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Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan
Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan

ckeck kumkum up date here (Page 2)

love1 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 September 2004 at 3:26am | IP Logged

Kumkum update tuesday



Hi All - very boring episode today so let me warn u that u are in for
a very boring update.....the only great part as always is our
Sexxxxxxxy Su looking GORGEOUSLY HANDSOME and KK also looking
beautiful.....anyhow, here goes!

The ep strats with KK thinking about Harpic's (abay) words about their ghar
being very important in their lives and she thinks/wonders that why
was Harpic showing so much apnapan.
Says to Sexy Su that I do not trust him and I suspect that whatever
bad is happening to us has Harpic behind it. Sexy Su asks ' ANy
reason for your suspicions?' KK says - nothing concrete but its just
my gut feel and my instincts....
Sexy Su says that I always rely on your gut feel, thoughts, opinions
and instincts but looking at Harpic's behaviour in the past few
days , we can only do bharosa on him and not shaque ....he was the
one who got me out of jail etc etc etc.
KK is unconvinced and says ok my dearoo but whatever u do - always
remember that you must rely most on your own self - do listen to what
your heart says - don't just think with ur dimaag - and don't trust
anyone blindly be it Harpic or your bachpan ka dost Asit Sengupta Sexy Su looks up in surprise at KK's words but promiss to be cautious
and not lost in blind faith.
Just then Su's mobile rings and its Nigam telling him to rush to the
factory as its going to be sealed . Su rushes out saying jiska darr
tha wahi ho raha hai. When Su goes away KK thinks that to find out
the truth about Harpic(abay) and Asst she must go to Assit house...
Harpic is talking to someone on the phone and telling them in
typpppical Haricy style ( teeth gnashing, face contortions etc etc
etc) that all rumours about Wadhwa Indusries must continue and not
stop despite Su coming out of jail - infact they should increase.He
wants Sumit Wadhwa to be completey barbaadofied and asap; he tells
that person on the other end that even those who have lent huge sums
of money to the Wadhwas should ask for it back so that Sumit Wadhwa
does not get a moment's respite and is completely barbaado-ed!!
ANd we see Harpicy expressions - MOST IRRITATING!!!

Break No.1

Wadhwa Office - Sexy Su, Kul papa and Nigam are there and all are
basically worried ki unki barbaadi ho rahi hai. Kul is telling Su
that their factory is gonna be locked up and Su says ( oh-so-
sexxxily) - I know Papa , I know but what to do ......the rumours
about my being caught in that rishwat case and our ruin are growing
instead of subsiding despite my coming out of jail.....
Nigam and Kul says that someone is spreading these rumours on purpose
and whoever it is , wants to see their total ruin - factory, business
and even their precious home.....coz as Kul Papa says if 20 crs is
not arranged by evening etc etc, ghar bhi jaayeigaa.
Su is shown helplessly wondering what to do ....his phone rings and
its our Harpic Uncle showing jhoothi sympathy and saying that why is
the market full of rumours about Wadhwas ka ruin......and says that I
hope everything sorts out - otherwise main hoon na type talk -
borrrring ( yawwwwwwwwn!!)
Phone conversation ends and Harpic is shown grinning viciously that
waqt nahin, main bataoonga tumhe Sumit Wadhwa ki - whatever - its
basically the same thing - that he wants to barbaadofy our Sexy Su
Ass is also there looking at Harpic with not too much happiness and
when Harpic asks him whateer is the matter with him, Assit says that I
am also a human being ( which presumably Harpic is not) and so meri
bhi insaaniyat jaagti hai and I just cannot forget that Sexy Su is my
childhood pal.
Harpic says 'oh sure I admire yor insaaniyat but remember always that
u would have been nothing had I not helped you - infact u shud be
happy that it was Harpic Chauhan who gave u a helping hand but if u
are feeling sorry for your Su , then I will withdraw my support from
u....he threatens and Ass immediately cracks up and says - no-no I
didn't mean it like that .....

