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3 musibats living together Version1 and 2(page 32)

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Hi guys it's me PJ. Actually this OS is not on AR, but it's on real characters. I am writing an OS on kamina gang (me, Shin and Sani)LOL, so here it goes and as I said ki mera OS hai to funny to hoga hi LOL

Sani - lives in UK and will go to india soon to meet her brother and twinzy (Shin) for the first time in person.

Shin - lives in US and will also to go india along with sani to meet her brother and twinzy (sani) for the first time in person.

Paramjeet (PJ) - lives in india. All prepared to welcome 2 musibats to his house with his pranks.

Sani and Shin calls each other twinzy as they are of same age but totally opposite people. Just like twinz areWink. PJ calls sani a churel and Alisha, shin. All 3 are internet friends or rather say bro and sis now. u will know about their character from the OS.

It was a clear blue sky when PJ came out of airport after seeing off his 2 sisters Sani and Shin. It was very hard for him to see them go, he wanted them to stay more but couldn't help as their vacation was coming to an end. He sat in his car and while traveling back home he started to remember last one month, truly the best days of his life.


He stated talking to himself. Those were really great days. Though all 3 of them lived thousands of miles away but he couldn't help thinking about the good times they had together. All 3 of them had different personalities but still they bonded so well.


He really felt invincible when they were around him. They shared happy thoughts, painful memories, dreams and hopes you name it. They were really a bunch on nutt heads but they shared everything and that made life worth it all.


A sweet smile came to his face as he stopped on a red light and remembered a scene when Shin was sitting on the PC listening to her music (which is called boring and out of time and space). She then repeated the whole play list over and over again to irritate PJ. Sani whereas was enjoying the expressions on PJ's face and she was least interested in listening to what Shin was playing. After Shin repeated the list 7 times PJ just got frustrated and shouted "put something we would like to listen to other than THOSE OLDIES". Shin after listening to this came out of the room and just came to where PJ was sitting. She turned PJ around and kicked on his butt as hard as she could. Sani was shocked to see this and preferred to keep her mouth shut at that time as she didn't wanted to face shin's anger.


PJ thought to himself "I swear she really kicks very hard, she should try her luck in soccer". He ran to the kitchen almost crying himself to tears calling mom "she kicked me on my ass". Then they started running all around the house and he shouted help me in every language he knew.


He thought to himself that though at that time he didn't appreciate it and it felt out of place but he has to admit after their leaving home he missed all those weird moments they had as a family. Jumping all around the house and acting like serious nutt cases. Now that Shin and Sani have gone PJ missed some very special moments they shared like Shin giving him a massage on his head when his head ached due to over work. He missed going into Sani's room whenever she had a bad dream or being unable to sleep and then they used to chat till 6 AM in the morning or drank coffee and share all what's on their minds or simply she would hug PJ so that her fear from the bad dream could go away.


He would remember all those beautiful moments for eternity and will not trade them for anything. All the outings they had in last 30 days were really very special and they enjoed a lot. It really helps when u have someone to share it with. As Sani being the wise one out of the 3 once said "family comes first and you wouldn't know how much they mean to you unless they go away from you or you loose one of them (God forbid)"


Today when Shin and Sani had gone back PJ was missing those moments but mostly he was missing them both more than ever. Even though he knew that they chat for hours everyday on IF but it is really different to have them by your side, hug each other when they felt down and tell that life will get easier at some point.


As soon as PJ parked his car outside his house he looked at the mirror and said to himself " I will cherish every moment that we spent together and I can't forget a single moment when we did all the masti together. I just want you both to know that how much you guys mean to me. U guys did annoy me at some point or I got on your nerves but trust me this is what sisters and brothers are for. I have experienced the best days of my life in last 1 month and I promise you that this is just the beginning. It's a start and we have got the rest of our lives. We won't loose contact now as we will spend our vacations together every year from now on. Both of you be prepared as I may give u surprise next year."


After this he went straight to his room and sat and remembered the last 1 month from the starting when he was waiting on the airport for both his sisters to arrive.







PJ was very excited today as he was going to meet the 2 people today whom he know so well as they have chatted almost 2-3 hours daily since last 1 year but are meeting for the first time. As soon as the announcement was made that flight from America has arrived he quickly rushed to the area where shin was supposed to meet him. As soon as he saw shin coming out with her suitcase he rushed to her as if he didn't wanted to waste a single moment. He quickly took shin into a warm embrace and Shin too was so excited to see PJ. Their embrace at the airport was felt by everyone around who realized whatever was happening was truly special. Both of them took a seat at waiting lounge as Sani's flight was supposed to come after 3 hours.


Shin was speechless after seeing PJ and had so much to tell PJ but was not getting the words. PJ brought something to eat for her as she was hungry and both started talking about how they should spend this 1 month doing all the masti. Shin quickly reminded PJ that if he has not forgotten the band baja for the arrival of Sani as Sani had already warned PJ that she wanted a very special welcome at the airport otherwise she will suck PJ's blood with PVC pipes.


As soon as PJ heard this a very naughty smile came to his face and he said don't worry Shin let Sani come, I am sure she will get the welcome of her life and smile widened on his face. Shin understood from his smile that something really interesting was going to happen now. She just prayed to god ki she don't want to see her brother beaten infront of whole airport by Sani. She said slowly to PJ " you are sure na you won't try anything that will lead to Sani killing u on airport as I don't want to spend my vacation in jail."


PJ just assured her that everything is planned and shin was shocked when saw him winking at a kid sitting at ice cream parlor. Shin didn't wanted to ask anything further as she was excited to meet Sani now.


