Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan


Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan
Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan

ckeck kumkum up date here

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aysha fazli

Date:  Thu Sep 23, 2004  4:50 am
Subject:  Kumkum Update - Thursday

Kk is told that there's no one else inside.Kk and
kul are tensed.Kul keeps shouting that his son is
there inside and asks them to rescue him.But the man
says that the flames are very high and that no oone
can go in.Kk is praying and a sloka/mantra is read in
the background.
Soon sumit comes out and kk is very happy and calls
out his name.He's carrying another man who's badly
injured and asks the men to take him to the hospital
soon.Kk and kul asks sumit whether he's alright..he
pacifies them saying that he's alright.Kk is hugging
sumit and they sadly watch their factory being
destroyed in the fire.

Sumit-kk with dada-dadi and veena-kul in their
room.Veena is applying medicines on his burns.She is
scolding him for doing such a thing and asks him what
was the need to do all this,what will they do if
anything happens to him.Sumit says that his workers
lives were in danger and he just couldn't stand there
and watch all the tamashaa.He had done what this
family had taught him to do..the principles,the values
& lessons of life etc,, that this family has taught
him.Dada and kul are proud of him.Sumit says that even
if something had happened to him then she would only
be proud of him that his son hadn't stood there as a
coward but had faced the situation bravely.Veena is
quiet and agrees but says that she is also a mother
and her motherly love makes her think/say so.Vrinda
brings some medicine and says that it's for sumit saab
to be applied on the wounds.Kk takes it.

Sumit and kk in their room..Kk is looking at the
wounds on sumit's hands.She has tears in his eyes.She
asks him bahut jal raha hain kya?Sumit says tumne
chool liya na....ab theek hogaya hain.Kk looks at
sumit and hugs him placing her head on his chest.Sumit
asks kya hua.Kk says kuch nahi kaho..mujhe tumhaare
paas rehne do.Sumit says softly darr gaye the na?jab
main andar thi aur kuch der ke liye baahar nahi aayi
thi.Kk looks at sumit and says pata hain jab tum andar
the tab maine ek ek pal mar marke guzaari thi.Aur agar
tumne baahar aane mein zara bhi aur derkadi hoti
to..sumit keeps his hands on her lips and says main
aagaya hoon na.Kk says kya zaroorat thi ye sab karne
ke liye bade hero banne chala tha...Sumit smiles very
sweetly. Kk says agar tumhe kuch ho jaata to?... and
her hand accidently brushes on his wounds and sumit
says " aaaaahhhhh...ab kya tum mujhe ye sazaa doge?Kk
looks at him and says nahi sumit jo kaam tune kiya
uskeliye tumhe sazaa nahi tumhe inaam milni
chaahiye.Aur wo inaam main tumhe doongi.She takes his
hand and kisses it.Sumit smiles.

A scene between rahul and naina.Naina tells him
about her mom being alone....rahul says that this time
all thw wadhwa family members(womenfolk) will be with
her mom to celebrate the pooja.Naina is happy.

Kk is getting ready for the pooja at naina's
place.Sumit is resting on the bed and reading a
newspaper.He looks up and sees kk and just stares at
her.She then turns to him and says that she's going
for the pooja and will be back soon.She also says that
she has asked madhav to apply the medicines on his
wounds and to do so without refusing and to take his
medicines.Sumit doesn't reply but just looks at her.He
says that she's looking very pretty.She thanks him and
asks him whether he's heard what she has told
him.Sumit says yes.Kk asks sumit kya tum mujhe kuch
aur baat kehna chahte ho?Sumit asks kya?Kk says koi
baat jo tumhe paeshaan kar raha hain?Sumit says nahi
aisi koi baat nahi hain,tum jaao.Kk says theek main
jaata hoon,jaldi wapas aaongi.
As kk is about to leave the room kul enters and
asks sumit "sumit tumhe aaj ke akbaar pada kya?Kk
looks at them.Sumit looks at kk and says kk tum
jaao,tumhe jaana hain na?Kk says ok and leaves.Kul
says aag ki wajah se bahut nuksaan ho gaya hian aur
insurance wale saare paise dene ke liye tayyar nahi
hain.Sumit says isi baat ka darr tha main jaanta tha
bahut nuksaan hua hian.Kul says bahut nahi sab kuch
khatam ho chuka hain aur humaare business ko band
karne padenge.Sumit says not to worry and that he'll
not let it happen.He says that he'll use the money
that he had invested in the real-estate business to
re-open the factory..Kk overhears all this from
outside the room and is worried.

