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A new FF: Left Right Left..:-)

RiddhiB Groupbie

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Here is Riddhi! And here is a new Fan Fiction..Without the promos, without the trailors..but with the goes the picture..!! Old wine in a new bottle..

Part 1- Pg 1
Part 2- Pg 1
Part3- Pg 2
Part4- Pg 3
Part5- Pg 4
Part6- Pg 5
Part7- Pg 6
Part8- Pg 7
Part9- Pg 8
Part10- Pg 9
Part11- Pg 10
Part12(a)- Pg 11
Part12(b)- Pg 11
Part 13- Pg 13
Part14- Pg 14
Part 15- Pg 16
Part16- Pg 17
Part17- Pg 18
Part 18(a)- Pg 19
Part18(b)- Pg 21

Part19- Pg 22
Part20- Pg 23
Part21- Pg24
Part22- Pg25
Part23- Pg27
Part24- Pg29
Part25- Pg30


It's night time now. All the cadets are sitting in the dining hall of the Kanchanjunga Military Academy(KMA). Everybody is there..Naina..Huda..Yudi..Ali Alekh and Pooja.

All cadets are tired because of the tough training session today and the serious; so called boring classes by Capt. Rajveer.

Suri ji, incharge of the kitchen department, is serving food to all the tired cadets.


Suri ji: O ki hoya mere shero? Aj sab chup-chaap baithe ho. Koi gala-shala nahi kar rahe? O ki gal hai? Mainu das.


Ali (an innocent small-town boy who has come here to make his father's dream of him being a soldier come true.): Suri ji, aaj to bohat hard training hui. Saara din bas bhagta dodte rahe.


Suri ji: O putar.. sipahi ban na hai to mehnat to karni padegi na..


Huda: (hmm..Amardeep Huda..a Haryanvi cool dude in KMA, known for flirting with girls) sahi mein Suri ji..yahaan itni mehnat karni maine kabhi socha nahi tha..


Alekh : (a short-tempered drunker criminal who has been sent here by the authorities for his transformation) vaise bhi to sochta kab hai..


Everybody starts laughing. Huda gives him a "abhi batata hoon..ruk" look.

Suddenly, Brigadier Chandok enters.

All the diners stand up spontaneously and wish him.


Br. Chandok- There is an important announcement for all the cadets. Please pay attention.

(everybody stands more erect and attentive)


Br. Chandok: Kal aap sab ki Medical drill hogi. Dr. Shalini(a sweet and beautiful doctor in KMA) will be there to help you out and make everything clear to you.


Huda: Wow..Dr. Shalini (in a low mumbling tone so that only a few others standing beside him can hear)


Br. Chandok: Aap ne kuchh kaha cadet Amardeep Huda?


Huda: (startled to hear his name) no..Sir..maine to kuchh nahi kaha.


Br. Chandok: And you shouldn't even dare to.(pauses for a moment or so and starts again) So, tomorrow at 8 sharp, I want to see you all in the main campus ground for the drill. Thankyou. (and then he leaves)


Huda: Budhe ke kaan bade tej hain'(in a mocking tone)


Naina: Behave yourself Huda (Naina, a brave and confident girl who is here to find the secret behind his brother..Naveen Singh Aluvalia's death in some army fight. She can't reveal her identity as his brother is considered to be a  Deshdrohi but she knows that his brother wasn't a cheat. He was a true soldier, completely devoted to India. She is here at KMA to prove it and take away the title of stabbing the country from his brother and indirectly her and her family.)


Huda: O fulan devi'(he has changed everydody's name according their characteristics and for his convenience too) mujhe behave karna aata hai..mera behaviour thare se to achha hi hai.


Naina: Shut up! You'.


(suddenly Yudi speaks up)


Yudi: (aka Yudhuvansh Sahani, a funny silly son of a rich father, who has come here to prove that he can also do something in life and is not a coward silly guy) Don't fight guys! Araam se khaana khaate hain na..vaise bhi pata nahi, kya pata kal zinda bache ya na?


Naina: What? Kyun?