As soon as Sani's flight arrived they saw Sani coming out whistling at almost all the boys standing at the airport. Shin started banging her head on the chair as she can't believe that Sani started doing this on the airport and just asked god "why god why, why can't this girl control herself". As soon as Shin and Pj were heading towards Sani the same kid who she saw at ice cream parlor came running to sani and started crying "mom mom aap aa gayi, aap kahan chali gayi thi, pata hai maine aapko kitna miss kiya, mana maine aapko mere liye daddy dhundne ko kaha tha but aap mujhe chor kar kyu chali gayi"


Sani frozed at the moment when she saw that kid calling her mom and all the guys at the airport started looking at Sani weirdly. Words were not coming out of sani's mouth and she was stunned by that kid's act. She didn't knew what to do as that kid was no leaving her and was holding her tightly and calling her mom. Suddenly a voice came into her ears "aapko dekh kar to aapki umar ka pata hi nahi chalta, u never told u that u have a kid" sani turned back only to see Pj and Shin looking at her with widened eyes.


Sani was shocked as she had expected a very warm welcome at the airport with band baja and phoola kaa haar, some press reporters taking her picture just like a princess is coming and bla bla but now all she is seeing is a kid whom she is seeing for the first time calling her mom and her bro and sis looking at her with widened eyes. She quickly spoke up guys see I don't know who this kid is and trust me he is not my son. Trust me I am still a virgin guys and I don't know what is happening. Her face fell down to her toes and she started feeling bad for that kid and wanted to ask where his mom was.


Suddenly a lady came from behind and said Arun beta chalo ab ghar, zada masti mat karo, kaun hai yeh aunty jinko tumne gale laga rakha hai. That kid with a jerk left sani and rushed to her mom and said pata nahi mom yeh kaun hai, yeh mujhe apna khoya huya beta samaj rahi thi. Sani nearly fainted listening to that and started looking here and there trying to understand what was going on. That lady looked at Sani with widened eyes and said ki dekhne se to yeh baccha chor nahi lag rahi but aaj kal kisi ka kya bharosa. PJ busted a huge laugh listening to that and was not able to stop his laughter. Sani and Shin both were shocked to see that and wanted to know what exactly happened to PJ suddenly. Shin said bhai kahin aapko pagal pan ka daura to nahi para hai na.


That kid quickly came running to PJ and said "maine apna promise poora kiya ab aapki baari, mera inaam kahan hai." PJ quickly gave him a box full of chocolates and went to that lady and said that it was all a joke and nothing else. That lady smiled at this and went away with her child. By now Sani understood that this was all the prank planned by her bhai. She quickly picked up a stick and started running after PJ to beat him badly and was shouting loudly "Kutte, kamine, khate de puttar, kam akal meri izzat ka bilkul khayal nahi kiya na tumne, dekho airport paar saare hot larke mujhe kaisey dekh rahe hai". PJ ran for his life shouting yaar tumhe hi to special welcome chaiye than a to wohi to diya na tumhe. Welcome to India Sani. Shin couldn't stop laughing at this and just said I can just see what all we 3 musibats have in store for next 1 month. God save Delhi from us.


Finally after 10 ice creams Sani ne finally PJ ko maaf kiya and they came home. PJ showed them their rooms and told them to take some rest so that they can go out later. Sani and Shin preferred to chat rather than sleep so they started chatting. Sani and Shin were so happy to see each other, finally they met and now they did wanted to get square with PJ for what he did on airport. PJ was a bit tired so he slept and this was the best time when sani and Shin could play their prank. They quietly went into his room and took the small jar containing medicine. Outside the jar it was labeled aspirin. Sani and Shin thought ab to bhai ki chutti karni hi paregi, they made a lable looking exactly like the lable on the jar and printed on the label something that would make PJ really embarrassed and then kept that jar next to his bed. As soon as PJ got up Shin came up to him and asked bhai aapko yeh problem kabse hai, first PJ was not getting what she is trying to say but as soon as he saw the jar and the lable on it which said mental pills he got shocked. Sani came shouting that bhai don't worry I have contacted mental hospital and booked a bed for you. PJ quickly got off the bed and said that he is not mental but sani and shin kept accusing him that he is mental and gave hi five as soon as PJ looked at other side. Pj apna sar hi khujata reh gaya and both his sisters took off the label they had pasted and PJ was shocked to see that he was made fool by sis sisters and felt so embarrassed seeing both of them laugh at him badly. After this they got ready and went to pub and did lot of fun there.


Sani was enjoying the most as she came to the pub for the first time and made it a hard time for Shin to handle her. She was going around passing comments on all the boys and wanted to kiss all of them. Finally after 3 hours of constant dancing with boys Sani got tired and sat on the couch to take some rest and within 2 minutes she slept there. Shin told PJ to wake her up and lets go home as all were really tired dancing. PJ got a wicked plan, he took out the lipstick from sani's purse that she had put today. Then he called a young girl who was dancing with PJ that night and convinced her to help him in his plan. PJ then put lip marks on that girl's face and sort of smear some lipstick on her lips.


Then as soon as Sani opened her eyes that girl was sitting in front of her with all those lip marks on her face. Sani got really shocked to see that marks on her face was exactly the lipstick she has put. She quickly asked that girk what happened and she said that sani got so excited while dancing that she brought her here and kissed her all over. Even though that girl was objecting to this but Sani was in no mood to stop. Sani couldn't believe what she did. She was so embarrassed. Shin tried to give her signals that all this was a joke but PJ stopped her. PJ recorded all her expressions in camera and came forward saying agar tum nakli lable bana sakti ho to mein bhi tumpar aisa prank khel sakta hoon. Sani's face fell on the floor listening to this and she didn't say anything after that but just gave disgusted look to the girl who helped PJ. She just said in her heart, bhai abhi to yeh sab shuru huya hai ab dekho mein aapke saath kya karti hoon, u will pay for this PJ bhai. After this they came back home and went into their rooms to sleep and all night Sani was just planning how to even the scores with her bhai whereas Pj was thinking ki Sani ki to kafi band baja di but ab Shin ki baari hai. Unlike these 2 Shin slept peacefully and thanked god ki dono duffers ne ab tak uspar koi prank nahi khela.




