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~*Fan Fic-Tu Muskura*~ *LAST PART, PART 16 PG 93* (Page 61)

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Originally posted by maangeetcrazy

Hey pls Hurry up lol Cant wait to read the Next part!!:)

lol i'm writing it right now!!!

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Originally posted by chubzy

Hey! i love ur concept cn u plz add me to ur pm list.

you have been added
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HEY here is Part 12 I hope you like it......I just want to thank everyone for the amazing feedback that I have been receiving on my fan have really made me confident in writing it.....I just wanted to mention that Tu Muskura will now be a weekend fan fic....I'll be updating it on the Saturday's and Sunday's from now on with LONG UPDATES....the reason being because I am SOOOO busy with my University workload in the week and my part time job.....I hope no one is mad but I promise they will be LONG and GOOD UPDATES!! will be worth the week wait trust me!!......I have this story all mapped out on how I want it to go....BUT if I do have time in the week I promise to update it for all you AMAZING with that ENJOY PART 12.....and see you all next week

Nisha HeartHeart

Part 12

Maan: KYA (he said angrily)...fine tell them I'll be there in 15 mins Adi

As Maan walked to  his bedroom he saw Geet happily dancing around he slowly opened the door and quietly stood behind her enjoying her dance....Geet quickly turned around and saw Maan standing there with  his arms folded looking at her with a half smile....she quickly stopped feeling embarrassed and ran and shut the radio

Geet: woh....Maan....Main...

She said nervously fixing her hair and walking back to the bed lightly hitting her head

Maan: Geet we need to talk

Geet: is everything ok

She asked seeing his tense face

Maan: Haan actually one of the clients is leaving next week and wants us to work on his project asap....Ado him we were going out of town for a few weeks...but he wouldn't listen and wants it done...

Geet: so we're not going to Switzerland

Geet said finishing his sentence for him

Maan: I'm sorry Geet...I know how much you where looking forward to it but..

Geet: Maan its comes first....besides we can go any other time....its ok....should I go get ready for the office?

Maan: nahin's ok I'm just going down there for a meeting with him I'll be back before take rest go out if you like

Geet: theek ha I'll see you later than...good luck

Maan: thanks Geet

He said quickly sending a text and calling Adi to the office

Geet opened up her suitcases and started unpacking

Geet: Maan I'm not mad or upset....its better this way...I want to go on a honey moon with you once we both have accepted each other in our lives....I Love You....but I don't know what you feel for me

She said realizing that she never thought about whether Maan loves her or even thought of her that way....Geet quickly grabbed her cell phone and texted Pinky and NT

"Meet me at Serenity's one hour"


The girls sat there chatting catching up on what they been doing for the past few days, NT and Pinky knew there was something up because Geet wouldn't have just called them the restaurant like this

Pinky: Geet are you bummed out that we aren't going to Switzerland

Geet: no not really

NT: NO!!! I would be disappointed not going to SWITERLAND

NT said looking at both Geet and Pinky

Geet: actually...that's what I called you guys over for

Pinky: Geet is everything ok?

NT: Haan Geet did Veerji say something to know his anger....

Geet: NAHI NAHI....Maan didn't say anything...woh actually

Geet took a deep breath and closed her eyes while NT and Pinky looked cat her concerned

Pinky: Geet are you ok?

NT: haan Geet you are starting to scare us...what's wrong

Geet opened her eyes and looked at her friends with a smile on her face

Geet: I'M IN LOVE WITH MAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pinky & NT: KYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!....SACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geet: Haan!!!...I Geet Khurana love Maan Singh Khurana...I don't know when and how it happened but it did....for the first time in my life I'm not missing Ranbir's presents...I'm smiling and laughing again...I'm finally enjoying life again.....and that to because of the Dhusht Dhanav...I LOVE HIM


NT: yah Geet you have no idea how happy we are to hear this

Pinky and NT got up and ran to Geet's side of the table and started to hug her....all 3 girls had tears of happiness in their eyes.....for the first time in 2 years Geet was HAPPY

Geet: Par...ek problem hai

Geet said as all the girls say back down in their seats

Pinky: kya problem hai?

