Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Ria Ka Adda: KMH 2: Arohi wants SRK not Sanju baba

md410 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Title courtesy KARISHMA. thank youSmile
sorry pavas for stealing your rule bookEmbarrassed

1) Follow IF Rules and respect each others opinions. There is a decent code of conduct you can maintain and not pounce on each other if there is a difference in opinion.
2) Dont use quotes but use @ to answer.
3)If you want to open the Adda, after the first few weeks, please pm the 'addakeeper' A/C on IF or RKA FB a/c.
4)IMPORTANT:: Save First page for epi  analysis so only reserve on the first page if you wanna analyze. From the next page you can yapEmbarrassed

Yet to watch the episode

Making pointers from update;


1: Seems going in typical BT style.  Gouri told arohi she loves some one else, arohi decided to keep quite and roka going on.  The question is will marriage happen?? If so would it be successful???


2: Arjuhi's dad cud be shown friends in the past.


3: Arjun has recognized arohi correctly, but for arohi am not sure, who knows she may think that the guy is the one whom gouri loves.


Arjuhi chemistry is still intact

Arjun has not improved in his hilling dulling. Abhi bhi utna hi ans vaise hi hilta hai.


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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 11:48am | IP Logged
res...promise this time will write down something lol

One side love what is it?

 It's wasted time.


But what is love ...

It is the feeling that moves the entire universe ...
It is what gives the most important sense to our lives ...
And then love is kind, it makes us feel good ...

The obstacles and misunderstandings that make us feel bad ...
In the universe there is no law that love is always returned. ....

And if it is returned is not fair to blame the love itself.

The right thing to do is move forward,

overcome the trauma and wait for love

the concrete, because there is real ...! ...

Although in times of disappointment and anger,

it seems so far away ....


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Angad_Kripa_200 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 11:59am | IP Logged
So before I start my bak-bak about today's episode...

Note to Ekta Kapoor... Don't play with our feelings by dragging Arjun-Arohi meet... Bhari padegi tumpar...

Now coming back to today's episode... What a dull, boring episode yaar... Apart from Arjun-Arohi eyelocking scene, the entire episode was such a drag... Urgh...

Arohi please don't give such lectures please... You won't be able to live upto them yourselves, so there is no point in imposing them on someone else...

One thing I liked about the entire KMH-2 concept is the fact that both the leads from are a rich family... I like the equality... Brings about a good change...

Oh yes, another appealing thing about the entire concept is the opposite dynamics between two families... I like the fact that they are poles apart... It's so Romeo and Juliet...!!!...

Okay what is it with Arohi's family in getting Arohi married... Arrre yaar, Love-Deep Bua ki koi fikar hi nahin hai... How comes no one is thinking of setting her up...

And Ekta Mai whats with all the dostana... Gawd, couldn't you come up with something better... So cliche... "Move your body...Like this" Urgh... The entire sequence was soo annoying... (The dance sequence should be worth it Ekta mai)...

Arohi's romantic setting was amazing...!!!... Music, lights. candles... Nice... (Stupid Ekta, don't like you for not giving us Arjun-Arohi meet under this setting)...

BTW, seems like there is going to be a nice plot between Arjun's dad and Arohi's dada... Since its an Ekta drama I think it's gonna be something like Arjun's dad was in love with Arohi's Badi bua but since he was a gangster, Arohi's dada didn't accept it and something went wrong down the line that made Arjun's dad marry Ms.Ruby Bhatia Wanna-be...

Anyways, theres not much to say about today's episode... Found it really lame... But tomorrow's episode I just can't wait for... A romantic setting meet for Arjun-Arohi...!!!... YAY...

BTW Chiku... yeh kaisa naam hai yaar...

Kritika and Karan were great... Kritika really suits this role and Karan is carrying off the mystery quite well... BT they looked so tired in the last scene... And was it me, or did both their skins look really oily... Was this the effect of excess make-up....

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

It was an ok epi.  Even though it was a filler I liked the gangster dad and son convo.  

Arohi unknowingly advises gauri  the exact opposite  of what she is going to do later.  She asks her to be practical and think rationally ,  Arohi herself is not going to do this.  Gauri seems to be a easily convincible girl , she quickly changed her mind and got ready to get married,  she just needed someone else to know and tell her that  getting married now is the right thing.  Arohi  was that right person.  She wants a next door guy types of ladka from a sanskari family , and talks about  dreams and reality.  what  she doesnt know is , her picture of an ideal guy itself is a dream. 
Arjun reveals another aspect ,  he cant see his dad loose even in a game  and  they can read each others mind.   He might be hard to get for others but his mom and dad have more power on him.   It will get interesting when arohi comes in to his life.  
Their meeting was short but sweet.  I liked her frnds n bua today only bcoz they remembered to dim the lights and play the  music just like she  had wanted.  Ab chiku se kal mulakaat hogi , it will be fun to see her mistaking him to be her prospective guy and him wanting to kill her first for the chaku incident next for her bak bak. 
nothing much happened ,  bua and chachu scenes were unnecessary.  I luv her dadi and her mom.  oh ho arjun's mom luks so stylish n young, fits perfectly for the role.  his brother tried to ridicule arjun but was shown his place very well.  I like this arjun he is bindaas abt girls.
episode was worth watching only for arjun's expressions during the chess game and arohis opinion abt marraige.
ok this was my boring take.  see ya all later.