2 days later


Sani and PJ decided ki aaj milkal Shin ki band bajate hai, so they brought a ladder placed it in a way that someone can climb that and reach the small room on the roof. Then PJ signaled sani that Shin is coming their way so Sani called Shin and asked for help. She wanted to keep 2 boxes in that and as her height was small so she was not able to keep them there, that's what Sani told Shin and shin happily agreed to help her twinzy. As soon as shin climbed the ladder sani told her to sit in the room so that she can keep the boxes properly at the corner. Shin sat there and asked for the boxes. Sani gave her one box which shin kept carefully at the corner and when she turned to take the next one she was shocked. Sani along with that ladder vanished. No one was there and she had no way of coming down. She shouted for help for few minutes but no one came. She got furious over sani as she understood that it was her prank. After about 2 hours she heard some voices coming and she was shocked to see PJ and Sani coming from outside having fun and eating chocolate ice cream. As soon as they entered they saw Shin fuming in anger and still sitting up as she has no way of coming down. Just to lighten her mood PJ gave her ice cream they brought for her and told her to have ice cream till they bring the ladder. It took just few seconds when PJ got his prize for bringing ice cream for her as she threw the ice cream back on PJ's face.


Sani ne to who mauka bhi nahi chora she quickly brought a spoon and started eating that ice cream from PJ's face only to hear Shin shouting badly at her to bring ladder before she jumps from above to land on sani. Sani quickly ran out to get the ladder and PJ started licking ice cream and said to himself wow ice cream is really tasty.   


As soon as Shin came down she wanted to kill PJ and Sani fir this prank but before she could do that both sani and PJ ran into the room to save themselves. Shin shouted "Kamino kutto aaj mein tum dono ko bilkul nahi chorne wali" but before she could beat then she looked at the watch and changed her mood as abhi uske fav. Show aane ka time ho gaya tha. So she decided ki dono ko TV par show dekhne ke baad maaregi.


As soon as she switched on the TV PJ and Sani came running and took the remote from Shin's hand. Actually a world war was about to happen as Sani wanted to watch hot Guys on TV, whereas PJ wanted to watch WWE and Shin wanted to watch DMG. As all three of them started fighting over the remote Shin got too pissed off and now she could not control her anger. She rushed to the fridge and took out 2 eggs from there and slammed one on PJ and one on Sani. Sani threw the remote in her hand into dustbin and ran away, PJ thought that she must be hurt by this and must be crying. But before he could think anything else another egg came and hit on his head, this time it was Sani who came up with eggs and started throwing on Shin and PJ.


This led to a bif egg fight among the 3. By god for the first time 3 of them realized ki teeno ka nishana kitna ganda hai. They hardly hit each other and all the eggs were landing on the walls and on other stuff in the house. Almost 50 eggs were donated to this egg fight today. Ghar ki halat kisi poultry farm se kam nahi lag rai thi. All the eggs were scattered all around the house.


All 3 of them were really tired after this fight and completely forgot that they fought for this remote. Then they started talking and baatein karte karte teeno kaisey ghore bech kar so gaye pata hi nahi chala. Late that night when PJ's mom and dad came and started ringing the bell no body opened the door. Teeno ko koi hosh nahi tha ki bahar koi bell baja raha hai. After ringing the door bell for 30 minutes PJ's mom and dad got worried ki teeno ko ho kya gaya hai, door kyu nahi khol rahe. They started making phone calls but no use as all three of them were not getting affected by phone calls aswell. Because of constand calling of names from outside many people gathered out to see what exactly has happened. Finally his dad decided to break the door as he was worried that something bad may not have happened. So his dad along with other neighbours started breaking the door. But majal hai un teeno ke kaan mein iski aawaz bhi aa jaye.


As soon as they came in they say whole house dirty with broken eggs scattered all around in the house. They got worried and went in to see if Shin, Sani and PJ are ok and as soon as they came in the room and saw all 3 of them sleeping they couldn't stop but laugh at what those 3 had done and after doing that are having such a peaceful sleep. Suddenly PJ got up from his sleep and after looking at his dad his first comment was dad I am hungry plzzz get something to eat na. His dad now wanted to pull his son't leg so he said "PJ how about some boiled eggs". As soon as PJ heard the word eggs he got into senses and forgot about eggs and asked "How the hell u did come in". he said this line so loud that due to this Sani and Shin also got up. Sani as soon as got up looked at PJ with widened eyes and said "Kutte kaime itna tez chilla kyu raha hai, abhi acha khasa mere sapne mein meri aur Aashik ki shaadi hone wali thi and tune mujhe utha diya". PJ quickly both of them outside and they were shocked to see their whole neighbourhood standing at the gate with broken door. All three of them just felt so embarrassed and PJ's dad from back said acha hai ghar mein eggs hi the, agar guns ya bomb hote to tum teeno to unka use karne se bhi peechey nahi hattte na. he laughed at this and told them to sit in the room till he gets something to eat for them. Shin while going into the room said uncle I will have omelette and that too spicy one. PJ and Sani shook their heads and said iske liye to bahar se hi order kar do ya fir she can eat omelette of eggs been lying on the ground.


Finally this day of world war with eggs ended and all went to sleep after getting the door fixed.