Geet: I don't know how he feels about me....and I don't know how to ask him I'm too shy

NT: baas....that's it (she laughed) don't worry about it I can find out for you

Geet: how?

She asked a bit hesitant

NT: Dev...I'll make him talk to Veerji and see how he feels about you

Pinky: Haan Geet I'll get Adi to talk to Maan too

Geet: Nahi...I don't want to know....I want Maan to realize for himself...when falls in love with me I want him to tell me....I don't want people forcing him to love me...

NT: par Geet

Geet: nahin NT.....I'm content with the fact that I love long as he is in my life there is nothing more I need

Geet said as the girls came and gave her another hug....happy that she FINALLY was in love with Maan...NT had a feeling that Maan loved Geet too....that day at the reception the way he was looking at her....he never looked at her like that...NT pulled out her phone and texted Pinky

"The boys are having lunch today....I'm going to text Dev and Adi...I'm going to let them know that Geet is love with Maan and have them try to see where he is standing"

Pinky read her message with a huge smile on her face and text NT back

"I love you NT....I was just thinking of the same thing to do....these two need to know that each other loves them... pagale's"

NT and Pinky both looked at each other and gave each other a subtle wink...and looked back at Geet who was in her own little world smiling to herself..

Italian Restaurant

Maan, Dev, and Adi where just about to be seated when Dev and Adi had received a text from NT saying,

"GEET LOVES MAAN!!!...FIND OUT HOW VEERJI FEELS...We'll meet up at Adi's place later to discuses :)"

As Dev and Adi both read they looked at each other with huge smiles on their faces....they wanted to high five one another but couldn't....Maan would of wondered what was wrong with the both of they sat at the table Maan read an email that he received from Mr. Chopra....

Maan: this man just won't leave me alone....first I have to cancel my honeymoon plans because of him...and  now he has a party set up for tonight...Adi make sure you and Pinky are ready at 7 and meet me and Geet there

Adi: ummm....I'll probably be late....and Pinky isn't going to make it tonight

Maan: WHY

He asked irritated at Mr. Chopra still

Dev: Her and NT where going to go see a movie tonight

Maan: oh...ok well I'll see you there than at least right?

Adi: Maan

He said looking at Dev giving him a ask him already look

Maan:  hmmm

Maan replied looking at the menu

Adi: I wanted to ask you something about Geet

Hearing Geet's name Maan stopped everything he was doing and looked up at Adi

Maan: what about her

He asked suspicious

Adi: well you know that she like a sister to me....and I want to see her I was just wondering if you are keeping her happy.....and not yelling at her for no reason...I know how you are Maan...don't ever make her cry

Maan: Adi trust me I could never see tears in her eyes...I lov....

Dev and Adi quickly looked at each other and shot their glances at Maan...

Dev: bro you what?

He said raising his eyes brows at Maan....Maan didn't know what to do....he couldn't believe he almost said that he loved Geet...he quickly took out his cell and pretended to send a text

Maan: dev I didn't say about we order some food

Adi reached over and grabbed Maan's cell out of his hand and put it beside him on the table

Adi: NO MAAN...finish your sentence...YOU WHAT

Maan: Nothing

Dev: bro...stop acting like a kid YOU WHAT


He yelled annoyed they wouldn't leave him alone...Dev and Adi sat there stunned...where their ears deceiving them....did MAAN SINGH KHURANA really just say that he loved someone....


Maan: yes it so hard to believe that I can be in love

Adi: no not hard to believe just surprising...when did this happen

Maan: pata nahi... pata nahi kab woh meri zindagi mein rang aur kusha liye... par pyar ho gaya mujhe.... yeh toh bhi nahi pata uske dil mein kya hai...Haan Mujshe GEET SE PYAR HAI

Dev and Adi didn't know what to do...they were happy that FINALLY Maan was in love with Geet....

Dev: tell her bro

Adi: Haan Maan tell her how you feel

Maan: nahi I can't

Dev: why not?