KK reaches Assit home and there is this servant there and
KK asks him : Where is your saab?
S/v- He is busy....
KK: where has he gone?
S/v : I didn't tell you tat he was gone somewhere - how did u know
KK: well obviously if he is busy it means that he is not there ...so
where has he gone?
S/v says : Purani Haveli
KK; Purani Haveli??? whats that? Never heard of that before....
S/v - I am not telling u anything more - after all why shld I?
KK : ( thinking that how to deal with this semi-comic character)
says ' Yes indeed why shud u?
Anyhow by her chikni-chupdi baatein she manages to know that Purani
Haveli is the ancestral home of Assit which was earlier kabzoed by his
elder but step-brother. The step-brother had refused to give As him
any share out of it and had demanded loads of money and it was then
that a bada aadmi came to help out his sab with 50 crores ( maybe it
was 15 crores - who cares!)and that man came from some foreign place
like '....Shia' and KK realizes that its Malysia and is stunned-
knows now that there is pucca gadbad with Assit.
She goes to sexy Su and tells him everything but hamare Sexy Su Sexy
toh bahut hain but kabhi-kabhi Stupid Su bhi ban jaate hain. Su says
he needs to investigate this more - its not that by merely knowing or
helping Assit , Harpic is beind all this trouble.
But KK is lost in thought that Su may or may not believe u Harpic,
but I am sure that its u who is out to destroy us and I am going to
expose your true intentions - very soon.

Break # 2

Nigam tells Su that there is no proof that the money given to Ass for
his Purani Haveli as not come gfrom Harpic's accounts. Su is a bit
lost as he as so much on his mind so he tells Nigam that - ok, ye sab
baad mein dekh leingey.
Cut to Wadhwa House : Snake Bua is telling Dadima and everyone ki
hamare baare mein jo rumours hain, there must be some truth in them.
Dadi tells her to shut up; adaji goes off without replying and Snake
Bua says that see? I am telling u ma - we will soon have to go - aisa
hi kuchh hai.
KK walks in and Dadi asks her that how true are these rumours and KK
says that u need not worry - jab tak Sumit hai, hamare ghar ko kuchh
bhi nahin hoga.
Dadi and Snake Bua go off and KK's cell phone rings and its Harpic (
I am saying this again - I said it earlier too - Harpic has some
bimaari of taking full names) - he says - Mrs Kumkum Wadhwa in
sachcharine sweet tones and KK is immediately on guard ...
Harpic asks KK that why do u mistrust me soooo much - I believe its
on ur supicions my accounts are being checked. Believe me Mrs KK
Wadhwa I am your well-wisher.....continues - all nonsense and boring
too.....ends by saying that even if your house is sealed etc, I will
buy it and hand it back to u all.....after all I am a member of the
KK says that thanks so much for your so-called apnapan and thank u
also that u spoke at length to me - coz earlier I was just
suspicious - now I am convinced that it is YOU who is responsible for
all our problems and remember that buraai ki umar bahut kam hoti hai -
so soon I am going to expose you and tour evil intentions. She
disconnects the phone and we see Harpic laughing like a Mad
Hyena ....ugh!
KK in her room thinking that she is convinced that its Harpic but how
does she get proof ....so off she goes to Ass's house and there once
again she sweet talks the servant. Asks him if he knows the name of
that man who helped Assit but the s/v says nope so she shows Harpic's
snap to the servant and asks that is he the one? the servant says
that see I have never seen that man who helped my saab but I know for
sure that it CANNOT be this saab bec'z that man came from Malaysia
and this guy toh lives here only coz so many times I have cooked and
sent meals to him - he is a local resident.
KK is stunned on hearing this and we are bored out of our wits!!

