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~*Fan Fic-Tu Muskura*~ *LAST PART, PART 16 PG 93*

Maaneet-Fan Senior Member

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 4:50pm | IP Logged

Geet's Family

Geet Handa

23 year old women, moved from her small town of Hoispur to Delhi 3 years year ago when she got married. Unfortunately a year ago her husband/best friend Ranbir passed away, and since then she has never been the bubbly fun loving girl that she used to. Ranbir never had any family other than
his younger sister Pinky who is one of Geet's best friends and now lives with Geet. Geet's family also doesn't speak to her since they weren't happy that she decided to do a love marriage rather than an arranged marriage 


25 years old. He was a fun loving guy, anyone that meet him instantly fell in love with him, his parents died when he was 18 and Pinky was 16 since than he was the sole provider of him and his sister. He fell in love with Geet the minute he meet her and since then they where insepreateable.


23 years old. Been Geet's best friend since they were toddlers, Pinky knows Geet better than herself. She is Geet's sister-in-law and hates seeing Geet so depressed since the passing of her brother and Geet's Husband. Pinky is the nicest person that you will ever meet. She works at Khuranna Constructions as Adi's secretary and they have been dating each other for a year
and are soon getting married.

Maan's Family


Is the sweetest woman that you will ever meet and loves her family so much and just wants to see them happy. 

Maan Khurana

25 years old. Oldest son and the owner of Khurana constructions. He's the same in the show, rude and hates any sort of emotions and doesn't believe in love.

Dev Khurana

24 years old. Is the youngest Khurana son. Helps Maan out in the family business but owns his own restaurant called Serenity. He's always been in love with 3 things in life, His family, His wife, and Food. Dev is a loving person with a good heart, the total opposite of his brother, and just wants to see him get married and happy like he is 

Naintara Khurana

23 years old. Loves her family and husband a lot. Is the head cook of her husband's restaurant. Naintara has a zest for life and believes in the motto live life like it's your last day. She too wants to see Maan happy.


June 18th 2009 is the day that I will never forget. June 18th 2009 is the day that not only lostmy husband but I lost my best friend as well. Ranbir was getting ready to leave for work in the morning and was telling me and Pinky to be ready at 6 o'clock sharp tonight for the movie. I'll be home he said, make sure you girls are ready on time, he told us. He gave me a kiss and told me he loved me
and was out of the door, little did I know that would be the last time I was going to kiss him, little did I know my life was going to be changing then drastically.

I've known Ranbir since I was 16 never did I think that one day I was going to marry him and then lose him so quickly. The first thing that he ever said to me when I meet him 7 years ago was that I have a beautiful smile and he hopes to always seem me smiling. Ironic the man that always wanted to see me smile is the same man for whom this smile is forever lost on.

His last words to me where; Tu muskura jahan bhi hai tu muskura. How did he possibly think that I was going to be able to stay happy without him. This is not fair why does life play so many hatefully games with us all I want back is my Ranbir. "I WANT MY HUSBAND BACK" I yelled through tears as he closed his eyes to never open them any more

So what do you think?!!!!!!!! 1st part is going to come up just have to think how I'm going to start it off....have so many ideas running around in my head right now!!!!! I have the whole concept of it ready to go!!!! just have to express it now in words!! add me as a friend and i can send you the updates










PART 10:

PART 11:

PART 12:

PART 13:

PART 14:

PART 15:


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cutiepie9512345 Senior Member

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JAAN I think it will be very interesting!!!! CONTINUE PLZ!!!!!
iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 5:00pm | IP Logged
I like the concept continue soon please!!!Clap
komlika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 5:10pm | IP Logged
nice concept.....please continue.......i too thought about starting FF....i posted character intro....its call "Bin tere zindagi"........please check it out....n....tell me if i should continue...... i m worst writer ever......
Maaneet-Fan Senior Member

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Part 1

It's been 2 years since I lost my husband Ranbir, it's been 2 years since I've laughed or even smiled. June 18th was the worst day of my life. Pinky and I were out shopping for her wedding that was happening next summer. She's going to marry her boss Aditya but we all call him Adi. They met a year ago when pinky bumped into him at a party. They got to talking and realized that they had a lot in common and he offered her his secretary job since he was looking for one. Ranbir was happy when Pinky told him about Adi. Ranbir and Adi got along so well as well life was perfect it couldn't have been better. I had a sweet loving and devoting husband and my best friend/sister in law found herself the perfect match as well. Nothing could have gone wrong until I got that phone call at 2pm.

