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Yun Miley Hum[MN SS]: ** TEMPORARY SUSPENDED ** (Page 7)

--Mahima-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 3:02am | IP Logged
part 1-

so mayu and nups both are running from marriage

i am sure ek dusre se hi karana chahte hoge parents

update soon



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sariska_mnarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2010 at 5:35am | IP Logged
I like jab we met

but u can name it also

jab hum Miley tumse

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-PhoenixD- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2010 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Jab we metSmile

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2010 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

Hey, buddies, i am here again with a brand new update. i know u are waiting 4 update. so i am here.

i am sorry, i couldnt thanked you individually, coz my computer giving me trouble. i cant connect to net connection properly. it was the 8th attempt of mine to post the update. i have lot of difficulty to post anything, even m failed to send mail also. Dead
so guys,  i thanked you everyone who like this ss. thank you guys thank you again.
love you allllllllllSmile
here m going to post part2. i never read it after wrte, so bare me with my mistakes.
feel free to comment/criticize.
PS: not decided the name, waiting for more suggestion form you.Smile


















































































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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 November 2010 at 1:13pm | IP Logged



It was 6:30 morning, I was in gym working out. Mom entre, she is always an early riser, not like my father, a lazy butt.

"mayu, where is your photo album?" she ask me, made a safe distance as I keep punching the bag.

"why mom?" my focused still on bag, "I kept it in almirah."

"arre, almirah me kuch nahi hai. I checked out properly."

"ok, par early morning tumhe mere photo album ki zarurat kyun hai?"

"who, tera photo ladki-walo ko bhejna hai na, issliye." Mom smiling.


The bag hits my face hard, I immediately fell down on the floor. Mom laughs ……… and I was – I was ….. ahh, there is no appropriate word in dictionary to describe my situation properly. I was angry, irritate, aghast, helpless etc. etc., in one word I was in mixture of all annoying feelings.

"mayu, why your nose become a red tomato?" she laughing, I really annoying me, w her behavior, didn't she know, why I was fall??? AARRRGGGG!!!!!!! My nose! It really paining yaar. I cursed myself silently of my sudden absent mindedness.

Mom controlled her laughter, "awwww, your nose!!!! My poor baby!!!! Let me see." She brushing her finger on my nose.

And its only increase my irritation, "mom plz, I'll take care of it." She chuckled. "don't dare you think that I'll send my photo to her. I don't wanna marry mom!!!" I was sounded helpless. But its true, I felt really helpless.

"I am not forcing  you beta, but just checked out her photo once." Mom said such kind of tone, that I cant refuse her. I know, its her trick ……. And it always worked!!!

"ok, mom …." I replied, shrugging my shoulder, "as you wish …… " I dried sweats form me & threw the towel on the floor.

"mayu … what is this? Cheezo ko apne jagah pe rakho." She hang it on the rod.

"dekhna jab mera bahu aayegi, tab who tujhe ekdum sidha kar degi!"

I listen, but couldn't bother to answer. Ab to yeh chalta hi rahega, jab tak na uss ladki ki photo na dekhlu!!!! Haad ho gayi !!!!!!

OMG!!!! PHOTO!!!!! Then & there an idea stuck on my mind. OMG!!!! It was so easy trick and I almost gonna mad, that I couldn't found an idea to cancel this marriage. I kicked myself on mind.

"ern …… mom. Are they from Shimla?" I asked. It's the important matter of my plan.

"yes, but not from proper town. Actually their business is in Shimla, but they are dweller of nearest village."

"ohh, I see." My grin growing bigger. "mom, if you don't mind, can I send my favorite pix of my own." I flashed my best dimple smile, it made me so innocent.

"really!!! Oh, that's great. I'll give you the address." Oh, mom, you are so sweet. I was jumping, shouting silently in joy. My plan is going smooth.

Mom patted my cheek & I also show my best toothpaste advertisement.


At night.

I am searching my room to photo album. But it was nowhere to seen. My room is completely messed …………. Cloths dumped on bed, book are lying on the floor, half-open …. My CDs out of their cases ……………. Oh, freak, it could make sense that a photo album couldn't hide under CD cover ………. I am an idiot.

Ufff …. After a hectic hour, I finally spotted my album under laundry-bag. 


Next morning.

We all in dining table, mom made pasta today. We enjoyed our food, my dadaji a completely food-freak …………. So, among us, he really enjoying pasta.

"mayu, were you choose your photo?" mom asked. I know it was a obvious topic of today, and I also prepared for that.

"yes, mom." I smiled again, I know its my best weapon. No one can figure out my evil intensity, except my Mother India.

"jara dikha, konsa photo tune choose kiya hai?" mom asked or ordered. She was frowning, I know she was suspecting me, but I am Mayank Sharma, no one can beat me!

"yes mom, ye dekho!" she open the envelope, now her frown converted into smile, "bahut accha photo choose kiya."

She showing my photo to everyone on the dining table, "hayyy, kitna handsome lag raha hai mera mayu."

I smirked, "mom, ab main office chalta hun." "ok." She handed me the photo, "isse post jarur karna, bhul math jana."

"offcourse not mom, I'll go postoffice first." I started bike & zoomed.




"NUPUR …… NUPUR …… areee, kahan gayi yeh ladki!! Nupur, uth ja, sham hone ko hai!!!" smita shout from kitchen.

"aree kyun chilla rahi ho subah subah!" Nitin, Nupur's father said. Today was Sunday, so he was in home, reading morning newspaper with sipping tea.

"subah subah??!!" smita now coming out of the kitched, "aap ko yeh subah lag raha hai, pata hai 9:00 baj rahe hai. Aur maharani abhi tak so rahi hai!"

