is willing to do absolutely anything for his dad to the extent that he is going against his own morales and beliefs just to makes sure Sexy Papa Duck wins the bet!!

Then at the police den it comes apparent that no one really knows Rudra has a third beta which kinda makes me feel that he is def adopted.

Chikooo ki chikoogiri!!! ROFL

Chikoo ji being a gentleman! Puneet is absolutely hilarious as chikoo!! Love his acting!! Looking in the spoon to see how he looks!!! HAHAHHAHA! 'thank god tumhe akhrot pasand nahi hai'!! hehehe! Chikoo had me in splits!! I never expected Puneet Tejwani to portray a comic role so well! From being a mommy's pet in yeh pyar na hoga kam to this!! He is brilliant!!

Talking of yeh pyar na hoga kam...we come to Bittan i.e. Gauri or I think the best fit name for her would be CHIKPKOO!!! LOLLOL

Chipkoo lies to Arohi but Arohi bhi kam nahi hai! Reaches chipkoo's house and confronts her!! Yeh walla scene mujhe jamaa nahi but only cos of Gauri! PG def needs to improve her way of talking! The scene lacked emotion and to me it felt like she was reading out from a script! Thoda bohut expressions hota toh wudve been nice.

But yaar this chipkoo is totally andhi in love with Arjun that she cant see whats right and whats wrong. It seems that to Gauri she is making a compromise and will spend the rest of her life loving someone who doesn't love her back but I also feel that she is dillusional about what love is and perhaps when she married Chachu and as time goes, she will actually realise that what she has with chachu is love.

DJ and clan!

I looooove DJ!! Heart ' She is definitely my fave character on the show!! 'funny...tenu kya circus chalaani hai!!'LOL

Tumne boolaya aur hum chale aaye!

Gauri goes to see Arjun! Arjun dressed almost too casually for Don image!! Hmm I didn't really like what Arjun was wearing but Karan looked HOTTT!Embarrassed

Again Gauri ki clinginess shooroo! Aww I do feel sorry for her! PG was good in this scene!

Karannnn! Karan Karan Karannnn! Hai hot shot looking but I am not sure whats happening in the acting department! Ouch I knowwww Karan is capable of much much more so I am sure its the character he is playing! Arjun Singhania perhaps never loosens up and is always serious! I just feel that Karan is really holding back but then I feel that its what the character probably requires and once Arjun falls in love, we will see a different side to his acting skills!! He is a really brilliant actor and I cant wait to see more of that! Nonetheless, he looks sizzling HOTTTTTT!!!

The scene between Arjun and Arohi was brilliant!! ' KRITIKA IS A FAB ACTRESS!! (see rka gives credit when due!!! Tongue) The way she dealt with Arjun and Gauri was brilliant!!ClapClap

Her expressions and mannerism, speech is spot on.

Coming on to both Arohi and Gauri getting chucked out...

NOW Karan...this is what we call emoting! (again we give credit where due!!) Thats the great thing about Karan...he can emote brilliantly through his eyes and the final scene was great! The way he looks at Arohi with attitude..his expressions here were faultless! He just carries on looking at her mercilessly! Very well enacted.Clap

Precap ' Arohi Phassi!!! I cant wait to see tomorrow's episode!!! I doubt Arohi will get caught but the scenes between Arjun and Arohi 2moro should be to die for!! (hopefully!!)

The performers

Scene Stealer ' Kritika Kamra!! ' The final confrontation was superb!

Scene Spoiler ' Gauri's confrontation with Arohi before she goes to see Arjun. Lines could've been better spoken.

Fashion Disaster ' Nim maasi kissi ko nahi chorti ' Vest and crop pants was a big no for me!

Moment of the Day ' Chikoo's chikoogiri!!! Howlarious!!!!

RKA is open to one and open to all!! You are not allowed to simply click like!!! Join in the fun and write your heart out!! This is not an english class so your writing skills will not be judged!! away!!!
Please reserve your spots/give your take and get the adda rolling!!! Hug

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Res...will edit tomorrow as now I'm leaving for driving license lesson eby and good night people

 I haven't see yet the epi but wrote the poem after reading the written updatesLOL
One question: Gauri, what is doing? Her braind left her and went on a holiday on Hawai or what?!!?LOLLOLLOL This girl is difficult to understand....anyways here the poem
from her POV...promise Arjuhi one today if the epi'll be Star

By chance,
You fall in love with
any kind of man,

you fall in love learning
to love him, talking to him
as a friend and smiling...

You know you feel bad if
one day you do not see him;

In those hours you fall in love
with him, listening the
heart that beats so strong ...

Falling in love is a marvelous thing,

but it scares me

You are the bright melody
that accompanies the descent
of a tear that is falling

in the deep desire that love you me.


