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kismat ka khel updt 05/11 last part

srilu_123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 12:17am | IP Logged

This is a new love story'''''''''''..


Two different personalities and 2 different lives'''''.

One Is a business man /rebel activists who is member to fight evils in the society'''''revealed afterwards...

Name:Maan Singh Khurana


The other ''''

Is sweet innocent girl''''''which wants life to lead happily''.

And her mother is decived by her husband,,,,and she bought up the girl '''but she too died leaving her in orphanage''''

But she had property''''..which her mother is left over for her'..but her cruel''''''.brother wants that property.he is even ready to kill the girl'''''''.he had arranged his son armaan to marry the girl and kill her for property''''..




Geet:maan who'''''.


Any last wish''''''.


Maan:just check ur decision''''..u have a better option'''''

Geet:no this is final'

Maan:are u sure''.he is serious'''.

And he came towards her'..smiling at her''''

Geet going backwards'where she realized that she is going towards the door.and the other side of door'''..blocked.

And one side maan is seeing at her'.and stopped her with his strong chest''''..

She sees him''''.

And maan came closer to her.and said.are u sure ur decision is correct ''''''''..mrs maan singh khurana'''''

Geet smiled and want to go away from him''''

He stopped by holding her duppatta''''''..and drag her to his embrance'''''

Agar tune decide karliya ke mere saath rehna chahtee hooo''''aur muje apna zindagi maan liye toh'''''.chod kar kaha jaa rahii''''

Im warning you abhi''agar apna decision change karni hoo batoo''..warna,,,,,,,,,,,,,baat mein pachtaugi''.

Geet looked him at anger.and tried to free herself''''.

Seeing her angry face''''''he smiled and start teasing her by holding her tightly'''.

Geet''''trying to free herself saying dhust,danav,rakhsas''''..

And keep on'''''

he smiled and whispered''.i had given lot of chances but u didn't changed ur is too late sweety''u have no option'''..

saying that he again move forward to the door''..

geet:understood his intensions'maan''''''..koi ajayegaa''''''..

anwar bhai'''.chintoo''.

geet bend his towards'''.her said''''.we are alone darling,,,,,,,,,I had made all arrangements for our privacy''''''..

and u cannot escape''''''''''''.

Geet:if I say I donot want to escape then'''''''..

Maan smiled'''and he forwards his hand'' touch the lips''''''

Geet feel shy,,,,,,,,,,,,,and move from there''''''..

He caught her dupatta''..and reached her back''and nape'''..

And kissed there smoothly'''.

Geet felt 10,000 volts current into her body''''.

He then untied the dori of salwar''.and squeeze it to the right shoulder.and kissed her there'''''''..

He hold her tight

And make her to turn around''''.and kissed her eyes which are closed'''

Geet open the eyes'''I love your eyes when I first met''u on the night'''''..

Geet sighed''and open her eyes'''''..

I was lost in most beautifull eyes''''..i ever met which is seeing me in fear''''''''''.

Geet smiled''

And the sweet smile''''

And the beautiful ears''

He is in his words along with his actions'..

He took his left ear ring'.and kissed there''''''right ear ring and kissed there'..and then to mouth'''.and around the neck'''hugging her tightly''''

Geet is loosing her self control'''''maan see this and he picked her up and took her to thebed..and made her to laid on thebed''''

Lay on her side'''''''..

He is kissing her body''''..showing his hidden love,passion,,,,,,,,,,for her

In meantime geet In her land'''''enjoying every moment'''''''

He kissed her abdomen''''''butter files flew in her stomach''''.

He is kissing every part of the body'''''

Every inch,,,,,,,,,and biting lightly In few places making geet to moan'''''''

And finally he reached the last stage''''''''..

Maan''''' her pleasure'''passion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Geet realized that he had undressed her ''.and himself'''''

And finally he had released her'''''''''after the climax is over''''..geet felt the pain and pleasure'''.

She had given everything to him'''''

She understand how much she loved him'..

And howmuch he loves her''''''..

And his husband''.mr maan singh khurana''''''''.had make her dream alive'''and she is now his'''''''''''''

At the morning'.she find bed is empty''..

As she remembered that maan had woke up and dressed and kissed on her forehead and saying .bye sweetheart'''.

She smiled''''''and his actions'''''.

And she woke up'''she feel arched'.she rushed into bathroom''and felt the warm hands and his naughty things with her''''..and she had shower'''''.and open the window''''.

The place is away from city'.the jungle'''''''..

She got ready'and open the book''''''.

And she starts'''writing'''.

Kaha se shuru karoon'''''

Past:a small girl in the temple''''''.