Yudi: Are yaar har roz itne tough training session  ke baad mujhe to lagta hai ki bas main marr hi gaya..


Everybody laughs at his statement.


Pooja: ( a simple Punjabi kudi who has come here to search for her fianc who left her on the wedding day. Also ( to be provided hehe) a crazy mobile freak.) Haan yaar.. vo fence ke niche se nikalte nikalte to mere saare nails ki shine hi kharaab ho gayi.


Alekh: Tum dono chudiyaan pehen kar ghar kyun nahi baith te.


Huda: (defensive about his friends) Abe o kaidi? Apne kaam se kaam rakha kar. Chudiyaan to tu pehen kar bhaitha hoga na'jail mein.  O sorry sorry'chudiyaan nahi hatkadiyan'Kyun?


Alekh gets up in an angry mood seeming like he would just punch Huda on the face. But as he sprangs up, Naina holds his hand and signals him to calm down. And surprisingly the "stubborn Alekh" does so.


Ali: Huda ji, aapko kisi se aise baat nahi karni chahiye.


Huda: Ab tu sikhaye ga mujhe? Kiss se kaise baat karni chahiye? Ali ji?


Yudi: Please guys. Don't start again. Ab khaana kha liya hai to main sone jar aha hoon. Ali, please let's go. ( as Ali is his room mate)


(Similarly, Pooja and Naina shared one room and Huda and Alekh were roomies too.)

Ali stands up and keeps his plate in the sink before leaving. So does Yudi.


Huda: (to Pooja) Ye bas raat ko iske saath ladna aur phir sona hi mujhe achha nahi lagta.(talking of Alekh)


Pooja giggles.


Alekh and Naina stand up and put their plates in the sink, while Pooja and Huda are still chating.


Alekh leaves for his room and Naina waits for Pooja to be over with her food and Huda too.

Huda: Saara din daru ki baas aati rehti hai mere kamre me se (gives a pathetic look).Saala bevda kaidi'.samajhta kya hai apne aap ko. Agar maine uski complaint kar di na to phasega vo.


Pooja: Phir to karta kyun nahi complaint? Class ke samay mere saath baithta haina vo, to lagta hai ki machhi ke tail se nahake aata hai. Well, ya phir naha ke hi nahi aata.


They start laughing and give each other a high-five. Naina is watching all this and thinks how disgusting her journey of KMA is going to be. As Pooja finishes her dinner and stands up, Naina walks over to her and signals her by shaking her head as in saying "chalein?" Pooja nods back to say "hmm.. I am coming".


Huda: kya ishaaron ishaaron mein baatein chal raheen hain? Mujhe lootne ka plan to nahi bana rahe?


Naina ignores his comment and throws a look which seemed to express "cheap boy!" kind of words. Then walks to the sink where Pooja is washing her hands. Soon they both leave for their room.


Huda: (murmuring to himself) Oye hoye! Ma'am ki adaaein'.uff!


He too leaves for his room. And the servants there start cleaning the benches.



To be cont.
I don't know what I did was correct or not. But I just Did it. From two days I was trying to figure out how this has to be posted. But today I did it. And I hope I did right. Plzzz help me out guys!!! 

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 10:03am | IP Logged
the up is good
new fic on lrl
i believe that its on RN as the protagonist
plz cont soon and pm me next time
shivu_crazyfan Senior Member

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 10:11am | IP Logged
heyy nice...
mujhe lrl ki yaad aa gayi!!
continue soon!!
prerna1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
that was so good
plz continue soon
RiddhiB Groupbie

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Posted: 09 November 2010 at 1:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ronojoy_ria

the up is good
new fic on lrl
i believe that its on RN as the protagonist
plz cont soon and pm me next time
thanx...and it is abt RN.
RiddhiB Groupbie

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Posted: 09 November 2010 at 1:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shivu_crazyfan

heyy nice...
mujhe lrl ki yaad aa gayi!!
continue soon!!
RiddhiB Groupbie

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Posted: 09 November 2010 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prerna1

that was so good
plz continue soon
thanxx a lot...Smile
RiddhiB Groupbie

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Posted: 09 November 2010 at 6:43am | IP Logged
Hie guys!! Here is the next part of the Fic. Hope you'll like it..