Maan: because her first and only love is Ranbir....I don't think she can easily get over him....and I don't want to force her to get over him....he was a big part of her life...I'm not going to force her into loving me....I love her and that's all that matters to me...if by chance one day she decided that she loves me too than good I'll be the luckiest and happiest guy in the world...but till than I'm not going to make her do anything she doesn't want to

Adi: par Maan..she lo....

As Adi was about to tell Maan how Geet felt Maan's phone was Mr. Chopra wanting to meet him to discuss the plan for his hotel.....Maan excused himself and left the table leaving Dev and Adi sitting there...happy that Maan was in love with Geet


As the girls were talking and bugging Geet, Geet's cell started to ring she reached in her purse and looked at the caller id and had a huge smile on her face

Pinky: is it Maan?

Pinky asked winking at Geet...Geet nodded her head and started to blush...

NT: lol pick it up pagali!!

Geet: hello

She said softly and lovingly....Maan was in a bad mood prior to calling her but hearing her voice just changed everything for him

Geet: Maan?

Geet asked not getting a reply back

Maan: haan...woh mein...I actually phoned to let you know that we have to attend Mr. Chopra's party tonight...I'll be home around 5 to get ready and pick you up

Geet: ji...I'll see you than...Bye

Maan: Bye Geet

Maan said with a smile on his face as he hung up the phone

Geet couldn't stop smiling to herself...when she looked up she could see Pinky and NT starting at her with smiles on their faces

NT: kya kaha veerji nai?

Geet: nothing...there is a party tonight and we have to attend

Pinky: really!!!! Well than let's go shopping and find you something sexy to wear that will blow Maan away


NT screamed getting up and grabbing Geet and heading to her car

Pinky's House

Dev: so they both love each other

NT: Yes

Adi: and are afraid o admit it to one another not knowing how the other feels

Pinky: yes

NT: and Maan thinks that Geet will never love anyone again

Dev: yes

Pinky: OMG...these two need help...we should just let the other know how they feel and throw them in a room together

Pinky said making everyone laugh

Dev: that is a good idea...but I think it would be best if they realized by themselves and didn't get help from us....I think we've helped them out enough so far...they needed to do something on their own

Adi: I completely agree...

They all sat there happy that Maan and Geet where FINALLY in love with each other...but they were waiting for the day that they would tell each other....

Maan and Geet's Room

Maan got home and quickly changed into his suit that Geet had picked out for him...he had his favourite black Armani suit with a white shirt out....he was surprised by Geet's choice in tie...he picked up the red tie and draped it over his neck about to tie it when he heard the sound the  enchanting sound of Geet's Payal's walking out the washroom

Maan's Suit

Geet made her way out of the washroom not knowing Maan was there...she walked over to her vanity and adorned herself in her Churiya, Bindi, Maang Tika, and her most precious jewel of all her she turned around see saw Maan standing there starting at her amazed by her beauty.....

She slowly walked over to Maan....Maan wasn't able to take his eyes off of her...she was looking ravishing in her red her choice in his tie color made sense to him....he thought to himself how lucky he as to have a caring and beautiful wife like Geet....

Geet's Sari

As Geet walked up to Maan....she took his tie from his hand and started tieing in for him...he was not able to take his eyes off of her and unknowingly placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer to him....Geet's didn't hesitate she loved when Maan touched her...his one touch sent pulses running through her she finished tieing Maan's tie Geet placed her hands on Maan's chest as he pulled her closer to his body...their faces where inches away.....lips almost move closer and their burning lips that desired one another's taste would have met....

Maan: Geet

He said softly whispering moving his lips to her ear

Maan: you look breathtaking

He said as he softly kissed her check

Geet melted in Maan's arms she was happy that he had a good tight hold on her...or else her legs would have given out on her

Geet: Maan

She said softly

Maan brang his face back to her and stared into her eyes.....Geet couldn't control herself and slowly leaned into him.....realizing that she was about to kiss Maan she quickly turned around and was about to leave when Maan grabbed her pallu....