A preist comes to her''geet beta yeha kya kar rahi hoo''''''

Baba'''..mein kya karoon,,,,,,,,,sab keh rahi hay mama bagwaan ke pass chale gayee'mera koi nahii'''''aur ek boodi aurat ne ''muje yeha bade school mein chod kar chale gayee''''''

Aur mein kya karoon'''''''

Aur sab kehtee hay'ki mera baap ne mere maa ko dhoka de diya hay'''''''''..

And she close her eyes

And suddenly a sound hears from back''

Oye geet'''..kahahoo tum'''''.

Pata hay'..aaj tere exam hay'''''..

And she remembers'''.the preist says'

Beta jab bhi tum musibaat mein hota hay.bagwaan kisi na kisi ko bejtha hay'''''''''.

At that time a big mansion'.

Dekho armaan'''..mein jaanta hoo'.ki tum ridhma se pyar karthe hoo'aur who tumari jevaan sathi hay'..lekin .tume geet se shaadi karnii hogi'..taaki mein''''.property'.haasle kar sakoo''

Lekin dad'..geet ke maa''yenii renu''apke behen hay'.na


The other person he is brij he is the uncle of geet,,,,,,,,and also care taker of her''''.

Renu mere sagii nahii soutele behen hay''''aur budiya ne muje aur mere maa ko sahara diya'''.itne saal jyadad ko sambala mein ne.aur jaate jaate uss dudiya ne saari jyadaad''''''''.uss renu ke betii geet ko soup di hay''kuchi dinoo mein who 18 yrs ke hone wali hay''.

Agar .yesa huwa toh sab kuch uske naam hojayeege.aur mein who nahii chahta '''''''''''''''..

Armaan usse kisi bhi tarah shaadi karo''''aur usee mardoo'..samjee tum''''

Armaan smiled mischeviously

There is a lady uma.mother of armaan'''''

Yeh baap beta dono uss ladki ke peeche haat dokar pade'''.

Mein inke saath milne ke acting kar rahii hooo'taaki mein geet ko bachallo''

Pls bagwaan'''..uss bachee ko bachaooo''''''''''''''


On the other hand.,..a person comes  in to abuilding''''''

Two strong persons stop him.sir meeting mein hay'aap se nahii mil sakthe hay''''

Pls mere appointment hay'''.

Within few minutes he gets a chit''''

Shaam ko milna'''''

At the evening'''''..

There is a godown''''''

A person comes to the room'''..

Dekhyeea app sirf mere kaam karsakthe hay.,'''''

Bus aap ko uss ladki ko doondna hay''''''

The other person''.is not listening to the conservation'''..

Who ladki kaha hay.,muje nahii pataa hay,,,,,,,,,,,,

Lekin sirf aap hii doond sakthi hay'''..

The other person.,''''

Teek hay mein boss se baat akarunga''.aap,jayee'''..

Paise ki jarorat nahii hay'''''''''''

At that time a person is getting ready with a  gun in his hand''''''.

And he gets a call'''''''''

Dekho''..woh ladki ka zinda rehna hamere liye bahut jarori hay'''.

Kyonki uss din a chameshdir gava hay who'''

Mein tere siva kis aur par wishwaas nahii kar saktha ho'''..

I think what ever done to u was injustice''''''.

But pls'''''''..

Pls save her''''.

Im faxing the details'''to her'''.


And the person.come sin

And says everything is ready''

Lets us go''''..

At that time ''''

Pinky's voice the girl turns''''''''''''..

At that time..he gets the fax details''''

And the person reads


Geet handa''''''''''''.


Armaan saying geet''.im coming''''''''

And the person also says her name is geet'''''''.

Geet opens her eyes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And suddenly she hears all people are running'''

Baba also running''..

Kya baat hay''..sab bag kyon rahee hoo'''''''.

Pata nahi''''..kuch shoot out hone wala hay''''''.

Precap:Maan and geet meet:

last part 

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srilu_123 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 January 2009
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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 12:23am | IP Logged
Like the post and
pls send comments
jennifer1993 Goldie

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 3:35am | IP Logged
i like

millii IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 November 2010 at 9:33am | IP Logged
i also like
srilu_123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 November 2010 at 4:01am | IP Logged

Geet is shocked

And she didn't know what to do

So she started running

Un aware of the fact that she is in middle of the road

Suddenly some guys came before her

And all with masks on their faces

As one of them ready to shoot her

Suddenly she closed her eyes

With in a fraction of seconds all the bells in the mandir'''''.start ringing

And geet felt she s been dragging''''

And she is listening to the bullets'''''''

And she felt she is leaned to a tree''.and a she held with a hard chest''

She open the eyes she found himself in a huge arms'''''

Held to tree''''..the stranger.close dher mouth with his hand''''''..

And he took gun from his shirt.and shoot in another direction''''''

And suddenly firing is stopped'''.

And geet found the eyes'''''

And the person start staring at her''''..

A short eye-lock session''''''.