Next day in the Night


Shin was busy chatting on IF since 3 hours and Sani and PJ were getting badly bored. They called Shin to do chatting with them but as always Shin said " baat kar to rahi hoon na, mein ek saath 4-5 kaam kar sakti hoon, mein IF par chatting, tum dono ke saath chatting, apna school ka thora sa research work, mom ko mail bhejna, apna dinner and Safar ko love letter type kar rahi hoon sab ek saath. PJ started banging his head on the wall shouting "hey bhaggu yeh larki itne saare kaam ek saath kaisey kar sakti hai, iske 2 haath hi hai ya fir 10". When shin didn't came and was busy on her computer Sani and PJ decided ki ab kuch bhi ho jaye usko us room se bahar to la kar hi rahenge.


Luckily Shin called PJ to check out her computer because she had a problem with her internet not working and she wanted PJ to fix the problem. PJ agreed like a good boy and went about his business while Shin was busy watching her favorite movie HUM AAPKE HAI KAUN on TV. Knowing more about computers then her PJ changed the screen saver on the computer so that he can type a message and it will go across her screen when she isn't touching the computer for a minute. Well Sani watching this from outside knew where it is going from here and she couldn't stop laughing on her poor twinzy.


The Message was like this:

We regret to inform you that Windows XP has a serious bug that will blow up your computer in 30 seconds. It is advisable for you to vacate the premise as soon as possible or risk being killed.



After doing this he fixed the internet problem aswell and came out of the house with Sani waiting for their prank to get successful. As soon as Shin saw this message she quickly got out of her chair and ran out. It was really funny to see Shin running out in fear and when she came out PJ and Sani went to ask her what was wrong and she told them that her computer was going to blow up. Sani asked her if it was 30 seconds that she had been outside. Shin got completely shocked and wondered how she knows that. PJ then explained it to her that he rigged it and busted in laughter. Shin looked at him with angry eyes and thought in heart abhi is kamine PJ ko kuch bolne ka fayda nahi hai, is baar mein is PJ ko chorne wali nahi hoon. She quietly went in and had a smile on her face as if she had alredy decided how she will get even with PJ this time.


At 3 AM in the night when everyone was sleeping and specially PJ was in his dream land with 200 got girls at an island dancing and having fun. Shin came quietly in his room with makeup box. She stayed there for 30 minutes then left the room. When PJ got up in the morning he went outside the house to get the newspaper and he saw all his neighbor hood laughing at him badly. He thought maybe everyone has gone mad. As soon as he went in the bathroom to wash his face he shouted so loudly that Sani fell from the bed while sleeping, Shin was awake and waiting for the reaction had a huge smile on her face as if she had cracked a jackpot. PJ when looked at his face in the mirror he was covered in makeup, nail polish, lipstick, etc'. He came out fuming in anger that who has done this only to find Shin's door locked and voice coming out of her room of Shin celebrating her victory inside.


As always PJ doesn't forget things easily so that very night when Shin was sleeping he so badly wanted a pay back. He collected some items in the whole day and hided in his room so that he can use that in the night. Shin knew that PJ might come out to take his revenge so she locked her room before sleeping. She did just one mistake, she trusted her twinzy Sani to be at her side so Sani was sleeping along with Shin. But she didn't knew that PJ had already convinced Sani to be at his side. So in the night when Shin was in deep sleep, Sani opened the door for PJ to come in.


PJ walked over quietly with feather and peanut butter. He put peanut butter gently on both her hands. Then he gently tickled Shin's nose with a feather back and fourth. Sani also helped him a bit and made Shin wake up. Eventually when Shin used her hand to scratch her nose the peanut butter was all over her face. She jerked in the sleep and got up and was surprised to see door open and Sani and PJ missing. She understood that it was their plan. She shaked her head and cursed herself why did she even think that she can stop PJ from taking his revenge. She washed her face and went back to sleep thinking yeh dono se to kuch expect karma hi galat hai. In her dreams she was saying just one thing " U know I hate u bhai and twinzy"





3 Days later on a PICNIC


As always Sani and PJ were busy irritating everyone on the picnic and Shin was banging her head on the wall thinking ki usko aisey bhai behen hi milne the. Shin started playing with a puzzle game. As she was busy in making the puzzle Sani went there quietly and asked if Shin required any help. Shin told her to join her in making the puzzle if she wants. Shin didn't realize that while Shin was busy talking with Sani PJ came there quietly and picked 5 pieces from that puzzle and swapped it with 5 pieces of another puzzle with similar colors. As soon as PJ went away after doing his job Sani as well made an excuse that she has to do some work and he left. Shin ko shaq to huya ki what did just happen but she was not interested in thinking about that so she got back in making her puzzle. She spend 2 hours in making the puzzle but she was stumped that the puzzle was not getting solved.


PJ and Sani were laughing in heart on seeing Shin's expressions. But they didn't let Shin come to know of the truth. They came there and asked what the problem was. As Shin told them that she was not able to make this puzzle. PJ said ok let me try once. He again swapped the wrong pieces with correct pieces and within minutes made the puzzle. Shin was shocked to see that but knew something is wrong here. She looked at PJ and asked what exactly did u do that I didn't do. PJ looked at her with a sweet smile on his face and said " I just swapped the wrong pieces with correct ones when you were making the puzzle and swapped them back in my turn". Bas itna kehne ki der thi ki PJ and Sani started running before Shin could take her shoes in her hand and beat them up




While Sani was expecting her mom's call PJ decided to play a prank on Sani. He stole her mobile and changed his name in Sani's mobile with her mom and changed her mom name with his name. Then he ring the phone while sitting next to her. As PJ has swapped the names so name appeared on Sani's mobile was of her mom. Sani picked up the call and in a very polite tone said hello mom, PJ didn't say anything and hung up the call after few seconds. He did that 3-4 times and this made Sani really nervous that's whats wrong. Once again when he was about to call Sani saw him dialing the number and she quickly came up to PJ with a danda and asked if it was his prank. PJ in fear accepted that ya he changed his name with her mom but he forgot to tell that he has also changed his mom's name with his. After tell her the half truth he ran away and Sani was searching him to beat him up. After 5 minutes her phone rang again and this time name appearing on the screen was PJ, she didn't thought anything picked up the call and started her swearing "Kutte, kamine, f**king basterd, kanjar, kam akal saamne to aa mein tera khoon chus jayungi and who bhi PVC pipes se. Tujhe to mein apne boyfriend AAshik se pitwa dungi."