Kul and dadaj iare talking baout the loss and that
this factory was their main one..and now no one will
supply the raw materials to them and also they won't
be able to complete their assigned work etc..etc..Kul
also says that last week he had checked all the wires
and electrical equipments in the factory and
everything was perfect..then how did the fire braek

Abhay visits the ruined factory and asks the fire
brigade there about the loss.The man tells him that
everything is completely destroyed.Abhay is very

Sumit calls asit and tells him about the loss and
that the insurance companies are not agreeing to pay
the whole amount.Asit says that they are always like
that.Sumit tells him that his 51% of shares ar
ealraedy invested in the real-estate business..so if
he doesn't mind could he give his share of 49% that
they had kept aside for the publicity.So that he could
build a factory with that money.Asit is quiet,sumit
asks whether there's any problem.Asit says that he has
no problem in giving the money.But if their
real-estate business isn't publcised properly then his
buildings won't sell and then he'' not be able to
re-open the factory too.Then he'll face the loss from
both sides.So he gives him a suggestin of seling the
already built buildings..etc..(sorry friends..a boring
business conversation actually- whatever i remembered
i've written it here).Sumit asks how are they going to
do it within such a short span of time.Asit says that
he knows a person who'll help him in this matter and
asks him to meet one Mr. mahajan.Sumit agrees.

Kk and all at naina's place doing the pooja.Kk prays
to god that it's with her blessings that they've
always solved all the problems in life
successfully.She prays god to to help sumit to fight
this problem and come out successful as always.And
also to protect their family from all troubles.
Vrinda prays to god that she'll not ask for anything
else but to protect her sumit saab from all
problems/troubles.She also prays to keep her always
where her sumit saab is so that she can see him

Sumit in a restaurant with mr.mahajan.He says main
aap ka madat karoonga par aapkoko rishwat dene
paenge.Sumit refuses saying that rishwat dena aur lena
mere usoolon ke khilaaf hain.He calls sumit a
satyvaadi and that in these times he shouldn't go for
his 'usool' and that he'll only be ruined.Sumit says
rishwat dekar kaam karaane se accha hain ke main is
mishkil ka saamna karoon.The man finally agrees and
says that he'll only have to pay the actual fee and
calls his boss who's waiting oustide.Another man comes
in and sumit gives him the amount.

Kk tries to call sumit in his moblie but it's
switched off,she's tensed.Naina's mom asks her to join
them in the dance and takes kk with her.

Mr.Mahajan says that he'll be back in a minute and
soon leaves the place.Sumit gets a little
suspicious.Soon sime officials come and tells sumit
that he's under arrest on charges of bribery.Sumit is
shocked.He says that he wants to make a call but they
refuse,he says that he just wants to call his wife and
they allow him to do so.

Sumit calls up kk in her mobile,but vrinda picks it
up(kk left her mobile on a table and is dancing with
all,vrinda comes a nd sits on the sofa naer the table
when it starts ringing).
Sumit says hello kk main bahut badi mussebat mein
phas gaya hoon.Tum jaldi jaakar asit sengupta se milo
aur humaare lawyer mr.bhandari se bhi milo.

Vrinda goes to kk and tells her about this.Kk is
very tensed.She says hey bahgwaan sumit ki raksha
karna and she leaves from there.She reaches asit's
home and gets down from the car.She then sees abhay
coming out of his house.Abhay doesn't see her and he
goes away in his car.Kk is shocked.

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Thanks for the updates seenashah!  It's great since this is the only way I can keep up with the show.  Thanks a million!!!!

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the uppal
the uppal

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hi kum kum im really MAD about u & sumeet ur gr8

             bye n tc

              Smile SWETA

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i dont get to watch Kum Kum b/c i dont have Starplus cuz i live in the US so plzz keep on updating.
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i dont get to watch Kum Kum b/c i dont have Starplus cuz i live in the US so plzz keep on updating.


ok sure

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Originally posted by the uppal

hi kum kum im really MAD about u & sumeet ur gr8

             bye n tc

              Smile SWETA



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Great updates.