And the person remove the hand from her mouth''''..

And see that he is too close to her''..

He removed a back''''.

And one sentence''''

Are you ok''''.

Geet could not say a word,'''''and just felt unconsciousness

In his hand''''''..

The person looked at the road''.and he bend his head down and lift her up in the arms''''..

And suddenly a jeep came that side

Sir''is everything is fine''''.

The person said yes'''

And he put her in the jeep..''he climbed the jeep and moved from there'''''Sir''.is ladki ne aap ko dekha''..iska kya kareen''''''.

Sir hum wapas waha nahii jaa sakthe hay'''..

Kyonki may be some people may there,,,,,,,,,and it could be dangerous'..

The person give back a look'''''..

The person answered'''do not worry I will take care of her''..

And he put down her at the mandir steps'''''..

He saw the pandit..came back''''

He climbed the jeep''.as he about to go..geet duppatta stuck with his shirt''''''

And he bend to remove'..he saw the beautiful and innocent face which is sleeping'..he really admired the beauty for some time'he saw some sounds'..

He remove the duppatta from his shirt.and he gone back to the jeep.turned the jeep and drove back'''''

geet''''.oye geet tum teek ho''''geet opened her eyes to find in front of pinky''''.

Geet tum me hum sa ko daraya'''

Are itne katnarak shoot out mein'.hume laga''..tum bach nahii pauogi''''..

Geet is thinking'''..

She closed her eyes''''''.

She saw that a  person holding her dragging her'''' the tree''''..

She is surprised'''''

Kaun hay who''''''.usne mere jaan bachayee'''

Itna katanrak'''.hay who''''''..

And she is horrified''''''''

And she tought yeh kya ho raha hay mere saath''''''..

On the other day''geet is busy''.and she is getting ready for exam''''

Maa:aaj mera sabse important aur last exam''''''

Kal ke wajah se mere ne khaas tarayee nahii kee''..

Lekin yeh exam mera faisla batayeegeee''..

Please mere madad karma'''..

And she came out'''..

She is ready for auto''''''''

Auto rickshaw'''.are geet beta''''..

Geet:kaka''jalde chaleyee'warna mein exam mein late ho jayungi''''''''''''.

In the mean time'''''..

A person is enquiring'''''.

Sir'''who ladki yehi padthi hay''''''.

The person answered''''..i will take care''.

U guys leave this place immediately''''''''''I donot want any thing here'''''..

And he is waiting in his jeep'.

The guys left over in their van'''''..

The person is looking at the street'.

Geet came by auto..

The person saw geet''''''

He is surprised'''..

Yeh to wahi ladki hay''''.

He is lost'''' her beauty for some time'''

He realized and see that girl is not there''

He signaled on e person'''''''

Sir yehi,,,,,,,,,,,geet handa hay''''''''

At that time'''''''.

Geet is busy In writing the exam.she is  nervous,,,,,,,,,,,,

And the person,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

At that TIME'''.

Baba is praying to god'''.

Who bachii'''''.ka raksha karma'''.uske zindagi badal ne wali yeh aaj se'''

Kahii musibat ka samne karma hay usko''''''.


At the same time'''''.

A lady comes to him.

Agar bagwaan'''''''..zindagi mein parishaani deta hay''
toh uska hall bhi wahii deta''''hay''''

'at that time armaan comes to college'..

He sees geet'''..

Inside:armaan:geet tum bahut khoobsorat hoo'''bhole bhi hoo'''muje tumare saath yeh sa b kuch karma achha nahii lag raha hay''''..

Lekin mein majboor apni pyar k liye'..ridhima  ke liye''''''..muje yeh kadam utani padege'''..

Im sorry geet''''''


Geet finishes her exam she is very happy'''''''''

Armaan is on othe rdirection''.he has kerchief in his hand..filled with chloroform''''''''''as he is ready to grab geet and put the chloro form on her face''''..

Suddenly he found a person standing in front of him and he is facing his back''with in a second the person dragged geet into the room'..closed her mouth with his hand''''''..

Geet is completely in shock.she  dropped her books''''''

And she is unable to think'as the person is too strong''''''''.

And he puts her to the wall'''''..

Still closing her mouth''..

She recognized the touch''''''.and hand''''

It was the same''''''''..

She opened the eyes and found the sam e eyes staring at her''''''''.

Without a blink'''''''''''.

Part ends



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shreya satish Senior Member
shreya satish
shreya satish

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Posted: 06 November 2010 at 6:16am | IP Logged
loved it...Nice update
add me in ur pm list
VirIka4ever Senior Member

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Posted: 06 November 2010 at 6:18am | IP Logged
Nice ... Please do continue ... Please add me to your PM list :)
trishap Goldie

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Posted: 06 November 2010 at 6:28am | IP Logged
nice loved it add me to pm

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