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RKDramebaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 November 2010 at 7:20pm | IP Logged
Hello Guys
I am writing this on AR upon a request from some readers. It is also on ArSh. PM me for the link. And if you want to read on no Jodi in particular, I also have it in my own character. Pm me too.

I have written this part in my own words, it is Libba Bray's book, A Great and Terrible Beauty. 
It is a Love Story!

If you guys want me to write this on any of the FF form. In another words, on any of the Jodis just tell me ok!

Love you all

PS :It is a super - Natural story
Please comment as to compliment or criticize. And do suggest how can I improve my writing.

Chapter 1

17th March, 2008

India, Bombay.

"Mom, Why don't you understand? I need to go back to London. I cant live here, I belong there!" I tried again, arguing with my mother was pointless, I know she will never let me go. Never let me enjoy the cool, decent air of London over the smokers on the side of the streets in India. It wasn't that I loathe India, but living in London was something different. 

"Riddhima! Stop it right here. We already discussed this before, ad you know my decision." She said with her sweet smile still lingering over her face. I sighed crossing my hands over my chest and avoiding the eyes gazing on me. Its been three years since I last visited London. My brother, Rahul has been in London since two years now. I like it more there. 

I stood there as tears started brimming my eyes ready to spill out any minute. I was sixteen now. I turned sixteen today. Am I not now big enough to make my own decisions? My mother, Krina Sharma, had been living India since, I don't recall being too small. My father,Jay Sharma, however, moved to London with my brother to help him complete his studies of medication. My Grand ma, always stayed in London. She had settled there, and is not willing to even visit India. She was born there and loathes India. The reason, however, is not mentioned into my encounters with her yet.

"Riddhima, How do you like this?" My mother asked me pulling up sterling silver chain out of a side-cart on the road. I didn't reply. I stood there with a glum face. Mymother's smile disdained a bit. I know I was being bad, but I had no choice.

A black mercedes, probably, thats what I could guess from the little knowledge of car, came and stood by us. The glasses were secured and covered with a layer of bluish glamor. I could see my face in the mirror like glasses. A guy wearing black suit, a striped tie and yellow shirt stepped out of the car. I felt my mother go stiff. The guy had pretty pleasant face. Like a true gentle man, he gave a genuine smile to mom, and then to mom. And then shifted his focus back to mother. 

After him, a guy wearing informal clothes, a T-shirt with a leather jacket over it, stepped out from the other side of the car. He had the most handsome face I had ever encountered in my life. 

"They are near. Beware. I am doing all I could." He said in a low tone to my mother. I saw my mother's eyes go wide with shock. The beautiful smile gone. Her face pale. The next second the guys went back into the car and drove off. 

"Mom, are you, ok? Who were they? and what did they meant?" I asked my mother worriedly, going back to London long forgotten.

"Riddhima, Go back to Aunt Siya right now. She is in the jewelry shop two streets away. You know it. I have to meet for some urgent meeting right now. And don't wander away." Before i could reply she tugged the necklace with an "om" design on it. Diamonds decorated over it made it look terribly beautiful. She tucked it in my hand in desperation I could not understand.

"But, Mom, where are you going?"

"Just go! I will be back by ten." She said in demanding tone.

"Mom" I paused to get her attention. "I don't care about it anymore!"

I ran away from there towards the way we came back. Pushing through the people, not even mumbling a small sorry. Before I know it, tears started running down my face. I paused. I was at a park. I don't know which one. I stood there in my blue colored summer dress. 

there he stood. The same guy I had met before on the road from that car. The handsome face. I wanted to run. Run away from him. But I could not. I felt dizzy. I could hear him mumbling something. Something like It has started. I don't understand him. Suddenly I felt myself running through the streets. I turned over the sharp corners. Finally, exhausted, stood in front of a hut. I saw my mom standing there. Fear on her face. The guy who came to inform her about something I did not understand, was just behind her. He took out a knife. I wanted to shout to my mother to run. But I could not.