Maan: (holding her pallu brining her closer to him) Geet why do you always try to run away from me

He said mischievously

Geet could feel her face burning up as Maan slammed her body into his....he let go of her pallu and turned her around.....they looked into each other's eyes not wanting that moment to pass

Get: Maan...woh...main

Maan: shhhhhh are missing something

Geet turned around and looked at herself in the mirror

Geet: (confused) I am?...what?

Maan walked over to her dresser and picked up something in his hands...he walked back to Geet and opened up his palm...revelling her sindoor she slowly lifted her hand up to grab it....Maan took his hand back and shook his head softly at her....he opened the dibbi and pinched sindoor in his thumb and index finger....still staring into Geet's eyes he slowly filled her maang and kissed her forehead

Maan: there now you are ready

He said as he put the sindoor down and headed out of the room....Geet looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't help but smiled to herself....Maan was the perfect husband anyone could have.....she kept thinking

Mr. Chopra's Party

As Maan got out of the car he made his way towards Geet's side of the door and opened it for her....he helped her out and gave his keys to the vale driver....he put his arm around Geet's waist and walked into the party.....everyone was amazed at what a beautiful couple they made...they couldn't take their eyes off of them....Maan and Geet both felt proud to have each other stand next to people came up to congratulate them on the wedding....Maan heard a familiar voice scream his name

"MAAN" the girl screamed as she ran  up to him and jumped into his arms and gave him a big smile......Maan looked over and saw a fuming Geet look away angrily....he quickly put the girl down

Maan: are you?  I haven't seen you in 3 years...where have you been

Sasha: one question at a time Maan....I'm good...I've been in Mumbai for the past 3 years...I have my own architect firm set up there....

As she started talking she noticed a woman standing next to Maan fuming in anger....she didn't know who she was but thought of introducing herself to her

Sasha: Hi...I'm Sasha I don't think we've meet...I'm actually one of Mks old collage friend s

Geet turned to her looked at her confused

Geet: MK?

Sasha: haan woh...actually I never liked calling him Maan so since collage I've been calling him Mk

She said as she and Maan laughed....Geet was fuming in jealously as she saw Sasha putting her hand on arm Maan's arm talking to him....Maan could see Geet was jealous and was enjoying the sight....he purposely gave Sasha another hug in front of Geet

Maan: Sasha it's so good to see you...

He said as he saw Geet's eyes bulge out of her sockets....Maan couldn't help but silently laugh at the sight

Sasha: I know Maan...I need to tell you something

Maan: Haan before that...I want you to meet her....this is Geet....she's my wife


Maan: Haan it's a long story....

Geet couldn't take it anymore....she excused herself when she saw Adi walk through the door and angrily walked to him

Adi: wow Geet why are you so angry

Geet: hi's so long since I seen you (mimicking Sasha)....ahahaha kyon aise kisi ki baahon mein aa jati hai....doesn't she know he is a married man

Geet said looking at Maan and Sasha still fuming...Adi looked over at the bar and saw what Geet was staring at and couldn't help laugh at her jealousy

Adi: Geet why are you so jealous if Sasha hugs Maan...they're really close friends....a lot of girls hug Maan

Geet: KYA!!!

She said horrified other girls were hugging her Maan

Adi: no I mean...they try to hug know being the most successful business man and good looking like him...he's bound to get admires

Geet: ADI I'M NOT JEALOUS...uff I'm going to go outside for some air...if you're Maan sir even cares to ask where I am let him know I'll be back....besides why would he with Sasha all over him

She said whispering hoping Adi didn't hear....but he did and he laughed as he saw Geet walk outside.....Adi made his way to Maan and Sasha

Adi: hi Sasha (he said giving her a friendly hug) how are you?

Sasha: I'm good Adi congrats on the wedding...sorry I couldn't be there....

Adi: you better have a good reason for not being there

Sasha looked at both Maan and Adi with a huge smile

Sasha: I do....I got engaged

She said as she whipped out her hand

Maan: Kya!!! When did this happen and with whom?

Sasha: that's what I came to Delhi for to tell you guys....actually when I moved 3 years ago me and my friend Kajol opened up out architecture building together....that's when I met her brother....Aryan.....I don't  know when it happened but we fell in love.....we're getting married in a few months and I'm here to let you guys know about it

Adi: congrats Sasha...let me gets some drinks to celebrate

As adi was about to leave Maan stopped him

Maan: Adi where is Geet?