"aree, sone do na, bacchi hai." Nitin sipped his tea.

"bacchi nahi, 24 saal ki ho gaye hai, kuch khayal hai aapka???" smita sat beside Nitin, "shadi ki umar ho gayi hai uski!"

Nitin simply look at her in  awe.

Smita now clamed, her voice was serious, "dekhiye ji, Nupur ki shadi ki umar ho gayi hai …."

"yes, I know, to???" he rise his eyebrows.

"to matlab kya! Hume sahi ladke dhundna hoga na! aur maine ek ladka dekha hai."

"no way, Nupur use shadi karegi jisse who pyar karegi." Nitin buried his head on newspaper.

"par who kisi se pyar nahi karti!"

"how do you know?"

"I know, I am her mother. Mujhe sab pata hai."

"toh thik hai, Nupur jab kissi se pyar karegi tab hun uski shadi karayenge!"

"dekho, baccho jaisi baat mat karo, arranged marriage is better for her."

"no, Love marriage is better for her."

"now, how do you know?"

"I am her father, aur mujhe sab pata hai."

"Shut Up, Nitin, arranged marriage, & its final." Smita stands straight, resting her hands on hips.

"You Shut Up, love marriage." Nitin also stand in front of her.

"arranged marriage"

"love marriage"






"SHUT UUUUUPPPPPPPP" a sharp voice made them stop, it was Nupur, she was fully angry. Smita & Nitin stood silently like punished student.

"yeh kya ho raha tha?!huh!" Nupur put her hands on hip, " Shimla ka machli bazaar(fish market) ko competition de rahe the kya??? Ya fir Best Chillau couple competition me hissa liya hai!!!!"

"nahi beta who-who …." Smita gulped, "hum tere shadi ki bat kar rahe the!"

"by god, ma, kam se kam Sunday ko to apne dimag ko chutti dedo!" she adjusting her dupatta, reaching to door, "aree, kahan ja rahi hai beta??"

"suicide karne. Aap chalogi?" Nupur smirked.

"noo, its ok." They swing their heads, smile sheepishly.


At night.

Nupur & her parents at dining table. They eating silently, but Nupur continuously talking, she describing her day, how she enjoyed with her friends ………. Today she watched a SRK movie …….. she is talking about everything.

Smita & Niting listen silently, occasionally smile & swing their heads in a yes manner.

"ahem, Nupur" Nitin cleared his throat, look straight to her, "listen beta, listen to me very carefully."

"yes dad, do you want to tell me something serious?" Nupur asked.

"yes, beta, its all about you."

ME??!! Nupur knitted her brows, "tell me dad."

"look beta, we are not your foe, we love you very much. You are our life -"

"why are telling all that? I know dad, you & ma loves me too much. You always pampered me."

Smita & Nitin smile, "yes, beta, but it's the truth that it's the right time of your marriage."

"marriage!!!!!!" she was hell shocked. OMG!!!!! Subah ka sargam abtak chal raha hai!!!! Bachoooooo, koi to bachooooo mujhe mere mom-dad seeeee!!!!!

"dekho beta, humne ek ladke ko pasand kia hai, ladka accha hai, handsome hai, amir bhi hai."


"uska family bilkul down to earth hai. Uske mom-dad se miley the hum rosey anty ki beti ki shadi me. Tujhe adjectment problem bilkul nahi hogi."

"ma, main keh rahi thi -"

"dekh beta, na mat karna, aur han ekbar uska photo dekh lena." Smita give her a sealed envelope.

Nupur took it, "aap log nahi dekhoge!" she was little doubtful.

"nahi beta, humne ladke ko dekha hai." Nitin smiles, "bdw, ladke ka nam – nam -" he stammered, he actually forgot the name, "something starting with 'M', but -"

Smita also forgot, but she suddenly remembered, "ha, yaad aya, uska nam Mainak hai."

"are you sure smita? Mainak hi hai na?"

"offcourse ." she said confidently, "urn, I mean almost." She utter under breath.

After finished their food, Nupur went to her room silently, holding the envelope on hand.

She took a deep breath before open the envelope.

She was in shocked !!!! 440 volt current!!!!! Her eyes popped out, her heart literally stopped beating, her throat was dry ……….. no, it cant be true!!!!

"mummyy" she was trying to scream, but barely elicited a whisper, then fainted.



now i stopped writting.
aap log shayad sleepy Sleepyho gaye ho na!!!! obviously, itna boring update jo tha.Dead
so, its enogh for today.
waiting for your opinion.
plz leave you comment after pressing the LIKE tab.

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valliyah Goldie

Joined: 02 March 2010
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Posted: 11 November 2010 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
wow what market.....chillau couple.........suicide karne..........Mayank's snap filmy as Nupur is.................awesome...............loved every bit............n its hilarious...............thnx for pm n do update soon plsss................!!!

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-Samira- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 August 2008
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Posted: 11 November 2010 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
beutiful update dear
n was not boring
lovely part
i like this line
"yeh kya ho raha tha?!huh!" Nupur put her hands on hip, " Shimla ka machli bazaar(fish market) ko competition de rahe the kya??? Ya fir Best Chillau couple competition me hissa liya hai!!!!"
thanks for the pm update soon

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 November 2010 at 5:40pm | IP Logged

Oh GOD Suja- plz pehla mujhe thoda hasne do.



Heheheehehe haas haas k mere halat kharab ho rahe hai

OK ltes start fm begining-
yaar mayank is too smart - he showing a photo to his mom but sent another one- i think it was scary

poor nups she was shocked after seeing mayus pix.
and thats why nupur fainted

amazing update suja
too funny
i enjoyed each n every bit of it
plz plz plz update next part soon
cant wait more=so update asap

Take care

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