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~*Fan Fic-Tu Muskura*~ *LAST PART, PART 16 PG 93* (Page 5)

-prabz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 November 2010 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
Oh nice i love the idea of it...
Please continue sooon!

Maaneet-Fan Senior Member

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Posted: 04 November 2010 at 3:49pm | IP Logged

Part 2

Pinky and Geet got out of the taxi and stood in front of a beautiful looking restaurant called Serenity. It was one of the best restaurants in town and everyone talked about the amazing food and time that they have there.

Pinky: Geet did you know this restaurant is actually run by Maan Singh Khurana's younger brother and his wife. She is the head chef here

Geet: hmm

She said dis-interested and walked in. It was beautifully decorated with a glass wall water fall and a fire place at every corner. The hostess walked towards them and sat them down at the best table in the house as adi had booked it for them

Geet: will adi be joining us

Geet asked as she was still looking at the restaurant that gave her a homely feeling

Pinky: ya he's just finishing up some office work and will be here, oh speak of the devil there he is

Adi ran towards them and gave Pinky and a Geet a big hug when he saw them

Adi: sorry I'm late guys had to help Maan out with some paper work, we really need to find him a know how he gets when he doesn't get his way

Adi said making a frightened face

Dev: mimicking my bro are we now

He said laughing as he gave adi a hug

dev: lol why else do you think I never officially joined his business I know how my brother can get, he's a "Great A" Scrooge

Dev said as everyone but geet laughed

Geet: and this is the same guy you want me to work for pinky!

Geet said surprised

Dev: seriously you want to be his secretary, good luck with that

Dev said in a joking manner

NT: who is doing what now

NT said as she gave Pinky a big hug

Dev: oh nothing this innocent girl....I'm sorry I didn't catch your name

Geet: GEET

Dev: right so Geet is thinking of working as Maans bro's secretary

NT: well what's so funny about that Maan needs help and I think she would do an awesome job....I just hope you don't mind getting yelled at

She said winking at Geet

Pinky: in all seriousness Geet you really should come for the interview tomorrow you're guaranteed the job Adi is picking the person and it's a great company besides you'll only have to see him for like 8 hours a day

Geet: oh ONLY 8 hours a day with a Dusht Dhanav

Geet said sarcastically. Dev and NT looked at each other with a huge smile knowing that if there is any girl in the world that wouldn't take crap from Maan it's HER

NT: Geet forget about the interview your hired just come in and start working tomorrow

Geet: but how....don't I have to have an interview of some sorts

She asked confused

Dev: this was your interview...besides I can make some decisions about the company and I've decided you're hired

Geet: thanks...I guess

NT: no thank you

She said with a glee full smile

NT: but hey guys we should go and mingle around we'll catch you later or see you at the office tomorrow bye

With that they  left them giving each other a little high five

NT: this girl is perfect for Maan, she won't take his crap and she is so sweet, and beautiful too...let's just hope he doesn't scare her off

Dev: with bro that is a good chance...but ya I like her too...bro is going to kill us if he finds out we're playing cupid

Dev said giving his wife a kiss

Back at the table Geet was still confused as to what happened

Geet: so I guess I'll be working with you guys now

Adi: good you really need to do something to get your mind off of....

Adi stopped mid sentence after realizing what he was about to say and seeing the pain in Geets eyes.

Pinky kicked adi under the table and gave him an I'm going to kill you look

Pinky: augh Geet don't worry about tomorrow it's going to go amazing

Geet: I guess but can someone tell me why everyone seems so afraid of this Maan guy

Adi: woh actually...he can be rude at times but he has a good heart just stay on his good side

Geet thought to herself what was she about to get herself into and just shook her head. But what was even weird was the she felt like NT and Dev where family. She quickly shook her head and decided that this is what is best. At least this way she wouldn't be thinking of Ranbir all day. In a way she was starting to fulfill his last wish by living again, even if that meant being some ones secretary but at least this is what Ranbir wanted she thought to herself as she fought back the tears thinking the good times they had together


NOTE: So I know this is a short one sorry....I'm not too crazy about it BUT TRUST ME the next chapter will be better!!!!