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natz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
res- hoping the epi will inspire some chapar chapar LOL

p.s. why are we numbering the threads? what happened to good old titles? Embarrassed


hello shello, welcome to comedy circus season 2 ROFL ooh and that isn't a typo! Aro's family is MAHA irritating now! Everyone from the cheesy bua to the wild west chachu Dead as they say in Punjabi, khottay!! LOL Arjun's family LOL ooh I'm scared LOL NOT!! Sleepy 

and these people have a new piece of info for us, hum aapke hain kon's Salman was shaant & shareef ROFL Sillyme thinks they just mixed it up with hum saath saath hain's Salman, ki farq penda ae? Both were directed by Sooraj Barjatya LOL

Arohi's mum surprised me, what part of Punjab have these people come from?? LOL when the Punjabi in my mum takes over she goes on with ik chapair maran gee Embarrassed ROFL this mum actually told Aro's friends to create a filmi background?? Confused ooh and did I mention my sense of humor is absolutely bakwas? Stern Smile I did NOT campaign to watch tihaar jail and chinchpokli to China ki families AngryLOL dunya aiween nahi kehti accountants have a bad/ non-existent sense of humor Geek pardon me LOL

the only sane character in this medley of idiots is Aro's daadi, watching her makes me miss mine Disapprove and I have to mention that am happy she's in this soap, I loved her as Mahi's daadi, so thumbs up casting directorji! tussi cha gaye!! Big smile

anyway, I was not impressed today and I will keep saying this, the episode packaging needs to improve big time!

episode rating: 5/10; for Aro's interaction with her grandmother & the sensibility she portrayed while talking to Gauri, the rest is nothing to write home about

P.S. Karan looked like woody woodpecker in today's episode LOL like the image here LOL esp with the parrot type hairstyle ROFL

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pavs IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 12:18pm | IP Logged

Hey time for sm pointersWink::

1)The epi literally put me off to sleep..yawnnnnnnnnn so boring .....the whole arohi talking abt the type of guy she wants ws so stretched outSleepy...aro's family is cute in small doses...zyada dose mil gaya to seriosuly indigestionDead, especially that weirdo bua...she is one stupid bimbo sample i dislike
2)Arjun's family always looks on crack to me!! is it me or does anybody else feel that arjun is very uncomfy with his family?? i want the mom to now SPEAK...she is a brilliant actress..kekta plzz give her some dialogue!
3)loveddd arohi's neeta lulla outfit n arjun ws looking handsome too...the last scene ws on chemistry with a tinge of suspense...
4)Hope today's epi is all abt arjuhi n no kabab mein haddis plzzz..i cnt bear to see nymore of cliched dostana antics or despo bua stupiditySleepy
TongueWinkhugs n love

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Ya natz me too missing the titles U guys Used to give....pls give them next time

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sweetassugar16 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 12:29pm | IP Logged

arpita....add a "hatka" titleLOLWink

episode 3 - arohi want srk not sunjay duttROFL

i kinda feel like i dont have to watch the first week of the show...because kritika and karan already talk about this "plot" in their interviewLOL....anyways:

part1 arohi giving advice to the "guest appearance ladki"ROFL ....arohi says leave my punji alone....he is mineAngryAngry....u marry my sadu-pagal chachuROFLjk she didnt say that..ROFL.....she juss telling some crap about 1 sided love with old man..ROFLyes adda girls have declared arohi likes older man juss like "guest apperace ladki" ....i smell a listLOLWink

part 2ROFL arjun's brother has english problem juss like salil ROFL..he said".addidue problem" ROFLROFLROFL....nahi yaar its "attitude" problem ROFLfirst learn to talk in english than insult punji ROFL....than me and u friendsWinkLOL....

punji and co. ROFLtalking about some ransom....using some extreme philosophy...going over my head so had to FF ROFLROFLROFL

part 3back to bollywood shaadi wali set ROFL....some annoying bua...and side-ladkies....arjun needs to murder these side ladkies before he continuous his "kill-arohi-mission" course ROFLsome ladka wants to come see arohi...great timingThumbs unpredictableGeek...more FF FF...o god  Sleepy gay character...Ermm...FF>FF>FF....o crap sister-mother giving punji a drink ROFL...u know some moms give parad....tika.....ashirwad.....before doing some bada kam ROFLROFLROFLbut arjuns sister-mom gives him drink before mission-ransom ROFLwah wah kya mom haiClap

part 4...shiny shiny headEmbarrassed family reaches shaadi...and daku daddy seems like he has a crush on cop daddy....ROFL jk no crush here.arohi forced by more random ladkiesConfusedOuch to meet "chiku" o god i hope he isnt nandu (JJKN)types ConfusedOuch...anyways punji i think some how gets lost in this big mansionROFL....and ends up where miss bak bak gona meet chicku...DeadROFL ....punji kya luck hai tare....anywhere u go u get stuck with miss bak bak ClapClap...doesnt matter if its sony channel....or mission ransomLOLLOLLOL.....good luck i dont think u will come out aliveROFL..

end: mission kill-arohi- continues ROFL

ekta....what crap is this remove side ladkies...remove dostana track....bua should be killed by punjiGeek...and dragging ko ban karo....nahi tho mein teri show ki left right uttaring ROFL

chalo see u guys laterLOLWink

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