Sani froze right there when she heard her mothers voice on the other side, Sani cursed PJ for doing this with her. Now she was stuck at a situation where her mom had heard all her swearing and most important about her boyfriend. It took about 3 hours for Sani to convince her mom that she has no boyfriend but she had no answer for that swearing thing. Her mom's last words in that call were "Sani when you come back we will surely have a word about ur Sani special galiya and you will need to answer me from where did u learn these". By this time sani was fuming in anger and wanted to kill PJ for this.  


Sani went straight to Shin and told her that she wanted to punish PJ for what he did. So both the twinzies sat down and made a plan and then Shin went straight to PJ and invited him near the pool. As Shin and PJ were talking near the pool Shin got the signal from Sani who was hiding behind a tree near the pool. Shin signaled PJ that she wanted the ball which was floating in the water. Jaisey hi PJ ball uthane ke liye jhuka Sani came running from behind and kicked PJ on his butt and PJ landed straight into water. He was wearing nice clothes and was carrying his wallet with him. As soon as he came out he saw Shin missing and was wondering if Shin was with him so who the hell kicked him and where did shin disappear now. Then he saw a note that was there and which said "Bhai I hope aapne apna pool ka jump enjoy kiya hoga''''''from Sani"


PJ came out of he water thinking sirf Sani and Shin hi hai jo mere upar prank aaj tak khel paaye warna mujhpe prank khelna baccho ka kaam nahi.    







Knock at the door


PJ : who is this


PJ's dad : so chor aaye apni dono behno ko airport


PJ: ya dad but I am missing them now, I wish who dono thore aur din saath reh jaate, pata hai hum sab ne kitni saari masti kit hi saath.


PJ's dad: well I am sure tum sab ne bohot masti ki hogi and don't worry agle saal tum un dono ko surprise de dena.


A sweet smile came to PJ's face and he promised to himself that this is not the end. This is just the beginning. We will meet every year now.



Sani and Shin, I am waiting for ur mahabharat comments kk. It took me a long time to finish it. I want like reallyyyyyy big comments on this. Warnaaaa VC nahi karungaLOL

Everyone if u liked it, then plz comment.




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res...yippiiiiiiiiiiiiii me firstDancing

will elaborate my comment tomorrow..pakkaBig smile

Edited**( i choose green only for u)LOLLOLLOL

Hey BhaiiiiiiiiiiHugHug

What was that...MusibaatsROFL
Bohot maja aaya OS parne main..sachchi mainBig smileBig smile
Those first 3-4 paras was like beyond descriptionClapClapClap
aisa lag raha tha ki ...umm..i can't explainEmbarrassed
and OS bohot funny bhi thaLOLLOL
mujhe nahi pata tha TB 7 times se ek hi gana sun sakti haiConfusedLOLLOL
and i was laughing like hell when u wrote...
LOLPJ thought to himself "I swear she really kicks very hard, she should try her luck in soccer". He ran to the kitchen almost crying himself to tears calling mom "she kicked me on my ass".

And OMG!!! sani ki kya welcome kiya bhai....ClapClapClap
bechari Ms.Virgin churel ko Mommy bana diyaROFL
that was hilarious...and also sani's PVS pipes
As soon as PJ parked his car outside his house he looked at the mirror and said to himself " I will cherish every moment that we spent together and I can't forget a single moment when we did all the masti together. I just want you both to know that how much you guys mean to me. U guys did annoy me at some point or I got on your nerves but trust me this is what sisters and brothers are for. I have experienced the best days of my life in last 1 month and I promise you that this is just the beginning. It's a start and we have got the rest of our lives. We won't loose contact now as we will spend our vacations together every year from now on. Both of you be prepared as I may give u surprise next year."

this part was my favourite....Big smileBig smile

And their prank of changing label was supurbLOLLOL
aap mental hospital se bhaaga huya patient ho naSillyLOLLOL
and the n bechari shin ko upar chara k kaha chale gayyeLOLLOL
TB to gusse se phatne hi wali thiLOLLOLLOL
and i was laughing like hell when sani brought spoon to eat the icecream on ur faceROFLROFL
and after that the egg fightShockedShocked
ewwwwwDeadLOLLOL........aur kuch nahi mila tha kyaConfusedConfused
jo ek dusre pe eggs phek rahe theLOLLOLLOL
and 50 eggs????ShockedShocked......waste kar diya...khali ko gift kar dete naWinkROFL
and OMG!! ur parents broke the doorShockedLOLLOL
and i totally agree what ur dad saidTongueTongue
shukar  hai ghar main sirf ande the warna waha pe to WORLD WAR 3 ho jataROFL
aur every single pranks were like sone pe suhagaWinkLOLLOLLOL
The DISCO one on sani was...i was rolling on the floor while readingROFL
shin ki wo PC error wala prank and sani's Mommy wala prank were mindblowingClapClapClap
i was thinking ki uske ghar jane k baad uske family uspe kaise attack karengeROFL
At the end...yeh i kehna hai ki BOHOT ACHCHA THAStarStarStar
every single word was like realTongue
Loved it bhaiBig smile
and again i love these musibaatsHug
Shin Now i am waiting to read urs one