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Kumkum update Monday  

Kumkum Enters Asits house and Asit is suprised to see her. He says
Kk Bhabhi aap yaha par
Kk asks him in anger wht was Abhay doing here? Asit is nervous. And
he makes an story telling
her tht Abhay was here to meet me.. He was worried for Sumith & his
business. He also told
me tht if Su needs his help he will help him out. Kk asks him he was
worried for Su .. But why?
Asit tels her bcoz he came to know abt the factory thing & all thats
why.. before Kk asks him
another question. Asit changes the topic quickly and tells her we
have to go to the Anti corruption
beaureau office. Kk asks him why.. Asit tell her tht Su is been
arrested .. Kk is shocked. And says
wht Su is arrested? He says yaa he is been arrested oncharges of
bribery case. KK gets tensed
and asks him how is tht possible. HE tells her Galati meri hain I
shuldnt have sent him to Mahajan.
Kk asks him who is this mahajan now.. And Asit says I will tell u
everything later on Right now
we have to rush to the Anti corruption beaureu... Asit starts moving
out while Kk is a bit taken aback
He tells her chaliye bhabhi humein jald se jald Su ke paas pahuchna
hai.. Main aapko saari baatein
gaadi main batati hun

Kul tells Veena Dadaji Daadi that Su is been arrested. And all are
shocked including that stupid
Vrinda.. Veena tells kull Su aisa nhai kar sakta.. Daadi too says he
is been trapped.. And Dadaaji
tells them not to worry SU has not doen anything wrong and hence he
will be out of the jail very soon
Kul calls up Kk.. And Kk is iwth Asit int he car tensed.. She tells
Kul tht they are going to anti corruption
office and you please make arrangemnets abt hte lawyers and all..

Asit and Kk reaches the anti corruption office. And the incharge
there informs them. That Su cant be released
on bail too.. Kk gets more worreid. Asit saya Bhabhi aap pareshan
<> mat hoye.. Hum ache se ache lawyer
se baat karenge.. But the incharge out there tells them there is no
way he can be released on bail as he
was caught red handed. Kk asks him if she can meet Su.. at first he
refuses but then agrees.

Sumith in the lock up..KK and Asit goes to meet him.. And chalu hoti
hai Asit ki naatakbaazi.. Asit tells Su
I am sorry its due to me u are in jail today I didnt knew Mahajna
willtrap u this way.. Su says Nahi asit yeh
tumhari galati nahin hai.. Tumhe kaise malum woh aise niklega..
Kisike chehre pe thodi likha hota hain..
Asit promises him tht he will get Su out of there. He then says I am
going now.. U talk to Kk bhabhi.
Asit leaves..

Kk is crying looking at Su.. And Su holds her hand and tells her..
Hey kk Tum kyu ro rahi ho
Aur waise bhi yeh ansoon tumhare iss khoobsurat chehre par suit nahi
karte.. Chalo ab rona band karo..&
touches her chin..Itne romantic Mahaul mein koi rota hain kya.. Kk
looks at him and he continues.. Haan
Romantic mahaul hi toh hai Hum dono yaha akele hain.. Jail jaise
khoobsurat jagah(Oh yeah Isliye AP
is sending u  in the jailt he 3rd time now)aur yeh khoobsurat
marathan(As kk was wearing tht maharashtrian
style saree.. Wah jail mein bhi romance karwaana koi AP se sikhe.. )
aur yeh paagal Aashiq jo tumahre pyaar mein kaid hain.. And tries to
cheer her up..Infact tumne toh mujhse
yeh kehna chahiey ( says this in marathi) Sumith me tula pyaar
karto.. And Kk smiles.. Though she is still in tears.
And Su tells her.. Come on mujhe tumhari yehi muskurahat chahiye
thi.. Tumhari iss muskurahat se hum dono kisi
bhi mushkilo ka saamna kar sakte hain.. Hamare zindagi mein pehle
bhi bahut badi mushkile aayi hai. Jab hum dono
saath saath hai toh phir kyu pareshan hoti ho.. Come on now Rona mat

Dadji is channel surfing & evrywhere there is news of Sumith
<> arrest.. He gets upset..The lawyer come & tells them its
not at al possible to release Su on bail.. Meantime Kk enters the
house tensed.. and everyone asks her How is Su.. She tells
then tht he is ok.. And he has told them not to worry..

the lawyer says tht Su can be released frm jail.. But for tht we
will have to find Mahajan who has trapped him in this.
KK listens this

She calls up Asit and asks him Abt Mahajan. He tells her that I
tried looking out for Mahajan but he is missing. Kk
gets more worried.

Vrinda ki draamebaazi.. She prays to god that Su Saahab ko bachao..
Main Vrath rakthi hun.. jab tak Su sahaab
Jail se nahi chutnege main kuch nahi khaoongi( Mat khao...)