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haven't wtached a single epi yet...but hope to do so today and let my darlings know how i feel abt it :)

as for the ABOUT RKA post...well, high time we reiterated...we are not a "FAN GROUP". the rest is written in plain hope this will put all controversies to rest


wow!! that was one catching before I leave for a meeting, here's what I felt:

1) nice story...can pick up well...but why do I feel i almost know what's at the next bend? LOL...chota mota jhatkas and an element of surprise wont hurt creative bhagwans !! Wink

2) Arjun singhania is a doppelganger of Arjun Punj....even in terms of how he talks, walks, stares etc.......hawww !! does it mean punji was like a don? or the don is not as don-ish ! all time fav don's baccha prizes for guessing..Michael Embarrassed....we have an almost namesake here too...but none isn;t half as interesting....i mean they look good and have good bods...but that mystery in character without screaming - dekho main hoon doon is what I am looking for...u know what i mean?

3) arohi has become better and ....ummm...faster LOL.....her dialogues were alternating between bail gaadi and rajdhani.....i had to re-think what she was saying at time Geek...khair chhodo..hota hai....with potential and real life bf in front, people do get dandas for that

4) i said pretty ordinary so far...apart from the various variations of the beautiful "tumko choo ke bhi..", good looking leads....and better clothes Tongue

oh did i say, the other characters look and speak a little strangely? i thought most of them weren't even speaking themselves

so far so good....happy to get the show back....but would be happier with a solid plot


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lilindiangurl13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Today's epi was soo far the best according to me... To began with our little chikku and Arohi's date.... man is chikku a real character... he has to be the worse.... if my parent make me meet some one like that i would leave rite away, but her poor arohi thinks that he's sooo good and all.... cant wait for her to find out how her mister really is LOL LOL
now gauri....Confused does she even under stand the mean or love or not.... this is just a crush but here she's think its love and going to ruin her life.... The chachu is sooo rite for her but this pagali is after arjun and arjun doesnt give a damn....
Arjun's brother is and idiot... i feel like resucing my arjun from that family.... no one really care and i cant believe he had to call gauri so his dad doesnt lose.... this dad needs to be straightened out a little.... using his own son for his good and then paying off for it and making him think he's a stranger....
Arjun and Arohi's encounter was the cutest.... she looks like she will be one of those possesive lover by looking at the way she pulled arjun away from gauri LOL  LOL that is the highlight of the epi... and also the shut up gauri was the best gauri really needs to get mature and figure what love really is.... The little staring session in the rain was beautifully done.... loving the ending a lot but one think i dont get why did gauri just leave like that... i expected her to do something to arohi before she actually left....
OMGShocked how much im wishing that chachu does see arohi so the love story can start..... Just imagine chachu sees arohi and goes home and tells his family that the GF is none other then Arohi and Gauri finds that out later and she gets mad and becames a vampLOL okay lets not get my brain too far into the future....
so cant wait for the drama tomorrow.... now the action will really start....Big smile

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my grandmother says, decir la verdad perder la amistad loosely translated, it means truth can jeopardise friendship or cordial relationships. RKA and it's members will not hesitate in severing ties that endanger our freedom of speech Smile remember that a spade's a spade at RKA!! Cut to the episode

We've already said that KMH has lots of potential and they proved it today Smile the episode was nice-ish Smile Chikoo is highly irritating but Puneet Tejwani is a seasoned actor. I've got intense dislike for onscreen gadhe so I dunno why Aro's entertaining him, but the guy manages to look cute even when he's annoying you Day Dreaming The only problem is his OTT attitude Ouch I personally think it's unnecessary

Chinchpokli to China- the Ahluwalia extras SleepySleepy please, please soap mata I promise I will refrain from criticising the soap for 3 whole days if Luvdeep bua gets married and goes off to her sasural on Mars LOL I'm hoping BT dunya has no coverage there WinkLOL I can't stand her!! AngryDead koi iski shaadi ki fikar kyu nahi karta?? Confused
Aro's mum ErmmStern Smile no comments, the grandmother Big smileThumbs UpHug I love her to bits already!! fabulous casting!! Big smile

the enigma Confused Arjun is actually adopted!! (?) no prizes for guessing that after today's episode, the brother obviously thinks he's Gods gift cos he's the biological son of super dad aka RPS and Arjun's attitude {dripping in self-pity & gratitude} reflects that LOL all hail soap mata!! Aro had a bharpoor parivaar in season 1 and bechara Arjun, his janam ki kahaani ended on a maha confusing note LOLOuch abhi bhi haal behaal hai ROFL Karan seems to be highly frustrated with this, the expressions portrayed his discomfort LOL bad acting KK!! everything from the moment he walks into the house to when he calls Gauri was pathetic!! we've seen Karan do much better- he looked kinda lost here Thumbs Down

I seriously started ROFLing the moment he walked in and pulled out the toy gun!! for crying out loud!! Confused at least give him a decent weapon!! Embarrassed

anyway, Kritika did quite well today- definitely not her best, but Oscar-worthy compared to last week

Parul was a major disappointment!! She needs to get out of Bittan's melodramatic skin!! jago pyaari there's no Omi bhaiyya hereD'oh ROFL

tomorrow should be interesting Geek hope Karan's able to do better, I was really gutted by his 'performance' today Ouch

episode rating- 7/10; Potential with LOTS of room for improvement

*yawn* it's 8:30 and am tired already Disapprove- GN adda Hug

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    Pheww.....Ufff ..usually i am not like this (maybe i am when it comes to talk about KMH coz i cannot think straight EmbarrassedWink..LOL..)    Loss of words and cannot even think what i am gonna say Embarrassed  but its totally not my fault .. Today I have fainted  sooo many times that ..i cannot even think of any other words tahn My god Karan was looking super FITT and DUPER HOTT Silly..okk before i start drooling let me say this ...