Suddenly, from nowhere, gust of dark clouds, with shines of red linings came towards them. The guy behind my mother tried to run, but was swallowed by the ghostly, fearsome figure. My mother, took the knife that laid behind her, dropped by the guy. The next second what she did made me scream. She stabbed herself with the knife. Be ready Riddhima! Were her last words. 

I found myself back into the park. I looked over at the guy. He looked as if reading my face.

"She died, did not she?" He asked as I ran away from him. My legs finally came back to normal, and helped me run away from the horrible vision. But somewhere I knew this was reality.


Please comment.


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dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 November 2010 at 7:43pm | IP Logged
heyy prachi 
nice part
loved it 
cont soon 
n add me to ur pm list
luv aana

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 November 2010 at 12:00am | IP Logged
Hey Prachi..

Nice start.. Pls Add me to your PM list for AR version..

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-wild- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 November 2010 at 1:06am | IP Logged
hey dear awsome concept
love to read ur FF
 do pm me when u update
love u

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AbhiNikiLuver IF-Dazzler

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Pls add me

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Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2010 at 4:52pm | IP Logged
OMG prachi. thats awesome. i so love it. gonna read a supernatural story after a loooonnngggg time. plz pm me

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RKDramebaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 November 2010 at 2:48pm | IP Logged

Hello Guys, 
     I have updated next chapter of my story. Do comment and press like button. I hope you will like it. 
     I am sorry, I may not be able to send PMs. It is mainly because i do not get enough time off from studies and other issues this days. 
     And to remind you guys again. This Story is almost a concept of Libba Bray's Books.
A Great and Terrible Beauty
Angel Rebel
The sweet far thing

All are of one series. 

Thank you!



The beauty of London did not fancied me anymore. I had lost my mother. My beloved mother. Now I want to go back to the time and tell her how much I love her. That I never meant to say those bitter words. That I do care for her. But it was not possible. She was gone. Away from my life. From dad's Life. From Rahul's Life. From our life. I wish...Just wish I had magic to rewind my life.

The rusty smell enterred the car through the open windows as we reached passed through the uncivilized part of London. The people were around wearing shaggy clothes. It was not very nasty to me.I was used to such things. But certainly not Rahul. He had his nose covered with a white handkerchief. I stiffled my giggle by biting my lower lip. I was scared that it would bleed. The car suddenly came to a stop. 

I peeked out of the window from my back-seat as Rahul stepped down the car. There were two men, dressed none likely to be decent asking for something, I assume, is money. I could see Rahul shakig his head in no, but the man wont agree to my brother's terms. Suddenly inside the soundproof car, i started hearing mur-murs. I tried to call out for my brother but I cannot. I could not breath. I felt air whirling around me. Everything was too slow to be taking place in a real world. I can see my brother waving the men off. His hand moved as slow as I had ever seen. And with a sudden jerk I was pulled into another vision. I felt myself walking down a foot-path. I stopped by a pastry shop and entered in. The shope was empty, save for a women in green dress by the window. She looked towards me with sudden anger and astonishment. 

I jerked back fighting for air. My breath heavy, my stomach in a tight knot. I looked through the front window and saw my brother still arguing with those men in need of money to buy there bottles. All I wanted right now was to get out of this place. I stepped out of the car, though it was not decent for a sixteen your old lady to step out of the car at such a place.

"Get your bloody faces out of here!" I screamed at them and that caught unwanted attention of the eyes around me. But I cared less for them. The two man looked at me as if they could kill me right here right now, and I felt as if I am in a killing danger. But to my astonishment the two men walked away into their small cottage. I sighed, my breath still not normal. I sat back in the car as Rahul told the driver to go on. He looked at me worriedly. I knew I owe him an explanation.

"You do know you owe me an explanation Riddhima Sharma" He reflexed my thoughts.

"It is just that, I-I miss mother." I lied. Though it was not that it was not true either. I missed her. Our lovely mother. It was not a reason that could satify his nerves, but Rahul gave a curt nod and looked away. I know I did not needed too prove anything anymore.