10:00p.m. Ali-Yudi's Room

Ali is sitting on a mat on the floor with a beaded thread and an idol. He is chanting some prayers before going to bed. Yudi, who is a very modern and irreligious kind of guy, is listening songs (earphones on) so that he's not able to hear he prayers by Ali.


After Ali is over with his chantings...


Ali: Yudi bhai? Yudi bhai..??


Yudi: (singing to himself, eyes closed) my desi girl…hmmm.. ny desi girl…


Ali: ( to his loudest) YUDI BHAIII!!!


Yudi: (taking off his plugs) are dheere bol yaar…I am not deaf. I can listen well. Bol.


Ali:  Main bas itna hi puchh raha tha ke Brigadier Chandok ne hame kitne baje main ground mein bulaya tha? Vo alarm lagana tha..


Yudi: shayad 8 baje..


Ali: haan yaad aaya 8 baje ki kaha tha.(starts preparing his bed) vaise aap ko pata hai ke kal medical drill mein kya hone wala hai?


Yudi: I don't know. (pulls a blanket over him) Lekin kal mujhe yaar apna best dikhna hai.. Dr. Shalini jo hogi vahape..


Ali giggles and says Goodnight to Yudi and Yudi does the same. They both go for tight sleep.



Next Morning 7:15

Naina-Pooja's room


Pooja is searching for her fiance's number in a directory that includes contacts of all army officers. She is calling all "Siddhants" given in the directory in a hope to find her "Siddhant".

Naina: (brushing her hair) Pooja…yaar jaldi se ready ho ja. We have to leave in 30 minutes to get to the ground.


Pooja: (throwing her cell on the bed) yaar...Sid ka number lag hi nahi raha hai…pata nahi kaunsa no. hai…


Naina: Tu Sid ko baad mein dhoondna..abhi get ready..warna hum log late ho jayenge. And look at yourself..tu abhi tak nahayi bhi nahi. Pooja washroom vacant hai…go and get ready fast. Hume breakfast karke drill ke liye jaana hai.


Pooja listens to her banter silently and obeys her and leaves for the washroom.







8:00 a.m. Main Ground

All the cadets have had their breakfasts and are now standing in a straight line in the ground in attention positions. Dr. Shalini emerges in the scene wearing a formal shirt and knee-length brown skirt.


Dr. Shalini: Cadets, as you all know that today is your medical drill. So before proceeding for the drill, I would like to explain you all some basics. Vaise to aap sabko ye sab pata hi hoga par phir bhi it's my duty to tell you all this before the drill.


Everybody nods.


Dr. Shalini: So tell me cadets ki agar aap mein se kisi ko war ke time goli lag jaaye…ya phir chalo ye maan lijiye ke aapki ungli sabzi kaat te hue kat gayi..aur khoon behne laga to aap kya karenge?


Alekh: Chhuri se bhi koi khoon nikal ta hai. Agar chalani nahi aati hai to saale pakadte hi kyun hain.


Dr. Shalini is about to answer that but suddenly…


Huda: chalana aana ya na aana to door ki baat hai. Hum churi pakdenge hi kyun? Janaanion ka kaam hum kyon karein?


Again Dr. Shalini tries to get involved in the debate but..


Pooja: Kyon kya chhuri pakadna sirf ladkiyoon ka kaam hai…tum ladke kya miss call maarne ke liye bane ho?



Once more Dr. Shalini opens her mouth to move a few words out which she has been trying for so long. But…


Naina: agar bleeding hui to wounded area ko wash karke, antiseptic lagakar, bandage kar deni chahiye.


Everybody now stares at Naina for her sudden and straight forward answer. Dr. Shalini also sternly replies-"good"and nothing else because it was this answer which she expected from all..and that too without arguments.

I know it was a short part. But I couln't keep you waiting. Actually I myself coudn't wait. I also read some FFs. And I know how difficult it is to control our eagerness to read more. So I just did it. And I am hoping for more comments this time. ..just kidding...bye..

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