Rahul and Naina scene.. On their honeymoon. Rahul finds tht Naina is
a bit tensed.. and he asks her wht the matter
She tells him nothing.. It will just take me time to adjust to this
new life.. And Rahul says he understnads her
feelings..( Arre tumhara bhai jail mein hai.. Aur isse khabar bhi
nahin hai)

In the court now.. Kk Kul and Asit.. Asit tells Kk that he was not
able to find Mahajan and Kk gets tensed.. Su
notices tht she is tensed n realises something is wrong.. He looks
at her &  Kk just gives him a smile to assure him
tht everything will be fine.. The case begins.. Shortcut mein .. It
was shown in a shortuct way itslef.. The Insp
and others blaming Su and proving tht he was involved in this
bribery case. Kk Kul tensed.. Su too is shocked..
The Judge then sunaos his faisla and says Saari sabooton ke maddhe
nazar rakhte huye yeh adalat SW ko doshi karrar
deti hai.. Su is upset.. and so as Kk Kul.. But Asit gives his
wicked smile.. And enters the Villain..As a saviour..And shouts
Rukho judge saahab.. Its Abhay .. And Su is shocked to see him
there.. And Kk is suprised Asit too.. Abhay says mere paas
ek witness hai and gets in Mahajan.. Asit tells Kk yeh hi mahajan
<> hai.. Kk is relieved and the case is over with Mahajan
being found guilty and Su released frm the sazaa

Back home. Every one in the drawing room.. Abhay too.. Veena thanks
Abhay.. For helping them out.. Su too thanks him
Abhay tells Veena aap hi ne kaaha tha na main iss ghar ka hissa hun
( Sahi dialogue maar rahe ho. Chalo ab Vr ko bhi lekar jaao)
Toh mera itna farz toh banta hain.. Su once again thanks him & abhay
tells him tht he has to leave now.. Su and others go inside and Kk
is abt to go.. When Ab calls her out & says.. Mrs Kk Wadhwa.. Kaisi
hai aap? Then he says Main bhi kya sawwal karta hun kaisi ho
sakti hai woh patni. Jiske pati par itna sab kuch guzar raha hai.
Pehle accident .. Phir factory mein aag aur ab yeh Rishwat
ke kaaran jail mein.. Main samaj sakta hun aap par kya beet rahi
hogi. And he is all sayingt his with a wicked smile on his face
Kk just keeps quiet..He tehn says.. Main sirf yehi dua karta hun ki
aap sab khush rahe.. aap ke balidan ke wajah se aaj yeh ghar ek hai
aur meri prathna hai bhagwan se ki aap sab ko khush rakhe aur iss
ghar ko bhi( Dont worry abhay yeh dua tumhari zaroor
kabul hogi).. Agar yeh ghar hi nahi raha toh phir wadhwa parivaar
kaise rahega.. Kk looks him suspiciously.. and he then says
Main bhi iss ghar ka hissa hi hun naa..( Ya yaa. Vr after all
tumhare gale hi padne wali hai.. isliye such dialogues) Aur isliye
mujhe aapke ghar mein kya hota hai woph sab malum hota hai.. Chahe
main duniya ke kisi bhi kone mein rahun.. Mujhe iss parivaar
se koi alag nahi kar sakta..And he goes away giving once again his
wicked smile.. Kk is tensed listening to all his dialogues..

Dusri draamebaaz thats Vr thanking bhagwanji & breaking her fast...

Su Kk in their room.. Su upset and is checking some files. Kk asks
him ab kya hua.. Kyu pareshan ho.. He tells her that
We r in a huge prob.. Insurance Co se humein iss aag mein huye
<> nuksaan ki barpaayi nahi kar sakte.. Toh ab kya hoga Su
asks Kk.. And He tells her.. That the investors are asking the money
back.. Housing proj mein jo flats jaane the uski bhi booking
band ho gayi hain and those who had booked the flats they too are
stepping back.. Aur yeh sab mere jail pahuchne ke kaaran hua hai
Izzat kamaane mein kitne saal lag jaate hain.. Lekin mithi mein
milne ke liye ek pal kafi hota hai..Kk tries to tell him evrything
be fine.. But Su says.. Kuch nahi ho sakta kk.. Agar hum hamari
saari proerties bhi bhej le toh bhi ab business ko nahi bacha sakte.
We wills til run short of nearly 20 crores.. Kk is upset & asks her
then wht Su? Su says then.. This house might be sealed..
And neelami ho sakti hain.. Humse shaayad ab yeh ghar bhi chut
jaayein.. and Kk is shocked..

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