Grace Academy Of England. Girls' Boarding school. The school was wide and high. On the east 
of the school there were lights on and shadows of girls moving around in their rooms. It was dark, around 7:30. 

We moved inside and talked with the head mistress. Mrs. Caster. She was an old lady with glasses, that stayed on her nose. She asked me some questions on all the subjects and tested my behavior, and I gave my best. 

A little later she called a lady known to be, Sally. She was fair with copper hair that were tied in a pony tail. She was dressed in a frock kind of clothing. I have never seen anyone wear those. She took my luggage and walked me to my bedroom. I had to share my room with someone, she says. I was wondering how my partener would be, when we were at a door already. Sally knocked on the door, and after few moments a girl of my age appeared at the door. She was in a siimple dress, her brown hair tucked in a clutcher. I smiled at her and she responded it with sweet smile. 


"Sarah Clistopher." She said sitting on her bed. And I eventually, knew my bed was the one beside the window. I smiled.

"Riddhima Sharma." I replied. She nodded and then smiled. It was already around 9:30. I started unpacking my stuff when I heard rain outside. I went towards the window to close it when I saw him again. The building was exactly oppsosite from mine. I did not know much about this school. Neither its areas. I turned towards Sarah.

"What is the building right there?" I asked pointing out the window.

"Oh, You do not know? How astonishing! It is Charles' Academy! Boys boarding school." She said as if that was the iggest fact of the world. As if she just told me my name.

"Oh, forgive me, I must tell you I do not know much about this academy. Neither areas around here. Why, Neither much about England! I have been in India almost all my life." I say looking out of the window again. His face was so tiny. But I knew it was him. I could feel it.

"India, you say? That is so marvelous. I did love to go there once." Sarah says in daze. I smile. She goes on."How is it? Is it just like London?"

"No, India is the most fantabolous place on Earth." I say feeling proud. She cocks her eyebrows.

"Pray tell what do you mean by 'fantabulous!' " She asks confused. I laugh. Her face falls.

"I am sorry! It is actually not real word. It was invented among friends. It is a combination of Fantastic and Fabulous." I smile again holding my laugh.

"Oh! That is so witty to figure." She says with a smile, and a moment later we both burst out laughing. 

I think, I have found a friend in Grace Academy Of England, the Girl's Boarding school. But the mysterious boy is still a Mystery.


"Riddhima! Wake up! It is time for your shower." I heard Sarah's far away voice in my sleep. I lazily opened my eyes and hastily sat up on the bed. I glanced at the desk clock, it was 6:30. I yawned stretching my arms out. 

"Good Morning Riddhima!" Sarah wished me with a smile.

"Good Morning Sarah, How do you do this morning?" I ask grinning. She laughs and turns to me.

" How do I look Miss. Sharma?" She asks grinning back.

"As fresh as flower just bloomed out of a bud" I reply dramatically. An we both laugh. For once after weeks, I have had this pleasant morning. Wondering if I will be as happy as now forever, I walk towards the window. An unknown force pulls me to it. 

"Sarah, do you have a binocular?" I ask her as she sits on her bed reading a storybook, this early. 

"I do, it is in the drawer next to my bed" She points at her wooden table. I opened it and found the binoculars right there. I looked at the opposite building. It was just as it was here. Just the rooms were a little bit larger. There was no one the beds. For I could on see the beds throught the wondow. After a while, the 'mystery boy' came in sight. My heart beat quickened. He took a watch from the bed and wore it on his wrist. I felt bad for spying on him. But what was he doing then?

I sighed putting the binoculars away and got ready for the day.



Prachi / Pri / Prats / D0LL

(Thank you so much for loving me! xD)

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Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

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prachi prachi prachi. man mein to teri fan ho gayiLOL
it was brill. as if am reading a novel written by a proffesional. ur too good bbz. story is going good. kinda confusing but i do get the overall plot
P.S- just realised am first wooohoooooooLOL

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