Love ya bhaiHug

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beast4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 November 2010 at 2:20pm | IP Logged


hello PJ bhai!!!!!!!!! Tongue

first of all a hug from me yaar for this superb, entertaining and a bit touchy os.Hug

wow bhai itne pranks to tumne kabhi life mein nahi kiye honge jitne likh diye yahan *kiidding*LOLLOLLOL

opening was a bit touchy and i liked the way u started the os bhaiand the way u went in flashback and it was like some movie playing .Big smileBig smileBig smile

sani bhi kabhi nahi sudhregi jahan boys dekhe line marna shuru kar deti hai.ROFLROFLROFL

wow sani special welcome chahti thi tumse and u made it special by playing a cool prank on her.

and i liked that quote abt sani "Trust me I am still a virgin guys"ROFLROFLROFL

sani bache chor .LOLLOLLOL

sani airport par hi shuru ho gayyi bhai aur wo bhi kutte , kamine se....LOLLOLLOL par bhai ek line missing hai is mai..... mein tera khoon pe jaaon gi.. LOLLOLLOL

again superb prank bhai u made sani embarrassed again in the pub.LOLLOLLOL

awww poor shin didn't knew ke PJ aur sani milke plan bana rahe hain uske against. LOLLOLLOL

bhai abhi itna hi parha hai. baqi ka comment baaqi parhne ke baad karoon ga.LOLLOLLOL

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shininggal2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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twinzy k introductiong kyu churaya ?  chor..... ROFL
Am in love with this OS


Eeeekkssssssss.... omgsh liner I love your OS yaar. Agli baar se aagar tumne kaha na ki OS boring hai, aacha nahi likha iss baar and blah blah to mai surely tumhari khatal karungi aur saath mai twinzy ko video khichne k liye lekar aaungi.. sachi mai. Itna aacha likha hai aur mujhe kehta hai ki aacha nahi hai. tum muhe batao "aacha" ka definition kya hai tumhare dictionary mai ? ye to aache se bi infinite times accha hai.

Oye chorr'.. liner tum to ek number k chor ho  yaar' twinzy ki starting kyu churaya. Khudh ki words mai describe karna chaiye na introduction bi. Nahi ek number k chor ho tum to saath hi saath kam akaal bii lol. Kk time for a mahabarat comment (hopefully) haha

Liner the starting was unexpectedly marvelous. Seriously had never expected to see this side of you. It was beyond my imagination and idk' I just can't gather the perfect words to describe what I felt reading it. You may have written this as a OS bhai lekhin aap ne yaha jo likha hai I had this feeling that it was giving this message from you to me and twinzy somehow or the other.

Returning ' Awwww'.. I know it's definitely gonna be so difficult to leave once we meet. I mean I can totally imagine it.

"All 3 of them had different personalities but still they bonded so well" - No wonder it's so true when someone says "opposites attract".

OMGSH bhai.. you said it so true.. we defo are great nut heads but I totally love how we share everything. any relation automatically creates this bond when you know that there is someone whom u can blindly trust and share anything and u know that they are gonna go the same.

Hahaha bhai hmm I don't really remember a time when I sit and repeat the same playlist again and again for seven times lol but yeah I know it was closely related to you and I was actually happy that I get the honor of kicking you lol =)) hehe twinzy ko to bilkul maja aaya hoga aap k expressions dekh kar. My poor brother he has to listen to this so called "boring" songs and in addition get such a hard kick. Isiliye kehti hu shin ko gussa maat dilao. Lekhin nahi yaha to kohi sunta hi nahi phir complain karte hai ki shin ne mujhe mara. Twinzy to bohot maja le rahi haina' lol she didn't say anything coz of shin's anger. Wow mujhe malum nahi tha ki twinzy mere gusse se darti hai ? no one ever told me that. lol

Soccer ? hey bhaggu' mai kya kya bannu ab ? like seriously ? mujhe aur kohi kaam nahi hai kya ? twinzy mujhe politican banadeti hai aur bhai soccer player. Kissi ko yeh parwa hai ya nahi ki mujhe kya banna hai ?  :(( jau baar mai sab log. Kamino itna sara expectation mujse rakhne ko maine to nahi kaha thana. :x grrrrrrrrr''''oye mama k ladle.. kitne saal k ho tum ? do saal kya jo ab behen se kick khane k baad mama ko complain karne chale gaye hehehe. "shouted help in any language he knew" haha wow bhai.. tumhe kabhi kisi ne kaha nahi kya shin ko gussa maat dilao. Like sachi mai ab to mai pareshan hogayi hu ek hi baat samjha samjha kar. Ab tumhe samaj mai nahi aata to laat to paregi na. but one thing that was really funny in that twinzy made me throw kitchen utensils at u two in her os and u made me kick u '. these are something I have never done in my life. I would feel really obliged if I get the opportunity of trying them on you two first in real. ROFL.

Head massage- aww bhai' I wish I get to do that. well m quiet not sure how good massage I give. Mom usually asks me to give her massage but that's coz there is no one else so yaa I may suck in it pretty bad. Just letting u know ahead of time.. baad mai maat kehna ki shin ne warn nahi kiya tha hahaha.