    I Love RKA ..I love it coz here u are free to express ur views ..even drool like a fool ..and nobody laughs at u .its all about respecting each others views ...for that u dont have to agree with them .for me i don't   watch any other show so religiously and i watch KMH only becoz of KARAN and KRITIKA ...mostly coz of Karan ..i even watched his BEtaab till its last breath Wink.sooo ..i am here for my girlies and for my fav karan and kritika .i usually don't criticize on anything ..i appreciate whatever they do..u can't call it buttering coz i am not getting anything coz of buttering .but i am giving many many chances to the show just for the heck of it ...i would love it if we keep happy atmosphere here and discuss the show without any personal attcks on each other .just respect each others POV u all .Hug
Now about the show ..
 vaoooo.. Karan looked extra sizzling HOTT EmbarrassedDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming..have fainted all the time seriously i am in no position to analyse anything Embarrassed..i didn't see that chiku shiku ..who chiku ?for me what matters is only Arjun and Arohi ..Karan's Expressions and attitude with his extra hott looks Wink LOL were BANG ON!! ... BAD boy with GOOD character and GOOD heart ..whats not to fall for him?Day Dreaming  Uff ..sorry once i get over my fainting thingy i can concentrate on story Tongue but i am loving the story . what ever Gauri's character is fits .without her there wont be this story going where CVs want to make it go.I feel ..Arohi will slowly slowly realise that this BAD boy is not so BAD and she will be the first one to stand up for him .she will have no choice but to fall for him .and then this Gauri will become little negative tume mera BF ..apane aap ke liye leh liyaa WinkLOL..but Gauri's character is definitely not a waste .its making story more interesting and more intense.
I am LOVING IT !! I am ENJOYING it !! and I am LOVING and ENJOYING this fainting ..LOLDay DreamingDay DreamingBlushingEmbarrassed
ps.i saw Sanjuuu....Hugafter loong time are u sanju ?where u been ? so good to see u .

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Today's episode was good..funny in parts especially the Chiku partLOL...but somewhere I m still not convinced about the flow of the storyErmm
Things I liked...
  • Chiku-Arohi chemistryThumbs Up...They both in the future can share a good friendly bond Embarrassed.,..but knowing Ekta mata I m sure he will soon turn into a biggest kabab mein haddi between the lovebirds ArJuhiLOLOuch;But the actor playing Chiku's role is a good one...he is enacting his role wellThumbs Up...
  • I liked Arjun today...His character is being portrayed in a realistic manner..he has his principles but can do anything for his father's victory...He is selfish when it comes to his father but mayb in the future his priorities will change towards his ladylove when he starts believing in loveEmbarrassed..So right now his act is justified for the future irony in the storylineApprove
  • Arjun and his brother share a good hate chemistry ...I m pretty impressed with Arjun's brother actuallyWink...
  • Kritika as Arohi was not over the top today and acted wellBig smile..
  • ArJuhi chemistry was sizzling today in the last scene confrontation when he drags her out of the house and then later sees her standing completely drenched in rainEmbarrassed..I liked the smirk that Arjun gives while sipping his whisky when he looks at wet ArohiEmbarrassed..
  • Precap seems interesting...generates a curiosity factor for next episodeTongue..but my serial experience says Arohi will not b caught by her Chachu tomorrowErmm....Arjun knows Arohi is from that police family and I feel he will not tell anyone that Arohi was with him whole night for a simple reason that he is the hero of the showLOLBig smile...
Things I disliked..
  • I m not too pleased with Gouri's character..I know whatever she feels for Arjun can be termed as one-sided love or mayb just an infatuation,but she comes from a good family and it doesn't make any sense that knowing Arjun is not interested in a commited relationship but just wants to spend few hours with her,she is ready to give in to his demands ??ConfusedConfused ...
  • Somewhere CVs r confused with which story to take forward after introducing so many characters and tracks just in first week of the show's launchOuch...So they r confused whether to start the ArJuhi love story with Gouri and Chiku's tadkaLOL or to first proceed with Chor-Police family enemity fiasco or to first complete Rajveer-Gouri marriage fiascoConfused...Thats the reason a particular flow in storytelling seems to b missing somewhere and scenes look disjointedErmm...I hope CVs make up their mind soon regarding which track they want to concentrate and based on that prepare a proper screenplayEmbarrassed...
  • Editing ...BG score...set design and Sound needs improvementSmile
My Episode rating 8/10...Karan and Kritika were good in their performances..overall a decent episodeBig smile
PS:RKA is not a appreciation thread or fan grp...we give honest both praises and constructive criticism will b a part of these reviewsApprove

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p.s ---fans who cant take in healthy criticisms of our fav show or character plzzz dnt stress or strain ur braincells by reading RKA...if u r expecting only drooling sessions plzzzz feel free to open fan pages n ur own posts.Smile


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