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 November 2010 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
ohh.........maaneet didnt meet in this partCryCry...........but its ok .....bc there is always next time........... like this dev-ntHug.........they r playing cupidLOL........ lets see how this will workWink........ cant wait to see maanDay Dreaming
cutiepie9512345 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 November 2010 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
OH MA GODD!!! girlieee u updated muazz luv naintara and dev in this luvvv em!!
And omg waitin for their first meet!!

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maanujaanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 November 2010 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
nyc update keep it up
..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 November 2010 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
Hey awesome part...waiting till maaneet meet:)...Thanks for the Pm!!!
--jassi-- Goldie

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Posted: 04 November 2010 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
Love that DevTara are good!
Nice part!
Waiting for MaanGeet to meet!
Update Soon :-)
Maaneet-Fan Senior Member

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Posted: 04 November 2010 at 4:57pm | IP Logged

Part 3

Khurana Mansion

Dev and NT stepped out the car and took a deep breath before heading in the house to let Maan know that they hired a new secretary for him.
Dev: babe this can go 1 of 2 ways....bro will be super excited that we found him some...which is unlikely because he doesn't like to show emotions....or he'll be irritated that we did this without asking him
NT: I thinK I'll go with option number two
NT said laughing as she opened the doors to their house.
Khurana mansion was the most beautiful house that you had ever seen....every time someone saw it for the first time it took their breath away. The floors where all marble and had Greek columns at the entrance...even though it was a massive house it still had a homely feeling to it that most mansions didn't have.
Dev and NT walked to the kitchen knowing they would find Dadi there. NT ran to tell her the great news
NT shrieked as she saw her and ran to give her a huge hug
Dadi: beta you guys are back so was work

NT: work was fine BUT we have something amazing to tell you!!!

She asked intrigued

Dev: dadi know adi and pinky right? Well pinky has a friend who she is pushing to get a job and we know that bro needs a secretary so we hired her....
Dadi: are you guys sure that is a good know how girls get around Maan they just stare at him and don't do their jobs and that really irritates him so he ends firing the poor girls
NT: dadi trust us this girl is different she seems like she won't take veerjis crap....and besides she called him a dusht dhanav today without meeting him!!

Dadi: REALLY!! I like this girl already!!
Dadi said laughing as she was mixing her tea

Dev: but dadi we need to go tell bro now do you know where he is?
Dadi: ummm well your bro had a bad day at the I think you know where he is
 She said as she lifted her eyebrow

Dev & NT: THE GYM!!!
Everyone knew that when Maan was in a bad mood he went to his gym in the house to release his anger

Dadi: good luck betas....I'm headed to bed Good night
She said as she gave them a smile and a hug before she left.

Dev and NT gripped each other's hand tighter as they headed for the gym. Once there they could hear the punching bag from outside.
Dev: sweetie maybe we should wait till bro is done...who knows maybe he'll be in a better mood by then
NT: dev stop being such a wimp you know Maan is NEVER in a good mood...besides it's not like we are doing anything wrong we just hired a nice girl for him baas
She said as she slowly opened the door.
Maan was standing in the middle of the room wearing nothing but his Thi Chi pants. He was in his own little world whenever he was doing his exercises.
His body was glistening with sweat as it was making its way down from his forehead kissing his cheeks and lips as it headed down his neck and into the crests of his chiselled abs.

He had the body of a Greek god. Every man died to be like him, and every woman just died wanting to be with him. But Maan just wanted to be left alone and not bothered.