Bad dreams- awwwwwwwww twinzy'. Bhai you are so much concerned abt us aren't u? The part where u mentioned abt twinzy's bad dreams and that hug. That's just so super cute yaar. And now tell me after all this why wouldn't anyone want a brother like u ? ily <3

"He would remember all those beautiful moments for eternity and will not trade them for anything"- who would? It's like the precious memories I could ever had. && dare u not trade it for anything warna churel ka ssg aur shin ka gussa ka andaja to aap ko hai hi right? jk .. But truly I knw u wouldn't coz u are kam akaal hehe. The wise saying by twinzy is indeed very true.

 " I will cherish every moment that we spent together and I can't forget a single moment when we did all the masti together. I just want you both to know that how much you guys mean to me. U guys did annoy me at some point or I got on your nerves but trust me this is what sisters and brothers are for. I have experienced the best days of my life in last 1 month and I promise you that this is just the beginning. It's a start and we have got the rest of our lives. We won't loose contact now as we will spend our vacations together every year from now on. Both of you be prepared as I may give u surprise next year."-
this was THE main part of the OS. Bhai after reading this seriously I cried. Liner we three know how much we trust each other and love each other. I am sure that there is never gonna be a time when we will not stand for each other. Every day we say "I love u" "I miss u" and what not but when I read this piece of the os. I didn't feel that I was reading any OS. I know that any other member who read it might say aww that's so sweet that was so emotional and so forth but I totally took it as what u were saying to me and twinzy. Bhai jab mai ye par rahi thi na agar aap uss waqt mere samne hote to I definitely have given to a huge hug at that moment. Truly it touched me so much.

Flashback - hehe you knw aap k aur twinzy k os par kar I already wanna meet u guys so much. Like sachi mai m like arrey kab tak soch kar bethenge ki how we are gonna meet. Why don't we just meet lol' liner yeh din kab aayega yaar. Mujhe "abhi" milna hai. awwwwww I loved the hug in the airport of "liner-shin" haha she humare bonding kitna strong hai airport pe sab ko pata chal gaya yay ' hehe. Hahaha twinzy k liye to kya planning kiya hai. I wish there was band baja for real.. lol I loved how shin was saying that she didn't wanted to end up in jail for her vacation lol.

Sani's welcome - jeezzzzz liner'. yeh twinzy kabhi larko ko whistle karna band karegi bi ya nahi. I pity myself so much.. idk why every time I end up banging my head in the wall. Hehe omgsh bhaiiiii' twinzy ka baccha kaha se tapak parah.. abbey ye chota sa kid jo bi ho but ussey to sure actor k liye try karna chaiye m sure hit hojata. Abbey ye chota ustad to kitna kamina hai.. How old is he yaar? meri bichari twinzy ko maa bulaya sab k samne aur phir aapni mom k samne itna innocent. Lol twinzy cracked me up'.. "trust me guys m still virgin" ROFL' kya swagat kiya hai aapne twinzy ka, bhai.  Wow I feel happy that I didn't ask for a special welcome when I came. Twinzy ko to maa, aunty, baccha chor bana diya, mujhe kya bana dete ? hehe bhai aap ko pata tha nah ur life was in danger '. hehe it would be so much fun to see twinzy running around the airport taking a stick =)) && haha the day we meet I am so gonna say this "I can just see what all we 3 musibats have in store for next 1 month. God save Delhi from us" lol. Wah delhi aayi nahi hai aur 10 ice cream khaliya'. Wow bhai what a way of convincing your sister. Really proud of u :D

Label change ' hey bhagguuu iss ghar mai to sab pranks k piche hi pare hai. but I actually liked the idea of shin n twinzy playing prank on liner. lol asprin ko mental pills mai badal diya. I can totally imagine how badly we wanted to waste time hehe.

Pub ' yay pub time' & NOOOOO why twinzy 'lol bhai aapne galti kardi humme pub la kar. Aap kaise bul sakte te ki twinzy ko to srif larke ki pari rehti hai. 3 hours of dancing yay that must have been so much fun seriously :) abbey bhai.. aap to bichari twinzy ko ab chen se sone bi nahi dete. Dekho aap ne kya kiya.. hey bhagguuu meri twinzy ko lesbo bana diya. Sachi mai liner u need to stop making twinzy shocked so much warna bichari ko pata nahi kab heart attack aajaye. Bhai tum kitna besharam ho twinzy is so embarrassed aur aap ho ko uski video lekar bethe ho but truly accha kaam kiya hai. baad mai jaa kar twinzy ka video dekh kar usspe hasne mai kitna maja aayega nah ? lol.  

Arrey liner k bacchee tujhe to na mai chorne wali nahi hu.. kamine ab sote waat bi ye soch kar betha hai ki ab kis pe prank khelna hai sachi yaar.. mujhe to 24/7 alert rehna padega if I ever come visit u.

Roof - urgh ek aur prank' maine kaha na iss ghar mai to chen se kuch kar bi nahi sakte, dekho ab to help karne mai bi aapni hi burai hai. yeh roof k uppar kaun kamina room banata hai muhe uss ka pata do. Uss kamine k to haat thor dungi :x urghh abbey tum dono to sachi mai mere dushman nikle yaar. Tum dono ko sharam nahi aati mujhe iss roof mai do gante rakh kar, itna aaram se ice-cream khate huwa aarahe ho na. && uppar se mera fav. chocolate ice-cream' I hate u guys. Abbey bhai tumhe kya laga tum mujhe do gante roof pe bethoge phir ice-cream de kar mujhe manaoge. That's was so right mai sachi mai bi wo ice-cream aap k muh mai phekti in real too. Twinzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy urgh'. Muh pe feka huwa ice-cream ko bi nahi choda. Tum dono insaan to ho na ? just wondering. lol

Hey bhaguuuu yeh kaunsi din dekhne ko mil gaye ab ek tv bi aapni hisab se dekhne ko nahi milta. sab ko ab ek saath tv dekhna hai aur uppar se to sab different different channels.