Ranbir was coming home early from work that day so we could all go see a movie and catch dinner. He was waiting for his usual bus when he decided it would be easier to take a taxi. There he was minding his own business checking his email on his blackberry when a car lost control and hit him, and left. When I saw him at the hospital he was in the ICU all covered in blood and had wires coming out everywhere. That was the hardest thing to see, he was so weak and helpless I hated seeing him like that.

The doctor told us there was a 20% chance that he would live but I refused to give up I was going to fight for him, I was going to fight for US I didn't care how long it took.


DR: If you like you guys can go see him this may be the las....

He suddenly stopped in the middle of his sentence when he saw the rage in my eyes

Pinky: Geet lets go see Ranbir

As we walked in a did a silent prayer praying for my husband

Ranbir: pinky, geet

Ranbir said in a weak tone

Pinky: Ranbir omg what happened...please you have to survive what am I going to do without you please bro don't leave me...don't leave us

Ranbir: shhhh pagli I'm not going anywhere...besides you're the one that is going to be leaving me when you get married

Pinky: there will be no wedding if you're not there I just can't

Ranbir put his finger to pinky's lip and shook his head

Ranbir: Oye pagli don't say that whatever happens I still want this wedding to happen next summer at least I will be at peace if....


Geet shouted as she ran to him

Geet: don't talk like that, you too pinky, nothing is going to happen you're going to get better both of you sshhh

Ranbir: Geet I Love you so're not only my wife but my best friend too you're the best thing that has ever happened to me

Geet was trying to hold back her tears but they just wouldn't stay and started flooding out

Geet: Ranbir I love you too but don't worry nothing is going to happen to you I promise

Ranbir: Geet promise me one thing

Geet: Anything

She said as she grabbed his hand

Ranbir: promise me that you will always smile and stay as yourself...remain the same Geet that I fell in love with....please promise me that

He said as he kissed her hands and closed his eyes, to never open them


She said sobbing and running towards Adi as he just walked into the door flustered

Geet: Ranbir...Ranbir wake up I don't like these types of jokes....Ranbir please wake up

She said as she started shaking him and fell on top of him hugging him

Geet: Ranbir no please don't leave me....I have no one other than you in my life...RANBIR please wake up....COME BACK TO ME

She screamed at the top of her lungs knowing there was no use...she'd lost him forever...Ranbir was no more and this is the bitter truth the she had to accept


Present Day


Pinky yelled as she walked into the house.

Pinky: Geet where are you I hope you're ready

Geet was in her room looking at pictures of her and Ranbir. She quickly wiped away her tears and put her photo album away and met pinky in the living room.

Geet: I'm ready lets go...besides where are we going anyways?

Piny: well there's 2 months to my wedding so I have to go for my final lengha fitting and I thought we could go to Serenity for dinner after

She said as she went to her room to grab her purse

Geet: sure that sounds fine let's go

Pinky noticed Geets red eyes and turned to her

Pinky: geet where you crying over Renoirs memories again...and don't say no because I know you to well

Geet: pinky memories are all I have of him I was just crying at the way my life has turned out

Pinky couldn't see her best friend like this and decided that she needed to do something fast. She remembered what adi told her this morning at work

Pinky: Geet's it's been 2 years since Ranbir don't laugh anymore or smile....Adi was telling me there is a opening at our place for Maan sirs secretary I think you should come down and apply tomorrow at least you'll get a change of atmosphere and you won't constantly be thinking of bro all the time

Geet: I don't know I need some time to think...shall we go already

She said trying to force a smile on her face. And with that they were out the door

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cutiepie9512345 Senior Member

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luvvved it!!!
komlika IF-Rockerz

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omg.....omg.....u r such a great so not going to continue my ff......i feel i write like 3rd graderLOLLOL........anyway back to update:

Poor geetCry......... i cried with her.........she lost her husband/best friend forever................ but i m sure maan will love her so much in futureDay Dreaming she will atleast start living a life that ranbir want her to live again......... so maan-geet meeting is going to be at dev i right?
mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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super brilliant update wow poor Geet i hope she find happiness again soonnnnnnnnnnnn cont soonnnnnnnnnnnn

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