Adi laughed and motioned towards the door

Adi: she went out for some air

Maan: I should go after her

Adi: no I wouldn't do that she's really mad right now

He said as he went to the bar

Sasha: why is she mad? By the way when did you get married

As Maan looked at Geet outside staring at the stars he told Sasha everything

Maan: she's mad because you hugged me....actually she started working as my secretary a few months back....and at Pinky and Adi's wedding some women were harassing her because she is a widower...I couldn't take it anymore so I walked over to the mandap and put sindoor on her and told everyone that she is now Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana....I don't know when it happened but I'm now in love with that pagla lardki...she's my everything

As Sasha was listening to Maan's story her eyes filled with tears...Adi came back and handed everyone a drink

Adi: why are you crying

Sasha: woh Maan...he told me everything about Geet and him its so romantic and sweet....Maan you need to find out if she loves you or not

Maan: no Sasha Ranbir was her first and only love....

Sasha: but things can change she may start loving you

Adi: May start! HA she already LOVES him

Maan took his eyes off of Geet and whipped his face towards Adi....Sasha stood there with a huge smile on her face....while Adi just closed his eyes and shook his head...he couldn't believe that he just let it slip the Geet loves Maan

Maan:  Adi kya kaha tumne?

Maan said with an anxious look on his face...Adi opened his eyes and looked at Maan...he placed his hand on his shoulder and smiled to his friend

Adi: Haan Maan.....Geet love's you....she went to lunch with the girls today and she told them that she loves you...but she doesn't know if you love her too...Maan go tell her that you loves her

Maan: Nahi

Sasha: WHAT? WHY? Are you an idiot

Maan: no Sasha....

He said now looking back outside at Geet

Maan: I don't want to tell Geet that I know from someone that she loves me....I want her to tell me herself....I'm just happy to know that she loves me too

Adi: par Maan

Maan: No Adi she has to tell me herself

Sasha: and I'll help you with that

Maan looked at Adi and than Sasha confused

Adi: woh kaise

Sasha: did you see how jealous she got when I hugged Maan...

Adi: I don't think I'm going to like this

Sasha: Adi shhh...all we have to do is make her jealous to a point where she has nothing else to do but admit her love for you Maan

Maan liked the idea....he looked back outside and had a smile on his face

Maan: Mrs. Geet Khurana its time to have some fun

Adi: just please don't let anyone know I told you

Maan: don't worry Adi.....I should thank you for telling me...but Sasha how are we going to make her insanely jealous

Sasha: you leave that to me MK

She said as she gave Maan and Adi a high five

Sasha: Adi go get Geet from outside...tell her that Maan is calling her....and if she ask why he didn't come...tell her he is busy talking to Sasha

Maan smiled to himself as Adi walked toward the door to get the love of his life Geet.





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Wow i  am Loving this FF!!Smile
Hehe ..Yay Finally Maan knows that geet loves him..Dancing
Loved the Scene where Geet is putting the Tie.awwEmbarrassed
Loved the Reaction of Maan when Adi told that Geet loves cute!!:)
Loved seeing Geet's Jealousy
Thank god Shasa is not negative
Wow time for some fun...AWESOME UPDATELOL
Now we have to wait for a whole week for updatee..Cry
But loved this part!!:)Tongue

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OMG OMG OMG Just loved this part dear......i can't believe at both  Maan and Geet.....i wish u could put this part in a video.......just loved it...can't wait to see the read the next part please post the next sooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnn.....thanks for the pm

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Yay I'm so glad you dont have any scheming characters in your story. Keep writing :-)
maaneetkimeet Goldie

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LOVELY update ...................sweet heart 

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Originally posted by mariam14

OMG OMG OMG Just loved this part dear......i can't believe at both  Maan and Geet.....i wish u could put this part in a video.......just loved it...can't wait to see the read the next part please post the next sooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnn.....thanks for the pm

lol thanks...glad you like it.....i know i wish i could see some of this on tv too!!

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