Egg fight - bhaiiiiiii omgsh i remember when u had told me about this. i has laughed at it so much and then when i read it here again i found it so sweet.. pata nahi kyu but sachi mai hum aaisa nahi karenge to aur kaun karega right. && ya ek baat to batana hi bhul gayi thanks for giving me such a great idea... jab mai aap ki ghar aaungi na aur aap mujhe aaise tang karoge to mai uss waqt fridge mai jaa kar aandhe le kar aungi aap k liye.. lol jjeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz liner 50 eggss.. wow hum recession k time mai to kitna help karte hai na.. i just hope that it wasn't during recession time coz i would really pity the government and ur parents as well. && lol well aap ko pata hai ya nahi but aasli mai bi mera nisana bohot ganda hai. m so bad in throwing something straight. esp balls. hahahaha i really feel bad for those people who had to clean that house later. truly hum to kuch bi karna nahi chorte. Jeeeezzzz bhai itna ganda kamre mai kaun so sakta hai. lol poor aunty n unle un logo ko to darwaja hi thorna parah. ROFL I loved the convo ater ur dad mom came in the room. Haha wow we 3 are so genius lol


"acha hai ghar mein eggs hi the, agar guns ya bomb hote to tum teeno to unka use karne se bhi peechey nahi hattte na." ' haan ye to uncle ne bohot sahi kaha' people really need to think twice before saying or doing anything to us.  && haha so funny how shin wanted spicy eggs to eat right after the egg fight. lol aap ne spicy kyu add kiya uss mai  ? =))


Shin mt - lol bhai aap ko mere multitasking k bare mai os pe likhna hi tha na ? haha abbey mai safar ko love letter kyu likhne lagi'.. urgh hey bhaguu isss bhai ka kuch karo plzzzzz haha.

Bhai agli baar jab net nahi chalega na mai kuch bi karlungi lekhin aap ko nahi bulaungi banane k liye :p haha && abbey mai itna parpok nahi  hu kk ki aaisa kohi message aaye aurmai bhaag kar chali jau. Don't u knw m so curious to knw anything if I would for real some like that msg I would actually sit there n see ab next kya hoga iss pc k saath lol

&& btw aap ko kise pata chal HAHK is my fav flim ? bolo bolo ? oo is it coz of the scrap that I had filled :[ abbey and iss twinzy ko mupe bohto haasi aarahi hai na.. urgh' tum dono kamino jau baar mai.


Make up prank - ROFL lol bhai u knw wht me n twinzy should defo try this prank on u while u are sleeping hehe aap ki sakl to dekhne layak hogi. Man I can't wait for that day now  hehe and ye kya ye twinzy to 24/7 soti rehti hai uffooo but haan ek baat to hai ki usse aap ki os mai acche se sone ka chance nahi mila hai kabhi kya hota hai to kabhi kya. Poor twinzy.. issey to chen se kohi sone tak nahi deta.


Feather n peanut butter / Puzzle game -URGHHHHHHh I hate u bhai and I so hate twinzy as well ' pata nahi kaha se mujhe hi aaise do bhai behen mil gaye. Like seriously mere aapne ho ya dushman ho ? sayad mere dusman bi mujpe itna jurum na kare jitna tum dono mujpe karte ho haha.  U wasted my entire 2 hours just for solving one freaking puzzle. You knw we should have done so much better stuffs in tht freaking 2 hours. The only thing I can comment right now is -


Bhai bahi na raha, twinzy twinzy  naa rahi

Zindagi hamein tera, aitbaar na raha,  aitbaar na raha =))


Call prank ' hehehe I pity twinzy a whole lot.. atleast bhai mujse prank khelte hai lekhin that's only me but poor twinzy kaha ye prank k chakkar mai ussne aapni mom ko galiyaan suna di. Well galiya to thik hai but asshik ka kya ? hey bhaggu meri twinzy ko bachalena. Well not really after wht she had done with me .. going against me.. but still ab twinzy hu to itna bi bura nahi soch sakti' jo bi karna hai karlena bas twinzy ko bachalena. Aur iss liner ko to mai dekh lungi ' urgh ROFL.  


Haan twinzy kamini aagayi shin k paas. Jab prank khelna hote hai to bhul jati hai aapni twinzy ko,.. jaati hai uss k pyare bhai k pass aura b jab bhai ne hi uss pe prank khela to ab dimag tikane pe aayi. Eeekssss I will be fun when two twinzies get to prank on liner. yeh sab real mai jab hoga ? m so much overly ' excidted haha. Hehehe wow that prank was so hilarious' poor bhai pani mai dub gaye =)) =)) =))


AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW'' the last convo of liner n dad was so sweeetttttttt.  


Ahem ahem'.. wow bhai' OS bohot badiya tha.. more than an os it was a reality to me. I so wish to be with u n twinzy right now' :( . & thanks for a very very very very special Diwali gift. My diwali couldn't get any better then this. And so so so sorry for the late reply. I knw I took an entire week to type up this much but please don't humiliate ur writing. It was worth everything. It left me flabbergasted: p


ILY <3

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hunder IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by Prinnia

res...yippiiiiiiiiiiiiii me firstDancing

will elaborate my comment tomorrow..pakkaBig smile

thank u sis and i will be waiting for ur mahabharat commentBig smile

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hunder IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by shininggal2008

twinzy k introductiong kyu churaya ?  chor..... ROFL

arey background hi to churaya yaar, ab chindi chor hoon to itna churane ka to haq banta hi hai naLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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hunder IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by shona_lover


bhai comment to update karoLOLLOLLOL

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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awesome os
loved it
u are really good
don't know what else to say speechless
thanks 4 da pm

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