Ap is wasting time and killing us with such yawwningly boring
Oh - but No Sign Of Our Mad Monkey (vrinda) today - not even a peep -

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Bollywood Coolbie

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Posted: 28 September 2004 at 6:07pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update love 1!!!
Smile Senior Member

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Posted: 28 September 2004 at 10:59pm | IP Logged

Thanks love1 for the lovely update.


love1 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 September 2004 at 4:16am | IP Logged


Su and Kul have realized that they are in dire straits and have to
arrange 20 Crores by 24 hours and wonder what they can do to solve
this issue. Harpic walks in and offers to help them out. Says that he
cannot stop the auction of WH but when its auctione, he - Harpic will
purchase it and then give it back to them and they can give the money
baad mein to him.
Kul agrees but Su wants some time to think it over as he recalls KK's
shaque on Harpic. Harpic gives him 24 hours to think and as he is
about to leave , KK enters and gives him dirty looks....and says ' I
wnat to meet my sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy husband'
KK tells Su that he should not even THINK about Harpic's offer as
Harpic is a bloody liar - all along he had pretended to be in
Malaysia but he was in India only. Su is shocked to hear this but
helplessly staets that he really has no other option......but KK says
that even when everything looks dark and hopless, there is always a
way out......so for that , Su goes to Asit Sen Gupta - Ass- to ask
for help but Ass professes to be helpless as the court has sealed all
the property and business and so Su is really upset . He rings up KK
and tells her that NOW he has to go to Harpic coz the WH is his self
respect and he just cannot lose that.....
KK is wondering at home in tension whether Su would really have taken
such an extreme step. Sexy Su - shirted and tied but coatless and
looking DISHY walsk in defeatedly and says that he had gone to
Harpic's house but somehow at the nth moment he just could not ask
Harpic for help - all the time he is looking at his darlingoo KK who
has love, respect, admiration and tears in her eyes for her Sexxxxy
husband's actions. Su says further that he has decided with his heart
but he feels that it is the right decision.....so now they have just
one last night in the house.....walks away and everyone goes and
Mummyji as is in her nervous-wrecked nature faints!
Actually post-break we see that she has not fainetd and is cribbing
about leaving the house which is her jaan. KK says that oh hello, a
house is not a home and we can all make a new home if we are
together. But still if u want to continue to live here only ( spoilt
brat Mummyji) , then it has to be at the cost of our self -respect
and more than that Sexy Su will always be Ashamed Su and he will  be
under ehsaan of a person who is a liar and has bad intentions.
Mummyji is convinced.
KK in her room with Maroon-ed Sexy Su who is feelig very sad that he
has not been able to fulfil the wishes of his family and that he had
sen their silent hope but he had not been able to live upto their
expectations but KK says - look - isn't it better to save your family
honour and izzat and self-respect rather than to be under the ehsaan
of another person? U are great that u have taken on sorrows and saved
your self-respect....asks Su to take rest.....
She is outside her room when Harpic calls up and as his is habit -
takes her full name - to cut a long story short he wonders why Su did
not come in despite coming till his doorstep and thinks that it must
be due to her that he didn't come....KK disconnects the phone w/o
saying anything - goes to his home and says that stop pretending Mr.
Daanvir Karan - u r just a despicable liar and u are the person who
is destroying us - I know it. Harpic says -ok if u r so sure , prove
it . I confess that I am behind all your hardships but all this I am
doing to teach u a lesson - u'r family will be barbaadofied and u
will see the nazara. But KK is even more determined and says Nope -
mY family is way too strong - its u who will be defeated and
barbaadofied and the whole world will see that ..... I , KK Wadhwa
promise you this.

Bollywood Coolbie

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Posted: 29 September 2004 at 6:04pm | IP Logged
Great update love 1....keept it up!
Anitha Groupbie

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Posted: 30 September 2004 at 5:51am | IP Logged

I absolutely love the updates u give love 1...BTW whatz ur real name?? or is that a secret?

Whatever,....thanks for the completely hilarious updates here!!Clap

ssoni Newbie

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Posted: 30 September 2004 at 10:15am | IP Logged

Please update thursday's KumKum.


love1 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 October 2004 at 4:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ssoni

Please update thursday's KumKum.

Thankshttp://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1731&PN= 1http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1731&PN= 1Smile

check here

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1731&PN= 1

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