There weren't many people he trusted in life...he only trusted those close to him...his dadi brother and sister in law and his he's friend adi.
Dev and NT saw that he was finally finished and decided this was the perfect time to go talk to him since he was relaxed
NT: Maan
NT spoke hesitantly as she tapped his shoulder
Maan: hmmm
He said as he turned around to see Dev standing next to her
Maan: why do you guys look like you want to say something to me
He asked raising his eyebrow as the patted his sweat dry
Dev: bro we needed to talk to you about something
Maan: toh bolo
He said as he walked to water
NT: we hired you a secretary
She blurted out and covered her mouth realizing what she had just done and looked at Dev with her eyes wide opened giving an I'm sorry look
Maan: WHAT (he said confused) I don't need a secretary they all suck and never last more than a day besides I have adi helping me
Dev: but till how long bro...adi is getting married within a month I'm sure a newlywed couple doesn't want to be at the office late at night with you
Maan shot them a stare knowing they were right
Maan: fine I'll give this girl a shot but if within the first day I don't like her than that's it she's fired and I don't want to hear anything more about it. GOT IT.
He said as he left the room
NT: dev we are going to have to go to the office tomorrow so Maan doesn't try to scare poor Geet away
She said giggling happy that Maan didn't yell at them too much.
The next morning Geet woke up at 7am nervous about her first day

Geet: haaye babaji what am I getting myself into everyone keeps saying what a mean person he is....but no rather than telling them no i don't want the job...I took the job like fool
She said as she made her way to take a shower and got ready for work. It was now 8 o'clock and both pinky and Geet were busy getting ready for work

Piny: argh yeh adi na...humesha late hai....after marriage I'm definitely buying him a watch
She said giggling.

Geet was still in her room doing a little prayer before work

Geet:babaji please let everything go smoothly today...

Piny: geet jaldi adi is here
Geet stood there frozen with tears swelling up in her eyes


Geet: Ranbir jaldi karo your ride is know how people hate waiting when they car pool

She said walking to their bedroom without watching where she was going 
and slammed into Ranbir
Ranbir: sweetie I'm ready ( as he gave Geet a peck on the check) seems like someone is in a hurry to get me to leave...
Geet: if it where up to me I wouldn't ever let you leave
She said hugging him tightly


Geet: why did you take him from me babaji...I never asked for anything in my life and when I did you couldn't even give me back my Ranbir

She said furiously wiping away her tears and headed to adi's car
As they made their way to Khurana Constructions Geet fears seemed to felt like she already belonged her
They meet Dev in NT at the receptionist desk where they showed Geet around the office and introduced her to everyone.
All the employees where very friendly and nice and they all said the same thing when they found out she was going to be Maan's secretary "good luck with that" seemed to be the common line everyone used. Geet decided not to pay too much attention to it and would makeup her own mind when she met the Dusht Dhanav herself.
NT: Geet that's Maan's office you can go sit in their Veerji is going to be here soon....would you like anything to drink
Geet: no thanks I'm good

Dev: great well if you need us we'll in the office upstairs don't hesitate to come there....oh and good luck with bro
He said as NT gave Geet a hug and headed upstairs with her husband
As Geet entered Maan's office she noticed that is was so dull compared to the rest of the office....there were no pictures or colors just white walls and a huge black desk. Geet noticed the piles of paper on his desk and thought she would start cleaning it up. But before that she walked over to the window and opened it.
As Geet opened the window the wind blew in her hair and made her dupatta fly within the wind as well she took a big  breath of fresh air and turned around horrified
Geet: OMG the papers
She said as she shut the window and grabbed all the files and papers  the blew behind the desk. She bent down to grab them when she heard an irritated voice
Maan: WHAT THE HELL happened here
He roared looking around at the mess in his office

Maan: WHO THE HELL did this
He said louder and more irritated
Geet (whispering to herself) haaye babaji help
Maan: whose there why are you hiding
He asked as he heard a voice
Geet was too scared to get up so she just peaked over his desk
Maan scanned the room and his eyes land on a pair hazel eyes. He couldn't take his eyes off of them. How can a pair of eyes be so innocent and soft at the same time. He was so memorized by them.

Maan: Kaun ho tum

He asked with a less irritated voice still staring straight into those hazel eyes.

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